The Corrupted Blessing

(Part 1)

The Father speaks

(Thursday 15th November 2012, 00:55)

If two people are fighting and they give both of them a chance to fight as long as they want, by the end of the day, one of them will retire. Who can battle with the Lord? Who can battle with the Owner of the earth? He will only give you a chance to do whatever you want to do. I know how I created My things. As long as you say you want to compete with Me, I will be looking at you. I am the One that created you. As long you say you want to fight with Me, then come on, let Us fight. Woe to any man or any woman that calls himself a Christian and enemies defeat him. Woe to them! They are weak Christians. Why should the enemies defeat you? Because you’re committing sin. The Father that brought you into this earth brought you for a reason. If you’re struggling to do something and you’re not getting headway, though you’re not committing sin, that means that’s not the will of the Father for you to do it. Search yourself and look, and then you’ll know that’s not the way the Father wants you to go. The enemies are attacking the children of the Father because of many things. It’s not the will of God for your life. You went to take what you shouldn’t have taken and the enemies know. Why can’t you wait for God’s time? The enemy now uses it to prolong your journey. When the real one comes your way, you cannot have it any longer. It is too late. Why? Because people were doing it, you too wanted to do it. That is why as you see many people in the church today, they’ll begin to ask the Father ‘why’. The enemies have sown an evil into their lives. Oh, I thought you married before; sorry, no, it’s not the real one. Hence, you put yourself into the wrong one, the devil will tell you that you cannot see any one to marry anymore. Until you open your mouth and tell people that the marriage you did was a fake marriage. Because you’ve sworn an oath, it will work against you. After you might have waited and no man is coming your way, you would conclude to just get pregnant and have your children. If you pregnant and start having children, what do you think you’re doing? If the Father opens your eyes to see all the blessing He packaged for you while you’re coming to this earth, your husband, children, and the position you’re meant to be, you will open your mouth and begin to cry because you’ve missed it. You’ll begin to open your mouth and say ‘Father, I don’t want to serve You anymore’. You’ll begin to say nonsense to your Father. The Father is a merciful Father. He is ready to forgive His children anytime because He knows that your eyes are blind. Hence you go on your own way, the enemies would torment you. It’s only by the grace of the Father you can come out of it. It will be like Jacob. It was only the Father that pulled him away. What happened? Something went wrong somewhere. Because the Father has pronounced him blessed right from the beginning, right from his mother’s womb, He has chosen him to be a blessed child. He has chosen him to be a blessing in that home. But what did the mother do? She now caused confusion in his life. The Father has made him to be a blessed child right from the beginning. Even though the father called Esau the senior, to rain prayer on him, the Father has chosen Jacob right from the beginning to be the apple of His eyes. The Father is the One that has the final say. Esau may be the senior, but the Father has chosen Jacob right from the time He put them in the womb. But the mother contaminated everything. Because of the sin he committed, that was why he wrestled with the Angel. Jacob was the one the Father chose. The Father has already done what He wanted to do; they now called a seer to begin to tell the future of the children. The Father has done what He wanted to do! It’s not by speaking it out. He has done what He wanted to do. Is it the one you would speak that would save them? What did the mother do? Did it come to pass? The Father has done everything and sealed it up. The mother now heaped another curse upon the child. It’s not the prayer of Isaac that would have helped him to make it. The Father has already prepared him that the twelve tribes of Israel would come out of him because the Father is the One that knows the ending from the beginning and He knew Esau would choose his own way. The Father knew everything. It’s not the prayer any man would pray for Jacob that would have helped him. The Father has designed it that, from his body, the covenant children would come out. Confusion everywhere! Whichever way the Father did His thing, leave it the way He did it. Confusion everywhere. It was because of what he – Jacob did, that was what affected his own son – Joseph also. Because of what he did to his own brother, that was what affected his own son. The chain was there. Come, let us kill him. Do you think when you commit sin it would just go like that? It will affect your children’s children. That was what happened to that one. The Father has designed Joseph to be the apple of His eyes. It was what Jacob did; the chain was still there waiting for him.

