Prepare Yourself

Dear Friend,

Grace, peace and love to you from God our Father, our Master Jesus Christ and our Companion Holy Spirit. Amen. Greetings!

In the beginning of 2013, my Father warned me to stop sending messages because many of those who received the previous messages, especially His servants took them as mere messages written by man. Even though He speaks to me every day concerning the situation of the world, His churches and His children, He warned me to seal up everything until the appointed time. However, because of what is happening around the world, He asked me to send this message across quickly and who knows, maybe a remnant will be saved through it. I want all of you to know that in time past, the Almighty God always dealt with one man at a time and through that one man to a multitude. He has never dealt with a multitude of people before and if I’m lying, go back to the days of the prophets. When He asked Noah to build an Ark that He would destroy the Earth, nobody was there. When He called Abram (Abraham) to leave his relatives and his country, nobody was there. When He appeared to Moses through the burning bush in the desert at Horeb, nobody was there. When He was dealing with each individual prophet, nobody was there until somebody wrote everything down. Some of them could not write, but dictated their messages to somebody who wrote them down. Some people compiled the messages together, and we now call it The Bible. So also in this generation, the same Father of Old, the same Father who sent Moses and also brought His Son Jesus Christ, my Father has declared His judgement on this Earth and sealed it. He has designed the calamity that will befall each nation because they are doing evil, and if it’s happening in one nation, do not think it’s not coming to you. It will sweep across the whole Earth and no nation will be excluded. Many of you are wondering what is going on in the world. As a child of God, you need nobody to tell you that the Earth is on fire and everything that’s happening is one Spirit versus another. Before I continue, let us pray.

Almighty God, my Father, You who created every soul for Yourself and sent them to this Earth to fulfil Your purpose. I pray that anyone among Your children who take this message to heart shall be blessed and saved through it. May Your Spirit inside them rise up and challenge every evil spirit in them, which you my Father have not put there. Let the Fire of Holy Spirit remove every scale from their eyes so they could see the truth of Your word. All these I ask You through Jesus Christ my Master and Saviour. Amen!

In the world today, there are churches and Christians everywhere; yet, evil is everywhere. Why are you a Christian? What qualifies you to be a Christian? The mystery can only be found in John 1:11-13.

"He came to His own, and His own received Him not. But as many as received Him, He gave to them authority to become the children of God, to those who believe on His name, who were born, not of bloods, nor of the will of the flesh, nor of the will of man, but were born of God."

Jesus Christ was sent to the nation of Israel alone for a reason and not to the whole world. Because those ones lack the spiritual, they rejected Him. Whenever my Father gives any Law or Ordinance, once He sees that Satan has a hand in it, He will change it. As human beings advance every day, so also the kingdom of darkness. If the kingdom of darkness could move on with their evil works, what about the Creator who created everything? The Almighty God is a Continuous Father. He doesn’t stay in one place. He moves on with His work. This is where human beings lack wisdom. When my Father saw that Satan was luring His children to commit more sin, so He could destroy them because of the Law of an eye for an eye and tooth for tooth, He sent Jesus Christ to teach them how to keep themselves from sin. Because they thought Jesus Christ came with a new Law different from the Law of Moses, they rejected Him. My Father then bypassed them and threw it open to the whole world that, whosoever does the will of My Son is Mine. Jesus Christ Himself said it in John 15:24 that, “I was sent only to the lost sheep of Israel.” This is what gives you and me the privilege to be a Christian. Originally, it wasn’t planned that way. If you doubt what I’m saying, go back to the Old Testament and see the Laws my Father gave to Moses to teach the Israelites. There was a reason why He chose Abraham. That is why if you’re a Christian and you neglect the Old Testament because Jesus Christ has come, you have to know where you’re going. Many preachers are preaching what they don’t know. Jesus Christ did not come on His own accord, but through the Ordinance of my Father and until today, if He – Jesus Christ is to appear to anybody, the order is always from my Father. Jesus Christ cannot bypass my Father to do anything. The Father has given Him every authority, and despite that, He does nothing without the knowledge of my Father. Many of you were born like Jesus Christ; however, because of the kind of assignment my Father sent Him to accomplish, He did not pass through a physical father (Joseph) so that Satan wouldn’t see any room to accuse Him. You should have asked yourself this question: Can water and milk produce human being? All the children that are born on this Earth are grown up men and women somewhere on another planet, either Heaven or the Dark-Planet. The Dark-Planet wasn’t in the original plan. The disobedience of Adam and Eve caused it. As a Christian, once you give your life to Jesus Christ, the door of the Dark - Planet is shut to you immediately. It’s either you go to Heaven or Hellfire. My Father created this Earth for human beings to live that, after you might have lived a thousand years on this Earth, you will go back to Heaven, and later on, you will come back to live on Earth again. That was how my Father created it right from the beginning and that is what will still happen by the end of the day. The sin of Adam and Eve turned things around, however, only for a while. Right now, until you meet the need of my Father, you cannot return back to Heaven but to the Dark-Planet. You may come back to this Earth to suffer again as many times as you want. That doesn’t concern my Father!

On this Earth as a whole, out of ten people you see every day, from every tribe, from every nation, six of them are Angels. That is how my Father made this Earth. Unfortunately, none of them return back to Heaven. No matter how much you’re Angel in human form, if your parents failed to teach you the way of the Father right from your childhood, your life will turn upside down. However, you didn’t know yourself, but Satan knew you. Once you’re chosen in Heaven to go to the Earth on an assignment, a Covenant is being made with your Spirit. After your assignment is given to you and your reward is made known to you beforehand, Heaven will become dark to you immediately you’re born to this Earth. That is how my Father made it. If Heaven is not dark to you, none of us would have loved to live a single day on this Earth. As you see all the pastors, those who are called, they did not just become pastors on this Earth; they were created to be and they’re not just ordinary human beings, they’re Angels from Heaven and Satan knows. This is why if you look at all of them, they always pass through one affliction or another right from birth. Some of them, Satan can kill their parents or one-half of their parents so that the purpose of God for their lives wouldn’t come to pass. Many of them have committed sin even as a little child and nobody took it as something serious and Satan knew. This was the hand of Satan, so that in their later years, when they switch to do the work of my Father, he will have rope to pull them back. It may be stealing meat from your mother’s pot at the age of four. It may be the lie you told as a child. It may be stealing your parents’ money as a child. It may even be an act of immorality. He will always find one thing that your parents have done before and lure you to do it because you’re not just an ordinary human being. With this, you carry the whole demons of the entire family. If your parents are ignorant of the kind of child God has given to them, Satan will always have his way. Many years later, as you’re now doing the work of the Father, he will relive that sin in you again; you will commit it in advance way. Many of you fail to ask yourselves question where ‘altar call of money’ came from’. It was Satan! In time past, everybody knew that the servants of God weren’t millionaires, but they weren’t hungry. Everything that was done in the house of God was done through those who voluntarily brought their goods to the house of God. They didn’t wait for the servant of God to ask them. God Himself fashioned their heart to do what they did. If you read Exodus 25 and 35, you will see clearly that my Father Himself asked Moses to speak to the people to bring contributions. Moses didn’t act on his own. If you read the Acts of the Apostles 4 and 5, you will also see what the early church did. In our days, Satan is the one ruling the heart of servants of God to make ‘altar call of money’. This is advance stealing in the house of God. Besides, because you’re inheritance of my Father, He would fashion the heart of His children to bless you and as they bless you, you will also use it to bless others. That is how it is! He does not bless you to keep it for your unborn grandchildren. If it’s a sin of fornication, if a young boy commits fornication, when he grows and become a pastor, he will do it in advance way. Once you do it again secretly, the spirit will continue to live inside you and if you fail to deal with it, Satan will be using your image to sleep with women in their dreams and you will not know. You are not a witch to do evil; it’s because of your sin. With this, you cannot go to Heaven. This is the reason why some people saw servants of God in Hellfire. The only way to deal with such kind of thing is to confess all your sins out openly and you must stay clear for the rest of your life from women, if not, Satan will relive that spirit in you again. This is what many servants of God don’t know and they’re suffering in silence. Many of you fail to ask yourself what happened to Apostle Paul. I am not saying he committed sexual sin! If Satan is using you to do evil, he will turn back to hurt you by the end of the day. The demon that tormented him until he died was because of his past sin. We will speak on this later. This is one of the major reasons why my Father wants to sweep the Earth clean. He is mainly concerned about His servants because with all their doings, none of them is coming back to Him. If you doubt what I’m saying to you now, you should go and search the testimonies of those who went to Heaven and Hellfire and see for yourself. Time did not permit Jesus Christ to explain why many of them are there. The Almighty God Himself is my Teacher and the Revealer who is teaching me to teach His children. There is a time for everything. In all this, I’m not talking about those who made themselves pastors because they have their reward already. It only ends on this Earth. You cannot choose yourself as a pastor and nobody can choose you as a pastor. If you’re not created to be a pastor, you will lead people astray because Satan is the one using you and you know your end already. You cannot learn how to be a pastor or go to pastoral school or college. The Holy Spirit is the Teacher of pastors and this kind of office is directly from Heaven, not from this Earth. All you need to do if you’re called as a pastor is to confess all your sins, including the ones you committed as a child, and you must allow the Holy Spirit to teach you the rest. Because it’s not earthly position, nobody can teach you. The only person who can teach you is the one whom my Father Himself taught like Moses and it’s not always easy.

