The Covenant Child

The Father speaks

(Tuesday 27th December 2011, 11:30)

He brought me into this earth. He brought me into this earth, though I was a baby and didn’t know anything, but He had a plan for me. My future was bright. He knew why He brought me, and He brought me for a purpose. He set a time in which that purpose would ripe and would come to pass. He brought me for a purpose, though I didn’t know, but as I grew up I began to see the purpose of my Father in my life. I have hands and legs, I could neither move nor hold anything, but I knew the purpose of my Father in my life. Because of the circumstance that surrounded me, because of the house I grew up, because of the food I ate, because of the hand that touched me, though I knew the purpose of God in my life, but I could never force myself to do anything. I could never force myself to do anything because of the situation that surrounded me. But I was wondering, I didn’t know whom I would tell my problem. However, the same Father that brought me into this life made me see the light. His light shone fort on me and He began to show me the way I should follow so I could open all the packages He gave to me while coming to this earth. He began to teach and direct me what I should eat, the way I would go or follow, those I would mingle with and the kind of word I would speak so that I would get all these packages He had prepared for me while coming to this earth. I now began to follow His instruction. Whenever He said I should sit down, I would sit down. Whenever He said I should stand up, I would stand up. Whenever He said I should clap my hands, I would clap my hands. Whenever He said I should sit down and study His word, I would sit down and study His word because I want to possess my possession. I am following the instruction of my Father because I want to be whatever He wants me to be on this earth. I am not seeing my Father, but He is directing me and I know it. I begin to do everything He asked me to do. He said hence I’m doing all these ones; He will stand and fight every battle for me while on this earth; no darkness will stand before me. Inasmuch as I’m doing all these ones, then I am inside light; I am no longer in darkness. And if any darkness is pursuing me, He knows how to deal with it. Once I was in darkness and there was nothing I could do to come out of it; He came and shone His light upon me and I began to do everything He asked me to do. Darkness began to disappear from my life. Glory be to God. Glory be to the Father Almighty, the One who was, the One who is, and the One who is to come. As He began to show me all these ones, I am in the light; I no longer walk in darkness. Though the darkness is pursuing me because this earth is darkness, it’s a place of evil. Though they’re still pursuing me, but I don’t care because I am in the light and my Father is with me. I am inside light because my Father taught me everything to do. I will never fear; I will never afraid what is coming on the way. My Father knows how He will destroy all of them because my Father is the Light. My Father is the Light. He is the One that owns light. He has promised me that hence I’m doing all these ones, no evil will befall me. Though they may try, but even if they try, they will never succeed because I harken to His voice. I always listen to His voice and follow the instruction He gives to me. I will follow the instruction of my Father; I will never afraid of anybody. Why will I be afraid when my Father is with me? Why should I be afraid of darkness? I will never afraid of any darkness because my Father is with me. He has the power to destroy every darkness. He has the power to uproot all of them. Glory be to the Father Almighty. Glory be to my Father that created me, that created the earth. My Father is a Light. I will never move by what I see; I will never move by what I hear because He has promised me right from the beginning that this earth is a place of evil, here is a place of trial, but if I stand right, I will go to the place He has prepared for me. I am happy to do everything my Father asked me to do; I am in it. Then, if anyone wants to do evil, my Father will settle that person. I will never afraid of anybody. I will never afraid of any darkness because it’s my Father that owns light and darkness. What can darkness do to me? My Father is the One that owns darkness! He is the One that owns it. I will never move by anything I see because I am inside the truth. The word says when you know the truth; the truth shall set you free; not only set you free, the truth shall promote you. It will take you to where you don’t even imagine. And the Father will crown you as He crowned His only Begotten Son that you’re celebrating. The Father does not have any hand in evil and whoever is doing evil, He will settle that person. Yours is just to focus and face the direction in which you’re going because as you’re going, nobody can pursue you. You are going to the right place because you are doing the will of the Father. Darkness can never meet you. If darkness wants to meet you, it will turn to light because you are light. If you place a candle on this your table and darkness comes close to it, the darkness will disappear. You will never fear. You can never fear because the evil ones will always try their handwork. You will never fear. The journey in which the Father has placed you, you’re not promised that everybody will be happy and rejoice with you. What then should you do? Just focus and continue on the journey because it’s not your journey; it’s the journey of the Father. The Father stands behind you and can anybody bypass Him to do you evil. Stand in the truth; pursue the truth; tell everybody about the truth. Nobody can come and do you any evil. It’s assurance. They will try, but they’ll never succeed because you’re doing the will of the Father. It’s the Father that owns you. Inasmuch as you’re doing the will of the Father, they will always try you.