Whenever the Father designed what He would do, you would use your own hands to contaminate everything. Even if the children were behaving abnormally in your womb, what is that to you? Was it by your power you conceived? The Person that blocked your womb not to have children, you thought He didn’t know what He was doing. So you’re the one that puts the children in your womb. You knew how many years you waited before you conceived. Were you the one that put the children in your womb? Now you wanted to do it so that one would ride over the other. Did you know the life of the children? If she had power, why did she say he should run away? She should have allowed him to wait! He shouldn’t have run away. That should have been the end of his life! As he was running, that was why the Angel waited for him and it was God. You did evil and you’re running away, now let Us fight together. If you know you could fight, We will see who would defeat each other. That was why They fought. You cannot do evil and think you would run away. Let Us fight! Evil is one way. As the Father wants you to be, wait until it comes to pass. You would live the life He wants you to live. You cheated somebody and ran away. Are you the one that created yourself? No mother; I don’t want to do it; he’s my brother; I don’t want to cheat my brother; as my Father wants my life to be, so be it; if my Father had wanted me to be the senior, He would have done it, I could have come out first; mother, I don’t want to make that decision, he’s my brother and I love him; I cannot change his glory to mine; I cannot change my head to his head; as the Father wants me to live, so I will live; mother please don’t cause confusion. What do you think would have happened? He would have passed! What do you think they did? It was 419! It’s an evil! It is not good. You are cheating somebody. The Father made one hairy and another one with smooth skin. You now went and gave yourself fake hair. What do you think you were doing? It’s an evil! He was a thief! Because of that, you have corrupted your blessing. The journey that could have taken you two days would take you four days. That was what happened to him! That was what happened to Jacob. He has now extended it to his children. That was what happened. The peaceful life he should have lived, because of everything, he couldn’t live it. What happened to Isaac? He had peace because he did not cheat anybody. Even though Ishmael had come before him, there was no trouble between him and Ishmael. Everybody reverend him; everybody loved him. Even when he wanted to marry, everything went smoothly. Why? Because he was on his own. The time the Father scheduled for the woman to conceive, that was the time she conceived. That was the time the children came. But what happened to the children? You wanted to know their future. Are you the one that created them? Are you the one that put the children into your womb? Are you their lives? But you caused confusion into the lives of those children.

As the Father prepared it, that’s how it would be. Your mother cannot change it. But what could happen to you? Instead of you to have peace with whatever the Father gives to you, you would have pieces. Why? Because you invite another thing to it. You add another thing to that life. Now, in all the children he – Jacob had, the Father has destined one to be a glorious child. What happened to that one too? Because the father has planted the evil seed on the ground, it followed him too. Could you remember what you did before, we’re still inside. Can you see a demon? Can you see the devil? This one is the one that would feed all of you, but he would suffer because you have done something before. What happened? They now turned to slaves in the land of Egypt. Because of what he – Jacob did in his youth, that was what affected his generations. He did it when he hasn’t got any child. He did it when he has not married. The peaceful generations the Father gave to you now turned out to be destructive generations because something was wrong somewhere. It now landed them in the land of Egypt. Because the Father has chosen this one –Joseph that he would be the head, even though there was a famine, there was a way the Father would have provided for them. Instead of them – the Israelites to be slaves to them, people could have been slaves to them - the Israelites. If you look at it very well, through the wisdom of Joseph, that was why they could gather food in the land of Egypt. The wisdom was still there with him. Supposing he was there at home with his father, when the famine came, he could have still fed all of them through the wisdom the Father gave to him. That was why the Father told Abraham that his descendants would become slaves in a foreign land because the Father is the One that knows the ending right from the beginning. There was something wrong somewhere. Evil is good to do, but when you’re facing the consequence, when you’re paying the price, you’ll begin to say ‘Father, Father why, Father why’. Somebody had done evil somewhere.

You cheated somebody, a senior. Though he was the senior, but what the Father gave to you was different from what He gave to him. But he’s the senior. Right from heaven, the Father has blessed him – Jacob that this is what you would be. It’s not the prayer of Isaac that would have made it happen. The prayer of Isaac could have still added some blessing to his life. But what happened? The Father made him to be a senior doesn’t mean he’s the one that owns everything. The Father gave each one different assignment, different blessing. The Father has given you whatever He wanted to give to you, you now went and take another person’s blessing. A cheater! What do you think would happen to you? All those blessings the Father gave to you from heaven are with you. When you commit any sin, then you corrupt the blessing. You will pay for it. You will not go free. Because the Father has laid a curse upon everything right from the beginning. Even though He loves you, hence you corrupt His word, it would affect you. Though He would never allow you to die just like that, but all those things you did, you must see the consequence. You cannot go free.

