The Journey

The Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit speak

(Sunday 25th July 2010, 10:35)

Jesus speaks

Why do you carry this heavy load upon yourself? My Father has done it for Us. He has done it all. He has set Us free from every bondage. He has set Us free. Why are you killing yourself! Why do you carry heavy loads upon yourself when Our Father has sent His only begotten Son to set you free! He has set you free. He has set you free right from the beginning. He has finished it. Why do you carry this heavy load upon yourself? You are the one that can set yourself free. If you cannot set yourself free, nobody will set you free. You are the only one that can set yourself free for you to receive your Father, for you to receive Jesus into your life. For you to say, oh, I have received my Father, He has come because of me; He has set me free; therefore, this load is not mine; thank You my Father; I bless You Lord. It’s a pity for many of them; it’s a pity they don’t know this load is not their own because Somebody has come; He has taken everything upon Himself. Why are you just killing yourself because of this load? This load is not your own. It’s not your own because My Father has sent His Son into the earth to carry this load upon Himself. Therefore, all these loads, no matter how heavy they are, He has carried all upon Himself because the Father loves you. He has sent His Son to carry all these loads away from you so that you can be with Him till the end. Why are you troubling yourself? It’s a pity they don’t know. Even many of them who go to that church, they still tie themselves down. They cannot release themselves. Unless you release yourself, nobody will release you. You are the only one who will release yourself with your mouth; you will come out of that bondage.

I know My Redeemer lives forevermore. He will never die. He will never change, He remains the same. Nobody will change Him. Nobody will contest with Him. My Redeemer lives forever. He is the Beginning and the Ending. Nobody will know His end. He lives forever. He is Assurance to every of His believer, to anyone that believes in Him. My Redeemer lives, He does not die. His own is not as the people of the world do it. He has no end. He lives forever. He can never die. Nobody sees Him. Nobody will beat Him. Nobody will change Him. Nobody will contest with Him. He lives forever.

The time of man is very short. It’s very short. It will grow like a flower in the morning and die in the evening. When We are saying amend yourself, We are not just saying it for nothing because man’s time is what? It’s very short. It will rise in the morning like a grass, very beautiful, but it will go down in the evening. The time of man is very short. It’s not forever like My Father. When We are saying, when We are talking, when We are shouting amend your ways, change your ways, there is a reason for it. Man’s time is very short. Thank God for most of them who know their ways and amend it. Count yourself as a happy man because you know your way early and you amended it so that you will never go to that place. Count yourself as a happy man because you know the truth. When you know the truth, the truth will set you free.

Fading away like the stars of the morning
Losing their light in the glorious sun-
Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,
Only remembered by what we have done.

Only remembered, only remembered
Only remembered for what we have done
Thus would we pass from the earth and its toiling,
Only remembered by what we have done.

It can come at anytime. Death can visit at any time. It doesn’t have a season. It can happen any minute. When it happens, you will not trouble yourself because you have prepared for it. It’s a journey that everybody will take. When the journey comes, where are you heading to? My son, I always capitalise on this ‘journey’ matter because that is the ultimate, which is the real key, not deliverance, not healing, not a blessing. Even if you’re blessed on this earth, you must embark on that journey. That is the matter, which is the real key. Everybody owes that journey. Yours may be now, or tomorrow. Everybody owes this journey. Nevertheless, when it comes, where are you heading to? Which side are you going? Everybody owes this journey. It’s very painful that they forget about this journey. They talk about blessing and blessing, they are talking of all worldly amenities, they forget about this journey. Even if you want this blessing, have you prepared yourself for the journey, that the journey can come at any time? It may come at anytime. It may come when you’re sitting down. It may come when you’re eating. It may come when you’re inside your vehicle. It may come when you’re on your bed. It’s a journey everybody owes. Nobody will say he’s not among. Have you prepared yourself for this journey? My son, the little one you know you can do, do it because it’s a journey everybody owes. If I didn’t go through it, I could have said no. I Myself went through it. I went through the journey. If My Father, My only Father could allow Me to go through that journey, who are you? Don’t you know My Father has the power to stop Me from going through the journey. He could do it! But I went through the journey. It’s not easy. Who are you that you’re talking, that you’re challenging people when they are telling you the right thing. What do you know? This is what everybody owes. I have come and I’ve used Myself for everything. Why can’t you set yourself free? Why you can’t prepare yourself? It’s only your heart I need. Turn your heart back to Me. Why can’t you say yes my Father came, He came and He carried all my burdens, He died for me, let me cling my heart to His heart. Finish! Finish! All the things that follow it, don’t do this, don’t do that; forsake all. Then you have prepared yourself for the journey. Don’t worry yourself any more about the journey. When it comes, you’re free, you’re going to the right place, you’re on the right lane. We are talking, but you’re seeking for work, you’re seeking for children, you’re seeking for money. When the journey comes, where is all the money, where are all the children. Gone! Where are all the things you acquired? Have you one day thought of all these while you’re here? You will lose here, and you will lose there. Because when you acquire all these things, when the journey comes, you lose. When you go there, the place you supposed to be at the right time, you’ll lose it too. That means you lose both, you don’t have anyone. Not only that, you lose it, you will begin to face everlasting torment, the torment that has no ending. When We are saying it, you think We’re just saying it. One day you’ll hear; even on this earth you’ll hear the trumpet. It will sound and you will hear. Have you prepared yourself for this journey? It’s a journey that everybody must go through. It’s a channel that nobody will say he can never go through it. Everybody will go through it. As far as you are born through woman into this earth, you will go through that journey. Only angels can never go through that journey because they have right to ascend and descend at any time. They don’t pass through that channel. You as a mortal man, who was born and brought up, nothing will make you not to go through that journey. I’m telling you mystery My son. Everything We’ve been telling you here, put it on the back of your ear. Don’t let anybody deceive you. I know what I’m telling you. Everybody owes this journey. You are celebrating your fiftieth birthday, you’re celebrating your sixtieth or seventieth birthday, have you prepared yourself where you’re going? Are you going to be happy here, eat rice and everything, and by the end of the day, you begin to regret while you roast in hellfire? Have you prepared yourself? Your time is near! You are celebrating a birthday; yes, it’s good to celebrate birthday because your Father makes you to be alive. I’m not against you celebrating your birthday, as far you’re still on this earth, you can celebrate. Have you prepared yourself? Have you prepared your bed? If you want to lie down in the evening, what do you do? You will prepare your bed very well for you to be comfortable when you lie down. However, if you say no, let me lie down on it like that; if anything injures your body, you will manage it like that because you’re the one that prepared it, it’s your bed. That is how it is with children of this earth. When day breaks, it will get dark again! I don’t have much to tell you. That is My short message for you today. Don’t trouble your heart. Don’t let anybody deceive you. Yes, you call upon money, it will come. Is it what you want? My Father has power to give it to you. If you trouble My Father too much, He will say okay, give it to him. When you cry for a child, He’ll give it to you. Whatever you cry for, He’ll give it to you. When the time comes, you will leave everything. My Father is not a wicked Father. When He needs your heart, then He needs your heart. If He needs your heart and He’s talking to you through His children, count yourself as a happy person because He loves you. However, you’re crying for money, money, money; wealth, wealth, wealth. Was He not the One who brought you into this world? Will He allow you to go hungry? Hasn’t He prepared everything for you? Why can’t you choose Him first? Why can’t you listen to His voice first? You want to do on your own.

