Speaking In Tongues

The Father speaks

(Saturday 2nd July 2011, 22:55)

Are the preaching of Jesus Christ and My preaching not the same? Then what are We saying? What are We saying? When My Son came, He spoke in a plain language, a language everybody understood. When I spoke to Moses and My Prophets, I spoke plain language for them to understand Me. If I had spoken to them in an unknown language, how would they have understood Me? How would they have proclaimed My word to My children if they hadn't understood Me? If they couldn’t understand whatever I said, that means I spoke all those words to Myself. Then I Am a foolish Father. I Am not a foolish Father. I Am a wise Father. If I want to communicate with any of My children, I will speak in a language you can easily understand. I speak to some people in their local dialect. If I speak to you and you can’t understand Me, then My word means nothing to you. What kind of a Father will you call Me? Am I not a foolish Father? But I Am not a foolish Father; that’s why I speak to you in a language you can understand. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the same God of old. I Am not a confusion Father.

Whatever I do, I always make sure I confirm it. Whatever word I speak, I always make sure I confirm it. When I scattered their language at the Tower of Babel, I confirmed it on the Day of Pentecost that I Am the Owner of all languages. I Am the One that scattered their language. I understand any language you know how to speak because it belongs to Me. Nothing belongs to any of you. I own every language. None of you should manipulate My word and speak what you don’t know. None of you should continue to speak what will destroy you. Nobody can manipulate My Spirit. Anyone who seeks destruction will find it easily. All of you have opened the door for Satan to confuse you in the church because of your education. All My children I used in the time of old weren’t educated like most of you today. They listened and did My will. They didn’t open the door for demons to manipulate their tongues. They didn’t confuse themselves and confused My children. They followed My word wholeheartedly. All of you are playing with the fire that will consume you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Consuming Fire.

Many of you say, ‘I want to see the Father; I want to see the Father’. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Father. My Prophets came, and they killed them. They talked to them anyhow. My Son Jesus came, and they killed Him. What of Me the Father? If I come, how do you know they will not destroy Me? So, You’re the One that created this Earth; come and die! If they could destroy Jesus Christ and My Prophets upon whom I poured My Spirit, what about Me the Father? How do you know they will not destroy Me if I come? The Father who speaks into the mouth of His servant is equally the Father. If I’m lying, bring ten people here today; begin to sing, dance, and clap your hands. Then, begin to interview them one by one to see if they hear somebody speak to their ears or if they can speak with their mouth. After you have interviewed all of them, nobody will hear anything from Me. Is it easy? It’s not easy! Even in the whole congregation of a thousand people, as full as the church is, you can hardly see anyone that will say, ‘Thus says the Lord’. It’s not common. Somebody will say, ‘Thus says the Lord’; do you think it’s easy? Is it what you can learn? Can you learn it? Why can’t you respect the person who is hearing from Me? Can you learn it? Can you buy it in the market? It’s the handwork of the Holy Spirit. He is the Connector that connects you to the Father. It’s not an easy journey. If only that alone, why can’t you give that person the respect for you to know that My hand is upon him? He is not just an ordinary person. That person is not just an ordinary person! Even if that person marches my head, I will keep quiet because that person is not an ordinary person; he is the mouthpiece of God; for that person to even talk to me means God sees me. Can you learn it? All of you allow Satan to confuse you inside the church. You claim you’re speaking in tongues, but you’re speaking what you don’t know. You’re speaking all manner of nonsense from your mouth. You’re speaking what will kill you. All My servants who brought this confusion into the church are going to Hellfire. I will not spare their head. They’re going to Hellfire. I Am the Almighty God.

