The Consequence Of Evil

(Part 1)

The Father speaks

(Tuesday 13th December 2011, 23:00)

Nobody has ever seen Him, but only if you believe. Nobody has ever seen Him, but He appeared to Abraham and Abraham believed. He appeared to Moses and Moses believed. He chose Elijah and Elijah proclaimed His word. He did not hide his voice anywhere. Anytime Elijah called upon God, He harken to his voice. Whatever he called Him for, He would do it. He proved Himself He’s the same God. Many of His children trusted and believed in Him that He’s the Almighty. They believed in their heart and put it into action; and the Father did not hide Himself. He showed Himself that He is the Almighty. Either big or small, poor or rich, He listened to them all because it’s your heart He needs. He is the same God. The God that has been speaking right from the beginning, from generations to generations; He is the same God. He neither sleeps nor slumbers nor lack. He is the same God until today. He never changes. It’s you that change, the Father never changes. It’s you that don’t believe; the Father believes in Himself. He is the Almighty. It’s you that is fake. He will never be a fake Father. It’s you that don’t believe. He is the same Father. As He was right from the beginning, so He remains until this day. He never changes, He never dies, and He never goes on transfer. He remains the same thing. You will change, you will die and be wiped away, but the Father remains forever. He never changes. It’s only if you believe. When you believe that you have a Father, when you believe that you did not come to this earth by yourself, that Somebody created you and was not just an ordinary Person. He is the One that formed you and made you a human being. He is the One that knows how He created you. If you believe, no any evil will befall you. He is my God; He is the Owner of my life; He was the One that supplied everything I have; He is my Source; He is my Everything. It’s just to believe. What happens if you believe? Things will go well with you. You will not behave anyhow. If you believe in the Father that He truly exists, you will do all He asked you to do. You will not do those things He asked you not to do. If you don’t believe in your heart, that the Father gave birth to you, you fail. You fail. Everything you put your hands will continue to fail because you don’t believe in your heart that you’re not the one that formed yourself. Somebody created you and that Person is the Father, and they introduced the Father to you, but you said no, you refused Him. You know where you belong. You know where you’re going. Because Abraham you’re calling today, either you believe in Abraham or not, the Abraham you’re calling believed in the Father. He heard the voice of the Father and He believed. He was the first person that made you to hear about the Father. He was the one that made you to know that Somebody is up there. Nobody showed him the example; he was the example for everybody. If somebody could hear a voice and could not see the One that’s speaking, and made a step of righteousness to follow the Person, do you think it’s an easy job. Nobody has done it before; he was the one that started it. Why can’t you clap your hands for him? Why can’t you give him applause? Those who did it in the past, you can see the examples in the Bible; you can see it and read it. Abraham had no book to read. There was no example for him to follow. Nobody showed him an example. His own had been just to hear His voice! He said he heard a voice. Somebody now said uncle, I will follow you and he followed him. Do you think he just followed him like that? It was the Father’s handwork. He laid it in his heart to follow him because the Father wanted to prove Himself that He’s the Almighty. Even if Lot didn’t want to follow him, he would not force him. But I purposely did it to prove Myself. He began to hear His voice. Take this one, don’t take that one. Even if you choose the one that is not good, I will bless it for you. He could have gone alone, but because the Father wanted to prove Himself that He was the One that chose him. When the Father says this land will go, it will go and when He says this land I will bless, yes He will bless. That is the reason for My word tonight. If He says this land will be fertile, it will be fertile even though there is nothing to show that it will be fertile; it will be fertile because the Father said it, because He is the One that owns it. Oh, they said the land will not yield good fruit, but when they plant, it’s yielding good fruit. Yes, it will go because the Father has said it. It will go. It will go.