If my Father is sending His Angels as human beings to this Earth to repair it and none of them is coming back to Him, of what purpose is it for Him to keep the Earth? That is why the Father is shouting, Jesus Christ is tormenting people’s souls every day taking them to Hellfire, so they could come back and tell others. But nobody believes! As a Christian, my Father is mainly concerned about you because of what He plans to do on this Earth right now. Are you not feeling the heat? Other people have the opportunity to return to this Earth after my Father has carried out His assignment, but you as a Christian, if anything happens and you die, if you don’t make it to Heaven, Hellfire is your destination. Why are you a Christian? Why did my Father send Jesus Christ? The Father is a Holy Father and nothing will ever change Him. My Father did not call multitude, He did not call Christians, but He called only one man, Abram (Abraham) and there was a reason why He called him. Why did He call him? After the creation of Adam and Eve, the Father constantly visited them until He accomplished His work in their lives so He could send them out of the Garden of Eden and get on with their lives. That would have been the end of His communication with them; however, He would have still monitored them from Heaven without speaking or sending down prophets because He had programmed everything. He didn’t want anybody to know Him. That was why He did not reveal Himself in time. When sin continually multiplied on Earth, that was when He showed Himself. My Father had almost finished the work with Adam and Eve in the Garden. It was at the final stage that Lucifer entered inside the serpent and deceived Eve. What happened exactly? Some said they ate an apple, and some said they ate an orange. My Father will only tell you whatever He wants you to know because you’re flesh. It was many years after the incident that my Father revealed it to somebody and he wrote it down and we now call it Genesis. When Lucifer visited Eve, he knew it was difficult for him to pass through Adam because he was there when my Father was doing everything. He knew how my Father programmed your body. If you look at your body, you were created in parts and then joined together, however, it happened spiritually. If you stand in front of a mirror, you can see some marks on your body, especially below your chest straight down across your abdomen. This is clearly visible when a woman is pregnant. Everything was created spiritually. Your body is like a full grown man inside a baby. Adam himself was an Angel in Heaven before my Father created his physical body and put him inside. You can understand this through the life of Jesus Christ. My Father had to kill Him in Heaven before He could appear in Mary’s womb. You cannot be in two places at a time. Out of the children He put inside Adam, He took one of them to make Eve. The deep sleep that fall upon Adam that our Bible talked about was the same like that of Mary. Mary could not explain what happened to her at all. Some said Holy Spirit slept with Mary. It would have been a taboo for my Father Himself to commit sin because He will never violate His own word. If you look at what the doctors are doing to your body in the hospital, if they put you to sleep during surgery, they’re doing nothing than suspending your Spirit in the air. That is why it’s very easy for somebody’s Spirit to depart from him or her during surgery. Lucifer knew he couldn’t get Adam easily because everything was programmed into him. That was why he passed through Eve. If it was true that Eve ate a fruit, how come her eyes didn’t open? Besides, if it was fruit really, it could have been very easy for my Father to stop her. Spirit moves very fast! When Lucifer advised her, it wasn’t something physical but spiritual. Eve committed that sin spiritually in her heart. If you look at the temptation of Jesus Christ in the Wilderness, it was also spiritual. Jesus Christ did not see Satan speaking to Him physically; however, because He had spiritual eyes to see, there was a way everything was revealed to Him. Everything happened spiritually! When Satan advised Eve, she consented to it. How? In her heart! Everything happened in her heart, that was why her eyes did not open, and that sin couldn’t have materialised without Adam. Satan has already poisoned that fruit before he gave it to Eve and prior to that, he lured her to make a covenant with him. That led to the real sin they committed. Supposing it was ordinary fruit they ate, it wouldn’t have warranted God laying curse on them. They committed sexual sin!!! That is why out of every sin, the sin of fornication is the head. If you as a human being have no hands or legs, you will not die, however, if your head is cut off, then you’re no longer a human being but a corpse. It was that sin that opened the door for every other sin to enter. As a human being, once you commit the sin of fornication, you destroy your entire generation inside you. Remember that the eggs of all the generations were inside Eve. The Father that created them had programmed how everything would work out. He created them to have sex, but until His own time. Why should they listen to the voice of somebody else? Immediately they committed sin, a demon entered them and this particular demon is inside every human being today. Satan thought my Father would reject them the way He rejected him; that was why he deceived Eve. The spirit that controls sex is very powerful. This is why if you look at the world today, the same thing is what Satan is using to destroy people. If you look at the heroes of my Father, either in the Bible days or now, woman must be involved. The body of a woman was created naturally as a charm. If you look at a woman, you feel something in your body simply because sin has entered. It wasn’t that way originally. This is why my Father gave the Ordinance in the time of old how women should present themselves publicly. In our days, we think this is nonsense. We will speak on this later. After this incident, the Father was very angry and the best thing He could have done was to kill them. My Father is a Covenant Keeping Father. If He makes a Covenant with you, He will keep His own side and if you fail to keep your own side, you will face the consequence. That is how He has been dealing with every human being. Because He made a Covenant with Adam that through him, this Earth would be populated; He couldn’t destroy him because He wouldn’t violate His own word.

If you venture to know the mystery of God, many things will scare you. According to the Bible, this Earth is about six thousand years old. According to the findings of the scientists, this Earth is more than four billion years. Is the Bible correct? Yes, absolutely! Are the scientists also saying the right thing? Yes, to some extent with a guess; however, they didn’t know what happened. Christians are counting first day, second day up to sixth day; those are spiritual terminologies. One day of my Father is like a thousand years and a thousand years are like a day. Hope you get it now. Before Adam and Eve were created, human beings have lived on this Earth. My Father created them, but they were foolish. He put a little of His Spirit inside them to differentiate them from animals. They were not wise as He wanted them to be. He then wiped them off and created Adam and Eve. The same people He wiped off also came back to exists today. Even before the pre-Adamic race, my Father has created human beings on this Earth. I am telling you mystery now. If you look at your brain, it has the capacity to work more than what it’s doing right now only if my Father permits it. That can only happen if all human beings are wiped off and their brain is reprogrammed. My Father has been coming a long way with this Earth. If you created something and the outcome is not as you wanted, what then do you do? You will destroy it and create another one. If you, an ordinary human being has brain to perform experiments, what about the Father Himself that gave you the brain? Whatever nobody has done before, you can never do it. My Father is the Great Explorer. He is the Great Scientist. What do you know? Before He started creating human beings, He first used animals as an example. If a hen lays eggs, they all have the same colour. After the eggs are hatched, the chicken will not come out with the same colour. My Father had already programmed everything into Adam that after a particular generation, a particular race will come out. Black race was the last-born. Africa is my Father’s last-born. If a white man and a black woman produce a child, if that child grows up and marry a black, it will take up to three generations before the trace of that white will start fading away. This was why it was difficult for Him to destroy Adam and Eve because He has done a lot of work on them. Do you know more than my Father? My Father has been coming a long way with this Earth. He is still not ready to destroy it now. Many of you think Jesus is coming now. No, not now! He will come, but not now. The Father is not ready to finish with this Earth now. Jesus will only come when the Father is ready to roll this Earth away. The end is still far. However, the Father wants to sweep the Earth clean of wickedness, and if anything should happen, Christians are those that will suffer it because we’re doing what the Father hates, because many of His servants have brainwashed us. They made people believe that Jesus has put an end to everything of old. You are a Christian and you’re eating unclean meat, which Heaven do you think you’re going? You married unclean wife, gave birth to unclean children, which Heaven do you think you’re going. You cover the glory of the Father in your life with those things on your head and decorate yourself with jewelleries, which Heaven do you think you’re going? We have a lot to speak about.