What is the difference between taking what belongs to somebody and killing somebody? Is it not the same thing? This one wants to rule over us, we will kill you; this one wants to take all the blessing of my father, I will deceive you. What is the difference? It’s the same thing! You said you dreamt that somebody bowed down to you, so you would be our leader; so your father wants to die and give all the blessing to your brother, come quickly and take it. Your son now grew up, so you want to rule over us, let us kill him. Who are the people? Because you have committed that sin with all your soul and your body, with all the children in your body! You wanted to marry a wife, what happened to you? You served and served for many years. The blessing the Father gave to you to be happy. Was he happy? All the children he had, he had them in sorrow! He had everything in sorrow. It shouldn’t have been like that. Because you did something while you were a youth, you cornered somebody. If the Father pronounce blessing upon your life and you go on your own way and corrupt it, the blessing will come but you will enjoy the blessing in sorrow. The Father is not a wicked Father. Esau and Jacob that I put inside Rebecca, I have blessed Jacob and designed what he would be. The twelve tribes of Israel would come from the body of Jacob, not from the body of Esau. Even if the father had prayed for Esau, Jacob could have still become whom the Father designed him to be because the Father has chosen him to be a blessing. That was why He later called His name Israel, ‘I have made you to be a blessing’. It wasn’t the prayer that Isaac prayed. The Father has made him to be a blessing. He was the One that put the children in the womb. Isaac was not the one that created the children by himself. Jacob corrupted the blessing the Father gave to him.

It was what he – Jacob did that affected Joseph. It was what he did that led his children to Egypt. It was the same thing that affected them in the Wilderness. It is the same thing that is still affecting them today. If they hadn’t gone to Egypt, would they have acquired idol? That is the consequence. When Abraham begot Isaac, everything was peaceful. Isaac followed the way of the Father. Everything was peaceful. When it was time for him to marry, he and his father did not go their own way. The Father put children into your womb, when it is time, the children would come out. You now went to consult how the lives of the children would be. Are you the Father that put the children there? You have now caused problem in the children’s lives. The very day you consulted the seer, there were demons there listening to you. So this one would be like this, let us corrupt it. The Father that put them there has done what He wanted to do and sealed it. Whatever you do physically would affect their lives. The Father has made the junior one to be the head. It is not physical practise! He made the junior one to be the head, that was how He did Joseph also. The Father has done it spiritually, it’s not physical practise. Before the Father put them into the womb, He had prepared how they would be. It’s not the word of any human being. They didn’t know how the Father did it. It’s a spiritual thing. The Father has already done it. If you say you would do anything, then you add problem to that child’s life. Why then did he run away? If he knew he did what was good, why should he run away? What she should have done, she should have told the children that the Father said they should not marry any woman in that land. As she encouraged Jacob to cheat his brother, so also she should have encouraged him to marry where the Father purposed. All the children could have come from one woman. The blessing couldn’t have been contaminated. Many of the Father’s children, this is how their life is. They caused trouble to themselves. Are you the maker of your life? Whatever sin you commit, you must face the consequence of it. The Father has done what He wanted to do and nobody could add to it. Because your eyes are open you could not see, you have ears you could not hear. You now called somebody to come and tell you what the Father pronounced upon your children. Do you know more than the Father that created you?

When the seer told Rebecca that the senior would serve the junior, she now told the junior one. That was why he asked him to sell his birthright to him. He thought it was something physical! It wasn’t something physical. The Father has already done it that he would be the senior spiritually, but physically he was the junior. The Father has done it inside the womb. But what did he do? He caused the problem to himself because of what his mother told him. When I was pregnant, a seer told me you would be the senior. He then began to put it into practise. The Father has already done it for you! But what did you do? You were committing sin! If care is not taken, they will call you a wizard. It was a form of witchcraft! Somebody who was your senior, because of your own selfishness you asked him to sell his birthright to you. It was witchcraft! Why should you say that kind of word? Because of what your mother told you, you wanted to take the position of the senior. It’s not something physical. It was spiritual. You have now added problem to your life. The life you were destined to live, you could have lived it. The life Esau was destined to live, he could have lived it also. But you complicated your own life. You added sorrow to your life. Their father Isaac knew who the head between them both was. He knew! Supposing he – Jacob left things the way it was originally, his father could have prayed a different prayer for him. He could have prayed for him as one who knew that he would be the head. The father was not an ordinary person, he knew the children he had. When the time comes for him to bless Jacob, he knew what he could have done because he knew that through him, the covenant would extend to the Israelites. He knew Jacob was the covenant child. It is a spiritual thing, not something physical. Evil has been there right from the beginning, not today. Because of that thing he – Jacob did, all the children the Father gave to him suffered from it. It was because the Father had made a covenant with them, that was why he even saw Joseph before he died. That thing he did wasn’t an easy matter. The Father tolerated them so He could fulfil the covenant He made with Abraham. He knew already that through Jacob, He would establish the children of Israel. Do you see what happened to him? He took a double portion! The Father has blessed him from heaven and Isaac now blessed him again. That was why Isaac told Esau he would be his brother’s slave. The Father has blessed him from heaven and the blessing that could have been for Esau, he took it again. The Father knew that through this Jacob, He would establish the nation of Israel. If he knew what he did was good, why did he run away? He could have waited for his brother to kill him. To do evil is good! He shouldn’t have run away. Every little thing you do, every little word you speak from your mouth, the devil is listening. You will not enjoy this thing because you have done something; you would suffer for it. He ran away from the mother that encouraged him to do evil. Even God still established the brother he cheated. Many of them nowadays would use their evil to drain their brother’s life so they could acquire all his blessing. He would be alive as if he’s not. That is what they do. It is witchcraft. It’s an evil. That thing you’re seeing like a play is witchcraft; it’s not good. You think it’s just a word of mouth, it’s not. It is more than that. The Father has already blessed you, but you thought you would go free when you did evil. You would live a life of tears. You used your own to rub the generations that were coming. You turned them into slaves in the land of Egypt. It was with mighty hand I brought them out of Egypt. It wasn’t an easy thing. All the food they ate contaminated them. The Father could have established them in another place. That is why I told you My son, since that thing happened in the Garden of Eden, it never goes. What happened in the Garden of Eden is hunting the children of the Father wherever they go. Anywhere the children of the Father are, they must come and use somebody that is close to you to hurt you. They know more than you. That is why you see every covenant children never have an easy life. Hence, they (the demons) succeed in planting that thing into your life, you’ll begin to live a life of rise and fall unless the mother that gave birth to you purposely hand you over and say ‘Father, this is your child’. If not, it won’t be easy. They know more than you and they must make sure they get you.

