Seek The Father Always

The Father speaks

(Sunday 1st April 2012, 10:25)

If you clear a piece of land before you plant any crop on it, after some days, weeds will start growing on it again. If you fail to clear the weeds, they will take over the piece of land from you. If you want to clear the farm, what do you use? You will use a cutlass. Who is your cutlass? Jesus Christ is your cutlass. As weeds grow in the farm everyday, that is how demons spread. They want to make sure they take the farm from your hand. They are barriers and they are obstacles. As weeds grow in a farm, they will drink the water that the crops should have drank so they could grow well. You will use your cutlass to clear them away. Jesus Christ is your cutlass. You don’t have any other cutlass. Do not be weak in your everyday life. In everything you do, let your heart be in Jesus. Do not be carried away with anything. As you’re being carried away, the weeds will take over the farm from you. As you’re looking at them, they’re taking over. If you have a cutlass in your hand and you refuse to use it, they will grow, overgrow, and take over the farm from you. Sharp your cutlass everyday. As long you’re still alive, then you’re a human being, and as long you’re a human being, weed will come in various ways. Some may even grow on top of the plant. Uproot it! They know if the crops grow well, you will eat. They will come in different ways. This is what you want to eat; we will not allow you to eat it. They too have their own life. They are struggling with you. You are their food! They can never live on their own. They will live on that crop you planted. That is why you have to be strong everyday. Sharp your cutlass everyday. Jesus Christ is your cutlass. Jesus Christ is your everything. The Father said without Jesus Christ you cannot see Him. Let Jesus Christ be your everything. You planted vegetable to eat and suddenly you see another plant growing among it; uproot it. It’s not a vegetable! It is an enemy to destroy.

God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit are not human beings. You have to be watchful in everything you do. You have to be watchful everyday of your life. The Father is not a wicked Father. You have surrendered your life to Him and He works on your behalf every day. However, you must take care of yourself physically. Do not take My word as nonsense. I mean every word I say because I love you. The Father is acting on your behalf spiritually, but what about the physical. You must take your stand and pray. If you touch anything, they will take your fingerprint. Nobody can take the fingerprint of the Father. The Father can come and go, nobody sees Him. He is the Controller. Can you see the Father, how much more take His fingerprint? Unless you are dead, that is when they will forget about you. Anywhere you go, any word you say, you have to be careful because they will use it against you. I am the One speaking. I illustrated for you about weed. Weed is an obstacle. It’s an obstacle to the progress of your life. It can come in any form. Be careful in your daily life. Do not take anything for granted. Be sensitive wherever you go. Be sensitive! Be wise. You cannot see the Father physically. He sent His Son into this world as an example for everybody to follow. Jesus Christ is the Example. Jesus Christ is the All-In-All. He taught and taught; He performed and performed; He entered everywhere and did not glue Himself to wherever He entered. He did everything perfectly. The Father Himself did not see any trace of mistake in Him. Before anybody came, He knew the thought of your heart. When you’re serving Jesus, you have to be like Jesus. It’s not everything that glitters are gold.

What happened to the woman with the issue of blood? Did Jesus Christ lay hands on her? No! She came voluntarily because she wanted to come out of that mess. He knew somebody was coming. He knew as the woman left her house. When you’re serving the Father, you have to be inside the Father. Do not be carried away. If you desire something and you don’t have it, close your eyes to it because it will lead you to where you don’t expect. There are some things you see, just go on your own way and thank the Father. When everything you do is about Jesus and the Father, who will come and do you evil? As you speak that word of the Father, He’s endowing you with His power. You are full of the word of the Father both physically and inwardly. The devil has nowhere to enter you. Let the word of the Father be like fire inside your body. However, if your inside is cold, though you’re preaching the word of the Father physically, the weed will grow. The inside controls the physical. If your inside is cold, it’s very easy for them to enter you. Let the inside be like fire! If they come physically, they cannot come and if they come spiritually, they cannot come as well. Nobody can charm Jesus Christ. The Father has described how this earth is to you because you have the privilege. Many of them go there (the church) today, but their heart is not there. But the Father is revealing everything to you so that you will never be a novice of the wicked ones. They come in different ways. You cannot see the Father; you cannot see them also. If your heart is hot, they cannot come in and begin to teach you because two captains cannot be on a ship. As you’re breathing everyday, let your Father be like fire in your heart.

Can you destroy the Father? No, you cannot destroy the Father. You cannot even destroy me. Evil can never befall the Father. Have you seen the Father sick? Even the Son that He brought to this earth, have you heard He went to hospital? No! If they’re talking about every kind of flu, it will not be my portion. If that person carries fire on his head and he’s sending people away from work, when he sees me, he will give me more work; he will love me because it’s my Father that works before me; can you sack my Father from work; it’s my Father that owns the job; therefore, if you cannot sack my Father, you cannot sack me. That should be your confession every day. The Father will remain the Almighty Father until the end.

