Sin In The Land

The Father speaks

(Thursday 26th November 2020, 10:00)

If you believe in God of Heaven, you will believe in Jesus Christ. If you believe in Jesus, you will believe in the Holy Spirit. Nobody dragged you into giving your life to Jesus Christ. I Am speaking about Christianity now. I saw Myself that I Am a Holy Father. I created Heaven where I live, and I Am happy. Every good thing is there. I said to Myself; I would not enjoy everything alone; let Me come down and create the Earth for My children. This is a place where they can touch each other physically. Heaven isn’t like that. Everything there is automatic. I have said this before. Everything in Heaven is automatic. You call it by word of mouth. Everything is a Spirit. You see and touch each other but unlike flesh. There is no flesh in Heaven. I came down to this Earth and used the form of Heaven to create it. On Earth, you can feel and touch; you can sow and reap. Heaven isn’t’ like that. By the end of the day, from this Earth, you’ll go back to Heaven. For you to achieve everything I want you to achieve on this Earth, you must work with Us. You must work with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This isn’t ordinary work; I Am speaking about the work of holiness. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. Holiness is My food.

If you do the work of holiness, children will surround your table. You will fulfil your days on this Earth. Your children will give you peace. You will call them, and they’ll answer. Your wife and children will obey you. Every crop you planted will yield its increase. Out of your crops, you’ll give Me some as an act of thanksgiving. I will also give them to the Spirits I assigned to help you in your work. Whatever food you give to Me, I will not eat it. I will give it to the Spirits I assigned to support you in whatever work you do. These Spirits are there, and you cannot see them. I don’t owe you an apology to tell you that there are Spirits around you. The moment you choose to work with Me, these People will come to you automatically. They are eating out of the food I give to you. These are the Armies, Police, Wanderers, Immigration Officers. They work with you! If Satan sends cankerworm and caterpillar to eat your crops, these Troop of Spiritual Workers will defend you. Why? Because you meet My needs; because you live in holiness. By the end of the day, you’ll tell Me thank You. Whatever you give to Me, I will accept it happily and give it to Those who helped in doing your work. As you have these People working for you because of holiness, so also, there are soldiers of Satan who come and take whatever they need from you by force. You give to Me willingly, and even if you don’t give to Me, I will not force you. I will visit you spiritually and alert you that you haven’t given to Me. I will not force you! I will only remind you. I gave you everything. I will also ask you that you’ve not given Me My portion. For example, if a Pastor fasted and prayed when you’re seeking for a job, if you fail to remember him after you secured the job, I will come to you and remind you that you’ve not fulfilled your obligation.

Whatever you give to Me, I will give to those People who helped you because they must feed out of your holiness. As They’re eating it, They’ll have peace. They help you in everything you do. If you tell your wife that you’re going to work, They’ll follow you immediately, but you’ll not know. I send these People to work with every human being on this Earth. They’re My Servants! But you cannot see Them. Every time you’re walking, you’re not walking alone. You’re walking with some People. These are holy People. Before any evil befalls you, They’ll alert you. If your eyes are blind to the things of the Spirit, They’ll cause something to happen so that you’ll remain at home. That’s why you see different testimonies everywhere. This is because of your holiness. What about the other ones, the armies of Satan? They take everything from you by force, either you like it or not. The moment you switch to their side, even though you gave your life to Jesus Christ but failed to fulfil the requirement of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, they will work with you. What happens to the Spirits I assigned to follow you? They will disappear immediately! When you gave your life to Jesus Christ, you didn’t allow the Spirit of truth to dwell with you. All these Spirits will depart from you. The spirits of the devil will take over your life. Yes, he gave his life to Jesus Christ, but we’re the ones that gave him everything he has. Because you failed to fulfil My will, because you failed to live a holy life, all the Spirits I assigned to follow you will depart from you. The other spirits that take control of your life can require anything from you. And if you fail to give it to them, they’ll take it by force. They can require blood from you. They can take away your child from you. They can visit your place of work and tell them you’re not working anymore, and it will materialise physically. They never do anything good. If you’re a Pastor and you fall into this category, Satan can strike any member of your church because they’re all your children. All the congregation in the church are Pastor’s children. The Pastor must bring them back to Me through cleansing. Because you failed to fulfil My requirement so that all the good Spirits can work with you, the reverse will be the case. The armies of Satan will work with you, and they can strike any member of your church at any time. This is why it’s good for everyone to wash his hands clean and read My Word. My son, I Am telling you all these because of the prayers you prayed concerning Nigeria. I Am the Almighty God.

