The Battle Has Begun

The Father speaks

(Thursday 15th December 2011, 23:08)

Give me grace to follow
Abundant grace to follow
Give me grace to follow
Your grace is enough for me.

Give me grace to do Your will
Abundant grace to do Your will
Give me grace to do Your will
Your grace is enough for me.

One is to know Him and another is to do His will. One is to know Him and another is to know His will. It is very important. It matters a lot. It matters a lot. Who are you? I am a Christian. Are you a Christian? You will say yes. Can you stand and defend yourself that you’re a Christian? It matters a lot. If you are a Christian and you do not hide yourself as a Christian; the other one is a Christian and does not hide Himself as a Christian; another one is a Christian and does not hide himself as a Christian; because if you’re a Christian you must speak the truth. If you say the truth, you must stand by it. Even though they want to persecute me for speaking the truth, I will not hide myself; let them persecute me. The next person stands beside you, and another person again stands beside you; what will the persecutors do? They will say these people cannot be killed because of their truth, because they’re inside their Father. But when you say you’re serving your Father, you see the truth and you turn it upside down; you even do the worst more than those who are not inside the Father; you’re even scared to speak the truth so they will not kill you because of the law. Why then are you serving the Father? You are a waste! Why are you hiding yourself? The Father wants you to come out and speak His truth. If you’re hiding, how can people hear about the word of the Father, because the Father Himself is ready to defend you? If you come out with the truth of the Father to the point of death, the Father will rescue you. If the Father chooses not to rescue you, then you know where you’re going; you’re going to the right place. But you say you’re inside the Father, which category do you belong? That is why I sang ‘Give me the grace to follow You’. It has a very deep meaning. It’s not just to sing it like that. You are a Christian, yes everybody is a Christian. You are there, the time you supposed to sit at home resting, you’re struggling up and down that you’re going to church. You entered your car in haste; you even drove to the point of almost hitting somebody because you’re going to church. Are you doing the will of the Father? That is My question. You were rushing, it’s almost after ten; you were almost running late; you then entered the traffic and somebody overtook you on your way; you almost curse that man because you’re running late for the service. Are you really in the Father? If you’re in the Father, with everything that is going on, you supposed to come out now and say yes, this is my Father’s handwork. You supposed to come out and bear the witness. You wouldn’t join them to say ‘what is going on, what is going on’, and you know what is going on because you’re inside your Father. What is going on? You supposed to know what is going on! Until all of you know my Father, until all of you know my Father! Say it to everybody; don’t hide yourself. As you’re speaking, another one is speaking; another one is saying the same thing, won’t the remaining people know what they supposed to do? You cannot kill everybody the same time! Because you yourself say you’re a Christian. You are a Christian; you’ve sinned against the Father. Yes! You’ve sinned against the Father. You bought a piece of land and built your house; you’re then bragging ‘my land, my land’. Is it not Somebody that owns the ground? Yes, you bought a piece of land, but it’s Somebody that owns the ground; it’s Somebody that owns the soil upon which the house was built. When the Person says I need the soil today, what will happen to the land? What are you going to do? Now who owns the land? Is it not the Father? Know the Father you’re serving. The Father is a Holy Father. You can never serve the Father and hide it. The Father is a Father of truth.