No human being on this Earth could proud to say God loves him or her more than Lucifer because in the whole Heaven, after Jesus Christ, Lucifer was the next. I Radiant tell you today that Lucifer didn’t do anything willingly against my Father. It was far from His dream that my Father would one day reject him. But what did he do? When the Almighty God speaks His word, if you dare disobey, you’re in trouble and remember, there is no forgiveness in Heaven. If you fail to abide by the Law, you’re doomed forever. Don’t go there and he went there! That was all he did. What we categorise as demons today were once powerful Spirits, created in different categories. They were the remnant of the materials my Father used in creating this Earth both the earth itself and human beings. He alone knows how He uses each one of them. For example, a man just finished building his house. If you look around the house, you will see sand, blocks, iron rods, woods, and all the remnants of the materials he used in building the house. You cannot just go there anyhow, and take whatever you want. The iron rod may be the foundation of the house. We are talking of Spirits now. How come all those things are the remnant of what my Father used in creating everything on this Earth? If you lie down on your bed, you live in London in England and your brother lives in Sydney, Australia, you will see yourselves communicating with each other in your dream while you’re sleeping. Whenever you’re awake, you can remember everything and if you call your brother on the phone, exactly what both of you discussed in your dream is what he’s passing through physically. My question to you now is, are you a witch or not? You are a witch!!! My Father created you and put the Spirit of witchcraft inside you so that both of you can communicate with each other spiritually, however, do not use it in an evil way. This Spirit is part of your life and that is what my Father also uses to communicate with you as a human being. These Spirits are part of what my Father used in creating everything on this Earth including you – human being. Now we’re talking about the evil one. Remember that He that created them knows how He deals with each and every one of them. When He said nobody should go there and Lucifer went there, He alone knows how He deals with all of them. You will open your mouth and call somebody a witch. You are also a witch! When my Father said as He is, so you are, He’s not lying. If my Father has the knowledge to do all these, that is why you human being cannot die because you’re a Spirit. If you lie down to sleep, every journey you’ve taken physically, you will take them again spiritually. If it’s a place you’ve never been before, you will go there spiritually, meaning, some days to come, you will be there. The place you will be in the next three years, the Spirit can take you there today. After those three years, you will remember that once upon a time, three years ago, you had a dream and you were there. Because your thought is far from the thought of my Father, the Spirit is now telling you not to move far, and He showed you your destination beforehand. This Spirit is the Spirit of my Father Himself living inside you. The Spirit is warning you not to change your cause of life, because if you do, you will miss your blessing. Whenever you wake up, you suppose to back it up with prayers and be on alert. My question to you again is, are you a witch or not? You are a witch! What kind of witchcraft are you then? Witchcraft of good because my Father wants you to see and know how your life, your future will be. He doesn’t want you to go far away from your blessing because every of your blessing is right there with you; however, you cannot see it physically. The Keys that my Father used in packaging your entire being were what Lucifer went and touched. No one was permitted to touch them except my Father alone because all of them are powerful Spirits. That is why whenever a human being dies, the flesh will go to the ground, but your Spirit is hovering everywhere and cannot die. My Father alone has power to settle the Spirit and the Spirit will return back to Him. The Spirits are very useful to my Father. The Spirit of human being is very useful to my Father and if you begin to attach demons to yourself, my Father cannot use your Spirit anymore. That is why He doesn’t want you to defile the Spirit; and that is why those who died and were pure, He returned them back to this Earth again. If you die and you’re not pure, He cannot return you back to the Earth again. You will be hovering everywhere. You will be coming to this Earth to disturb people, tormenting your family. That is how my Father created everything. This is the major reason, whenever a human being dies, the body should go back to the ground immediately because it was taken from the ground. If the body is cremated, you’re telling that person not to ever come to this Earth again because you burn the body. Wherever the Spirit is, he will feel it that somebody is burning his body because that body is still part of him until my Father separates it from his Spirit and Soul. A body must not be frozen like meat or fish because wherever the Spirit is, he will not be active; he will become weak. In a nutshell, when a man dies, the body must go back to the ground immediately and as you do it, you set the Spirit of that man free. My Father alone knows how He separates the body from the Spirit completely. You can now see that human beings are far from real knowledge. When you’re calling somebody a witch, my Father did not give it to you to do evil. Because you have committed sin, the evil one now entered you. Instead of you to use it for good, you’ll begin to use it for evil. When you’re sleeping on your bed, thinking and worrying about your sister, instead of you to communicate with her to be sure if she’s okay, you’ll begin to do her evil. That means you’re evil! That means the spirit of witchcraft that’s inside you is the evil one. Also, it is only for those who have strong and powerful Spirit of my Father, if not, Satan cannot give it to you because it will be useless. With this, you cannot return back to my Father. When He said His purpose for you is for good not for evil, you can now see it clearly. My Father wants you to see your life, what you’ll become tomorrow. With the Spirit He gave to you, if your memory cannot discern what you’ll be, He will make you sleep and see how your life will be. My Father programmed it that whatever He wants you to be, that’s what your heart will be telling you. In a situation whereby you go far away from your dream because of those you mingle with, the food you eat, and the places you go which you’re not supposed to go, it takes you far away from the purpose of the Father for your life. This is why the Spirit of my Father will be active to warn you and if you fail to listen to that Spirit, then you’re lost. That is why, even though you’re committing sin, before anything happens to you, the Spirit of my Father that lives inside you will still warn you. For example, a young boy had a dream and found himself in a prison. That means he is going where he’s not supposed to go and the end of that journey will be prison. The Spirit must warn you before anything happens to you.

As I was saying earlier on, after the creation of everything and the remnant were kept and locked up, He took some of His closest children with Him (Lucifer was among) to show them and warned them not to ever go near the territory of these Spirits because they’re powerful and also dangerous. He alone knew how He used to approach them and nobody else knew. He created them for Himself and you will not ask why He created them. These are part of human beings, even Angels in Heaven. If you look at what happened to King Saul in I Samuel 16, it was one of those Spirits that my Father sent to torment him and you could see that the Spirit wasn’t with him always. Once he finished his assignment, he returned to my Father. That was what He created them for. If you an ordinary man could build your own house and install fire extinguishers in case of fire, are you wishing to set fire into your house? That is why you will not ask why my Father created those Spirits. One day, Lucifer taught because his Father had been sending him to go everywhere and he knew everything, he went there and because he didn’t know how his Father used to approach those Spirits, immediately they saw him, they entered him. All his actions recorded in Isaiah 14:12-21 and Ezekiel 28:12-19 weren’t done deliberately. He himself couldn’t explain what happened to him. He didn’t know what happened to him, only my Father knew what he had done. Once those Spirits enter you, they take absolute control of your heart. When you’re wrong, you’ll still feel you’re right. Immediately it happened, my Father got the signal and there was a complete commotion in Heaven. Why commotion? Lucifer was a precious son of the Father. It’s like a son who wanted to set fire to his Father’s estate. Because through him, the Spirits scattered around and in a short period of time, many of the Angels in Heaven were already infected through Lucifer’s action. My Father now vowed that if you My own son could do this, go to the Earth and through you I will know those who’re truly Mine. That was the reason why my Father sent him to this Earth. He was once highly obedient son of my Father. This action he took to go to the abode of these Spirits turned his life around until today and he became a wanderer. He has his own power because my Father created him powerfully. Through this, all of you should know that in age alone, Lucifer is wiser how much more spiritual. It still pains my Father until today. This is why Lucifer became Satan; all the Angels that were infected through his action and the Spirits that escaped from their abode now became demons today.

