The Greatest Gift

The Father speaks

(Saturday 17th September 2011, 10:00)

There is no any other friend better than Jesus. Jesus is the Best Friend. When you have Jesus as a Friend, He can never fall you down. He can never do you evil. Jesus can never fail you. Jesus can never give you double spirits. Jesus can never turn your life upside-down. When Jesus gives you a gift, everybody will see it in you, and it will promote you. People will see it in you. That is Jesus. There is no any other friend. Jesus is everything. That was why He gave Himself for you. That was why He allowed them to kill Him. Any friend that says he will die because of you is the best friend. The friend of this world, when they see that trouble comes, they run away. Any friend that will stand to the extent of saying ‘this is my neck, cut it off because I love you’, that is a friend. You can never see any friend like Jesus. When Jesus does anything for you, He will never take it back in another way. Everything Jesus does for you will promote you, for you to have a good life. That was why He allowed them to destroy Him. There is no any love on this earth or in heaven or underneath the earth that supersedes the love of Jesus. The gift of Jesus supersedes every other gift. He loves you, and He gave Himself for you. When you have Jesus, you have the best gift. There is no any other gift. Even if you have no food to eat; if you have no cloth to wear; if you have Jesus, you have everything. You are a champion; you are a winner. There is no any other gift anybody will give you that will be like the gift of Jesus. Jesus Christ is the Gift that the Father Himself released to all people. That is the Best Gift. None of them recognise Jesus. No any other gift any man will give you on this earth that will be like the gift of Jesus. That is the Gift the Father Himself gave to His children. You cannot buy it; you cannot bid for it; just open your mouth and He will come in. That is all. He will enter you and begin to fight every battle for you. He will begin to make a way for you where there is no way. He will begin to clothe and feed you. That is Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ is the One that God Himself allowed them to kill so He could have you back. That is the Best Gift. There is no any other gift on this earth that any man will give you that will be like the Gift of Jesus. That is all. Whoever says he’s serving God and says he’s not serving Him when he doesn’t have money has already chosen where he’s going. For you to have only Jesus Christ alone, you have the Best Gift. Jesus Christ alone is more than every gift. Whoever says if you’re serving your Father and you don’t have money, then you’re not serving your Father; that person himself is the one that is not serving his Father and he knows where he’s going. Jesus Christ alone is more than everything. If it’s only Jesus Christ alone you have, you have everything. You will not know sorrow; you will never know tears; you will not know weeping; you will never know death. That is why you should always put your heart in Him. When you put your heart in Him, you will never fail. When people think you are gone, that you are finished; you will rise up and everybody will see it. When you have the Gift of Jesus Christ, you are more than everything. The Father Himself brought Him. My son, they are just looking at it that is very simple. Who told you? You cannot lift Jesus Christ up. You cannot carry Him. You cannot give Him out as a gift unless you accept Him yourself wholeheartedly. You can give anybody a car; you can give anybody clothes; you cannot give Jesus to anybody. You cannot give him Jesus, unless the person opens his heart and receive Him. This is something that has to do with life, spirit and flesh.

If I give you a car, I will park it outside. Oh, thank you! Where is the car? It’s outside. If I give you a cloth, you will wear it and later pull it off. But when you have Jesus as a Gift, what happens? Nobody can take Him away. You yourself will open your mouth and receive Him. Nobody will take Him away from you. Nobody will curse you because He gives you a gift. Where is the gift? You cannot see it. It is personal. There is no any other gift like the Gift of Jesus that the Father Himself purposely allowed to be slaughtered for you to make it. That is the Best Gift. Every other gift is useless. Every other gift of a human being is useless. It leads to destruction. But you are happy. You are happy. Woe unto him, woe unto her who put his trust in man. That man will destroy you; but your Father can never fail you. Your Father always makes a way for you where there is no way. Everything the enemies have done, the Father will always make you escape them because you have the Gift of His Son in your life. Once you accept that Gift into your life, no any evil will befall you. That is the Best Gift the Father sent into this world. That is the Gift of Jesus Christ.

