The Controller Of Sin

Dear Friend,

Grace, peace, mercy, and love to you from Jehovah God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour, and Holy Spirit our Companion. Greetings!

Once upon a time, I was on a journey which I couldn’t complete without a partner. I was at the heart of the sea, heading to the shore to meet my partner so we could continue the second half of our journey. While I was still at the heart of the sea, Satan gave me a counterfeit partner, similar in appearance to the real one. I took her and headed for a different destination. My partner, the real one also headed for a different destination. She discovered she was in a wrong place, and she fled. For twenty good years, she was on the road, searching for me. When things became rough for me also, I fled from my counterfeit partner and decided to be on my own because of what I saw. The Almighty Father came to me and told me to be on a search for my real partner, and I said no. He explained to me what I didn’t know about my life, and also answered the question I’ve asked that nobody could answer. The Father told me what went wrong and that without my real partner, I wouldn’t fulfil my mission. The Father Himself gave my real partner and I another chance to meet again at a designated place which He arranged so we could continue the second half of our journey. Here I am, with my partner, the Almighty God in human flesh.

My dear friends, what I am about to reveal and teach is a very deep and serious subject, and many of my writings may be strange to you. Whatever food a man has never eaten before, it’s very hard for him to start eating it. A chosen man of God, who suddenly acquired another spiritual power wouldn’t do it if such thing weren't in his root. If I want to poison you and I know you hate bread, I wouldn’t poison you with bread simply because it will be a waste of time. I will choose the food you love and carry out my assignment through it. Whatever sin a man has committed before, because the spirit remains in him, though fainted, that’s what Satan will use to bring him down again if he’s given a chance. Because of this, Christians don’t go to Heaven! If you doubt in your heart, I urge you to go to a servant of God and confess all your sins (both physical and spiritual sins) including the ones you’ve committed as a child. If you’re a servant of God, go and confess all your sins to a fellow servant of God. After you’ve done this if the demons don’t rise and challenge you, then I am a liar, Jehovah God hasn’t sent me. Through this, you will know that each sin you committed is a living being, a demon living inside you. You may be a preacher for the past thirty years; it doesn’t matter. As a result of this, Christians don’t go to Heaven, most especially, servants of God.

Unless the Father Himself reveals it, many of us can never and will never find answers to many questions. According to the grace given to me, sometimes I asked Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit some questions; They wouldn’t give me the answer but would tell me to ask the Father whenever He visits me. For this reason, we will never have answers to many questions that may come across our mind. The Father doesn’t speak anyhow, and He doesn’t speak to everybody. He gave the Law as guidance for everybody.

I am a sinner, and the Father must use somebody to pass His message across to His children. Moses was a murderer, but the Law of ‘Thou shall not kill’ was given to him to give to the children of the Father. Let no one attribute anything to me because I am a nobody. I am just a servant, a messenger of the Almighty. The Father is All-In-All. Let all glory and honour be given to Him alone. Before I continue, let us pray.

Jehovah God, Father of all flesh, thank You for the grace given to us to know Your mystery. I pray that You have mercy upon all of us because we’re sinners. Open the spiritual eyes of all Your children as they read this word of Yours. Help them to make amend and follow Your heart alone. Disgrace and destroy every power that wants to take them away from You. Let the power in the blood of Your Son Jesus Christ stand against every dominion, power or personality that wants to destroy their heart and lead them to the wrong destination. Thank You, Almighty Father, and in Jesus name, I pray. Amen!

When the Father appeared to Moses at Horeb, He introduced Himself as God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. He hasn’t disclosed His real name – Jehovah to him yet. Moses knew nothing about the Father because he was brought up as an Egyptian prince; but in his Spirit, because of whom the Father created him to be, he knew he was a deliverer. He knew neither Abraham nor Isaac and Jacob. When he went back to Egypt, he told the elders of Israel his encounter with the Father at Horeb. Afterwards, they sat him down and told him about their three fathers – Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. When they left Egypt and got to the Wilderness, he went to the mountain to meet the Father. Over the period of those forty days, the Father revealed a lot to him. When he came down, he began to make inquiry and found some of the materials which Abraham had hidden on the ground.

Eight years ago, the Almighty Father appeared to me and said “I Am your Father, Jesus Christ is My Son. I choose you the way I chose My servants in the time of old. I Am going to use you as an example for My children. Therefore, I want to send you a message to all My children because I Am coming.” My case is a bit different from Moses. I was a preacher already. I was conducting healing and deliverance for people, and they glorified God. I knew the Father, Jesus Christ, and Holy Spirit, but I was full of sin. There was a way the Father used to speak to me before, but the way He appeared to me this time around was somehow strange to me. Both the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit came down and introduced themselves to me because of the journey. When He started comparing me with Noah, Abraham, and Moses, I knew immediately I am in trouble because I knew what these three men passed through on this Earth. Many of the things He spoke to me about were very strange. However, I later remembered everything He had revealed to me in my dreams which I couldn’t disclose to anybody. I had to do what Moses did and began to do some research. I was that kind of person who didn’t believe in any other book apart from the Bible. There was a Bible software I installed on my laptop for many years. I stumbled on some scripts, and I was speechless. When I saw the book of Enoch and the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, the Father later told me these two books should have been added to the Bible most especially the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs because this was where the Ten Commandments came out. When I just moved into an apartment, for the first time, I saw the Book of Mormon. When I opened it, after reading the first few lines, I knew this is the Word of God. I found many other books including the Quran because the Father told me the reason why He had to send Prophet Mohammed. He revealed many things to me which He hasn’t revealed to any man since He formed the Earth. What He has revealed to me is more than what’s even written in the Bible. All His word is about holiness and sin. He practicalized many things in my body for me to feel, to know and to understand what His children are feeling and what they’re passing through on this Earth. I am a sinner! I could not refuse to go on the journey because for this purpose I was created. Also, I know what He would do to me if I dare refuse. Beloved, it’s not easy, especially in this generation. It is unmerited privilege to be created for such huge assignment. From that day, henceforth, I’ve not had peace. I could neither live nor make a decision like every other man anymore. I am in a cage, the cage of the Almighty! I have become a wanderer because Satan was ready to tear me apart. It is not easy for any man to experience such thing in this generation how much more a woman. I praise my wife because she stood by me all the way through. If I had married just any woman, she should have run away from me because things were very rough. It is not the time of Abraham and Sarah. We live in a world where many things have changed, but the Father remains the same forever. When I asked Jehovah God why He chose to reveal all these mysteries to me, He said because He created me for it and He wants to take His kingdom back by force. When two elephants fight, the grass will be the one to suffer. We are the grass because the Father is going to rain down fire upon this Earth. Everything will be very tough.

If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, the Father wouldn’t have driven Lucifer away from Heaven. He would have told him, “I forgive you My son, stay here with Me.” If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, He wouldn’t have got angry with Adam and Eve and drove them out of the Garden. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, Heaven wouldn’t have rejected anybody. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, He wouldn’t have destroyed the Earth in the time of Noah. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, He would have fulfilled His promise to Abraham while living in his country. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, Abraham wouldn’t have sent Ishmael away. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, nothing could have led Jacob and his children to Egypt. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, the Father wouldn’t have given the Ten Commandments that became the bedrock of Christianity. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, He wouldn’t have killed the children He brought out of Egypt in the Wilderness. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, the prophets of old wouldn’t have wandered around like madmen. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, John the Baptist wouldn’t have become a madman in the wilderness eating locust and honey. If Christianity is as simple and easy as many of us think it is, the Father wouldn’t have sent Jesus Christ to this Earth to die. Christianity is more spiritual than physical! I urge you to open your heart to what I’m about to reveal here. If you’re a servant of God, I urge you to dig deep, change your ways and your messages immediately. The purpose of Christianity is for Christians to go to Heaven, not for enjoying the pleasures of this Earth. Christianity is against sin, all manner of sin. Christianity is about holiness, holiness within and without.