When Adam and Eve left the Garden of Eden, you could see what happened to their offspring. One murdered the other! This was how wickedness spread all over the Earth. Despite that, they still had the fear of my Father. The Father looked and turned to Noah hoping He could do something different. It pained my Father and He shed tears. His tears rained down, to destroy that generation. After the flood, Noah drank and became drunk. As he was drunk, he was also naked. When Ham his son saw his nakedness, he went and told his two brothers and they went and covered their father’s nakedness. After Noah was awake from his drunkenness, he was made aware what had happened and because of this, he cursed his grandson Canaan. What he didn’t know at that time was, if you curse one of your children, you curse all of them automatically because my Father tied the souls of every human being on this Earth together. Through this, wickedness spread across the whole Earth once again. My Father then looked and turned to Abram (Abraham) and made a Covenant of Holiness with him. It was very easy to do whatever He wanted to do with Abraham in his country without taking his leave. However, because of the spirit of idolatry, He had to take him far away so that the demons that control the family will not have a trace in the promise. Satan tormented him so much to the extent it was as if he should give up. What he didn’t know at that time was that, since my Father made a Covenant with him, he should have taken his wife and left all his slaves behind. Through this, the journey could have been very easy for him. As my Father was cleansing him, Satan was using the demons inside his slaves to torment him. However, my Father was always there with him throughout the journey, strengthening him. Whenever God is doing His work, Satan always does his own parallel to it. It’s like a son who is competing with his Father. This is the work he does and he’s working for the Almighty God Himself, meaning, through him, my Father can get the best out of His children. Along the way, he caused famine in the land and Abraham wandered to Egypt. If my Father didn’t intervene, something else would have happened. He entered the soul of Hagar and tied her soul to the soul of Sarah because he had a mission to accomplish. After some times, he did to Sarah exactly what he did to Eve in the Garden of Eden. He always gives advice! He advised her that, as she could see, she’s old and couldn’t produce a child, how the promise would come to pass; why don’t you let Hagar go in to Abraham, at least, she’s your maid; whatever she has belongs to you. She consented again like Eve in her heart. You cannot see Satan, but he always speaks to your heart. Lo and behold, Ishmael was born. Ishmael was a glorious son of Abraham. Because my Father had already blessed Abraham, automatically, any seed that came out of him became blessed. Because of the spirit that was involved, Ishmael had to leave so that Satan wouldn’t use him as a tool to destroy Isaac. To resolve the matter, my Father had to send His Angel to appear to Hagar twice. Yet, because Satan had hands in it right from the beginning, the problem is still there until today. The same mission he wanted to use Ishmael to accomplish which he couldn’t accomplish because Ishmael had the fear of my Father at that time, he is now using his generation to accomplish it. If all of you who are wise should look into the world carefully, you can see their handwork everywhere. Satan is the one accomplishing his own mission through them. The only way Christians can escape it is to do the will of my Father willingly. To every good seed of my Father, Satan always loves to sow tears into it. Finally, Isaac came and a few years later, Ishmael had to go. He had the fear of God and came back to bury his father together with his brother Isaac. Isaac was an Angel in Heaven. This was one of the major reasons why my Father delayed before He brought him. He didn’t want any trace of idolatry to flow from Abraham to him. He took His time to cleanse Abraham because of the future generations. When it was time for Isaac to marry, his father had to send his chief slave to go back to his family to fetch a wife for him because my Father didn’t want Abraham to choose a wife for his son from the women of the land he was living. Eliezer of Damascus went to the house of Nahor, Abraham’s brother to get Rebekah, Nahor’s granddaughter as a wife for Isaac. Isaac was happy when he married Rebekah. My Father also took His time to cleanse the womb of Rebekah because of the coming twelve tribes. Rebekah was barren for twenty years and she later became pregnant. While she was pregnant, Satan stirred the babies in her womb and this led her to a seer. She was told she carried two nations in her womb, and that the senior will serve the junior. She took this to heart and later used it as a tool to destroy the entire coming twelve tribes. The glorious life Jacob could have lived, his mother Rebekah destroyed it; not only Jacob, but the entire generation of Israel. All the calamities that befall Jacob and his children, Rebekah his mother was the cause. When he asked Esau his brother to sell his birthright, without the spirit of evil (witchcraft of evil) involved, there was no way it could have materialised. It was spiritual! It was Jacob’s sin that made him marry two sisters. It was his sin that made Laban used him for years. In fact, he was more or less a salve to Laban. If not for my Father, he couldn’t have come out of it. Despite that, he lived all his life in sorrow. It was his sin that made his children sold Joseph their brother. My Father only used that as a rescue mission so they wouldn’t kill him. If not, they would have killed him because somebody had committed sins before all of them were born. Because of Joseph, my Father had to cause famine in the land of Egypt so that his brothers would also know how it felt not to do evil. In their latter days, they told their children to run away from evil because of the evil they did to their brother Joseph. Many things happened which were not written down in the Bible for people to read today. That generation was afraid of their lives until they died because of the evil they did to Joseph. It is better not to do evil because once the trace is there, Satan will always keep the record to hunt coming generations. Here is a mystery! Because of the Covenant my Father had with Abraham, He gave him an Angel – Isaac as a son. If Isaac was an Angel in Heaven, who was Jacob then? Because of the twelve tribes, the Spirit that my Father used in creating Jacob was very powerful. That was why he suffered so much for what he did. All the twelve tribes were of powerful Spirits as well. If you’re of higher Spirit, higher demons will be assigned to you also to bring you down. Because Jacob gave birth to all of them in polygamous way, they suffered so much as well. After they’ve lived many years in Egypt, my Father brought them out with an iron hand and because of the idols they’ve acquired in Egypt over the years, it was difficult to keep to the Law of my Father. Demons were the ones controlling their heart. When it was unbearable for my Father, He wiped off their entire generation in the Wilderness. Their sin made Satan tormented the soul of Moses and my Father took him home before time. When they got to the Promised Land, after the death of those who knew Moses and what my Father did in their presence, they continued in their forefathers’ footsteps. My Father sent a series of prophets to put them in check, yet, they constantly disobeyed my Father. When He looked they were not living the life He wanted them to live because Satan constantly lured them to sin, so that my Father could destroy all of them, He had to do extraordinary thing which wasn’t easy for Him to do. He killed Jesus Christ in Heaven and He appeared here on Earth in the womb of Mary so that He could be born like a normal human being, be touched like everybody, and most importantly, to teach His children how to forsake sin. This was the purpose why Jesus came. The blood of Jesus now replaces the blood of animals. After His death and resurrection, my Father made a public show of Heaven and Hellfire that; anyone who does not do the will of My Son Jesus Christ will go to Hellfire. Before the coming of Jesus Christ, Hellfire was there emptied because my Father had not opened it. All those who died during the flood went straight to the Dark-Planet and they all came back to live again. Right now, many people have come to this Earth more than four times. All those who died during the flood came back to live again. All those who died during World War 1 (WW1) and World War 2 (WW2) also came back to live again. It depends what killed you; that will determine the kind of life you will come back to live. If demons killed you, they will also come back and use you anytime you come back to Earth again. Until you meet the need of my Father, you will always come back again. When the nation of Israel failed to accept the Messiah, my Father then threw it open to the whole world that, whoever follow the footstep of Jesus will come to Him. It was a bargain between the Father and His Son, that nobody would come to Him except through Jesus Christ. This was His reward. The assignment wasn’t easy and because He obeyed the Father in everything, my Father gave Him all the glory and authority. The blood of Jesus now replaces the blood they were asked to shed in the time of old. My Father did this once and for all.

When the Israelites were in the Wilderness, they were given various Laws. Why? Because of demons! He that created everything knows what He created. You as human beings cannot challenge Him. All those things are powerful and nothing to appease them. There were different kinds of animal to appease different demons. Whenever they committed sin, the spirit of that sin would come to them and before you know it, they’re dead. Once they come upon you, they would eat your life out of you. Some may result in physical illness. Some may result in physical disability. Some may result in death. This was the major reason why the priests weren’t permitted to mingle themselves with the congregation. If you’re a pastor reading this, listen to me. The priests, the prophets of old weren’t allowed to move anyhow. They were always in the presence of God. Why? Because they were the ones that carried out the Ordinance of my Father and because every human being carried demon, and if they began to mingle themselves with the multitude, they would pollute themselves and could no longer carry out the assignment in the Tabernacle. To those of you who claim Jesus Christ has come so you can do everything, you don’t know what you’re saying! I know you’re speaking in ignorance. A Law Enforcer will not break His own Law! Jesus said “I and My Father are One”. If He and the Father are One, why then should He come and break the Law? He came not to destroy or abolish the Law of my Father, but to shed more light on them and fulfil them. Demons are demons and nothing you can use to appease them except the Father Himself who knows how He appeases them. In Leviticus 10, concerning the death of Nadab and Abihu, the two sons of Aaron, my Father purposely allowed them to die so that the rest would learn a lesson. When He was telling them to be careful with the people and take care of themselves because all the people carried demons, because they weren’t seeing any demons, but only human beings, they took His word for granted and the result was the death of Nadab and Abihu. Aaron their father could not even stand up from where he was sitting, else he too would die. This was how dangerous the situation was. As a servant of God, this is why you should know that your life is in danger! In the time of old, priests only came from the tribe of Levi, no other tribe. My Father created them for that purpose. No one dare carry out the kind of assignment he wasn’t sent. This was what led to the death of Ananias and Sapphira his wife at the feet of the Apostles. Once Satan entered your heart, he would lead you to where you’ll be disgraced. As he led them to pollute the temple of God, Holy Spirit quickly eliminated them to save the church from pollution and this brought fear upon everybody and nobody dare do the same thing again. Whatever you do, your motive behind it matters a lot. The assignment of priest was very dangerous in those days and even now. Why? Because they’re dealing with spirits! Whenever the congregation gathers together in the presence of God, they would drop their demons and go. Who would they drop them for? For the priests! What would happen then? The priests would do physically exactly as my Father directed them to do through Moses, and my Father Himself would now do the rest spiritually. He would use the blood, the life of the animals to appease those demons. Any priest that wasn’t clean would die. The demons would kill him. As it was in the time of old, so it is now! If you are a pastor, if you fail to follow every Ordinance of my Father, you’re a prey to Satan. As a servant of God, what goes into your mouth matters a lot. Unclean is unclean and nothing to substitute it. If a woman is under her menstrual circle, she must not cook for you because of her uncleanness. This is the major reason why the power of God has diminished in the life of servants of God. You don’t buy food to eat! In most of our churches, people always cook and bring it to the church. The congregation may eat it, but you as a servant of God should abstain from such food completely. Besides, you don’t just allow anybody to bring food into the church because many of those foods are spiritual pollutions. If you eat it, watch your dream next time you sleep. You are a priest of my Father and a priest doesn’t eat anyhow. Many of you love sleeping in hotels. As a servant of God, you shouldn’t sleep or live just anywhere. Hotels are meant for every duke and harry and you’re different. Anything, everything happens in hotels. In everything you do, you must know that you’re different from every other person on this Earth. You are a priest of the Almighty! You are a priest! You must know that you’re number one target of Satan and the demons. Anytime we gather in our churches today, we’re to drop those demons to the feet of our pastors and they will carry it to Jesus Christ, who will then return them to my Father, and my Father will appease them with the blood of Jesus Christ. This is how it works! If the congregation come to the church and drop their demons individually to your feet, if there is uncleanness in you, how will you cleanse them or how will you appease the demons they drop at your feet? Remember that every time the children of God gather together, they come for cleansing; they come for renewal; they come for restoration. As they come, they drop all the demons they’ve acquired during the week at your feet. You as a pastor will hand the demons over to Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ will hand them over to my Father. This is what happens spiritually! If you haven’t heard about this before, now you’re hearing it. The reason we are not experiencing calamity in our churches today is because everyone is a sinner, including pastors; if not, you could see a pastor drop dead suddenly. This is why Christians don’t make it to Heaven! As a servant of God, know it for sure you’re not dealing with human beings, you’re dealing with spirits, demons. Any pastor who is not clean, you know what that means. Because they’re not dead instantly like the time of old, that doesn’t mean all is well with them. This is why most of them always go to Hellfire. The office of a pastor is a very dangerous office because of the spirits involved. In our churches today, Satan has polluted everywhere. Every money church members are giving to pastors is polluted money. It’s like exchanging one’s anointing for money. Because of dirty money, the pastor can start having problem in his family. It can lead to divorce. It can lead his children to live wayward life. A pastor’s daughter could just look at herself and say she wants to have a boyfriend. All these are always difficult to trace. They are spirits. This was the major reason why my Father told the Levites that He’s their inheritance. As a servant of God, because you’re not just an ordinary person, Satan and the demons will always hunt for you because you’re the one my Father uses to disgrace them. This is why you must understand the will and ways of my Father and live by His word; if not, your life is in danger. In our days, there are lots of imitations everywhere. Those who called themselves, those who chose themselves as pastors have polluted everywhere and those who’re called continually imitate them and lose focus and their crown. As a servant of God, you shouldn’t dream big. You will not go hungry! If you do what my Father didn’t ask you to do, you lose Heaven and you know your destination. Before you ask the children of the Father for a penny, you should ask properly if it’s not the spirit of flesh in action. In September 2012, my Father asked me to send a message to all His servants to go and confess all their sins, including those who needed money in their home and went to the church and made ‘altar call of money’. This is stealing in the house of the Father and if you sin against my Father, who will forgive you?

