Prophecy Against Britain

(Part 1)

The Father speaks

(Thursday 11th August 2011, 23:05)

If the Father sends you to do a job, if He says take care of these ones for Me, I’m coming back; if He comes, you cannot recognise He who give you work to do. That means you’re on your own. That means every work you do, you fail. You are on your own because you do not do it the way the Owner wants you to do it. You fail! You are on your own. When the Owner comes, you cannot even recognise Him. That means you’re very far from the Owner. That means your way and His way are not the same. You are on your own. You are dancing on your own. You are doing on your own. Very soon, everything will come to pass. The deed shall tell. It shall tell! How do you do it? It shall tell. Very soon! Because you are doing the work for yourself; you’re not doing it for the One who send you. You are doing it for yourself; you fail. That means you fail. You cannot recognise the One that send you message. You supposed to be like Him. You supposed to be like Him because He’s the One that send you the message. Even before He comes, you suppose to know. He said He will come. Now He comes, stands there among you; yet you don’t recognise Him. That means you’re on your own. You fail! You fail! You don’t know what you’re doing. You don’t really know what you’re doing. My son, they are all workers of iniquity. They fail because when the Father comes, they could not recognise Him. They fail! They can never differentiate the Father from them because they don’t know what they’re doing. You fail! You fail! What then are you telling them? What are you preaching? Is it about the Father or about the Kingdom or about you or about vanity upon vanity? The Father is here with you and you cannot recognise Him. That means you fail. You fail! You are doing everything physically. You fail! That is not what the Father asked you to do. You begin to ask yourself question ‘what is happening, what is happening’. So you yourself that claim you’re inside the Father cannot also differentiate yourself from them. Those people you’re teaching, they’re asking you what the problem is; you too are asking them what the problem is. That means you’re on your own. You fail! Because, as they’re asking you question, you suppose to stand in their midst and answer them. My Father has come; my Father is around; this is what I’ve told you before that He will come; He will come unexpectedly; He will never tell you before He comes; I’ve told you this before. Now that the Father comes, you yourself cannot recognise Him that He’s around. You are on your own because you’re very far away from the Father. You fail! If you’re doing the will of the Father, you will know that the Father is around. I’ve been feeling it; everything will change; the environment will change. But you don’t know. You are doing the work for yourself. You are doing the work for yourself.

My son, I know what I’m doing. There is a time for everything. Seeing is believing. It’s a reality. When it begins to happen, it is there they will know. I’ve been talking and talking and talking. I am only begging you to control yourself. Be yourself. Don’t be carried away. Be on alert at all times. Don’t be too carried away with anything. Anything can happen at any time. I’ve clued you before. I’ve told you before, for you to know I’m the One speaking to you. You haven’t seen anything yet. You have not seen anything. I am the One talking to you. They will ask themselves questions. Who do we offend? I have told you this before. My son, this one that is happening; they’re still playing; they’re eating rice. They are still eating rice. You know rice is easy to swallow. When the time comes, they’ll begin to break bone. Then they will know something is wrong somewhere. They are eating rice My son! I know what I’m saying. My son, no one will believe you and no one will ever believe you. Before they will realise it, time is gone. My son, I am the One that come to this house telling you the reality. I am the One talking to you. I purposely kept quiet. What have you seen? I told you to be alert. Be on alert! If you hear the sound of anything, find a corner to hide yourself and come to your house. If it happens in your street, it will not enter this house because I will cover you. I will shelter you. Just wait and see. Everybody turn against them! Everybody turn against them now. Everybody turn against them. Are you the Creator? You think you’re everything. Are you the Creator? I am the Creator! The Father is One, not two. He hates division. The Father doesn’t want division. It’s love the Father wants. You that everybody is looking onto, you are now messing up yourself. What do you expect the other people to do? The head that everybody is looking onto, you’re now messing up yourself. What do you expect others to do? As the whole world is looking onto them, they think it’s by their own power. They think it’s their own power. I am the One that hold them because their forefathers trusted Me. They trusted Me! I was the One that built this city My son. I knew My children would benefit from it. Is it your land? Are you the Owner? If everything crushes today, I will raise another country; I will raise another place, and these ones will turn to beggar. They will begin to beg. This land that you see, that’s very beautiful, if I carry out My own judgement, they will begin to beg. They will leave this place and go to another country to beg. They will say these people used to come to us before, now we are here begging. This is for them to know I am the Almighty God; I am the Creator; I am the One who speak and do it. Is it by your power? I wanted them to show example for others, that was why I hold them in My hands. I wanted them to show an example to the remaining people. When somebody is down, carry him up. Show love to everybody. You that I trusted, you now begin to mess up yourself. You show people how to be wicked. If the Father is wicked, can you eat all these ones you’re eating? Do you know how they managed to gather it together? Do you know how they did it?

