Prophecy Against Israel

The Father speaks

(Sunday 5th November 2023, 11:45)

If you shed any blood, it will call for another blood. If you engage in war and kill one thousand people, you will kill double the next time you engage in another war. What does this mean for you? Blood calls for blood!!! If I did some things in the time of old, I did it for a reason, and nobody has the right to question Me. I Am the Creator and a Great Seer. I know and see more than all of you. The fact that I killed some people in the time of old doesn’t give you the license to kill. The fact that I fought for your forefathers doesn’t mean you should take the law into your hands to commit atrocities upon atrocities. I Am not a wicked Father. I Am a Holy God, and I hate evil and wickedness. I hate abominations. If you engage in war because I fought for your forefathers in the time of old because of holiness, then you call Satan to rule you and rule the land. Are you holy? I want you to ask yourself this question!!! Are you holy? I fought for your forefathers because of My covenant with Abraham. None of them passed!!! They were all failures. They failed woefully!!! I pampered and led them because I wanted My holiness to spread across the whole Earth through them. Are you holy? Everyone calls Me the God of Israel. Who told you? If I Am your God, are you like Me? I Am a Holy God. Are you holy? All of you should ask yourself this question because you’re an abomination to Me and the Earth. Everything I asked you not to do, this you do continually, and you still want Me to support you. I don’t fight a wicked fight. I fight the fight of holiness. I Am not a blind Father. I see everything which is done in the dark. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Authority. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. I Am the same God of Abraham. I Am the Originator. I Am Unbeatable God. I Am Omniscient and Omnipresent God. Nobody can fault Me. Whatever I did or do, I did and do it for your own good. I hate evil. I hate wickedness. I hate abominations. Sin is an abomination to Me.

The whole Earth is scattered, and all of you sleep and put your head on the same pillow because you’re wicked. Nobody is holy! All of you are offspring of calamity and disaster. With everything I did for you, what is My reward? I tormented the souls of Prophets upon Prophets to win your heart. What did you do? When I sent your fathers to slavery and later restored them, I continually sent Prophets upon Prophets to still teach you My will; what did you do? You even gathered together and killed some of them. When I became tired of your wickedness, I sent My Son Jesus to come down and teach you My ways. I did you good, but you did Me evil. I sent Him down for you to see and touch Him physically. I wanted Him to show you the way of holiness. What did you do to Him? You chased Him back to Me!!! You killed My Son! Since that very day, I rejected you and declared it open to the whole world. I Am no more Jehovah, the God of Israel. I Am the God of the whole world.

I designed My Son Jesus Christ to die and carry your sin. But why did you kill Him? Should you have killed Him? Were there no other people living in the land? Why did you kill Him? Can’t you see you’re sons of disaster and calamity? You’re the offspring of evil and abomination. The whole world will travel far and wide to visit your land because they think it’s a holy land. They come to see where I touched the ground. They come to see where My Son walked and died. You’re using them to boost your economy while you counted Me as nothing. My fear is far away from you. All the abominations I hate, these you practice and celebrate everyday and everywhere. You worship all manner of idols like your forefathers. You worship the spirit of water, the marine spirit. You celebrate witchcraft, which is an abomination to Me. The land is full of blood!!! Who will atone for the blood you shed everyday? Who will atone for it since you rejected My Son Jesus? You’re waiting for your own Messiah. You’re calling Mary a prostitute. You’re calling My Son Jesus a bastard. Who is a prostitute? Who is a bastard? Were there no Prophets and Rabbis in the land? Why did they allow Mary to live? Why didn’t they stone her to death? Am I not the One who gave the Law? I appeared to all the key people in the land for them to know I was the One that did it. Will you tell Me what to do? Will you tell Me how to run My kingdom? Are you the owner of the Earth? Are you the one who created the Earth? If you reject My Son Jesus Christ and continually shed innocent blood, who will atone for your sins? That means disaster will never depart from the land. I swear by My name, Jehovah, until you do what I want you to do, all of you will never see peace. If there remains only one man and woman who can go back and establish My holiness in the land, in a short time, the land will be populated again through them. All of you should go back and find out what I did to your forefathers in the time of old. You shouldn’t joke with Me. You shouldn’t take Me for granted. You’re the offspring of evil and abomination. I Am the Almighty God.

