The Evil In The Church

The Father speaks

(Sunday 9th January 2011, 11:00)

Only Jesus can save
Only Jesus can save

He is the only channel. He is the only channel to heaven. Whoever does not accept Him into his life cannot be saved. There is no other shortcut; no other way. Whoever does not accept Jesus Christ into His life cannot be saved. No any other way; no any other road. If you don’t accept Him into your life, you cannot be saved. No any other route; no short cut. He is the only Way. He is the only Means to be saved. He is the only Route. He is All-In-All. No any other way. If you don’t accept Him into your life, you cannot be saved. No matter how you do it, if you say you forsake Jesus, then you forsake the Father; because without Jesus, you cannot see the Father. If you see Jesus, then you see the Father. That is the only way.

You claim you’re a child of God, you claim you go to church, have you accepted Jesus Christ into your life? You are deceiving yourself. You can deceive man, but you can never deceive the Father because the Father was the One that sent the Son into this world. When you see the Father, you see the Son. Both of them are One. Without the Son, you can never see the Father. You claim you are a believer, you claim you go to church, you claim you have a position in the church, have you accepted Jesus? That role you’re playing in the church, who gave it to you? Do you worth it? You don’t worth it! That name you’re given in the church, who gave it to you? Have you read about Jesus? Have you learnt all the keys? Have you learnt what it takes to be a Christian? Didn’t they tell you the rules and regulations to be a Christian? Before you can be a Christian, you have to give your life to Christ; you have to give your life to Jesus. That is the foundation! Accept Him as your Saviour. Drop every particle of your life. Without that, you can never be a child of God. People are painting you, you’re flowing in the church, you’re moving up and down. Who gave it to you? You’re just doing it for yourself. Your name is not there. Your name is not in that book. Your name is not there. Your name is not in that book. If you don’t pass through the channel, your name is not there. Whoever does not pass through that channel, his name is not there. He’s just doing it for nothing. By the end of the day, there will be a question to answer. Before you become a child of God, you should know what it takes. It’s not an easy job. You cannot paint yourself, you cannot do yourself anyhow, and still think you’re on that road; it’s a lie. You’re just deceiving yourself. Immediately you give your life to Jesus, you have to drop all those things you’re doing. You cannot hold those things in your hand and still say you’re going there. All the works you’re doing are the works of iniquity. You are one of the workers of iniquity. You are not doing it for Me, you’re doing it for yourself.

My son, millions of them are in the church, they are just deceiving themselves. If truly you are in Jesus, you will never do evil. When you’re in Jesus, you will drop every evil you’re doing. You will drop it! You are in Jesus; you harbour somebody in your heart. You are in Jesus; you hold the key of somebody’s life in your hand. You are in Jesus; you do all kinds of evil. Are you in Jesus? Is that what they taught you? You have not given your life to Christ. Let them know! Anybody that calls himself a Christian, walking up and down in the church, and they give you a position to hold, search yourself. Because every work you’re doing, you’re doing it for yourself. Thank God I’m a Christian! Are you really a Christian? Have you passed through that channel? If you have passed through that channel, you will know. If you have passed through that channel, you will not harbour anything in your heart. Let all of them go back and give their life to Jesus again! Let all of them re-born-again! Without that, your name will not be there. Your name will not be there! Don’t deceive yourself. Without that, your name will not be there. Every work you’re doing, you’re doing it for nothing because I’m above and I can see everything. I can see all! I can mention their names. All of them that are inside the church, they gave them names, they gave them positions to hold. Who gave it to you? Search yourself. It’s better for you not to know Me, than to know Me and mention My name that you are in Me and you ‘re still doing evil. Because when the consequence comes, you cannot face it. You double minded! You have double mind and you claim you’re in Me. My Son I sent into this world, did He have double mind? He didn’t have double mind. Whenever He said yes, it’s yes; and whenever He said no, it’s no. He had no double teaching. He didn’t say do this and went on to do another thing. Had He done that, nobody could have followed Him. You are there, you paint yourself for men. You cannot paint yourself for Me, because I see what is inside of you. You can deceive men, not Me. I’m saying this now! Let all of them hear; let them come down and go and re-born-again. Let them go and give their lives to Jesus. If not, their names will never be written in the book of life. Let them come down and re-born-again. As I’m saying it, they know their heart. They know what I’m saying. You harbour evil, you plan to destroy somebody, and by the end of the day you will go there to clap your hands. Who gave you that seat to sit down? You’re not worthy to sit down there! I search every heart.