My son, if you dig a hole and it’s very deep, you now decide to cover it back; after you might have filled it, will the soil fill the hole? I know what I’m saying! If you dig a hole, after you’ve finished digging and you begin to cover it back with the soil again, the soil will not be enough to cover the hole. That is what’s about to happen here! Because, as they’re doing what they’re doing, when the problem comes, they cannot repair it again. That is what I’m telling you now. If I’m lying, you can take a knife and a digger, go to your garden and put it into practice. Begin to dig and cover it back again. You will see that the hole will not be covered completely. It can never be covered. That is why I told you that I destroyed this earth with water before and I will not do it again because I know the reason. It’s very easy to destroy, but to repair is not easy. I am your Father speaking to you. To destroy is very easy but to repair is not easy. That is why I said I don’t want to destroy this earth again. That is why I said don’t do evil because when you do evil, the story will be there. You cannot get everything you’ve lost back. The story will be there. Don’t do evil! Do you know more than your Father? Do you know more than your Father? You are enjoying and enjoying, do you know how all these things managed to exist? They see many things around; they don’t know those who put them together. Do they know those who laboured for it? Do you know more than your Father that allowed all these people to come here? All of them laboured for this country. All of us are one; let us do it together. If you want to be wicked, are you wicked more than your Father? I am the Most Wicked. I know how I did it and I know how I will spoil it. But I’m not a wicked Father. I am not a wicked Father. That is why I always say don’t do wickedness. Don’t show wickedness to anybody. No matter how somebody does evil to you, don’t bring it out that you’re wicked. Your Father hates wickedness. He hates it; He doesn’t like it because wickedness will never do you any good; it will do you harm; it will destroy you. You show wickedness to everybody. You don’t even teach the children the way of the Father. Now you’re crying. Why are you crying? Have you seen anything yet? Now you open the door to wickedness. My son, you see Me that I kept quiet. Did I say anything? I have told you many things for you to know I’m your Father. I’ve taught you a lot for you to know I’m your Father. I told you I called you the way I called Moses. I am the One that chose you. I chose you My son! I am the One talking. Nobody will believe you; but as time goes on, people will begin to look for you. Where is that man that is publishing all these messages; we’ve been reading the messages and everything is coming to pass one by one. They will look for you My son. I am the One talking. Now nobody counts you as anything. They will look for you My son. I can see more than they. I know what is about to happen. It will crash down! It will crash down. The people they’ve been looking down on, they’ll begin to look onto them. I will raise another place. They will then go there to go and beg. Do you think you’re wicked? Do you know how to be wicked? If anybody does evil, leave that person for Me to judge. Don’t put the law into your hands. Even though they’re lying to eat, leave them for Me to judge. You that are bringing that food out will never lack because I will fill that place back for you. I will top it up for you. However, you want to show everybody you’re wicked. You want to do everything by yourself. What do you know? Do you know more than your Father? What can you manufacture? Can you manufacture anything?

My son, I decided not to say anything about this matter because I’ve taught you a lot. I’ve used it to sing and sang for you that you will see it by the end of the day. I’m still telling you again, it will still happen. When it begins to happen, they will run into other people’s house for shelter. They will run into the home of those people they hate. Those people they don’t want to see, they will run into their house to hide themselves. These are the people you say you don’t want to see because everything will fail them. Do you know more than your Father? Do you know anything?