If indeed Hamas attacked you, why did they attack you? I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great Seer. Why did they attack you? You’re deceiving the whole world by making them believe you’re on the right side. You’re evil!!! Who gave you the land? Was I not the One? If I killed some people because they weren’t doing My will, what exempts you? If I killed some people because they engaged themselves in My abominations and you’re doing the same thing, that means you deserve to die as well. Why did Hamas attack you? Tell Me because I want to know. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the same God of Abraham and Moses. Why did Hamas attack you? Nobody can call you to order because they think I Am with you. You’re using My name to commit atrocities everywhere. Am I still with you? Ask yourself this question!!! Why did Hamas attack you? If you push a goat to the wall and he’s tired, what will he do to you? He will turn and attack you!!! I was the One who brought Abraham from Iraq and planted him in this land you call Israel. I Was the One!!! If I uprooted some people because they engaged in My abominations and planted the children of Abraham in the land, and you also engaged in the same abomination as them, what do you think will happen to you?

I Am a Holy Father, and I showed you the way of holiness, but you choose the way of evil and wickedness. I Am a just Father. If you’re truly the children of Abraham as you claimed, why can’t you show others the example? The whole Earth sees My name in you, yet, your evil and wickedness have no comparison. Am I still with you? You should ask yourself this question. You cage people to the extent you don’t want them to breathe. Are they animals? Are they not human beings like you? Why can’t both of you live together in peace? If I had wanted to wipe them away, why didn’t I do it? Why did I allow them to live? Are you the owner of the land? I Am the Owner. I Am the Almighty God. Your hands are dirty. Your hearts are dirty. I Am a merciful God. Mercy is far away from you. No single forgiveness can be found in you. You only call My name with your lips while I’m far away from your heart. Any nation that supports your evil and wickedness will see My wrath. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Authority.

All of you should go back to your Bible and read how I dealt with your fathers. Before they went to any war, what was the practice? How did they do it? Were there no more Prophets and Priests in the land? How did your fathers do it? If you had asked Me when the Hamas attacked you, I would have told you that you have sinned. You have sinned!!! Because you have sinned, I Am not with you. You’re on your own. You don’t want them to live, but you cannot tell them openly. Instead of that, you’re choking them. Where do you want them to go? When your forefathers came to the land after they came out of Egypt, why didn’t I drive all the inhabitants of the land away? Do you have the power to fight? You don’t have any power to fight any war. That’s why your enemies will defeat you. About five nations are waiting to fight you. They’re ready to crush you because of your wickedness. I said it before that if it remains only one man and woman who is prepared to establish My holiness in the land, they will populate the land again.

Why do the whole world see you as their enemies? Why do you see the whole world as your enemies? That shows you’re evil! Your hands are dirty. Satan is the ruler of your heart. Do you even bother to go back and read again how I started with Abraham before it gets to your turn? I called Abraham because of holiness. But what did he do to Me? He disappointed Me!!! I promised him a son. Why didn’t he wait for Me? He couldn’t wait for Me! He produced many children by himself. I only promised him Isaac, but he had many children. I even wanted to give him another daughter through Sarah. I had to withhold it because of his mistake that led to the premature death of his wife, Sarah. Today, I have to share My kingdom on this Earth into two because of his mistake. What about Isaac? I gave him two sons, and he couldn’t look after them. His wife scattered and destroyed all My plans. What happened to your father, Jacob? The twelve tribes of Israel would have come through only one woman. Each tribe should have been planted on holiness. But all of them were planted on evil. I only pardoned them because of My covenant with Abraham. None of them deserved it! The story of Joseph wouldn’t have come in a sinful way. It would have come in a holy way. I tried to manage the situation and held the heart of Joseph because I didn’t mean anything for evil; I meant it for good. Satan can never win Me. I always win him because the word that comes out of My mouth will never return to Me. Jacob would have died!!! My mercy sustained him so he could see Joseph alive. Everything that happened to Joseph came as a result of the sin of Jacob. Every disaster that befell Jacob, including the death of his wife Racheal, was as a result of his sins. I managed the whole situation because I had already promised Abraham a nation. No day your fathers did Me any good. With all these mistakes, what are you supposed to do? As for you, you don’t have the brain to think and reason how to maintain your own position. Instead, you’re committing evil upon evil, wickedness upon wickedness, atrocities upon atrocities, digging evil holes for people. The same failure you inherited from your fathers, this you execute everyday and everywhere.