Abraham, Abraham, Abraham. Who was this Abraham? How did God choose Him? Where did He come from? If they truly have brains that the Father was the One that created them, they could have known that this Abraham was like them before. He was like them serving idol. That means the one they’re serving was not good. The Father now brought him out of it for them to know that the dance they were dancing was not from the Father. They were dancing on their own. This person was serving idol before he left our country; if the Father could choose him, that means we’re on our own; why couldn’t we follow him. Now Abraham was the first person the Father chose, for you to know the Father has been speaking to His children right from the beginning. What happened to Moses? He saw a burning bush and heard a voice coming out from inside the fire. He could have run away, but he followed the voice. It’s the same Father. He never changes. What about Samuel? In a house of a well-known priest, where people came from far and near to worship God, then a little boy said he was hearing voices. The man (Eli) knew it was the voice of God because he knew God. My son, compare it with nowadays. A little boy will say he’s hearing voices; people will say something is wrong with his brain. The same God still exists! He still uses children. Because their parents don’t have the knowledge of the Father, whenever God is using that child, they will count it as nothing. My son, I have told you before that in this generation, if Jesus Christ is to come as He came before through a woman, they will abort the pregnancy. I have told you before! The Father still uses people. There are people that are clean and holy that the Father can still use. But if the Father uses them, they’re waste and useless.

My son, at a certain point of your life, you were not doing the will of the Father. The Father allowed you to be tortured, for you to be convinced because then you would say no, not me. I purposely allowed it to happen so that you would learn. When that thing tortured you, you learned. At that time, you would say you’ve not enjoyed life. You were still enjoying your life. You were in the mood of enjoying your life. You would never listen because they’ve tied and sealed it. You were dancing to the ringtone of the devil. He now said I have captured him; let me finish him. But when you ate the food and were satisfied, you said you would vomit it. The Father now said you’ve eaten the food and were tired, come now and let Me wash you. The Father knows the way He connects. You didn’t know the Father; even this one too didn’t know the Father. As you were dancing your own dance, this one too was dancing her own dance. I said okay; both of you should continue to dance to the ringtone of the devil, but he would not kill you. I will give you chance until you’re tired. Until you turn your heart that you’re going back to the Father, the Father will abandon you. Even though the Father chooses you to be a priest, you and your priesthood are waste. If the Father chooses you to be a priest, if He chooses you to be anything, to work for Him, if you don’t turn your heart to the Father, you're a waste. When He brought Jesus Christ to this earth, He had the opportunity to do nonsense, to steal, to do whatever He wanted to do because He was human being. The mission wouldn’t have been accomplished. Because the Father has designed who He would be and what He would be, the Father sealed everywhere that would have made Him hang here on earth. He was there as a human being, but He was not the One that was there. The Father was the One that was controlling everything He was doing. You could not do this; You could not do that so that when you switch to the work of the Father, they would see nothing to hold against you by the end of the day. That was why when He started the work of the Father, nobody came out to accuse Him of anything. Did anybody come out and said He stole his property? No! They could have said it out. The Father held His heart because He was partly human being and partly Spirit. The Father purposely did it like that. He has scheduled everything that, not until a certain time, He would not begin His work. The Father made it that through Him, all His children would come back to Him and no stain should be found in Him else, the mission would be aborted. The story of His birth and all the prophecies concerning Him were there. No single stain was recorded against Him.

My son, I just want to tell you that hence you’re on this earth, if the Father chooses you and you don’t know the Father, you’re a waste. Even if you don’t have the knowledge of the Father and the Father created you to be a particular person (e.g. Pastor), the Father will send somebody to you who will lead you to Him. The very day Jesus is introduced to you, then you switch on. It’s like a new wall clock that was newly bought and the owner has not inserted the battery for it to work. Once the battery is inserted, it will start working. From the very day you switch to the Father, everything now lies in your hands. The Father must make sure He connects you to those who will introduce you to Jesus, who will introduce you to Him and His kingdom for you to do the work He sends you to do on this earth. No matter how it is, because He chooses you to be. If He chooses you to be anything, either a pastor or a teacher, and if you don’t take care of it, you are a waste. All is waste! All those kind of people, demon will begin to chase them around. Whatever they lay their hands upon will not prosper; it will spoil because they don’t do the will of the Father. You, you don’t know yourself, we will trouble you. Demons will trouble them.