When I sang “Only Jesus can save”, I know the reason why I sang it. He is the only One that can save. No any other person. The remaining ones are to destroy. You call yourself a child of God, you call yourself a Christian, every Sunday you carry your Bible and go to church. You’re going there just for you to cajole people. You paint yourself outwardly, but inwardly you are something else entirely. You carry another god in your heart. What do you call that? That was why I sang only Jesus can save. That is the only channel to Me. Without Him, you cannot come to Me. Yes, I do this one, I do that one; I am this, I am that; but your name is not there. Search yourself. When you leave the church you do something else. Even right inside the church, you’re planning to destroy somebody. How can your name be there? Your name cannot be there because this book doesn’t contain any evil record. It’s a Holy Book. Anyone that is holy, his name will be there. Your work will bring you out. Your work will bring you out! It’s not by mouth, it’s not by talk. The work you do will bring you out. It’s a choice! It’s what you choose. However, don’t choose to do good and at the same time do evil. You call yourself a Christian and you’re in the church, but you choose to do evil. Do you think your name will be there? Your name cannot be there. Repentance! Let them repent. They should not deceive anybody. They can deceive themselves; they can never deceive Me because I’m seeing everything My son. They shouldn’t work for nothing. It’s better for you to stay in your house and do evil. Let people know you’re doing evil. Don’t deceive anybody. They know what I’m saying. They know it! I am a Christian; I am a Christian; I am a Christian; I go to church; I am a member of the choir; I am an usher; I am this one; I am that one. Who told you? Do you know what it takes to be an usher or choir in the church? Do you know what it takes? Many of My children missed it. My son, ordinary usher in the church can pray for the sick and he will be healed. Do you know why? Holiness! Because when you’re in that channel, you’re pure and holy; whatever word that comes out of your mouth is a fire. Every department in the church supposed to be like this. You see where evil, sickness and everything is piling up? Sin! Right there in the church! All their heart is black. All of them, their heart is dirty. Immediately they prayed, they drop it, and before you know it, it will come back again. I told you My son. I am a merciful Father. Immediately you leave your evil, I take you back. That is Me! I hate evil. That is why I’m singing about holiness. Immediately they’re clean, I am happy My son. I will be very happy. However, before you know it, they will go back. They’re deceiving themselves. My Lord Jesus, I give my life to you; I receive You as my Lord and personal Saviour; I surrender everything. After you say all these, you’ll go back and wear the garment again. Immediately you make that confession, everything you did have been forgiven. Every evil leaves your body. You become clean and holy. Then you have to maintain it. If you’re a talkative before, you have to watch your tongue. If you used to take things that didn’t belong to you before; you have to say no because you’ve taken your Jesus into your life. What will the devil do? He will flee away from you. You accepted Jesus into your life as your Lord and Saviour, immediately you left there, you picked the garment again and you wore it. The following Sunday when you were coming to the church, you came with it again. Do you think your name will be there? Is that how they taught you? Who taught you that one? Was it My Son? My Son didn’t teach you that because everything My Son taught was Me. I was the One that gave Him go-ahead. It’s Me. I know He would never teach them that. It’s the devil! It’s him who captivates their heart. Can’t you drag yourself away from the devil that you belong to your Father, so he can flee away from you!

My son, I’m saying this because inside the church where peace supposed to be, where harmony supposed to be, where love supposed to be; because of that evil they’re doing, no peace in the church again. There is a quarrel inside the church; there is trouble in the church because of evil, because they are not clean. The church has become a place of thorn. It doesn’t suppose to be so, because that is My home, that is My place. When all My children gather together, when they’re singing and praising Me, I’m very happy. However, when inside the church turn to hell, how do you think? Can miracle begin to flow? Somebody that is looking for the fruit of the womb is there in the church crying every day, but sin full everywhere. It cannot flow! It cannot. When they’re crying and singing, when I enter their midst, I can only pick two or partially three because all of them are dirty. Before they gather, I am there. Before they gather together in the morning, I am there in their midst. Even right there as they’re gossiping and quarrelling, I’m there. They leave their house. Why can’t you stay in your house and quarrel? My son, the way My children are treating Me, if I say I should get angry, I will destroy all of them in a day. They don’t respect Me. They leave their house to come and quarrel inside the church. They brought personal issues into the church. When the pastor is preaching, how can they listen? The pastor will shout and shout, but they’re doing their own business. At the end of the day, they’ll carry their load and go home. Will the evil end or increase? My son, if anything happens, will anybody blame Me? He just came back from the church and something happen to her; he just came back from the church and had an accident. The church they went to, what did they do there? You go to the church to quarrel; you go to the church to talk about people; you go to the church to talk about money. You do lots of things in the church. You take your husband’s matter to the church instead of you to pray to your God. Gossip inside the church!