If you don’t do anything wrong, trouble may come and meet you in your house. But when you know your Father, you will have the confidence. This is why I always say everybody should know their Father. Even if anything happens, I know my Father will shelter me. But if you are in your Father, you don’t trust your Father can save you; when trouble comes, you will be the first person it will swallow. You claim you’re inside the Father. That is what We are saying. I know my Father; even if this ground is swallowing people, I can never enter inside because I know my Father will carry me; I know whom I serve. If you’re in your Father, that should be your confession. My son, things will happen! If I say it will not happen, I’m lying. Things will happen on this earth. Things will happen My son. The remaining people will learn lessons. They will learn in a hard way. They will learn in a hard way My son. It is Me. Nobody challenges Me. I am the One talking My son. It will happen. Nothing will make it not to happen because it’s My handwork. I’ve told you now not up to two years. I just say I should tell you again for you to know I’m the One talking. My son, listen to Me clearly; don’t joke with any word I tell you because it’s very harmful. Don’t’ joke with any word I tell you because if anything happens and you go to the wrong side, I will question you. I come from My throne, change Myself into a woman and you married Me. I speak to you everyday in this house. If all of them fail, if they don’t believe you, why will you fail? I’ve told you; I narrated many stories for you; told you about those I used in the past, for you to know it’s Me. If people out there don’t believe you and they look at your wife as an ordinary woman you married on the street; but I’ve told you who she is. Be careful! Work on every word I tell you immediately. If I say you shouldn’t go out today, don’t go. Stay in your house. No matter how much they promised you, don’t go. You will only hear with your ears what’s happening out there.

All these ones are your Father’s handwork. They will all perish, but your Father will never perish. Your Father looked at it that if He doesn’t come quickly in time, to show Himself again so that these ones who don’t know Him will not be wiped away; so that the remaining ones will know Him by the end of the day. As they give birth every day, they begin to feed all of them with evil. All these children that are growing up, they will be the ones that will remain. I’ve told you before. They will say yes, they’ve heard about this one before. The children will ask their father why he didn’t tell them before. The father will tell them it’s because it was a long time; that was why he didn’t tell them about the Heavenly Father. The children will now say, oh, we have a Father; they will then fear Him. My son, one day, you will see people running helter-skelter. This one will run here and the other one will run there because people are dying. Are you wicked more than your Father? You will not see the Person you’re fighting with. He will be on His throne and continue to command. Who are you going to arrest? Who are you going to judge? If you position your police officers everywhere, both you and your police officers will be dead. Then who are you going to arrest? Everyone will begin to hold his head saying Father forgive us. They will begin to cry out ‘pray for us, pray to your God, and pray for the remaining ones’. I will purposely leave some people behind, to remain alive. Pray to your Father; pray to your God. Is He not your Father? Is He not your God? Why did you reject Him? Is He not your Father? He created everybody. They will say call upon your God so He will not destroy us again; we will make peace; we will serve Him. Is He not your Father? My son, I’m saying this one again! I am the One talking again! Don’t say you didn’t hear Me. My son, I am the One! I am the One. Nobody will do Me anyhow. I am the One My son. You know when I say My word, I mean business. On a faithful day, something will happen! On a normal day, when the day breaks, something will happen. It won’t be too long; very soon. Who can battle with the Lord? Nobody!

My son, fear Me! Fear Me! Fear your Father. Fear your Creator. He will do every word that proceeds out of His mouth. Nothing will make Him not to do it. He will do it! It’s now they will know there is a pastor and there is a pastor. It’s now they will know there is a servant of God and there is a servant of God. You say thus says the Lord; you speak anyhow when God did not speak because you want to eat. Now God is speaking. God is speaking through you My son, isn’t it? Everything is reality and they’ll see it. I’ve told you, they will begin to look for you. Who is teaching you all these ones? How do you manage to see all these ones? How manage! That woman; how manage? Yes, that woman you see walking up and down on the street, do you know Who she’s carrying? Yes; because the Father wants to do something. This is a lesson for all of you not to look at people anyhow. The Father can use anybody. He can use anybody. You will never ask Him the reason why. He that does it knows the reason. Are you the one that created yourself? You exist, you’re eating and drinking; do you know how you managed to come to live? Do you know how the Father did it? Do you know what He put inside you? You don’t know! The good things that the Father gave to you, you gave everything to the dogs; you gave everything to animals. You lost everything because of the things of this earth. Do you know how your Father created you? Do you know the things He put inside you? Do you know what the Father designed you to be? When they’re telling you to give your life to Jesus, to wash yourself clean so that you can be what the Father created you to be; you think somebody is forcing you. When you see stain, you will run away from it because your Father created you to be something good on this earth. Anywhere you enter, people will honour you, and they will respect you. But what do you do? You carry that one and put it aside, you now begin to pursue sin. It now takes the glory of the Father away from you. You now remain ordinary chaff.

