The Last Stage Of The Earth

Greetings in the name of Almighty God our Father, Jesus Christ our Saviour, and Holy Spirit our Companion. May you live to see another day. Amen! Greetings!

I bless the Almighty God, who, through His abundance grace keeps me going despite all hardship. It is unmerited privilege to be used by Jehovah God and this kind of assignment is not what any man could pray for because as the task is enormous, so also the price. Recently, my Father gave me the test of my life. Having waited for 6 months at home as He commanded and at the last minute, nothing happened, I was frustrated and fearful because little obedience goes a long way and little disobedience goes a long way as well. If the Almighty is sending you on a journey, He will make sure He equip you as much as possible so the journey can be sweet. My wife and I have packed our luggage heading to our destination as the Father promised. When we waited and the messengers didn’t arrive and no penny left in the house, I asked the Father what He’s doing to me. He was silent looking at me. This is the same Father who would speak to me at least three times in a day. Sometimes He would speak for hours until I’m tired. This is the same Father who was eating my food, drinking my tea, who multiplied my food when it went down, switched light off when I forgot, unplugged my iron when I forgot to unplugged it. Three weeks later, He came and said to me, "I am here with you all the time. When I told My Son Jesus Christ He would come to the Earth, die and inherit everything, was it easy just like that? If you’re a politician and you’ve used all your savings to campaign for election and you have 110% assurance you will win; then in the evening, you turn on your television and hear that your opponent wins, what will you do? You will start from the beginning. How much money did I put in the account of Abraham and Moses, even My Son Jesus Christ? All of you are foolish! No one will tell Me how to run My kingdom. My son, whatever you see in this journey, don’t be afraid, I am with you.” Ah Sovereign Lord! You who created man and everything for Your own pleasure. No man dare questions You when you make Your decision. You made Your covenant with me and said I should wait for You and now there is no penny in the house; how should I feed my wife and children? No wonder Jeremiah said “O Lord you deceived me and I was deceived.” But could Almighty God deceive His own son? Not at all. What goes on in the spiritual realm is beyond what any man could comprehend. When He turned His back on Jesus Christ on the cross, it was very painful for Him because He couldn’t turn back the hand of the clock. You must pass through hardship for Jehovah God to glorify Himself. When there was no penny left in the house, I contacted three pastors and none of them replied. Three weeks later, I contacted them again, only one replied until this day. My Father made me aware that I was created to suffer because of the assignment He’s given me. Is it easy to suffer? Blessed be His glorious name for giving me strength whenever I need it. Gladly will I toil and suffer, but only let me walk with You!

If you have the opportunity that I have, for the Almighty God to tell you His heart, the quality of people He wants on this Earth and you know the stage the Earth is right now, you will tell Him to wipe this Earth away because everybody and everywhere is polluted. Having looked at the whole Earth and no one is good, He should have done what He did in the time of Noah. However, because of the age of this Earth, He doesn’t want to do it because the Earth only has few years left in her lifespan. The Earth has lived 23 hours 50 minutes of her lifespan and it only remain 10 minutes. This ten minutes could be another 100 years or 1000 years or even more; He alone knows. When it is very close to the end, Jesus Christ will come. Please, don’t bother to do any calculation because you will only waste your time. A day of the Father is like a thousand years and vice versa. Because there are still some years left, my Father doesn’t want Jesus Christ to come. He, the Father alone knows when He set the Earth in motion. Jesus Christ said in Matthew 24:36 that, “But of that day and hour no one knows, not even the Angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone.” Apostle Peter also said in II Peter 3:10 that, “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed with intense heat, and the earth and its works will be burned up.” I, Radiant speak what I know and whatever I know, I do not know by my own wisdom but the Creator Himself made known to me and revealed to me what He hasn’t revealed to any man since He created this Earth. Whatever I speak, I speak in humility and to the glory of the Father, Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit because the Father loves us and expects all of us to come back home by the end of the day. The Almighty Father has given me 43 pages of message to the whole world which I must not release until He commands me to release it. Before I continue, let us pray.

Almighty God my Father, You who send us here to live and return back to You. I pray that You open the heart of Your children as they read this message and make amend where necessary so that when You come to judge the Earth, their soul will not be lost forever. Thank You my Father, and in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

Thou my everlasting portion,
More than friend or life to me,
All along my pilgrim journey,
Saviour, let me walk with Thee.
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
All along my pilgrim journey,
Saviour, let me walk with Thee.