In the beginning, they were fishermen. Jesus Christ approached them, introduced Himself to them, and they followed Him. As they followed Him, they entered the first stage. He taught them everything while He was with them. As He was teaching them, they were increasing every day. They saw everything He did. As they were seeing Him, they were having more confidence in Him. They even went out to do as Jesus did. They said if Jesus could do it, they too could do it. When He walked on the water, Peter walked on the water too. It was a confidence. When his heart failed, he began to sink. After His ascension to heaven, they took over from where He stopped as the Holy Spirit came upon them. They entered the second stage. As they were doing it, they grew more in confidence. They did the best they could, but they failed to get to the third and final stage because the flesh was still in them. In the beginning of their lives, they were flesh. When they followed Jesus, they were still flesh. As Jesus ascended into heaven and handed the work over to them, they received the power and they now became partly flesh and partly spirit. They failed to get to the third stage. Why? They could not get to the third stage because the flesh was still in them. They killed them! If the Almighty Father could save His children when they threw them into the den of lions and the fire did not burn them, was He not the same Father? The story is there. Why did they kill them when they were the disciples of Jesus Christ? It was because of the flesh. It was only Jesus the Father designed to die like that because that was His purpose. If the Father didn’t want them to kill Him, they wouldn’t have killed Him. However, the Father wanted to save all His children and without shedding the blood of Jesus, He could not save them. The third stage is where I want all My children to reach. When you get to the third stage, nobody can kill you because you are a spirit. That is what the Father wants. If you say Father, I want water to cover this Catford, the Father will honour it. Water will cover it, but they will give it another name. You are the one that did it because they’re doing evil. That was exactly what happened in the time of Elijah. That is what the Father wants. The Father loves challenges. I am saying this for you to know that all of them are looking for food. They have no power to challenge the Father. My children, the disciples of Jesus did not get to the third stage. Only the one (John) that got to the third stage died a natural death. If you are My servant, I expect you to get to the third stage. If you are a true man of God, when you die and you’re coming, your entrance to heaven should be automatic. Nobody supposed to delay you on the way because They want to weigh you. Nevertheless, because all of you are still flesh, because all of you go on your own way, you will be weighed before you can enter heaven.

My son, all of them that call themselves My servants, even the highest man, I’ve told you before that They will judge all of them. Until they finish the journey! They are not doing what the Father asked them to do. As long they’re flesh, They will judge them. They are running after the things of this earth. If you are flesh, They will judge you. I want you to be a spirit. A spirit does not think about the things of this earth. This earth means nothing to him. I have told you before, it’s only the food you will eat you need. The remaining ones mean nothing to you because you’ve chosen the Father. There is a reward awaiting you. Everything is from the Father. Either you give your life to Jesus or not, you’re all My children. Whomever you are serving, whatever you are serving, the Father says you should not do evil. Any category you know you belong, do not do evil. Do not destroy anybody. Do not put anybody into evil. Do not put your hands into what you shouldn’t put your hands. That is what should be ringing in your heart. Yes, I am in Jesus. If you are in Jesus, I know. But are you doing the will of Jesus? Did Jesus Christ die because of you? If Jesus Christ died for you, you will hold yourself back from every matter of atrocity. Jesus Christ died for you and you’re still doing evil. You will pay for it. Anyway, I did not kill anybody; as I’m going there (the church), I want every man to look at me. What then do you do? Somebody is a flesh. As that person sees your face, he feels somehow because there is a spirit behind it. Even the man of God is a flesh. Your brain will begin to work. If your eye does not see, can it move you? As your eye sees it, there is a spirit that enters your body. Can you charm Jesus? When you are inside the Father, can anybody charm you? Nobody can charm you. Satan and demons pass through many ways to destroy My children. It’s like blocking the river. What will happen to the fishes on the dry land? They will get weak and die. That is what the devil does. What then should you do? You have to be full. You have to become spirit. When you get to the second stage, people will see it in you. It is not by fasting and prayer. It is your heart. Let your heart be in the Father everyday. Let your flesh die.

