Prophecy Against The World

The Father speaks

(Saturday 26th November 2011, 11:43)

My son, if you take your key and open the door, that means you want to enter your house. A house is a house. It may be a big house or a hut; a house is a house. Because it’s a house, you will see chairs, tables, carpets, and everything you need. My son, there is a very mighty house that was built. Each person took a portion and built their own house inside that house. Inside your own house, you bought everything that you needed. Suddenly, everything you bought began to spoil. You tried all you could but to no avail. Even your neighbours were experiencing the same thing as well. All of you changed some of your equipment, yet the situation remains unchanged. Everything was going well before, but it’s not going well again. Remember, that’s the only place you could build your house; there’s no other place. That is the only place you could live and produce children; that is the only place you have to live, nowhere else. What should you do when you see that the situation is not improving? You will call the owner of the mighty house. I Am the Owner of the mighty house. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Creator of the universe. I Am the Creator of every creature. There is no other creator apart from Me. I Am the Originator. I Am the Authority. Nobody dictates for Me; I dictate and act as My heart desires. I hate evil; I hate abomination. I Am a Holy Father. Evil is an abomination to Me.

If you rent a house from somebody, you will sign an agreement. If anything goes wrong in the house, you will call the owner. Yes, it’s your house because you’re paying the rent; you are the one that lives there. But if anything goes wrong, you will call the owner to come and repair it. Yes, you are the one that owns your life, but Somebody brought you to live on this Earth. You want to buy a piece of land and build your house. Where did the land come from? The land came from somewhere. That was why I used a mighty house and your own house built inside it as an illustration for you. If you rent a house and refuse to follow the instructions or the agreement you signed with the landlord, you will pay for it. If you destroy any equipment in the house, you will pay for it. This is an earthly thing now; how much more is your precious life. I said as you’re going to the Earth, I need you back. I have prepared everything for you to enjoy, but there are implications. I did not say you should go there and live forever because I still need you back. Everything I told you to do, you refuse to follow it. When a problem comes, it begins to bring other problems. Why can’t you call the Owner of the land? As with the equipment you use at home, that is how the Earth I created for you.

Oh, let us try our best; let us try our best. You’re still trying your best now. If it happens in only one nation, you may think maybe it’s their fault. But it’s happening in the whole world. Why can’t you know that all of you have sinned? What happens if you sinned? You come short of My glory. You have sinned! All of you have sinned! What happens if you sinned? You cannot have what you’re supposed to have. You will have problems. You will begin to question yourselves. That is what is going on now. Where is the money? Where is the bag of the money? Where did it go? Does the money have wings? If two of Us do business together, what happens to the money if you lose? It comes to Me. Then, if I gain it, I may do business with another person. If he doesn’t have money, the one I have will extend to him because We do business together. But this time around, the case is not like that. You lost, I lost, and the other person lost as well. Where is the money then? Does it have wings? Where did the money go? If it’s happening only here in the U.K., if they don’t do their business well, maybe somebody duped them, but the money will be in another nation. But now the U.K. doesn’t have, and the other nation doesn’t have as well. Where is the money? Does the money have wings and fly away? Don’t you know you have sinned! You have sinned! What you’re supposed to do, you’re not doing it. What happens to the land then? It is cursed! This is not just one nation. As everybody is crying, why can’t you join your hands and call upon the Father? Oh, my people, let us join our hands; even though we don’t know Jesus Christ, let us call upon the Father who created the Earth. Father, please help us; what is going on? This is not a matter of Jesus Christ or no Jesus Christ now. Everybody is the sons and daughters of the Father. All of you come from the Father. Where are we going? The Father is the Creator of all. My son, even those who serve idols know I’m their Father. They know that everything comes from Me. But they put the Father behind them and begin to serve those things. When a problem comes, you should ask the thing you serve to help you.

My son, nobody has any power. If I keep quiet, that doesn’t mean I’m a fool. I have told you that I relax and allow them to run their own race. When they’re tired and have nowhere to run to, they will turn back. You are removing food from people’s mouths to save money. What will you do if you keep the money for ten or fifteen years and get there, but there’s no money? What happens to those you’ve taken their food away? They are dead! You are saving money; don’t you know you’re foolish? The one you lost, what happened to it? Where did it go? You cannot see the money, and you’re saving another one. You’re putting innocent children to tears. My son, I have told you before that problem is coming. But nobody knows. Some of them know, but they are wicked. I will tell you that I Am the Most Wicked Person. Nothing moves Me! I stay and relax; I Am watching all of them My son. As they’re deleting people from work everyday, they will not see the money. They are creating more problems for themselves. But I fold My hands, watching all of them. My son, you will see something. Their worst decision was to remove food from My children’s mouths. That is the worst decision. The problem they have is not just an ordinary problem. They should seek My face, but they said no. They will see what will happen. My son, you put trust in the food you have because the food is there in the kitchen. If the month ends, you’ll receive a salary. But how will you feel if there’s nothing in the kitchen, no salary is coming at the end of the month, and you have to pay your rent? My son, you wouldn’t know how it is if it hadn't happened to you. I know what My children are going through. Some of them don’t want to listen to anybody now because they have no food to eat. They just want to kill and go. There is no hope for tomorrow because you remove the food the Father gave them away. You took away the job the Father gave to them because of your wickedness. Oh, I’m the president, I’m the prime minister; no matter what you call yourself, let everybody pray to the Father. Please, whatever you know you’re doing, drop it and focus on the Father because He is the Owner of this Earth. My son, I quickly forgive My children. They are My children. Whether you’re Hindu or Muslim, whatever and whoever you are, I Am the Owner of everybody. My son, I want to prove Myself to them that I Am the Almighty Father. They forget about Me. It’s very painful My son. All of them forget about Me. I want all of them to reverence Me that I Am the Father. I Am the One that owns the pillar of this Earth. I Am the One who formed it. I Am the One who owns it. This Earth is My own. I created it for you to come and enjoy. It is Mine. It wasn’t an easy job. You cannot continue to eat and forget about the Owner of the house.