What happens whenever we give offerings in the church? In a congregation of one-hundred, if ninety-nine are clean and only one is dirty, because of that dirty one, all the offerings of the ninety-nine will be rejected. Why? If a young girl goes around and sleep with a man and the man gives her some money; if she brings such money as offering to the church, the offerings of everybody will not be accepted because of her. If out of the whole offerings some were given to a pastor who is clean and holy, as he prays to God, through him, God will now release His blessing upon those who’re clean among the congregation. However, the blessing will not be like when it is accepted directly from the offering basket. What about those who cheat others in their business? What about those who quarrelled or angry with somebody? Jesus Christ said in Matthew 5:23-24 that, “Therefore if you bring your gift to the altar, and there remember that your brother has something against you, leave your gift there before the altar, and go your way. First be reconciled to your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” If you bring such kind of offering, Heaven will reject it and not only you, but the entire congregation will suffer for it. Christians should understand that they’re not the only one who will suffer the consequence of their sin but the entire congregation. This was the major reason why Holy Spirit quickly eliminated Ananias and Sapphira. When Achan sinned, nobody knew until their enemies defeated them. This made Joshua cried to God and it was revealed to him the reason for their defeat. Achan wasn’t the only one who suffered, but the entire congregation. Once Satan is allowed to enter, he will pollute everywhere. This is why the Almighty God never plays with holiness and He expects us to do the same.

As a chosen servant of the Father, if truly you’re chosen, all the children my Father gave to you are also chosen. If you’re a pastor, all the children my Father gave to you are also pastors. The work of my Father is not by education. The work of my Father is not about the things of this Earth; it’s about the things of Heaven. You cannot be a pastor and marry a wife that is spiritually weak or dead. It’s like somebody who put fire under his roof to sleep. My Father said to me that many of His servants married unclean wife and gave birth to unclean children. If a fish gives birth, what kind of child will she give birth to? If a snake gives birth, what kind of child will she give birth to? God cannot send you to this Earth as Angel in human form to carry out His assignment and join you together with a demon from the sea. Read about those who married foreign wives in the time of old and what they did to them. They had to send away both their foreign wives and their children – (see Ezra 9 and 10, and Nehemiah 13:23-31). Even some priests married foreign wives. It was not about flesh and blood; it’s about the spirit that was involved. Despite sending away their wives and their children physically, Satan still battled with them spiritually. The Father is not a wicked Father. He hates divorce and if you know that fire is burning you and you’re comfortable with it, you can carry on with it. However, if the fire is too much for you, you should cry earnestly to God and He will sort you out. If the wife knows that something is wrong with her, you should take both her and the children for deliverance. If my Father sees that it’s too dangerous for you, He knows what He’ll do to give you peace. This is not what any servant of God should use as an excuse to send his wife away. If you do it, you commit atrocity. If you divorce your wife physically, what about spiritually? Wherever she is, if she goes and any man lies with her, you the man will receive the punishment wherever you are spiritually because both of you have exchanged blood together; her Spirit remains inside you and vice versa until death. Only in exceptional cases my Father can ask you to send her away and He alone knows how He will settle both Spirits involved. This was the major reason why my Father gave the priests the strictest Law to follow in the time of old. They shouldn’t marry anyhow woman. Many of the women that fall into this category don’t even know they’re a tool of destruction that Satan uses to destroy their husbands. If a young girl is dedicated to a marine spirit from birth, as she grows, there is a way she’ll begin to see herself in her dream. Some of these demons even go to the extent of manifesting themselves physically to their agents. Some of these women think it’s normal, and some of them love it and keep quiet. They are not just an ordinary human being; they are special women that my Father created to do His work. However, because of the family they came from, Satan has hijacked their Spirit.

As a godly woman, there is a certain way my Father wants you to present yourself publicly. If you look at the Muslim women, you can see how they cover themselves. The same Father that sent Jesus Christ to the world also sent Prophet Mohammed. The entire Ordinance that most Muslim people are following, my Father was the One that gave it to the Prophet Mohammed and there was a reason for it. You shouldn’t preach what the Almighty God hasn’t sent you to preach. My Father called Abraham and that was it! He called neither Christians nor Muslims! He called Abraham and gave him the Covenant of Holiness. The religion my Father recognises is Holiness! Before you say or preach anything at all, you need to go back to the root, and find out where everything started, and allow the Holy Spirit to teach you. If you as a Christian woman believe that my Father has a Covenant with you, the same Covenant He had with Abraham, you must know how to present yourself. You don’t just do things because everybody is doing it. Every word that comes out of the mouth of my Father carries weight. The words of my Father are Spirits and are Life. Have you asked yourselves why the reverend sisters dress the way they dress? Have you asked yourselves why my Father asked Moses to sew special garment for Aaron and the priests? Every woman should cover herself properly whenever in public places how much more Christians. Even in your own house, there are things you don’t do, especially in the presence of your children. The only person you can have that freedom with is your own husband. In some countries, men don’t share the same living room with the women. All of you see it as wickedness. We are talking of spirits here! You are not the one that created the Earth. If the Owner says this is how He wants His thing to be, who are you to speak? That means you bring curse upon yourself and your generation. In days to come, throughout the whole Earth, no woman will leave her house without covering herself properly because the Earth is coming to experience what it hasn’t experienced since the day it was created. Satan has passed through many ways to destroy the heroes of the Father. For example, a man who was once a womaniser later becomes a pastor and chooses a woman as his personal assistant, no matter how anointed he may be, Satan knows how he will bring him down. If you have anything to do with another woman apart from your wife, because that spirit of fornication is already inside you, and if the woman has committed such sin before, both spirits will connect themselves together and you know the end result. Check around the churches all over the world, you will see it clearly. Satan can use you to destroy yourself. If he cannot succeed, he will use your wife, and if he cannot succeed, he will use your children, and if this also fails, he will use anybody around you. This is why my Father doesn’t want any of his servants to be close to anybody apart from their own household. Some times ago, some people were debating on the issue of segregation in public places. The Ordinance of the Almighty God is not what people should sit and debate about. Law is Law and Ordinance is Ordinance. Segregation is because of spiritual sin. My Father created His children to enjoy and have peace together, however, because of the sin of Adam and Eve in the Garden, my Father have to find a way of resolving things. Some men’s body could move because women sit close to them. Some men’s body could even move by standing in front of a woman speaking to her. If your body moves, you commit sin spiritually. And if you’re a Christian and a man falls through your body, you know what that means for you and you should know you’re a carrier of demons. This is why the Father doesn’t want any physical contact between opposite sex and Satan knows. All those kinds of hugging, shaking of hands, all those things we practice in our churches, my Father doesn’t want it at all. Holiness is holiness and there is absolutely nothing you can use to substitute it. As they’re killing Christians, people don’t know why they’re killing them. Satan is the one at work! He knows every Law that guides marriage. He knows every Law that guides the singles. In fact, he knows every Law that guides women in public places. If you do what you’re not supposed to do, he will use it against you. Christianity is not the way everybody thinks it is. This was the reason why my Father killed many people in the time of old. In our churches today, trousers are no more a taboo. Whatever you will not do in the church, why doing it outside the church? How many hours in a week do you spend in the church by the way? The Ordinance of trousers was given to men and there was a reason behind it. Trousers were given to men so they could pack themselves properly. You as a woman, what do you have under there that you’re packing? Anything the Almighty God says you shouldn’t do and you’re doing it, Satan will use it against you. People don’t know why there are problems in many marriages today. All of you who say they’re single mothers, my Father says you’re going to Hellfire because you’re among those who polluted the Earth. You lay a bad example for your children to follow. You cannot produce children without a father. Glorious children of the Father, you destroy their glory because of your selfishness. Don’t you know that whatever parents do, Satan will keep it on record for generations to come? And to those who say they’re doing family planning, you don’t know the harm you’re doing to the children you gave birth to. You can see bareness everywhere and you fail to ask yourself question. If your own mother blocked her womb, would she have given birth to you? Don’t you know that family planning can cause barrenness for your children? All the children you heard their names in the Bible, go back and search their story. What number was Joseph in his family? What number was David in his family? To every family on this Earth, my Father always puts a child there that will raise the name of that family. How do you know which child that will be; may be the first, the fourth or the twelfth? As a woman, my Father has set the amount of children you will have on this Earth inside your womb before you were born. If you don’t want to have many children, don’t block your womb. If a man doesn’t lie with you, you cannot pregnant. If you don’t want to be pregnant, don’t sleep with a man; take care of yourself. However, no matter how much you know how to take care of yourself, if my Father says a child will come, he will come and there’s nothing you can do about it. If you fall into the category of those who blocked their womb, you must know that when the anger of the Almighty comes, you know where you will be. As for the world leaders who introduced the law that women should stop giving birth to children, they should wait for the calamity that will sweep them away. If the Creator had wanted it that way, He wouldn’t have told Adam and Eve to multiply and subdue the Earth. No time this Earth can be too full that it won’t contain human beings. He that created it knows how He did it. It’s not for you human being to change the Law of my Father. The same Satan that put it in your heart to introduce a law that women should stop giving birth to children will also destroy all the ones you’ve given birth to. He knows more than you! The Almighty God has billions of reasons to destroy this Earth.