My son, do you know what the demons are doing? They are using My Son against all My children. Whoever does not meet the need of Jesus, we will use it against him. That is what they’re doing. How can we meet the need of Jesus? Did Jesus curse anybody? He did not! He did not think of the things of this earth. Everything that Jesus Christ didn’t do that you’re doing, that is what the devil is using against you. Oh God, look at the life I’m living; look at all my mates; look at everybody. Right from the day your mother gave birth to you until this day, you didn’t die. My son, it is very easy for a newborn baby to die. Anything can kill that baby. However, the Father keeps him alive because He has purpose for him. When you were born, you were living in a house before you have the knowledge to do anything. Were you living outside? If you were living outside, you could have died. Until you have the knowledge that somebody can acquire a house. The Father is inside you right from the beginning; that is why you’re alive. He made you to have knowledge of anything at all. Now that you see a house, you say you want to abandon the Father. You see beautiful women outside; you now say you want to abandon the Father because of beautiful women. The devil now sows evil seed into your heart. Don’t you know you’ve missed it? You have missed it. Even if you did not marry her, you have married her already in your heart because you love her. Any love you will love must be the love of Jesus Christ. Whenever you look, you will give thanks to your Father for creating such a beautiful woman. That is all! You will go on your own way. By the end of the day, you will carry a microphone and begin to speak, ‘I have done this before and my Father has forgiven me’. Do you think it is finished just like that? Do you think it is erased? Who told you? The matter is still there waiting for you until the day you die. With that testimony you gave, you sow another seed into somebody’s life. So, a man of God can sleep with somebody and come and give testimony; that means I too can do it. The testimony you gave has destroyed somebody’s life because somebody will do the same thing. After all, Father has forgiven me. The mark is there waiting for you. You will pay for it. You will pay for it.

You call yourself a man of God; you know what you did so that people would invite you to preach in their churches. When you get there, what will you preach? You will only preach about the things of this earth. Why are they inviting you? They invite you because you went to do charm. And you that listen to his preaching think it’s going to change your life. It cannot change your life because you’re adulterer, you’re a fornicator. It’s not that kind of preaching you need. He is preaching about the things of this earth. You need the word from the Source. You are a woman that takes another person’s husband and you’re giving money to the pastor. You think he will change your life. That preaching will not do anything in your life. The Father is looking at you. The Father is watching you. The word of the Father is there. When you read it, the Spirit of the Father inside you will bear witness. It is better than listening to unprofitable preaching from a pastor who went to do charm.

Are you the one that feeds the birds in the air? How do they eat? They eat their food everywhere. The Father is the One that provides for them. You are working. Without that work, you cannot eat. Yet, you’re not the one doing it; it’s the Father inside you doing it. As you’re doing it, you will never backbite; you will never gossip; you will run away from evil. If you do all these ones, you’re committing sin. Through all these ones, the devil is watching you. He will come and attack you. He will come and destroy you. If anyone calls you any name, do not care. As you’re quiet, you’re communicating with your Father. As you’re doing your work, the Father is inside you. You are communicating with the Father. The Father is inside you. Whenever you want to communicate with people, the Father will keep quiet. Whenever you stop, He will continue with you again. He is not a confusion Father. That is why you have to watch your tongue. Somebody may come to you that he wants to tell you something, that if he doesn’t tell you now he may forget. He knows what he’s doing. He just wants to confuse you to take your heart away from your Father. If you allow him, the connection between you and your Father will be disrupted. If anybody asks you any question, your Father is the One that will tell you what to say. If anyone tells you what you don’t like, tell him about your Father. If you know my Father, it shall be well with you; but if you don’t know my Father, hellfire is awaiting you. If his heart is not in your Father, he will run away from you. He will never come to you with his nonsense any longer. Be close to the Father; if you’re close to the Father, He will change your life. Oh, I’m not going there because the word that comes out of his mouth is fire; I don’t want someone to destroy me. He will run away. This person is a fire, how come he loves you? Can you hate your Father? The Father is the One that created everybody. I told you all of them that serve whatever they serve, the Father is inside them. They refuse to serve the Almighty Father; but the Father is inside all of them. He is the All-In-All. When you choose the Almighty Father, who is that person that serves something else that will defeat you? He will love you! How do you do it; that man that is sacking everybody is smiling with you. Yes, it’s your Father. Your Father that is inside you is bigger than the one inside him. Count the things of this earth as nothing. Tell everybody to allow the Father to be everything in their lives. Let my Father be everything in your life; if my Father is everything in your life, He knows you will eat; don’t kill yourself because of the things of this earth, because you will go back to my Father; address Him as your Father; He is my Father; if you know Him as your Father, you will be serious with Him. He is my Father; He is inside you; it’s not in your power you’re alive today; if He takes His breath away from you, you’re dead. You will go to your bathroom and take your bath; if you cannot breathe again, somebody will dip a towel into water and clean your body. That means you’re no more alive. You cannot get up again. They will measure your size and place you somewhere in the field. This was the body you cherish so much. Somebody may even come and use his hand to knock your head, you don’t know anything anymore. Somebody can come and stand on top of your bed. If you are alive, can somebody do that? You are dead! The things of this earth mean nothing to me; it’s only my Father that brought me into this earth knows everything concerning me; He is the One that cares for me; I will not use my mouth to destroy myself; I want my Father that’s inside me to grow more in me every day; that is the journey of my life. That is what I want! Inasmuch you’re a human being, you cannot escape the Father. No matter where you go, you are still coming to meet the Father. He is the same Father that controls the whole universe. When I’m speaking, my mouth is like fire; but the Father inside me is cold. What do you call that? You are flesh. The flesh is still ruling you. Nothing changes me; nothing moves me; I know what my Father has prepared for me.

