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The Father speaks

(Monday 30th January 2012, 22:30)

It is well with everything that concerns me because I have my Father. Because I have my Almighty, because I have my Authority, because I have my Unseen Father, because I have my Unbeatable Father, what can any man do to me. Who is that man that will fight me when I have my Father? I have my Jesus the Cornerstone. I have All of Them in me. They are with me wherever I go. Why should I be afraid? Why should I worry myself? Why should I trouble myself when the Owner of this earth is my Everything? Who will I fear when I know my God, my Father that knows the ending before the beginning? Before anything starts, He knows where it will end. Before you think anything, the Father knows what you’re thinking in your heart how much more say it out. Can anybody destroy you when you have that kind of Person in your life? Anyone that is thinking how he will destroy you is working. He is working! When he works, he will be tired. That is what he signed to do. Let him do it. But you know he can never succeed because you have the Father. He is not just ordinary Father. I have told you before. I am proud of Myself anywhere. I can come outside and begin to scream. People will come and I will tell them I am the Almighty God. Though they will never believe Me because all of them don’t have brains. They don’t have brains! They are all like fishes in the river. They are like the animals in the bush. Animals are even better than them. All of them don’t have brains. They will ask you is there anything wrong with your wife. That is what they will ask you because they are far away from their Father. They don’t know their God. But a lot of songs you are singing, many things you’re seeing around, you think they just build them anyhow? It was the Father that spoke to them. Many houses you see they built, many things you see they constructed, you are entering them jumping up and down. Are you the one that gave them the knowledge? It was the Father that gave them the knowledge to design all those things you’re enjoying today. No good one you can see like before again. None of them is close to the Father like before. The Father has many new things to show His children every day. He has new versions to show His children. Who is He going to show? Is it those ones who are not close to the Father? It is the devil that will show them what to do. He shows them to destroy. The Father is there stretching His hands to show them new things because the Father is a living Father. He is moving forward everyday to show His children new things. But they are nowhere to be found. It was the ringtone of the devil they dance to. Ringtone of destruction! All their ears are blocked. How much more somebody will say ‘I am the Almighty Father’. They will say this one is mad. They can even destroy you. But it was the same Father that used His children, the same Father that used your grandfathers to do a lot of work. When somebody spoke that this is what I want to do, the other one would write it down. It’s not just an ordinary word. Oh, I have a vision. When he said I have a vision, somebody else would take paper and wrote it down. They would plan together, how they’d do it. Because it was the Father that gave them the vision, He would also stand beside them until the vision is accomplished. There wouldn’t be any error. Where are they today? Where are they today? Where will your grammar take you to? Where will your English take you to? It is knowledge the Father wants. It is the wisdom from the Father. It’s not just to go to school to read. You go there for nothing and your brain is empty. I have told you before. If you don’t even go to school, but know Me, I respect you more than when you go to school and don’t know Me. I count you as useless. That is why this earth will collapse. Nothing on this earth that the Father has not seen. Nothing happens beyond the creation of the Father. Whatever happens that the Father doesn’t know, that means it doesn’t exist. The devil has no life of his own. Everything he’s enjoying was created by the Father. As little as leaf is, he cannot create it. I am the One speaking. I am the One that created the devil. He is, as you are. But he chose his own. Because he chose the wrong one, that’s why he’s called the devil. I did not create him to be a devil. Anyone that joins his gang knows where he’ll find himself.