Not for ease or worldly pleasure,
Nor for fame my prayer shall be;
Gladly will I toil and suffer,
Only let me walk with Thee.
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Gladly will I toil and suffer,
Only let me walk with Thee.

Lead me through the vale of shadows,
Bear me over life’s fitful sea;
Then the gate of life eternal
May I enter, Lord, with Thee.
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Close to Thee, close to Thee,
Then the gate of life eternal
May I enter, Lord, with Thee.

Whenever the Father speaks of the ‘Earth’, He means our Galaxy, the Milky Way Galaxy as a whole. There are many other Galaxies like ours. Heaven is one. The abode of the dinosaurs is one. He took the dinosaurs away from this Earth because of the sin of human beings and out of all His creatures, they quickly grow angry and if He should leave them on this Earth, they will eat everybody in a day. The little ants you see and don’t care about have their own galaxy as well. If you see them, they’re like giants. All the animals you see on this Earth come from somewhere else as we come from somewhere else. Whenever they die, they will return to their abode. Unfortunately, we are the ones that head to wrong destination. In fact, no living creature belongs to this Earth except the plants. Everything come from somewhere else. The scientists said water evaporates from the sea into the atmosphere to form rain. If that is true, why is it possible for somebody to stop rain from falling. I, Radiant myself have stopped rain several times from falling. It’s only by the word of mouth. How possible? Because it is spiritual! Since human beings have been travelling by air, has anyone seen water up there in the atmosphere if what they said is true? The reason why you see cloud forms before rain falls is a sign for man to know that rain wants to fall so he will look for shelter to hide himself. Water evaporates from the sea back into the atmosphere and disappear to its abode. The Bible tells us that God separated water from water. See Genesis 1:6. If the water that falls down remains on this Earth, since the day rain has been falling, water could have covered the whole Earth by now. All of us are foolish!!! The wisdom the Father gives to us is to do good not to do evil. The water is stored up inside a planet within our Milky Way Galaxy. Haven’t you seen fish falling down from the sky whenever rain is falling? Even the fish we eat everyday come from somewhere. As rain falls, fish falls with it. After some time, the water will gather up into the atmosphere and disappear to where it is stored. It is a programme. Jehovah God has programmed everything. NASA, the American space agency found out recently that the amount of water that is stored in Europa, one of the moons of Jupiter is far more than the water that’s on this Earth. What are they looking for? They are looking if there is life elsewhere. In fact, they are foolish! After they’ve destroyed this one, they’re looking for where they will destroy again.

The age of the Milky Way Galaxy is running out as it’s been alive for some billions of years. It controls our solar system and the live of every star in it depends on it. If you look at the stars, they vary in age. The sun, which is at the centre of our solar system takes its food, energy from the stars. Many of the stars out there are 100 times bigger and hotter than the sun, yet they’re far away. Within our Milky Way Galaxy live billions of stars and planets. They regulate our weather and take care of the air we breathe in. Within this Galaxy, there is no life in any other planet apart from this Earth. The scientists are stressing themselves everyday to know if there is another life elsewhere. Of course, there is another life elsewhere but not within our Milky Way Galaxy. The other lives within this Galaxy are spirits. Lucifer and the demons live with us here. Nobody can know what the Almighty God has created. You can only know whatever He made known to you. It is a fruitless effort to find out the work of the Almighty!

Out of everything the Father created, He values human beings so much because of the Spirit He put in them and Lucifer knows. He had created humans on this Earth before but none is as wise and intelligent as we are. It is because of the way He programmed our brain, that’s why He put the demons in place to put us in check should in case we go our own way. He did not mean it for harm but for good. He created those things and separated them from every other creature because they’re purely evil. They were on their own planet to be precise, not directly in Heaven. Because they are vulnerable, this was why He took some of His children along to show them and warned them not to go there, and Lucifer was among. I have said this before! Lucifer thought they were normal creatures that he knew. When He went there, those ones entered him and when he went back home to Heaven, the demons went with him. This was what happened. Let me break it down for you more. Those of you who grew up in Africa and from idolatry family to be precise will understand what I want to teach. An herbalist or voodoo priest or witchdoctor as some people call it has at least one shrine. In this shrine live some spirits which no one can see except he alone. Not all the spirits he can see as well unless he invokes them to appear. Any member of the family cannot just go to this shrine or else they will die. He himself doesn’t approach the shrine anyhow. Sometimes he may enter backward, or sideward; it depends. There is a way he will signal the spirits that he is the one so they won’t grow angry. When it is time to give them food to eat, he dares not mix their food else he’s looking for trouble. They can kill at any time. Jehovah God was the One that created all these spirits. He did not create them to live among human beings. He created them for Himself alone. All of you who are Christians should pay more attention to these. It is because of these demons you have religion in the world today. Without that, everywhere will be peaceful and nobody will cry to the Almighty twenty-four-seven.

