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Dear Friend,

Greetings in the name of Jehovah God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour, and Holy Spirit our Companion. May Their peace remain with you always. Amen. Greetings!

My wife and I landed at Murtala Muhammed Airport on Sunday morning. At least what I saw was a bit impressive, better than when we came a year ago. There was a bit of improvement. At least I’ve been here trice in four years, and each time I came, I could see a bit of improvement, better than my previous visits. After we collected our luggage, the gentlemen who helped in pushing the loaded trolley stopped as we approached the customs officers. A female officer moved forward and asked me who owns all these, and I answered ‘myself, my wife and my children’. She said she too is among my children and I should give her whatever I brought. I said I brought her peace. She greeted me with respect, and we departed. We moved out of the building as the driver was already waiting for us to drive us home. On our way, I asked the driver some questions why the changes. He was able to tell me what he knew. I was happy that at least some of the things the Father told me had started already. When we got home, the kids were very happy to see us after another year. Some of my neighbours wondered the kind of people we are as my wife, and I behaved completely as those who live in the country. We took commercial bus like every other man. I personally rode on bike just like everybody. Whenever I’m outside, none could differentiate me from every other man. Since we came, we’ve enjoyed every bit of our visit. But there is one major problem! Everybody we came across have the same syndrome, money, leaving for abroad. Before I continue, let us pray.

Jehovah God, my Father. You who created the Earth for us to live and enjoy. I pray that You once again open the heart of Your children to Your word. May this Earth never swallow them. Have mercy upon them and settle every spirit of the land and give them peace. Thank You, Almighty Father, and in Jesus name I pray. Amen!

Since I came, I’ve been educating the few people that came across my way. In the heat of the day, I went out to get some items. I was feeling the heat and also thirsty. I entered a shop and ordered two cans of malt. Shortly after that, a hooded young man came in and ordered a bottle of malt. He sat right beside me on the same table. He asked if the fan was blowing towards my direction and I told him I never mind. I asked him if he’s a Christian and he answered yes. I began speaking to him about the present and future state of the country, the coming cleansing of the land and how each household could help cleanse the land and avoid the coming wrath of Jehovah God. At times, he looked as if he was lost, couldn’t understand fully everything I was saying. When I finished, I shook his hand and ready to move. He asked my name, and I said Pastor Jesudairo. Immediately I said pastor; he was shocked. I waved at him and left. I knew he would ponder on every word I spoke to him. As I was about taking a bike, a pregnant woman was already on one of the bikes, and the rider was waiting for another passenger to make two. I educated him as usual, and he and the pregnant woman thanked me, and they rode off. On a sunny day, my wife and I, accompanied by one of my daughters took a bus to the city. I was sitting very close to the door which was damaged and refused to close. I asked the driver if he’s a Christian and he said no, he’s a Muslim. I told him he should value human lives and repair the door of his bus that God hates such practice. As we came off, my wife asked me if I think he would yield to my advice. I told her he wouldn’t yield to my advice only if he could sleep peacefully in his bed because the owner of the word I spoke to him would torment his soul until he obeyed.

The Almighty God who created the Earth and demarcated it and set landmarks on it wasn’t foolish in His doings. If you look at each continent, as the land is, so the people as well. He could uproot a generation from a land and planted them in another land, and they wouldn’t return. He could also uproot a generation from a land, keep them in another land as a place of refuge until an appointed time when He would return them to their land so they could live in peace. In a situation where the majority of indigenous citizens of a land are leaving in masses, you have to know what is chasing them away. After they might have moved away, if they later heard that the Father had visited their land, they would love to return. This was exactly what happened to the family of Naomi, and they died in Moab. Before the majority of indigenous citizens of a land could determine to leave their land, that means they’ve committed a grievous sin that makes the land chase them away. The sin they committed in their land, they will also commit the same sin wherever they find themselves. This is why the Europeans and Americans don’t know the cause of their problem. They forsook their God who repaired and built the land for them to enjoy. They took in many generations chased away by hardship and poverty because of their idols. What do you think the spirits would do to the land? They would choke the life out of everybody. This was why I said in one of my messages that the Earth would get to a stage where everybody will be afraid to leave his abode because of what they’ll see. Africans and another part of the world are running to Europe and America for greener pasture. Europe and America are seeking a solution to their embattled economy. Everybody is in a state of confusion. The Father sits upon His throne and continues laughing as His children forsake Him to seek their solution elsewhere.

I once made up my mind never to return to Nigeria. When the One who kept me away came and told me I shouldn’t plan to do anything in the land because I must go back, I had no option than to yield to His voice. At least I’ve been here three times in four years. Today, if the Father ask me to move away from Europe finally, I will not delay for a minute because I know the kind of curse He laid upon the whole land in my presence. If the Almighty God laid such curse upon any land, no prayer could reverse it until His appointed time.