Do you think while Jesus was on this earth they didn’t try Him? Even before the crucifixion, while He was still in His mother’s house, they knew who He was but they could never destroy Him. Can you hold shadow in your hands? That is Jesus! When He was there, many things happened, a lot of people tried, but they could not do Him anything because He was a Shadow. Evil is there right from the beginning. Could you do a Spirit that enters inside woman and came out evil? You cannot! Evil is there right from the beginning. People tried a lot but they could not stop Him not to fulfil the will of the Father. They could never hold Him because the Father was there controlling Him. It was very easy for Him to do evil, but the Father said no, His purpose was to be Example for everybody on this earth. The Father held Him. Can you imagine when the Father holds somebody; can you do that person evil? They tried Jesus Christ Himself. Do you think He just came like that and when the time came, He began to preach? No; they tried Him. They tried Him. That is for you to know that evil is there right from the beginning. Right from the day the mother conceived Him, the devil has been seeking to destroy Him. If Satan could sort for Him to the extent they had to carry Him away to another land, how much more when He was in His mother’s house. Do you know how many times they tried Him? He did not fail because He did not eat their food. You know the food of the devil? Sin! He did not eat any food of the devil. Assuming He ate it, you will not be celebrating Him today. He washed His hand clean. When the time came that He began the work of the Father, no any evil record was against Him because He washed His hand clean. He washed His hand clean. Even the mother knew the Child she had was not an ordinary Child. Her eyes were on Him; she always watched over Him. I told you that Mary herself was not an ordinary woman. Do you know how many children the Father gave to many people on this earth that were destroyed because of their parent’s negligence? You would leave the child anywhere and go on your own way because the place you’re going is more important than the child the Father gave to you. The enemies will destroy that child. Mary’s eyes were on the Child wherever she went because she knew the Child was not an ordinary Child. That was the reason the Father did not give the Child to an ordinary person. When the Father promises you a special child, you should guide him with everything you have. Guide that child because you cannot see the Father. He is a Spirit, but you are human. The Father has done His own and you must do your own to protect that child. You will not give the child to anybody to carry. You will not feed him with anyhow food.