Why do you think Jesus Christ did not commit sin? Because Mary was a clean person and she wasn’t an ordinary person. She had the fear of God. She lived her life in the hand of God. That was why you see the life of Jesus as it is. Even though He’s a Spirit, He’s still Human Being because of the mother that gave birth to Him. He was partly Spirit and partly Human Being. She had the fear of God. That is why all of you could mention the name of Jesus Christ today. If not, everything could have contaminated. Upon that, Satan still hunted for Him. When the Father gave you a good child, the life of that child lies in the hands of the mother that gave birth to him. There are some children the Father brought into this world; He wants them to live a glorious life. If He sees that the kind of life the parents live would contaminate the child, the Father would allow the mother to die and another person would take care of that child. They would give that child the glorious life the Father wants him to live. If the Father had allowed the mother to take care of the child, he would not live the life the Father wants him to live. As that child is with a neutral family entirely, nobody knows anything about him. They do not give him contaminated food to eat. They treat him special. He would come to be what the Father wants him to be. When Satan is drawing the rope that he uses to tie the mother, he could get nowhere because that child is not part of her life anymore. Anywhere he goes, they would say he’s an orphan. He would live a glorious life. Nobody would give him evil food. No family member would trace him. They would say she gave birth and after her death, the child was taken to an orphanage home. That is it! Some big men you hear their names today, the name they bear is not their real name. Some of them will not tell you. If you check the background of that child, you will know he’s not theirs. They adopted that child, but they will cover it. That is why the devil could not trace that child to the family of his mother. Now that the mother is dead, every sin she committed has been cut off and nothing could be used against that child. As he grows in another home, nothing to use against him. As the mother died, all her sins died with her and nothing could be used against that child because immediately he was born, he’s still innocent. As somebody came and carried him away right from inside the blood, that is the end of it. And the person that carried the child away is not from the family. Therefore, there is nothing to use to connect him to evil. The child is pure! Unless he begins to commit sin when he grows up. But it’s very easy to wash away because it has no foundational root. Nothing about his background, no story to tell so they could hold him. If they say the family of ‘Olufemi’ would never make it, that boy does not belong there anymore. There is no way they could trace him. The demon that is chasing them around would look and would not see anybody. All he knows is that the child is dead because he doesn’t know the name he now bears. As the demon searches around and couldn’t find anything, he would go back. Why? Because evil generation has ended upon that child as the mother died. No rope to draw because he did not suck his mother’s breast and wasn’t named in the family of ‘Olufemi’. Because, as you name each child, his name enters the ancestral register and every ancestral curse follows him immediately. As the mother died and nobody named him into that family, will his name be in a register of failure? No, he will make it! Can you say that a mother should die and leave her child? Not at all. When a mother gave birth to a child, it’s a blessing.

My son, as you see this hand, if it touches somebody, it has a lot to do with that person’s life. As you communicate with somebody, it has a lot to do with that person’s life. It’s either it add to your life positively or negatively. It’s very important. Supposing, as they gave birth to that child, the mother had a certain sickness; that is how that child would have it too. Even after the death of the mother, the sickness would still be in that child’s body. As they took him away to another place to take care of him, they would begin to treat that sickness. If that person has three children, only that child would have that sickness. It is generational sickness. It is not transferable. If that child grows, if he begins to have children, his own children would have it too unless they tackle it. It’s already in their genes, in their blood because you conceive that child in sin. You did not tackle it before you gave birth to that child. You will share it for that child. If you refuse to purify yourself before you pregnant, it would affect the child.

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