The Evil Of This Earth

The Father speaks

(Sunday 11th March 2012, 10:40)

This journey is not an easy journey. No wonder my Father died. No wonder My Father died because of me. He died for me to destroy every wickedness. If He didn’t die, it could not happen. Thank You Father for allowing my Father Jesus to die for me. The journey of this earth is not an easy journey. The Father has said about the wicked ones. He said about them right from the beginning. He created good, He created evil. He created what is good and what is bad. Those who choose the good ones are there and those who choose the bad ones are also there. Those who choose the bad one are getting stronger everyday. They are getting stronger because they don’t want the good ones to live. But my Father is stronger than them. Can anybody destroy my Jesus? Can anybody destroy my Father and His kingdom? No one can destroy it because my Father is the One that created what is good and what is bad. I have chosen my Father. I have chosen what is good. I will never choose the bad one. I am on the side of my Master. I am on the side of my Jesus. My Jesus is able to fight every battle for me. My Jesus is able to carry me through. Whatever He says I should do, I will do it. I will always reverence the voice of my Father. I will never go on my own way so that those who have chosen the bad one will never overpower me. When my Father says I should stand from morning till evening, I will stand because where He said I should stand is where peace will reign in my life. I will stand there. Whatever it takes me to stand, I will stand. If it’s in the sun, I will stand. If it’s in the rain, I will stand. If it’s inside fire, I will stand because I know the fire will never consume me. I know that if rain falls, no matter how it falls, it will never drown me. My Father that said I should stand there will never allow me to destroy. My Father is a covenant keeping God. Every of His plan for me is always good. Every of His thought towards me is good. He will never allow the fire to consume me. He is able to carry me through. He is able to deliver me. He is able to deliver me from every oppression. All I need to do is to hearken to the voice of my Father. I will not go on my own way so that the enemies will not defeat me. I’m in my Father. My Father and I are One. I will always hear the voice of my Father. I will never go on my own way so that the devil will not destroy me. I will not allow what my Father created to destroy me because it’s my Father that created the devil also. I choose the right One. I choose my Father. I choose holiness. Holiness is the right One. My Father is holy. Therefore, no evil will befall me because I choose my Father. My Father and I are One. I am a freeborn of my Father. I am not a slave. I will never be a slave. I am a freeborn of my Father and I have the power and the authority of my Father. He has put His word into my mouth and He has given me the authority. I will say any word He asks me to say. When I say it, it will come to pass. I will never be afraid of any demon. I will never afraid of the devil. I know my Father that I serve. I know my Originator. I know my I am that I am. I know my Ancient of Days. I know my Great Deliverer. I know my I am that I am. I know my Father. He is the only One that created the earth. He alone had the vision of this earth. He alone has the power. And the Father is inside me. He is working in my life and I have no reason to be afraid. I will never be afraid of anybody. What can any man do to me? What can demon do to me? My Father is the Owner of the earth. My Father is inside me. I am a winner. I am a champion. Praise be to my Father. Praise be to His Son. Praise be to His Holy Spirit. Nobody can defeat my Father. No one can defeat me. My Father is the Creator. I will always proud of my Father. I will always sing a new song to Him everyday. Always sing a new song to Him everyday. That is the weapon. What is that thing He cannot do? That is why He is a covenant keeping Father. Every covenant He made right from the beginning of the earth, He still maintains them, and He never changes His mouth. When you walk with the Father, when you do business with the Father, you will never lack, you will never borrow. You will always see the good things. You will always see water to drink everyday. When you hearken to the voice of the Father, He will always be with you. You will never trouble yourself. All the workers of iniquity have failed, and my Father has categorised them where they’re going to. If you are not with them, you will close your eyes to everything they’re doing. You will close your ears to everything they’re doing. If you’re not with them, you must close your eyes and your ears to everything they’re doing. Separate yourself away from them. Be with the Father everyday. You and the Father are One because you’re communicating with Him everyday. He will begin to show you new things. He will begin to endow you with His power. What then will that thing do? He will be far away from you because you have nothing to do with him. The Father Himself has nothing to do with him. He doesn’t have anything to do with the devil. He drove him away from His kingdom. He said I have nothing to do with you. If the Almighty Father could create His own son and covered him with every beauty you can think of, but the son later chose his own way; if the Father could harden His heart and drove him away from His kingdom, and you that He chose as His son sees that thing inside you, you too will drive him away.