The era We are now, some are celebrating while some are crying. Some are celebrating while some are crying. Some are celebrating, they’re eating hundred times. Some cannot even open their eyes to enter the kitchen and prepare what they want to eat. That is it. That is it. It does not take anything away from the Father. If you know the Father at the right time, evil will never befall you. Even if it falls on those who are doing evil, it will bypass you. But you are there; you mother, don’t teach your child about the Father. When the evil comes, it will take the child away. Yes! Because you’re bragging ‘my child, my child, ’; are you the owner of the child? The Father gave you the child, but did you return him back to the Father. I’m just your physical mother, our Spiritual Father is there. Teach the child about the Father. Did you teach the child? No! But when the evil comes and takes the child away, you’re crying. Oh, he told me he’s going to the school; is that the last day I will see my son. Did you teach that child about the Father? Even though he dies, you know where he’s going. The Father will take him; he will be with the Father. No, he’s going to hellfire. The child that knows nothing about the Father can never be taken to heaven. It was the sin that you mother committed that affected the child. You did not teach the child about the will of the Father. My son, it will happen in different dimensions. I have told you before. You are saying you’re a Christian; are you really a Christian? Are you really doing the will of the Father? Do you know how the Father prevents His children not to fall into trouble? Do you know how the Father now allows them to fall into trouble? But you claim you’re serving your Father. You are inside your Father, but when people are talking anyhow about your Father, you will keep quiet, you will be looking; you will not say anything. If you know it’s not painful, let anyone accuse you that you’re a thief. Won’t you respond? You will respond! Why do you respond? Because it pains you! Then somebody accuses your Father, you keep quiet and you’re laughing. And you say you’re inside your Father. It’s very painful! Because your Father cannot come out physically, you that are serving the Father will defend Him. Why are you talking like that; He’s the One that created you. You will let the person know right there. That means all of you are in the same category together. You don’t know the Father you’re serving. Then on Sunday you will carry your bag, paint your nose and go to church. Maybe you’re an usher or one of the elders. Then why are you going to the church? The Father you cannot stand and defend; you cannot talk of what the Father has done before. You cannot say I know my Father; I know what He has done before. The examples are there in the Bible. They are there! I wish you can know my Father; I’m still telling you to know Him because He’s not very far from you; else you know where you’re going. Tell them with boldness because you know your Father you’re serving and He can rescue you at any time. He has done it before. But all of them are cursing the Father, you too because of what you want to eat, fear will not allow you to defend Him. When the evil comes, it will take you away because you’re not done. You are not serving the Father with your heart; you’re only serving Him with your body, with your mouth.

My son, very soon, the dead will bury their dead. When somebody is dead, somebody will bury him, isn’t it? It’s a word. The work continues. The battle continues. You should come and fight Me. You cannot escape from the wrath of the Father because the Father is everywhere. If there is a problem where you work, you can resign from your work. If there is a problem where you live, you can move away and find another place to live. But you cannot leave this life and go to another life. Do it and let Me see you! You can never do it unless you die. That is why it’s very dangerous for you to offend the Father because you don’t have anywhere to go. Everywhere you go, the Father is there. The Father is there; you can never escape. If it’s your work, you can leave your work. If it’s your house, even the one you bought and finished paying, you can leave it. You can sell it and buy another one. But what about the life you’re living? Where are you running to? Because if you run anywhere, the Father will meet you there! He is there waiting for you. What then should you do? You will repent! If you don’t want to repent, you will suffer before you die. Those things you put your trust, a lot will happen. A lot of things will happen; nobody you will put your hope again. A lot will happen! We are in it now. Why is it that the Father is always saying ‘something will happen, something will happen’; is He a wicked Father? You are wicked sons and daughters! You are wicked children! Take a good look at yourself. Don’t you love yourself? Let Me take a pair of scissors and put marks on your face if you will like it. Why won’t you like it? Because you love yourself! You don’t want any spot on your body because the Father created you well. So you love your life! But the Person that created your spirit, soul, and body says He wants you. You don’t want to give the Person your life. But you love this your ‘sand’. Somebody took sand, moulded it together, and made you what you are. Now you love your body. The body is very precious to you. What about the Owner of the heart? My son, you see they’ve failed. They have failed. They don’t know what they’re doing. If you go out there and tell them, nobody will believe you. They will tell you something is wrong with you. Oh, nobody created us; we just find ourselves here. My son, a lot will happen. I told you before, they will begin to ask their astrologers. No money; many people will die; a lot of things will happen. Wait and see.