My Pastors teach My children how to speak in tongues inside the church. They are confused servants! Nobody will learn the Holy Spirit. Nobody will learn how to speak in tongues. You cannot learn it. It’s a gift! You can be on one year of fasting and prayer, if I don’t want to speak through you, I will never speak through you. I can never speak through you. You can only be sensitive if you remove your hands from all evil. If I say you can’t hear, then you can’t hear. It’s not what you can learn. The more you’re inside Me with fasting and prayers, the more I will give you another gift. Speaking in tongues isn’t the only gift. From the moment you begin to look unto Me, the gift I give you will start to manifest. If you know how to read My word, and you read just two lines, you will know and understand what I say concerning those two lines. You will preach it to people openly, and they’ll understand it if that’s the gift I give you. Maybe yours is to dream; if you dream, you will quickly know the interpretation. For you to begin to say, ‘Thus says the Lord’, you cannot, unless I give it to you. You cannot learn it. I Am the Almighty God.

My children learn how to speak in tongues inside the church. You speak what you don’t know. All manner of nonsense comes out of your mouth. What are you speaking? Do you understand what you’re saying? If the Holy Spirit is inside you, you will begin to speak. As you’re speaking, you will understand what you’re saying. Before you open your mouth, you know what you’re saying. As you’re saying it, another person next to you will hear it and understand. If that person doesn’t understand, the Spirit will make you speak what that person will understand, for you to know I Am the One moving you to speak. If you’re speaking and don’t understand what you’re saying, and the next person to you doesn’t understand as well, that means you’re a fool. You’re only fooling yourself. It is not from Me! I Am the Almighty God. I Am not a confusion Father.

Whatever I put into your mouth to say, there must be an understanding of that word. Whenever you’re in the Spirit, you must understand whatever word you say because the Holy Spirit is not a blind Spirit. Whatever word He puts in your mouth to speak, there must be a meaning to it. Somebody must understand it, or you must be able to interpret what you’re saying. That is why I pour My Spirit upon many of My children. While some are speaking, some are interpreting. While some are interpreting, some are speaking so that everything will work together for the progress of the work of the Father. The Father says, tomorrow everybody must sit down; that is what he’s saying. Then what happens when tomorrow comes? Everybody will sit down. If he’s saying everybody must sit down and nobody understands what he’s saying, how can you know? If he’s saying, tomorrow all of you will die, prepare for tomorrow; if you don’t understand, how can you know what to do? I Am not a confusion Father! I Am the Almighty God. I Am the One speaking. Whatever I do, I make sure there is a meaning to it, and everything will be clean and clear for My purpose. I don’t speak anyhow. I Am not a talkative. I said I would pour My Spirit on all My children; My sons and daughters would prophesy, some would dream dreams, and some would see visions. I poured My Spirit on everybody. That is the Father. That is Me. Some prophesy; some see visions; some dream dreams; they begin to do many things for the work of the Father. Any word that proceeds out of your mouth, and you don’t know what it means just because you want to speak in tongues, then count yourself a failure. You fail! You cannot learn it. The Holy Spirit is the One who sanctifies. If He sanctifies you, He sanctifies the Spirit in you, and people will see that this is the finger of God; it’s God in action. You cannot speak what you don’t understand. You cannot speak what you don’t know. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Consuming Fire.

When My children, the disciples of My Son Jesus started in Jerusalem, I poured My Spirit upon all of them. They spoke in tongues, and people heard what they were saying. Why were people hearing what they were saying? Because they were speaking in other people’s languages! How come nobody hears the nonsense all of you speak inside the church? My son, whenever I do My work, I complete it. If you’re here now with three or five people, and I pour My Spirit upon all of them and they begin to speak, whichever language they speak, even if it’s Japanese, I will also give you an ear to hear, to understand what they’re saying. Others may see that they speak in tongues, but you who understand that language will tell them what the person is saying. The language that person speaks (tongue) relates to some people’s language on this Earth. How can he know that this is what he’s saying? Did he learn the language? It’s the same Spirit. My son, I, who give that person a mouth to speak, will also give another person an ear to hear so he could interpret. Any language that anyone speaks that you don’t understand is “tongues”. It’s like he’s speaking in tongues. I will also make the next person hear and understand what he’s speaking. I Am the Almighty God.