If you take a close look at the population of Nigeria, half of them are Christians. They are Christians, yet, you cannot see anything good in them. I Am the Creator. I Am the Great Seer. I see everything! Anyone among you who challenge Me will see My wrath. All of you gave your life to Jesus Christ, yet, both Jesus Christ and I are behind. You place your needs ahead of Us. The things of this Earth are in your front. My son, I told you before that as they gather together every Sunday, their noise is like crying birds. I Am not the One that asked them to do everything they’re doing. They do it by themselves. They act by their own idea, their own wisdom. Satan is the one leading them. They act according to the desire of their heart. Any nation that gather together in My name and claim they want to do what they like, Satan must control their heart. If Satan and demons control the land, that means nothing good will happen. They can cause anything to happen both physically and spiritually. If they control the land, you must provide whatever they ask you by force. In a state where are only three or four churches, let every word that comes out of the mouth of the Pastor be a word of holiness. Let everything be about holiness. If somebody lost her purse, everybody would begin to announce it that a woman lost her purse. The owner will eventually pick it up from where it is kept. Will I be happy in Heaven or not? I will be happy.

I gave the land good treasures. Many of you are illiterates. The few who is wise and knowledgeable among you who could turn the sand of the ground to oil and later turn it to money will care for everybody in the land. As the people are praying and happy, there will be peace in the land. As they go to the church, with the tears of joy flowing down from their eyes, will I be happy in Heaven or not? I will be happy. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Man. I brought you out of My body. But all of you go to the church, and the tears that flow down from your eyes are tears of sorrow. Why? What happened to the treasure I gave to you? My son, ask them a question! What happened to the treasure I gave to the land? Every tear that flows from your heart and eye is a tear of sorrow. Where does sorrow come from? Anger, bitterness, sickness, premature death. You must understand that if Satan and demons take over a land, nothing good will come out of it. All of you must know that I have created both good and evil. None of you will ask Me why I created both good and evil. You will benefit from whatever you choose. All of you are serving Me, but you’re not serving Me with your heart. You’re serving Me because of what you want. Go back to your Bible and read it. Seek first My Kingdom, and I will do My own. If you seek My Kingdom, your neighbour will have peace. What is peace? I want all of you to define peace. If your neighbour doesn’t have peace, you will not have peace because the life of your neighbour is in My hand. You’re not the one that created him; I Am the One. I created him like you. Hence you don’t have peace with him; the demons will come to you. That means if you’re doing somebody evil, you too will not have peace. If you’re eating and you don’t allow another person to it, what will the demons do? They will waste everything. I Am the Almighty God. Whatever treasure I buried in a land, I did it for the whole land, not for only one person. I put it there for everybody to enjoy. You that have the wisdom and knowledge to turn everything into money, your own portion will be more than others, but just by a few. The difference must not be too much. Tell them My son! I see everything! If they don’t listen to Me, Nigeria will turn to an ordinary ground. I Am the Almighty God. If I keep quiet, not that I don’t know what I’m doing. I Am in Heaven, and I judge the Earth. Before I carry out My last assignment, all of you will pass through the torment.