The Father speaks after we watched a Nigerian movie titled ‘The Only Way’

When I think of the goodness of my Jesus
And all He has done for me
My very soul shall shout hallelujah
Praise God for saving me.

You are wondering why Daddy sings like this. The song I’m singing now is the song you supposed to be singing. That is the confession that supposed to be coming out of your mouth every day. Do you know why I say you should be singing that song? Because I’m the One who saved you. You know it. When somebody is sick, if he applies the right medicine to the sickness, the sickness will go. You know it and you applied it. Count yourself righteous. That is why I sang that song. It’s your song. That is the song you supposed to be singing everyday because you know what We are saying. Now, when you see the way of evil, you will quickly turn away. Many of them don’t know. What both of you know in this house, many of them are ignorant of it. They take everything for granted. They will say after all, it doesn’t mean anything. Who told you it doesn’t mean anything? Everything you’ve laboured for, for many years you’ll lose it because of just something little. After all, it doesn’t matter, does anybody see me. There is Somebody there who sees you. Even though nobody sees you, but you’ll miss it. My son, get up and sit down. Many of My children cover themselves. They paint their face. Even My servants! Most of My servants are using concussion inside the church. Which film have you just watched now? Everything you’re doing I’m watching you. I told you I’m with you. I just want to tell you something about the film you’ve just watched now. I told you I’m with you twenty-four-seven. What have you learned now? Wasn’t it about a man who went to school and finished, opened his own company and now added charm to it so he could make quick money. This is a business; isn’t it? What about inside the church? You now add charm to it. Are you charming Me or My children, that I said you should bring to Me, or because of the money you want to collect from them? I’m just telling you this. I’m the One speaking now. This is why you see many of the pastors, they are in hellfire. I called Your name, I spoke about Your name, I preached about Jesus; who told you! Jesus Christ came and swallowed everything. Why do you carry the load on yourself? I that sent Jesus Christ, am I foolish? Do you think you know more than Me? I that sent My Son to go there and carry everything upon Himself, I knew why? You now carry the load upon yourself. You said no, I want to do it alone. Then what happened? Jesus spoke yesterday, isn’t it? He spoke about what I’m saying now isn’t it? Let Me tell you, any of My children who preached, who has not touched this part I’m using to ring bell for you in this house hasn’t preached anything. He has not done My work. Go and tell them! Any of them who is singing, shouting, talking, who has not touched this one I’m telling you now is not My servant. This is the main issue. This is the foundation. This is the head. When you look at all My conversations with you in this house, since I started, I always ring on this one. If I don’t tell you this, what else will I tell you. I don’t have anything else to tell you. You are talking about healing, deliverance, that one comes later. If you change your heart, then you deliver yourself. What if I deliver you, and you continue in your sin, and the demons begin to chain you down, what did I do? That means you just cover the wound, and the sour is still inside. There are so many of them! I am the Native Doctor. I am the Big Native Doctor. You now went and brought your native doctor to come and charm Me again. Don’t you know you’ve failed! You have failed because you are looking for your daily bread. You are not doing it for Me, you’re doing it for yourself. Then you’ll go to hellfire. Gather My children to Me; change their heart towards Me. You begin to paint them, you have now killed the fish for yourself. Yes, My children used what they saw to act that film. It’s true, it’s real. Now what happened? Everything he gathered together, what happened to them? You just see him going to heaven, there is still ‘but’ there. Yes, the angel took him, he’s not going to hellfire, there is still ‘but’ there. Truly he’s not going to hellfire, yet, there is still ‘but’ there. The position he supposed to be, he will not be there. When children do exam in the school, there are different grades. What I’m doing with you here is not common. I’m still telling you again. Yes, they invited you to come, if you go with them voluntarily, there is a reward for you. It is far better than when they drag you. There is a difference in both. If not the support of My children, he could have gone to hellfire. The position he supposed to be if he has surrendered voluntarily, he wouldn’t be there. He’s far from where he supposed to be. Yes, he will not go to hellfire, but he will be at the lower place. You are quoting the word with your mouth. You are speaking as if you’re already there. You see them My son! This is the business in the church. You see them; they will climb the altar and begin to throw fire. Who told you to do that? If I open the veil, if you see the power they use, you won’t be able to talk. However, because you mention My name, you mention the name of Jesus, no problem. Since My children who are going there don’t know anything, the punishment will be upon that preacher. The punishment is not for My children, but for that very man. My children go there because they hear the name of Jesus, they come to celebrate Jesus, and they don’t know what lies behind it. I will give them the honour because of that. Since they mention My name and the name of My Son Jesus, whatever prayers they render will be answered. However, the punishment will be upon that man because he’s the one that did it. He will burn in hellfire. As he’s calling that name, My children think it’s really from his heart, they don’t know what lies behind it. Because that Jesus he calls is real; He is My Son. Yes, I’m your Creator. You are calling Our name and We will appear. We know everything. We see everything; nobody teaches Us. I’m just telling you for you to know I’m with you. I am with you because I’m in this body twenty-four-seven. I don’t leave, I don’t shake and I go nowhere. I may not speak, but I’m always here. I just want to shed more light on what’s going on.

