Remove Your Hands From Evil

The Father speaks

(Sunday 5th August 2018, 11:00)

Who created evil? Who knows the depth of it? Who laid the foundation of evil? Who laid the foundation of Heaven and Earth? Who knows the source of My existence? No one in Heaven knows My origin how much more on Earth. I created, and I formed. I give life and I take life. I act, and I perform as My heart desires. Who will judge Me? Who will arrest Me? Who will take Me to court? Who will argue My case? I Am He who owns the power and the key of life and death. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Breeze that controls the entire universe. I Am the Originator. I Am the Great Oldman. Jehovah is My name. I Am Self-Existing Father. I praise Myself if no one praise Me. I Am All-In-All.

Can you do evil more than the One that created it? Do you know the origin of evil more than the One that formed it? All of you are like unreasoning animals. You think you’re wise but you’re foolish. You’re giving Me extra work to do every day. When I asked you to remain in your boundary, you refused. You love to do more than yourself. Can you wait when My wrath falls upon the Earth? Where will you run to? I created you to enjoy what you didn’t labour for. If I Am a selfish Father like all of you, will I give birth to you? All of you are evil, offspring of calamity and disaster.

Brace yourself together and let Me tell you who I Am. When My Son came to this Earth, what did He say? My Father, My Father, My Father. Where was His Mother? Do you have a father without a mother? All of you are foolish! I thought you’re educated! You think you’re wise. When your mother gave birth to you, were you like this? You were a little baby until you grew up to become adult. I gave birth to My Son. He and Lucifer grew up together in My House. My Son was the First of My strength. This was why I gave Him up to rescue all of you. When I gave birth to Him, He also gave birth to others, and so on and so forth, until it got to your own father who gave birth to you. Physically, all of you are descendants of Adam. Did Adam give birth to you directly? He gave birth to somebody who gave birth to your forefathers until your father gave birth to you. I created human being because I wanted to create Myself. This was why I created Adam as the first. As I started alone, so I made him to start alone. I brought out Eve out of him. The Mother of My children came out of Me! Therefore, I gave birth to all of you. Lucifer has his own family too. I gave birth to him. When he disobeyed Me, I drove him and his children away. I Am the Almighty God. Nobody will share My Kingdom with Me. I Am the Owner of everything.

I created evil for Myself until Lucifer did what he shouldn’t have done, and I disowned him. Anyone among you who follow his footstep, I will disown him. With the evil all of you are doing every day, you’re spreading demons around everywhere. As you’re spreading demons, can you cleanse the Earth? If not because of the way I kill and settle many of them, I don’t think none of you can live on this Earth anymore. Everything I asked you not to do, this you continually do every day. When I asked you to remove your hands from idols, you will not listen. I gave birth to you by Myself, I brought you to live on this Earth, and I handed you over to the Spirits of this Earth which I created as caretaker to look after you. I created them, but I didn’t create you, I gave birth to you. All of them recognise you as My children. If you give your baby to a babysitter to look after, and your baby put finger into the eye of the babysitter to pluck it out, how will she feel? This is what all of you are doing to the Spirits of this Earth whom I created to look after you. I put them there to look after the Earth. They are not evil, but all of you turn them to evil because of the sin you’re committing. Satan now taught them how to use your sin against you.