A child that came to this earth, that the Father prepared good thing for, to live and enjoy, she ate first what she should have eaten the last. Was the life accomplished? She began to live a borrowed life. The life she was living was not her life. If her eye was opened and could see who the Father created her to be, she would have cried and nobody to console her. She left the precious life the Father gave her because of the food she would eat and pass out. She abandoned the glory of the Father. This was a child that should have sat down and command. Either you are a man or a woman, oh we will not do anything until we see Caroline; if Caroline is not here we will not make any decision; let us call her. When she came, they gave her the respect because that was who the Father created her to be. But what happened? Was the vision accomplished? No; because she first ate what she should have eaten the last. That one (devil) knew the kind of life she should have lived, he said take this one and eat; don’t worry, you will still reach your goal. But it’s a lie. When she ate it, what happened? The life ended. Somebody that should have been a commander now became a street beggar. You rushed to eat. You did not wait until the food is ripe before you ate it. You began to live a life of sorrow. That baby you were carrying, you also destroyed that baby. You didn’t reach your goal and you also used it to rub that baby as well. You spoilt your own life; you also spoilt that baby’s life. As you breastfed that baby, he also tasted from your evil. If you have waited before you ate that food, that baby could have become a great man. It doesn’t mean having many children. If it’s only one, that one will be like billions of children. He would lift up the name of that family. Because of that child, they could have found out the name of that family. But when you lost your own life, that child too lost his own life. You shattered his life. When you sat down, you were releasing a curse from your mouth. Did someone send you a message? You sent yourself a message! As you gave that evil to that child, he too also passed it to his own children, maybe four of them. His children also passed it to their own children. What do you call that generation? An evil generation. Is the Father a wicked Father? They forsook the glory of the Father and all the glory is somewhere crying. The devil is happy because he got them. Look at them; they’re living a borrowed life. The devil knows what he has done. You, now start drinking. Not only drinking, he would also smoke. Then tell that kind of person about the Father and see what he’ll tell you. Who are you talking about? My mother didn’t tell me anything like God; there is no God. Who are you to blame? What you owe your children is the word of the Father. When they’re alone, the word will be ringing in their heart. When they’re with their friends, the word will be ringing in their heart. That is what will take them to where they are going. When they grow up, they will remember the word of their father. Even if you pass away, they will still remember your word. You give them big money. You have opened a big account for them; the money that will never finish. That account you open for them will never finish. They will eat it and their children will eat out of it. You dig everlasting well that will never dry for them. They will drink from it, their children will drink from it, and their children’s children will also drink from it. That is a good generation.

Those who know the Father and are doing evil already know where they are going. They know what they’ve laid their hands and they know what will happen to them. Do you have power more than your Father? Who is your Father? He is the Almighty! All-Mighty! Almighty God is your Father. Which witchcraft spirit do you have to fly? As a man of God, if the Father doesn’t say anything, keep your mouth shut. Do not lie against the Father because of anybody, ‘Father says’ when Father does not say. That is what they’re using to destroy My children. They are destroying My children everywhere. Father says, Father says, Father says, Father says blessing, Father says children, Father says wealth. Why won’t the Father say somebody is there, she’s a witch; somebody is there she’s destroying somebody? In a crowd of people, everywhere is full of evil. Does it mean the Father is not seeing the evil? Was He not the same Father that destroyed the wicked people in the time of old? Why is it that He’s only seeing the good ones, not the wicked ones? You will come to the church with your wickedness and also go back home with your wickedness. Enough is enough.

My son, bend down and see what the Lord will do. He will do a lot. All these ones are just wasting their time. Time is gone! They are sweating their last blood. Let them struggle. Are you going to struggle with Me, with the Owner of the soil, the Owner of the earth? Are you going to struggle with Me over My property? Who are you? You can never see the Father, how much more hear from Him. That is why you’re a dead man. My son, it’s very implicative when you don’t know the Father. My son, they’re dead. You just look at them that they are still alive. They are dead; nothing is there because they’re far away from the Father. They will use their legs to walk into their own grave. They are dead; nothing is there. They are only trying. Who are they trying with? Are you the Owner? Is it your own? Were you there when the Father prepared it? A lot will happen My son. You will see it and hear it. Everything will turn upside down and they cannot go anywhere.