I said something two days ago and you people repeated it yesterday. Name, name, name! Yes, by the end of the day We shall know them by their fruit. The result of all their work will come out. It is not hidden, We will see it. All the names that you acquire, all the names that you gather together, We will know by the end of the day. We know who is who! And for you My son, you know everything. That was why I started My discussion with you that way. You know everything. This is not what anybody told you. Yes, We are saying it now, it’s sweet. When will you be there; now you will be there because you will not remain like this forever. You will not remain like this forever because I will bless you. When the money begins to come, when they begin to call you here and there, you too will begin to raise your shoulder because money has its own spirit. You will now put that your Father, that I and you are speaking together in this place, you will now put Me aside. Look at where you are My son, I’m visiting you here. You know what I’m telling you now. You know where you were living before, that ocean that you call a house. Before I visited you there, do you know what it cost Me? Because there is nothing that supersedes My power, I could go anywhere. All these ones are My handwork. Nothing is difficult for Me to do, because I am who I am. You were inside hook and thorns. You know what happened before you left that place. No matter how hard a situation may be, I will go inside. I will enter inside burning fire and the fire will not burn Me because I am a Fire. If you know what I did for you, you will thank Me. Now you know where you’re coming from and where you’re going. Nobody will deceive you and nobody will teach you what is not right because you know everything. I taught you everything so that nobody will deceive you. I’ve taught you all these things before. That is why I come for you to know I am with you twenty-four-seven. I know what I’m saying.

Those who know Me, those who trust Me as their Father, those who know Me as their God, they will follow Me. I don’t need to shout, they will follow Me. I don’t need to drag them, they will follow Me. I’ve said it before, I don’t want to destroy it (the earth). I don’t want to destroy it. If I want to destroy it in a twinkling of an eye, I will do it. Now, if you know your Father, if you know your Creator, follow Him willingly, not by force, not by dragging. If you know your God, follow Him with all your heart, not by force. However, you say no, I will not follow. At the end of the day, what you don’t want will happen. What will happen will happen! Those who follow Me willingly will enjoy, everlasting enjoyment that has no end. However, those who say they don’t want to follow, what will happen will happen. I never change My word. As I say it, so will it be. That settles it. I don’t want to go back. Iwọ ti mọọ, iwọ si ti tọwo. Awọn ti ko mọọ, f’ọna han wọn. (You know it, and you have tasted it. Those who don’t know, show them the way). Show them! I hear every language My son. I can speak every language. You’ve tasted it; therefore, show them the way. Those who haven’t heard anything about Me, show them the way. That good road, that better road in which there is no suffering, the road that leads to salvation, tell them to follow it. However, those who say they don’t want to listen, leave them alone. Let them follow wealth, wealth, wealth. Let them follow the money. I think you saw what happened in that film. With all the money he acquired, he still encountered torment afterwards. What saved him at last? Was it not the name of Jesus! So you think you know more than Me. When I brought Jesus, because He came in the form of human being, they don’t respect Him. When you see Jesus, you see Me because I was the One that sent Him. When you call upon Jesus, you call upon Me. Whatever He says, I say it. What is your gain, for you to labour and labour, at the end of the day it results in nothing? You hunted for animals, you killed so many, but at the end of the day, you begin to eat bone. A child of a wealthy man who eats like a slave. Most of My children eat like slaves. I created them to eat as kings and queens. They turned themselves into a beggar. They turned to the slave of the gods. They turned to the slave of idols. They abandoned the very best thing. They followed their own way. What is the outcome? Everything is about wealth, everything is about money. I’ve told you a lot about all these. I just say I should shed more light on the film We were watching because We were watching it together. We were watching it together! Whoever has ears, let him hear!