Who Is The Controller Of Sin?
Our body is a spirit itself which belongs to the Dark-Planet. The Father put an Angelic body into this physical body to reduce the power. Whenever we die and go to Heaven, our soul - a shelter for our Spirit will become a physical body wherever we are. A man consists of Spirit, soul, and body. The Controller of Sin is a spirit! The only difference between human being and this creature is our body. The Controller of Sin has soul and spirit. In fact, every invisible creature, even Angels have a soul. The Controller of Sin is a spirit, an evil spirit created by the Father for Himself. "That they may know from the rising of the sun, and from the west, that there is none beside me. I am the Lord, and there is no other. I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things." (Isaiah 45:6-7)

"And he said, hear you therefore the word of the Lord: I saw the Lord sitting on his throne, and all the host of heaven standing by him on his right hand and on his left. And the Lord said, who shall persuade Ahab, that he may go up and fall at Ramoth-Gilead? And one said on this manner, and another said on that manner. And there came forth a spirit, and stood before the Lord, and said, I will persuade him. And the Lord said unto him, wherewith? And he said, I will go forth, and I will be a lying spirit in the mouth of all his prophets. And he said, you shall persuade him, and prevail also: go forth, and do so. Now, therefore, behold, the Lord has put a lying spirit in the mouth of all these your prophets, and the Lord has spoken evil concerning you." (I Kings 22:19-23)

The Father created the Controller of Sin male and female. They were created to produce children just as we do. In fact, everything the Father created was created to produce children. The Father created them in different categories. These are what we call Demons! The Controller of Sin is the one that controls sin, all manner of sin. Anger, hatred, sexual immorality, lie, stealing, murder, jealousy, witchcraft, and the likes, they are all living beings. They work with the Spirit of evil the Father put inside us. Each time we commit sin, the Controller of that particular sin will come to us and our generation, and no matter what we do, some of them will never leave. They remain with us until we die. Some of you may ask what happens when we give our lives to Jesus Christ and during confession or deliverance. The coming of Jesus Christ does not eliminate the Controller of Sin! It only reduces their effect in our lives. If you give your life to Jesus Christ and pass through confession and deliverance, this is what happens to you. They cannot bury a man who lies unconscious in the hospital because he’s unconscious. If a man is unconscious, the soul remains in his body while his Spirit is out of his body. The Spirit and the soul are always meant to be together. The Spirit is lighter than the soul. Because of this, it’s very easy for him to jump out of the body quickly. The Spirit of unconscious man has no destination. He only wanders around the Earth. Immediately his soul leaves his body to join his Spirit; the doctor will pronounce him dead. The spirit of the Controller of Sin only leaves a man while the soul remains with him until he dies. Because of this, it’s very easy for a man to commit again whatever sin he has committed before. Jesus Christ explained this in the book of Matthew 12:43-45. “When the unclean spirit has gone out of a man, he walks through dry places seeking rest and finds none. Then he said, I will return to my house from where I came out. And when he has come, he finds it empty, swept, and decorated. Then he goes and takes with him seven other spirits more evil than himself, and they enter in and live there. And the last state of that man is worse than the first. Even so, it also shall be to this evil generation.” The spirit of the Controller of Sin will always check back simply because of his partner; the soul remains in that man. Any manner of sin you may think of, they all work in like manner.

Where Do They Come From?
Jehovah God created these creatures for Himself. He created them male and female to produce children and multiply. The Father created them in different categories.

"And before the throne, there was a sea of glass like unto crystal: and in the midst of the throne, and round about the throne, were four beasts full of eyes before and behind. And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle. And the four beasts had each of them six wings about him, and they were full of eyes within: and they rest not day and night, saying, Holy, holy, holy, Lord God Almighty, which was, and is, and is to come." (Revelation 4:6-8)

In addition to the above passage, if you read the Books of Ezekiel and Daniel, and the rest of the Book of Revelation, and the testimony of those who have been to Hellfire, you will understand what I’m teaching here. The Father created different kinds of living creatures both the good and the bad. In Hellfire, the demons that are there are more powerful than each other and are of different categories. The lesser ones operate in human beings, and the higher ones remain in Hellfire, waiting for the lesser ones to bring human beings. I am speaking of this Controller of Sin. They are very dangerous! After He had created them, the Father took some of His children, including Lucifer to the abode of these creatures to show them and warned them not to come close to these creatures. After some time, Lucifer went there ignorantly without the knowledge of how the Father used to approach them, and they overpowered him. If demons possess somebody, he was the first person to be possessed by demons. Imagine the kind of person he was, the son of Jehovah God Himself who grew up in the same house with our Master and Saviour Jesus Christ; he wasn’t just an ordinary person. He was among the first children of the Father. Please don’t be confused: Lucifer is not a devil, and he is also not a demon. He was and is a son of the Almighty God. I have heard some people said Lucifer is ugly. If this is true, then both Jehovah God and Jesus Christ are ugly too. He is a handsome Oldman. As the Father gave birth to Jesus Christ, so also, He gave birth to Lucifer. His disobedience made him became Satan. Although, the Father rejected him, but not totally. The fact that a father rejected one of his sons doesn’t mean he’s no more a son. If a father has many children, all the children may play in different groups. After he used his body to bring these creatures home, he also infected the other children who were close to him. For this reason, the Father drove him and all of them together away from Heaven. Because of these creatures, none of them could ever do good anymore.

The Beginning Of Evil
The body of a woman is a gateway to all manner of blessings. If not properly kept, will become a gateway to all manner of curses. The egg of a woman was made up of several layers, and with these layers, no bacteria can enter inside; but demons can hatch the egg and enter inside. You may ask me how! Through the sin a woman commits. A man, as a life giver and a woman as a life bearer, they both rely on each other. None is more important than the other, yet, the Almighty God did it in a mysterious way. The passage into the body of a woman is full of spiritual armies. Any intruder will be swallowed alive. When a man releases his seed into a woman, a few seconds later, though, in millions, they will all die except few. The Almighty God who made one also made the other. He made the seeds to swim in an ocean of fluid, like milk, to guide them against the spiritual armies in the woman. It is a good and natural process, made by the Almighty God Himself. Every month, a woman sheds her blood as a constant cleansing, purification of her eggs. Now, when a man enters into a woman for the first time, a seal is taken away which is a covenantal seal. This seal is a covenant between the man and the woman and their Witness - Almighty God Himself. Once the woman allowed any man to remove this seal unlawfully, all the goodness and blessings that were meant to proceed out of her become everlasting curse and curses. It is a gateway for all manner of sin.

Lucifer, because of his anger went to Eve in the Garden. The Father put them in this Garden only for a while, waiting for the time His work on them would be completed and send them out of the Garden to continue with their lives. Very close to the end, Lucifer appeared in the form of a serpent. Everything happened spiritually, not physically. A man could sleep with a woman in her dream, and whenever she’s awake, she will know. Everything happened in her Spirit, the Spirit of the Father in her. If the enemy could get hold of one’s Spirit, only God could rescue that person. Before Eve went to Adam, her egg has been hatched already waiting for Adam to confirm it. It happened to Abraham through Hagar. Once this happened, there was no remedy! Whatever the Father does, He does it once and for all. The permanent solution to what happened to Adam and Eve was a complete extermination. Apart from this, one could only control it. Therefore, there is no remedy for sin! The Father segregated Adam and Eve including the animals in the Garden. Adam was in charge of the male animals while Eve was in charge of the female animals. He didn’t want them to see the animals mating so that the Spirit of Sex in them wouldn’t be activated. But Lucifer who knew the secret activated this Spirit with sin. When the spirit of sexual immorality – the Controller of Sex enters a man, he will never leave. Almighty God Himself cannot send him packing until death because this is part of your life. The spirit of sexual immorality always engraves himself into the Spirit of Sex that the Father already put inside a man. That person can only control it through the Law of the Father. It is an abomination to the Father for a man and a woman to become close together apart from husband and wife. Once that spirit enters a man or a woman, he or she will always ask for sex. Even if you think you can control yourselves physically, what of spiritually? Once a man and a woman become close physically, though they don’t sleep with each other, the Controller of Sex in each of them will become husband and wife; and they’ll be sleeping with each other spiritually. The consequence will be upon that man and woman. For this reason, nowadays Christians don’t go to Heaven.

Eve became pregnant and gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl, Cain and his sister Luluwa. Cain, being a male child and the first product of sin, used his head to carry most of the curse. As he grew up, Adam knew something was wrong with him, and he knew their disobedience was the cause. After sometimes, another set of twins were born, Abel and his sister Aklia. As they grew up, Abel, Aklia, and Luluwa were always together while Cain became the black sheep of the family. Lucifer himself was his controller because of the spirit that entered him before he was born. He became isolated. When the time came for Cain and Abel to build their family, the worst happened. Adam and Eve decided between them to swap the two girls, the twin sister of Cain for Abel and the twin sister of Abel for Cain as a wife. Cain wasn’t there when they made their decision. Because somebody had gotten hold of his Spirit long before he was born, the same person also revealed the intention of his parents to him. “You see, they don’t love you. They want to give your sister to Abel as his wife.” For this reason, he planned to kill his brother. His unacceptable sacrifice was just an addition to this. I asked Jehovah God why He didn’t kill Cain before he killed Abel, but I will not reveal what He told me. If He didn’t kill Adam and Eve, then the same applied to Cain and Ishmael. It is a mystery. It is better for evil not to happen, once it happens, not everything you can control. You will control the ones you can control, the ones you cannot control; you’ll let them go. It is a mystery. Cain killed Abel. The ground refused to accept his corpse, one: because he was pure; two: because he was not the first to have died, it should have been Adam. The Father set the order of death in this way.