In a church where everybody speaks in tongues and nobody understands anything, what do you call that church? It’s a confused church!!! You must understand every language you speak from your mouth. I who give one mouth to speak will give another one ears to hear and understand. If that person cannot interpret what he’s saying, he may request a pen to write it down. You will not learn how to speak in tongues. You only speak when I pour My Spirit on you. My son, I Am the One teaching you. Tell all of them!!! All of them confused themselves inside the church. The demon speaks in tongues. Satan speaks in tongues. That is why you have to understand every word that proceeds out of your mouth. If somebody is speaking in tongues, whether that person is saying ‘you’re going to die, you’re going to die’, you will say amen. Do you know what he’s saying? Why do you say amen? Do you know what that person is speaking to your Spirit? Is it by power? In that Book of Acts, did they speak by their power? Was it not by the Spirit? All of you must be very careful with the kind of nonsense you speak through your mouth inside the church. I Am the Almighty God.

Some of you claim you speak in tongues to confuse demons. You cannot use anything to confuse demons. You can only use holiness to confuse demons. If your hands and feet are clean, they cannot tie anything on your head. If you want to speak in tongues to confuse demons, you just waste your time. If you’re holy, the fire will come by itself. You will not beg for it before it comes. The body will catch fire immediately. You’ll begin to hear different things. All are from your Father. If you want to confuse Satan, let your hands and feet be clean. You go to church and speak in tongues, and then you’ll go back to your house and die. Do you know what happened when you spoke what you didn’t understand? My son, I have come down to speak to you several times in this your house. Didn’t I communicate with you in a language you can understand? If I say sit down, you sit down; when I say stand up, you stand up. How can you know what I'm saying if I speak what you don’t understand? Can’t you see all of them are confused children? My Pastors are confused servants. They hereby confused all My children. I Am the Almighty God.

My son, don’t worry. Very soon, the real tongues will speak itself. My daughter who always comes here to worship with you, are you the one who opens her mouth to speak? Doesn’t she speak and interpret? Are you the one who tells her to speak? If one person speaks, and another one speaks, and another one speaks, the rest will begin to purge themselves. Then you can open your mouth to teach them. Because when you’re speaking in tongues, when you’re using your mouth to speak as the Spirit comes upon you, you’re like a drunkard. At that time, every nonsense inside your body will be destroyed. If the Holy Spirit comes, all nonsense will disappear. My son, I have told you that this journey is My journey. Many of My children will see what I’m about to do. Don’t trouble yourself. You will see what will happen. It’s a Spirit of truth. It’s not the spirit of evil; it’s not the spirit of demons. It’s a Spirit of truth. It’s a Holy Spirit; that’s what They call it. You cannot buy it. If He comes upon you, He changes you. You cannot buy it. You cannot manufacture it. It’s a Holy Spirit, the Spirit of holiness. That is why He’s called the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of truth. If the Spirit of truth enters, the bad spirit departs. If the Spirit of truth enters you, He will begin to judge you before you speak out. He will begin to remind you of every bad thing you’ve done. You will hear some of them as they’re speaking out, ‘I am sorry, I will not do it again.’ You will begin to hear what they’re saying. Some may speak other tongues; some may speak the language you can understand. That is the Spirit of truth. He doesn’t take nonsense if He enters. He comes like a wind, enters, and takes over the whole body. He transforms you immediately, and you’ll begin to behave abnormally. You will know that, yes, He’s a truthful God. I Am the Almighty God.