Friends, I believe this is the kind of message to end the year. I implore you to think well about where you are going. Whatever the Father asks you to do, do it diligently with all your heart.

For the past four years, He has been telling me to preach His word wherever people are gathered, inside the bus, in the market place, in the public, everywhere. Though I used to preach in the church or preach to individual, but I haven’t preached in the public place before. One faithful day, as Blessing and I went out on Friday afternoon for shopping, I stood in the bus and I preached. As I was preaching, there was silence everywhere. They were listening and nodding their heads. That same day, as Blessing was sleeping at night, she had a dream how she saw me in the midst of ministers in heaven. They surrounded me, carried me up, and were congratulating me for doing what the Father asked me to do. Very early on Saturday morning, I prepared to go out to preach. She wanted to share the dream she had with me, but I couldn’t wait any longer because of the time. I went and preached and I really travelled far. When I came, she then shared the dream with me. On Sunday morning, Jesus came down in an unusual form to confirm the dream. He told me the nature of the journey I just began.

Jesus speaks

I want to walk with Him, I want to do everything with Him. It’s not an easy journey because you will become a fool. They will call you many names. Can you do it? It’s not easy. You will forget all, you will forget all your title, you will forget everything. All the names you acquire, all the studies, you have to forget everything. It’s not an easy journey. Can you bear it? Can you carry it? It’s not easy. Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! It’s not easy because there’s a lot of things that will follow. There is a lot of humiliation. So many things follow it. It’s not the word of mouth. I know what I’m saying. You have to bear, you have to surrender all, and you have to let everything die. It’s not an easy journey. I am Jesus speaking to you. It’s not easy because I know what I bore, I know what I took. The journey is not an easy journey. You can see Me now. It’s not easy. However, when you bear it, when you follow it, there is a reward for you. You’re going to pass through a lot of things. They will call you so many names. They are going to step on your toes. Can you bear it? Can you bear it! It’s not easy. It’s not an easy journey, let Me just tell you the reality because as I’m telling you now it’s very bitter, but at the end of the day it’s very sweet. The message I’m giving you is a bitter message, but at the end of the day, it’s a sweet one, because you will stand and say they should do you whatever they want to do you; let me die for my Father! It’s a bitter message I bring you this morning. When you carry it, there is no turning back. This is a journey of not looking back. Don’t look back. The journey you’re taking now is not easy. You see My daughter shedding tears. There are lots of things that will come, but at the end of the day, you will be happy. You may not be happy here, but you know where you’re going. You know where you’re going. Let Me tell you once again, it’s not an easy journey. A lot of things will come. A lot of words will come. They will say he is the only one who sees Jesus; why does his own different. Yes, it’s the same Jesus, but the method they applied you are not applying it. Therefore, you’re going to receive a lot of bullets. You are going to receive a lot of bullets because you’re on the right lane. I’m assuring you that you’re on the right lane. Don’t look back. Don’t let anybody deceive you. Are you the only one that have the Jesus; I’m also a Christian. Yes, you are a Christian. Do you apply the key as I asked you to apply it? Are you doing the right thing? Because they’re not doing the right thing, they’re going to face you. That is why I told you the message this morning is not a sweet message. It’s a bitter message, but at the end of the day, you’ll be happy. Just know that this earth you are is not your own, that you are going somewhere. There is a beautiful place you’re going, more beautiful than this one that if you go, you don’t want to come back. If you go there, if they say to you that you have to go back, you will say no, let me stay here. Therefore, equip yourself. Equip yourself right now because this journey you’re going to embark it’s not something sweet, but by the end of the day, it’s sweet, because you’re going to face a lot of challenges. People are going to talk, but at the end of the day, don’t be afraid; because I passed through it Myself and you know it. You know it, isn’t it? It’s not easy, let Me tell you now. It’s not easy. Don’t deny yourself because a lot of things are coming. Don’t say doesn’t the Father see me. The Father sees you because that is the journey. They say broad is the road, narrow is the way. The way that is narrow, can you pass through it? You have to force yourself. When they say the broad road and the narrow road, you think it’s easy. On the broad way, you’re free, nothing touches you. However, on the narrow way you have to force yourself. When they talk about the broad and narrow way, you think it’s just a word of mouth. You are on the narrow way right now. I am telling you this morning, it’s not an easy journey, but We are with you. Whatever you see, count it for joy. I’m just telling you to write that one at the back of your heart. When it happened to Me, the Father that sent Me the message was seeing Me. If the Father wanted to turn back the hand of the clock so they wouldn’t kill Me, He could have done it; but that was why I came. It was mission accomplished. Therefore, you must know you’re on the same lane right now because this earth is not your own. He brought you into this world for a purpose and it will come to pass. That is where you’re right now and I’m happy for you. You choose the right one, you’re on the right channel. Don’t look back. Don’t let anybody deceive you. Don’t look back. Don’t look back. I’m telling you this morning, the message I have for you is not a sweet message, but at the end of the day, it will become a sweet one. You will be happy. Preach the word of My Father. Never look back. You are on it right now. Don’t look back. Press towards it and you’ll win. You will reign. Your footprint will be there as Mine is there. My own is everlasting, nobody will erase it. This is not about blessing, blessing, blessing, no, because the blessing is already there for you. The little while you’re here, you will not suffer because you’re doing the work of My Father. My Father will always be with you. He will equip you, He will clothe you. You’re on the right lane. I just say I should tell you that the journey you enter right now is not milk and honey, but My Father, who has prepared a place of milk and honey for you knows why He prepared it for you there. The one you are doing here is just for a while. The journey you enter right now, I can see it you’re fully on the journey; I’m just giving you guideline for you to hold your heart because a lot of things will happen. How can he know, how can he know there is hellfire, how can he hear from God. Yes, We are the Ones that taught you so that you can know it, isn’t it! I’ve told you all these things We are telling you here, many of them are ignorant of it. We tell you, for you to know, for you to apply the key. We are the Ones that purposely taught you so that you can tell them. The Father taught you, I The Son taught you and I’m still teaching you, and Holy Spirit taught you as well for you to know what you’re about to do. Don’t look back. At the end of the day, there is a reward for you. Speak the word of My Father. Don’t look back. Say it with assurance, say it with authority. Don’t look back My son. When you’re telling them, all of them are hearing you, and it will be ringing in their heart, their heart will be troubling them. At the end of the day, if they miss it, that’s their own. Some will challenge you, they will tell you that you’re disturbing. No, don’t care! There are some places you will go, they will tell you your religion is not to disturb people, it’s a quiet one, because that word you’re speaking is a missile, it’s burning them. Even those who will challenge you, they don’t belong to any religion. What you’re saying is burning them. They don’t belong to any religion. That Jesus you keep calling, the word you keep saying is burning them like fire. They will challenge you immediately. You should never exchange words with them, keep on speaking, keep on preaching. Don’t quarrel with anybody. I love you My son. I give you My peace. It shall be well with you. You have chosen the right lane. Don’t look back. Press towards it and you will win. Don’t look back because We watch everything you do. Don’t ever look back. This is why We chose you, this is why We brought you into this world. The devil cannot do you anything. This is what they didn’t want you to do. This is why the devil afflicted you. They said when we destroy him, how can he come out to do what he was created to do. What happened? They failed! This was why they were pressing you, they wanted to finish you, and they wanted to scatter you so that you cannot do it. However, you are on it right now. Press towards it. I give you My peace.
I sobbed and sang many hymns before the Father came to round up.