In one day, Adam and Eve lost three children (Cain, Abel, and Luluwa) as a result of their sin. Now, only Aklia remained in the house. Adam became a man of prayer as they’ve started seeing the physical result of what they did through hardship, illness, and death. In all their hardship and pains, Adam and Eve held themselves together. One certain time, he went for prayers for several days. Lucifer appeared to him in the form of a beautiful woman claiming she was the sister of Eve at creation; and that she was preserved to appear after some time. Adam knew nothing when the Father formed Eve because he was in a coma. But in his Spirit, he knew the same serpent had come again to deceive. If Satan succeeded in getting a man, he would always try the same thing again and again as long as that man is still alive.

Eve became pregnant again and gave birth to Seth. When Seth was nine years old, because he saw the common practice of his father, he too went for a personal prayer. The same Lucifer came again urging him to come along with them because they have beautiful women in their kingdom. What does a child of nine years old know about women? Before the Father drove him away from Heaven, he was there when He created many things. You must understand that Adam and Eve were not the first couples to live on this Earth. He knew everything, and he knew the primary way to destroy human beings is to pass through their reproduction process because the Father told His children while He was creating all these things. Lucifer knew it! For this reason, he always uses a woman to destroy a man or vice versa. The Spirit of God in Seth made him overcome. He told Satan he would come back another day and go with him, but he must, first of all, seek his parent's approval. His decision saved him! On his way back, he met his father who was already worried about him. He told him his encounter with the enemy and the father knew straight away who the enemy was. From that day henceforth, he never allowed him to be alone. When Seth was fifteen years old, he gave his sister Aklia to him as a wife. His heart didn’t accept it fully, but his father assured him there wasn’t sin in it because this is a natural practice for the Earth to be populated.

Adam taught Seth and his generation many things. While he was still alive, he saw the generation of Seth, and he taught them to live in a complete separation from the generation of Cain. But the same enemy knew how to set his strategy. When it got to Jared, the children of Jared began to mingle themselves with the children of Cain. Once it happened that way, the whole Earth would be populated only with evil seed. For this reason, the Father planned to send the flood. The Father was not willing to cut off every race. Noah, who was a righteous man according to the Father was left to populate the Earth after the flood. Lucifer still used him to destroy what the Father has just started. How? He will always use the Controller of Sin that’s inside a man against him. He became drunk and was naked. When he woke up, he knew what one of his sons had done by seeing his nakedness; he laid a curse on him. He did not know if a man curses one of his children, he automatically curses all of them because the Almighty Father chained everybody together. Through this curse, they didn’t understand each other anymore, and they scattered around the Earth. What the Father did through Abraham could have been done through Noah. His plan was to eliminate through the flood what Satan was using to accuse the generation of Adam. But he renewed it again through the curse Noah laid upon his children.

Because of how the Father formed the Earth and human beings, once you’re born, the Earth takes away thirty percent of your being already. The kind of family you were born into will determine what will happen to the remaining seventy percent. This seventy percent is what the Father requires for us to come to Heaven. Before the flood, Noah was already sixty percent. The forty percent of his shortcoming fall to the advantage of Lucifer to use. After this, the Father paused for another two thousand years before He could continue with His plan again. He turned to Abraham because of this. Everything the enemy was using to accuse the generation of Adam, the Father deleted it from Abraham. When Lucifer knew, what did he do? “I will renew it; I will renew it; I know how I will renew it; I know what to do.” He vowed to renew it again, and he did. How? He renewed it through Hagar! Satan hatched the egg of Hagar and waited for Abraham to confirm it. Supposing Abraham refused when Sarah approached him concerning this matter, the same person – Lucifer who put that baby there would have removed it also. It would have resulted in a physical miscarriage. Satan doesn’t act anyhow. He must have looked at you, studied you and knew your weakness before he acted. It wasn’t the first time Sarah had tried such thing with Abraham because of her age. She wanted Abraham to have children. But this time around, it backfired. The same Lucifer was the one that caused the famine that led him to Egypt. If the Father had not intervened, Pharaoh could have taken Sarah away from Abraham. From there, Hagar was the precious gift given to him. Children were born in Abraham’s household, and Sarah could have given one of them to him so she could produce children for Abraham. But this one - Hagar was a trap.

Before I was born, Satan engraved a counterfeit spirit, a carbon-copy of me into my Spirit because of the womb that carried me. Because of who she was and who the Father created me to be, this spirit was engraved into me, so that whenever the Father switch on for me to do His work, this counterfeit spirit would become an obstacle to the journey of the Father. The kind of womb that carries a baby matters a lot. A mother’s womb could be a gateway to glorious life; it could also be an open sepulchre, a gateway of hardship and death. When I was born, I was born a Nazarite, with dreadlocks, which is the sign of a prophet. The first physical evil they did to me was when they cut my hair while I was just thirty-nine days old. Many of you claim a child with dreadlocks is an evil child. You don’t know what you’re saying! The Father sent different categories of prophets to this Earth. These are powerful Angels from Heaven. Some of them, one lock of their hair would have other branches. And some of them, whenever Holy Spirit came mightily upon them, their hairs would stand upright like a tree. All the prophets in the Bible had dreadlocks.

Originally, I was not meant to marry. Once this spirit has been engraved into me, the only way I could have controlled it is by having physical parents who know the Law of the Father, so that such spirit wouldn’t grow with me. Even as a child, the spirit started asking me for the food I couldn’t provide. At the age of six, my physical father brought in a woman, bypassed me in the living room and went straight into the bedroom. As a child, I opened the curtain of the door that led to the bedroom, and I saw both of them on top of each other. From there henceforth, I started practising what I saw with my female friends. I remember a particular evening, as we were playing, we were asked to speak about what our fathers do. When it was my turn, I said my father always sleeps with a woman. Somebody slapped me, and I ran straight to my father. He consoled me, and he said I shouldn’t say such thing again. As I grew up, the spirit grew with me and caused me much harm. This same spirit also connected me to a marine spirit from the sea called Esther. She has a different name physically, and she later became my physical wife. My situation was very pathetic! What was going on in my dreams was a disaster. It was a spirit of destruction entirely. When the Father switched on to prepare me for His journey, all hell broke loose. They wouldn’t let go. The Father turned Himself into a woman to knock so many things out of my system. He created evil, and He alone knows how to deal with them. Based on who the Father created me to be originally and based on the Covenant He made with me because of this Earth, when Lucifer came just as he planned for Abraham, I only escaped it because the Father had already taught me and told me what I shouldn’t do. A woman came looking for work, and I employed her. I also reconciled her to her husband. My wife and I even took them to the registry to seal their wedding. I employed her husband and her sister. She became a spiritual daughter to me, yet she knew what she was doing. The Father hid everything from me because He wanted to teach me something. There was a particular day the Father could have killed her. But because of the law of the land, nobody would understand, and He spared her, but warned me to be very careful with her. Lucifer planted a baby in her womb and also set a time limit. As the time limit was approaching, she knew she was in trouble, and she became very agitated. Everything became a drama. She couldn’t hide herself anymore, and she told my wife to beg me. My wife didn’t understand exactly what she meant. She was asking her to beg me to sleep with her. Once the time limit was over, Lucifer removed the baby and the woman in question had miscarriage physically. She was sent on assignment from marine world. Supposing she became pregnant for me, what kind of child would she have given birth to? A powerful demon indeed! Can a powerful demon lead the children of the Father in holiness? But I know the kind of generation the Father promised me. After everything was over, the Father told me this was how it happened in the Garden of Eden, and this was what happened to Abraham also. He said when He made a Covenant with me, Lucifer heard it and he knew everything, and this was why he sent that woman to me, and this was why He also told me beforehand what I shouldn’t do. If they hatch a woman’s egg, the baby is already there waiting for the man to confirm it. If the man fails to confirm it, the owner will remove the baby, and the woman will have miscarriage physically. Everything I’m explaining here is spiritual, not physical! This is why all of you should know that any servant of God who impregnated a woman didn’t just impregnate her like that. Lucifer had planted the baby there, and the man just confirmed it. This was exactly what he did with Ishmael. Ishmael was able to do what Cain couldn’t do, to control everything through the fear of the Father. But what happened to his generation? Look into the world carefully, and you will know exactly what I’m talking about. Whenever the Father made a Covenant with a man, it goes a long way, and if Lucifer could sow evil seed into it, it also goes a long way. For the Father to promise a man a child who will lead His children in holiness, all of you must know what Satan will do to that man and that child.