My son, this is the reason why many of the Father’s children are not making it. Many of the Father’s children are going backward. The enemies have defeated them. Why? Why? Separate yourself from the evil ones. Be on your own. Have nothing to do with them. When they offer you food, you said you don’t want to eat, but you cut it with your teeth because you wanted to share it for them. As you used your teeth to cut it, you’ve eaten part of it. If they want to check the mouth of those who ate the food, you will be among them. If I call you my brother, you know in your heart you’re not my brother because you’re evil. When I know who you are, I will separate myself from you. Then you’re no longer my brother. If you dare throw any bullet, it will not enter me because my spirit and my soul have rejected you. It's like a man that divorced his wife, but still calls her his wife. Hence he divorced her physically, he must divorce her spiritually. I told you before that the physical one is nothing, but the spiritual one is the most important. The inside one controls the physical. Hence, you say she’s your wife, whatever she does spiritually will affect you because your spirit and soul still accept her as your wife. When you reject somebody, you must reject her physically and spiritually. I know where I come from and I know where I am going. I am white, but you’re black. Two of us cannot walk together because you’re evil. You are devil because I have nothing to do with you. I am not your brother and you’re not my brother. As you rejected that person physically, when he comes spiritually, you will also reject him because the Spirit of the Father is inside you.

It is like a man who paint outside the house while the inside is still dirty. Paint the inside before painting the outside. As you reject that person, first of all reject him from your soul and spirit. I don’t have anything to do with you. You will also reject him physically. If you’re my brother or my sister, you will be good to me; you will show me how to serve the Father; every word you will speak with me will be from the Father. You may reject somebody physically, but if you fail to reject him from your spirit and soul, whatever he does will still affect you. Where is Jesus Christ? Can you see Him physically? But when somebody kneels down, he will say he gave his life to Jesus. As He calls His name, He will appear. Why will He appear? Because you call Him and He is alive. When you give your life to Jesus, you use your spirit and your soul to give your life to Jesus. He will connect with you immediately. Whoever has not given his life to Jesus, can Jesus Christ come to him? No! The day you give your life to Jesus, He will connect with you immediately, because your soul and your spirit connect to Him. He will cleanse and refresh you. Do not look anything common. The devils that are operating know why they’re operating because they know what you don’t know. You are calling upon God. When you call upon the Holy Spirit, you will see what will happen to you. Why? Because your spirit and soul connect to Him! Where are those serving God? Let them filter themselves and come to the Father because He wants to show them new things. They serve the Father blindly. The blessings the Father gave to them, the enemies are using the blessings to trade on them. The enemies have taken the blessings away. They just go to the church and shout hallelujah and go back home. The enemies that are wiser than them take all their blessings and use it against them. Let them come close to the Father; let them filter themselves so that the Father can show them their weakness. Oh my brother; oh my sister; oh my friend; oh my wife. You have divorced somebody physically, but you still call her your wife. No wife you marry can stay with you. Why? Because the one you divorced physically still marries you spiritually. No woman will stay in your house because you still connect with that one spiritually. You can marry millions of women, none of them will stay. Then you will say you don’t know what is happening to you because the first one you divorced is not an ordinary person, she still marries you spiritually. You are like a dummy. Physically, you are useless because that one still presents you as her husband in her kingdom. She still does everything with you in the spirit as if you’re alive. However, you say you have divorced her physically. Who told you that you have divorced her? She is still using you. That is why you cannot make it. You are calling Jesus. Where is the Father you’re calling? Right from the beginning, does anybody see the Father? Right from the beginning He has been using His children to speak, doing signs and wonders. Have anyone seen Him physically? Why? He is a Spirit. Do not be novice of the wicked ones. Do not be novice of the work of the devil. They use what you don’t know to destroy you. Any love that surpasses the love of Jesus is not