People Should Avoid Hell

The Father speaks

(Sunday 7th October 2010, 22:45)

Powers belong to Me. In heaven and on earth, powers belong to Me. Who says his word and make it come to pass? Who will condemn you? It’s only Me that have the final say. It’s only Me that can judge what you do, no other person. I will judge your hard work; I will judge everything. It’s only Me, nobody else. It’s only Me, no other person. Because he is like this, he is like that; it’s only Me, nobody else. It’s only Me that can judge, it’s only Me that can condemn, it’s only Me that can destroy; nobody else. Besides, I’m not a wicked Father. Every of My thought towards you is always good. That is why you are My son. I don’t have an evil mind against anybody, unless you cause it by yourself. I’m not a wicked Father. It’s God that did it. Who told you? I’ve told you before; I’m never a wicked Father. If something is happening to you, check yourself, search yourself. Where did I miss it? How did I do it? That means somebody is using something against you. What you’re not supposed to do, you did it and somebody is using it against you. Many of My children don’t want to hear this one. They don’t want to accept they did something wrong. All of them, they don’t do anything wrong in their own eyes, they always do good. You do good and the devil uses it against you. If truly you do good, why will the devil use it against you? Search yourself. Where do you miss it? Search yourself. Look what the word of God says concerning your life. Because you are not doing the right thing you supposed to do, somebody is there watching you and he will use it against you. You will suffer for it. Then I will begin to look at you. You will say it’s God’s will. Who told you it’s God’s will? Because you are not doing what you supposed to do, somebody is there watching you and you know that person. The devil is watching you and you will receive the punishment. What is My own business in it? Does it concern Me? If you mention My name, you are adding sore to injury. For you to say it’s God doing it, you create more problem for yourself. It’s not Me your Father. Tell them My son. It’s God that is doing it. Who told you it’s God! You just create more problems for yourself. Because you deny the truth, you are now accusing your Father. Search yourself. When you do wrong, you don’t want to admit you do wrong.

I told you before, there is limit you can do in the lives of My children. If they come to you for prayers, pray for them, but don’t carry it on your head. If not, you won’t be able to sleep. As you see them, many of them are not telling the truth, because inside them is something else entirely. I am the One that searches every heart. I know everything that is there. Is it not what they told you that you will know. What about the one in their heart? But I know it. What can you do? The solution is in their own hands. Unless I just want to forgive them. If you say you want to keep it to yourself, you and I, let’s see who will tire. It’s you that will tire not Me. This is why I say it’s little you can do in their lives. The rest of it, just leave it for them. If you say thus says the Lord, and they say no; what will you do? At the end of the day, you will become a bad person. My son, yours is just to pray and say, it is well with you. As you are a human being, so also they are human beings. You are telling them the truth. If they don’t want to take it (the truth), you should leave them alone. Don’t force them. Leave them alone. At the end of the day, they will know you are telling the truth. I want this, I want that; and you don’t want to offer anything. You can’t just have it like that. There is a price you must pay. You have to pay for it. You can’t just get it like that. There are some things you must let go. If you don’t know, now you know. If you get it just like that, that means it’s not good, it’s not from the right source. If you get it from the right source, you must pay for it, so that it can last, so that you can have peace with it.

If you want to marry a wife, what do you do? You go to the right source. You do everything you have to do. That woman now becomes your wife. You have authority over everything. It’s the same with everything in this world. Oh, I want a good job, I want to work. However, your way is not right with your God. You were told to change your ways, but you refused. You should stay there and watch. We will see the one who will be tired. If you leave what you hold on to, you will get what you want. You can’t have two things at the same time. You cannot hold two things together like that. They are world opposite. Therefore, you have to choose. If it’s this one you want, follow it.

You have heard about some people who choose the way of evil. They don’t want to look back. Theirs is to do evil all their lives. They purposely choose evil. They go to extreme length to do evil. They have degree in doing evil. As people get degree in knowing Me and My ways, so also they get degree in doing evil. They are world opposite. They get PhD doing evil. Such kind of people, how do you classify them? They can go to any length to acquire the power to do evil. Can you compete with those kind of people? The ones you don’t know are more than the ones you know.