Isaac was born, one generation after Abraham. Rebekah, from the same family of Abraham, became the wife of Isaac. The Almighty Father waited twenty years to cleanse her womb because of the twelve tribes of Israel. She became pregnant. During the pregnancy, Lucifer stirred the Controller of Sin in her to fight with the unborn children because of God’s Covenant with Abraham. You can see it clearly in the Book of Genesis 25:22. “But the children struggled together within her; and she said, "If it is so, why then am I this way?" So she went to inquire of the Lord.” Let me put it simply. “Don’t worry Rebekah, you’re okay, and the children are fine too. If I am okay as you said, why am I in pains?” It wasn't just ordinary pains; it was a spiritual war. When Lucifer stirred that spirit, he began fighting with the children, especially Jacob. The babies are two Angels that the Father put in her womb. Jacob was a powerful Angel, and Lucifer knew. Because of what she was told, she kept it in her mind and used it against Esau. Esau was unloved by her mother. This was one of the reasons he quickly married a Canaanite woman. Rebekah was the one who told Jacob to ask Esau for his birthright. She was the one who asked him to deceive his father. She knew what she was doing! This is also evident in Genesis 27:11-13. Jacob answered his mother Rebekah, "Behold, Esau my brother is a hairy man and I am a smooth man. "Perhaps my father will feel me, then I will be as a deceiver in his sight, and I will bring upon myself a curse and not a blessing." But his mother said to him, "Your curse be on me, my son; only obey my voice, and go, get them for me." This is physical witchcraft! She knew what she was doing! Once Satan knows the Controller of Sin lives inside you, most especially witchcraft, if a glorious child, a powerful Angel from Heaven is to be delivered through your womb, there would be a problem. He could try to abort the pregnancy or make a bargain with the woman to give him that child in exchange for a powerful demon. If the woman refuses, she may be unable to have a natural delivery; it may even end up in death. This is why the caesarian section is very common nowadays. This is because of sin! Many women who fall into these categories are into witchcraft or marine world or committed a grievous sin. Because the demons cannot come out and act physically, they cannot stop doctors from doing their work. Instead of that woman to open her mouth and confess so that that spirit, the evil armies that held her womb could fly away, the spirit will follow that child after he or she was delivered through caesarian section. Such child will end up in one trouble or the other tomorrow.

After Jacob had deceived both his brother and his father, Rebekah his mother told him to flee to Laban, her brother and pick a wife among his daughters. If she didn’t know what she was doing, why did she tell Jacob to go to her brother and marry his daughter? The same Almighty Father who put the two sons into her womb knew they would pick a wife one day. The two boys were meant to marry the two daughters of Laban, and after some generations, the children of Esau and Jacob could intermarry each other. It was the original plan of the Father. Esau was meant to marry Leah and Jacob to marry Rachel who meant to deliver the twelve tribes of Israel. But what happened? Jacob ended up marrying two plus two sisters. Leah and Rachel plus Zilpah and Bilhah. Zilpah and Bilhah were two sisters, the children of Rotheus the brother of Deborah, Rebekah’s nurse. Rotheus was of the family of Abraham. He was taken captive, and Laban bought him and gave him Aena his maid as a wife who bored him Zilpah and Bilhah. Jacob committed grievous sins. Supposing he committed the sin after the twelve tribes have been born, it could have been better. Instead, he committed that sin upon his unborn children while they were still in his loins. Abraham was a powerful man; Isaac was more powerful than Abraham, but Jacob was extremely powerful because of the twelve tribes. As powerful as he was, so also powerful the Controller of Sin that controlled his life. His entire life was full of sorrow because of this. When Pharaoh asked him of his age, he said all his life was unpleasant and full of sorrow. Rebekah his mother was the tool of destruction for the enemy. All the evil that befall his children started from him. They landed in Egypt because of this.

Because of the sin of Jacob, the seed of evil has already entered all his children. Lucifer brought what the Father had sealed in the spiritual into reality because he had an agenda. He was the one that revealed those dreams to Joseph, and he knew they hated him already. Once he related his dream to them, they would hate him the more, and this was what happened. They would have killed him, but the Father Himself stepped in and controlled the situation. If he had died, his mission on Earth would have died. The Father turned the heart of his brothers to sell him as a slave. Once they sold him, he would be far away from them, and they would forget about him completely. Along the line, those who bought him knew he wasn’t an ordinary person, and he refused to disclose his true identity to them. If he had disclosed his identity, they would have restored him back to his father. Lucifer wouldn’t let go. He will always see somebody to use. Nobody he could use against Adam and Eve in the Garden, this was why he turned himself to the serpent. This time around, he entered inside Potiphar’s wife. But God rescued Joseph and threw him in prison. When the appointment time of the Father came, he was elevated, and the brothers bowed down to him several times. After twenty-two years, they couldn’t recognise him anymore and could not also imagine their brother to be in such exalted position. All of them passed through one affliction or another. Destruction later came upon their children – the Israelites because of this. Joseph lived with the pains, and his brothers lived with sorrow. All of them left word for their children before they died and everything they prophesied to their children came to pass. All of them were very powerful because the Father communicated with them one-on-one. They were Angels! If you read the Testament of the Twelve Patriarchs, you will see everything there. Because of what Satan did to all of them, this was why the Father and Jesus Christ carved out the Ten Commandments for their children so they could control all those things. Everything happened because of Rebekah. If we’re to go back again, it happened because of Abraham and Hagar. Once a man gives the Controller of Sin access into his life, it passes on from one generation to another, and there is no remedy. The only remedy is to follow the Law of the Almighty.

As parents, if we take a good look at ourselves, we will see all our weaknesses, all our shortcomings in our children. How did they get there? A man was meant to leave his parents, take a wife and set up his family. After sometimes, children will start coming. As each child arrives, he or she arrives with our weaknesses and shortcomings in him or her. For this reason, the Father always wiped out a complete generation in the time of old so that the Controller of Sin wouldn’t spread among the remaining member of the family if they killed the father or mother alone. In our society today, such idea is barbaric, inhumane and brutal. The Father meant it for our good, not for evil. Sin only departs from a man at death. Only at death can Sin (both the spirit and soul) be separated from a man. In time past, the Father gave ordinance they should kill certain people because of the kind of sin they committed, even across Europe. However, because of Jesus Christ, He later preferred them to confess their sin and live. Because the way the society have wandered away from the Law of the Father and His fear, even Jesus Christ has become a puppet for this generation. There are some sins we may commit, that, until we give our lives to Jesus, our generation will never have peace no matter what we do. For this reason, there is no peace in the world. For example, a man who killed another man, no matter how the law of the land punished him, if he’s free, his generation can never have peace unless they give their lives to Jesus Christ. The blood of Jesus alone can atone for the Spirit of the dead. It is blood for blood! They should kill any man who killed another man as well. The only solution lies in this. It is not a matter of wickedness, but a permanent solution. If he is free, the same spirit that requested blood from him will request the blood of another man from him again. The Father didn’t create any man to be locked up in prison forever. If a man commits a crime, a priest must visit him in prison and preach to him. His rehabilitation should begin with this. A prison is a place of rehabilitation, not a place to lock up any man until he dies. If the law of the land is against his rehabilitation, then they should kill him instead of keeping him locked up.

We live in the world where they celebrate witchcraft widely. I pity Europe and America because of this. If they know and value what the Father did for them, they will reinstate all the Law of the Father which they removed from their land. United States, Australia, and other nations that exist today were occupied by other people and races before. But the Father Himself uprooted them from the land because of their diabolic practices and planted the Europeans there. If you look at these nations today, especially the United States, the same thing the Father didn’t want that made Him uprooted the previous inhabitants from the land has overtaken the whole land again. If people are wise, they should have looked at the state of any nation where they worship idols because idolatry and witchcraft go and in-hand and they both ravage a land completely. For this reason, Africa is still in bondage until today. No matter what the Father does, hence they still love their ways of life, deliverance can never come. It is not a physical problem; it’s a deep spiritual problem. Lucifer that polluted all the spirits of the land didn’t know that everything would become what it is today. The Father Himself knew the Earth is in trouble the moment He drove him away from Heaven.