When Lucifer went there, because he didn’t know how his Father used to approach those spirits, as he appeared, they entered him. When the Father gave birth to him, he was born to do good. In fact, he was highly obedient to his Father until this incident happened. If he had known that the aftermath of the event would be like this, he wouldn’t have gone there. He was born to live in Heaven, not on this Earth. Because these spirits are evil, the Father Himself did not bring them to live with Him in Heaven but caged them somewhere on another planet. All they know how to do is evil. Remember that some measure of such spirit is already living inside human beings including Angels. If such spirit joins the one that is already inside you, it is a disaster. This was exactly what happened to Lucifer. Let me illustrate it for you. Take a jar full of 1 litre of acid and another jar full of one litter of water. Take another empty jar so you can use it to mix the acid and the water. Now, pour 30 centilitres of acid which is 30% of 1 litre into the empty jar and pour 70 centilitre of water to fill it up. Under no circumstance can 30% of acid override 70% of water. This is how God created human being. The measure of evil spirit He put inside individual human being varies, based on how he created them. However, that measure of evil spirit can never and will never control human being. For evil spirit to control a man, something else has to happen. That means that evil spirit must be higher, more powerful than the Spirit of the Father that is in that man. For 30% of acid to override 70% of water, you have to reverse it until that 70% of water turns to 30% and 30% of acid turns to 70%. That is the only way. If there is 70% of good and 30% of evil in a man, for that evil spirit to control him, another powerful one that is higher than the Spirit of good must enter to join the 30% that is already there. For that to happen, that means the spirit of evil in that man must increase from 30% to 163%. This is the only way! Lucifer was so powerful among the children of the Father to the extent he could move and walk anywhere. He was a good son. When the evil spirits entered him, he cannot do good anymore but evil. Until today, in the whole Heaven, nobody, I repeat, nobody can stand him except Jesus Christ! Who was he? Who was Lucifer? I, Radiant tell you that Lucifer was a son of my Father. He and Jesus Christ grew up together in the same house. As a child, you only see yourself exist but don’t know how you come to exist. This is why nobody can stand him except Jesus Christ because he’s very powerful. I said to him one day, why didn’t you go back to the Father and apologise. He said I don’t know what I was saying that he will challenge his Father until the end. When the Father broke down everything for me, then I understand the reason for his frustration and anger. He was born to live in Heaven, not on this Earth. The Father drove him away because He brought those spirits to Heaven and because of him the spirits scattered also. He had no option than to drive him away because no one violates the word of the Father. I am very privilege to ask the Father question. In the time of old, no one dare asks Him question. All you need to do is just follow His instruction. Sometimes I would ask Him question and He would scream at me and my entire being would shake violently. That is my Father, Jehovah God Almighty. He loves all His children but hates evil. Evil is abomination to Him. He created evil, but He did not create you and I to do evil. He created us to do good. When He drove Lucifer away, Lucifer then vowed that after they’ve finished every work together, He now drive him away, that the water They blocked so there could be land for the children to live, he will go and unblock the water and water will sweep all the children of the Father away. This is what he’s doing everyday on this Earth. Because of what the Father wants to do now, he knows it will affect him and the demons because they will not see anywhere to live as they use the body of human beings as their shelter. Therefore, Lucifer has vowed to waste as many children of the Father as possible. All he needs is for him to find his instrument (spirit of sin) inside you. That’s all he needs to carry out his assignment. If you look into the world now, he is the mastermind of what’s going on, not Jehovah God. Jehovah God has set everything right from the beginning. Sin is abomination to Him and anyone that commits sin is calling for the destroyer to come.