I Need Thee Every Hour
I need Thee every hour,
Most gracious Lord;
No tender voice like Thine
Can peace afford.

I need Thee, O I need Thee;
Every hour I need Thee;
O bless me now, my Saviour,
I come to Thee.

I need Thee every hour,
Stay Thou nearby;
Temptations lose their power
When Thou art nigh. Refrain

I Surrender All
All to Jesus, I surrender;
All to Him I freely give;
I will ever love and trust Him,
In His presence daily live.

I surrender all, I surrender all,
All to Thee, my blessed Saviour,
I surrender all.

All to Jesus I surrender;
Humbly at His feet I bow,
Worldly pleasures all forsaken;
Take me, Jesus, take me now.Refrain

A Charge To Keep I Have
A charge to keep I have,
A God to glorify,
A never-dying soul to save,
And fit it for the sky.

To serve the present age,
My calling to fulfil:
O may it all my powers engage
To do my Master’s will!

Lead Us Heavenly Father
Lead us, heavenly Father, lead us
O’er the world’s tempestuous sea;
Guard us, guide us, keep us, feed us,
For we have no help but Thee;
Yet possessing every blessing
If our God our Father be.

Saviour, breathe forgiveness o’er us;
All our weakness Thou dost know;
Thou didst tread this earth before us,
Thou didst feel its keenest woe;
Lone and dreary, faint and weary,
Through the desert Thou didst go.

Spirit of our God, descending,
Fill our hearts with heavenly joy,
Love with every passion blending,
Pleasure that can never cloy;
Thus provided, pardoned, guided,
Nothing can our peace destroy.

Guide Me, O Thou Great Jehovah
Guide me, O Thou great Jehovah,
Pilgrim through this barren land;
I am weak, but Thou art mighty,
Hold me with Thy pow'rful hand.
Bread of heaven, Bread of heaven,
Feed me till I want no more;
Feed me till I want no more.

The Father Himself came down to strengthen me.