The Controller Of Sex
The Almighty Father put the Spirit of Sex in every human being. It is not for harm, but for good. We cannot produce children without the Spirit of Sex. The Controller of Sex is an evil spirit that engraves himself into the Spirit of Sex. Sexual sin is the head of every sin. Every incurable illness has its root in sexual sin! The world today is polluted to a state of no remedy. Every daily activity is about sex. The one that opened the door from the beginning knew what he was doing. He knew this was the quickest way to destroy the glory of humanity. Remember what he did to Eve in the Garden. Remember what he did to Abraham and Jacob. Remember what he did to Joseph. Remember what he did to David. When David saw Beersheba bathing, he looked and went back to his palace. That was all! He took no action at all. He forgot about it! When he went to sleep, Satan came and opened his brain. You must understand that whatever we see during the day will be stored in our brain until we have time to process it. It happened to him just like this. Satan said to him: “Have you forgotten that woman you saw? Can’t you see she’s more beautiful than any of your wives? If you get her, nobody will ask you because you’re the king.” Everything you read in the Bible, if you’re to watch the video how everything happened, you will be afraid to read the Bible again. Lucifer is crafty and clever. He is fearful if you know your right. He used polygamy to get King David.

A lot of things happened to Jesus Christ Himself. In Matthew 12:46-50, He made a statement that made many wondered if He disowned His mother. You must understand that He was more spiritual than physical and whatever Lucifer planned to do, He knew it. He – Lucifer entered the women to start asking for Jesus. He – Jesus knew about it, and He fled from home. When the pressure was on Mary, His mother, she went looking for Him because the women wanted to see Him. It didn’t just happen. He came to the world to live and die. That was His mission. He was not meant to marry and have children. Lucifer wanted Him to have children, and this could have been a commotion. If He had done this, the Father would have disowned Him. And if the Father had disowned Him, this Earth could have gone by now. He was a Holy Man sent on an assignment. If He had turned to become evil, He alone would have destroyed this Earth in one day. All of you must understand that the feet of Lucifer didn’t touch the Earth but Jesus’ feet touched the Earth. Jesus Christ came as a human being, and if He had done otherwise, it would have been a disaster for the Earth. Satan wanted Him to have children! He used women to chase Him around. Whatever happens to servants of God today, it’s not just ordinary. Jesus Christ passed through it too. If you look at some of the African deities, this was what Lucifer did to them. If Jehovah God send you on an errand and you turn from your original assignment, you become evil automatically. But some people still worship them today.

If the Father created you with a powerful Spirit and you have a taste of a woman illegally, you’re doom forever. The grace of the Father alone can make you succeed. This was part of what happened to Moses. The Cushite woman he married was a trap! Originally, he wasn’t meant to marry. It was very hard for him to see a woman to marry. I have said some things about myself. For me to be at this stage, it’s only by the grace of the Father. For this reason, I’m still appealing to mothers to take good care of their children. If the Father brought a glorious child into this world through your womb, if anything happens to that child, you have a serious case to answer whenever you die.

There was one of my sons, spiritual sons. When he was fourteen, he got in contact with me through my website. When I read the e-mail he sent to me, I thought he was a pastor. One day, he sent me an e-mail that he doesn’t want to die and go to Hellfire because he was ill. I picked my phone, and I prayed for him. I asked him how old he was. He said he was fourteen. The following day he called me that he’s now healed. God spoke to me about him, and his mother confirmed it. The mother knew he would be a pastor even before she conceived. When he was fifteen, he called me and asked me a strange question. “Daddy, you said I should have nothing to do with any woman.” And I answered yes. I asked him why such question. He said he’s in love with one girl. I screamed and promised to call him in the evening and also ordered him to tell his mother. Satan wants to destroy his destiny because the spirit of sexual immorality is already in the family.

If the spirit of sexual immorality is in a family, it goes on from one generation to the other. A father who marries more than one wife will share the spirit of sexual immorality for all his children. A man who fornicated before marriage will share the spirit of sexual immorality for all his children. Once this spirit is in a man, he never leaves. He engraves himself into the Spirit of Sex the Father put in a man. Only death can separate this. Once this spirit is there, you can only control it with the Law of the Father. Once this spirit is in a man, he will lead him into wrong marriage. Some years ago, I met a young man and woman in one of the universities in London. They were coursemates and were close to me. The path of human beings doesn't cross each other for the sake of nothing. You meet people either for good or bad reason. They were meant to marry each other. However, the Controller of Sex and Pride blindfolded them from knowing the will of God for their lives. Once a man married a wrong woman, for such marriage to survive, both of them must follow the Law of the Father. However, there are some things they cannot do in life because they weren’t meant for each other. The Controller of Sex in a man is a spirit of disaster which takes a man through the wrong path of life.

If a woman had sexual intercourse with more than one man, she is regarded a prostitute spiritually. If a woman was once a prostitute, later married and genuinely gave her life to Jesus Christ, there will be a delay before she can conceive. As she took her time to contaminate her womb, so also the Father will take His time to cleanse her womb so that she can deliver a glorious generation. However, if she genuinely gave her life to Jesus Christ after she abstained from prostitution, if she cleansed herself before marriage, there might not be a delay. But her husband must be a man who fears God. If a woman abstained from prostitution and married immediately, if she gave her life to Jesus Christ, but not genuinely, she will start producing children immediately. You must know the kind of children she’s producing. She is producing demons! The Controller of Sex is very powerful.

In our world today, a lot of things are wrong. A married man works forty hours a week. In a week, he will see his secretary more than the wife he married. His secretary will meet all his needs at the office. Where then do you put the spirit of sexual immorality! Even many servants of God!!! As a youth, you’ve already defiled yourself before you became a pastor. Now you’re a pastor; a woman is your personal assistant. The woman has also defiled herself in her youth. What do you think will happen between both of you? It is one spirit versus another. Some of you even go to the extent of hiring single ladies as a personal assistant. You don’t know what you’re doing to yourselves. If Lucifer could use women to chase Jesus Christ around, how much more you ordinary flesh. We must not take every Law of the Father lightly! Satan knows how to cause confusion between two people, most especially opposite sex. For this reason, the Father gave all the Laws He gave in the time of old. I Radiant have more Laws to keep more than all of you. For me to be able to stand and continually deliver the message of Jehovah God for all His children, I must follow every Law and Ordinance the Father lay before me. If I do otherwise, I will be doomed forever.

To All The Women
If mouth speaks, you hear with your ears. You have nothing to do with the face of another man. Your face is to be loved and admired by your husband alone, not another man. If Satan uses any of you to destroy any servant of God, no matter what you do, your life cannot be good again because you defile the temple of the Almighty. Many of you are very close to your pastors as father and daughter relationship. There is nothing bad in it. But the Almighty God says He doesn’t want it. You will not know when Satan will enter you to act. Once it happens, disaster follows. If it results in pregnancy, you know the kind of baby you carry in your womb. You carry a destroyer, a powerful demon in your womb because every chosen servant of God who commits such sin acts under the influence of a powerful demon.

If you’re very close to a woman and you eat her food physically, it is very easy for Satan to get you. If you know this and you avoid eating her food, you overcome just one strategy of the enemy. If you’re close to her without you eating her food, the enemy will come to you spiritually in your dream. The same sister you refuse to eat her food in the physical will provide you food spiritually. You cannot refuse it simply because there is already a physical closeness between both of you. Once you eat this food spiritually, the door will open physically for the enemy to do whatever they want to do. The only solution to this is to follow what the Father says, abstain from every woman. If Satan could use a man’s daughter against him, how much more another woman. Some of the practice of the people of old, many of us will not understand it. Some of them didn’t share the same tent with their wife, how much more daughter. A pastor, a priest, a prophet must have nothing to do with any woman most especially during her monthly flow, even your wife. It is an abomination to the Father. It reduces spiritual power in a man.

If a young man committed fornication with a young girl in his youth, he automatically bargained with that spirit to do the same thing to his daughter. It’s like a man who married many wives. The Controller of Sex will enter all his children through him. The effect of it varies. It affects his male children directly, and it affects his female children indirectly; it works in their husbands. A man whose father married many wives will end up like his father except he genuinely gives his life to Jesus Christ. If he lives in a land where polygamy is against the law, he will end up having numerous concubines outside. Because the Controller of Sex entered him through his parents, he will find it hard to keep his marriage. Divorce is on the rise for this reason. In many cases, the man may be at fault physically, but if you look into their case spiritually, you’ll find out the fault is from the woman. I have seen many cases like this. Before the man and the woman are joined in marriage; they must confess their sins individually and pass through every process of cleansing. In this way, they will not pass any evil to their children.

