The Evil Of Nigeria

The Father speaks

(Sunday 8th November 2020, 12:00)

“If I cannot have it, You will not have it. And if I cannot have it, I will destroy it.” My son, who is speaking? Lucifer! You are right. He wants to destroy everything because he knows that I want to bring back the generation of the enslaved to Africa, and Nigeria is the head. If the land isn’t peaceful, nobody wants to come back. But all of you are not wise. You’re foolish!

When I drove him out of Heaven, I gave him his own kingdom. I didn’t permit him to rule your life. If you don’t commit sin, he has no business with you. But all of you gave yourself to him. Why should he contend with Me over your life? Because all of you are sinners! When I sent your forefathers and their brothers to slavery, all of you thought I’m a wicked Father. Are you the only people living on this Earth? If I don’t cherish you, if I don’t value you, will I trouble Myself? Will I think of getting a better generation out of you? I know what I put in each race I created. That is why I will punish Britain and America because they disappointed Me. They spat on My face! I told you before that you’re My last born. Africa is My last born and the apple of My eye. If parents gave birth to many children, their last born would enjoy the most. All his brothers will work for him to eat. Why is your own case different? Why are you the slave of your brothers? Because of what your fathers chose! They chose idolatry and wickedness!

When Jacob committed sin against his brother and father, what happened to him? His children became slaves in Egypt for many years. Why didn’t I say he shouldn’t go to slavery because of the Covenant I had with his father Abraham of which he was the heir? Why didn’t I stop him from going to slavery? No matter how I choose you, if you go against My Law, you’ll manage whatever you see. I know how I created you and what I put inside you. But you turned everything to evil. You turned your life upside down. Even though I sent your fathers to slavery, what’s happening now? What’s happening today? Bloodshed upon bloodshed! Are you not sending yourselves to slavery? Anywhere you go, they want to kill and destroy you. If somebody killed you, if they ask him why he did it, he’ll say he doesn’t know. Satan is chasing you around everywhere. Why should he chase you around if there’s nothing good in you? Can’t you see all of you are foolish? All of you put your feet in the shoe of your fathers. My servants are the worst! If I say I hate idolatry, and you call yourself My servant and you give yourself to such thing, that means you’re calling Me a foolish Father. But all of you are reading My Word, and you know what I did to those who practised such thing in the past. I hate idolatry! I hate witchcraft! You even preach about it! No matter who you are, no matter what you call yourself, if you give yourself to idols, you lay a curse upon yourself and your generation automatically. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. I Am the Authority. I Am the Self-Existing Father. I Am Unbeatable God. I Am Unstoppable God. I Am Unchangeable God. I Am the Creator of every creature. I Am the Mighty Man-In-Battle. Nobody battles with Me and win. I Am a Holy Father. Sin is an abomination to Me.

If I created you to be My servant, but you were born in an idolatry family, there’s a way I will pull you out as I did with Abraham so that you could do My will. But if I pulled you out and you went back to it again because of money, fame, and power, I will deal with you and your generation. I swear by My name – Jehovah! I will deal with you and your generation. I see everything all of you are doing. No one is exempt! No matter what you call yourself, no matter what people may call you, either you’re a General Overseer or a Bishop, a Pastor or a Deacon, if there is a trace of idolatry in you, no matter how many people you gather in My name, no matter how people paint you, you’re going straight to Hellfire whenever you die. All of you only put your hands into it, but you don’t know how far it goes. A scorpion is one of the smallest animals, yet, the poison that comes out of it is deadly. I know how I created everything. I said it before that the other side of everything I created is a disaster.

All of you should open your ears wide and listen to Me! If you go to a native priest to do a charm for you, and he asks you to bring a scorpion, even he himself doesn’t know how far it would go because he’s not the creator of that scorpion. Whatever charm he does for you will affect not only your environment but the whole nation. I Am talking of an ordinary little scorpion. It will affect the whole land! If he asks you to bring a chameleon, that means you can turn yourself to whatever you want. As a man, you can turn to a woman or a little child. You can turn to an oldman or oldwoman. You can even change the colour of your skin. That means nobody can arrest you for any evil you do. Are you the owner of this Earth? I Am the Owner, and nobody contends with Me and go scot-free.

