The Corrupted Blessing

(Part 2)

The Father speaks

(Saturday 17th November 2012, 04:01)

My son, the hands of My children are full of evil. How could one take what belongs to his own brother if he’s not evil? That is not enough; many of them went to the extent of killing each other. As they gave birth to you, that was how they gave birth to the other one. As you have your own right, that is how he has his own right too. As you’re reading about Jacob and Esau, it’s more than the way you see it written there in the Bible. Somebody will look at you and know the kind of blessing you carry because he has evil eyes. But you cannot see yourself. He knows you more than yourself. He may use gift to entice you simply because he wants to take your blessing away from you. But you’re foolish and blind. You don’t know his motive for giving you that gift. As you take that gift from him, that’s the rope he will be using to draw you for the rest of your life. Whenever you try to come out of his net, he will renew it again. Why? Because he knows more than you. If you could tell your own elderly brother ‘sell your life for me’, what wouldn’t you do? After all, I was told I’m the one that would rule; if you like you could waste away; it’s none of my business. What do you call that? It is witchcraft. That is the beginning of destruction in that house. That was what led his children to the land of Egypt. When the Father said I would bless you, I would bless your generation, should He lead them to the land of slavery before He could bless them? The Father is not a wicked Father. The children are wicked children! Even now, the children are wicked children. The Father sends them to this earth to preach His word, they went to where they shouldn’t go. They went to acquire power from idol. Are they not wicked children? They are wicked children! They went to acquire power from marine spirit. They went to acquire power inside the sea. The Father that chose you, could He not give you power if you do His will? Why did you go and acquire power from marine spirit? Because of the work of the Father and the same Father says you shall not bow down to any idol; you shall not serve any other god apart from Him. Which life do you think you’re living for your children? If anything happens, they’ll begin to blame the Father. The father said you should not commit any sin. You committed sin upon sin. Now I would bring My Son who would clean all your sins with His blood. He is the Boundary. If you have a plot of land next to another man’s own, if you shift the landmark, what do you think they’ll do to you? You are in trouble! You are a thief! That is Jesus Christ for you. Jesus Christ is the Landmark between you and the Father! Immediately you cross Jesus Christ and commit sin, you disobey the word and you’ll pay for it. He is the Landmark. Jesus Christ is the Landmark between you and the Father. My son, tell them!

The very day you give your life to Jesus Christ, any other sin you commit after that, you will pay for it by yourself. Jesus Christ is the Boundary between you and the Father. If you cross Him to commit another sin, you’re in trouble. All the sins you have committed have been forgiven. Hence, you begin to commit sin again; you yourself will pay for it. There is no mercy! He will not have mercy on you. If you commit sin, you will die. If you rub somebody, they will kill you. You may die through the abortion you commit. There are many spiritual sins you commit through which sickness enter your body. They are talking about AIDS. The cancers they’re talking about, what do you think it is? Before demon will come to you, he might have seen that your hands are dirty. All these are the particles of sin. Because you cross the Landmark! There is no other price Jesus will pay for you again. He has paid the price ones and for all. Anyone that does all these vandalise My word. My son, this is a word of life. Whoever listens to it and follow it shall have peace and whoever turns his back against it shall see no peace.

I destroyed this earth in the time of Noah. After the destruction, what happened? Sin continued again. Then I said I would choose My son Abraham. Just Abraham and Isaac; what happened with the third one? If Abraham was holy and Isaac was holy, why did the children of Abraham go to the land of slavery? That means something was wrong somewhere. Because what the Father made, they wanted to change it to their own. They cannot cajole the handwork of the Father. My son, tell them they cannot cajole My handwork. You cannot change the handwork of the Father. If you do it, you’re doing yourself harm. If the Father created you to be a woman, you have now adjusted yourself to be a man, you’re doing your generation harm. Tell them! You were created as a man; now you went and changed yourself to a woman. You are doing yourself harm. You went to put earrings in your ears, you’re doing yourself harm. You are doing your generation harm because you vandalise the word of the Father. It is very sweet when you’re doing it. You are doing your children harm. You are doing them harm! As your Father created you to this earth to be, immediately you begin to go on your own way, you’re doing yourself and your generation harm. That means the Father did not create you well. He has created you to be a father of nations. But what did you do? You went and took another man’s blessing to join your own. The children you begot, you give them everlasting suffering.

This family is a very good family; we have never heard such thing among them; how could this one now become armed robber; is he not the son of ‘Olufemi’; something is wrong somewhere; go back and search again. May be it did not affect the first and the second, but when it got to the third, it now affected him and his generation. Now there is a chaos because he did what he shouldn’t have done. What happened between Abraham and Ishmael? I said I didn’t have covenant with him (Ishmael) and he had to leave. Yet, I would bless him and make him the father of nations, and I blessed him. He is My son. The child that came out of Abraham is also the child of God. I would bless you, but I don’t want any problem. My son, there are some things I allowed to happen. When Abraham went to Egypt, I proved Myself. As I proved Myself, when they drove him away with his family and gave him that slave, he should have rejected her. Why should they give him a slave? Did Sarah have a child she’s nursing that she needed somebody to help her? How many slaves did they have? All the years he has lived, even before I called him, there were many slaves in his household. Why did he accept her and why was she the one Sarah gave to him? Her soul has already tied to the soul of Sarah while she was in Pharaoh’s palace. That is what Satan can do! He shouldn’t have taken that slave because the way she was brought up, the food she ate was completely different to their own. When the Father afflicted them because of you, what are you supposed to do? Take your gift, I don’t want; you’re driving me away and you’re giving me a gift; what for. It was in form of disgrace when they drove them away. But he was happy.

