Salvation Is Personal

The Father speaks

(Sunday 15th January 2012, 12:00)

If there is somebody, if there is someone who can create a human being, let Me know. If there is someone who can form a human being, let Me know. If there is somebody who can boast of himself that when he create a human being, he can give him mouth, ears, legs and hands, and he will speak and walk; if there is someone like this, please let Me know. All their performances on this earth, everything they claim they know, if any of them can create a human being, let Me know. No one! That means the Father is the Master. The Father is the All-In-All. Why are you troubling yourself? Why are you doing yourself evil? The Father is able to do all things. Your being alive today, is it by your power? Is it in your power you are alive? Those who have gone down, what is the difference between you and them? Are you more beautiful than them? Those who have gone down, those who are there in the grave, those who could neither speak nor move, those who are dead, are you more beautiful than them? Are you holier than them? Are you serving the Father more than them? Why are you troubling yourself? Those ones who have gone down, they had wealth and many treasures, they had children, they had wives or husband. Oh my husband, I will never leave you alone; wherever you go I will go. But when death comes, where is the husband? Where is the husband? They will carry you away from the house and lay your body somewhere in the field. Where is the husband? But husband is there living his own life. You are troubling about your husband every day. When death comes, it will separate you and your husband. Where is the husband? He will continue to enjoy his life. That is for you to know that your life and that of your husband is not the same. If not, he could have died with you. Even if both of you die the same day, you may not go to the same destination. They will separate you. Your category and his category may not be the same. Both of you may not be on the same level. Your level may be higher than that of your husband. My husband, my husband; you will miss the gift the Father prepares for you. Let your Father be your husband. If your Father is not your husband, you will miss it. Father, you are my husband; Father you are my Everything. If you allow your Father to be your husband, He will meet all your needs. But when you carry the load of your husband on your head, it will weigh you down. Are you the one that created the husband? Is it not the Father? That is what people don’t want to hear. That is what they don’t want to know.

You are worried my husband, my husband! When you give birth to a child, you will breast feed him. If he refuses to suck the breast will you suck it for him? You then chew food and put it into his mouth. If he refuses to swallow it will you swallow it for him? No! That is a child you carried in your womb for 9 months. If the child cannot swallow the food by himself, will you force him to swallow it? If he swallows that food, it will nourish his body. Oh sister Benny, your son was big the day you gave birth to him, what happened? He refused to eat. But you are in the position to feed him! Can you swallow food for him? Everybody that sees him knows he’s growing lean because he refused to eat. You cannot open his belly and put the food there. That is the child you carried in your womb for 9 months, how much more your husband.

I have told you that this journey is a separate journey. Though the Father joined both of them together physically as husband and wife, they are doing everything together, but the salvation of an individual is personal. It’s a choice. When you do it well, it shall be well because the Father is watching you. The day you supposed to be happy you’ll be sorrowful because of your husband. That was why I used the child you carried in your womb as an illustration. You carried him in your womb; you felt the pains and gave birth to him. That is why when a mother gives birth to a child, there is joy everywhere. It’s not easy. There is nothing on earth that is more precious than a new born baby. You will carry the baby in your hands like an egg. Yes, the husband is good. God said they should be together; but there is a limit you can do so that you will not miss it. The time your soul supposed to be happy, you’re sorrowful. Can anything good come out of a sorrowful heart? Nothing good can come out of it. It’s only the heart that is happy everyday can receive the Father’s blessing. You can only chew for a child, you cannot swallow for him. My son, if you and your wife are walking along the way and somebody wants to snatch her, you will fight. But when death snatches her unaware, what can you do? Can you pursue the death? I want you to pursue it and flog it. Can you see it? Death is a spirit! You have to be careful in everything you do. The Father is a Father. He sees everything. You can never take the glory of the Father to anybody. The Father is not a human being. Yours is to say yes Sir. He is the One that own you. Whatever He says you should do, yours is just to say yes Sir. Sit down there; yes Sir. Who are you to question the Father? Who are you to dare challenge the Father! He is the One that owns the authority. Whatever He says He will do, He will do it. If He says He doesn’t want to do it, He will not do it. Yours is just to dance and follow the Father. Even though people look at you that you’re nothing, you should be happy. Father, I thank You for today; I thank You for my life.

Take food and eat. But you cannot open your mouth. Is that how the Father created you? When the Father created you, when you came into this world, if you didn’t open your mouth and cry, they wouldn’t have said you’re alive. But when your mouth was opened and you cried, they shouted for joy. Now you cannot open your mouth again and eat. Why? Because you’re dead! Did the Father create you to die prematurely? When you’re troubling yourself, you do yourself harm. But when you are happy, you do yourself good because as you’re happy, your soul is happy, your spirit is happy; in fact everything about you is happy. But when you’re sorrowful, your entire being is sorrowful. You do yourself harm.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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