What is it that the Father wants to do? Whenever the Almighty says He wants to do something, it’s not something good, but evil. When He wiped the Earth away in the time of Noah, it wasn’t good, but evil. For Him to do such thing, He has to plan and weigh it very well to know how the outcome will be. This is why He takes His time before He acts. Since He’s being dealing with human beings on this Earth, the generation of Adam and Eve are the longest generation to live on this Earth. The Father has no time for nonsense. If He looks that the Earth is not producing what He wants, He will wipe it away and create another set of human beings. Since He created the Earth, He hasn’t destroyed it but always destroyed the human beings inside. He said to me that if you plant some crops and the crops do not yield any fruit, what will you do? You will uproot the crops and plant another one. This is exactly what He wants to do on this Earth now. He has been planning to do this for over 100 years. Many nations that exists today will exist no more. Some will sink through earthquake, water will swallow some, fire will consume some like Sodom and Gomorrah. In a family of ten, it may remain only two or four. The whole Earth will shake and there will be peace in the whole Earth afterwards. As we’re connected together today through telephones, internet and media, before we can be connected together like this again, some years would have passed because a lot of things will be destroyed.

All the time He has wiped human beings away from the Earth, the same people He wiped off came back to live again. Those He wiped away in the time of Noah came to live on this Earth again. For those generations, nobody died for them. For pre-Adamic race, there was no need for atonement because they were not as wise as we are and weren’t evil as we are. Now that Jesus has died for this generation, whatever Jehovah God does will be final. This is the danger! He is a merciful and just God. He has tried everything on this Earth, yet, nothing works. All He asked us not to do is what we keep doing everyday. Some creatures He created to live spiritually want to force themselves to live physically as human being. If that happens, it will be a disaster because you cannot fight them as they’re spirits. The sin we commit day by day is tormenting them and they’re angry. Why does the Father send rain every time? Because the spirits of the Earth have to eat. Instead of them to drink water, we’re feeding them with blood everyday. What happened to Abel when the brother killed him? The Earth, the ground rejected his body three times because it’s an abomination. Blood is an abomination to the ground. If you plant your crops, if rain doesn’t fall, you will water them. If somebody waters them with chemical, how will you feel? You can kill that person. That is exactly how the spirits of the ground feel. In the time of old, in Britain, they don’t dig ground anyhow. Everything you see in Europe and the Western world started from there. Even this present generation could not tell you what I’m telling you now because they don’t know. Before they dug the ground, there were some things my Father asked them to do to settle the spirits of the ground. Today, no one cares about all these things and you want the Earth to be peaceful. Now, people dig ground anyhow as if the Earth belongs to them. Most of the problem on this Earth today is caused by disobedience of man. Somebody created the Earth to cry loud and if it’s true that Somebody created the Earth, automatically there are rules and regulations to follow. You did not just appear on this Earth by yourself. Water and milk cannot produce children. Your father and mother cannot produce you. You are not flesh, you are Spirit, the Spirit of the Father. Jehovah God sent everybody here. This Earth is far from what the Father wants it to be. Why am I saying this? Because of Christians!!! Satan has blinded your eyes and deadened your ears not to hear the word of the Father, the word of holiness. If somebody is speaking the word of holiness, no one bothers because Satan has hardened everybody’s heart to go to Hellfire. As a Christian, if you don’t do it well, you’re going to Hellfire and you can’t come back to this Earth again. If you go to Hellfire, the same demons that led you there will also work upon your children. If you go to Hellfire, you’re disconnected from the Father for eternity. This is why the Father is crying everyday.

In the days of Jesus Christ, marine agents weren’t common. Today, you have them everywhere, even on the pulpit. Jehovah God created fish to live in the sea. Fish can never live on the land, it will die. Have you seen a live fish walking on the street before? You were created to live on the land. What are you doing in the sea? You’re neither fish nor snake. You are human being. Those the Father created to live in the sea are mermaids. They were created male and female. They are half fish, half human. They have heads like human beings, but from their waist downward, they are fish. They can swim. They cannot walk because they have no legs. They have fin and scale. You have legs, you don’t have fin and scale. Though you can swim, yet, there is a limit. You are not created like them. They cannot live on the land. They are created to live and control the sea. You are created to live and control the land. What then are you doing in the sea? You are human being but you turn yourself to fish. What many of you don’t understand is this, for you to be coming in and out among them, they must change some part of your body to theirs. Whenever Holy Spirit wants to reveal you to somebody, they may see you as half fish, half human. They may even see you with human head but your body like that of a snake. You are not animal, you’re human being. Jehovah God created you and place you above all those creatures, but you sold your birthright to them. Some of you see yourself swimming in your dream every time. You know who you are. You are a mermaid. Did God create you to be a mermaid? No! Somebody has changed your being. Some of you willingly sold your soul to them. They are now using you to live on the land, which is an abomination to the Almighty. He separated water from the land right from the beginning. Why do you join yourself to them? Many of you, your children cannot tell you the way they see themselves whenever they sleep. You know it because you sold them into it. Some of you are married to servant of God. What do you want that man to preach? As he’s climbing up, you’re pulling him down. Know it for sure that when Jehovah comes, He will cut you off and you know where you’re going. If you want to come out of it, you must open your mouth and confess to a servant of God. That is the only way.