I want all my servants to be in the third stage. When you are there, somebody will die because of you. When you are there, nobody can touch you. You are not seeing anyone physically, but she’s telling you she can come to your house. You know what that one means. Her level is more than your own level. But you are in Jesus! You are seeking for the things of this earth. You are worried about the things of this earth and somebody is worried how to get the power to destroy you. You are pursuing the things of this earth! You are fasting and praying because of the things of this earth. Somebody is seeking for more power to destroy you. You are seeking for children. You are seeking for money. You are seeking for the amenities of this world. Somebody is seeking how to acquire more power to destroy you. I don’t care, as long as I’m able to destroy them, that’s okay for me. You have been crying on your bed everyday. But you are in your Father! You are crying! Somebody is going to any length to destroy you. No matter how far that place is, I will go. But you are crying every day that the Father should bless you. What do you want? You are alive. Are you dead? You are alive! What do you want? You can eat; you can breathe. If it’s only that one, give thanks to your Father. Oh Father, have mercy on me; I need You every area of my life; I want to know more about You; reveal Yourself to me my Father. That should be your confession. When somebody sees you, she asks, ‘sister, are you hungry’. No, I’m not hungry. You too should ask her ‘sister, are you still in faith’. Yes, I’m still in the faith. You know why you asked that question because her physical appearance alone tells you she’s no more in faith. She sees you without earrings and the way you dress and she was asking you if you’re hungry. All those things she put on her body shows she’s not in the Father. She is still in the world! When you look at her body, the outer layer of her skin is gone. The Father created you naturally, but you use the things of this earth to destroy yourself. That is what Satan uses to tempt all of them. Are you still in faith; are you sure? With that question you ask, she will think twice. She will think otherwise. All these things lead you to destruction. It will not do you any good; it will do you harm. When they gave birth to you, how was your hair? Was anything attached to your hair while you were coming to this earth? Oh, this one carries the Father’s attachment, the Father’s wig on her head. No, it was just ordinary hair. If the hair is too long, you will cut it. Oh, it’s a boy, it’s a girl; let us pierce the ear. No, I don’t want; leave her like that. Will anybody force you? Have you seen any child that was born with earrings in her ears before? Have you seen it before? Any child that is born with earrings in her ears is a demon! If you have seen it, challenge Me. That means every work of the Father is perfect. Oh, look at you; your father and mother is white, but you are black. Yes, the Father made you like that. But what do you do? You will go and remove your skin. My father is from Europe while my mother is from America. You will begin to bleach yourself. Have you seen a child that died because he was born with a different skin colour from that of his parents? But you are now pealing your colour. You have chosen the wrong side. Even though you speak like fire, you will go to the wrong side. The Father wants you to come back to Him the way He brought you. You have gone your own way. You think people will love you. Where then do you put your Father? Where do you put your Father? Everything you are doing is harmful to the body. If your Father gives you something, do not add your own to it. The category of people that do that, tell them that the Father does not want it. You come from the Father, you will return to the Father. It is not by power; it is by the Spirit of the Father. Even if one of your eyes is blind and you need husband, the Father will give you a man that has two eyes and you will be surprised. He will give you to that person as a wife and he will accept you. If that person refuses, he knows he’s gone his own way. This is the person the Father says I should marry. You will marry each other because the Father has designed both of you together. Look at me; I am beautiful; I am the most beautiful woman on earth. Who told you? You go on your own way. Those who did it before, you know what happened to them. That is why you see many people crying now. No matter what you do in this body, it cannot be the way the Father created it. They go on their own way. They did not seek for advice from the Father; they seek for advice from men. They go on their own way. When it backfires, it will begin to pain them. What have I done to myself; this is the third husband. Yes, because you did not seek for advice from your Father. You seek for advice from men. Let me do this, let me do that, let me makeup. The Spirit of the Father inside you is also inside somebody and when both of you meet each other, it will be glorious. You will know that both of you are meant for each other. However, somebody claimed he loves you, after some years, the love now fades. How come? The blessing of God does not add sorrow. Oh, this is my wife; I love you. Yes, because your Father opens your eyes to see her. The love is from the Father because it’s He that connects both of you together and there is nothing anybody can do. If the Father doesn’t want a husband and wife on this earth, He couldn’t have created man and woman. He wants a husband and wife to be together and He honours it. If He didn’t create them, they cannot be together. If He created only Adam and didn’t create Eve, how could you have come to live? But He created them to produce children. There is a time for everything. The conclusion of My word, seek the Father everyday. Let the things of this earth mean nothing to you. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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