love. What is love? Don’t do evil to anybody. When somebody is dying, carry him up. When somebody is hungry, feed him with whatever you have. That is all! Any love that surpasses that one, you’re digging your grave. Oh, if I don’t see you I will die. You are killing yourself! It’s only God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit you can do that to, because They are the Ones that own you. They are the Ones that created you. It’s only Them you will cling your spirit to. You don’t have anybody. Oh my pastor; oh my pastor. Your pastor is a human being. It’s the God of your pastor you will cling your soul to, not your pastor. That is why pastors are doing many of them evil. The Almighty Father that the pastor is serving is the One you will cling your soul to, not that pastor. The Almighty God is using him to connect you, but the Father that person is serving is the One you will cling yourself to. The love you love that person, let it be the love of Jesus Christ. Any love that surpasses that one, you’re digging your grave. That is why whatever that person does will affect you. It will affect you. It will affect you. Among all the disciples, who loved Jesus Christ most? John. He made it, isn’t it? Why? Because He was a spirit, he was no more a human being. Any love that surpasses the love of Jesus Christ, you have destroyed your soul. It’s only Him that will be your brother and your sister. Reject that person from your spirit and soul. Let Jesus Christ be your everything so that whatever bullet that person sends will not enter you. Whatever power that person wants to use to perform, you will see it and you will disgrace him immediately. For example: a husband and wife. They loved each other until one day when the man travelled and died suddenly. News came to the wife that her husband is dead. Some of the things he should have showed the wife concerning the affairs of the home, he failed to show her. One night, as she was sleeping, she saw the husband in her dream who told her every hidden secret in the home, including all the other bank accounts and the code to them. The wife woke up and she found things exactly as her husband told her. Now you can see that somebody could do something spiritually and it will manifest physically. When somebody tells you he has the power to visit you spiritually, do not take his word for granted. You have to be on fire every time. The enemy does not come from outside. The enemy comes from inside your house. The enemy cannot come from outside and trouble you. When you serve the Father, hold Him tight because He will do everything for you. The Father is a Spirit, not a human being you can see physically. He will quench every fire of the enemies. He will disgrace them.

Seek the Father first. The Father you’re seeking knows you will eat. When you seek the Father, you will have peace. The enemies that are troubling you will run away. When the Father gives you money, the money will remain with you. Seek your Father first. Don’t chase after money. Don’t kill yourself with sorrow. Your Father is the One that own money. Do you have a life of your own? Seek your Father first. Seek the Almighty God. He is able to shelter you. The Father is the One that owns wealth. He is the One that owns money. Seek your Father first. Instead of you to seek your Father, you’re seeking money. Can money give you peace? Can money give you children? Can money give you good health? When you’re serving the Father, you will not be sick. No evil will befall you. As you’re chasing all those things, the enemies are watching you. You don’t want to serve my Father; you’re looking for money; you’re looking for a wife; you will see it. I told you the Father is the One that created the devil. The Father is the One that owns him. The Father is the One that created and owns hellfire. Who created hellfire? Is it not the Father! I told you many of them don’t know the Father. They don’t know the Father. When you’re praying that the Father should kill somebody, Father will not kill that person. There is a reason for it why the Father will not kill that person. What are you supposed to do? Guide yourself! Father kill, Father kill; the Father will not kill anybody. Search yourself! What am I doing that makes the devil attack me? The father will not kill anybody unless He says the ones that person did is enough, then he will die. You that the devil is chasing, search yourself. What are you doing that the devil uses against you? That is it! This earth is evil. Do not use common eye to look anybody. When you say let it be, that person has more power than you spiritually. You should go to the Father every day to tap current from the Father. Today, I don’t want to eat; today, I want my Father to fill me with His power; Father feed me; Father I need Your food. The Father will fill you and turn you to fire. The devils themselves have their own way of getting their power. When they tell you