Let us speak about jewelleries. The Father that created those things did not create it for you to decorate your body with them. Those precious stones are meant for different reasons. This was the reason why He buried them under the ground so that whenever you’re in need, you can extract them and use them to purchase what you want, to keep you alive. Nobody eats gold or diamond. The spirit that controls those things is powerful. Those of you from Africa, especially from Nigeria, you know the god of iron (Ogun). Who created Ogun? Why is he telling people to worship him? As you use all those things to decorate yourself, your image is in the marine kingdom already. When my Father asked Moses to build the Ark of Covenant in the Wilderness, what did He ask Him to use? Gold! When Moses was on the mountain for several days, what did Satan ask the Israelites to bring so he could lead them back to Egypt? Gold! The spirit that controls those things is powerful! Whatever you do, Satan knows your motive behind it and he will use it against you. Some of us today, we wear wedding rings. Originally, it wasn’t meant to be, though it’s not a problem. In the time of old, they used thread to show they’re married. Some of them tied it on their neck. If you’re married and you have committed the sin of fornication before, if you don’t have anything on your body physically to show that you’re married, Satan knows what he’ll do to you. If you’re the kind of person who hasn’t committed fornication before you married, you need no ring on your finger. People should stop preaching what they don’t know! Anything about fashion is not from my Father; it’s from marine kingdom. When my Father created Adam and Eve, they were naked. Why do you now have holes in your ears? The only thing the Father asked Abraham to do to his body was circumcision and there was a reason for it. He also said to the Israelites to pierce the ears of their slaves to make a distinction between them in case any of them runs away, so that whoever finds him will know he belongs to somebody. By the way, why should human beings become slaves? Because of somebody’s sin! As I said earlier, once somebody committed sin, Satan will always keep the record to hunt coming generations. If you as a Christian are still decorating yourself with all those things, you don’t know what you’re doing to yourself. Know it for sure that you’re still worshipping idol. This is the same thing for those who gather wealth on Earth. You buy chains of cars; you’re worshipping the god of iron. You have many houses, not that you’re letting them out, you’re worshipping idols. Whatever you do, that will take your heart away, my Father doesn’t want it. What about wigs and hair attachments or extensions? He that created you knows why He created you. As you’re putting all those things on your head, you’re covering the glory of my Father inside you. Besides, you don’t even know where all those things come from. As you are, so also everything that lives inside you. Satan has overtaken everywhere. Everything my Father created is good. He that created everything now tells you what you should use and what you shouldn’t use. You cannot tell God what you want to do, far be it from you. He will only tell you what you must do. If you’re serving God, you must serve Him in Spirit and in Truth, not in flesh. Spirits are in control of everything on this Earth. As you attach all those things to yourself, you attach another life to yourself. Why should you cover your glory? Don’t you know your head is your glory? You only cover your head for my Father, not with those things. You should learn to present yourself as a godly and virtuous woman who has the fear of the Almighty. If some of you want to prove me wrong, I give you only three months. Take those things away from your head or your ears; you will see what demons will do to you when you sleep. Whenever you make up your mind to please God, then you’re in trouble. They will come! They will fight you with everything so you can give up. This is why I pity our female pastors and pastors’ wives with those things they’re doing. If you see many of them, their nails are like that of a vulture. If you a preacher carry demons in your body, what about in your heart? And if you carry demons in your heart, what then are you preaching to people? Each and every one of you should amend your ways before it is too late. Let me tell you what many of you don’t know. Before my Father called Abraham, people were living on this Earth. They were doing things the way they wanted. My Father called Abraham to teach him His Ordinances and Statutes. Every Law He gave to Moses was what Abraham himself lived by. When my Father appeared to Jacob to go back to Bethel, what happened?

Then God said to Jacob, "“Arise, go up to Bethel and dwell there; and make an altar there to God, who appeared to you when you fled from the face of Esau your brother.” And Jacob said to his household and to all who were with him, “Put away the foreign gods that are among you, purify yourselves, and change your garments. Then let us arise and go up to Bethel; and I will make an altar there to God, who answered me in the day of my distress and has been with me in the way which I have gone.” So they gave Jacob all the foreign gods which were in their hands, and the earrings which were in their ears; and Jacob hid them under the terebinth tree which was by Shechem." (Genesis 35:1-4)

Then the Lord said to Moses, ""Depart, and go up from here, you and the people whom you have brought out of the land of Egypt, to the land of which I swore to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, saying, ‘To your descendants I will give it.’ And I will send My Angel before you, and I will drive out the Canaanite and the Amorite and the Hittite and the Perizzite and the Hivite and the Jebusite. Go up to a land flowing with milk and honey; for I will not go up in your midst, lest I consume you on the way, for you are a stiff-necked people.” And when the people heard this bad news, they mourned, and no one put on his ornaments. For the Lord had said to Moses, “Say to the children of Israel, ‘You are a stiff-necked people. I could come up into your midst in one moment and consume you. Now therefore, take off your ornaments, that I may know what to do to you.’” So the children of Israel stripped themselves of their ornaments by Mount Horeb." (Exodus 33:1-6)

"Wives, likewise, be submissive to your own husbands, that even if some do not obey the word, they, without a word, may be won by the conduct of their wives, when they observe your chaste conduct accompanied by fear. Do not let your adornment be merely outward—arranging the hair, wearing gold, or putting on fine apparel— rather let it be the hidden person of the heart, with the incorruptible beauty of a gentle and quiet Spirit, which is very precious in the sight of God. For in this manner, in former times, the holy women who trusted in God also adorned themselves, being submissive to their own husbands, as Sarah obeyed Abraham, calling him lord, whose daughters you are if you do good and are not afraid with any terror." (I Peter 3:1-6)

You don’t know the Law of my Father more than Lucifer himself. The Almighty God created you pure and holy. As you put all those things on your body, other spirits enter you. This is why today, in the church, some are scorpions, some are snakes, some are tigers, some are lizards, and some are crocodiles. In fact, Satan has infected everywhere. You cannot carry all these demons in your body and think you’re going to Heaven. As you put all those things to your body, your image is in the marine kingdom already. Let me tell you something about the marine spirits. They are half-human and half-fish. As my Father created Adam and Eve to live on the land, so also He created those ones to live and control the sea. My Father separated them from each other right from the beginning, and nothing should join them together. Fishes are meant to live in the sea not on the land. You are meant to live on the land not in the sea. The marine spirits are not evil originally. Because out of all the creatures my Father created, He made human beings to be number one. If for instance you’re travelling with a boat on the sea and your boat capsizes, the marine creatures are there to help you to the shore. My Father created them to control the sea. The sea is their home while the land is your home. However, you’re allowed to travel by sea. When my Father drove Lucifer away from Heaven, remember he wasn’t the only one. There were some powerful Angels like him that were driven along with him. Spirits were living in every key area of this Earth before Lucifer was driven away from Heaven. Some were living in the forests while some were living in the mountains. They weren’t evil! When those ones from Heaven came to the Earth, because of their nature, they chose where they would live. Some decided to live in the sea while some decided to live in the forest and mountains. In a nutshell, they mingled themselves with the spirits of the Earth. Because they were from Heaven, they possessed higher power than those of the Earth. They now taught them how to do evil because of human beings. All of them are now working together against human beings. In a situation whereby somebody went and took the spirit that was originally created to live in the sea to come and live on the land, you know what that means. If you now say they should go back, they’re not easily driven away. As you bring them to live with you, they will possess everything you have. Remember, as you produce children, they also produce children. Some of you see yourselves pregnant in your dream or give birth. You are giving birth to demons! Some of you give birth every month. They are spirits and they multiplied quickly. This is why everything on this Earth is polluted. The food we eat is polluted, the water we drink is polluted, and the air we breathe is polluted. Jesus Christ came for many reasons. The blood of Jesus Christ neutralises all these things in your body. Despite that, if you continually live a life of sin, you’re doing more harm to yourself than good.

My Father that created everything called some clean and some unclean. As it was in the time of old, so it remains today. Some of you said Jesus Christ came and you’re free to eat everything. When everything was created, Jesus Christ was there. How come His coming would now turn unclean pig to clean pig? The Father that created them knows how He created them and what He used in creating them. There is no difference between sin and unclean animals. Anything unclean is very easy for Satan and demons to use. Go back to Leviticus 11 and Deuteronomy 14. In the book of Mark 5:1-20, a madman encountered Jesus and He cast out the demons from him. The demons implored Jesus to allow them into the swine (pig), about two-thousands of them. My question now is, were the swine the only animals there? How come they chose to enter inside swine? Swine is an unclean animal and nothing you can do to turn it to clean animal. Every animal you eat, the spirit of that animal remains in you. If it’s clean one, it helps your Spirit as well. However, if it’s unclean, it pollutes your Spirit and you know what that means. Demons can easily use unclean animals to act. Because of the kind of food people are eating, this is why there are many sicknesses everywhere. If you see some people, their stomach is big abnormally. Demons use their stomach as their dwelling place. Apart from idolatry or witchcraft, eating unclean animals can also cause miscarriage or unable to deliver the baby naturally. He that said you shouldn’t eat those kinds of animals knows why, because He is the One that created them and the materials He used in creating them. Your Spirit is a clean Spirit and that Spirit belongs to Him and He wants you to keep it clean until you return. If the spirits of those things attach to your Spirit, that means your Spirit is no more clean. In other words, you also become unclean. In the time of old, those kinds of animals were an abomination to offer as a sacrifice to God. Why are they abomination? Would God eat them? Not at all! You cannot appease unclean spirits with unclean spirits. Demons are unclean spirits! Now you can see there is no difference between demons and unclean animals. My Father created everything for a purpose and if the purpose for which He created each one is not met, He knows what to do. If you claim you’re serving God, you should serve Him the way He wants you to serve Him not the way you want to serve Him. Most things in the Bible were not meant the way people interpret them. Satan himself is the one interpreting the Bible to people. Time did not permit Jesus Christ to teach many things and He handed it over to His disciples. Most writings of Apostle Paul have caused lots of misinterpretation in the world. As flesh, there is a limit to what the Holy Spirit can use you to do.