I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. Nobody will dictate for Me what to do. If any of you fail to do My will, you will face the consequences. Why are you moving backwards? I Am a continuous God. I don’t remain in one place. I always move forward. I also want you to move forward as I move forward. With your wickedness, you chased My Son Jesus back prematurely. Do you think His death went in vain? No!!! I threw it open to the whole world. You rejected Him, but the whole world accepted Him. You’re at a loss! Can’t you see you’ve failed? You have failed, and you failed woefully! You’re using My children all over the world to boost your economy. They will come to you to visit Bethlehem, Jerusalem, and Nazareth. They want to see if everything they read in their Bible is accurate. They want to see where they killed their Saviour. What are you supposed to do? I touched the land with My feet. Was it easy to bring you out of Egypt? Was it easy to part the Red Sea? I fought and fought for you to have peace in the land. What did you give Me in return? I tormented the soul of Moses because of you. He was flesh and a criminal. I grounded all the demons because of him. Demons had his fear because I entered him to act. All of you rebelled against him several times. Even his own sister, Miriam, gathered My children to rebel against him. If I Am truly a merciful Father as all of you think, why did I allow leprosy to come upon her? She didn’t enter My rest because of her wickedness. I hate evil. I hate witchcraft! I had to remove Moses prematurely because of your wickedness. After the death of Moses, when I finally planted you in the land, how long did you live there before I sold you as slaves? With all these, none of you have the brain to think and realise you’ve sinned. You have sinned! You and your foolish and stupid Prophets and Rabbis are all together evil and wicked. None of you can administer justice.

Moses didn’t call himself. I was the One who asked him to go back to Egypt because I created him for that purpose. When I led him and his children to the Wilderness, what did I do? I gave him My Law to give to all of you. Did you obey My Law? You rebelled against Me several times. I pampered you because I wanted My holiness to extend to the whole Earth through you based on the covenant I made with your father, Abraham, who failed Me. Did you obey My Law? When you’re not following My Law, I sent Prophets upon Prophets to put you in check. I tormented the soul of many Prophets because of you. Many of them wandered around like madmen. When I got tired and fed up with your evil, I gambled by bringing My Son Jesus. Did you obey Him? What did you do to Him? You killed Him!!! You chased Him away. My Son became a wanderer because of you. You value Moses more than Him. When I led Moses to lead you, My Son was right there with Me. All of you have no sense. You lack the spiritual. Jesus Christ was there with Me when I led you through Moses. Before you even mention My name, you mention the name of Moses. Are you doing the will of Moses? Everything I gave him to give to you, are you doing them? You’re disobedient children like your fathers. You love Moses but hate My Son. I will be happy if you truly love Moses. I wouldn’t have brought My Son to suffer. Moses died, and I took his corpse away. Demons wanted to seize him, but I took his corpse away. My Son Jesus died, and I resurrected Him, and the story is there. I know you don’t value Him as anything because you’re still waiting for your own Messiah. You will tell Me if I’m the One that created you or not. Once more, I swear by My name, Jehovah, you will never have peace until you accept My Son Jesus because His blood, which I shed, will never be in vain.

I chose you to be a good example to the whole Earth, but you’re a bad example to My children. Many of My children are working for Me. They’re not happy with your wickedness. They’re not happy with your evil. They’re saying, is this not the same place Almighty God started His work; why are they behaving like this? If I want to begin My work, I must start from somewhere. I have started it, and the whole world knows about it. You’re at a loss. You’re looking for peace where there is no peace. You cannot have peace until you do My will. My will is for you to accept My Son, who I slaughtered because of you. I cannot kill another person because of you. I have shed His blood for all of you once and for all. If you like, wipe off the Hamas. If you want, wipe off the Palestinians. If you like, wipe off all your neighbours. You will never have peace because you rejected the Greatest Gift I gave to all of you. After some years, when the demons want to drink blood again, even if you have wiped off the Palestinians and Hamas, a fight will spring up among you. You will begin to kill yourself. Does it pay to do evil? It doesn’t pay to do evil. I created all of you to do good. Hence you choose to do evil; evil will never depart from the land. I Am the Almighty God. I repeat it: any nation or people that supports your evil will see My wrath.

As for you hearing the voice of this My son, I Am the One speaking to you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the same God of old. You cannot plant evil and reap good. Follow My word. My word is My power, and My power is My word. Read My word and see how I fight for many nations. The fight I fought was a fight of holiness for the land to yield its increase so that evil will not dominate you and your generation. Evil was there right from the beginning, but I had to fight so it wouldn’t dominate you. That was why I brought My Son Jesus to die and carry your sin. Nobody will atone for the sins of any nation that believes in Me and doesn’t believe in My Son. Though I forgive your sin, but nobody will atone for your sin. Evil will continue to befall you. As for the nations who claim I will reward them if they kill, far be it from Me. I don’t take any side with evil. I Am a Holy God. I have given you the land, and holiness will make it yield its increase. I have given you everything. I created fish and animals for you to eat. The moment you commit sin, the Earth would have swallowed all of you, but I control it so it will continue to produce food for you. Sin is an abomination to the land. For you to see goodness in the land, all of you should remove your hands from evil. If you shed any blood, it will ask for another blood. Through this, evil never departs from the land. If you still doubt My word, fast and pray to Me, and I will speak to you physically or through dreams. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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