Prophecy Against Britain

(Part 4)

The Father speaks

(Friday 18th November 2011, 00:15)

My son, I am not a man. The time will come, when things begin to happen, they will talk either they’re looking for money or they’re looking for a place of refuge. They will talk! There is a race a woman will run and hold her two breasts and there is a race she will run without holding her breasts, she will allow them to scatter. They are eating and drinking now, but when everything scatters, they will not know where their children are. The husband will not know where his wife is. Things will be rough. They will not even know where the business is. Everybody will look for a hole to hide themselves. They are doing their own right now. My son, everybody is doing their own. When the Father starts His own, they will see. They are still complaining, they have not seen anything. When they bury one, bury two, bury three, bury four; everyone will run away from business. They will find a place to put their head. You are talking about business; which business are you talking about? When souls are dying! What is happening? They will begin to give it different names. Is it flu? What is killing people? They will give it different names. My son, they are doing their own right now. I have told you before. Yes, some of them are praying to Me everyday, but because of what they want to eat. They are not inside Me. They cannot meet My need. The things I asked them not to do, they’re still doing it. My son, I am the One speaking. As many messages I give to you, send it to them. Whatever replies you receive, don’t let it trouble you. They are sending it to Me. I never forget anything My son. I will never lie. I’m saying it again; whatever message they’re sending to you, leave them. I have told you before that I had set everything. When it happens, they will see it. They will choose either they’re looking for business or a place to put their head. It’s an option. That time, no one will have time to go to any business. They will run for their lives because they don’t want to die. They are taking every word as a child that is learning how to speak. That is why you see the whole world turn upside down because they take the word of the Father as nothing. Oh, that is how they spoke before; that is how they spoke before. This time around, the Father is the One that is speaking in this house. When the Father speaks His word, He will bring it to pass.

They have to choose one, either they choose the Father or they choose money. Tell them, if they choose the Father, they choose life. When death comes, the Father will rescue them from it. But when you choose money, when money goes, you will go with it. The money will go, but Father will never go. When you’re inside the Father, when money goes, the Father will provide another one for you. But when you’re not inside the Father, when money goes, you know where you’re going to. They have to choose one from both. Who made money? Is it not the Father? When you choose the Father, He can provide money for you. But when you say you don’t want the Father, when money goes, you will go with it. You don’t have Father and you don’t have money, you know where you belong to. If you don’t have the Father and money goes, you are with your empty hand. You fail. There is no any solution for you. But when you have the Father! When they say Father makes a way where there is no way. He is a Great Provider. He is the Manufacturer. They are just saying it with their mouths; none of them know the Father. My son, do not trouble yourself. You have chosen the best part, don’t let anybody trouble you. Stand on the part you are. This earth is going. Many things will change. Many people are just walking, but they are dead. As you see many of them, they are no longer a human being; they are dead because they are not inside the Father. You just see them, they are nothing. I know what I’m telling you My son. Things will change hands very soon on this earth. Things will change hands. They are doing on their own. All of them have failed. There is no solution for them because they don’t know the Father. They failed. I think they said they have power to do everything. Isn’t it? Where then is the power? Where is the power My son? Where is the power? The Father that owns the earth, the Father that suffered to build this earth, you push the Father aside and you begin to do on your own because of the food the Father gives you to eat. You are eating the food and you use it to rub your face and your head. Are you the maker of the food? Are you the one that brought the food? Now the food is going; no food for you to eat any longer. Can’t you ask yourself question what is going on.

My son, I will push them to the wall. When they have nowhere to go, they will turn back. A lot is going to happen! A lot will happen! I have told you before. Who do we offend? What is bringing all these problems? I have spoken in parables. I once said to you when you’re digging a hole, if you cover it back with the same sand, it won’t cover completely. The impact will be there. The hole will still be there. The Father is the One that owns the earth. If He’s not going to do it, He won’t say it. The Father is not a wicked Father. If He says He wants milk to fill the whole earth, He will do it. He cannot bring milk now because the ones He brought, you’ve overused it and destroyed it. As you were eating it, you didn’t even remember the Father that brought the milk. He was telling you what you should do to make it last, but you said no. Milk is finished and you’re crying there is no milk. The Father that brought the milk, do you remember Him? Do you think you were the one that brought it yourself? Go and manufacture the milk by yourself. You still have little that you’re eating and you’re still complaining. My son, do you know the next step? After everything is gone, the little country that has little to eat, there will be a quarrel. I have told you before. My son, there will be a fight. Oh, we told them to give us little, to link us together and they refused. There will be a fight. When it comes, does it go like that? It will end with a war. A lot will happen. I demonstrated it to you before. When you lie down and you’re sleeping, you don’t know what is happening. I have told you before. When you trouble me, I will trouble you too; are you the only one that knows how to destroy somebody; I will destroy you too; are you the only one that knows how to be wicked; I will do you wickedness too; I have been targeting you; but you don’t know; you think you’re the one that is wise. The grace the Father gave you, He has removed it. The hand will touch you. Because the Father sheltered you and carried you, you didn’t remember the Father. My son, the hand of the enemies will touch them. What do you know? Can you fight? The Father is the One that was waving evil away. My son, you will hear. Trouble is coming! You know how to protect; you know how to do everything. You will hear. The Father is the One that shielded them and now they forget about Him. They think they have power. Which power? Who give you the power? Don’t you know what the Father did in the time of old? Who is that person that knows how to fight? Can you fight the Father? But when you forget about the Father, what happens to you? The things the Father asked you not to do, you are doing it. You are doing it purposely to grieve the Father. What then will the Father do? He will turn away from you. The enemies will break in and enter. They will destroy you. When the Father wants to carry out His assignment, He carries it out in various ways. He is the One that has the power to protect; He is the One that has the power to cover. Who will remove His hand? But only if you remember the Father! Those who are carrying guns, are they not human beings? Those who want to fight you are human beings too. If you can fight human being, can you fight God? You cannot fight God! People went there to fight and they won. Because, you see those who are fighting the physical battle; do you see the spiritual one? You don’t see it. When they said His children fought and they won the battle; do you think it was the children that won the battle? It was Me! Because they were doing the will of the Father and He was happy with them. My son, things will happen in various ways. I have told you before. The Father can bring any disaster. It may be the day they’re eating and drinking. They will think it’s a play. The Father is the One that owns this earth. If millions of people die, it does not change the life of the Father. It will not change Him! Do you know how many of My children that are there – in heaven? Can you compare there to here?

Somebody came and was born through a woman just like you; He was on this earth. He was not just an ordinary human being. Before He was born, there were prophecies concerning Him and you know everything. He came and told you about that place – heaven. But you close your ears. Do you think you can do the Father wickedness? You are the one that is wicked. You are the one that removes food away from your mouth. Somebody that came here and told you everything; how they gave birth to Him is in that book (the Bible). Why can’t you listen to that Person? They sought for Him and they killed Him. Don’t you know He wasn’t ordinary Person? You are now opening your mouth and begin to abuse. My son, tell them the Father is coming. The Father is coming! If it’s the same Father that did all these things in the time of old, He is coming again. The Father is coming and it's very fearful. The Father is coming and it’s very dangerous. The Father can come in various ways. My son, I am the One speaking. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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