Count yourself happy. Count yourself happy. How many times? Count yourself happy. We don’t want you to go there. I your Father don’t want you to go there. That is why I personally come down to speak to you, to guide you. If I’d wanted you to go there, all the ones you’ve been doing on this earth, I saw you, I could have left you to go astray. Many of them are on the wrong side, nobody to talk to them. They think what they’re doing is right. However, I purposely come to guide you, to do correction so that you’ll not go there. I do not come here to sow regret in your heart. No! I come for you to guard your heart. I am your Father. I am the One speaking to you right now. My Son has come, He has spoken to you. I am the One speaking to you right now. I sent Him to come and tell you, for you to guard your heart because the journey is not something sweet like that. Above all, there is a place for you. I’ve taught you so many things to follow. I’ve taught you so many things for you to do so you will not enter their hands. You know the right thing at the right time. I taught you again and again. We taught you and showed you the way to follow. That’s why I’ve been teaching you all these days. If you look at My teachings, there are some I taught you before I began to open up for you. I taught you where to be and what to do at the right time. The words you supposed to speak and the place you supposed to be. Why are you sorrowful? Why are you weeping? Because I love you, that is why I’m teaching you so that you will not miss it. I taught you for you to correct yourself. Any area you know you’re going astray, you will quickly adjust yourself. I did not teach you for you to weep, because many of them missed it. They missed it! You cannot be eating, drinking, and wallowing in sin and think you will still make it. You should not think you would get it here and get it there. That is very wrong. You cannot make it here and make it there. The difference is very clear. They are two ways. You cannot follow both together and think you’re coming there at the end of the day. There are many of them. My son, get up and sit down! Sit down and look at Me. I love you. Many of them are on that journey, they missed their way. They thought they were in the right lane. No! They missed it completely. Yes, they mention My name and the name of My Son, they mention Jesus, they are not there because they missed it all. You cannot do good and do bad, and still think you are going there. While you are here, do good and let people know you. If you follow the narrow way, follow it. If you want to follow the broad way, follow it. You cannot follow the broad way and jump to the narrow way. You miss it! I’m telling you a mystery because by the end of the day, you will see it there. I don’t want to hide anything from you. All the things I’m teaching you, you will see it with your own clean eyes. When? Very soon. You will see it with your clear eyes. You will say thank you Daddy. You will thank Me for guiding you, for you don't miss it because I love you. I am not talking for you to weep, but for you to guard your heart. When they talk of narrow way, indeed, it’s narrow way because there are many things you will not put on there. You will throw them away. All the garments you think they are good for you; you will throw them away to pass through that channel. If you don’t throw them away, you can’t pass through. You have to throw all those nonsense away. They are nonsense because the ones you’re going to meet over there are the best. I’ve told you a lot about this journey. If you don’t throw all this nonsense away, you cannot pass through that place. How can you be wearing all this nonsense? My son, when you’re speaking, those who know, they know you’re telling the truth. Don’t be afraid; I am with you. That is why I come. I didn’t want to come before, that was why I sent My Son to come and speak to you. Because you’re weeping, that’s why I come to talk to you. I am your Father. I am the One speaking to you. My Son spoke to you for you to guard your heart, for you to know the journey you’re taking. I come to assure you that I’m with you. I’m with you because I’ve taught you many things to do. If you’re not with them, you cannot be like them. Separate yourself away from them. The force of evil! You know it. Always be alone; always be on your own. Don’t mingle with them so that they will not count you with them. Let your way be clean and separate from them. Then they will know that this is a different person entirely. I’m telling you something. You should know what I’m telling you. When they see you, they will know the difference. They will say this one is truly different. What has happened to you in the past, that one has gone, you have thrown that away. I have forgiven you. Don’t let that ring in your heart again. Face the present. The present is holiness. Put on the garment of holiness. Let people see it in you. Don’t do any mistake so that they will not use it against you. That is why I’m teaching you all these ones since these days and I know why I’m teaching you. I told you I am taking you somewhere. You are on it right now. When you are speaking, when you are preaching, they are watching you. They are watching you! Practise whatever you preach. That is why I purposely come to speak to you. All the word of your mouth, the clothe you put on, let it be clean and simple. When they see you, they will say yes, this is the chosen one. Don’t dress like worldly people. Some of My servants will put on this, and put on that. Who? Who? My son, I see everything. Some of them will say ‘do you know me’. So, they recognise you more than the Father. You are a servant. To cry aloud, you’re a servant! You have to behave like a servant. They recognise you more than Me. All the titles; I am this one, I am that one. When they see you, they will run to your feet and bow down. You yourself neglect the Father. You don’t even know the Father is there. It’s only my Father I reverence; it’s only my Father I give glory; it’s only my Father I give adoration. Let that be in your mind, let that be in your mouth all the time. Begin to proclaim it. Tell everybody! I am your Father and I’m proud of Myself. It’s only my Father I honour; it’s only Him honour is due. Let that one be in your mouth every minute, every hour. I am with you My son. Don’t ever change your mind. I am with you. No evil will befall you. That is why I say you should be careful. You know the devil is very crafty. If you know you’re not like them, don’t be with them. Separate yourself. I know what I’m saying and I know why I’m saying it. The forum of evil, the forum of wicked people, don’t be there. Wherever they’re not talking about Me, don’t be there. Separate yourself immediately. Let them know who you are. Always be yourself. I will give you a lot of sign right now because you’re on the right lane. When evil is coming, when good thing is coming, you will know because I’m inside you. Always listen to all your organs. All are signs from Me. I’m teaching you. Don’t let your heart trouble you. I am with you twenty-four hours. No evil will befall you unless you choose it yourself. Never change your heart. If you listen to My voice, you will never fall into temptation. Even though I may not speak, I am with you. Sometimes in this house, I may not speak for one or two weeks, but I am with you. I taught you a lot.