When one or two or three or four people die, they will cast the news. What will happen when troops of people die? Nobody will cast the news. When you pour water on your head, where does it go? Is it not your legs? Tell everyone to wash their hands clean, to hold their Father tight so they will not follow them. Now they will know their Father they are serving. If I could use water to destroy the whole earth, what do you think I cannot do? My son, tell them to bath themselves, to wash themselves clean now because Somebody is there that will forgive them so they will not follow them. My son, a lot will happen! They will not be able to trace the cause of it. Before they will know, things have gone far. They will never believe because they are the ones that created themselves. Don’t pray to see the anger of the Father! My son, you will know that I am your Father that is speaking to you in this your house. Only those who are serving Me faithfully, who know what I can do, they know I am the One in action. I will purposely do it to promote some people. Those who have My fears, I will promote them. I will turn the life of some people around. When some are going down, some will be going up. When you give children exam, those who pass will be promoted and those who fail know where they’re going. When you pass, you will be promoted. You know your book because you listened to what your teacher was teaching you. But when you said you don’t want to see your teacher, how would you manage to hear what the teacher was teaching you? That means you have signed not to go to the next level. They could even expel you from the school. That means you rebelled against your teacher. You know where you are going. My son, the money will dry up in the bank. When they keep money in the bank highly secure, with cameras watching everywhere, and they get there the next morning without seeing the money; who are they going to arrest? I think you know more than Me? You think you know more than Me! They said the Father did not have power. He does not have power. They are saying who is there? But you’ve heard it before; when they arrested two people, put them in the prison and the Father rescued them. You have heard it before. You know what the Father has done before. Was it not the Father that divided the Red Sea? Because of mercy My son, I had pity on them because of My Son Jesus. I will not have pity on them again. Those who do My will have pity on themselves so they can be saved. They have pity on themselves! My son, you should wait and see. The Father has appeared many years ago, that is not a barrier for the Father not to appear again. The Father still remains the Father. He acted many years ago, that does not mean He should not act. Nobody can hold the hand of the Father! He will do whatever He wants to do. Even He allowed them to kill His Son because of His children. Those who said they would follow the Son are not following Him. Instead, they add many things to it and they still claim they’re following Him. What then is the essence of it? You are calling Jesus, you are serving Jesus, and you are not calling Jesus with your heart. You use Jesus to cover your face. Then when you die, you will go to hellfire. What is the essence of your service? You now begin to teach your own law; you forget about the law of the Father. You can do this, the Father will forgive you. That is what you’re teaching. My son, I have told you that everything is set. When it happens, you will see it. It is set! A lot will happen. No money for them again! The one that remains will dry. It will dry! My son, I am speaking to you like Father and son. Very soon, you will take your stand. You will speak to all of them and they will listen to your voice. A lot will happen. Now who will believe you? Nobody! We have been speaking now since two years. Does anybody believe you?

My son, do you know why it’s touching Me a lot? I use them as an example. I use them as an example, so that the remaining ones will emulate them how to serve the Father, how to do good, how peace will reign, how to love. So that when the remaining ones come, they will learn from them. They are now the heart of evil. They are the heart of evil and you know it. They are the heart of evil and they will not believe anything you tell them. Don’t you know I’m in the life of all My children? When the children say the truth, they will say no, you must lie. When you lie, they will accept you. You are chasing something; for example, you want to marry a wife, you now take her to their office for all the necessary paperwork. They will tell you it’s a lie. They will now lure you to go and formulate lie and they will accept it. You say you don’t want to lie, but you need that thing. Until you lie, you will not get it. Are you still inside your Father? You are no more inside your Father because your faith you’re carrying like egg has been destroyed already. After all, my Father, I am serving You; You know I maintain my holiness; now I have to lie; let me continue to commit sin. If they are in the Father, when you are speaking, the Spirit of the Father in them will bear witness; they will believe you. Because they themselves are evil! They are demons! They must make sure you lie. When you lie, they will promote you. When you lie, they will give you whatever you’re looking for. Are you still inside your Father? Are you still serving the Father or you’re serving yourself? You are serving idol; you are serving yourself. You are no more serving the Father. All of them that hold Me tight, even the ones that call themselves pastors turn to be like them. They are not serving Me again. Those who had passion for Me, as they entered this place, they changed. My son, this place is too small for Me to deal with. You that came here because of the work of the Father, you denied the Father because of money. All the money will vanish and you will go back home empty. You came here to tell them about the Father, because of the money you saw, the money that will be useless, you now forget about the Father. You will see. You said you are going to Europe; you are going to America to serve the Father, you are a pastor. When you got there you began to lie because you needed money. You will not see the money again! Now they think it’s a joking matter. My son, I told you when you put down a basin of water with a little hole in it, as the water is leaking gradually, you will still think the water is still there. My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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