The Judgement Of God

The Father and Jesus Christ speak

(Sunday 2nd January 2011, 11:00)

Jesus spoke with tears

It’s only Him! If not Him, where could We have been. If not Him, where did We prepare for Ourselves. We know how to do it. Where is Our home? Where is the dwelling place We prepared for Ourselves? If not Him, where is Our resting place, the place We will go at the end of the day to rest. Where is the place? The sheep that has no control! All of them have gone astray. They’ve gone astray! They do whatever they want to do. They forget the beginning; they forget their foundation; they forget where they’re coming from. They say it doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter! Are you the one that created yourself? Do you just exist like that? Have you asked question how you managed to exist? Let honour return to whom honour is due. Let honour return to whom honour is due. It’s not by shouting, it’s not by talking, let honour return to whom honour is due. Nobody else; no any other person; no any other one. Let honour return to whom honour is due. You paint yourself with all the names. You paint yourself with everything, all the worldly things. You forget your peace. You forget your dwelling place. You forget the time of your evening. You forget it! Have you asked yourself question how you managed to exist, where you came from? This world is not my own; if I was the one that created myself, I couldn’t have died; I could have remained forever. However, by the end of the day, everything you’re struggling for will die. Have you asked yourself question why will I die? Have you known the mystery? Have you known how They managed to do it? Where did death come from? If you say you know it, if you say you know everything, you could have remained forever; you could have remained for eternity; you couldn’t have died; you couldn’t have fall sick; you couldn’t have been destroyed; you could have remained forever. That is why My Father is the Biggest Father. That is why He is the Author and the Finisher. That is why He’s the Beginning and the Ending. That is why He is the Authority. He is the One that have the final say! That is My Father. It’s only Him. It’s only Him honour is due. Give Him the honour! Give My Father the honour. He did it all. Don’t bear the name that is not your own.

It’s very painful. It’s very painful. It’s very painful. All of them have gone astray. All of them have gone the wrong way. All of them have scattered. They have no head. They are painting the king, they’re painting the queen, they’re painting ordinary man, they forget about My Father. They forget about My All-In-All. They forget about My Father who brought Me into this world to come and suffer. They forget about My Father. They forget about Him. You cannot destroy the handwork of My Father. He is still Father to the end. You cannot destroy His handwork. He brought Me into this world to suffer. He brought Me here because of you. Yet, you go on your own way. It is very painful! What do you want that My Father cannot do? What do you ALL want that He cannot do? How do you want it that He cannot do it? All of you are dancing to the same ringtone. All of you are going in the same direction. You forget about My Father. You forget about My Creator. Everybody is crying. All His children are crying. They are suffering. You forget about My Father. He will pay all of you back! He will pay all of you back! Calamity will fall. It will fall! Calamity will fall. It will rain! It will fall! My son, I give you My peace.