You are eating stolen food, and you’re happy. Don’t you have children? My son, ask all of them if they have children. If you have children and you’re eating and hide the rest, My son, tell them that they’re in trouble. They are in trouble because what goes around also comes around. All of them will partake in every evil they’re doing. This is not for only Christians, but every human being in the land. If you’re eating stolen food, you must know what you’re eating. You’re eating poisonous food! Any food you’re not given to eat is stolen food. I Am the Owner of the land. Any sin you committed; I Am the One that owns you. You cannot escape from My hand. You will receive the judgement. Whenever you die, I will punish you to the grave. Tell them My son! I will punish them to the grave. They should turn back now. If they fail to turn back, I will raise people to brutalise them, and you know what that means. If you say your heart is in the back, I will prove to you that you don’t know how to do evil more than Me. The nation of Israel, Am I not the One that set up their generation? Did I send them to slavery or not? Do you love children more than Me? I Am the One that owns all of you. Before you have children, you’re My children, and you’re still My children. You can never be bigger than Me. If I could send them to slavery where all of them died, then you should know what I can do. If you’re eating and you think you’ll live forever, you’re lying. None of you will live forever. All of you owe death. Why can’t you live a good legacy? Why can’t everybody say this is the handwork of God. If you’re praising Me for everything I do, I will do more. Out of a hundred people, if ninety-nine is crying to Me, that means I didn’t do anything good in the land. What is the purpose of the money you kept in your bank account when I receive a sorrowful message every day? That means I didn’t do anything good in the land. That means Satan is the one controlling all of you. Any nation where children eat and they’re praising Me, I Am happy. Out of the little I gave to you, and you eat and praise Me, then I Am happy. But out of the abundance I gave to you, the only thing I see is tears of sorrow. And if I keep receiving a report of danger, all of you know what that means because I will descend on the land. A nation that I blessed so much with every good thing and the only thing that come out of there every day is tears of sorrow; then you should use your mind to judge what’s coming to befall all of you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Mighty Man-In-Battle.

I gave the powers to Pastors to preach Good News. What is the Good News? Holiness! If four or five people are in an executive position in an office and they have the heart of Jesus Christ, what will happen to that company? When I said you should seek the Kingdom of God, you think I don’t know what I’m saying. In your Aso Rock, if the heart of four people in key positions is good, everything they will do, every meeting they will hold will be about My children. I want to hear about the goodness of our country! If you’re saying about our country, that means you care about the children of the Father. Then what happens to Me? Will I be happy or not? I will be happy! In a situation whereby you want to eat and die alone, you know where you’re going. My son, tell them nobody will live on this Earth forever. You will receive the reward of everything you do. Don’t allow innocent people that don’t know anything follow you. If you push Me to that stage, all of you know what will happen. None of you has seen Me in action before. You only read it in My Word, and you don’t believe it. Before it is too late, all of you should turn back.

If you know you’re serving Me with your religion, no matter what your religion may be; if you know you’re serving Me - the Almighty God, it must be about holiness. I do not impose Jesus Christ on you. Heaven and Earth started from Me. I Am the Father before I began having children. I don’t force you to serve Me. If you serve Me, then every other Person that works with Me accepts you. If you don’t want to serve Me, it will bounce back on you. I have done it on this Earth before, and I will do it again. Nobody will force Me to take away the blanket of this Earth before the appointed time. When the time reaches, I will take the good ones to wherever I want. What happens to the chaff? Why should you be among the chaff? Now you’re here on this Earth where both the good and chaff dwell together. However, I want the good to be more than the chaff so that the Earth can yield her increase. You give birth to children every day. You love yourselves every day and are happy together. Why should evil overpower good? If evil overpowers good, that means nothing good will come out of the land. You will hear crying every day. You will see bloodshed every day because evil overpowers good. All of you that claim you’re in the church are evil. The church has failed Me!

You should go back to the history of the children of Israel. As a Levite, everything you do must be about Me. Everything you do is about holiness and cleanness. You are not an earthly king! Through your mouth, I give an Ordinance to the king, what he should do. In My body, the Levite is senior to the king because you’re from the Almighty God. The king must listen to the voice of the Levite. In his judgement, he must be ready to rebuke the king. That’s why his hands must be clean at all times. The life of the king is in the hand of the Levite because you’re from Me. In a situation where you’ve soiled your hands, what else can you do? If the life of a king is in your hand, who will feed you? Am I not the One? If you honour the king and you think he’ll be the one to feed you, then you’re in trouble. You’re finished! If both of you are blind, who will lead who? Can a blind man lead another blind man? No! You, My servants, your eyes are blind because of the things of this Earth. Did I tell you that your reward is on this Earth? I Am talking to you Pastors! Your reward is not on this Earth but in Heaven. All the cans of coke that you call cars, all the birds’ nests that you call houses will send all of you to Hellfire. If They look at it and They see that you didn’t acquire it lawfully, They will send you to Hellfire. We will judge you! If anybody tells you that nobody will judge you, tell that person he’s a liar. My son, tell them I will judge all of them.