My son, yesterday, My daughter asked you if you’ve heard from the owner of this house. I told you I Am with you in this house, listening to every conversation. I Am a Living God. She remembered that the house belongs to somebody even though you’re paying the rent. How much more the Owner of your life! My son, anyone who counts the word you publish as nonsense will see it very soon. I have told you before that they’re still drinking milk now. The solution is in My hands. They have no solution. My son, they’re still eating well. Next year, they will see something. My son, very soon, We will cross to the other side. They’re still eating well this year. Next year, they will see something. I Am talking as if I Am joking. I told you before the new party was elected in this nation that there would be a surplus of food but a shortage of money. I Am repeating it that when We cross over to the other year, you will see. Where is the money they’ve been saving? Billions of the Father’s children are hungry, with no food to eat. Very soon, they will begin to fight.

My son, every word I spoke will come to pass. I know that nobody will believe you. Those who say, oh, we are eating well, we are making it; very soon, the money will finish. If you do business with somebody who has no money to buy your product, will you eat what you’ve produced? If you give it to them hoping to collect the money later, will you kill them if you get there, and they have no money to give you? My son, as you’re sending the message to them, they’re still telling you they’re doing well and eating well. You say you are serving your Father; what will happen to you if your church members don’t see money to give you? You who call yourself a man of God don’t understand your Father. You don’t know what is going on to tell the children of the Father. You were supposed to be the number one to tell the whole Earth what is happening. Somebody is telling you, and you’re saying you’re doing well, you want business. Am I after your business? I Am after your soul, not business. That means you choose money before your Father. You’re asking for money to do business. My son, I told you many of them are serving money. Their heart is not inside the Father. If the money dries up, what will you do? My son, I Am annoyed! I Am very angry! Watch and see.

My son, I have told you I will change Nigeria because My children acknowledge Me everyday. As each day breaks, they recognise Me. That is why I said I will wipe the wicked ones away. All of them know I’m their Father. My son, I’m telling you again: I will change that nation. I will do a new thing in Nigeria. There is no day My children wake up and don’t call upon Me. Even if you’re committing sin, you should still remember the Father as Number One! My son, they call upon Me everyday. They know I’m their Father. They know I Am the Owner. I have told you about this nation - Britain before, and I’m still telling you again; everything will go away. My son, you know that if I speak My word, it comes to pass, and if I turn away from a nation, you know what happens. My son, you will see. They take all the glory for themselves. They don’t even remember the Father for a day. My son, if I speak for several years what I will do, I will bring it to pass. My son, I Am the One speaking. Every pronouncement I pronounced upon this land will come to pass. This land will be desolate! They will go and beg. I will turn the fortune of Nigeria around. Britain and his brothers will carry their wealth and go there. They will know I Am the Almighty Father. I Am the One that speaks His word and comes to pass! I Am the One that carries glory from one nation and transfers it to another! I Am the One who does it! Go to the Bible again and read about Me. Everything I spoke through My children came to pass. I Am the One My son. You will see it My son. That place, Nigeria, will be good. My son, do you know why many of them are doing evil? It’s because of poverty. If you see food to eat, will you do evil? The light of that land will shine. It’s My own. I Am the One speaking this morning. My son, I will do it. I will change that place in a twinkling of an eye. You will see it My son. This land, Britain, I will make it to be desolate. I Am the One speaking! I will empty this land! If you’re giving alms and don’t know the Father, your giving is meaningless. You’re giving alms, and you don’t know the Father. Knowing the Father is the number one. Those who gave in the time of old gave from the Father. I was the One that taught them. They had the heart of the Father. Now you’re giving alms; you’re giving it grudgingly because you don’t know Me. I don’t like it! You may give a billion pounds to somebody, and you’re not happy. The Father will not bless you because you don’t have the heart of the Father. That is what is going on here. They forsake the way of the Father and go on their own way. Those who are crying to Me everyday, those who want to see Me everyday, I will show Myself to them. My son, all of them have gone on their own way. They forget about the Father. They think it’s of their power; they forget how I founded this nation. I told you before how My children came to this land. I was the One that brought them, and I Am the One that will still return all of them. I was the One that channelled them. They took them as slaves. This time around, they will use their two legs to go back. This time around, they will not go back as slaves; they will go back as freeborns, as kings and queens. Look at us; after all, we’re not from here; look at our skin; we are going back. Their eyes will open. My son, I Am the One that will take over that nation. I Am the One that will take over Nigeria. A lot will happen My son. Will they fight Me? They cannot see Me physically. Very soon, it won’t be too long. I give you peace. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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