The Father Himself spoke with anger

I am the Unbeatable Father. I am the Great I am that I am. Nobody will control Me. Nobody will command Me. I do the things I want to do the way I want to do it and it’s perfect. When I was preparing My Son to come into this world, was anybody there? Did they know how I did it? I prepared My Son to come into this world to change their lives, to change their story, for peace to reign; so I could have them back. And I know the reason why I did it. Because the way I wanted it to be at the early stage, it wasn’t like that. My purpose of creating the earth, the way I wanted it to be, it wasn’t like that. Something happened and you know it. It was very painful to Me. When I gathered My things together and somebody scattered them. I still have the power, and I can still do it again. A lot of things happened. I said, let Me have My children back. They are My children. Nobody knew how I created them. Nobody knew how I gave birth to them. It’s My handwork and nobody will spoil them. I did it the way I want to do it. I brought My Son into this earth, so I could have My children back. Some received Him, some didn’t receive Him. At the end of the day, they chased Him back to come and meet Me. My Son is with Me. He is with Me! However, My purpose of Me bringing Him to this earth, what I didn’t want to see is what I’m seeing. What I didn’t want to even experience is what I’m experiencing. It’s getting worse everyday. It’s getting worse everyday. However, I vowed I would not destroy this earth with water. That’s what I said! I said I will not destroy it with water because I know how it is for Me. However, I know what to do. They will begin to fall on their own sword. They will begin to destroy themselves with their own sword. I have told you before. Those who choose Me, I will shelter them! I repeat Myself to you again. My Son has spoken. Isn’t it? We will never speak different word, Our word is the same. I have told you, and you heard Me when I was telling you. All of them will begin to fall on their own sword. They will begin to fall on their own sword. They will begin to kill themselves. This is the beginning. This is the beginning of this year. I’m telling you now My son. Hear Me well and hear Me right. If you hear anything, never be amazed. No evil will befall you. In the morning, before you go out, you have to listen. Don’t go out anyhow. If they say it’s happening there, stay inside your house, don’t go out. I’ve told you. They neglected Me, that they can do it by themselves. They paint their king and queen, and they put Me aside. We will know who created each other. I am the Creator. I am ALL. Nobody will believe you if you say it out. If I send you out to go and tell them now, they will destroy you. They will say it’s a lie. The things that happened in the time of old will happen again! When they destroyed My Son, they followed their own law. They followed their own law! Who gave them that law? Was it not the same Me? They said it was like this; this is how we would do it. That was how they destroyed My Son. They are still following it till today. They put Me on one side of their lips. They are doing on their own. They follow their tradition. They forget about Me. It will happen. It will happen! Nobody will defend it. Unless they recognise Me, unless they know Me. I purposely allowed My Son to speak before I speak. I told you yesterday, and I’m still telling you again. I have told you, when somebody is sick and you don’t know where the sickness is coming from, you have to ask yourself question the reason for the sickness. I have told you before. A time is coming; they will begin to consult their astrologers, they will begin to ask themselves questions what is going on; what did we do; who did we offend. You offend your Creator! You offend your God! And it’s very bad for you to offend your Creator. If you offend human being, you will apologise; but if you offend Me, it’s very bad. Because I’m a merciful Father, I gave you a long rope and enough is enough. When I kept quiet, you thought I didn’t know what I was doing. I gave all of them long rope for them to change their mind. If any prophet, any of My servants say God says He want to bless you; they are lying! God says this year He wants to bless; they are lying. Are you hearing Me My son, they are lying. I know My word. When I speak My word I mean it. I don’t speak different word. It’s not what I speak. I’ve told you, this year, a lot will happen. If anybody holds the microphone that God says He wants to bless this year; it’s a lie! Yes, I will bless, but a lot will happen as I told you. Those who know Me will experience My blessing. However, those who don’t want to know Me, they too will receive it. I’ve told you. Let anybody carry a microphone and begin to say nonsense. Let them begin to talk nonsense! Let them experience Me. If they experience Me, there will be milk in the land. If they honour Me, there will be milk in the land. If they reverence Me, there will be milk, they will eat abundantly, they will never experience any sorrow. Since they said they will never experience Me, they put Me aside, they will fall to their own sword. I have spoken My word My son.

Don’t be afraid. I have told you. Listen before you go out. Don’t go out anyhow because it may sound in a different place. The trumpet may sound in a different place. Different things will happen. It is happening now. Don’t trouble yourself. Until they experience Me, until they give Me My reverence, until they give Me My honour, until they remember Me the Creator. I am the God in the time of Noah. I am the God that destroyed the whole world with water. I am still the same God. I have not changed, I remain the same. When they were drinking, when they were wallowing in sin, when they were committing the whole atrocity, when all My prophets were warning them, when the day came and they saw the water piled up, what could they do. They had no power, but I sheltered My son. Isn’t it? This time around, I will not destroy it with anything; they will fall to their own sword. They will use their own hands to destroy themselves. I give you My peace.