It is very dangerous to call yourself a Christian and you are not hot. It is very dangerous for you to be cold. Because that name Jesus you keep calling; the devil will try you. He must see one area you are weak in, and you must fail in one. That is why you should always equip yourself everyday. Any area you know you are weak, adjust yourself because anything you do, he is watching you. Whatever you do, I can forgive, I can pardon, but somebody is there watching you. For Me, go and enjoy but forsake sin. Somebody is there watching you, and he will condemn you immediately. And I don’t have anything to say. When I say you should be holy because I am holy, when I say you should be righteous because I am righteous, I know what I’m saying.

It is very painful My son. It is very painful to see your children, the way you want them to be, they deviate from it and begin to go their own way. It is very painful. The devil himself begins to say, look at those He calls His children, I have taken all of them. It is very painful My son. I know what I’m telling you. It’s very painful. What you laboured for, what you are proud of, before you know it, they begin to take it from you. It is very painful. You see your children crying in agony. It is very painful where I am My son. It is very painful. When I hear their cry, when I hear their weeping and I can’t do anything. It is very painful. I cannot do anything. I cannot go and take them away from there, because when I was telling them in the first place, they did not listen to Me. Where I am, when I hear their voice, I am weak, I am not happy My son. It is very painful. This is why I send you to go and preach My word. Go and preach My truth. Go and tell them. Those who have not tasted that place, I don’t want them to go there, a place of no return. Go and tell My children about Me My son. Go and preach My word. Tell them about the truth. Let them forsake sin. Sin is not good. Sin will land them in a place they don’t want to go. Go and tell them about sin, that they should forsake sin. They should forsake sin! Everlasting crying that has no end. The pains that have no remedy. I am saying it again. Somebody will be weeping and weeping every day, nobody will tell you to stop. It’s not easy. Wealth, wealth, wealth; riches, riches, riches; they only know about wealth and they forget about that big place. They don’t even remember that place at all. And My heart is cutting Me for that place. I am afraid of that place. Yet, they want to be rich, they want to make wealth. They don’t know their wealth will land them there. Because most of the money they make, they don’t make it in a genuine way. They are going there. They are going there. They are going there. Money brings hatred. Money brings so many things. Everything is about money. I want to eat alone, I want to drive big car, I want to do this or that. At the end of the day, they are crying there. Tell them! I don’t want to mention that place. I don’t want to mention it. I taught you a lot about that place My son. If any of My servant tells you that money is not a problem, that person is deceiving himself. If any pastor preaches that money is not a problem, he is just deceiving himself. Tell them! Tell them! Tell them!

Now, Satan knows that through that money, they will go to that place. He now plants the money in their hearts because it is only money they know. They forget about the luxurious place I prepared for them. Look at beautiful places; look at mansions that have no end; look at the blessings of My children. My son, I don’t want to talk. I don’t suppose to cry for you My son. It pains Me. I want to close this chapter. I don’t want to talk about this chapter because it’s painful. That is why I will not forgive any of them. At the last minutes they will say forgive me. I will never forgive any of them. The last minute when they find themselves there, they will say I should forgive them. I will never forgive them. You will go there. They will usher you there. You can’t even see Me, because those who are working, they are working. You can’t see Me!

I am telling you a secret. What I’m telling you in this closet, nobody sees it and I’m telling you about the mystery. What I’m telling you in this your room, nobody knows about it. This place I’m coming down to teach you and I know the reason for Me to come and meet you. All the things I’ve been teaching you, your big-book is full. If you make any mistake, I will never forgive you. I’m telling you and I’m telling you now. The opportunity you have, many of My children don’t have it. I’m coming down from My throne to come and teach you by Myself, and you open down your ears wide listening to Me. Don’t do any mistake. If you do, I will never pardon you. The opportunity you have, many people don’t have it. Count yourself as a winner. Count yourself as a joyful man. Because I am the one that purposely come down to gather your broken pieces together. I gather your broken pieces together because I want to make something out of it. I always come down from My throne of grace to speak to you. That is why if you make any mistake, I will never pardon you. When you are eating what is sweet, you should know that it’s also bitter. (He spoke the above sentence in broken English). I hear every language My son. When I laugh and laugh, if I want to cry, I can cry. I’m telling you something. Don’t let anything carry you away. I am teaching you all these and I know why I’m teaching you, for you to guard your heart. I should have said you should remain alone, but I want you to be focused. I promised you a wife and I give you the best. Wherever you go, let her be your basket. You should always be together because you are going to tour.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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