Sin Inside The Church

The Father speaks

(Tuesday 5th June 2012, 22:50)

I am the Almighty God. I am the Invisible God. I am Jehovah. I am a Simple Father. If everybody on this earth can do My will, there will be peace on this earth. If they can do My will! But they’re running after wealth everyday. They are running after money. If they can reconcile with the Father, there will be peace for them. The Father sent His Son for this reason, for Him to die for them. They don’t have any problem, but they caused problem for themselves as they’re running helter-skelter. The Father is looking at them. The Father makes a way where there is no way. I make a way where there is no way. But you don’t allow the Father to make a way for you. You want to make a way for yourself. You are hovering up and down every day. I make a way where there is no way. When all the hope is gone, I will come; I will show you a new thing. When your father and mother forsake you, I will not forsake you. Why do you forsake the Father and begin to run helter-skelter? You cause problem to yourself. You do not follow the Word of the Father. The Word of the Father (the Bible) is there. You said you’re a Christian, but you refuse to obey the Word of the Father. If everybody forsakes you, I will never forsake you. Even if you commit sin, I will accept you because you turn back to Me. I will make a way for you where there is no way. The Word is there, and you call yourself a Christian. Why do you run and put your head into a trap? You put your neck into a trap and the Word is there. Whenever they ask you a question, you will say you’re a Christian, that you went to church yesterday. Why do you die a premature death? Why does the trap catch you on your neck? Because you have forsaken the Father! What does the Word say concerning you? He says I make a way where there is no way. When all hope is gone, I will come and show you a new thing. Even in a desert, I will give you water. Why do you forsake the will of the Father? And the Word is there for you. Whenever they ask you a question, you will say you’re a Christian, you have received Jesus Christ into your life. Why are you running helter-skelter? Can you provide anything by yourself? You cannot. You are running helter-skelter and through which you die. Why do you die? I’m looking for money. I am looking for money. Why did the money go? You ran away and left the money. Look at the money behind you. You run ahead of the money. Can you provide money by yourself? Because you have forsaken whom you supposed to honour! Are you the one that created yourself? No! As you’re running, you’re running with your death. The death that killed those of them that died two days ago, some of them were going to collect the money somebody promised them. That was why they died. Come and take money; that was why they died. Some of them supposed to be in the church; some of them supposed to be in their house waiting upon their Father. It was because of money! Come and take money from my hand; that was why most of them died. Money! If you hear their story, it is money. You ran ahead of the Owner of that money and ran into a trap. It is money! Let me just make it fast-fast. In the process of making it fast-fast, you ran into your death. Don’t worry, I’ll be back before evening; let me just quickly take this flight; you will see me very soon. What happens? Then where is your Father? Can you see the Father again? No! Oh, let me go quickly and I will still come back today. Did you come back? That place led you to where They will judge you. My son, they ran ahead of their Father; they ran ahead of the money. If you exercise patience enough and you know your Father you’re serving, He will connect somebody to you. He will give you peace. Even if somebody tells you to come today by all means, if you say you must serve your Father, He will give that person a soft heart to exercise patience until you have finished serving your Father. But what did you do? What happened to you because of money? You go to an early grave! Money, contract! Even if you know the plane would crash, you would say no, it couldn’t crash because you’re going to collect money. You forgot life is more than money. Can you travel and leave your death? You may run and leave your father, you may run and leave your mother, you don’t want to hear about Jesus, you don’t want to hear about the Holy Spirit, and you don’t want to hear about the Father; but wherever you go, you carry your death with you. You carry it along! You cannot give it to anybody to hold for you. Anywhere you go and it happens, judgement will take place. You can deceive any man, but you cannot deceive your Father. He knows how many intestine you have in your belly. That is why, no matter any sin you commit, you can never escape it. They will judge you. You can lie to anybody here, but you cannot lie to anybody there. Ordinary breath you take in, they will tell you how many hours it took you while you’re taking that breath, how much more the word you speak, how much more every dirty sin you commit.