You are God. No one can question Your judgement Lord. Nobody! Nobody can question you. Your word is final and Your judgement is final. Nobody can change You and nobody can change the word of Your mouth. However, Father, they are the works of Your hand. You created them in Your image. You created them in Your likeness. Your Spirit is in all of them Lord. Have mercy on them, O Lord.

I am here with you. Do they remember Me? Do they remember Me? But you remember Me. They do not remember Me. They don’t count Me as anything My son. Why do they choose to do evil? Are you not the same My handwork? What are you asking Me? They choose to do evil. They forget about Me. My son, it will happen! I don’t speak My word twice. I will shield you; I will shield everything concerning you. I give you My peace.

Have mercy Daddy. I know when the sinners are punished; the righteous partake of it as well. Father, I know You created me, You send me into this world for a purpose Lord. If You don’t send anybody to them, to warn them, Father how will they change? If You don’t send Your word to them, how will they change? Daddy, if you don’t send anybody to them, how will they change?

Do you know more than they? They know what you don’t know. Do you know anything? How do you manage to hear about Jesus? How do you manage to become a Christian? Their forefathers. Who are the forefathers? Are they not the ones? What are you telling Me? Do you know more than they? They know everything more than you. They want to wipe Me away. Can they wipe Me away? My son, let peace reign in you. I’ve told you, I will shelter My own. They have My knowledge before you. Even the one on the throne knows Me more than you. If she should pass a law today that they should experience Me, everybody will experience Me. If she should pass a law today that everybody should reverence Me, everybody will reverence Me. I will let them know I am the King. I am the King in heaven and on earth. I am All-In-All. Everything will fail them. I have told you. I love you My son. I don’t exchange a word with anybody. When I speak My word, that is final. Even My son Moses knew Me. When I spoke My word, he dare not ask Me any question. I have given you the grace. The grace is what makes you ask Me question. I love you My son. I talk to you like a Father and His son. In the time of old, when I spoke, nobody asked Me question. I did everything so they could change their heart. They know more than you. What do you know? They can tell you the story of how everything came to pass. It is wickedness. They want to destroy My children. They want to destroy all of them for Me. I will make sure all of them begin to destroy themselves. Not Me My son. It’s not Me! They are the ones that will destroy themselves because they’ve sinned against their soul. They’ve sinned against their spirit. They’ve sinned against their God and it will happen. They’ve sinned and the ground has sinned. Can it yield a good fruit now? Can the ground yield a good fruit now? Everything they’ve been doing well before will not be well again, because they’ve spoilt the ground. I give you My peace.

Your ways are righteous and holy. No one is like You. You are God. Your ways are not the ways of man. Nobody can destroy You. Nobody can destroy the work of Your hands.

I have told you before; they will know Me in a hard way. Before they know Me, things should have spoilt. They have to start afresh. A lot of souls could have gone. Yes! Do you know the reason? Do these children have My knowledge? Did they tell them? They use their law to change them. They honour their law more than Me. When a child does something wrong, you cannot correct that child. What will happen? Police; arrest; everybody is afraid. This is exactly the same thing that happened in the time of old. They painted the law of their kings. They forget about Me. No freedom for My children. Why then did Jesus Christ come? Why did He come? No forgiveness! Why did Jesus Christ come? I have told you, evil will fall, but it will never near your dwelling. It will happen. If I say it will not happen, I’m lying. It will happen!

If you know who you are, you’ll be happy everyday. I know My children, the ones I chose. No evil will befall them. I will shelter them. I’ve told you the songs you should be singing every day. Remember me, remember me, remember me O Lord. Remember me, O Lord. When the evil is coming, remember me my Daddy. That is your song everyday. If I say it will not happen, I’m lying. It will happen. I give you My peace.

While some are crying, some have more than enough to eat. He is a Great Provider. He knows His children. When you rob My back, I will rob yours. When you do what I want, I will provide for you because you give Me My honour. You remember Me that I’m your Father. You reverence Me, you give Me My honour, you call upon Me everyday. I am very happy. I am with you twenty-four-seven. I want you to be happy everyday.