What happened when Jesus was left behind in the temple? The mother thought He was in their midst. When she could not find Him, she began to look for Him. Where is Jesus; have you seen Jesus? If she was a careless mother, she would say don’t worry, He would come by Himself; let us go. But when she looked for Him, she found Him where He was preaching. Do you know how many children the Father brought into this world that the careless parents destroyed their glory? They destroyed it because they are careless. If the Father promises you a child, you will guide him with everything you have because he’s not an ordinary child. You have to guide him with everything, a promised child. You looked onto the Father before the child came. Now you will say to somebody please hold this child for me, I want to have my bathe; feed this child for me, I’m coming. Do you know how the Father prepared that child? Do you know the plan the Father has for that child? Do you know everything the Father put in that child that a certain finger must not touch him and hence such finger touches him, that is the end of it. Then what should you do? Because you can never see the Father, after all He promised you that child for several years. What then should you do? You will guide him with everything you have. The day the Father created human being, He was happy. He knew what could be an obstacle to human being was sin and He knew it could never come. What happened? But One (Satan) of Those who worked with Him brought it out. He became the enemy because he knew the secret. Anybody that is close to you can become your enemy. It may be your own child that you gave birth to. Your child may turn to your enemy. What then should you do? You will let your eyes open wide. For example, this your phone; can you give it to any child to play with? Even if he’s your own child? Why? Because it’s expensive! If you cannot give an ordinary phone to a child to play, a phone that you can throw at the wall and break, how much more human being. You have to be careful the kind of food you use to feed that child until he grows. As he begins to grow, you’ll begin to teach him. If you don’t allow anybody to touch him, he will say to himself my daddy does not allow anybody to touch me, and whenever he sees somebody, he will stay away. If they say he should come, he will say no because that was the way you taught him, not to mingle with anybody. When he grows up, that is how he will be. There may be many children in the house, he will leave them and carry his Bible in his hands. He may not know what is inside. What are you doing? Daddy, I am reading? What are you reading? I am reading. He doesn’t know anything in the Book. He will pronounce one word and turn everything upside down. But other children are there; he will rather carry his Bible than to play with them. Daddy, come; I want to teach you. He is doing that because that was the way you taught him. After that, he will lie down and sleep. But if you don’t teach him the way he should go, he will follow his own way. You will begin to hear some slang from his mouth. Henceforth, they will lure him to go where he shouldn’t go and do what he shouldn’t do. He may tell you daddy, I’m going to play football; I’m going to do something; I’m going to play music. Now the assignment the Father gave to him has been divided into two. He put it aside and begins to pursue his own. No Samson, this is what you should do. No, I don’t want to do that one. Why? Because you made him miss the step he should have followed. You will begin to struggle with him. Sometimes he prefers to go to other people because the house is not at peace with him. It will result in quarrels. What you should have done initially, you failed to do it. He now sees that the house is too hot for him, he wants to live with another family because he will have his freedom there. Because you failed to take the steps you should have taken right from the beginning. The Father is not a wicked Father. Every gift the Father gives to you that should be a thing of joy, of happiness for you shouldn’t be a thing of sorrow. He is not a wicked Father. What He assigned to you right from the beginning, if your eyes were opened and you have followed it, there shouldn’t have been any obstacle for you. There shouldn’t have been any problem for you because that was what He wanted you to be. If the Father assigned a child to be an engineer, that child will be an engineer. Though it’s good to teach him the way of the Father; but as you’re teaching him, he will take two objects and begins to join them together. He will say daddy, I am building a house. You will be looking at him. Now you know what that child will be. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t teach him the word of the Father because without it, he cannot become what he should be. You have to teach him the way he should follow, how to respect. Without that, he cannot become what he should be.

The Father has a purpose for each child that comes to this earth. No child is useless. It’s the parents that make the children to be useless. The parents make the precious children to be useless. They are pursuing their own goal. They are pursuing what they want to eat. The children begin to find their own too. They begin to find junk food. The real food the parents should have prepared for them, they abandoned it and begin to find junk food because the parents abandoned the children. The purpose of the Father for the children could not come to pass because of their parents. Your eyes were not on your child. Your child comes back from the school; you’re not bothered what he does in the school. Yours is just to give him money. Please take and let me have my rest. Are you sowing good seed into that child’s life or evil seed? Is it money you want? Please take and go so I may have my peace. Even though he’s lying to collect all the money from you. After all, if I ask my mother, she will not ask me what for and she’ll give it to me. What are you sowing to that child’s life? You don’t even have the time to sit down and look into his books. You requested for money; what do you need money for; who asked you to bring the money? If you are not sure, you can call the teacher. So that the child can be a good child to the society tomorrow and also to you as well because if he does well, he will give you peace and give society peace, because you have the fear of God. If you have the fear of God, you will teach your children good things at home. The fear that is inside you, you will also impart that fear into your children. Any child that doesn’t have the fear of God will not give you peace and will not give the society peace also.