I created all those animals for Myself. I also created them for you to adore them, not to use them for any evil. But My rejected son – Lucifer is teaching all of you what will destroy your life because he knows what the outcome would be. When I sent Moses to Egypt, what did I use to fight Pharaoh? Wasn’t it the animals around him? You call yourself a General Overseer or Bishop, a Pastor or a Deacon but you’re using charm on your congregation. Anytime you speak about money, they’ll be afraid. They will cough out the money they don’t have. You’re trading with the glory of My children because they put their trust in you. All of you don’t know that any charm you do will affect the whole land. Why then did I send your fathers to slavery if I love idolatry? Why did I choose you to be My servant? But you know I have laid a curse on the generation of whoever serve or worship such thing. Can you stand when My wrath comes? Now there is trouble in the land, and none of you knows what to do.

You call yourself My servant and you’re using a virgin to renew your charm. You don’t know that every charm you do needs a renewal. Where have you read in My Word that I asked somebody to kill a human being for Me? If you have read it in My Word, answer Me. I asked Abraham to kill his son Isaac, and when I saw that his heart had released him fully, I stopped him and gave a ram as a replacement. Why should you shed innocent blood after I shed the blood of My Son Jesus to buy all of you from death? All of you are guilty of Hellfire! All of you are charming each other inside the church and still think you’re going to Heaven. Heaven will not receive your soul unless you open your mouth and confess all your atrocities. If you kill a man in anger, you’re guilty of death. If you kill somebody to do a charm because of what you want, you know the kind of evil that will befall you and your generation because you employ demons to work for you. All of you don’t know what’s awaiting you. You're saying in your heart that whenever you want to die, you’ll ask for forgiveness. Do you know the day of your death? Can you adjourn it? Who will forgive you? Who will answer your prayers? Unless you’re able to open your mouth and disgrace yourself while you’re still alive, that’s the only way Heaven can receive your soul. Even at that, you’ll be demoted in Heaven. The position you supposed to be originally, you’ll not be there anymore because you had your own promotion on this Earth already. Some of you, even if you open your mouth and confess, it is too late for the mouth to open when the head is already off. It is too late because you’ve gone too far!

There are two kings in the land. Each land must have both physical and spiritual king. As a king, I gave you the wisdom to rule My children physically. I gave you a big heart to carry My children along. But I use the spiritual king to represent Myself. If there is any problem in the land, I will use the spiritual king to bring the solution. My Prophets, My Priests, My Pastors are My spiritual kings. I use them to represent Myself. If you, a physical king misses your path, I will use My servant to bring you back. If you fail to listen to him, the land will suffer until I replace you. Then, if My servant misses his path, who will bring him back? That means both of you are guilty. As a physical king, did I ask you to shed the blood of My children before they enthroned you? All these were the practice of your forefathers, and you inherited it from them. With all these, you want the land to prosper. How can it prosper! If you shed innocent blood, you call demons to rule your heart. That’s why your forefathers killed people at will because they gave their heart to demons. Today, all of you are suffering the consequence of their bloodshed. They forgot that if you live, you’ll die, and somebody will give birth to you again. If somebody tells you that you’re the cause of hardship and suffering in your family because of what you did in your previous life, you’ll not believe it. But your children today are looking at everything on the surface. They don’t know that the problem of the land is deep, very deep. Who will atone for all the blood? Bloodshed calls for bloodshed. Who will atone for the blood? I allowed all of you to know My Son and give your life to Him. But what do you do? You’re going deeper and deeper in evil every day. You called all manner of demons to rule the land. Now that all of you are overwhelmed with the problem, you’re crying to Me. Why are you crying to Me? You want Me to come down and cleanse the land. Isn’t it? If I come to cleanse the land, how many of you can survive it? If I want to cleanse the land, I will not do it the way all of you expect. I will uproot everything from the root. And if I do this, many of you will die.