All of them that tied themselves, they are the one that will use their own hands to untie themselves again. Curses follow all of them wherever they go. You are going to church and you know what you have done. You killed your mother and you cover it up. As your mother was dying, she cried and swore for you. You are carrying that curse around and still claim you’re serving your Father. Until you confess it out that you’re the one that killed your mother! How can you tell somebody you’re the one that killed the mother that gave birth to you? Is it easy? Because you have an evil spirit! Your mother laid curses on you. Do you think it shall be well with you? I have been going to all the whole churches, but there is no solution. She knows what she did! My son, let all of them begin to untie what they’ve tied. If you do that one, you will have peace. If you tie anybody down, you tie yourself down too. Most of them used their hands to tie themselves. You are saying to somebody ‘it shall not be well with you’, what about you? The curse you lay on that person, where do you think it’s going? You yourself, the ones you’re doing is more than the ones that person did. If you swear to yourself, what do you think the devil will do to you? My son, all these ones I’m saying, as you see all these pastors, it’s touching them. That is why they always ask their congregation for money. They know what they’ve put their hands. That is why all of them are going to hellfire. All those things you people did in the corner and you think the money can save you. The money can save you here on earth, but not there. You are extracting money from people. That thing you did and hide in a corner, don’t think you will escape it. You can never escape it!!! You can escape it while you’re here, but when you die, you will pay for it. Because of what you’ve put your hands, the devil is on your case and nothing you lay your hands prosper. As a result of this, you’re now extracting money from people and those you’re extracting money from, life begins to hard them. Life begins to hard them because you know who you are! Anywhere you enter, you cannot make it because the devil is on your case. He is using what you did and hide in a corner against you. What then do you do? You begin to use people’s lives as your life. Oh, bring money; I need money. You can escape it here now, but you can never escape it there. As those ones are giving you money, their business will close down. That is why whenever some of them sow money into the life of a man of God, their businesses close down. Some of them, they will stop them from work. Why do you pay your tithe and offering and they still stop you from work? Why is your business not moving? Why can’t you ask yourself question? The man of God you’re feeding, his hand is not clean. He has put his hand into the mess and the devil is after him. You too, because you want to rescue him out of that mess, the devil now face you. When we hold him that his ministry will not grow, he will not make it anywhere; you are now the one to rescue him, we will be on your case too. That is what the devil is doing to them. You think the devil doesn’t know what he’s doing. What are the pastors now doing? They are now taxing people everywhere they go because they want to eat; they need money. But they forget what they hide in their heart. That is what Satan is using against them. As you are giving them your money, you carry their curse. You carry another man’s curse! Father, this is the money I received this month, this is my tithe and offering. You put that one aside. That one will not bring any curse on you. After you have paid your tithe and offering, your pastor now begins to extract money from you again. Out of the tithe and offering they’re paying, they are to feed the pastor from it. He is not supposed to extract money from his congregation again. As they’re giving him money, the devil is saying to them because this one (pastor) refuses to do the will of my Father, he’s not doing what my Father asked him to do, he’s going on his own way, you too want to bail him out, I will deal with you. If you don’t see work, can you feed him? If your business is not moving, can you feed him? But you’re crying ‘Father, what did I do’. You don’t know what you did because the pastor you’re feeding is an evil man; he’s not doing the will of the Father and he has brought a curse on you. As you’re paying your tithe and offering, they’re feeding the pastors; as you’re paying your tithe and offering, they’re feeding the less privileged, and nothing will make your business not to grow. If they’re retrenching people from work, they will begin to promote you because you’re doing what you supposed to do. If you’re doing this and you’re still falling down, you should know that something is wrong somewhere. First of all, see that your hand is clean. If your hand is clean and your business is not moving, then something is wrong somewhere. Ask yourself question what is that thing you’re doing wrong. You are paying your tithe and offering and your Father has blessed those who pay it and lay a curse on those who refuse to pay. Blessing supposed to follow you not curse. Ask your Father where the curse is coming from. You are not cheating people; you don’t keep woman outside; ask your Father where the curse is coming from. The Father will show you where the curse is coming from! He will show you! He will show you. As you’re feeding that evil pastor, you tie yourself down.