My son, before they get to the church in the morning, I’m there. I am waiting for all of them. As they’re entering one after the other, I’m seeing their heart. I’m weighing their heart. Some of them say as I’m going there, I’m going there to destroy. As I’m going there, I’m going there to distract the pastor. When I distract him, nothing will get done today. And truly, nothing will be done. Many of them! After this, you’ll say you’re a Christian. When you give them leaflet on the road, they’ll say they are Christians. I’m just watching them My son. Do the one you can do. Don’t kill yourself. You are a Christian; you will meet Me. If you know what it takes to be a Christian, those who were in Me before will tell you. Not all these ones. They’re just deceiving themselves. I know My chosen ones. I know those who choose Me. I know those who are in Me. If it’s that, it’s okay for Me. However, these ones, they’ve chosen the way of destruction. If I see those who choose Me, I’m happy My son. Those who served Me till the end, they are with Me. Those who choose Me now, they’re still on their way coming. I am happy when I see them. They don’t make Me to be ashamed. When I see them, I’m happy. Not all these ones. They’ve chosen destruction and they will go there. You forsake it, but you pick it again. You said you don’t want to do it again, but you pick it up again. How many times? Are you deceiving Me or I’m the one deceiving you? You don’t want to go there and you pick it up again. My son, is this not part of what I taught you last week? How can I do it now? It’s only him I have. If I should leave him, how will I survive? Then you’ll go and meet the person again.

My son, as there is miracle everywhere, evil will always be there. Miracle, miracle, miracle! They run up and down after miracle. I taught you before. As they’re running after miracle, evil will continue to befall them because they’re not doing what I asked them to do. What I asked them to do, they’re not doing it. When the devil gives you one, he’ll take four from you. How does this happen, how does that happen? Don’t you know? Holy, holy, holy. You sing it with your mouth. Do you know the meaning of ‘holy, holy, holy’? You’re just singing it. Holy, holy, holy! Do you know the meaning of ‘holy’? If you don’t understand English, ask somebody that understands English to tell you, to break down the meaning of ‘holy’ for you. Holy!

My son, I have peace because I’ve done the one I can do. I have peace! I created the earth. I’m not talking about heaven because you’re not there. Those who are there, they are boasting of Me. I’m talking about this earth. I created everything for them to eat, to enjoy and have peace. Ask Me what their problem is. What is their problem? I am happy because I’ve done everything. Nobody will say the Father doesn’t do this one. Everything they want in their daily lives, I’ve done it. Nothing I didn’t do. I know what it takes My son. I don’t want to go into all these because I’ve taught you before. I just want to tell you again. This breath you’re breathing, do you know what it takes? If you’re buying this breath, can you buy it? Go to the hospital, those who are on oxygen, let them tell you the bill. I’m telling you My son and I know what I’m telling you. This breath alone, My son; this breath is the conclusion of human being. If the heart is there and the breath is not there, the heart can never work. Without the breath, without the air that enters the heart, it can never work. If I’m lying, close your nose. I want you to close your nose for a few seconds. What will happen to your heart? Close every opening where air enters your body. What happens to you if you can’t breathe? You will die! I’m just telling you about breath, air. Do you know what it took Me? Do you know how I did it? Somebody will wake up in the morning and begin to talk anyhow. He will begin to talk to his God anyhow. My son, I’m telling you because I hear everything they’re saying. Anyone who will eat and wake up in the morning, abuse his Creator, abuse his Father will miss it. Anyone who wakes up in the morning and say he has no food to eat because something happened and begin to abuse his Creator will miss it.