Is it not good for you when you’re travelling somewhere to know about where you are going? Is it not good for you? You want to travel somewhere, you now know the kind of house you will live, the kind of bed you will sleep. Won’t you happy? You are going to the other side and you don’t know how it looks like. Don’t you know your life is in danger? That is this earth for you. You see all of them that say they’re serving the Father. When you serve the Father well, you will know in your heart where you are going. Though I may not be first class, but I will be third class. You will know in your heart. Father, I spoke the truth; remember the truth I spoke; I know it’s not easy because of my truth, many people didn’t follow me; only these few people follow me. Yes, the Father knows that the few that followed you are pure. He will crown you. You say you are preaching and everybody is following you. Do you speak the truth? If you really speak the truth, they will run away. Only few people will follow you. They will run away! Anything you are doing that you don’t feel the impact on your body, you haven’t done anything. You are serving the Father you are enjoying. You are driving hundreds of cars, sleeping with ten women; you’re sleeping on a luxurious bed. When you get there (in heaven) on which type of bed are you going to sleep? But you say the Father is not a wicked Father. You have lived the good life here and all these ones do not come from a good source. Which life are you going to live there? You have one, you have two, you have three; but there is somebody there that has none. What is the difference between you and those that don’t know the Father?

My son, is My word condemned? My word is not condemned; they are the ones that condemned. The word is there, it’s ever ready. They are the ones that condemned. They condemned themselves. My word will never destroy. If you do what’s in the word, you renew yourself. You serve your Father right. But when you go on your own way, you destroy yourself. Those who did it before this word was written knew where they found themselves. That was why it was written that whoever adds to it will receive punishment and whoever minus from it will also receive punishment. You will find yourself to blame. If you do it well, you will see the result. That is why I said the word never condemned. You go on your own way because of what you want to eat. If you are really inside the Father, your body will die to the things of this earth. You will not think how to destroy somebody or go and acquire power to perform miracles. You leave the Father, the Owner of everything to seek from another one when the Father said you should not serve any other God. Where then are you going to? Hellfire straight! The god will now laugh at you because you don’t know the God you’re serving. Didn’t the Father say they should not serve another god; why are they coming to us; that means they don’t know the God they’re serving; that means we’ve defeated them. They are defeated. They are condemned. They will go to what the Father hates to acquire power. When a pastor dies and somebody says he’s going to hellfire, you will now attack that person. How can he go to that place; he perform miracles? But the Father is the one that knows all secrets. He is the One that sees the heart. Yet he’s calling Jesus. Do you think the entire miracles he performed end like that? It was demons he spread to other people’s lives! It was demons he spread because when the devil gives you one, he will take four from you. If it’s miracle he performed, you should have had peace when you got home. When they give you water of demon to drinking, what happens to you? Because that pastor does not have the heart of God! The things they should have done so they could have the Father, they’re not doing it. They are very far from the Father. And when they give them demon’s water to drink, they are possessed. But they say they are Christians. Why are they possessed again? It’s your heart the Father needs. Give your heart to the Father. He will cleanse you and make you pure and holy. You will live the life He wants you to live on this earth and peace will reign in your home. Anywhere you enter, peace will reign with you. And the seed of the peace will germinate, and people will see it in you. However, when you say you’re looking for quick miracle, they will give you what you don’t want. When you say you are a Christian, you are just wasting your time. You are going to hellfire because you’re far away from the truth. You are seeking for quick miracle. You are a product of hellfire. But the word is there for you to read. You know what it says concerning you. Are you doing it? Because you are looking for quick miracle! The Father is the Owner of miracles. You are doing what you shouldn’t do, seeking for quick action. Now they give you quick action and you’re crying. You will end yourself in a place you shouldn’t have gone. That place is your home with torment. Have you ever sat down to see what this word (the Bible) says about you? I used people to write it! The names of men and women are there. Women and children are there. Let me read about this woman, a woman like me. This is not that somebody teaches you. The miracle is there in the Bible, how a woman cried to God and God answered her, how somebody spoke to God and God answered him, how a woman touched the garment and she was made whole. You will teach yourself what to do. This is not a matter of going to this pastor or that pastor. The word is there in your hand. The word will activate the Father inside you. You are running helter-skelter, seeking for a miracle. As you’re seeking for a miracle, you will see three troubles. Three troubles will enter you again. As you see those pastors, they know what they’re doing. By the end of the day, they may repent and go to heaven. But they’ve lured you to hellfire. They know they’re lying, they are looking for money. Immediately they know in their hearts that what they did is not good and they repent, the Father will forgive them. However, they’ve lured somebody into it and that person still carries on. The person that led them to it has already washed his hand clean. It’s like somebody that killed. When he realises it, he will turn to the Father for forgiveness. But if you do not repent, you’re going to hellfire. As I’m telling you about all these ones that call themselves pastors and they put their hands into what they shouldn’t have put their hands. If they turn back and speak the truth, they will be forgiven. But if they don’t turn back, they know where they’re going. If you know the Father is not the Father you can use to commit sin, He’s not the Father you can use to cajole people; you will repent and begin to preach the truth. I was once playing with my Father because of money, now I repent; let me tell you, the Father is a real Father. If you open your mouth and confess, that is all. However, they cannot say it out. How can you repent in your heart when you went to that place and put yourself into a covenant? They cannot repent because they’ve tied their soul to that thing. That thing will be telling them they shouldn’t worry, hence you’re calling the name of the Father, calling the name of Jesus, this one will cover; nobody will know. They themselves have their reason for doing it. But they don’t know they’ve made a big mistake because that thing will use it against them. It’s a very big mistake!