As My servant, I chose you to bring My children back to Me. I didn’t choose you to trade with their glory. Because of money, you turned yourself to a friend of the king of this Earth. You’re now a friend of politicians. You’re now a friend of earthly kings, a friend of bloodsuckers. What happened to the power I gave to you? The demons in their body have sucked everything, and you remain chaff. You now become like them. If you dine and wine with politicians because of money, what kind of money do you think they’re giving to you? Did they open a company that brings them money? The money is My money, and anyone that fails to use it accordingly will see My wrath. I have kept quiet for several years because I gave Satan the chance to have his way. Have you seen Me before? Do you know what I can do? All of you will see Me in action, and death will visit you when you least expected. All of you are wondering what’s going on in the land. Yes, solve it because you’re My servant. Solve it because all of you call yourselves My Prophets, Prophets of doom. You’re prophesying nonsense, and you make My children to be comfortable in sin. Whenever Satan brings any politician to Me, whenever he reports him to Me, I will see the Spirit of My servant behind him. If I say I should strike down president, senator or governor, what about you? Both of you are guilty! Through this, all My servants will know they’re even worse than politicians. All of you are blaming politicians. What about My servants? You’re cruising around with your private jet. That money is more than enough to employ thousands of people. You want to fly to Heaven. If you can afford a jet, that means a car is now like a bicycle for you. I have said it before that whatever a common man cannot buy, I will not ask any of My servants to buy it. That’s why Heaven will reject all of you unless you denounce this pattern of life you choose to live before you die. If politicians cannot do what’s right, must you join them to do evil? If they cannot create jobs for My children, what about you? You have the money, but you kept it in different accounts for your unborn children so that they won’t suffer again. You don’t know you’ve laid the foundation of hardship and poverty for them already.

In October 2011, I asked this My son to send a message to all of you who call yourselves My servants to bring out all the money you kept in various bank accounts and give it to those who need it. Did you do it? I knew you wouldn’t do it! I have been using this My son to send a series of messages to all of you. None of you paid attention to the messages because you felt too big. Pride has overtaken your heart! I set a trap for all of you, and you fall into it cheaply. I knew you wouldn’t do it because you want to enjoy your Heaven on Earth. Are you better than My son Moses who suffered to rear My children in the Wilderness all by himself? Did he enjoy anything? How many of you have the kind of power he had? You call yourselves My servants and the money you have in your account, if anybody sees it, he’ll faint because it’s too much. As everybody is raining down curses upon the politicians, the curses follow you and your generation as well because you’re part of the problem. Is that what I asked you to do? Because of the charm all of you did, you’re like a man who did money ritual, trading with the glory of My children. Before you climb your pulpit, you’ll lick the head of a ram’s horn. All of you have a secret room that no one enters. Some of you deal with the marine kingdom, taking the glory of My children to the sea. As you are, so are your congregation. You cannot preach the truth to them because your hands are dirty. That’s why your church is full of those who have the spirit of witchcraft. You’re all in the same association, the association of Pastors. Evil Pastors; bloodsucker Pastors. All of you have prepared yourself for the day of My wrath. You depend on the demons that protect you. If I strike the demons, they’ll flee, and you’ll die. And if you die, you’re going to Hellfire. All your work will be in vain. Can you come out and tell people what you did? Can you come out, hold the microphone in your hand and tell your congregation that you’re using charm? If you can do this, then Heaven will receive your soul. But if you cannot do it, that means you’re only working for nothing. All of you think it’s a joke. You should wait and see.

All My children are crying, suffering what they don’t know. But you’re there as My servant to wipe their tears away. Some of you, you’re feeding them with their glory. You’ll take their life from them and give them peanuts in return. Am I a blind Father? I know and see everything. If I come down and act now, Am I guilty? I Am not! I Am not guilty because I have given you a long rope. I have said it before that fresh leaves will burn in Nigeria. The whole land will shake. Because the present plague doesn’t affect you, you’re bragging because you don’t know what I did. All of you are foolish! I have prepared what’s more than coronavirus for you. When the time comes, all of you will see it. The young children who’re crying are looking onto you as My servants, and they don’t know they’re looking at demons. Why did I reject Lucifer? Why did I drive him away from Heaven if I love evil and wickedness? You’re My Priest and King, yet, you’re visiting native priests for charm. All of you are wicked and evil servants, and your evil will destroy you. If you can come out openly and announce to the whole world who you are, tell them what you did, then Heaven will receive your soul. But if you cannot come out, you know what that means. Why did I choose you? I didn’t choose you because of the things of this Earth. I chose you to lead My children to Heaven. But through you, Satan is destroying the lives of My children.

All of you are blaming politicians. If they vote any of you to the same office, you’ll do the worse. While you’re outside, looking at it from afar, you think you can do better. But if you enter inside, you’ll not believe yourself because the same serpent that bit those ahead of you will also bite you. All of you think it’s a joke. All those who have ruled the land before, some of them are still alive to testify to this. You should go and ask them, and they will tell you that they don’t know what is there. Today, they’re regretting everything as they sit down in their house. They’re saying if they knew, they would have done this; they would have done that. But why couldn’t they do it? Why couldn’t they repair the land? They don’t know! Through this, all of you can see why I sent your forefathers to slavery. Those among you who have My wisdom should pray to Me, go to sleep, and I’ll reveal to you the reason why I sent your forefathers to slavery. I know if this My son tells you, you’ll not believe him. The youths that went out in protest are judging what they don’t know. Anyone that wants to fight the battle by flesh will only waste his own life. Unless all of you can cry out to Me in holiness, then I’ll come down and settle the land. Nevertheless, either you cry to Me or not, I have planned what I want to do. Your prayers will neither stop nor adjourn it. Nigeria is My property, and I have business with her. If any of you want to escape My wrath, wash your hands clean.