My son, do you know why evil is befalling many of them that claim they are inside Jesus? Because they don’t recognise the Gift! They count Him as nothing. They put Him aside and begin to find gifts from men. The Best Gift; the Gift that has will; the Gift that has dignity; the Gift that has respect; the Gift that has something to do with your life; you abandon Him and put Him aside. The Gift that nobody can take away from you; the Gift that will wage war on every trouble; the Gift that will make a way for you and clothe you, that will feed you; you abandon Him and begin to pursue the earthly gift. Oh, I suppose to go to church this morning; Sister Rebecca invites me to her party; I’m going there to eat rice and stew; I will open my wardrobe and wear a nice dress and go there. You put the Gift in a corner; you’re going to meet Sister Rebecca to eat rice. Do you know what lie in wait for you in that place you’re going? Because the Best Gift the Father gave to you, you abandon Him! He will be looking at you. My son, all of them they call themselves Christians, My Son is there looking at them. I am going to a party; I am going to a party. Jesus Christ stands there looking at them. They don’t count Me as anything. Upon all the pains, today that they should honour Me, they’re going to a party. Today that they supposed to mention My name, they supposed to say thank you my Father. That place you go to dance and drink, do you know what lie in wait for you there? Oh my Jesus; my Jesus. Do you know the Jesus before you’re going there? Where is Jesus! My son, that is why you see evil befall all of them they call themselves Christians because they don’t recognise the Gift the Father gave to them. When you call on Jesus, He will abandon you. When evil is befalling you, He will stay aside and begin to look at you because you yourself abandoned Him. But when you choose Jesus; if you say Jesus, you’re my Everything; if I have nothing, I am going there to say thank you; though I am going to work, but I have come to honour you. After you leave there, if you go to that place to eat rice and they prepare poison for you; when you eat it, it will melt away because you chose Jesus as your Number One. Jesus will say yes, she honours Me, I will stand for her. After you might have eaten that food and left that place, Sister Rebecca will call you. Sister Mercy, how are you doing; are you okay. You will say ‘Oh, thank God, I’m fine’. Where are you? I’m at work. So soon! Why do you ask? I just want to say hello to you. Why? Because she knew what she did; she wants to know the result. Little does she know that you have the Most High. Everything she gave you to eat, the Master Himself pushed it out. Every food you’re eating, the Master Himself is eating it because you take Him as Number One. Every evil they’ve done, He’s chasing it out. When destruction is coming, He will wave it away. Sister Rebecca will come to you again and say ‘what happens to you the other time; why did you behave like that’. You too will say ‘what did I do; I didn’t do anything’. She is lying because she knew what she did. She thought it would affect you. You too will begin to say ‘oh God, have mercy on me; what have I done wrong’. Why are you troubling yourself! You don’t know what she has done to you. She did evil to you and she thought it would affect you. When she saw you, you were even bouncing. My son, I told you that you have the privilege. Nobody will reveal all these ones for you. Nobody you will tell that will believe you.

When Jesus Christ came to this earth, He did not come and discriminate people. He came to love everybody. Take that Jesus Christ as Number One. If you take Him as Number One, no matter any poison they cook for you, you will eat it and nothing will happen to you. That was why you didn’t hear that the people of old died of poison. It’s not there wasn’t wickedness that time. But they took Jesus as their Number One. There was evil right from the beginning. Evil was everywhere right from time. Those who served Me in the time of old, they accepted Jesus into their lives. While Jesus Christ was alive, the word He was speaking alone was more than enough to hold those people around Him. That word He was speaking was a powerful word. He was dead, yet still alive. That was why the disciples were able to do everything they did. They believed the word He was saying while He was alive was not ordinary word. After His ascension, everything was concluded. When I was alive, you listened to Me; you obeyed the word of My Father; you did not cast Me away. When I’m dead, what would I do? I would empower you. That was what happened.