There are many evil people in the church. If My Spirit comes, if He enters inside My children, those who have evil spirits among them will begin to confess. He will set fire on that evil spirit inside them. If it’s the one that is possessed, you will hear so they can deliver themselves. The elders in the church will listen to what they’re saying so they can deal with them individually. But if all of them speak a language you cannot understand, how can you know if it’s My Spirit? How can you know? If the Spirit comes, some will begin to say, ‘Leave me alone, leave me alone’. Why are they saying, ‘Leave me alone’? That is a demon! Because the Holy Spirit is attacking them, that person begins to speak out. The elders will surround that person and pray for him. When all of you begin to speak in tongues, you’re speaking what you don’t know simply because you learnt it inside the church. That spirit is not from Me; you learnt it. How can you deliver yourself? How can you be free from bondage? That is why some of you carry nonsense up and down. You bear names! You’re tied down, yet you bear names. Fire is burning you. That is what We call fire. If the Holy Spirit is inside you, He purifies you. He will destroy every nonsense away from your body before your light will begin to shine. If you see evil, you will recognise it. The Holy Spirit will have His way in your life. If you learn it, you fail. I Am the Almighty God.

If somebody speaks a language you don’t understand, don’t you know there’s a barrier to it? There is a big problem. Somebody speaks, he makes a statement, but you can’t understand what he’s saying. Do you know what that one means? It’s like that person is fooling you. That word he speaks may be harmful to you or benefit you. That’s why it’s good for you to understand what that person is saying. All of you claim you’re praising God when you speak in tongues; nobody understands you. It’s a lie!!! You’re only fooling yourself. You know My characters in the Bible. You know what I did. If you want to praise Me, begin to call all My names. I started this business with somebody. Who did I start with? I started with Abraham. Jehovah Elohim, Jehovah Jireh. All those words you’re saying, do you think you’re just saying them? If you open the Bible, you will see everything there. They are what I did. You should call Me by what I did; ‘my God is with me; my God did this one for me’; that is why you see all those names there. Jehovah Jireh, is it your language? They translated it! Everything you see in the Bible you’re reading is the language that other people spoke. It’s not your language. That is why they translated everything. Even all the people who claim ‘they’re speaking in tongues’ speak other people’s language on this Earth. Every tongue is a language on this Earth. If you speak in tongues, you speak somebody’s language on this Earth. It is not heavenly language. None of you have been to Heaven before. Whenever you get there, you will communicate in their language. It is automatic. My son, tell all of them! If you continue to speak what you don’t understand, you’re only fooling yourself. I Am the Almighty God. I Am not a foolish Father.

When I called Moses and gave him the Ten Commandments, in which language was it written on the stones? It was written in the Hebrew language. How did they manage to know? They saw it. What would they have done with it if I had written it in a strange language they couldn’t understand? In the time of Belshazzar, the son of Nebuchadnezzar in Babylon, when he suddenly saw the writings on the wall, and they called Daniel to interpret it, in which language was it written? How did he manage to know? It was written in their language. If I spoke in a language they didn’t understand, how could they have known what I said? Who could have interpreted it to them? I Am not a confusion Father. Throughout My journey with Moses, I never confused him, and I will not confuse you. As I gave it to Moses raw, he gave it to My children. I never caused any confusion. I came down, I spoke to Moses; Moses talked to them. They listened to him. They heard what I said, and they spoke to Moses, and he brought their word back to Me. My son, this is how I’m dealing with you now. If I speak to you, I want you to deliver it to My children. If they speak anything to you, bring their words back to Me. I will speak to you again, and you will deliver it to them. That is what I want. If I had spoken to Moses in a language he couldn’t understand, what benefit was that to him and the congregation? Are you enjoying Me, My son? How could he have told them that this is what I said? In the time of the Apostles, the reason why everything which was written in the Book of Acts happened was for them to know that God is One. What I could give to one, I could also give to others. That was why I poured My Spirit on all of them. That was why one was able to speak, and the other one was able to interpret. The people could hear what they were saying that these people were neither mad nor drunk; it was the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God is One! I Am the Almighty God. I Am not a foolish Father.