If you stand as a tree and you have many branches, I want to see the benefit of the work you do in My name. Your hands extend to everywhere, yet, there’s nothing good in you. I brought My children to you so you could wash and cleanse them with the blood of My Son, to return them back to Me, but all the children are dirty. None I can call My own. You’re fighting every day to fill your pot. You don’t want your pot to dry of money. But the children are dirty! They are crying while their situation gets worse by the day. Where are you? Don’t tell Me that My Word has changed. Don’t tell Me that My Spirit in the Bible has disappeared. My Spirit is in the Bible that all of you carry in your hands. If you do what’s written in it, all of you will receive your cleansing. But all your word every day is about money, money, money. Holiness gives birth to money! Holiness will, first of all, give birth to peace before money. As you’re reading the Bible, the Holy Spirit will tell you the portion to give to the children. The same Holy Spirit will lead them to go back to the sins they’ve committed and confessed them all. I will then atone for the sins they committed many years ago that made them not to possess their possessions. That’s where peace comes in. You cannot torment somebody’s soul, and the person is dead, and you think you’ll have peace. The soul of that person is sorrowful because you cut his life short. The Spirit of man is very powerful. If you die, you can never decay. Though your flesh will die, your Spirit can never die. Any Spirit that can never decay, if you offend such Spirit, you should go back again and apologise. A dead man can come back and torment the living because his Spirit never dies. I Am the One speaking this morning. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Authority. I Am the Ancient of Days.

Many of you in a position of authority who are tormenting people, you should better go back and apologise before death kills you. In the whole land, if you’re not a Christian, then you’re of other religion, and both are from Me. My religion is for holiness, not for wickedness! Anyone of you in a position of authority who fail to give My children peace, I will come down and torment all your generation that eat out of the food of the land unlawfully. That is My judgement, and nobody will stop Me. As you love your children, so also another person. As you’re giving your children stolen money, the same measurement I gave you to have your children, I also gave the other person to have his children. No child is higher than the other. Everybody is equal! That’s why either you’re king or queen, president or governor; I judge everybody the same. No one is higher than the other. All of you are equal. When you’re packing stolen money to feed your children, and you think your children are the best, I Am telling all of you that your children are the worst demons. Every minister that stole money and gave his children has sowed sorrow and tears into their lives. I Am Jehovah God Almighty. Anyone among your children that read this message should come out from your house immediately, else, all of them will suffer the consequence. Anywhere they enter, they’ll be treated as an outcast. Whenever they die, they will also suffer for the sins of their parents because they spent out of the money.

It is good when you’re doing evil, but if you want to undo it, you must disgrace yourself. My son, tell them I said they should come out and disgrace themselves so that the land can yield her increase, so that peace can reign in the land. In many areas, Satan goes before you. Everything you put your hands in a corner, you must renounce it because that’s what controls your heart. What is the food of a gun? What is the food of a cutlass? When sin conceived, what will it give birth to? If you kill somebody with a car, how did you buy the car? That’s why evil will never depart from any nation that does evil. The money you stole to buy anything brings nothing good. If you stole money to build a house, those who live in such a house would never see peace. They will never see peace! Oh, the owner of this house isn’t a ritualist. Who told you? He is more than a ritualist! Any man that takes what doesn’t belong to him is worse than a ritualist. The house is already marked for evil and disaster because of the money that was used in building it. Stolen money! What about cars? What about your children that you trained with stolen money? You will die, and your children will pass through the torment. Nobody can atone for the evil that will befall them because it’s spiritual. Your father shared in what belonged to the whole country. People died; many fall sick and died because there was no money to care for them. But your father sat on the money that they had. Can you atone for that? In your account, different people are committing different sins. If somebody’s tunic is torn, give him another one. But you have many, and you lock it up inside your wardrobe. Are you the owner? You will die and leave everything. All of you should undo what you’ve done. If you know you’re serving Me - the Almighty God, holiness must be everything around you. You must speak the truth all the time. Satan never asks you before he takes anything from you. He takes it by force. He can even take you at any time because he owns you. He can even connect somebody who will take your life. Those you’re eating and drinking together will be the ones to kill you. That’s what Satan can do. They carry out the assignment in the spiritual realm. But you think you have power. Can you compete with Satan?