This breath I’m telling you about is the number one in human being I created. How did I create a human being? You formed a man out of the dust of the ground and he was like a monster. When you breathed Your life into him, he then became a living being. My son, do you know why I’m coming down to speak to you? Because you understand Me; you know Me and you know My value. That is why I come down to speak to you every time. Any word I say, you know it; you know how it is; you know what it takes and you know how far. You know Me that I don’t talk anyhow. When I created human being, when I haven’t breathed into him, did he breathe? Did he move? That is why I said this breath alone, this air alone is Me. Yes, it’s Me! They don’t know. Anywhere there is breath, anywhere there is air, it’s Me. That is why, if the heart seizes and you cannot breathe again, then you’re gone. Immediately your heart stops, you’re not breathing, then you’re no more a human being. I’m no more in you. The spirit does what? The spirit departs!

My son, you’re so big in My hand. You’re so precious in My hand. All these ones I’m telling you, I’m revealing secrets to you. You are big in My hand. I’m revealing Myself to you. You are big in My hand My son.

My son, you see this body, it can live for many years. The way I created this body, I created it to live forever. Do you know how many years My children of old lived? Can you count it? My son, I’m just telling you. The way I created this body, I didn’t create it to die today or tomorrow. I created it to live forever. However, you know the abomination. You know the things the body doesn’t want. It doesn’t want dirtiness. If you feed it with dirtiness, it will die quickly. Who want to compete with Me? Who knows how to do it more? Can you change My handwork? Can you do it by yourself? Imitation! You cannot do it. You cannot! Even the ones you’re doing, I give you chance to prove yourself, to know how far you can go. If I want to strike, I will strike. Can you spoil My handwork? What you’re doing, I give you chance to do it. Prove yourself if you can do it. Where does it end? All the things I did, they begin to change it to their own. Every part of the body, they begin to change it to their won. Then what happen? Can it last long? It can never last long. My son, when you see some people, some part of their body is missing. If the nose is not there, the person will still breathe properly. The person is eating and breathing well. He will live for many years if he maintains it well. Isn’t it? Why? Because I created him to be like that. No evil will befall that person because I’m the one who made him like that. My son, you see some people that some part of their body is missing, I purposely did it like that. It is perfect because I’m the One that did it. If he’s born with one hand, he will use that one hand as if he has two hands. He can use it! He will do it! I prove Myself. Anything I do is perfect. I can do My things the way I want to do it and nobody will challenge Me. Who will challenge Me? Who will ask Me why I created him like that? I do it the way I want to do it and it’s perfect. Then you will come out and say it’s not good the way I do it and you want to change it. It will fail you. Is it not failing them now? For you to know that I see everything that happen on this earth. You want to change your face; you want to remould yourself. How many years will it last? It’s only your heart I need. It’s holiness I need. The holiness in your heart will supply everything your body needs. As you run away from dirtiness, that holiness in your heart will supply everything you need. It’s like when you plant a flower, when rain falls, it will begin to grow. When you feed this body with dirtiness, with sin, it will destroy immediately. It’s like instead of you pouring water into a flower, you begin to pour petrol, you begin to pour diesel, you begin to pour chemical. Can it grow? It will die! That is how this body is. What will make this body grow and old is holiness. It’s like when you want to drive a car, you will fill it with petrol. If you fill it with water, will it work? If you fill it with water, it will knock down the engine. Holiness is what will make this body last. That is the conclusion of My word with you today. I give you My peace.

Do they know Biology more than Me? I’m the One that own all things. If I don’t give you the knowledge, will you know it? Nobody can compete with Me.

My son, as I purposely created some people with some part of their body missing, so also the devil did his own. I am not the one who created a baby with two heads, four hands and four legs. It’s the devil! It’s evil! It’s evil. I told you before. When something happens they will say it’s the Father who takes. It’s not Me! My prayer is for My children to be good, to prosper. Will I begin to allow evil to befall them? It’s Father that gives, it’s Father that takes. What for? When they’ve not fulfilled the days I send them to fulfil. When they’ve not done what I send them into this earth to do. I am not the One My son. I am not the One. There are some I purposely do. I purposely do it to prove Myself. What is imitation? They are imitating Me. Whatever you choose will follow you. When you choose Me as your Father, everything, every blessing you have will be from Me. If you choose to serve an idol, everything you have will be from idol. When you serve this one, you serve that one, what will it give to you? If you’re looking for a child, what will it give to you? A demon! You’re serving marine spirit; what will it give to you?