Let us use Apostle Paul himself as an example. He himself did not understand many things that happened to him. When he was about going to Jerusalem, in Acts 21:7-14, Holy Spirit warned him through a certain prophet named Agabus. He said, “What do you mean by weeping and breaking my heart? For I am ready not only to be bound, but also to die at Jerusalem for the name of the Lord Jesus.” The work of the Spirit cannot be done with flesh. All of you know what Satan had used him to do before. It was because of him the early church faced persecution. As I said earlier, if Satan is using you to destroy, he will turn back to destroy you by the end of the day. He thought he could convert his former colleagues, those who carried out the persecution of the church with him just like that. Demons were the ones in action. When he got to Jerusalem, it was through the grace of God he wasn’t killed. If you look carefully, you could see that the orientation of his ministry changed from that moment onward and for the rest of his life. While he was in prison, he began asking for forgiveness. Supposing he had gone somewhere else, he would have done more work than he did. Not everything my Father reveals to people just like that. The spirit of sin never goes just like that. What he wrote in II Corinthians 12 about the thorn in his flesh was part of his past sin, unconfessed sin. That demon tormented him until he died. My Father had the power to remove that demon from him; however, he purposely allowed the demon to torment him for him to know how it was for Steve when he was stoned. That didn’t stop him from going to Heaven, but he suffered until he died. If you say you’re ready to die for Jesus, it’s not with your physical eyes you will face death, and besides, only Jesus Christ was destined to die the way He did, nobody else. All others, including all the Apostles and disciples died for different reasons. You must understand that Jesus Christ met them half way. They had lived a sinful life before. The spirit of sin never goes just like that especially if you’re created with powerful and strong Spirit of my Father. Satan will battle with you until you go to grave. The good news is that, you will die and go to Heaven! Satan used those who were around the Apostles to pollute them through which he summoned their Spirit. As the congregation kept doing what they weren’t supposed to do, they were tired and gave up. This was why they killed them. Supposing they didn’t give up in their heart, nobody could have killed them because nobody can kill Spirit. Any man that remains bold in his heart cannot be killed by anybody because you’re like a Spirit. Supposing Apostle Paul met Jesus Christ physically, He was the only One who could have cast that demon out of him. He had a strong heart! His heart was very strong because of whom he was and the same category of demon was assigned to destroy him. This is why it is better you don’t commit sin at all. What happened to Moses the Arthur? Because of the sin of Jacob, the atrocity of Levi, the lie of his mother, and the food of idolatry he ate in the palace of Pharaoh, Satan gave him a precious gift which was anger. Why should you get angry to kill somebody? You have to know it’s not just ordinary anger. If you look at his life, it was the same like that of Jesus Christ. Pharaoh knew he was a deliverer as Herod knew a King was born. Both kings ordered the slaughter of male children during their reign. Supposing Jesus Christ committed sin, Satan could have hunted Him until death. Despite He committed no sin, He was still hunted, how much more. If you carry the higher Spirit of my Father, get ready for the battle. Satan will hunt you until you die. That is the rule! When I was still in the womb, the woman that carried me was afflicted with terrible sickness across her abdomen and the private part. Satan hoped he could kill me either through the one on her abdomen or the private part, however, I escaped death. As a little child less than two years old, I and all the little children of the entire town were afflicted with measles because of me and this killed my senior sister. I refused to grow until the age of sixteen because whenever I was having a meal, I would go to the toilet trice before I finished. This was a result of the sickness Satan inflicted on the woman that carried me while still in her womb. All my life was full of one affliction or the other. And besides, I came from a very terrible family. They were created as warriors of my Father, however, the sin of somebody destroyed everything until today. One day, I asked my Father and I said, “Father, why did You allow me to suffer because You said You purposely handed me over to Satan to destroy.” He said I should tell Him sorry and I said sorry. If your Father asked you to say sorry, no matter how you feel, you will say it and besides, this is unlike the earthly father, but a Spiritual Father who turn’s Himself to both Spiritual and Physical Father speaking to you. He went on to say, supposing He didn’t do that, I would have been like most of His servants who went their own way. Once you have committed sin, your heart would become hard and strong. It only takes His grace to expel the demons. This was exactly the same thing that happened to Lucifer Himself. He thought he was right with all his actions. Only my Father knew something was wrong with him, that His son Lucifer wasn’t the same son any longer; he had changed. That was the reason why my Father didn’t want anybody to touch those Spirits in the first place. If you commit sin, the controller of that sin will come to you. As higher my Father created you to be, so also the demon that will come to you. This is why if you look into our world today, you can see that Satan is the one ruling all the leaders both spiritual and world leaders. Either you’re a spiritual leader or a leader of a nation, you’re unlike every other person. Your Spirit is very high and powerful. If you’re a spiritual leader, your own Spirit is extraordinary, higher than that of a president or prime minister and Satan knows. This is the reason why all world leaders hardly go to the Dark - Planet; they go to Hellfire because Satan always lures them to do evil and once they do evil to the children of my Father, Hellfire is their destination and it doesn’t matter either they believe in God or not.

In our churches today, people are proud to have the spirit of witchcraft, I mean the evil one. Even on the pulpit, pastors are proud of it and they use it to work on my Father’s children. If you commit the sin of fornication or adultery, without your awareness, the demon of sexual sin will go on your behalf preying on women or men in their dreams, using your image. They will see you in their dreams, but you will not know. You can only know about it if anyone of them is close to you so that he or she can let you know what you’ve been doing to them spiritually. It is not you, but the spirit of sin that’s inside you. Whenever you die, at the gate of judgement, the Angels will see it in you immediately and this is the reason why people go to Hellfire. This is part of what time did not permit Jesus Christ to teach those people He took to Hellfire. This applies to every manner of sin. This is how demons work and this is where they will lead their victims. Many of you don’t understand the reason why my Father quickly took Moses away. The spirit of anger was inside him right from the beginning of his life because of his background. Satan still capitalised on it and used it to torment him. When they were at the Desert of Zin, he was angry and struck the rock with his rod twice while he should have spoken to it so that water could come out for the people to drink. No matter how much you confess your sin, Satan can still see the trace in you and if care is not taken, he can revive it in you again. He used the congregation to revive Moses anger. For it not to happen again, this was why my Father quickly took him away to Heaven. This is why it is better not to commit sin in the first place. Once you do it, the trace will be there. Why am I saying this? Many of you are proud to have the spirit of witchcraft. In fact, it has now turned to fashion in the church. What all of you don’t know is that, no one has control over any Spirit either of good or of evil. You are not the one that created yourself. That is why if you know you don’t want your labour to be in vain, you will listen to what I’m saying right now. You don’t have control over Spirit. If you think you do, I am giving you an assignment tonight to tell your Spirit not to leave you while you’re sleeping. Chain down your Spirit tonight. You cannot! Why? Because that’s how the Creator programmed it to work. Spirits don’t sleep! If you’re sleeping and you’ve not slept far, you can hear yourself snoring if you’re the snoring type. Why? Because your Spirit is still within you. If your Spirit leaves you, you can snore in South London so that those in North London could hear you, you the owner of your body will not hear anything because your Spirit has gone out of you. Those of you who have the spirit of witchcraft (I mean the evil one); you think you have control over it or you think you can only use it when you’re asleep or in a quiet place. No!!! It is a spirit. That spirit itself is like a human being. It is male and female demon!!! In your waken hour, it depends on which one you have either male or female, he or she will leave you to do evil but with your image. Those who have spiritual eyes also can see you. You the carrier of that demon will not know what has happened. But you still think you have control over it. It is better you don’t have it at all. Once you close your eyes, your Spirit must go to the coven. You cannot avoid or prevent it because that’s how it was programmed to work. This spirit doesn’t work without the Spirit of my Father inside you because that’s what keeps you alive. This is why if you want to deliver yourself, you must confess your sins openly. You must say out every evil that the spirit has used you to do and you must also mention those you’re seeing whenever you go to the coven. Finally, you must be awake for several days with serious prayers. After this, you must avoid anything that is evil completely as little as gossip or anger because the spirit of witchcraft quickly entices other spirit. It’s like a magnet! This is the only way out. Spirits are very powerful and they don’t let go, especially the evil ones. As you see an old friend and embrace him with excitement, that is how they are too. If you see an old friend whom you’ve not seen for a long time, or anybody at all, as long you have a conversation with that person, they too will greet each other inside both of you. The demon inside you will greet the one inside the other person and ask how long he’s been there. You have to understand that their mission is to destroy. Both spirits will connect themselves together. Even if you don’t want to have anything to do with that person, the spirit will connect both of you together. That is how they work. If you confess your sins and stay clear from everybody, you automatically weaken the one that’s inside you. He will be there for a long time and if you don’t feed him anymore with sin, he will leave. Anytime you say hello to somebody and that person has a similar spirit inside him or her, the one inside you can feed himself through that person. This was one of the major reasons why my Father asked the Israelites not to have anything to do with any other nation because the spirit of evil connects quickly. This may sound like an old woman’s tale to you. Remember that the things of the Spirit are foolishness to the whole world. This was why somebody said God cannot be heartless to send His loving children to Hellfire. If you human beings built prisons in your cities where you send criminals to, Hellfire is the prison of my Father either you believe it or not.