Satan makes Pastors see the stories of Heaven and Hellfire as something cheap. It’s not something cheap because all of you will pay for it. You don’t joke with anything that concerns sin as little as a lie. Every day by day, you call Heaven to bear the witness of your lies inside the church. Every lie you tell the children of the Father because of what you want, you will vomit everything inside your tummy. And if there’s nothing else to vomit, you’ll vomit your saliva. I will deal with all of you that call yourselves Pastors. A Pastor must be empty! I didn’t say you shouldn’t eat. If you want to drive a car, let it be from Me. Let it be a car of peace. When Satan is driving a car, you know what that means. You removed the hand of Almighty God from it. Whenever he wants to drink blood, he’ll take the blood of human beings. Satan doesn’t go near the blood of Jesus Christ because His blood torments him. Whatever you have that belongs to Jesus Christ, Satan never touches it. The blood of Jesus Christ is an abomination to him. He will instruct the demons not to go near you because if he requests for blood, Jesus Christ will appear. Why can’t Jesus Christ appear in the church when Satan is brutalising the children of God? Why can’t Jesus Christ appear when Satan is tormenting Nigeria? You’re crying every day because you choose the things of this Earth. Is it now you’ll gather and pray? My son, ask them which prayer are they praying now? Tell them that I say what are they praying? When I said they should pray, they supposed to renounce all the sins they’ve committed. Whenever you’re praying, We see and hear your prayers. But you must wash your hands clean in everything. Go back inside My Word. Jesus Christ fasted and prayed with His Disciples. He had no cockroach inside His cupboard. Before He started the journey, He cleansed Himself from every sin that can stand as an obstacle in the journey. If I ask you to pray, I believe you’ll vomit every sin you committed. You cannot be praying, and demons are saying we’re here. Change your heart before you pray. Confess your sins so that the smoke of your prayers can reach Heaven. Then, I will visit those I want to visit. If I ask you now as a Pastor to drive your car and drop it in Aso Rock as part of the money they gave to you, can you do it? Is it not a shameful thing for you? When they were giving you the gift, did you ask them the question? When they gave you the gift that could employ many of My children, why did you receive it? Now you’re praying to Me. Who will answer your prayers? I Am the Almighty God! I Am not a blind Father! If you’re giving My children a certain amount of money every month, they will plan for it. Those who’re travelling elsewhere seeking for a greener pasture and lost their lives on the way, would they have left? As a Pastor, what will a president give to you that adds any value to your life? Am I not the One that fed somebody like you through a bird? I Am the Same God of Old. You are there to repair, to remove every cloth of sin from My children. If you tell one or two politicians this, won’t your news spread everywhere? Will they come to you because of nonsense? Will the land remain filthy? The land will be clean! I Am Omniscient God.

You as the head, I Am speaking to all the Top-Pastors now. You used all these things to surround yourself. Please tell Me what else you want to preach. You’re promoting yourself on this Earth. Those who’re living close to oil wells are suffering, but you used all these things to surround yourself. Do you think those people, the politicians will have My fear? They are the ones that gave you the money you have. You’re speaking a harsh word to those who’re suffering. They’re still giving you the little they have because they’re afraid of Heaven. You failed to give them what you have. You failed to speak the truth to them. That means you’re extracting them. You’re deceiving them. When the tenure of the president is over, you’ll ask them to come out and vote for the one who doesn’t have My fear. You’re eating your own portion as a Pastor, and those in the government are eating their own portion as well. What about the children of the Father? My son, tell them I will judge all of them. I will judge you all because you’re wicked. My children are serving Me in sorrow, telling Me that I Am not alive. Who is a failure? You cannot see Almighty God physically. Right from the beginning, I use My children to act. I don’t just bring out ordinary children. I bring out heroes to rule the land. Nobody can oppress Me, not even you My own children. I will show you that I Am the Almighty God.

