The First Shall Be The Last

The Father speaks

(Saturday 20th August 2011 14:10)

The First will be the last and the last will be the first. I am the One that will swap it. As you do My work, I will put you in the position you supposed to be. As you’re doing My work, as you’re doing it for Me and I see the way you’re doing it; what then will I do? I will put you in the position you supposed to be. Tell Him like that. That is all. He should leave everything for Me. As I asked you to do My work and you’re doing it without turning it upside down; without seeking for the things of this earth because of what you want to eat; you’re doing it the way I asked you to do it; if it’s A and you say it’s A; if it’s B and you say it’s B; if you see somebody that is going the wrong way and you tell him to turn back; I will say this is not your position; I will put you in the position that belongs to you. On this earth here! Because I know when I put you there, you will never fall and you’ll never go back. When I put you there, I know right from there you’ll come and meet Me. And no one will take it away from you. Tell him he should not wave in his word. He should not do it the way others are doing it. As you’re doing it, I’m watching you. I know the best position for you and I’ll put you there. I know what is good for each of My children. If I look at you and see that the slippers you’re wearing is not the best for you; I will give you shoe to wear. If I see that the clothes you’re wearing is not the best for you; I will give you the clothes that will fit you. The Father knows the best for you. Tell him he should not trouble himself. If he does it the way I asked him to do it, I will elevate him. I will bring him to the front. This is not from man; it is God Himself that will put you there. No man! Not a bribe! God doesn’t take bribes. Tell him! Nobody will bribe his Father. When the Father wants to elevate you, no one will take it away from you.

My son, when I chose Paul, who condemned him? Nobody! Who condemned him? Didn’t they know his past? Who condemned him? But you know his work. You know what he did by the end of the day. He did it with his heart and he didn’t look back. Who came out and condemned him? Nobody! No matter how your past might be, when the Father chooses you, nobody has mouth to say anything; nobody has a mouth to cough because it’s the Father that put you there. The Father sees and knows everything that’s in your heart. When you do the work for Him, He knows you’re doing it from your heart. It’s not the work of men. The Father’s work is not the work of men; it’s the work of the Spirit. It is the work of the Spirit not the work of the flesh. If it’s the work of the flesh, then they’ll begin to select. Oh, he did this before; he did that before. The Father knows he did it before He chose him. The Father knows that person is suitable to be there. He knows his heart. The Father has washed away everything he has done before because he now switches to the Father’s side. The past is forgiven. When Paul began doing the work, who challenged him? Who challenged him? Even if you challenge him, it’s the Father that’s doing the work in him. You that are challenging him are working from the flesh. The Father has the power to forgive and when he forgives, He also forgets and does not look back. When you’re doing your work, whatever any allegation they want to lay against you, it’s the Almighty God that chose you to do the work; you should just close your eyes and move on. If anyone wants to raise any ugly head, the Father knows how to settle them. It’s the Father that put the person there. It’s not by flesh; it’s by the Spirit. It’s the work of the Spirit not the work of the flesh.

Who is that person to condemn you when the Father does not condemn? If you open your mouth and want to condemn, don’t you know what will happen to you? It’s the Father that will select those that are suitable for His work. It is the work of the Father. You may look at this person that he doesn’t have any evil record since the day he was born; but do you know his heart? That person you say he hasn’t got any evil record, do you see his heart? It’s the Father alone that sees through the heart of that person. The person that had an evil record before, it’s not that he just did it; it was the devil that wanted to destroy that man because he knew who he was. It was the devil that wanted to make sure he put an end to the mission of that man because he knew he’s the apple of God’s eyes. It was the devil who used that tactic to scatter him so he wouldn’t reach his goal. But you human being, ordinary flesh will begin to capitalise on the story of that man. Are you God? My son, tell all of them; they should not work in the flesh. Anybody can fall; but when you fall, you’ll rise again. When you rise, you will go with full force. When you fall, you know why you fall. When you rise you will put your eyes on the ground so you won’t fall again. That thing that made you fall, you will be cautious of it; you will be sensitive. That is what all of them are doing. They are working in the flesh. They will nominate and ordain somebody that hasn’t got any evil record; but do you see his heart? Do you see his heart! Do you know how he’s doing it? It’s the Father that knows every heart. It’s the Father that searches every heart. It’s the Father. They should not do anything in the flesh; they should always do everything in the Spirit. It is very important. Many men of God they chose were chosen in the flesh and they’re doing their own thing carnally. They do their own thing in a way people will never suspect them. A lot of men of God were chosen carnally. They are not supposed to be there. Flesh is in all of them! They should choose in the Spirit. When they choose in the Spirit, you will reap the fruit of the Spirit. But when you choose in the flesh, you will also reap the fruit of the flesh. You will see the work of the flesh. Many servants of God they chose, they chose them in flesh. They chose all of them in the flesh. Don’t you know it’s only a tree that has flowers and fruits that birds pitch on? When they pitch on it, they eat from the fruits. But the tree that has fruits, people throw stones on it. That is human beings for you. When they know you’re the chosen of God; when they know you’re the apple of God’s eyes, that you carry God’s Anointing; they begin to trouble you so you will fall. Any mistake you make will be used against you so you can’t be in that position. He will be in that position double time because you don’t know him! You don’t know that person! He is the anointed of God! You are painting him, he’s committed an offence before, but God has already forgiven him. You still capitalise on his past. The person you put there, do you know his heart? Do you know what he’s doing that you’re not seeing? Do you know what he’s doing? On Sunday, praise the Lord; God says, God says; and you don’t know what he’s doing. You don’t know because he covers himself and your eyes are not open to see. But the person that made a mistake before that God has sanctified, you continue to capitalise on his past. The person you say has not done evil before, do you know what he’s doing?

My son, that is why you see corruption everywhere because they’re working in the flesh. They should try and work in the Spirit so the work of God can move on; so that the work of God can move forward. Do you think the Father just chose Paul? He purposely chose him to make him as an example. For people to know that he that falls shall rise again! The one that falls can rise again! Everything you see that happened in the time of old; the Father purposely allowed it to happen for you to know that he that falls shall rise again. And when he rises again, it’s full force this time around; he cannot fall again. He will stand with his two legs firmly on the ground. They should not work in the flesh. They should work in the Spirit. They should work in the Spirit. They should let their heart open. It is not education; it is not education. Yes, you know how to speak; yes, you know how to do everything; it’s not grammar; it’s by the Spirit of the Lord. It’s by the Spirit of the Lord. Tell them! It’s not by education; it’s not by grammar; it’s by the Spirit of the Lord. If it’s by education, this word (the Bible) will not come to live because this word was not written in English. If it’s by qualification, this word will not come to live. Most people I used, they didn’t even know how to speak. They spoke another language and others translated everything. When the Spirit of God is inside you, He is the One that will put words into your mouth. It’s not by grammar. That is why you can use any language and it will be translated, for you to know what that person is saying. It’s not by grammar; it is holiness the Father needs. They should not turn it upside down. It’s holiness the Father needs. Oh, this position fits this person because he knows how to speak; no! If it’s by grammar; no way! It’s not by grammar; it’s by the Spirit of the Father, the Spirit of holiness. The heart that will say ‘I pour my heart to my Father; it’s my Father I want; I don’t want anything’; that’s what the Father wants. It’s not a grammar! It’s not English! It’s not by grammar at all. It’s not by grammar because the Father doesn’t have time for that. The Father came out in different people’s lives; most of them were not educated. The Father showed them the mystery of His kingdom. He told them! They spoke to people and others translated it for people to know. If it’s grammar, will the Father go there to go and meet that person? The first shall be the last and the last shall be the first.

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