There are many things that happen that are not about witchcraft. There are some that you caused by yourself because you’re not doing what you should have done. That is why you see all those pastors; all of them don’t know anything. They don’t even know the Father. That is why they put their hands into every nonsense. They put their hands into a lot of things because they think everything is easy, sweet like milk. They are drinking milk and they think they’re serving the Father. Are they serving the Father? They are not serving the Father. All of them are going to hellfire. When you’re serving the Father, you know how it is. It’s not an easy job. Do you think it’s an easy job? You are on the war front. Oh, you’re doing it well, okay Sir; you’re not doing it well, yes Sir. You must accept everything. You must dance to the ringtone of the Father. Do you think they’re serving the Father? They are not serving the Father. You will never be comfortable in your bed when you’re serving the Father because you carry the load of several people. You are sleeping and snoring; you’re eating and you don’t even know your stomach is full and still claim you’re working for the Father. You are comfortable inside the sin you’re committing. Nothing concerns you about anybody. You have to be like the Father, thinking about the lives of everybody. That is what it takes to do the work of the Father; that is how to be a father. This is what you will do; this is what you shouldn’t do. You have to connect them to the Father. It’s like when you’re in school and you want to be a lawyer. You have to choose the subjects that will lead you to be a lawyer. You want to be a lawyer and choose science subjects, you will fail. If you want to be a lawyer, everything you will be taught will be about the law. Initially when you start, they will bombard you with many subjects. But when you’re about entering your main course, you will drop many of the subjects. That is it. Everything you want to do will be about the law. When they bring any case to you, you will know how to tackle it. If a murderer comes to you, even though he denies it, you will see it in his face. You will sit him down and speak to him. Believe me, I will not betray you; I will not tell anybody; that is why I’m a lawyer; you cannot tell me that you killed that person and broadcast it, no; I will keep it to myself. What will that person do? He will confess everything to you; he will tell you the whole truth. Look at me, I’m a lawyer; you cannot go there and stand for yourself, I’m the one that will stand for you; if you tell me you’re the one that killed that person, I will not tell them you’re the one. He will tell you the truth! That is the work of a pastor My son. There are some cases, don’t chase them away. Draw them to yourself. Else you will not see the truth of anything. Draw them close to yourself. Address them as you will address yourself. There are some words you will hear, it will ache your heart, but you must hold yourself. You will not count it as anything, but it means a lot. As he’s saying it, every key they used to lock him is unlocking gradually. After everything, you will now tell him the implication. He must not go back again, else he will find himself to blame. Without that, you cannot meet the need of the Father. You must get everything from the root. You have to put your eyes down to see everything from the root. That is it. If not, it will be as if you’re working for nothing. You must draw everybody to yourself. That is the work of the Father. There are some things you count as nothing. Did Eli kill somebody? Did the children kill somebody? They were stealing meat; they were sleeping around with women. Is that not why the glory of God departed from the house! It means a lot. Look at this one, it doesn’t mean anything. It means something. It takes all your blessing away from you, not only your blessing, the blessing of your generations as well. The devil that is chasing them knows what the Father used to create His children and how He made all the blessings and he knows what will destroy all the blessings. He knows it! Do you think he’s just chasing them around? My daughter, I am not chasing you to marry you or to eat your money; I want to maintain you so you can maintain others; I want my Father to wash you so you can tell others what you passed through; God is going to use you to change people’s lives; come out of your mess, don’t hide yourself anymore; come and open up and as you open up for your Father, your life will take a U-turn; you will live a holy life; the more you’re running, the more you tie down yourself and when you die, you’ll go to hellfire; they will torment you because you have double spirits.