about fasting, you will close your ears. But you’re serving your Father. When they tell you to go out there and speak about your Father, you refuse. The devil is watching you. The devil is watching you. He is watching you. Do not be novice of the works of darkness. The devils have their own way. They have what they’re using against you. You are praying that the Father should kill, but that person is saying Father, why will You kill me; it’s my work I’m doing; Father, You cannot kill me; I’m doing my work; look at him, he says he’s serving You; look at what he's doing; why will You kill me; I know what I’m using against him; he’s committing sin. What should you do? That is why you see witches and wizards in the church. All of them are there. They will never die. You could have asked yourself questions why the Father did not kill all those people. You could have asked yourself the question! Father, but You say sin is a sin; somebody that fornicates is a sin; somebody that steals is a sin; somebody that backbites is a sin; I that have my own power to operate is a sin too; then if You kill me, what about him, what about her; You will kill them too. Unless when the Father says enough is enough. On your own side, guide yourself because you’re a human being on this earth. Guide yourself! You don’t know anything. The things you look common, the enemies are using them against you. The things you look as if they mean nothing, enemies are using them against you.

What does the Father request from you? The Father wants you to cling yourself to Him. Not because of the food you want to eat; not because of the car you want to drive; not because of the child you’re looking for; not because of the things of this earth. The Father wants you to hold Him tight. He doesn’t want you to separate yourself from Him. He doesn’t want anything to separate you from Him. He knows how He made this earth. He knows which materials He used to make this earth. He knows the frame of this earth. He wants you to cling unto Him. If you go into the Word, when the Father created everything before He created man, He said, let Us make man in Our own image. He now brought man out of Himself. He created man from Himself. When you know all these, what are you supposed to do? You will hold Him tight. Don’t you know that human beings are the things of this earth also? Human beings are the things of this earth. When you trust in a human being, he is the thing of this earth because he will fail you. Human being is the thing of this earth. He is my brother, she is my sister. When the brother fails you, what happens? When the brother dies, what happens? The husband can die; brother can die. When he dies, then you fail. If he himself is not the thing of this earth, he shouldn’t have died. He is the thing of this earth because the Father formed him out of the sand. He is the thing of this earth! He will fail you. He will fail you. Human being also is the thing of this earth. He moulded him out of the sand of this earth and put His Spirit inside him. He is a thing of this earth. You have been calling somebody your brother, you loved him so much, but one day you saw him dead. You were calling brother, but he did not answer you. Then you ran away. This was the person you’ve been calling your brother. When you were celebrating your birthday, he bought you present. However, as you came in that faithful day, you saw your brother on the floor; he was dead. Could you carry him up and call him your brother again? Your brother was dead and buried. That thing that makes that person speak and you’re hearing, can you see it physically? You cannot see it. It is the Spirit of the Father inside that man that makes him to speak. When he dies, the Spirit flies away. The brother you’re calling is sand! He is sand! You cannot see the inner one; it is spiritual. The talk you’re talking, it’s the Father you’re talking. This body is sand. Then can you put your trust in the things of this earth? You cannot! That is why the Almighty Father is the only One you can put your trust. How can I hold my Father tight? It is your spiritual being you will cling to the Father because your body is sand. That is why you cannot put your trust in that your brother. How can I hold my Father? The Father you’re serving is inside you! It’s a mystery. If your father and mother are dead, what happens to you? You are an orphan! Who will you hold unto? You will hold unto yourself because when you hold unto yourself, you hold onto your Father because He is inside you. No evil will befall you because you hold on to your Father. Oh, I don’t have anybody; I am an orphan; can you be my brother; can you be my mother; she’s my mother; she’s my church mother. When you do that, then you fail. She is my godmother; he’s my godfather; he’s my father in the church. He will fail you! Then where is your heavenly Father that created you? He is inside you. You abandon Him and you’re seeking