If a man committed fornication with any woman and later gave his life to Jesus Christ, though he had cleansed himself and the woman in question hasn’t cleansed herself, people can still dream and see them having sexual intercourse. Though nothing is going on between them again, they may even be thousands of miles apart from each other, yet, whenever the spirit is hungry, he can still feed on one of his present or past acquaintances who have a similar spirit. Remember that all these spirits are living beings just as we are. They carry our image. Nobody can see you having sexual intercourse with a demon! They can only see you having sexual intercourse with either a man or a woman. It is neither you nor her, but the demons that live inside both of you. But they carry your image! Whatever sin they commit will be credited to your account, and you will be the one to pay for it by the end of the day. As you keep doing this, you also keep producing children spiritually. And these children are demons! If you keep having unlawful sexual intercourse physically, you give them more power to ruin your life. This is one of the major reasons the Father hates fornication and adultery. He that created everything knows how He created them. Only the Father knows how He can disconnect this spirit from you if you dare invite them into your life. As a Christian, once you gave your life to Jesus Christ, for the rest of your life, all you do is to cleanse yourself and always ask for mercy continually. Even though you’ve cleansed yourself, if you have anything to do with anyone who has a similar spirit, the one you’ve deleted from your body will be activated again. The one in you can feed on that man or that woman and gain strength so he can control you again. You have to understand that once you confessed your sins, passed through deliverance and are baptised; you only paralysed the spirit. Any close contact with whoever has a similar spirit is dangerous for you. The Controller of Sex will never leave once a man invited them into his life. You must also understand that the Father had already put the Spirit of Sex in you and if you by any means invite the negative one into your life, only death can separate both of you. For this reason, the Father gave various Laws for the Israelites to observe in the time of old.

If you look at the lives of the children of Jacob, the twelve tribes of Israel, you will see in them every profession we have in the world today. The number one citizen among them was Levi. Judah, though a ruler, was the second. In our world today, everything remains the same. The Almighty God set the order of things as He wished! First, the spiritual head, next are the government and the doctors. These three are the most important sector of this Earth. The rest is entertainment! From music to movie, from sport to comedy, all are entertainments. The Father did not create the Earth as a boring place to live. The Earth is a lively and beautiful place to live. If you listen to music or watch a movie, you’re supposed to learn from it and be happy. If a comedian entertains you, you will laugh and be happy. If a magician entertains you, you'll be amazed. The Earth is not a boring place at all. Whatever gift the Father gave to a man, if he is not careful, Satan will give him wrong idea until the gift becomes evil. The entertainment industry has become a synagogue of Satan! It has become a synagogue of destruction! If you take a good look at the movie industry, you will see that most of them don’t have a successful marriage. They would marry today and divorce tomorrow. Why? Because they always go beyond their limit! You cannot for the sake of acting do what you’re not supposed to do. Physical contact matters a lot! If a man touches a woman or vice versa, they’re passing a message across to each other. Remember that the Father created women and put a charm in their body. That charm is for their husband alone. Once you’re not the husband and you go to that length, you cause confusion in her spirit. As it applies to a man, so it applies to a woman. If a man and a woman act a movie as husband and wife, even if they’re sinless, they must not go beyond their boundary. How much more when sin has overtaken the whole world! For the sake of acting, they will kiss each other. Once they do that, the Controller of Sex in both of them will become husband and wife. But physically, they’re not husband and wife. What will happen next? They will begin to see each other as husband and wife in their dreams. Before you know it, they will divorce and marry each other. They don’t have a successful marriage because of this. Many of them have married and divorced several times. These are the people who’re supposed to be role model in society. Is this the kind of Earth Jehovah God created? Not at all!

The Spirit Of Idol
Idols are the spirits the Father put in key areas of this Earth. They were in the valleys, mountains, and forests. They were there to oversee the affairs of this Earth. They weren’t evil until somebody polluted them. Understand that he - Lucifer knew everything about the Earth and was very familiar with these spirits and they respected him. They recognised him as one of the Sons of the Father. When the Father finally drove him away from Heaven to Earth, he came down and polluted all of them.

When Satan began freezing the blessings of men, they began in search of a quicker solution. They didn’t know Satan was using their sin against them. He froze their blessings because of their sin. The same person who froze their blessings also showed them another alternative. He was the one who showed them the way of idolatry because he knew the Father hated such practice. Some men went to the extent of bringing these idols from their abode. The spirits that were meant to live in the forests or mountains, men brought them to live with them in their houses. Some of them even made a generational covenant with these spirits, that any child born into their generation would serve the idols. They went to the extent of sacrificing human beings to their idols. Once they use the blood of human being as a sacrifice to any idol, there is no other blood that can atone for such blood except the blood of Jesus Christ. For this reason, many people in different part of the world are suffering. This is one of the major reasons the Father sent Jesus Christ to this Earth. The sin of some family, if they’re to kill ten bulls every day, it’s not enough to atone for their sins.

Many leaders even made Covenant with idols. If you read the Book of I Samuel through II Chronicles, you will see the lives of many kings. If a king rule well, the land will have peace. If a king doesn’t rule well, suffering and hardship will ravage the land. But how can a king rule well? If he has the fear of God! If Satan could succeed in capturing the heart of the king, he automatically captured the whole land. If a leader could make a covenant with a demon, that demon will be the one telling him the kind of decision he should make. If a demon tells a leader what to do, the fear of the Lord will be wiped out of that land completely. This is what’s happening in the world today. No single world leader has the fear of God. Satan is the one ruling all of them. As a leader, you’re there to make a godly decision on behalf of the people of the land. If Satan captures their hearts, he shouldn’t capture yours. You are there to make sure the fear of the Lord is solid in the land so that the people will continually enjoy the prosperity of the Lord. However, if Satan captures your own heart, instead of you paddling the canoe forward, you will be the one paddling the canoe backwards. As it was in the beginning, so it is now, and so it shall forever be. Nothing can substitute the fear of the Lord.

In the time of old where there was neither church nor mosque, whenever there was a problem in the land, there was a way the Father would give a solution to it. Out of ten men, there must be a prophet who the Father could use to bring a solution to whatever problem that may arise. In a land where people are dying, women are dying during childbirth, youths are being cut off like animals because of the sin of the land, yet, no church, no mosque; the Father knows how He would give a solution to the problem. He created everything, and He knows how to appease any demon that’s causing this problem. He would speak to a priest and gave him the solution to the problem. After the problem is over, the people of the land would start worshipping the priest. They would turn the priest into an idol.

The Spirit Of Witchcraft
Witchcraft is one of the highest set of evil spirits the Father created for His use. Anyone who has witchcraft in him or her has legions. They are very wise indeed, wise in evil. A father and mother with their children up to ten generations of witchcraft can live together inside a man or a woman. Such fellow is a complete destroyer. Wherever he or she is, peace is far away from such environment. If people see such person, they only see a man or a woman, but deep inside that fellow live an entire generation of witchcraft. There are two kinds of witchcraft, namely: physical and spiritual witchcraft.

Physical Witchcraft
Physical witchcraft is the common one that everybody knows. Whoever possesses such spirit must have an awareness of it. If you possess this type of witchcraft, you are fully aware of it. You know you’re a destroyer. People share this type of witchcraft among their loved ones as gifts. You can initiate anybody into it except those the Father locked up their inner being. They are the only ones who cannot be initiated into such fold unless they voluntarily seek for it. Whoever possesses this kind of spirit cannot do good because the Father programmed them to work automatically and they’re purely evil. Evil is their food. Whenever they’re hungry, they push you to act, and you cannot reject their wish. You have no control over them; they control you. They are very powerful and vulnerable. There is nothing good about them. Because of this, the Father ordered the killing of those who had such spirit in the time of old. Anyone who possesses such spirit, even though she gives her life to Jesus Christ, she must completely die to sin and forsake the things of this Earth completely; this is the only way she can go to Heaven whenever she dies. Hence, she still loves and worries about the things of this Earth; the spirit can take total control of her heart again.

As a woman, if you go to the market, you will buy raw food. When you get home, you will turn it into a delicious meal and serve your whole family. The same delicious food you cooked and served your family, if their body process it, some part of it will end up in your toilet. Yes, in your toilet! Why? Because it has turned into faeces and it’s not good for the body! But somebody will go to the spiritual realm, takes that faeces and turns it into a delicious meal and give a man to eat. By the time that man wakes up, his system will change. Sickness has entered his body! It is the work of witchcraft. For this reason, Jehovah God hates them, and anyone who has such spirit is automatically the enemy of the Almighty. No matter how you pray, no matter how many years of service you render in His vineyard, you’re only wasting your time because you’re number one enemy of Jehovah God because you’re destroying His handwork. The only way for such person to live a normal life again is to confess all her sins.

Some children were born and found out they have this kind of spirit. They cannot explain how they possess such spirit. If a woman had such spirit and made a Covenant with the spirit by donating her womb, all children born through her womb and their entire generation will possess the spirit of witchcraft. Because of this, you see a generation of evil everywhere. If they initiate a little child into witchcraft, and there is an adult who could quickly take her for deliverance, such spirit will leave her. If that child is allowed to grow with such spirit, it will be very hard to take it away from her unless she voluntarily renounces it.