The Father that was there in the time of old is still the same Father until today. The Father still speaks, but they count Him as nothing. Carry everybody along. The Father does not reject anybody. They will be the ones to reject themselves. Tell them about the Father. You will never tire because there is a reward for you. It’s not an easy job. I told you all of them are eating around; they are not doing the will of the Father. You are busy in your house and you want all of them to be coming to you. Why are you a servant? Some of them will call you and you’ll say I’m busy, call me back. When somebody is dying, you’re saying they should call you back. Maybe the word you’ll say will change that person’s life immediately. The Father that turned the heart of that person to call His servant knew what He was doing. There was a famine in the land and there was no food. A man of God went to a woman and asked her for food. She said there’s no food for you to eat, it’s only for me and my child. He then said she should bring the food to him so he could eat it. Then what happened? Why did the man of God go there? Where are the men of God of today? It’s only the people that go to the man of God. Man of God will never visit poor people, especially those that have nothing. Oh, let me go there and bless them. When the man of God visited me, my life changed; indeed God is using that man; let me hold my God very tight. I have been going to that church for several years, the pastor don’t even know my house; is that how it takes to serve God; let me stay in my house. In the time of old, when the Father spoke to the prophet, he would be on his way to deliver the message. Where was the vehicle; where was the car they were using? My son, everything you see in the Bible are there for the children to follow it. No matter how far that place would be, they would go there and deliver the message. The person they visited would know truly it’s from God. When you see the man of God coming, you would be shaking; you would like to know what God said. Why is it today that they count the word of God as nothing? Nobody wants to hear the word of the Father. Nobody wants to recognise the word of God. There is no seriousness in it. Nobody wants to teach the word of God very deep. Everyone is chasing money. Those that call themselves servants of God are nowhere to be found. They even commit the sin that they shouldn’t commit. Pastor fornicated; pastor impregnated a woman; pastor did this, the pastor did that. Now when they say God says thus, will you believe the word? You can never believe because of sin. Those who say they’re doing the work of the Father don’t do the right thing. Then what do you expect from the remaining ones? You that claim you’re inside the Father don’t believe when your Father is speaking. What do you expect from those who don’t even know the Father? That is what I’m saying. The Father in the time of old is the same Father. You can change, but the Father can never change. The Father will never change. When the Father starts His work, you will know He’s the same Father of old. You will change, but the Father will never change. Because you don’t believe the word of the Father, you don’t recognise the word of the Father, you don’t do the will of the Father, you fail because you don’t have the spiritual being of the Father in you. And when the Father speaks, you can never discern it’s the Father because the things of this world have taken your heart away. The Father is the same Father; He still rescues His children; He still creates; He still destroys; He still makes life. It’s the same Father. He still makes a way where there is no way. He does signs and wonders. He is the same Father. There are many of His children He blessed. He sent them money; He gave them babies; He connected them. He is still doing it until today. Even there are some the Father did it for them, but they could not recognise it was the Father because He saw their heart. Nobody could give testimony like the time of old. Oh, it just came like that; it just happened like that. Nothing happened just like that! It’s the Father! But nobody could tell the testimony because of sin and nobody takes the word of the Father serious again. He still rescues the children from evil. He still blesses His children, but they don’t believe Him. They would say it just wanted to happen like that. Who told you? The eyes of the Father are wide open! He never closes His eyes. His ears are wide. His legs are very long. He still meets the needs of His children. But they don’t want to know the Father. They don’t do the will of the Father. They don’t even want to know the Father. That is why testimonies are good. If they didn’t say it out, you wouldn’t have heard about it. When somebody was boasting ‘come to me, I will kill you and make you all my slaves’. Then what happened? And the little boy challenged him. Do you think the word just entered the boy’s mouth? God wanted to prove Himself that He’s God!