for worldly things. You are seeking for worldly things. Human being is a worldly thing on this earth. Oh my husband, I love you; let us do something together so that we will never separate; let us make a covenant together; let us cut ourselves so that we will never separate. Then when death takes the husband away, you will begin running helter-skelter. Oh, that time we cut ourselves; we made a covenant together. You too could have died when the husband died. You were the one that said, let us enter ourselves because I love you so much. Now the husband is dead and you’re running helter-skelter. You are now confessing that you did something together. But you said you would die together. Why are you running helter-skelter? If truly he belonged to you, you could have died with him. I am on this earth; I don’t know why I come to this earth; nothing will change the love of my Father for me; I will hold my Father and nothing will shake me; anything I see will never move me; it’s only my Father I will hold; I know what it takes me to serve my Father; the Father will teach me everyday to know how I will serve Him; I will never move by anything; it’s my Father I will hold; I will hold my Father tight. As you hold the Father, He too will hold you. He will show you a new thing. He will do things you cannot imagine in your life. Why? Because you hold your Father; you’re doing the will of your Father. The things of this earth, including human beings mean nothing to you.

Whoever put his trust on human being put his trust on the things of this earth. Oh, I don’t care; I have twelve children; when I’m old, they will care for me; Bernard will take care of me; James is there for me; Toluke is there; all of them are there for me. You struggled to train them in school. You didn’t even know about the Father. After all, what else again do I need; my children are my wealth; when I’m old, they will care for me. When you’re old, all the children you put your trust, where are they? They may even die and leave you. You are on your own. Oh Baba, do you have children? Yes, I have children; I even have grandchildren; none of them come to see me. Because you put your trust in the things of this earth! You are talking; right from day one you’re on this earth, you abandoned your Father. The Father is watching you because He’s inside you. Oh, I wanted to drink water since morning, nobody give me; I have twelve children and they all have children as well. But when a stranger comes to you, she now gives you water to drink. Where then are the children you put your trust? If it’s only you, and you don’t even have any child on this earth, hold the Father tight. Cling your heart to the Father. Let me go and see Mr Andrew; let me buy this for Mr Andrew; oh my son, you’re welcome; daddy, I’m just passing by and I said I should check on you. Do you think that person just comes to you? Daddy, take this; daddy, look at the shirt I bought for you; daddy, come let me take you out. Will you think that you have no child? You are at home, you’re happy. If people see you outside, they will not know you’re not the one that gave birth to that child unless you say it out. Why? Because you cling your heart to the Father! Daddy, will you like to travel abroad; I want to take you to Germany; oh thank you my son. He now takes him to Germany. He’s enjoying his life. What else does he need? Do you think it just happen by chance? But you have useless children on the ground. You don’t know the Father and the children too don’t know the Father. They are useless! You will now look at yourself and think of the beginning of your life. Because you don’t know the Father! You have failed here on earth and you have also failed where you’re going. Because a soul that doesn’t know the Father, you know where that soul is going. You suffered here, you will still suffer there. They came to tell you about the Father, but you said no. After all, I have many children; I have a good job and I’m feeding well; what else do I need. You will end your life in sorrow. They cannot save you. Your wealth cannot save you, even the children you have cannot save you; it’s only the Almighty Father that will save you. If anybody tells you about money every day, bring money to the church; you’re wasting your life!!! You are wasting your life because that one will not save you. It will not save you to the Father. If you give your heart to the Father, it’s the heart that will tell you what to do. Oh, let me pay my tithe; let me pay my offering; I’m seeing some people in that church, the kind of cloth they’re wearing is not good, let me wrap this one for them. Why? The Spirit of the Father that’s inside you will tell you everything to do. Oh, I’ve been going to this church every day, I don’t even know how they’re paying their rent; let me drop something in an envelope for them. When you’re inside the Father, the Spirit of the Father inside you will teach you what to