My son, many pastors know this. They know what they’ve put their hands. But some of them don’t know. Some of them, those who are close to them know what they can do. They know! When a man of God impregnated a girl in the church, people are giving him money and he’ll use that money to feed his family. Through this, he is transferring his own curse upon his entire family. If you see a man of God, if you see a deacon or deaconess, if you see a chorister, if you see those who have title in the church, if they go on their own way and still come back to the church, the sin is on your head if you refuse to tell them. The sin is on your head because you know it! The Word of the Father says when you know the truth; the truth shall set you free. Tell them what they’re doing. That sin that person committed, he is not the only one that will suffer for it but the entire congregation. If, for example, a young lady went out to sleep with a man; the man now gave her money; when it was the time to pay tithe and offering, she dropped some of the money in the offering basket. Out of that money, they will feed the pastor. Out of that money, they will feed the less privileged. Out of that money, they will pay the church bills. As a result of her sin, she brought a curse upon the entire congregation and beyond. When you go out to fornicate and get money from your fornication, you now bring some of it to the church. What kind of money do you think is that? It is the devil’s money! For example, go to the market and buy every ingredient you need in cooking a pot of soup. Cook the soup and after it is fully cooked, pour into it a drop of acid and serve it for people to eat. What do you think will happen to those who eat it? This sin I’m narrating to you now is more dangerous than acid. The Father has the power to turn that acid into water. If you do it by mistake, the Father has the power to neutralise it so that nothing will happen to those who eat it. But this sin I’m telling you now is more dangerous than acid because the Father has laid curses on it, because it’s an abomination to the Father. If there is a billion of money in the offering basket and you drop one penny of adultery and fornication’s money into it, it will pollute the one billion because it is sinful money. The Father has laid curses on it! If you see any man of God, if you see any deacon or deaconess, if you see any chorister or any one that is powerful in the church doing all these things, tell them; do not keep quiet. They tie the children of the Father down. It is more than what We’re saying now. How did the Israelites cross the Red Sea? Was it small water? Who did it? Because the Father spoke His Word and He brought it to pass. Whatever the Father says you should not do and you keep doing it, there is implication on it.

My son, tell them that what all of them are doing is affecting the whole church. The sin of an individual is affecting the whole church! Tell them! It’s not affecting only one person, it’s affecting all of them. Liars! Evil doers! Sin is a sin! Everybody is eating together in the same pot. That place supposed to be a holy place. They have defiled the church of the Father. They have defiled the temple of the Father. That is why evil is befalling them. That is the reason they come back from the church and die. Tell them My son! That is the reason! Somebody commits sin for somebody. Somebody’s hand is not clean, but you’re eating together in the same pot. You go there (the church) to worship together. The sin of that person affects you. It affects you! Why did Ananias and Sapphira die inside the church? Why did they die? They died because they lied! You are a man of God; this thing you’re doing, if you don’t stop it, I will stop coming to your church; let me call upon my Father in my house; I wash my hands clean; the sin you’re committing will affect my children and I; I will not allow you to destroy me with your sin; I have told you; I wash my hands clean. Inasmuch you know about it and you refuse to speak out, his sin will affect you. You and that person will drink from the same cup, you worship together, he will pay offering and the church will spend the money. That is why you see the church doesn’t function today. No church function! Holy Spirit does not move inside the church. Why? Because of sin! The Father keeps quiet for all of them. He waits until the day they will die. That is why you see nothing happening in the church. No miracle, nothing at all. Sin has taken over everywhere in the church. You could have asked yourself the question. Is it not the same church in the time of old? Is it not the same church that was like fire? Why is it like this today and Christians being everywhere? Why? My son, even if you don’t evangelise anymore, the number of Christians in the world is more than enough for the Father. Do you know how many Christians are in this world today? It’s more than enough for the Father. However, none of them will make it to heaven! I could have told you to maintain the ones that are there because they are many. But they are wasted. They are very dirty. Their sin is very deep. It is better for them to say ‘I have not given my life to Jesus’. If you see some of them, you will ask yourself questions if these ones gave their lives to Jesus because the sin that is inside their body is more than somebody who has not given his life to Jesus. You know the implication! Somebody that gave his life to Jesus, Jesus Christ forgave you automatically. From there, go on, live a holy life, and maintain what you have. But the sin you’re committing is more than when you have not given your life to Jesus. When you die, you will say you’re going to heaven. Which heaven? Where are you going? Because your Father is a forgiven Father, He will forgive you all your atrocities. Isn’t it? My son, what else should I say? Let us leave her so that she will not go away. Let us leave him because he’s the one that pays the rent for the church. Let us leave him, and you know he’s polluting you with the kind of work he’s doing. He makes your children to be sick. He makes your business not to move and he’s doing everything in the church. Do you know why Holy Spirit killed Ananias and Sapphira? Do you think it’s because of the money? Was it not their land? Was the land not their own? Why then did they die? Because they lied! That means it’s not good to lie! Lying is a sin. Land was their land; money was their money. Because they lied, they died. We are talking about lying now, how much more what is more than that. My son, I am not a talkative! This is the reason you see everybody with sickness, problems, sorrow. Count all of them! Somebody committed sin for somebody. Somebody destroyed somebody. Somebody may commit a particular sin and you know about it. You may say ‘let me leave him alone’. The devil will say ‘you that leave that person know that what he did is not good; hence you keep quiet for him, I will use it against you’. What that person did is a sin, but you keep quiet. If you say it out, what will happen to you? You will save yourself. If anything should have happened, it will not affect you because you’ve said the truth. You wash your hands clean.