I gave you the power. How did you use it? My son, tell them I want to see more of the power of My children. I Am speaking to all Pastors. I Am speaking to those who’re eating money. When I allocated pieces of land for My children, did I allocate any land for the Levites? I gave them nothing because I Am their Inheritance. Why did you change from the path I placed you? You bury money in different places. What’s the money doing for you there? You’re afraid to take it to the bank. People are dying, suffering because of this money. How can hardship eradicate from the land? All of you want to fly to Heaven. I don’t value any of you because as long you gather My children together in My name and they’re suffering; you have what can wipe away their tears, and you keep it somewhere, you’re useless. I want to know more of your power because your power ends on this Earth. I still have the power to punish you here. I have the power to disgrace you. My son, tell them I will disgrace them. I will disgrace all of you! If you don’t disgrace yourself now, I will disgrace you. I want you to disgrace yourself. If you don’t disgrace yourself, I will disgrace you in a hard way. I don’t cover sin! If My Son could come to this Earth as a baby, and by the end of His journey, He was humiliated, through this, all of you should know there is nothing I cannot do. I will disgrace all of you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. I will disgrace all of you. I told you the beginning and the ending of the Earth. I didn’t hide anything from you. Holiness and sin is the beginning and the ending! If you choose sin, you will not escape from My hand. If you choose holiness, you will not escape from My hand. There is a reward for both. I will disgrace you because of this one you choose. I can lift you up and land you on the ground. If I land you on the ground, you cannot stand anymore. You may think My son is the one formulating every word in this message. You should continue. I know all of you by name. Nobody can see Me. Did I come down and tell any of you the story of this Earth? I spoke through the Spirit I put inside My children. I revealed the secret of secrets to them. Anyone among you who doubt My Word will see My wrath. Right from the beginning, nobody can see Me. How can somebody tell you what you did yesterday? If somebody could tell you what you did yesterday, that means Almighty God is alive. All of you should get ready. If a father gave birth to a stubborn child, the child is not bigger than his father. He knows various ways to deal with him. As all of you don’t want to learn, I will make you learn by force. Those among you who know what I’m saying must apply wisdom. The wisdom I ask you to apply is to wash your hands clean. If you fail to listen to My Word, you will manage whatever comes your way. Every day is the day of Almighty God. Nobody put the hand in My mouth to speak.

Anyone that eats stolen food can never be satisfied. That’s why I gave the Ordinance of confession. Why should a little child begin to steal? That means the spirit of stealing is inside his parents. Even though he lives where he’ll eat whatever he likes, he cannot stop stealing because the spirit is inside him. The spirit will motivate him to steal. As many of you that eat stolen food, you’re eating My food. You are eating My money. All of you should come out and declare the amount of money that enters your account every month if you’re not ashamed. Bring out everything you have in the corner. Even though you cannot bring them out, I see everything, and that’s the judgement that will be upon all of you. If you’re not ashamed of yourself, if people will not stone you to death, declare all the money you have, including the ones you hide in various places. What else do you want on this Earth? If you eat food and put a cloth on your body, what else do you want? If you build a mansion, you can only stay in one room at a time. The women some of you have, can you sleep with all of them at the same time? Even if you keep ten women in the same bed, you can only sleep with them one after the other. How many male organs did I give to you? How much money do you need to live on this Earth? Nobody knows My son, but I Am sending him to all of you.

Those among you that did dangerous charm cannot stop doing evil because the demons will always instigate you to do more. Either you’re a Pastor, or in the government, you cannot stop doing evil if you possess any dangerous charm. Everything you did is destroying the land. It calls the power of evil to befall everybody in the land. All those creatures they used in doing charms for you are an abomination to the land. Nothing good will come. Go and throw all those things into the river and confess to a real man of God. Tell him everything you did. This is the only way Heaven can receive your soul. You’re using your own to destroy the lives of everybody in the land. If all these demons are in a land, they will ravage everything. That’s why tears and sorrow will never depart from the land. You call famine, you call shame and disgrace to rule the land. My hand will be against you if you don’t change.

Some of you started a little business. To boost your sales, you went somewhere to do a charm. What you did in the process of boosting your business is causing evil to befall the land. You can only invite demons, but you cannot send them back. Any demon you invite to work with you goes a long way. They will ravage the lives of everyone around you. The more they are in a land, the more hardship and suffering you will see. Many of you are there inside the church, and you know what you’ve done. The person that did that charm for you didn’t even know how far it would go. They asked you to bring an insect, and they ground it for you to lick because of what you want. You must know the kind of demon you’ve swallowed. Can you return a ground insect back to the bush? If they give you an ordinary egg to swallow, it can turn to a crocodile inside you. My hand will be against you if you don’t change.

Some of you tied down your children. You’ve donated their glory in your coven. But you’re there inside the church praying to Me because your son is passing through hardship. Can you open your mouth and tell everybody that you’re the one that tied him down? Many of you are mothers in the church! You’re sleeping with your children spiritually, destroying their glory. Physically, their life is turned upside down. My hand will be against you if you don’t change.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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