How does Satan do his work? I said earlier that Eve committed sin in her heart and the temptation of Jesus Christ was also spiritual. You cannot see Satan, yet he exists. Every human being on this Earth carries demon. If the spirit of sin is inside you, if they should connect a machine to your body so it can print out all your thoughts for the day, it will be as if you should enter grave because more than ninety percent of it is evil. Satan always communicates with you in your heart. The same system he used for Eve in the Garden is still the same system he uses today. It was the same system he used for Jesus Christ. Anything that my Father asked you not to do, he will turn it around that if you do it, the result will not come out as the Father said. My question to all of you is this: When my Father told Adam and Eve in the Garden they would die if they dare eat that fruit, did they truly die? They did not die! Was my Father lying? Not at all! Did Satan lie? No; he told the truth! Why? Because he knew the secret! I told you before that my Father is exactly as you are. You as a father, you can tell your children that certain things will happen if they do certain things simply because you don’t want them to do it. You can put that fear in them! A woman once told her daughter that if a man touches her, she would get pregnant. The daughter was afraid and didn’t allow any man to touch her until she married. Can a woman get pregnant if a man touches her? Not at all! This was also the case with my Father and His children. However, the judgement of my Father is unlike earthly father. If you disobey Him, what will happen to you will be unbearable for you and your generations. If Adam and Eve had died, it would have been better for what the consequence of their action brought upon their unborn generations. Until this Earth is rolled away, the consequence of what they did will be there. Satan is a counsellor and an adviser. He is very intelligent, yet fearful if he knows that you know your right. He is very fearful! He knows how to counsel, advice and manipulate. He is the great confusionist and a manipulator. He knows how to confuse somebody easily. Because of his nature now, he doesn’t know the road to Heaven because the key to Heaven is holiness. Supposing he knows the road to Heaven, he would have tried going there. This is why my Father is more powerful. Once you come out of Heaven and you’re not pure, you cannot go back. It’s like many Angels that were sent on an errand, they came to the Earth and sinned, because they weren’t pure anymore, their power diminished. If your power diminished, you cannot go back to Heaven. In fact, you don’t know the road to Heaven anymore. The key to Heaven is holiness! As you are now, if an Angel should come and take you to Heaven, you cannot see anything because you’re flesh. You will only see empty space like our space. You will not see anything because you’re flesh. However, if the Angel touches you, your flesh will drop and your Spirit will become alive; then you can see the glory of Heaven. Otherwise, you cannot see anything. Heaven is a very big planet that can contain ten times of this Earth. That is how my Father did it. Who knows more than my Father? Heaven is a planet as the Earth is a planet. Hellfire is also a planet. If an astronaut takes a powerful telescope, he may be able to see Hellfire. However, he cannot see anything there because the creatures that live there are Spirits. Only this Earth is where you can see anything. If human beings are not foolish, there are unseen creatures living on this Earth with us which no man can see. You now look at other planets that some of them are far bigger than this Earth and think no creature lives there. Is that not foolishness? You’re killing fish and they’re not finished, where do you think they come from? You’re eating animals every day, where do you think they come from? As you, human beings came from another planet to live on this Earth, so also all the other creatures including the smallest ant. There is a planet for animals. There is a planet for fishes, and so on. Many of the animals you’re seeing today, they were wiped off during the flood. How come they now exist again? As they died physically on this Earth, all of them returned to their various planets. Dinosaurs were wiped away during the flood and returned to their planet until today. My Father did not venture to bring them back because of the evil of human beings. Supposing they’re alive now, they could have eaten everybody because of evil. As human beings are thinking of going to another planet, it’s like invading other people’s territory. If somebody invades your territory, will you like it? You can easily kill that person. That is what is happening now. In the same way, human beings are diving to the depth of the sea looking for what is not lost. Some areas they’re touching on this Earth are not where any human being should go at all. The Earth itself is a creature. It breathes as we do. It has eyes and can see. If somebody puts finger into your eyes, you will love that person, isn’t it? This is the kind of harm human beings are doing to themselves. Why won’t the Earth get angry? Earthquake everywhere; tsunami everywhere; why not? Because human beings have sinned! In this modern era, a whole aircraft with all the passengers just disappeared like that and people think it’s normal. It is abnormal!!! People haven’t seen anything yet. What has not happened before will begin to happen and with all the satanic law the world leaders introduced everywhere, my Father says a lot will happen. Whatever you see, you must know the hand of my Father is in it. Human beings manufactured aircraft and release it into the air to fly. What makes the aircraft fly? Is it not air? My Father is the Air, the Breeze that controls the entire universe. If the air seizes, can the aircraft fly? It will fall down like a rock and scatter! The Earth will get to a stage where people will be afraid to leave their homes because they don’t know what will happen next. If He promised not to destroy the Earth with water, what about all the wars that’s happening everywhere? What about World War 1 (WW1)? Don’t you know millions of people went with it? What about World War 2 (WW2) as well? Millions also went with it. Many of those soldiers came back to this Earth to become criminals because demons were the ones that used them during those wars. If my Father keep quiet, that doesn’t mean He doesn’t know what He’s doing. If He doesn’t destroy the Earth, there are many ways He can allow human beings to destroy themselves. You think He didn’t know about all the wars that have gone by. What about everything that’s happening now? He knows about it; in fact, He gave Satan to go ahead. Many of you said God doesn’t do evil? Who created evil? Are you the one that created evil? My Father is the only One that does good and does evil. He can deliver you into evil and deliver you out of evil. He alone can do that, nobody else. If He created evil, did He send you to do evil? All the abominations He doesn’t want are what people are doing everywhere. Many are worshipping what He hates. Some claim they’re serving Him, but are still worshipping idols secretly. Some claim they’re serving Him, but are still doing evil. Why won’t He be angry? He doesn’t do evil, however, you must know that somebody is there for that purpose and you know who he is – Satan. Once my Father gives him go ahead, that is it. Every disaster you see on this Earth, he is the one doing it because my Father has given him go ahead. If my Father permits evil and wickedness, why then did He destroy Sodom and Gomorrah? If He loved the evil the Egyptians were doing, why did He deal with Pharaoh? My Father has come again! My Father has come again! My Father has come again!

How then can I escape all these? This should be your question. Walk in the Spirit and you will not gratify the desire of your flesh. My Father desires truth in every area. In Him there is no lie. Anything He hates, do not do it! Love what He loves and hate what He hates. This is the only way. He is a Holy Father and He cannot change. If He says you shouldn’t commit sin physically, why should you commit it spiritually and think you will get away with it? Let me tell you, the most dangerous thing on this Earth is spiritual sin because no nation will arrest you for it. The only One who knows your heart will arrest you. As a Christian, my Father is watching you and Satan is watching you as well. He knows all your motives and all your thinking. When you sleep well in your bed, He knows. When you think evil in your heart, He knows. In fact, He knows all your entire being. The only solution to get rid of the spirit of sin is to confess them out openly. If you hide them, they will always lure you to commit another one. For example, gossip is a spirit and he’s like a human being. Once that spirit is hungry, he will connect you to somebody who will gossip with you. As you do that, you feed him. He lives inside you. However, if you know that gossip is a sin and you abstain from it, the spirit will not leave. He will try several times to connect you with somebody simply because he’s hungry. If you fail to call that person, he himself will go ahead and connect that person to call you. Then you will say the Holy Spirit lays it in your heart to call. What kind of spirit? Do you think it’s Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit is a clean Spirit and doesn’t behave like that. That is the spirit of gossip in action. That is how the spirit of sin operates in human beings. Before you carry out any action, the spirit must first of all speak it to you in your heart. You may ignore it for several days. If they see that you ignore them, they will attack your Spirit. How do they attack your Spirit? Whenever you sleep, the sin you don’t want to commit physically, they will summon your Spirit to commit it spiritually. By the time you’re awake, you will not feel comfortable any longer until you carry it out physically. If you don’t carry it out physically, then they fail. The Almighty God wants that, even though anything happens to you spiritually, you shouldn’t carry it out physically and if it happens spiritually, you shouldn’t be happy with it. You should hate it as well! Satan has gone far from where he was two thousand years ago. This is why my Father comes now to tell you to confess all your sins so He can cleanse you and your generation but you think it’s a joke. This is the Law for this generation and once you confess them, maintain it; do not do them again.

May the Lord protect you and your entire household from the coming wrath in Jesus name.

Remain blessed in Him.
Pastor Radiant Ayowole Jesudairo
London, 9th August 2014.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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