do. Oh look at me, there are people who have many children in the church; let me ask Sister Funmi if she will allow Grace to live with me. Sister Funmi, please, can you allow me to take Grace to live with me; oh, glory be to God; she can live with you. You then begin to care for Grace as your own child. But you’re running after the things of this earth! You are running around to destroy people. Do you think all these ones you’re doing will just go like that? You will pay for it because the record of everything you do is there. Oh, you’re welcome; you don’t have children, but you have children; We saw you the day you went to Sister Funmi and asked to take care of her child. The record is there. If this woman could have the heart to take care of this child like this, We did not create her to be barren but the enemies made her to be; We will give her a child. We are watching everything you’re doing. Whatever the enemies are doing, always ask the Father to show you your weak point so that you can work on it because the enemies are wiser than you. They are watching you twenty-four-seven. They know all your weak points. They have chosen the bad one. My son, I have told you before. The human being is on his bed sleeping, but the spirit has left him, gone somewhere to operate. What do you call that one? It is more than evil! The Father hates it. I told you this body means nothing, but the one the Father put inside is more important. You will now use that one to go and destroy people. You will come back and enter your bed again. You will wake up in the morning. Nobody will see what you did. Oh good morning my darling; oh sister, I just want to tell you what has happened; tell me, what happened. But you don’t know who you’re talking to! You don’t know who you’re talking to! Come, let me give you prayer points; pray like this, pray like that. But she knows it will not do her anything because she knows you have no power. But you’re happy because a sister gave you prayer points. She is the one that’s doing you, but you don’t know. It will never affect her. She knows what she’s using against you because you’re weak. You are weak! You are praying, you will curse with your mouth. You are committing sin! It cannot do me anything because I know the level I’m operating; it will come back to you because you’re committing sin. But a sister gave you prayer points that you should be prayerful. It’s the same sister that is doing you.

Whatever problem you have, do not tell anybody. Tell it to the Father. The Father is the One that will settle it for you. When you tell human being, they will enlarge it for you. If it’s only one way before, they will cut it to three. It will now become three parts. You are in fire. You have added more to your problem. Do you think it will end like that? It will not end like that! After they have done it, they will come to you physically because they want to know more about it. When somebody attacks you and you now tell her what happened to you. Do as if nothing happened. I attacked this sister, but she behaved as if nothing happens; I will do it again. You keep quiet, but you’re praying to your Father. She will be afraid of you. She that operates spiritually knows why she’s operating. She knows her level. There is a certain level they can get to; they cannot go beyond that level. When she sees you’re operating on the Father’s level, she will run away. They are very fearful as you see them. It is your sins you’re committing they’re using against you. The more committed you are to the Father; the more they’re searching sin in your life. They are watching you. May be you’re easily angered, they will know. They will keep troubling you because they want to get fact to attack you. The more you’re communicating with them, the more they’re getting fact to attack you. But when you’re in the Father and the things of this earth mean nothing to you, they cannot do you anything. As you’re confessing your Father physically, confess Him also spiritually. How do you manage to speak when you’re sleeping? Your spirit never sleeps! If your spirit sleeps, that means you’re dead. It’s because of the work you worked, that is why the Father puts your body to sleep. Your spirit never sleeps. Your spirit moves here and there. It’s your spirit they deal with. If you die in your spirit, you can never come back again. It’s your spirit they attack. The Father created your spirit not to sleep. That is your life. Even when you’re in bed knowing a woman, it’s your spirit that does it, not your body. When you’re in bed knowing a man, it’s your spirit that does it, not your body. You commit it with your spirit and soul. It is the spirit the enemy deals with because that’s what carries your entire life, your spirit and your soul. That is how the Father did it. Every blessing that attaches to you is in the spiritual realm. When they’re attacking you, they’re attacking the blessing also. Your blessing