If you want to praise Me and don’t want somebody else to hear what you’re saying, you can praise Me in any other language so that others will not understand what you’re saying. This one can be categorised as speaking in tongues. For example, My son, you can speak German language. Instead of saying, ‘Father, I thank You,’ you can say it in German language because you don’t want others to hear. Always ensure you know what you’re saying, but the next person may think you’re speaking in tongues. Now you see the difference. It’s not what somebody can learn. If you want your Father to endow you with His power, you must cleanse and sanctify yourself. Speaking in tongues is not everything. There are different gifts. Singing is a gift. You can put a few words together and turn it into a song. People will begin to sing it, and it’ll be wonderful. It’s a gift. You will sing it, and you’ll not be tired. It’s a gift. You’re not doing it by yourself; Somebody took over the body from you; that is the Holy Spirit. It’s My handwork. It’s the handwork of your Father. You cannot learn it. You cannot buy it. It’s a power of the Holy Spirit of your Father. I Am the Almighty God. I Am a Holy Father.

Some of you want to prophesy. Do you know what it means to prophesy? Do you think it’s like food in your mouth? Do you want to speak what will kill you? Do you want to speak what you don’t know? O, I wish to speak; I want to speak in tongues. Do you think it’s something you can manipulate? When somebody is speaking in tongues, you, too, want to speak. What do you know? You can’t even wash your hands clean. What do you want to say? It’s not what somebody can learn. If you want to do yourself good after you wake up in the morning, praise Me, your Father. My Father, the gift you give to me, let it begin to manifest. You will see it! If it’s just to be a teacher, whatever you learn in the Bible, you will teach others, and everybody will understand it. As you gather people together speaking about your Father, they will know you’re different. They may even ask you if you’re a Pastor. Yes, that person just confirmed it for you because I have already given you the title of a Pastor. If you sit down, you’ll begin to sing. You cannot stay without singing; then you know who you are. I Am the Almighty God. I give My Spirit as My heart desires.

If it’s a dream, whenever you dream a dream, it must surely come to pass. If somebody tells you his dream, you instantly know the interpretation. Then you know that is your gift; you’re a dreamer. If somebody tells you his dream and you know it’s not your gift, you will misinterpret the dream instead of letting that person know the truth. You confuse that man’s life because you want to interpret dreams. If you didn’t dream and say you dreamt, then you lie. O, I had a dream; I saw Brother Peter and Sister Rebecca; they’re meant to be husband and wife. You lie! What happens if both of them now come together as husband and wife? You have destroyed their lives with your lie! As it is with a dream, so it is with the tongues you’re speaking. You shouldn’t speak anything you don’t understand. Which language are you going to use to confuse Satan? If you’re praising Me with your language, will Satan arrest you for praising your Father? Which language are you going to use to confuse Satan? What do you know that he doesn’t know? The only thing you can use to confuse him is holiness! If you’re clean and holy, Satan will run away from you. He will not just run away from you but always lure you to sin. You have to take your stand that you will not commit sin. What are you going to use to confuse Satan? You speak and speak; then you’ll go home. He will meet you there. Holiness is the conclusion! Let Me teach you what to do. If I Am the Number One in your life, I will teach you what to do because I know more than you do. I know what I created you for. I know what I want you to be. I will tell you what to do. I will teach you what to do. I Am the Almighty God.

The conclusion of My word: I speak in a clear language for everyone to hear so they won’t say they don’t understand what I’m saying. I speak what you’ll hear and understand. Every word I speak here is the truth. Wherever you may go, you’ll not hear what I’m speaking to you here. Every word I’m telling you is very clear and sensitive. Anywhere you go, you will never hear such words. My son, My daughter through whom I speak doesn’t know how to speak grammar. Anyhow she speaks it, you hear and understand, and you know how to tell My children. I Am the One. It’s not My daughter. I Am the One. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. I Am the Oldman. I Am the same God of old. I Am the same God of Abraham and Moses. I Am the One who brought My Son Jesus to this Earth. There is no need for Me to shout. I Am the One, not My daughter. I use her body to cover Myself because I Am on a mission on this Earth. I told you I gave you Myself to marry as a wife. I live with you in this house. I use her level to speak. I Am the One speaking. I Am the Almighty God. What else again do you all want? Those of you who hear My voice and obey will live in peace. But those of you who’re bound for destruction will not hear My voice. To destruction, you shall go. I give you peace. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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