Somebody that has the power to create the whole earth, is it the past He cannot destroy? Or is it the past He cannot restore? Money and everything are the pasts of this earth. Somebody that created you to live, is it the food you will eat that He cannot provide? Is it the food He cannot also take away? That is what is going on now. That is what is going on. Those who call themselves men of God, those who call themselves pastors, they themselves will fear the Father they’re serving, that they don’t meet the need of the Father. It’s now they will know that they fail! Oh, Father wants to do this one, how come we don’t know? You should know that you’re not close to the level of the Father. You’re not even serving the Father. If you’re serving the Father, you would have known. You gave yourselves ranks, you gave yourselves positions. Food, food, food; the food the Father has already created there for you. Blessing, blessing, blessing; the blessing the Father has already created on this earth. Will He create another blessing for you again? The blessing that was there right from ages, right from the beginning of the earth before He even created you! Don’t you know you’ve failed? When you’re shouting of blessing, blessing; what of the will of the Father? Where do you put the will of the Father? If it’s food, food, food; where is the will of the Father? That will of the Father is what will take you to where you’re going. Will the Father now bring another food; will He release another manna than the food that was there before? When you’re shouting of blessing, blessing, blessing everyday, what of the sin you’re committing? Where will you put that sin? The sin will be there! It’s like a child the father sewed a new garment for who rubbed it with dirt and the father now gave another robe to him. He wore it and rubbed it with dirt again. What do you call that child? The father now said the one I gave to you was new; go and wash it. The cloth is there with you; go and wash it. The Father is not creating another blessing again. The blessing is there with you. I have told you before that the Father has already designed those who will do you good in a day. It was sin that stopped everything. Either the sin you committed by yourself or the sin somebody committed on your behalf. That is what is working against your head.

What made Moses ran away from Egypt? Because He killed somebody. Why did he do it? Why should he kill? What brought anger? Should he kill because he was angry? Where did it come from? How old was he? It was the sin the parents committed that worked against Moses! When Pharaoh’s daughter came and saw Moses, what did the sister say? When the nanny came, did Pharaoh’s daughter know she was Moses mother? No! That was a lie! In the house of Pharaoh, he was eating and drinking there. What were they doing or worshipping in the house of Pharaoh? Idol!!! What led to the killing of that man that Moses killed? When two people were fighting, it shouldn’t have led to one killing the other. Even though he knew he was not of Egypt, but of Hebrew, it shouldn’t have led him to kill. It was the sin his parents committed that worked against him. That was what worked against him! That was why he ran away. The sin of lying! The sin of lying and the place he was brought up; the food of idol, all the food he ate, that was why he ran away and became a shepherd. Supposing they did not put him into a basket and kept him beside the river, he could have still been saved because he was a covenant child. I am telling you the consequence of sin! Whenever something happens, what is the root? Why did it happen? I have told you that I have a lot to teach you.

Do you know what happened to Joseph? You know the story why he came to the land of Egypt. You know everything. Joseph could have still come to the land of Egypt in one way or the other. But the brothers couldn’t have become slaves to him. He could have still rescued his brothers. Do you know why they looked like slaves to him? Because of what they did to him! Though he forgave them! Everything that happened, the Almighty Father purposely allow it to happen for you to learn. Whenever something happens, there must be something that leads to it so that another person will not do it again. When somebody says oh I had a dream; why should you be angry because of a dream? Wickedness! I have chosen him to be the head. That was why I told you that no matter what he passed through he would not die in it. When he was in the house of Potiphar and Potiphar’s wife lured him, I held is heart not to do it. I have designed him to be the head anywhere he entered. The brothers that sold him and thought he was dead, when they saw him, they looked foolish and stupid. The consequence of evil!

I am telling you the consequence of evil. When you do evil, you will receive it. Your parents could do evil that will affect you. I have told you about Moses. Why did he kill somebody? Because the parents lied! They lied! Even though she had said he’s her son, nothing would have happened to him because the Father has designed whom he would be. They now took him to their palace and fed him with their food. My son, I know that even though you publish this, nobody will believe you. The Father is the One that’s speaking. The Father is the One that’s speaking. If they wanted to kill him, they could have killed him before he ran away because they knew when he killed that man. They knew! That was why he was accused the next day! They knew. They couldn’t do anything to him because the Father has already designed it that he would be the one to lead His children out. Even though the mother did not lie, the Father could have spared his life so he could lead His children out. I have told you, what lies ahead matters a lot. I always talk about Abraham. Abraham obeyed the Father; he did not disobey the Father. Everything I told him to do, he did it. I told you the only area he disobeyed the Father. The Father is the One that owns your life. You will only do what the Father asked you to do. You have no right to say this is what you will do. That means your life is in danger, especially when the Father designed what you would be.