Holy, holy, holy
Lord God Almighty!
Early in the morning
My song shall rise to Thee
Holy, holy, holy!
Merciful and mighty!
God in three Persons,
Blessed Trinity!

I am a Holy Father. I am a Holy Father. I am a Holy Father. Don’t you know that all these things, all these worries are dirtiness? All these vanity upon vanity are dirtiness. All these things they’re pursuing are dirtiness. All these things they used to rob themselves are dirtiness, it makes them not to be holy. They used all these rubbish to guard themselves. They are dirtiness. These things supposed to be the last, but they chose it first and it brought dirtiness into their lives. Yes, I was the One who created it for them. It's supposed to be the last but they made it to be the first and it caused dirtiness in their lives. Now they cannot get rid of it. When you talk about God, they will say, how can I go to church now; how can I be holy; look at the source my money is coming from; look at the way I got this one; what will I do now; let’s be doing it the way people are doing it. The way they acquired all those things is not genuine and they cannot get rid of them. It’s dirtiness. It now took their heart away; they now put their God behind. Let us follow it; we are serving God; God is there for us. Where is your God? You’ve put Him far behind in your heart. I’m telling you My son, what I’m seeing in the lives of My children. I am telling you the secret of secrets. They chose wealth, they chose money, they chose vehicle, they chose a house, they chose children, they chose husband or wife, and put Me far behind. How can you get rid of it now? You cannot! That means, for you to get rid of it, you must get rid of your God. And you will suffer. There are so many of them! Look at all of them. They used all these things, all these amenities to guard themselves and they put their Creator far behind. When problem begins to rise, then they will cry to God that they put behind. How can you put that your Father behind and choose wealth and other things first? Now make way to go and meet that your Father you put behind. You’re now crying to your Father you’ve put behind to come and rescue you. You put Him far behind and the things you put first now fail you. How can you bring that Father to the front? My son, when you choose Me first, when you make Me number one, you will have all the things you’re looking for. When trouble comes, I will be there. Trouble will not even come because I’m the One who give it to you. You know what I’m saying. Do you want Me to quote it for you in My word? Now you want to bring the Father to the front. I’m still telling you to forsake all these things, say you’re sorry so that the Father can come in; but you say no. I’m telling you about My children! Put all these things down, tell your Father you are sorry; but you say no. So, I should come in with all those nonsense to come and take My place in you.

My son, all of them that want to marry, tell them to seek the face of their Father because when they make mistakes, the mistake will continue. Let them seek the face of their Father before they marry. Let them seek the face of their Father because the heart of man is full of evil. When he speaks, his action is different from what he’s saying. It’s a big mistake. If you go to the market to buy food, you didn’t buy the right one you should have bought but the wrong one. When you buy it wrong, you also eat it wrong. If you want to make amends, you need to go back to where you bought it. You need to go back to the source. Many of My children made that mistake. Now they are crying. When you use your own initiative, what else do you expect? It happens, not only in marriage, even work. Because you were looking for work, when they asked you if you could work on weekends, you said yes. Now you say you want to go to church on Sunday. Which church? When you’ve already told them you can work on Sunday. At the initial stage, if you’ve told them you couldn’t work on Sunday, that you have to worship your Father, they would take it like that. You were looking for a child. Instead of you to ask your Father, you went elsewhere to get a child. When the child begins to trouble you in your house, you’re now crying. Where did you go when you were looking for a child? Did you ask Me? Is it money? Instead of you to ask your Father to connect you, you knew somebody who got his money in a crooked way. You then went to borrow money from him, or did business with him. When your business begins to collapse, you are now crying. How many am I going to say? Where will I start?

You don’t have My knowledge, they are telling you to switch from the bad and evil road to the good road. You are proving yourself that you know what you’re doing. What do you know? Those who know Me, those who are in Me tell you to change, but you think you’re wise. What do you know? You can hide it from men, you cannot hide it from Me because I know all things. What are the things that you enjoy on this earth that the enjoyment will not stop? You put somebody in sorrow, you put somebody in tears, you put somebody in pains, and you say nobody can talk to you. Am I not the One that made you what you are? You are still proud. If I take one part of your body away, can you still be proud? If I speak, I do it. I give you long rope for you to change, but you refuse. I am not a wicked Father. What do you have? Who are you? If you have Me, you have it all. If you’re not in Me, you’re finished.