My son, if he confesses and change, many people will know what’s going on because all the miracles that were happening before will seize. But he has already disgraced himself. He will change immediately because as they were touching him before and miracles began to happen, there won’t be anything like that anymore. Whenever they saw him, they were shouting his name because that was the pattern of what he did. May be he was speaking and people began to fall, that was another pattern. Now that thing is gone. Is it not this pastor we know; how come he changed. They will now know what’s going on. Whatever the Almighty God does not give you, it’s a borrowed life. It will go as it comes. If you do it so that people will begin to honour you, you’re just wasting your time. He will now preach the truth. But nobody can do it because of shame and disgrace, because of pride. The news will spread. That is why they will go to hellfire. As you’re doing business with the devil, he has already hardened your heart. That is the first thing he would do because he knows if you disgrace him, nobody will come again. You can never say it out because he will seal your mouth. You are ready to die in it. You better die and go to hellfire because that is what he wants. He knows who you are. He knew who you were when the Father chose you. He knows when he lures you into it, there is lots of testimonies for him. He will first of all seal your mouth so you cannot say it out. He that lures you into it is wiser than you. Now you want to confess. Which confession do you want to do when he has already got you? You would rather die than for you to confess. For you to confess, he will never leave you alone. He will trouble you. One, you disgraced him; two, you are no longer with him. He will use everything to destroy you. As you confess, you must stand firm in your Father. That is another battle again. If you put your hand into a demon, you will never go free because he will trouble you. He will destroy everything he gave you and even destroy you with it. All the money he gave you, all the wealth he gave you, he will make sure he takes everything back because you disgraced him. If he gave you children, you know what will happen to your children. He will destroy the children. But when the Father gives you, what happens? If you say you don’t want to serve the Father again, He will leave you. But you will come back to Him. Go and enjoy, but you will come back and meet Me. Now you know I’m no more your Father. It’s now you know you’re living a primitive life. Go ahead and open eye. When your eye is opened, you will come back. May be before you come back, it’s too late. In the process of seeking for the eye opener, many things will come in.