Any soul, any spirit, anybody that hears about Jesus Christ will tremble. You cannot defeat Him. If evil is befalling you, search yourself. You are just calling Jesus with your mouth. When you call Him with your heart, no evil will befall you. When you die, you will rise. Jesus Christ will prove Himself in your life. You are calling Jesus? Where is Jesus that you’re calling? Where is your heart? My son, I am a Revealer. I’m telling you this morning that all of them you see that are calling Jesus are not calling Him with their heart, only with their mouth. They are workers of iniquity. You sit down typing messages and you are sending it. Do you know those people you’re sending the word to? As the Father is giving you the word, you’re jumping up and happy because your hand is clean. You are happy with the word of your Father. Those you are sending the word to, who do you call them? It’s a sorrow to them. I don’t want to hear this message; who is this man; I don’t want to hear this message this morning; I’m not in this category; I don’t want to hear this message; this message is tormenting me. However, you are happy My son. Father, I want to hear from You; Father has not spoken since these days. You are happy, but it is sorrow to them. My Father speaks to me every day; He makes me to know my right from my left; oh thank you my Father. However, those you are sending the message to, who are they? All of you are calling the name of Jesus. Why are you happy and they’re sorrowful? With that one alone, you should know the kind of people that live on this earth with you. You are happy. The Father speaks; the Son speaks; Holy Spirit concludes everything. Everything They are speaking is one. They never lie. You are jumping up. Who are you sending the message to? You are sending messages to those who have chosen the way of evil. The message is poison to them. I know I’m doing evil and I know where I’m going; let me still enjoy this worldly things; I don’t want anybody to spoil my day; this message has spoilt my day; I don’t want it; let me delete it from my e-mail; I don’t want someone to remind me. My son, as you’re sending it to them, it’s tormenting their heart. This is the word of the Father (the Bible), they know what is there. How much more this one you’re sending to them. The Bible is there, they know it. They are only reading the part that will benefit them. Are you going to trade with the Father? So you’re wiser than the Father? When you’re doing evil, you’re still crying to the Father to bless you. The Father knows when they die they’re going to the wrong side, that’s why He leaves them. But while you’re alive, if you still change, the Father can still receive you back. If you call yourself a Christian and you hold the Father wholeheartedly, no evil will befall you. Do not trust any man. Trust in the Father alone. The Father cannot see the fire and say you should enter inside. It’s only the Father that will never deceive you.

Yes, I’m a pastor. Yes, I’m a pastor; praise the Lord. Oh my pastor, God just revealed something to me. How do you know it is God; it’s okay, we will pray over it. I am a pastor, he too is a pastor; he doesn’t know himself; this word he’s telling me is true; so I am here and God speaks to him; not in this church; if I allow this one to remain here, something will happen. He will now set fire on you so that you can run away. When you’re supposed to preach, he will tell you to sit down that he’s going to preach. Every word you will receive from his mouth is to bring you down. You too will be crying asking your Father what you’ve done wrong. You are foolish! Are you going to cry for demon? Stand on your feet and speak. Do not fear and do not run away. My Father, I don’t care; this house is your house and it’s my house too; Daddy, use me the more; Father, empower me. They themselves will run away. The Father is not a wicked Father. He is a truthful Father. You will stand in everything. Oh take, you can preach. They will see the power in you. People will now see it openly that he is not a true man of God. As he is, so is the word that’s coming out of his mouth. He is a demon. If the inside is a demon, how will the outside be? Somebody that receives Jesus, while Jesus is inside, could outside be demonic? No! It’s not two heart; it’s one heart. No matter how he hides himself, you will catch him with the word of his mouth. Is this not the sister that is preaching; look at the word that’s coming out of his mouth. Yes, that is who she is. She just covers herself with righteousness on the outside, but inside she’s a scorpion. No matter what, she will cough out who she is. This man, I will deal with him; I will never forgive him. A man of God! My son, do not put your trust in man. If you put your trust in man, he will fail you. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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