My son, I am the One walking among them every day. I am the One passing beside them on the street. Good morning, good morning; hi, hi. I am the One! I’m listening to every word they’re saying. I am the One! What do they know? I’ve told you to be on your own. Don’t be carried away. Anywhere you are at any time, don’t be carried away. Let your heart cling to the Father all the time, so that if anything happens, you will not follow them. Be in the Father because He will shelter you. Immediately your heart divides, seeking for the things of this earth, you miss it. You miss it! I know what I’m telling you My son. If anything happens, if the Father decides to take you, you’ll be with Him forever. My son, if I say nothing will happen, I’m lying. Something will happen! I am the One talking. Something is about to happen. Many of them that claim they’re working for Me, all of them are going. It’s now they will know those who are working for Me. It’s now I will know My faithful servants. This is the time I will call all of them. You are working for Me; you’re My servant; look at your record; you’re going there. It’s now I want to see My faithful servants My son. My son, I can see you’re afraid of Me; that is why I move back from you. Don’t be afraid of Me My son. I called you to work for Me, to bring My children back to Me. You are using Me to do business. My son, I’m the One that’s talking to you. If it will not happen, I won’t say it. Do you know what I’ve been doing since all these days? I was looking at them. When you fetch water into a bow, you will be looking at the water. This earth is a bow. I was looking at them all these days. Everywhere they’re dancing to, I was looking at them. It’s Me. I now begin to listen to the testimonies of individual. You know I am Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient. I’m listening to their words, their testimonies. Yes; it’s a disgrace! My daughter is not a prophetess. Even My children in the time of old, I did not use them the way I’m using her because I’m the One inside this body. This is not that He speaks into my ears; this is not that He speaks in my mind; no. I am the One inside the body. I cover Myself with her body. Since I begin to speak, I always speak about holiness and something higher. I don’t have time for individual. I always speak about My children, My children; for you to know who I am. I always say I am the One, I am the One. Do I say thus says the Lord? No! I am the One. If I don’t want to speak, I will allow My Son – Jesus Christ to speak, for you to know I am the One, for you to know who you married inside this house, and you yourself know.

My son, it’s these people I still put My trust before. I put My trust in them. Though the remaining people are calling Me with their mouth; if they see these ones, they will learn, because they’re doing what I want. What are they doing? They are caring! Now they say they don’t want to do it again. They want to destroy My children for Me. My son, I don’t want to keep quiet! I want to show Myself to them, that I know more than they. What does it profit you to do wickedness? What is your profit? My son, I am annoyed! When you’re crying and crying there’s no food, there is Somebody there you can call upon who will fill the drums for you. You neglect that Person and you’re crying there’s no food. You are taking food from people’s mouth and you’re crying there’s no food. There is Somebody you can call upon without you stressing yourself. But you don’t want to know that Person. You continue to spread wickedness again. My son, you and I know what is going on. My son, if you think I’m lying, I will repeat it for you again, for you to know I mean business.