I created people differently and gave them different gifts. If I created you as a priest and you give yourself to Satan, he’ll use you to destroy the land. All the native priests I created to solve the problem of the land; all of them are now evil. You can hardly see one that’s not evil. Satan has hijacked their heart. You can only know what I reveal to you. I know how I created this Earth. None of you can use your education to destroy everything I did. You will only destroy yourself. If a village engages another village in war, I could use anything to rescue the innocent one among them. An ordinary tree could be the rescuer. I can use a river or mountain to rescue. I created everything for different purposes. I created everything for good, not for evil. But Satan entered the heart of your fathers, and they began to serve all these things. If a man lives, he will not live forever. He must die! And if he dies, the ground must receive his body. Any man that doesn’t die will ascend to Heaven, and all of you know that this isn’t common. For a man to lived and entered the ground alive and never returned, you know who that man was. Then human beings like you would begin to serve him. You don’t know what you’re serving. You’re serving demons! This is part of the reason I sent your fathers to slavery. All of you have idolatry in your blood. That’s why it’s very easy for Satan to lure you into it even if you’re My servant. All your children that are into cultism, what do you think is leading them into it? Because it’s already in their blood! The native priests are the major problems because Satan is showing them evil ways all the time. Through this, the land became cursed. Today, you will visit a native priest, and he’ll ask you to go and bring the tongue of an unborn baby because of what you want. Where will you find the tongue of an unborn baby? How will you find the tongue of an unborn baby? That means you must kill a pregnant woman! Now, all of you can see why the land is full of hardship, sorrow, tears, suffering, and poverty. It’s not easy to eradicate the spirit of poverty. If you want to make it, you must pass through the route of idolatry. This is what’s going on in Nigeria, even inside the church.

I put different spirits to oversee everything I created. The spirits in charge of metal or iron are powerful, and blood is their food. That’s why I buried those things underneath the ground, and before you could bring them out, you must work hard for it. If you keep pieces of golden jewellery inside your wardrobe, the spirits that live inside them will leave at night in search of food. If the power of Jesus Christ in you isn’t strong, they can even feed on you. If you’re cooking in your kitchen, your knife could cut your finger suddenly because the spirits are hungry; they want to eat. As long a drop of blood could come out of your body, they’re satisfied. Now, look at this in a bigger picture. What is the food of a gun? Blood! Any man that holds such an instrument in his hand without having a good heart will commit an atrocity. That’s why I keep crying that parents should teach their children from childhood. If My fear is in a child, though he grows, he’ll never depart from it. As a soldier or a police officer, if you hold that gun in your hand, the life of your fellow man means nothing to you anymore as long demons live inside you. They can easily overpower you and use you. And if the land has a history of bloodshed, then all of you know what that means. The demons can easily use anybody who doesn’t have My fear. All of you should look into the world and check the most death that kills people. It’s metal or iron-related death! The demons that control Nigeria are powerful. All of you have angered them in one way or another. Who will appease them? Who will I use to cleanse the land? I cannot use any of you because you’re dirty.

I Am the Almighty God, and nothing is too difficult for Me to do. I only pitied all of you. Will I pity you forever? Not at all! The whole Earth is in a big mess right now. I will uproot all of you from My land. Heaven is My throne, and this Earth is My farm. I cannot abandon it because of anybody. If you planted so many crops and all of them are chaff, what will you do? You’ll uproot them and burn them in fire and plant another one. This is what I will do to all of you. I will uproot you and your generation away from this Earth. Those among you who cleanse themselves will live to rebuild the land again. I have said it before that I Am not ready to do away with this Earth right now. I still have much to accomplish. I want to prove Myself to the nations I chose that turned themselves to gods everywhere. I, the Almighty God who created white, also created black. I hate no one. Anyone that hates another person because of the colour of his skin is looking for My wrath. That’s why I will punish Britain and America. They will sell the last tree on their street to feed their children because they pushed Me to anger.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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