In the western world, they claim witchcraft doesn’t exist, yet, they’ve taken over the whole continent, and they’ve taken power away from leaders. And if you look at the medical world, they are in control because many doctors and nurses possess the spirit of witchcraft. For this reason, medications are not working anymore. If a patient is ill, the Controller of Sin in whoever wants to administer healing must be powerless. If the Controller of Sin in him or her is more powerful than the one in the patient, the patient cannot receive his healing. He may even die. Many patients die every day as a result of this. Witchcraft has taken power away from doctors and nurses. If the world continues like this, hospitals and prisons will fill up to a state of no remedy.

Many of you fail to ask yourself question why there are so many homosexuals and lesbians in the world today. It is the work of witchcraft! No one can change the Spirit in a man because this is the part of the Father in every man. However, whoever possesses the spirit of witchcraft can manipulate the body of an unborn baby. For a man to be fully man, both Spirit, soul, and body must be a man. If they change his body into a woman, this doesn’t change the Spirit in him. This Spirit will be the one that controls him. Physically, people see him as a woman, but internally, spiritually, he is a man. If you take a good look at two gay men, you will see one of them behaving like a woman. Inwardly, she is a woman but physically a man. Somebody somewhere has manipulated with her body. Two men can never fall in love with each other. One among them must spiritually be a woman. It also applies to lesbians. Because of this, the Father hates witchcraft! You can see why the world has turned upside down. This is one of the reasons the Father is coming to wipe many people off the face of the Earth. For the Father to do what He did in the time of Noah, they didn’t commit mere sin. They committed grievous sins. For this reason, He wiped them off the face of the Earth. Sodom and Gomorrah were another examples. The Father have destroyed many unknown cities because of this. If the world is like this now and the Father keeps quiet, we must know that sooner or later, He will act. And when He acts, the impact will be there for generations.

A mother can be sleeping with her son spiritually. It is witchcraft! No matter how that son works hard in life, he will live and die in hardship unless he makes his decision to follow Jesus Christ. Even if he decides to follow Jesus Christ and still maintain mother and son relationship, he cannot have success in life because darkness and light are not brothers. Witchcraft will always push you to the extreme, and you cannot reject their bidding. They control you; you cannot control them.

Spiritual Witchcraft
This kind of witchcraft is what people call blind witchcraft because the one who possesses it has no awareness of it. Base on the kind of sin this person committed, this spirit of witchcraft uses this person to commit an atrocity. They can use her to kill her loved ones without her knowledge. Though the victim may see her as the perpetrator of the crime, she will not know her Spirit is being used to commit such evil.

The major problem in Africa is witchcraft. Though idolatry is in their blood, for the work of the idols to be easy, they use those who have witchcraft as their messenger. Idols are powerful, and once you’re born in that continent, they’re in your blood. The Father allowed slave trade because of this. In the western world, where parents have three children, all of them are financially okay, though they’re not extremely rich, they can afford whatever they want in their own little way. No one will plan evil against another. Africa’s own is opposite. Parents have three children; one is financially okay while two are poor, they depend on the one that’s okay. The same idol that showered them with poverty will also instigate them to plan evil against the breadwinner of the family. Because of this, you see premature death everywhere in Africa. It is spiritual! Despite all the churches and mosques, prayers and fasting, night vigils everywhere, yet, innocent blood flows every day. Many people claim they’ve given their lives to Jesus Christ. Until you give your Spirit, soul, and body to Jesus Christ, this is the only way for peace. If you look at your family and your life is better than theirs because you’ve chosen to follow Jesus Christ, you must abstain from them so that you will not fall their victim.

If a man is ill, not all illness prevent a man from eating and drinking. A man may be ill, yet he can sleep. A man may be ill, yet he can still perform his marital right to his wife. If demons possessed a man, he might not be physically insane. Physically, he is like every other man, but spiritually, he has legions of demons inside him. There was a sister who would prophesy and interpret whatever she says. Jehovah God gave her this gift, yet, there was something wrong with her life. The day I conducted deliverance for her in my living room, powerful demons started speaking through her mouth. When I asked their names, they said ‘Tribble, Goliath, Delilah, and Commandor.' Tribble was their boss. How did all these demons enter her? Her grandparents dedicated her to a family idol who used to accept only human blood for sacrifice. As a result of this, these demons entered her. Those of you who know the Bible very well know who two of these demons were. For such demons to live inside a woman, they would suck the life out of her. When there was nobody to offer them human blood for sacrifice anymore, they started sucking the blood of every member of the family. They succeeded in killing some of them, and they continually suck the blood of others. Any mouth through which demons spoke, before such person could make it to Heaven, he or she must die completely to the things of this Earth. Once you continually run after the things of this Earth, you give them the power to control your life again. How many people can pay the price? Very, very few!

Marine Witchcraft
Marine witchcraft is another dangerous one! If you stand at the seashore, even in a remote area, the only creatures you will see are animals and sea creatures. You cannot see any human being around. You cannot see any mermaid because they and human beings are like light and darkness that don’t cross each other’s path. As you’re at the shore, you can sing and shout; nobody will appear to you. However, if you can speak in an unknown language, the language of ocean world, then somebody will appear to you. Right from the beginning, the Almighty Father separated the land from the sea. The creatures in the sea are more than that of the land. None of them is an obstacle to each other. Yemoja is the controller of the sea. All the fishes we eat are her children. For this reason, it’s very easy for her to have an impact on the lives of human beings. However, she wouldn’t do that for any reason. If we boil or cook our fish properly, we will remove the connection between that piece of fish and Yemoja forever. We will have peace whenever we eat it. She was put there to oversee the sea and also to help us whenever we’re stranded on the sea. She and her children were not meant to harm us.

When Lucifer came down from Heaven, full of anger, he went down to her and asked her: “Don’t you know they can serve you? And she asked how. They were meant to serve our Father. He then said, don’t you know who I am? And she answered I know who you are. But they can serve you. She asked how. He said whenever they come to you for help, give them some of your children. She asked how is that possible? He said I would freeze all their blessings and make them suffer. When they’re suffering, I will direct them to you, and you’ll give them some of your children. And she said hope our Father will not be angry with me. He said, no, everything will be fine.” He did the same thing to the serpent in the Garden of Eden. He sought his consent before he could enter him and used him to deceive Eve. No man knew the language of the ocean world. Lucifer was the one that taught the first person how to speak their language so he could communicate with Yemoja. This was the beginning. You must understand that every evil began from just one person. Yemoja, her husband, and children cannot walk on the land because they have no feet. They were created to live and control the sea. We are above them because the Father placed us in a higher position than them. Lucifer came and swapped everything around.

Today, you have them everywhere. Marine witchcraft is the producer of most items we use in the world. They are even in the church. They know the Bible, and they pray as well. But once you begin to preach about holiness, they become agitated. They cannot stand anymore. If you look at the church today, many women can hardly live with their natural hair anymore. They are behind it. The more they can pollute the lives we live, the better it is for them to get to us. A woman can give birth to six children, all of them will be from the sea. These are the agents from the sea. They use human beings to live on the land. Out of the world’s population, if I tell you those who’re truly human beings, you will be shocked. The rest are demons! Jehovah God is fed up with the whole Earth. They are in the choir; they are ushers; some of them are even pastors. They love to shower you with gifts. They are extremely kind, yet, they’re very dangerous. I have seen many Africans living in Europe who still have their native pot in Africa. Their parents still maintain the connection between them and the ocean world on their behalf, yet, all of them are in the church.

In all ramification, they’re very corny; they hide secret; they don’t speak anyhow; they are charming, very charming; they are manipulative; their kindness is beyond measure; they are very patient; they know how to get to their victims. Any human being on Earth who wants to relate with them, they will change part of your body to theirs. All their agents are like a mirror. They see whatever they do on the land and wherever they are, they can easily monitor that particular area because they use the body of their agent as a projector through which they monitor their victims. Once they succeed in summoning the Spirit of their victim, all they do is to take his or her glory. They don’t kill instantly. They are unlike physical witchcraft who are impatient with their victim. They don’t always kill their victim. They kill only in an exceptional case. But they kill their victim alive by rendering him or her impotent in every area of life. They are very wicked indeed. They have set several strategies in getting to their victims on the land. They get to them through food, gifts, touch, and speech. Any man who can avoid all these will so much escape their trap. But how is that possible? Won’t you live among people anymore? This is why the blood of Jesus is very powerful. If you know how to avoid them physically, live the rest for Almighty God. If they know that you’re on the right path, they don’t want to cross your path because they’re also afraid of their lives. If they send any of their agents on an errand and she fails, there is no mercy because she would have assured them she could carry out the assignment successfully and they count on her.