Because of your evil, because of your witchcraft, I cleansed Britain, so that your children who’re being tormented by your witchcraft could run away from you. But what did you do? You went and acquired higher demon, so you could fly a far distance to torment your children. Some of you wear iron armour to shield yourself spiritually from attack by other powers higher than you. You will fly to torment your children I sent far away from you. Your children too are foolish, communicating with you, sending you money, so you can continue to turn their lives upside down. You will torment them, torment their marriages and their children. I Am the Almighty God. Nothing last forever. I Am waiting for you. Won’t you die? My son, tell them I Am the Almighty God that I’m waiting for them. Anywhere you go after this Earth, I will torment you. Either you give your life to Jesus Christ or not, I will torment you. Who owns witchcraft? I Am the One! Did I give it to you? Some of you will turn your children to goat spiritually and eat them. If somebody asked you, you’ll say you only ate goat. Were you the only one in the coven? Those who were there with you saw you when you brought human being before you turned him to a goat. You signed and killed him and all of you ate him together. Can you deny it? Physically, your son died and you’re crying. Who are you crying to? Tell people you’re the one that killed him. I will torment you. Can you battle with Me? The Lucifer that taught all of you all this evil told you it’s wisdom. He didn’t tell you it’s witchcraft. They were there when I created some things and he knew how I did it. This is why he could teach you how to turn human being to animal. As I disowned him, so I will disown you. The sad part of the story is that all of you are in the church. I Am the Almighty God! I will torment you either here or there. What all of you don’t know is that, if a woman has the spirit of witchcraft, all her children will have it spiritually until I deliver them out of it. Anyone that has such spirit cannot do anything good in life. All your children are suffering everywhere, enslaving themselves because of your evil. You have turned all My heroes to vagabond everywhere. You turned them to wanderers. I Am the Almighty God. I will torment you.

Can you paint evil? Does evil have a different name? Is it only Africans that are evil? If you put faeces into a plastic bag and tied it, people will know quickly what it is through the smell. But if you put it in a golden box, people will admire it and won’t know it’s faeces. This is what all of you who call yourself Whites are doing. I Am the Almighty God. I created White and I created Black. All of you are My children. I hate evil! I hate abomination! When you were seeking for job, you were disappointed because the company refused to offer you a job. Then Satan met you on the way because you’re My hero who was meant to preach My Word to My children and repair their lives. He offered you an advice how you could become rich. You accepted his offer, and today, you’re the richest man in the world. How can one man have money more than a nation? I Am the Almighty God. Wealth comes from Me, yet, there’s a limit. I see what’s done in the dark. Through you, Satan is destroying the lives of My children with incurable sickness everywhere. You’re donating billions to charity everywhere and nobody knows the source of your wealth. Can you open your mouth and tell everybody who you are? Can you open your mouth and tell everybody that Satan is spreading sickness through you? Can you open your mouth and tell everybody you’re evil? Satan has turned the wisdom I gave you to a tool of destruction. You alone have access to the whole world. Without you, nobody can move. You turned yourself to a mini-god. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Owner of secrets. Can you do anything on My behalf? The country you come from, I know what I did to settle the spirits of the land, so that prosperity can flow like a river. But you and your brothers have turned everything upside down. Everywhere in the world, people see you as the richest, but you’re all poor because the riches of evil men will end up in disaster. The whole Earth is Mine and I will act when the cup of My wrath is full.

Are you My servant or accursed? I sent you to this Earth to bring My children back to Me. You always gather My children together and teach them what your heart tells you. You’re building mansions everywhere and My children are crying. Why did I choose you? Did I choose you because of the things of this Earth? I chose you because of the things of Heaven. You will gather millions of people together and you have no word to teach them. You’re there to cleanse My children. How can you cleanse them when you’re dirty? All My children are dirty, their soul is crying to Me, and you’re there teaching them how to make wealth. Can you stand when My wrath comes? You turn yourself to a wicked man. I didn’t give you that kind of heart. You know where you got it from. What happened to Benson Idahosa? He was My hero. He loved Me so much and I loved him too. He preached My Word with so much confidence. All the miracles he did were genuine. He shut up idols at will. Idols bowed down to him through My power. But he destroyed himself because of his greed. Satan cut him off suddenly! How many years has he died now? He is there lamenting in Hellfire! Today, he’s crying that I should give him another chance, so he could come back and preach the truth even if in poverty. There’s no another chance! The opportunity I gave to you, how did you do it? There’s no second chance. Right now, all his children, all My servants he converted to Me are on their way to Hellfire. If I sent you a message and you did otherwise, that means you spat on My face. And I will reward you with whatever you deserve when you come back to Me. I Am a Wicked Father when it comes to the issue of Hellfire. Why did I disown My son Lucifer if I love evil? I will disown all of you that fall into this category.