Many parents today are crying for the fruit of the womb. Day in day out they’re crying to the Father. I am the One speaking! The special child the Father give them, they know what the child supposed to be. You now begin to choose what the child would be. You don’t even allow the child to follow the Father. How do you think the life of that child will be? It will be useless! The special child the Father gave to you; you cried and cried before He could give him to you. By the end of the day, you said this is what you will do; it’s my voice you will hear. What do you think you’ve done to that child? You’ve useless his life! You are the same one who will say oh look at your life, look at your mate. You forget where rain was beating you and where the Father used His umbrella and covered your head. That child supposed to be the child of the Father. The Father supposed to be the Mentor and Everything to that child, but you did not allow him to live his own life. Where you wouldn’t want to go, you would allow the child to go there.

Once the Father chooses you, no matter what happens, you must come to be. You will come to be! But when you go on your own way, there is danger in it. The Israelites in the land of Egypt were not ordinary; they were of the Father. The Father loved them. He had covenant with them and that was where Moses came out. Moses was a covenant child. He was a covenant child. In everything, there is something behind it. I have told you about the word you speak from your mouth. Your attitude and everything you do. You gave birth to the child, and then you carried him to the river; that’s fine and good. Let me go and call one of the Egyptian nannies; you now called the baby’s mother. They now took him to the palace. Along the line, as you were taking care of the child, somebody might have asked you if you were the mother; you would say no you’re not the mother. They thought you were one of the Egyptian women, but they never knew you were the mother of the child, which was lying. Look at the way they brought him up. He ate their food and everything. Do you think he would eat the food of the devil and end just like that? By the end of the day, after he led the Israelites out of the land of Egypt, he disobeyed Me. Where did it come from? It was already in his blood. Now you know where We are going. Now you can see it. What started well should end well. That is it. Because that thing was still in the blood! That is why when you’re inside the Father, always purge yourself and never look back. That is the solution!

When Joseph met the brother, what did he do? He wept; he cried! These are my brothers I loved; these are my brothers we ate together; we did everything together; I was a baby in their midst; look at my brothers. He was crying because he had no stain in his heart. He loved them! He then revealed himself to them. Did he take care of them? Did he love them? What happened at the end? Everything went well. When he died what happened? They took his body with them when they were leaving. My son, I am the One speaking to you in this house. I told you I reduce Myself to a human being because of you. The things I’m teaching you here, nobody will believe. I am teaching you the deep mystery. I am the Almighty Father. My son, as it is in the time of old, so it is now. What I’m teaching you here, nobody can see it and they can never see it because they don’t meet My need. What happened between Three of Us last week because We are Three in this house? I saw darkness in your heart! Was it not the same Me that spoke with Moses, the One speaking to you now? Why should your heart be dark? And you know I’m the One speaking to you everyday in this house. That means that water is still inside your body! Before I speak anything concerning anybody, I always speak concerning you every day because that was the food they gave you to eat because everything is there. It is very easy for you to go back to your sin because that was the food they gave you; the food of evil, the food of sin; you suck the breast of sin. It’s very easy for you to go back to it. That is why you will surrender everything to your Father that Father, no matter what happens, I will follow You till the end. This earth I come, nothing will make me to be annoyed. That is it! That is why I told you, it’s very easy to initiate those top people into nonsense because they’re not done. The trace of that thing is still in them. They are not done inside. If Moses that the Father used to perform all these ones could do that, how much more. The devil himself looked at his birth, which I’ve counted for you. She said she’s not the mother; she lied there. Look at where they brought you up; all the food is our food. When the Father chooses you, what are you supposed to do? Satan himself knew who he was! He knew he killed somebody? The devil knew who he was, so that the purpose of God would not come to pass in his life. Everywhere he went, he wanted to destroy him. Until you yourself release yourself from that mess! If somebody that saw the Father face to face could not go away from that thing, how much more. It’s very easy to fall into the hand of the devil. Be inside the Father twenty-four hours.