My son, you don’t have any problem. Anything that concerns My work, you don’t have any problem. Whenever they invite you to come and preach somewhere, go and give them My word raw. Tell them about Me. No any other foundation they will set that is different from the one I set for them. I used My Son to set the foundation for them to follow. Which other foundation do they want to build again? They have to work on that foundation, the foundation of holiness. That is all. No other foundation. That foundation of holiness, if they do it, they’ve won the heart of the Father. If they don’t do it, they go on their own way, all of them are going there (hellfire). If they don’t follow that foundation which the Father used His only Son to set for them, then it’s finished for them. They should know! Whenever the Father remembers it, He’s not happy. Whenever He remembers what His Son passed through on this earth and they’re still going their own way, the Father is not happy. Let them know the Father is not happy. He brought His Son into this world, they destroyed Him and are still going their own way, the Father is not happy. If you want the Father to be happy, do the will of the Father. Follow the foundation He used His Son to set. That is all! Because the Father is about to do something! If you do it quickly, the Father will preserve you. If you do otherwise and you die, you are going to hellfire. Yes! Let them know. This is not how; don’t ask how the death will come. You don’t know how the Father created this earth. Everything is spiritual. If the Father wants to come, it’s also spiritual. If the Father says today I want to destroy this earth, nobody will hold Him back; nobody will say it’s enough. The Father hates wickedness. If you know you’re working for the Father, do it exactly as He told you to do it. But if you say you want to do it on your own way, there is a reward for you. Very soon! My son, you don’t have a long sermon to preach. There is a reward for you because the Father has done everything for you. It’s a reality. When He came in the time of old, He appeared to Moses. Moses saw the burning bush; it’s a reality. It’s a reality My son, for you to know I want to do something. He went from there to the land of Egypt and back again to the Wilderness. It’s a reality. The Son came also. Somebody was pregnant and gave birth to His Son; nobody slept with her. It’s a reality. They killed Him. It’s a reality. The same Father is still alive! Is anything hard Me to do? I am the One talking to you My son. Everything is a reality. It’s not stories; it’s a reality. Now I’m speaking and speaking here, they think you don’t know what you’re doing. They think you’re like them. They categorise you with them. Some of them came here and spoke to you anyhow. All of them will receive it. I know what I’m doing. I will punish all of them. If I say I will not punish them, I’m lying My son. I will punish all of them! I am the One. If I say I will not do it, I’m lying. For them to open their mouth and speak to you, because it’s Me. It’s Me. When you allowed yourself to be used by the devil; if you didn’t give yourself to the devil, he wouldn’t use you. That is why I will punish them. Because you gave yourself to the devil to use! You’ve tasted the food of the Father; you listened to the word of the Father; the Father Himself washed you, clothed you, and you still gave yourself to the devil to speak to the Father anyhow. That is why I will punish them.

When My Son came physically, what did they do? They killed Him. What happened to Him? He resurrected for them to know He has the power. When He will come again, it’s not physical, it’s spiritual. They cannot see Him to kill the second time. It is spiritual. As He’s coming this time around, He’s not coming alone. Do you think you know more than your Father? The Father that brought His Son to this earth, you think He doesn’t know what He’s doing. He came; you destroyed Him and killed Him. Yet, the Father took Him back to Himself. You saw Him as He ascended to heaven, for you to know He’s not an ordinary person. They lived with Him, ate with Him. That was what happened here My son. That was what happened to those who were coming here. As she was cooking rice for them to eat, they thought she’s a human being. I’ve told you who your wife is. She’s an angel and I planted Myself inside her. I have never done this on this earth before. This is why you can hear from Me, My Son Jesus and Holy Spirit at the same time. We are in this body. Your wife you married is not an ordinary person. They talked to her anyhow. I’ve told you before, the day I want to take her away from this earth, something will happen. My son, this is not something physical. It’s a spiritual thing. Do you think you can ever see the Father wrestling with somebody? The Son came physically, they destroyed Him. That is why He has power more than they. This time around, He’s coming spiritually. They will know. That is why I always say they don’t know who they’re serving. They don’t know who they’re serving. When He died, after they buried Him, He resurrected and began to appear to people. Why did He appear to people? Because He was not dead; it’s only the body that was dead. Yes, because He has the power, He began to appear to people. I say you don’t know the God you’re serving. Why are you calling Him all those names? You that even open your mouth to call those names don’t know what those names mean. I’ve told you about Abraham, where he came from. Do you think everything he did was by his power? Because the Father wanted to glorify Himself! He is the One that make a way where there is no way. That is the Father. He is the One that called him. He is the One that chose him. I’m teaching you everything like a teacher in this house; that is why I told you, you should not miss it. The Father has the power to do anything. It’s your heart He needs because He wants to glorify Himself. When the Father calls you, when He chooses you, He will make all your enemies to be at peace with you because He wants to make something out of you. If there are some who claim they are stubborn, He knows how to deal with them. I told you, right from your day one, I had the power to sustain you not to go to that woman. I purposely allowed you to be tortured for you to know you have a Father. If somebody told you then not to go there, you wouldn’t listen. You yourself were doing everything like them, but you are not like them. You were dancing to the ringing tone of the devil like them. When the devil struck you, did anybody told you when you ran back? If it didn’t happen like that, you wouldn’t know your Father’s value. You didn’t know who you are. The Father purposely created you for this purpose because His anointing is on you. When I called Abraham, I promised him and he followed Me. You know where he wanted to fail. Where? The issue of Hagar! When Sarah persuaded him to take Hagar, he could have said no, because he knew the Father would fulfil His promise. He had the choice. He listened to her. I have made a covenant with him and will never revoke it back. What Abraham did, what’s happening now? The problem is still there. That is why I told you My son to be focused. Don’t let anything divide your heart. Immediately you make that mistake, it’s very hard. I know why I said it. Whenever the Father says this is what He will do, He will do it; but it may take time. Yours is just to be focused. Cleave your heart to the heart of the Father. You have no mouth say, oh, I’ve been waiting for you all year; I’m going on my own way. You miss it! I come from My throne of grace, speaking and teaching you because I’m taking you somewhere. Is that not what I said? My son, I am taking you somewhere! On this whole earth, people will seek for you My son. On this whole earth, people will want to see you. That person that God is speaking to, I want to see him. How did they give birth to him? Which country did they give birth to him? People will want to hear from you. I’ve told you this one before. Everything I’m telling you here will come to pass My son. Everything will come to pass! People will see it and look for you. How did you do it? How does the Almighty God speak through you? Because everything you published came to pass; how did you do it? Then you will tell them what the Father wants, what it takes to serve the Father; the kind of food the Father likes to eat; the kind of place the Father likes to go; the kind of speech the Father likes to speak; the kind of clothes the Father likes to wear; you will tell them, as a Christian. This is not about grammar. This is not long preaching. The Father doesn’t have a hand in evil. He doesn’t want any evil to enter that place and you know it.