What happened to Samson? He was a special child. A child that the Father Himself purposely comes in a spiritual way and showed Himself! When the child came, what happened? Your son you gave birth to cannot be more powerful than you. Your child you gave birth to cannot have power more than you, especially when you know who that child is, because the devil is there to destroy the glory of that child. The very day the Father pronounced it and the child entered your belly, the devil himself was hearing. You will never loose for that child. You will use everything to guide that child. He cannot be stronger than you. This is what you will come to be; you are not an ordinary child; before you were conceived, this was what we saw. Let him know! Because the Father brought you into this world for a purpose, you will never go on your own way; I will never allow you to go on your own way. Did Samson fulfil his purpose or not? Did the Father create him so his life could be cut short just like that? Everything you see in that Book (the Bible) is an example for mankind. It’s an example. Those you see that their life did not end, it’s an example; those you see that their life ended, it’s an example for you to learn. When the Father promises you a child, when the child comes, you’ll guide him. You will tell the child the kind of food he should eat, the kind of place he should go, and the kind of people he should mingle with. You will not go on your own way. My son, I have told you before about Hannah. It was easy for her not to take the child back to Shiloh. She could have said this is the child she’s been looking for. But she closed her eyes and returned the child to the house of God. She should have pampered the child and held him to herself. Sometimes the child would not eat as he was in Eli’s house because of the kind of children Eli’s children were. Sometimes the mother would bring new cloth for the child and went back. He was passing through a lot of things there, but the mother had no option because she had made a covenant with God. Don’t go on your own way. Did he fulfil the purpose of God? He fulfilled it. The life of Samson couldn’t have ended the way it ended. He could have led the Israelites for several years because that was the purpose for which God brought him. His power had no comparison. You know his weakness. You have to follow the way of the Father, so that your life will not end half way, in the way of tragedy.

There are many women the Father purposely locked up their womb. They begin to run helter-skelter because the Father wants to do a new thing. There are many children the Father purposely brought to this earth. All their purpose is shattered because of their parents. I want you to be a doctor; I don’t want you to go there and preach the word of God; I want you to be a doctor. Can everybody become a doctor? No! It is good for you to be a doctor of the Father, a spiritual doctor. The doctor that operates on people is a physical doctor. My son, you are a spiritual doctor because there are some problems physical doctor cannot see but you can see it. It is more profitable to be a spiritual doctor than a physical doctor. Somebody was sick, the physical doctor tried all he could, but couldn’t find anything. Didn’t he fail? He failed! But when they brought the person to you; you asked her to narrate the story of her life and from there you knew what was wrong with her. Then you applied what you have and problem solved. You are more than a spiritual doctor. You can see a problem that a physical doctor cannot see. Then when the Father chooses you to become a spiritual doctor, and you want to go on your own way. You want to perform surgery. Oh my belly is paining me, my belly is paining me. You perform surgery on that person’s belly; you couldn’t find anything, but the pain is still there. You are a doctor; do you fail or not? The problem that person have is a spiritual problem. The spiritual controls the physical. Do you know more than the Father? Many problems most of them have must be solved spiritually, not physically. The demons are spirits. The doctors cannot see the demons that attached to people’s lives. When a patient had pains and went to the doctor for surgery, why couldn’t he see the problem. As the patient entered there, the demon jumped out. Immediately the patient came out the demon entered again and began to mock both the patient and the doctor. Oh, I know more than you; I am the one that is inside. But when you apply what fits him, he will run away. Oh, this is fire; I cannot stand. When the Father says this is what you will be and you want to go on your own way. You want to be a physical doctor. That is why there are problems everywhere. They even jailed some of them. There must be a mistake somewhere because they did what they shouldn’t have done. They end their lives in the prison. That is not your work. That is not your field. If it’s truly the field the Father designed for you, no matter how hard it is, you will be successful. Oh, that doctor can solve every problem. Who told you? It’s not by his power; it’s God Himself that does the work for him. Before any major operation, it’s the Father Himself that will do it. If the operation is successful, it’s not because he’s highly intelligent; it’s the Father. If it’s somebody they’ve killed from home that if a doctor opens him up, he will die; he will never die because the Father Himself is the doctor. The operation will be very successful. Oh, we thought this man would die. No, he will not die because it’s the Father that chose His son to be a doctor. It’s not what any man can boast of. But when you do another man’s work, Satan will use it against you and there will be a problem. Immediately you touch the patient, there will be a problem. They will sue you. Why? Because you go on your own way! You want to do it because others are doing it. It’s not your field.

The conclusion of My word with you My son is that you are doing the will of your Father. Do not trouble yourself. Whoever runs any evil run will enter inside a pit. Do not be afraid! We are in this journey. It’s Our journey. No evil will befall you. We give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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