Do you know how I wanted this world to be? I wanted everybody to be together without differentiating that these ones are my children. I wanted everybody to eat together, to have peace together. That was what I wanted. However, they spoilt everything. You can sleep wherever you want, peace everywhere. No quarrel, forgive each other, no dirtiness. That is what I want. You turn this world into a place of horror. What are We saying! When I created Adam and Eve, and I put them in the Garden of Eden, how many houses did you see that I built there? I put them together in that Garden. I that did it, didn’t I know they would produce children? I knew they would produce children. All of them would live together. That was what I wanted. That was how I wanted this earth to be. They turned everything upside-down. Fathers are destroying children; children are destroying parents. That is not how I want this world to be. I want everybody to be together, including the animals; though man has dominion over animals. When I put Noah and animals together inside the ark, did they destroy him? What became his messenger? Was it not a bird? That’s how I wanted it to be. Even when you speak to animal, animal will hear what you’re saying. However, you have dominion over animals. You can kill them and eat, because I give you the power. My vision for this earth is very far from what I’m seeing now. I don’t have peace. I am troubled everyday. Do you know many of My children are dying every day? They are crying. Most of them, they cut off their vision. What I want them to be, the evil ones don’t want them to be. A lot is happening My son. Physical killing, spiritual killing, their soul is lamenting everywhere. My son, I am telling you the secret of secrets. I am telling you for your brain to open. I am the Creator.

My son, I’m not telling you this is the end of the time. I said they will know Me in a hard way. What will happen will make them to know Me. The end is known to Me. If the end comes, you will know. I’ve not told you concerning the end. I’m just telling you what will happen now. Do you know the story of the prodigal son? What happened? That is what is happening now. I said they will learn in a hard way. I could have given them a chance to do whatever they want to do, but I want to prove Myself to them that I am God. The end has not come yet, but it will come. If I don’t prove Myself to them, for My own to remember Me, so that if the end comes, I can take My own. You and I know now. Whenever they are talking, just be looking at them. They know more than you. They know everything. They want to go on their own way. All My children I used to compose those Hymns, that time, I ate with them. All those My children, We ate together, We talked together. Can I go and meet anybody now? Can I go and enter anybody’s house now? There is atrocity everywhere. Everywhere is dirty. I cannot! Their heart is full of evil. I ate with them. We talked together. They saw Me and I had peace. Though there were evil ones among them also, but it’s unlike now. I gave them what they wanted. Do you think all these Hymns you’re reading and singing are just from their memory? I was the One who gave it to them. That is why I told you to write down everything I’m discoursing with you because it will be a story. There are still faithful ones like you. Write it down. All these ones We are saying, many years to come, it will be there. It will be there. It will never destroy. I can never die. Nobody created Me, I created Myself. I am the Originator. I will never be afraid of anybody. Everything will fade away, but I will never fade. I remain the same. That is why I’m telling you the secret. When Jeremiah My son spoke, when I used him to prophesy, did they believe him? Many of them didn’t believe him. However, all his words came to pass. You are reading it now. Isn’t it? All those ones will encourage you too. Likewise you, the time is coming, somebody will read about your book too. What I used you and My daughter to do, they will read it and be encouraged that there’re faithful people whom God used. Nobody will go to the website and read these words and say you framed it. When they read it, they will know I’m the One. Many of them I used you to speak to and they count it as nothing, My fire is burning in their hearts. Whoever neglects My word does not want life, he has chosen destruction. Let him be! You are not speaking of your own; you don’t know anything; I am the One speaking to you. The message I gave you yesterday and today are the same. The message I’m giving you now is for the whole world. Can you be happy when you have no food to eat? Can you be happy when you want to do something and you have no money? I have told you, don’t go out anyhow. Listen before you move because it will happen. I give you My peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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