You cheated somebody and took his birthright. What happened to you? They cheated you too when you wanted to marry. That was the beginning of your calamity. You served and served for many years. Was it easy for you? You left there with quarrels, with sorrow. You ran away with your family. One of them (Rachel) died along the way. Then what happened to your daughter? She was violated. That was what you got from your cheating. Do you think it’s easy? Whatever the Father says you should not do, if one did not do it, lived life, and died and another one come after him and does it, the latter one will be the one to suffer for it. Whatever is forbidden for one is forbidden for another also. It is for everybody unless you want to go on your own way. The Father is not a man, He is a Spirit. If He speaks to you and you refuse to listen, you know where you’re going. You will suffer the consequence. My son, has any pastor asked you one day that ‘the Father promised Abraham that He would bless his generation, why is it that the generation landed in a land of slavery; why did the Father allowed them to go; is He a wicked Father’. They should have asked questions My son. Because of them, the Father allowed a famine to ravage the land of Egypt because they’ve already sold Joseph to Egypt and he could not come back. I had already made him to be the head. That was why I caused famine so that he could fulfil his destiny. Because of the famine, the children of Jacob now made their way to Egypt. They have sold him as a slave and they couldn’t release him anymore from there. The Father had made him to be the head. From there, the glory of the Father came out in his life. The Father is a Father that makes a way where there is no way. If one way block, He will make another way. The Father has different ways to make a way because of His children unless you purposely say that is what you choose, that you want to die there. The Father is always faithful, but the children are wicked children.

The Father is a faithful Father. He is not a wicked Father. How could He punish everybody because of one person? It is a chain! Because you know the truth and you don’t want to say the truth. Tell people about the consequence of sin. My son, tell them that the sin that Jacob committed was not just an ordinary sin. It’s a spiritual sin. The sin that could take somebody’s glory away. Sell your glory to me; that was what he did. It’s more than killing somebody physically and he did it twice. Give me your glory; give me your glory. That was what led the children to the land of slavery. Because the Father had set it that the nation of Israel would be established through him. When she went to the seer, as she was told what would happen to the children, she should have kept her mouth shut and surrender everything to the Father. That was why Isaac bestowed love upon Esau, because he knew the covenant would be fulfilled through Jacob. Isaac knew more than Rebecca. Before she gave birth to the children, he knew the kind of children they would be. That was why he loved Esau physically and ignored the other side because he knew it would come to pass. As Rebecca drew Jacob to himself, if Isaac too had drawn him to himself, what do you think Esau would have done? He knew what the Father had done and he could not change it through his prayer. He knew! But the mother used her hand to cause a problem for Jacob. If Isaac had known that it was Jacob, would he have prayed for him? He could have cursed him! She caused trouble in the lives of the children! She caused confusion! When she said Jacob should not marry in that land, what about Esau. Why couldn’t she coach both of them together?

The conclusion of My word, the work the Father had done and sealed, do not spoil it with your own heart. Do not spoil it with the evil of your heart. Do not spoil the handwork of the Father. Any blessing He gives you is what will elevate you. Do not contaminate it. Every male, every female, whichever blessing the Father gives to you, have the same heart of holiness. Do not differentiate between them. Treat all of them equally. The Father that gave them to you knows what He did. There are many sacks and what is inside one is different from the other. That is how the Father created everything. If you give two people a simple arithmetic like two plus two up to five times, before you finish, somebody will tell you the answer while it will take the other one some seconds before he could tell you the answer. That is how the Father created it. You cannot force yourself. There are some people, from morning until evening, they could narrate how they walked throughout the whole day for you without them missing any word. But some, what they did just two hours ago, they cannot remember. That is how the Father made it. Somebody will now tell you that out of these your children, one is more brilliant than the other one. Yes, because the brain of one is sharper than the other one. That is how the Father created it. And the one with a dull brain, there is something he can do better than the one with sharp brain. Are you trying the Father? Oh, one seer came; he said this one would excel in his education more than the other one. Are you the one that created them? If he doesn’t have brain to read, let him remain at home. His own brain is not for education. That is how the Father created him. That brain is sharp for something else not for education. Treat all your children equally. Do not let anybody cause confusion in the lives of your children. Do not go to any seer unless the Father reveals it to you by Himself, and when He reveals, keep it to yourself. Let it be between both parents. Do not say it out. You can only encourage that child. Do not say it openly. If you do that, the devil will put hand in it. Oh, this child is a pastor. Yes, that is whom the Father created him to be. The devil will say ‘so you’re a pastor, we shall see’. Why? Because they have pronounced it upon him. Once it’s pronounced, the mother has to guide him with extra care. If care is not taken, that child may become a drunkard on the street. If he sees you, he will tell you your life history. How did he know me? Because that is who the Father created Him to be. Somebody pronounced it and the devil knew. He now planed evil ahead of him because he would be a terror to them. Now he’s a drunkard because his mother is foolish. That is what happened to Jacob. Because the Father had ordained him to be, it will come to pass, but the sin he committed, he and his children would suffer the consequence. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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