You know the story of Samuel, isn’t it? Hannah’s husband had two wives. The other wife had children while she had none. That did not mean she should go to where she shouldn’t have gone. She was sad most of the time, but her husband consoled her that God is the God that gives child. Finally, she entered into a covenant secretly with the Father and the child came. What happened after the child came? When the husband told her they should go back home, she said no she had to wait until she fulfil her vow. She would return the child to her God. As a little child, Samuel could hear from Me. What happened to him at the end? Where was the record of wrong he had? None! Why? Because of his foundation! The covenant the mother entered with the Father, she fulfilled it. Everything went smoothly from both the mother and the father. Do you think it is by word of mouth to serve the Father? I told you you’re a hot cake for the devil. You are a hot cake! I will not deceive you My son. You are a hot cake. They are watching you twenty-four-seven. What happened when you and My daughter went out? A lady saw both of you and was running away. The lady you saw was a demon! You are passing all of them on the road everyday. They can change to anything to come and meet you. The weakness of Moses was anger. That was what they used to destroy him. The anger of Moses started from the beginning. It was not from him, it was from his parents through lying; through idol. They were taking care of you in another man’s house. Though you were eating well, but your mother could not act as your mother because she was scared so that people would not know you were her son. My son, the Father is just like you; but He is a Spirit. When you think you are lying, everything you’re doing affect your children. You sow evil seed into the children’s lives. You sow failure, you sow disappointment, and you sow evil into the children’s lives if you don’t know. The Father that started the work will accomplish it.

When they made a decree that Daniel should not pray, did he hide himself? When they saw him praying, they asked him and he did not deny. He even prayed where people would see him. This is open confession. They now threw him into the den of lions. Didn’t the Father prove Himself? Supposing they asked him and he denied, when they threw him into the den of a lion, the lion would eat him because he lied. But he said yes, I did it. I would never obey you and disobey my Father; if you want to kill me, then kill me. What happened then? I proved Myself. Now you see the consequence of everything he did. You do yourself evil, you do yourself harm because of a lie. My son, I am the One that purposely gathered you together because I want to make something out of you. Let your flesh die! Whatever you do, the devil will use it against you. Whatever darkness you allow into your heart, that is where they will enter. You will begin to go from level to level and you still call yourself a man of God, a servant of the Father. I have taught you everything. Love everybody with the love of Christ. Don’t let anything carry you away. Once you do that, that is all. As you’re speaking about your Father every day, they are there watching you. Oh, they are clapping hands for me; they’re doing this for me. Remember that every work you do, the Father is the One that send you message. You are not doing any work for yourself. The Father is the One that will glorify you by the end of the day. He will reward you. You are not doing the work for any human being. You are not even doing it for my daughter to say ‘oh, that is my husband’. No! You are doing it for your Father. Every word you speak, you’re speaking from the source. As you’re speaking, you’re speaking to their ears. You are not speaking for speaking sake and you’re speaking to their hearts too. You are preaching the word of your Father with boldness. Don’t think anybody will praise you because when you’re preaching the truth of the Father, nobody will praise you. Everybody will hate you and you must not be angry. When you are annoyed, you commit sin and that sin will lead you to another thing. Don’t expect somebody to praise you. Nobody will praise you. That was why Jesus Christ came. Inasmuch they killed My Son, anybody that does not do My work well knows where he’s going. No matter how the Father uses you to speak, if you don’t do the work of the Father well, you know where you’re going. When somebody is hungry, you have money in your pocket and you keep it; you say you’re working for the Father. You are not working for the Father; you are working for nothing. When somebody is hungry and you have money, but you say, oh let me pray with you and the person dies of hunger, you know where you’re going. You commit sin. My son, publish it for them. When somebody is hungry, you’re saying you’ve prayed for her, you’ve done your work. When the Father created you and did not give you food, could you live? You cannot live. That was why I already created the food for you before I created you. That is why all of them are praying for the blessing the Father has already prepared for them. One good thing deserves another. That is how it is. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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