What happened to Myles Munroe? You cannot be preaching My Word and doing something else in the back. Satan was the one that killed him and his wife. If a man died, if he’s judged and could neither go to Heaven nor Hellfire, he may be sent back to enter his body to give him another chance. But if the body is no more available, he’ll go to the Dark-Planet, so he could come back as a little child again. Satan knows that such could happen, this was why he always scatters people’s body in the air. But as for My servant, you’re going straight to Hellfire if you don’t meet the criteria to enter Heaven. I count so much on all of you. But what are you doing? You’re teaching My children how to pursue the things of this Earth and forget about their lives, which is Heaven. I will judge you. All of you are looking for money. You’re saying your God is not a poor God, and that Jesus was poor, so you could become rich. All of you are very stupid and foolish! The madness of Lucifer has consumed your brain. Did Moses exploit My children? He suffered because of them! All of you live comfortably in your castle while My children are dying. I didn’t ask you to give them money. I want you to preach holiness to them, so that the door of their blessings can be opened as they cleanse themselves. But you make them feel comfortable in sin. All of you are performing fake healings and miracles everywhere. Is that what you learnt from My Son? When I come down, you’ll see raw miracles with signs and wonders. I Am the Owner and I’ll pour it upon My children to your own shame. If you don’t have the power to turn water into wine, at least you’ll give what you have. How many of you can wipe tears away from My children? You’re happy because you’re living in comfort. Everything I prepared for you to enjoy in Heaven, you want to enjoy it on this Earth. Which one will you enjoy when you come to Heaven if only you ever near there? I will judge all of you with fire.

As for all of you in Nigeria, I’ve said what I’ll do to you. You will tell Me if you’re the ruler or I’m the One. You have churches everywhere, yet, all manner of evil full your hands. Have you read it anywhere that My Son asked people to bring money to build castles? Have you read it anywhere that My Son asked people to bring money to tar the road to Nazareth? Have you read it anywhere that My Son asked people to bring money to build churches? Those He preached to, where did He preach to them? The crowd He fed, was it not open field He fed them? You’re taking money from My children, money of sorrow and affliction while their lives pine away. But all of you cruise around with your limousines and private jets. I Am Jehovah God. I will judge all of you. You acquired evil upon evil. You’re trading on My children’s glory and call yourselves My servants. As I did to the Elders of Israel, so will I do to all of you. You use evil people to surround yourselves everywhere. Why should you associate with bloodsuckers if you’re not part of them? Why should you associate with those I asked to rule My children who’re sending them to slavery? The same serpent that has bitten them has bitten you also because you’re the same. You’ve lost your birthright and I will wipe off your memory from the face of this Earth. I Am the same God of Old. I did it before and I’ll do it again. When I elevated Nebuchadnezzar and he thought he had power, what did I do to him? What did I do to Pharaoh in Egypt? I’m only buying My time because very soon, the whole world will see your shame and they’ll know that I Am the Almighty God. Your charm cannot save you from My hand. Can you charm Me? You can only charm My children whom you’re using their glory. You tie them down and they cannot move forward. But you’re calling Me Father. Who is your Father? The Father knows how many children He has. I will uproot you and uproot your children. I will wipe off your memory from the face of this Earth. Nobody will ever remember any of you again. All the works you think you did for Me will become history. All of you are dirty! All manner of evil is in your hands, yet, you call yourselves My servants. The ram’s horn you’re licking before you climb the pulpit cannot save you from My hand. The dangerous charm you did to avert death cannot save you. I will cut you off when you least expected. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Man of War. I love challenge. All of you should come and challenge Me if you have the power. I cover you with the veil and if I remove it, nobody will remain in your church. All of you think you’re clever. Until you’re dead, that’s when people will know what you’ve put your hands. But I will not wait until you’re dead. I will disgrace all of you openly on this Earth until you’ll go and face the remaining part of your disgrace in Hellfire.

Those of you who love Heaven and want to see peace should wash your hands clean. Don’t rely on My servants because they’re bloodsuckers. Rely and depend solely on Me. Follow the example of your Saviour whom I killed because of you. Love good and administer justice everywhere you go. Repair yourself everyday and wash your robes because I Am coming.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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