My son, rejoice and be happy. You don’t have any problem. Do you know Jeremiah? Do you know Isaiah? I spoke through them. Didn’t their word come to pass? Those who changed their ways, what happened to them? Those who refused to change, what happened? They were destroyed. I give a long rope. Do you know Daniel? When they threw him into the lion’s den, what happened? Have I brought Jesus Christ then? I am the God of yesterday, I am a God of today and God forever. I step into situations, I appear. I’ve been fighting for My children, those who trust in Me, even before I brought My Son Jesus. No matter how that situation looks like, when I say stop, it must stop. If I wanted the lions to eat him, they could have eaten him. However, it wouldn’t happen because he was My chosen one, his heart was in Me. Who are you when they asked you to change your heart and return to your God! You are proving your heart that you’re somebody. You are still sneaking around. If I want to cause confusion around you, then you will know I am All-In-All. If I could shut lions up, who are you?

My son, focus on Me. Don’t listen to anybody else. Do what I asked you to do. Worry, worry, worry; trouble, trouble, trouble! The earth that you don’t know how you managed to come there. The work that you don’t know how you’re doing, but you’re eating. Why are you troubling yourself for what you don’t know how it managed to exist? Why are you troubling yourself for what you did not labour for? It’s Mine! Is it yours? If I want to take it away today, I can do it. Is it yours? Even I that laboured for it, do you see Me? Do you know how I manage to eat? Do you know My resting place? Do you know the time I rest? Do you know the time I sleep? I do not sleep, and I do not rest! Why are you troubling yourself for what you don’t know how it managed to exist? When they tell you, you think you’re more than yourself. My son, I’m telling you the secret of secrets. Call Me in the morning, I am there. Call Me in the afternoon, I am there. Call Me in the evening, I am there. Can’t you ask yourself what time does this my Father rest? Whenever you call Me, I am there. Then, you mere human being that I created, when I told you this is what you have to do, you said no, you want to die in it. Don’t you know you’ve missed it. You’ve missed it. See the way you should follow so it can be well with you, you said no. That means you think you know more than Me. You cannot change Me. You can never change Me. You will only do yourself harm. All the laws and rules I lay down, that is how it will remain and I will never change it because of you. That is how it will be. I’m only telling you so that you will not miss it. Since you refuse, by the end of the day, you will know I’m telling the truth.

You are seeking for job, you are seeking for money, but I’m seeking for your soul. It’s your soul I need by the end of the day. My children, I don’t want you to miss it! I don’t want you to go there. I don’t want you to go there. It’s very important. That is why many of them missed it. Money, money, money; wealth, wealth, wealth; and they forget about the good place I prepared for them. That is why I always say I need your heart. I can do whatever you want, but at the end of the day, if your soul goes to hellfire, is it good? My son, let Me tell you a story. There are two brothers, born from the same womb. Something happened and they separated. After some time, they met along the way. The junior one recognised his senior brother. He thought in his heart what he could do to make his brother recognise him. As they passed beside each other, he used his body to knock him. The brother began to accuse him if he was blind, why he had to knock him with his body. The junior one did it because he wanted to draw his attention. They both later reconciled together. When they met, if they refused to reconcile, would the senior one knew he’s his brother? When you were lost, there was Somebody there who distracted your attention for you to come back home. However, you said no, because you’re wise in your own eyes. Which language will you use for that person again? Come back home, the way you are going will lead you to destruction. You said no, you are not the only sinner. I know the package I prepared for you. You are My child. Yet, you refuse. The time is coming when no one will receive My warning anymore. Millions of them are there lamenting, everlasting. They are there! They forget about the merriment of this world. They are there!

Holy Spirit speaks

Whatever He asked Us to do, let Us do it. Everything He asked Us to do, let Us do it because nobody goes there and come back to make amends. Let Us apply the key the way He asked Us to apply it so that We will not miss it because when We go there, We will not come back to come and make a correction. No! That time has passed. This is the time for Us to do the right thing so that We will not miss it because He taught Us a lot, He taught Us everything. We should not lean on Our own understanding. Everything was from Him. Everything is in Him. Everything will forever be in Him. He taught Us a lot to follow. He made many examples. You will not tell Me you are a novice. Let all your thought, let everything you do be in the Father, remember the Son. Think about everything. If you don’t understand, ask Him to teach you again so you will not go astray. Don’t say you don’t hear. The peace He gives to you has no measure. When He speaks, when He talks, it will come to pass. I come down and I’m telling you to apply the key immediately. Any area you know you want to do the correction, apply it immediately because time waits for nobody. When will it happen? It will happen now. Is it not happening now? Count yourself worthy. You have the Father, you have the Son, and I Myself Holy Spirit, I’m here to shed more light on all Their words so you will not miss it. I am rejoicing because My Father is there, the Son is also there. I Myself, I’m here. Can’t you see We cannot work separately? Don’t be confused. Go and meet them today, go and put more light on all the words I spoke to them, said the Father. This is why I am the Comforter. I told you nobody go there and come back. Those who went there, They didn’t want to take them. If They had wanted to take them, they wouldn’t have come back. They only took them to show them some things. We don’t sleep, We work throughout. Did I tell you I’m the Father? Did I tell you I am the Son? Who did I say I am? Holy Spirit, the Comforter. I am just telling you so you can know where you are going. Many people will speak, but don’t mind them. You are going somewhere. Be focussed! I love you. Do not fail! Many will come to ask you how you are doing it because things will happen on this earth. Are they the ones that created the earth? Why are they boasting? They think they are all in all. I give you My peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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