My son, when I said in the beginning of this year that this year is ‘Operation Save Yourself’, this is one of them. Save yourself from it. That person may curse you, he may do you anything, and nobody can do you anything. You have said what you should have said. The devil will deal with him. You have washed your hands clean, you move away from there. This is what is going on inside the church. Holy Spirit cannot enter because it’s very dirty. Without Holy Spirit in a church, that is not a church. That is why Jesus Christ died. After Jesus Christ died, what happened? Holy Spirit now came. Holy Spirit came because Jesus Christ has already told them. He has already washed all of them. When Holy Spirit came, He now entered all of them because they’re clean. Every dirtiness has been washed away from them. Jesus Christ preached the truth to them before. When He died, the Holy Spirit came and entered all of them. If He (Jesus) did not wash them, He (Holy Spirit) couldn’t have entered them. If He refused to tell them the truth, Holy Spirit couldn’t have entered. If He saw a mother that sleeps with her own son and refused to speak, the Holy Spirit would not come. Do you know what is going on outside! A sister is sleeping with a sister! If Jesus saw all these and kept quiet, Holy Spirit wouldn’t have come. He wouldn’t have entered anybody. That is what is going on everywhere. If homosexuals, if two sisters are sleeping together and they go to the same church, what do you call them? Are they not sisters? Let us leave them. My son, a lot will happen because they’ve used their hands to cause problems to themselves. There is dirtiness everywhere. Why then are you a Christian? Why are you a Christian? Let us leave them alone. Leave who alone!!! Do you think that thing he’s doing affects him alone? It affects you yourself. You will suffer for it. You will suffer for it because you know the truth. When you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. But you know the truth, you cover it. You refuse to say it out. If I say it out, they will not come to our church again; after all they’re sisters; it’s not from my mouth they will hear it. With that, Satan will begin to torture you. If you say the truth, what do you think will happen? They will crown you! They will crown you because you speak the truth. That is why you see all of them live a useless life. Is the Father a wicked Father? You are praying, raining fire everyday, die-die every day. In the time of old, how many places did you see they gathered? They only gathered in small places, in their houses, and the Father answered them. Didn’t you hear when the Father went and opened the prison gate? How many people gathered? How many congregations did you see? But He went to the prison and brought the person out. How many streets did you see them closed for people? Now you will see congregations gathered as long as 3 miles, seat will not be enough, but you will never see anything come out of it. If they open their mouth, My son, the demons that come out of their mouth, you cannot wait. The demons that come out of their body are many. They only suffer themselves. Now tell me where the Holy Spirit will enter. Anyone that you know is not clean, tell him you’re not serving demon, you’re serving the Living God, Jehovah. If there is any demon in your body, allow that demon to go so that you can maintain the holy body the Father gave you. So that when you open your mouth, the Father will hear you. You commit every kind of sin because you serve demons. They are your master. You carry demons around, you protect them, you feed them. You are a liar and you’re feeding demons with your lies. You are feeding demons with your stealing. You are feeding demons with your fornication and adultery. You are a talkative, you gossip. Anyone that knows the Father and doesn’t want to leave what he’s doing, let that person go far away from you. If you continue to do what I told you not to do, stay clear of me. Let the person know! Whomever you’re serving is your master. You are a slave to whomever you serve.