There was a happily married man. Every day, he’s happy with his wife. Whenever he came back from work, the wife prepared his food; he ate and studied the Bible with his family, talked about the Father. One day, he met Mr Jackson one of his old friends. He was invited out for a drink. Mr Jackson persuaded him to have just a glass of drink. He initially refused. When he told him it’s there in the Bible that a man could drink and not get drunk, he drank a glass. From a glass, he then graduated to a bottle. That was how his spiritual life deteriorated. From one bottle, he graduated to two bottles, then started sleeping with women. He then forgot about the Father he was praying to before, the Father that was protecting him, that guarded him. The Father is now far away. Instead of praying, he began to give flimsy excuses. The house was the house of the Father before, now the house is shared into two. The Father was in one while Satan was in the other. As he gradually abandoned the Father, he’s now on His own. The devil took over the whole house and they began fighting. The house separated totally. Oh, this is what I’m saying, let me move forward. The woman said I know the God I’m serving; I’m not leaving this house; you can pack your load and go; I will live here and serve God with my children; you can go wherever you want to go. The man said if you said you’re not leaving this house, I will destroy you. The woman then packed her belongings and left with her children. He then came in with another woman and started living together. Is that the life he wanted? That was not the life he wanted! The devil knew who he was, that was why he used Mr Jackson to introduce horror into his life so he could change his direction. Satan always uses somebody that is close to you to do you evil. You may think he’s giving you good advice, but he knows what he’s doing. The devil programmed everything in the spiritual realm. I have told you before, if you’ve not been to America, nobody can do you anything because they don’t know you there. Nobody! If the devil wants to do his work, he will always use somebody that is close to you. It may be somebody that you knew before. Because he’s on assignment in your life, he may connect that person to you. You will think it’s a coincidence for both of you to meet again. No, it’s a planned work. The person may travel a long journey because of you. As you meet each other, you will be happy. May be a particular area of your life is not as you expect it to be, they may use that area and when it happens, you will think it’s a blessing. The life that man is living is not a life the Father wants. They will use him to corrupt you. You are serving your Father, but your leg is not strong in your Father. Oh look at you; when we were in school you were a champion; why are you like this now; these Christians; come with me, I will change your life. The devil in him is the one talking. As a Christian, if you are eating well and you are not sick, that is the best thing for you. Food is very important here on earth because the Father has prepared the place you are going for you. Is it cloth you want to wear? Is it not His children that lived in the Wilderness for forty years? How many cars did they drive there? But you’re alive through them today. He now introduced you and gave you money. You are happy. You don’t know where the money he gave you came from. They will ask you to come and join them. Whatever he asks you, you will do because you’ve spent part of the money. It’s like a charm. Whenever he commands you, you will obey because you’ve eaten their money. Yes, we’ve got him; as we’ve got him, we can even get his whole family. The good vision the Father has for His children now destroyed. Before they come, they could not come like that. They might have destroyed many things in the home. Where then is the Father? Where do you put the Father?

My son, all these are everywhere. You can see it everyday. They are wearing big cloth every day and are proud of what they have. Nobody wants to sober for the Father. Nobody wants to be a servant of the Father. Nobody wants to say Father, I need You as You dealt with Your children in the time of old. Nobody wants to do it. Is it not only your belly, and where you will sleep when the night comes? Where will you put the rest? That thing you are doing, that will make the glory of the Father not to shine! My son, all these things they are doing cut the hand of the Father short. It makes the Father not to come out. Nobody has challenged the Father. That is why I told you if you hold Me tight, because of you, I will do something on this earth. Their level of serving the Father is like when you place four stones on the ground and place a very big pot full of yam and water on top, with a candlelight under it. Will the yam get cooked? It will not! That is exactly what is going on here on this earth. You can cook the yam for fifteen years and it will never get cooked. It will never get cooked! That is nowadays Christianity. None of their faith can carry the Father’s work unless the Father comes to do the work by Himself. That is what is going on. As all of them are crying every day, if they cry with their clean heart, this earth will be like a fire. Nobody will stand My children wherever they are. Nobody will try any nonsense with them wherever they are. I am the same God of old. Nobody has the faith of the Father. Even their heart is not in the Father. No any fire. All of them are inside money. All the work they’re doing, they’re doing it for themselves. No one is working for the Father. Their fire cannot do anything; it’s like a fire from a candle light. That is why the Father is waiting for all of them to come so that He will take them to where they belong. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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