is many everywhere. You cannot see it, but they can see it. That is why they’re chasing you. When a woman gives birth to a new baby, somebody will come and look at that baby; she will know how his life will be. Wow, this baby will pull crowds. How does she manage to see that the baby will pull crowds? How can human being pull crowds? That means that baby is a glorious baby. But this is a baby that came out empty, naked. How does she know that the baby will pull crowds? That means the Father has attached that blessing to his life when he’s coming. That is the beginning of the enmity of that child because he falls to a wrong hand. She will now chain the blessing. She will tag him. Anywhere he goes, the tag will be on him. Oh, this one is a wonderful child, don’t let him go. It doesn’t matter where you were born. As long the tag is on you, they will attack you wherever you go. The person that tagged you might have died, but somebody will be there attacking you because they see you as their enemy. That is why even in your place of work, somebody will begin to attack you. What did I do? Because there is a tag on you!!! When you came to this earth, somebody put tag of enmity on you because you’re a precious child. You may move far away from that place to another country, the evil ones will find you out because the tag is there. It’s only the Father that can cut the tag away. That is why you see evil continues. Evil is spreading everywhere. As it is for what is good, they can also put a tag on a child meaning, this is our own. They can also initiate a child. They may tag that child in their coven. You have grown up to produce, to initiate; always listen to where they give birth to children. You too will start tagging children because as you’re doing it, they’re rewarding you. That is why you see evil full everywhere. If you are not an obstacle to them, you will be like them. They put tags on you because you’re not like them, so that your blessing will never come to pass. They also put a tag on another one because she’s their own. Her own is to initiate children of the Father to their kingdom. Those are the two things that go on on this earth. Some of them gave their lives to Jesus in the church. They are not going there to go deep into the Father. They are going there to do evil. Those ones did not give their life to Jesus. They will never remember the day they gave their lives to Jesus. When did you give your life to Jesus? I have given my life to Jesus since 25years now. Oh, you should be a pastor. Who told you? She knows her journey. She knows what she’s looking for. She knows her assignment. I will be in the children’s department; my Father gave me vision to train the children. When somebody says she wants to teach the children, then you know what it means. What am I going to do now; this one is very stubborn, I cannot give him this gift. Oh Samuel’s mum, your son is very stubborn; take him away. Who told you? Who told you he’s a stubborn child? Because she has tried everything, she couldn’t initiate him. Whenever the child sees her, he will be crying. Mummy no, I don’t want to go there. But ignorant mummy does not know. When the child says he doesn’t want to go, leave him. Carry your child! That woman is wiser than you because you are foolish. Children they brought to the church, when they got home, they are now changed. When they sleep, they will find themselves in a strange place. When it is time to read; mummy no, mummy no, mummy no I cannot read! Mummy will be asking what’s going on. They have initiated your child!!! They cannot say out what they’re seeing. When they initiate a child from his youth, what do you think the child will become? A little child, right from your youth, they initiated you until you became an adult. Later you say you want to be a pastor. Yes, I will use my power also; I want to be a pastor because they initiated me inside the church. I am telling all of you to be careful because it’s only the Father that has the power to judge. They can never bypass the Father to do evil. They can never carry the Father to anywhere. All you have to do is to guide your ways. Guide your ways! The Father has put an end to all these. Guide your way so that you will not be their prey. Guide your ways so that you can live the years the Father wants you to live on this earth. Let the power of the Father be inside you. Forget about everything on this earth. The Father must make sure there is food on your table. That is why the Father also stresses Himself for you to have food to eat. Do not plan for anything on this earth. Do not plan about the house you want to build. Plan of the food you will eat and the Father will do the rest. Let your heart be inside the Father everyday so that the enemies will not overpower you. When you hold the Father, nobody can overpower you. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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