If you look at some nations in the east, their population is more than other nations. The marine world uses them to multiply themselves on the land. The kind of evil that goes on in that region has no measure. Jehovah God knows all things. Nothing is hidden from Him. Across the whole Earth, suddenly, people would disappear. The marine world is behind it. These people will still come back again to the land. However, before they come back, they would have changed them and turned them to agents. Many children have been initiated ignorantly even in the presence of their parents. But any parent who wholeheartedly serve the Almighty become untouchable for them. The blood of Jesus Christ covers them. Every Law the Father gave, He gave it for various reasons. He created everything, and He knows how Lucifer is instigating every other spirit to fight against His children, and yet, He doesn’t leave us alone. He always fights for us. However, obedience is what He needs from us.

Past Life Syndrome
The Earth is a recycling centre. If a man died without Jesus Christ, he will go to the Dark-Planet and come back to this Earth again. The kind of life he lived while on Earth determines how his nest life will be when he comes back. If he died with illness, he would come back with the same illness because Jesus Christ didn’t atone for his sins. For this reason, you see newborn babies with an incurable illness. If a man died of a bullet wound, he would come back again with the mark in his body as a birthmark. The problem of some people is not from this present life. They came with it from their previous life. If the enemy killed a man either physically or spiritually, and he vowed that, whenever he comes back to Earth again, he will take revenge; such man has invited the Controller of Anger and Murder into his life. If any man offends him in his new life, he will deal with such man seriously. Everything that affects us in this present life will come back with us in our nest life if we fail to give our lives to Jesus Christ.

If a man sows evil seed in this present life, he will come back again to enjoy the fruit of his evil seed. For this reason, the Father wants us to live a good life even if we don’t give our lives to Jesus Christ so that when we come back again, evil will not come back with us. I know many of you don’t believe in reincarnation. But Jesus Christ was somewhere before He came to this Earth. Elijah lived and ascended to Heaven and later came back as John the Baptist. If a man dies, if he doesn’t go to Heaven, he must come back to live on this Earth again. Even if he goes to Heaven, the Father may still decide to send him back again for any reason best known to Him. He owns everybody and has the power to do whatsoever He wishes to do.

Not By Work Of Righteousness
No one is righteous! No man on Earth is holy as the Father. A man must not be proud he cannot commit again the sin he committed twenty years ago. Noah was a righteous man according to the Bible, yet, he was drunk, and Satan was able to use him to curse his children. The Earth became polluted again because of this curse. He was sixty percent righteous when the Father destroyed the Earth with the flood. But the forty percent fall to the advantage of Satan as a tool of destruction. Abraham was a righteous man, yet, after the Father had almost finished cleansing him, Lucifer was still able to use him to sow an evil seed to his unborn generation. Moses was a humble man, in fact, no man was humbler than Moses, yet he was a murderer, and when his anger blindfolded him, he was unable to carry out the instruction given to him by the Father. Many of you fail to ask about the children of Moses. If a man used murder to start his life, all his children are in trouble. The Father had to leave the children of Moses alone to live a normal life like every other Israelites. Supposing the Father wanted to use them as He used their father, Satan would have been a serious obstacle to them. Job was a righteous man, blameless and upright, fearing God and turning away from evil. However, when the Father allowed Satan to touch him, he could have died if the Father had allowed Satan to take his life. What about myself? Maybe the Father will reveal to somebody after my departure from this Earth that I am a righteous man. It is a mystery. No one is righteous!

If the Controller of Drunkenness and the Controller of Anger weren’t in Noah, Satan wouldn’t have used him to curse his children. Satan wouldn’t have used Hagar to sow evil seed into Abraham’s blessing if the Controller of Sex wasn’t in him. What about Moses? Based on the lies of his mother and the food of idols he ate in Pharaoh’s palace, the Controller of Anger got hold of his heart. Though the Father deleted many things away from him, yet, towards the end, the same anger blindfolded him, and he couldn’t follow the Father’s instruction. Job was a fearful and proud man. When the Father showcased him before Satan, if he – Satan had got to him and he found nothing he could have used, he would have turned back. The Father picked me up and started teaching me. He deleted many things away from my body. Five years along the line, the marine world sent Jezebel to me. The grace of the Father alone prevented Satan from using me to sow evil seed into my unborn generation because of the Covenant. O Lord, my God, may Your power and strength guide me to the end! No one is righteous! No one!

The Father will never stop Satan from doing his work. If he comes to you and he finds nothing in you, he will turn back. A few years ago, I was working in a company. Because of jealousy, some people gathered themselves together to harm me. They were all from different nations. They deliberated on what they could do. One of them from Sri Lanka said he had demons he would send to destroy me. Truly, they sent the demons. However, when the demons got to where I was, they turned back and went to this man’s son while he was standing at the bus stop. The demons entered two young men, and they beat him, gushed out his eyes, opened his skull and killed him. The newspapers in London carried the news. Men can only see what happened in the physical, but how and why the enemy planned everything spiritually, no one knew except God and Satan. Even those who Satan used in planning it knew little. Lucifer was the mastermind behind it, based on the Covenant the Father made with me. Afterwards, some women gathered together and placed a charm on my chair so that whenever I sit on it, I would run mad. But they failed! However, when they sent Jezebel to me, she could have turned back; but when she found the Controller of Sex in me, couple with her deceit, I only overcame by the grace of the Father. In years to come, after my departure, if the Father should reveal to any man that My son Radiant was a righteous man; my question to you is this: Am I righteous? No, I am not! No one is righteous.

When the rich young man visited Jesus Christ, he called Him ‘Good Master’ and asked Him what he could do to inherit the Kingdom of God. Jesus didn’t answer him immediately, but He first asked him a question. Why did you call Me ‘good’? Jesus said no one is good except the Father. If Jesus Christ could not claim that He was good, who then could claim it? Among all the men that have walked the face of this Earth, He is the only One who could claim to be good. But He refused to claim it!

Why would the Father call any man righteous and upright? What is righteousness according to the Father? Obedience! Abraham believed God and obeyed, and Jehovah God credited righteousness to him. Obedience is holiness, and obedience is righteousness. As long as you follow everything the Father asked you to do, no matter how awkward it may look like in the sight of men, in the sight of Almighty Father, you are righteous.

The Solution And Conclusion
With God, all things are possible. Follow every obedience. I have explored the world and found out there is nothing like following the will of God. Sin has no remedy. However, you can control it with the Law of the Father. Look unto Jesus Christ who died for your soul. Let your Spirit and soul have satisfaction in Jesus Christ. Confess all your sins; deliver yourself; if you owe anybody, return whatever you owe; if need be, go for water baptism again; live in fear of the Father. As you do this, if you still have strange dreams about yourself, burst into prayers and fasting. This is the journey, and it’s an endless battle until you die. Throw away every greed and jealousy. Put your weaknesses under the feet of Jesus Christ so you can have control over them. Live a truthful life! Embrace the Law of the Father with your whole heart. Pursue holiness and righteousness. Let your words be pure. Be blameless in all things.

If you’re from idolatry family, especially where they used the blood of human being as a sacrifice, you must make sure your Spirit, soul, and body are sold out to Jesus Christ. You must forsake this blood family so that you and your children can have peace.

To the married I say, drink water from your own cistern alone. Freshwater is better than dirty water. Sweet water is better than bitter water. Holy water is better than cursed water! Let the breasts of your wife satisfy you always. Even there will be a time when she’s unlovable, love her still because it only lasts awhile. Sin is very sweet, but when it enters your stomach, it becomes bitter. Guide your eyes and your heart. Your heart is the source of your life. Live your life in fear of the Father so that your children may not have to suffer for anything because of the life you choose to live. Love Jesus Christ with your Spirit, soul, and body. If you do, you will love your wife unconditionally. Give no room to third party, not even your children.

To the single men I say, dwell richly in obedience. Forsake every ungodly gathering. Think of tomorrow! Do not allow your today to destroy your tomorrow. Kill that evil seed from your parents. Spread it no further. Love the Lord and abstain from sexual immorality. It is honey to your bones. Eat your fruit only when it’s ripe. If you eat it unripe, teeth will ache you. Give no room for any evil thought. Always dwell in the presence of the Lord.

To the single women I say, let no man lie in your bosom. It is an abomination to Jehovah God. Your bosom is meant only for one man. Keep yourself and hide your breasts. Let them satisfy your husband tomorrow and let them produce holy water for your children. The gateway to your body is a gateway to life. Do not turn it into a gateway of death. Let holy children come out of your womb. Do not add to the trouble of this Earth. The Earth has enough trouble already. Keep yourself very well so that men will always give you the respect of a queen.

May the grace of Jehovah God, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit rest upon you now and always. Amen!

Remain blessed in Him.
Pastor Radiant Ayowole Jesudairo
London, 14th May 2017.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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