My son, the thought I have for you is for good. If you follow Me to the end, there is a reward for you. There is a crown awaiting you. It’s only Me alone you will follow. I know what is good for you. My son, this earth is not your place. I have prepared the best place for you there. The little one you will have here, just take it like that. However, the best one is awaiting you there. Nobody will take that one away from you. As you’re here, you will never hungry, you will never beg and you will never borrow. I have told you before. It’s only Me alone you will reverence. It’s only Me alone you will follow. It’s only My work you will do. That settles it. They all paint themselves. They don’t know Me. If they know Me, when they enter there, when they become president or prime minister or whatever they call themselves, I will be their number one. The number one in their law will be “Respect your God; honour your God; honour your Creator”. If they should implement that law in the whole world, I will be happy. My children will honour Me. All their laws, do you see anyone about Me there? Do you see it there? I supposed to be the number one in their law throughout the whole world. Whenever they want to enter that position, they will remember Me. They will be praying silently. After they enter, what happens? They will forget about their Creator; they now honour their law. If I am their number one, they will put Me first. Remember My Ten Commandments My son! They will let everybody know they should honour their Father. There will be no any evil in this world. If there will be some, it will not be as it is now. They are promoting evil. They give evil rank. Imagine! When a man kills somebody, if another man could testify he saw him while committing the crime, they would reward him with £10,000. They will give him such money to come and bear witness that he saw him when he was committing the crime. What do they expect others to do? They too will go and kill. Everything will fail them. No forgiveness; no peace; no harmony; everybody is bitter. Is that what I said they should do? That is not what I said they should do. Look at the way they turn everything upside down.

My son, you see that I created animals and everything. I created everything to be together. There are some animals I created to be your messenger. They are created to work for you. They are to live together with you. I know why I created them. They are to follow you to do your work. However, you people took everything to yourselves. Evil enters everywhere! You see lion, tiger and other animals; I didn’t create them to eat you people up. You are to live together with them. They would never do you any harm. However, everything changed because of evil. When they see you, they are to love you; they’re to rub you with their body just like a cat. That was how I wanted everything to be. What happen? When they see you, they hate you.

Do you think you know more than Me? Will you ask Me why did I create them? I that created them, didn’t I know they’re useful before I created them? Did I create them to eat you people up? Nobody will spoil My handwork. I say it again; no one will spoil My handwork. Nobody!

My son, you asked Me about kings. In those days, I was their King. It was difficult for My children to see Me; that was why My son Moses was there. Then I brought Jesus Christ later for them to see and touch Him. What did Jesus come to do? Jesus is the end of every earthly king. You can give your life to Jesus in your room. Why did I bring Jesus Christ? They don’t know why I brought Him. No matter how heavy your sin may be, if you repent in your heart, you will be forgiven immediately. What is the beginning of My topic with you this morning? Only Jesus can save! Will you tell Me you don’t know about Jesus? All the kings on this earth right now, count the years Jesus Christ came and gone; will they say they don’t know anything about Jesus. Then why are they doing evil? Do you think He just came for nothing? Do you know how it takes Me? You still want to go back to the things they did in the time of old. That means the coming of Jesus Christ is wasted then. However, you will pay for it! He is the only King, in heaven and on earth. No other king. My son, give Me a pole or something like a rod. I am illustrating something for you. This rod represents Jesus as the King, in heaven and on earth. He is the Head. He is everything. He is everywhere. Now, an earthly king wants to reign. Any earthly king that wants to reign will flow from Him. Whatever they want to do, they will take from Him. They will look unto Him, and depend on Him. Everything He did, they have to emulate Him because they flow from Him. Everybody will honour Him. They will reverence Him. They take from Him, learn from Him, and emulate Him. Everything He did, that’s what they will do. If they do that, peace will reign. Is that what is happening now? What is happening now? They put this Jesus aside. This is how everything will be at the end. This is why We are still struggling for them to come and join so they can reign with Us. Those who haven’t known should come and join. That is why I told you initially you should not trouble yourself, just as I don’t trouble Myself because My chosen ones are there. I remember when I told you. If your name is not in the book, all your services and everything will be wasted. That is why I told you to tell them they should repent. Those they paint and give name in the church, let them do what Jesus Christ asked them to do. Let them pass through the channel of Jesus because all of them are on their own. They are not in Jesus. They should search their hearts so their names can be written in that book. If not, with all their services, they’re deceiving themselves. All of them are deceiving themselves.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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