Oh, if you go there, it’s happening there. What is happening there? They are spreading demons like cancer. What are you looking for? Is it not the same Father? You are looking for a miracle, looking for healing. What are you looking for? The Father is not a wicked Father. You know the truth and you deviate from it, you are now looking for a miracle. The Father that keeps quiet knows what He’s doing. If you know your Father, even if a pastor is pressing you for money, you will tell him with boldness that you know your Father, and that you have already paid your tithe and your offering. Nobody will do you anything. You have not paid your children’s school fees and your pastor is pressing you for money. Oh, I don’t know what to do now; the pastor is asking for money and I’ve not paid these children’s school fees. Go ahead, give your money to the pastor, and let the pastor pay your children’s school fees. The pastor that is asking you for money knows what he wants to do. When you know the truth, after you’ve paid your tithe and your offering, whatever you want to give again should be voluntary. Oh, this pastor is praying for my family and I, let me give him some money. As you give him, the Father will bless you in return. Oh, Father, I thank You; I never knew I will see such amount of money; let me pay my tithe from it. As you (the pastor) pay the tithe, those who need it will spend it again. That is how it goes. It’s under must, they must bring the money. Because you know what you’re doing! Do they owe you? Why are you pressing them for money? You know what you’re doing! My son, some of them are sorrowful and they don’t know where sorrow is coming from. It’s from the church they went! Because somebody committed sin for them. Somebody goes out to do prostitution, comes to the church, and give money. Somebody knows the kind of work that girl is doing, but refuses to speak out. Now they want to do a programme in the church and they take part of the money she dropped into the basket and buy biscuit for everybody to it. What do you think you’ve done? You pollute the whole church! When you know the kind of work that girl is doing, have you even called her one day and speak to her? Tell her and if she doesn’t listen, call the attention of the elders. If she refuses, you will see what will happen to her. Out of the money she paid into the church, she’s not the only one that will suffer for it. All of you will share out of it. You know what it means. The devil is the one that’s ruling the whole churches because all the money they’re spending come from the wrong place. It comes from the wrong place. Holy Spirit can never move in the church. The devil will sit there in the church and nobody will tell him to move.

My son, who is that person that can come and bomb the church where My children are serving Me? Where Holy Spirit is moving, somebody will come and bomb them, kill them? Who is that person? Don’t you know they have sinned? Don’t you know that something is wrong somewhere? What happened in the time of old when they wanted to invade somewhere that the Holy Spirit would blind their eyes and they would never see the road? Is it not the same God they’re serving now? Those who don’t know about God will come and kill His children and they say they’re serving Me. Don’t you know they are far away from the Father? I called all of you to teach My children how to cleanse themselves so they can come back to Me, but you put yourselves into a mess. That is why they are killing you. My Son (Jesus) passed through everything because of this one. My son, those you’re sending messages to should know and quickly cleanse themselves so that they can have peace to live the remaining years they have on this earth. Somebody committed sin for somebody. Somebody puts somebody to sorrow. There is no good Christian again. Sin is everywhere! My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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