My son, those who tried it in the time of old, He did not pardon them; He destroyed them. He killed all of them! That place, that Holy place of the Father, they didn’t enter there anyhow. He chose those that would enter there. If He didn’t choose you and you enter there, you would die. How much more, when the Father makes your heart as His dwelling place! Don’t you know what it means? What are We talking? What are We saying My son? What are We preaching? The dwelling place of the Father, He designed it to His own taste. He told them exactly how He wanted them to build it. It was the place of His abode, where He rested whenever He came. Did they see the Father physically with their eyes? Why did they build that beautiful place for Him? Because they knew the Father would dwell there spiritually. What are all of them doing here! Do you know the expensive materials they used in building that place? Do you know what it took them to design and build that place? Everything was there. Do you think it was just a simple thing? They couldn’t see the Father physically and they prepared that place; for whom? For the Father! I’m speaking about the time of old now. Whenever the Father said this is how He wants it to be built, it would be done exactly as He said. If the Father could use all those expensive materials to demonstrate for them exactly what He wanted, how much more you. What then do you suppose to do? Let me sweep it everyday so that when my Father comes, He will see a place to dwell. When Sarah asked Abraham to take Hagar, what was Abraham supposed to do? No, I don’t want to defile my Father; I want to remain as I am because my Father that promised me will surely fulfil His promise; I don’t want any dirtiness; I don’t want anything that will carry me away. Would the woman not shut up? Would she not keep quiet? What did he do? He now opened the door for the devil to come in. When the devil comes, will he leave just like that? I said well, there is nothing I can do; He’s still My son; but this is not what I chose; because flesh is controlling you, but I am a Spirit. I know the best for you, but you don’t know the best for yourself. I will not say he’s not your son; he’s your son because he came out of your body. But this is not the one I promised you. The one I promised you will not bring a problem to you; it will not add sorrow. It’s the best I give you; it’s a peaceful generation I give you. I did not promise you destructive generation, evil generation. My blessing will never add sorrow. If you wait for your time, then you’ll have it. If you don’t wait for your time, if you’re in a hurry, then they will give it to you. My son, I’m the One talking to you. Just as you waited for Me before you married. I said you should go and marry; you said no, my Father, I will wait for You. I was still telling you to take this one, go and marry. I tried you several times, but you said no, you would wait for your Father. Then I said, that is My son. I said this time around, I will give you the best of the best; it’s Myself I will give to you. My son, no any evil will befall you. Any person, any witchcraft, let them come and meet Me. Let them come and meet Me.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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