A young man came to my house to visit me recently. The first time he came, I didn’t give him the chance to speak at all because I poured before him the mind of the Almighty concerning the land. He was speechless. The next time he came, I was looking at him while he was doing the talking. All I could gather from his words was leaving the country with his family because Satan has marked him to suffer. But this same young man, if you compare the savings in his bank account with mine, you could see he’s better off because I only live at the command of the Father, yet, he believed I have more money than him because this is the mentality of every African. He could take his children to the church any time because he’s a deacon in his church. He could serve God freely as he likes. He could lead his household according to the will of the Father without the interference of any government. No teacher will teach his children what is against the will of the Father as the nations across the sea do. He doesn’t value all these because of greed. He prefers a land where a mother will carry a pregnancy for nine months and lose absolute control of her child because of the spirit that controls the land – anti-God. This is the reason you see them suffering everywhere. They didn’t know that if Jehovah God did not ask you to leave your country and you leave on your own, you have sold your children and their generation for sin, hardship and poverty.

When I came a few years ago, our caretaker visited me with his family. He was planning to travel to America. I told him exactly what his decision will cost him. Initially, he was angry. By the grace of God, he listened to me and a year later, God blessed him and bought his own house. Many people have made this kind of decision, and their sweet homes were destroyed. Many of you don’t value what you have in this land until you lose it. In a land where husband and wife will focus their attention on how to pay their bills, what will happen to their children? Family value is dead! Satan will always open new doors unto you where to spend your money. You will only dictate to God the number of children you can care for. Your salary or your business becomes your security. Servants of God who have lost their birthright are teaching the children of the Father how to inherit the Earth. But the Father wants His servants to teach His children what will take them to Heaven.

A few days ago, I took a bike ridden by a young man. I asked him if he’s a Christian. He said he’s a Muslim. I told him to follow everything written in his Quran and flee from sin. He thanked me, and I left. The same Father owns Christians and Muslims. This is the major reason why the Father doesn’t support any religion than holiness. If you’re holy, you’re of the Father. Don’t worship an idol. Worship the Father in holiness. That’s all!

If you know your origin is of Africa, I want you to listen to my word. If you want to partake from the blessing of the Father after He repaired the land, I want you to listen to my word. Right from the beginning, the Almighty God has never dealt with the multitude. He always deals with one man and through that man to the whole nation and world. Africans, Jehovah God did not create you for hardship, poverty and suffering. He created you to enjoy life to the fullness. Satan swapped your blessing because of sin. Stop running out of this country. Stop selling your generation to slavery. Open your eyes and heart! The early Africans didn’t leave this country freely but were forced to leave because the Father wanted it as they were serving idols. The same thing the Father hated that made Him sold your forefathers as slaves is what is chasing all of you away. If you leave this country and the Father did not command you to leave, know it for sure you have sold your children and their generation to sin, hardship and poverty. Remain where you are and repair yourself. If you repair yourself, you also repair the land. Jehovah God has spoken His word and will not reverse it. If you’re drinking water from a well, know it for sure that somebody owns the well, and if the person gets angry, the well will dry up. The water from the well of Europe and America is fast dried up because they failed to settle the Owner of the well. The Almighty works only on principle. His food is holiness. If you’re holy, He will eat with you. If you’re not holy, Satan and demons will eat with you. If you’re among those people who still elevate the prosperity of one land above the Almighty God who prospered the land, know it for sure you’ve lost your insanity, and when the Owner of the land comes to prove Himself, I pray you wouldn’t go with the multitude. Anywhere you find yourself on this Earth, live in fear of God. Be truthful in everything so that the land could give you peace. If you’re reading this word and you live outside Africa, cleanse yourself and pass the message to your loved ones. Any area you know you’ve tied yourself because of your lifestyle, begin to untie yourself. Whatever you’ve done that enhance your living in that land and you know it’s against the Law of God, you must know what your children are going to face tomorrow. Untie yourself now before it’s too late. Jehovah God has not made up His mind to roll the Earth away. He still wants His children to live here because the Earth still has some years left in her lifespan. When the end of her lifespan is very close, Jesus Christ will appear to remove His saints, and our Galaxy, the Milky Way and everything in it will melt away. The remaining years, the Father wants to prove Himself once again that He is the same God of Old. The same God of Noah, the same God of Moses. No matter how Satan destroys the world, he cannot destroy the pillars. And right from the time the Father has been wiping human beings away from the Earth, He hasn’t destroyed the Earth herself. This time around, He is going to wipe the wicked off from the Earth. But who are the wicked? Any manner of sin you have in your hand categorises you as the wicked. What is the solution? Wash your hands clean. How can you wash your hands clean? Confess your sins openly. How can you confess your sins openly? If you’re a Christian, go and confess your sins to a servant of God. If you’re a Muslim, go and confess your sins to the Imam. If you take anything from anybody, return it. Run away from sin so that the land can produce good fruits for you to eat. The Father Himself is coming to repair Africa. Change your heart. Run away from evil. Have the heart of the Father. Disappoint Satan by not doing his bidding. Stop shedding innocent blood. If you fail to yield to this word and you wait until the Father comes and releases His fire, it will be too late. If you cleanse yourself and your household, you automatically cleanse the land. This is my message to all of you.

Remain blessed in Him.
Pastor Radiant Ayowole Jesudairo
Lagos, 20th October 2017.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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