You will see a female pastor with finger nails like vulture. You will see them with trousers and heavy makeups. Yet, they’re preaching. Who are you preaching to? You are preaching to yourself. Lucifer himself has vowed nobody will cross over from this Earth to Heaven. If you’re doing all those things and Satan doesn’t use it against you, automatically you’re committing a greater sin. What then is trousers and nail extensions if you have the spirit of witchcraft? All the Angels that God put in your womb, Satan has given each one of them one evil gift or the other through your womb because of your sin. Yet, you’re a servant of God. If Holy Spirit comes down, the kind of word that will come out of your mouth is disaster. Demons will be the ones speaking through your mouth. Yet you’re a servant of God. You cannot see a black woman with natural hair. Many of you carry another woman’s hair around and you call it human hair. As you put all those things in your body, you add another creature to yourself. Is it difficult for the Father to create you with long hair? As it pleased the Father, so He created you. If the Almighty says your body is His temple, don’t you know what He means? He didn’t say your Spirit is His temple; He says your body. Body is different from Spirit. Demons pass through your body everyday to destroy the children of the Father. Hair extensions, nail extensions, makeups, jewelleries, all these things are abomination to the Almighty. Trousers were given to men because the way they were created so they could pack themselves properly. As a wife wearing trousers, it’s two men in the house. There are many reasons why marriage is no more working. All of you want the Father to explain everything. The more you know, the more Satan will torment you. All of you are praying to the Father to come down. If the Father comes down, many of you will die. The Israelites cried when they were in the land of Egypt that God should rescue them. When God sent Moses to rescue them, they were happy. But when God was teaching them through Moses, the demons in them would not let go. You know the rest of the story. All those people Moses brought out of Egypt died in the Wilderness. Why am I saying this? Because I know what my Father told me. He is coming. If He comes, judgement will begin from the church. He said some of you will run from your home to seek refuge in the church because of what you’ll see, but the Angels will kill you right there in the church because you’re evil. For what happened to the Israelites in the Wilderness not to happen to you, vomit whatever you have swallowed immediately.

Many of you that put on jewelleries should watch your dream. Those precious stones were created for different purposes. They were for means of exchange. The spirit that controls them is very powerful. As you keep them in your cupboard, at night, the spirits will leave to look for food and come back. These are the things you put on your body everyday. The word of the Father carries weight. Whatever He says He doesn’t want and you’re doing it, you lay curse upon yourself automatically. He created those things and created you uniquely for Himself. The covenant of Christianity is a covenant of holiness. The coming of Jesus Christ did not change the Law of the Father. The Father sent Jesus Christ so He could use His blood to appease demons out of your life and your generation. Why then are you adding more demons to your body when you have given your life to Jesus Christ? Some of you said God only needs your heart. Are you not seeing yourself putting on jewelleries in your dream? That is the same Spirit that will go to Heaven. Heaven doesn’t permit all those things at all. Earrings are for slaves, to differentiate them from the freeborn. You are not a slave. Jesus Christ has redeemed you with His precious blood. Many of you women that claim you’re servants of God, you have case to answer when you get home. You will not see the Father; you will only see the Judges who will judge you and send you to where you belong. Because of what all of you are doing, some of those people Jesus Christ took to Heaven and Hellfire could not make it to Heaven when they finally died because you didn’t believe them. And because of your unbelieve, they too committed sin again. If Jehovah God hasn’t revealed Himself to me, because of the kind of message some of you pastors sent to me, I could have doubted who was speaking to me. I cannot doubt Him because I know Him and know His way. This was exactly what the Jews did to Jesus Christ. Though He prayed that Father should forgive them for they knew not what they did. One is to pray; it is left for Jehovah who will answer the prayer. All those who crucified Jesus Christ died a shameful death. Annas and Caiaphas were both stoned to death. Pontius Pilate killed himself while in the prison. The generation of those people are still passing through torment until today because of that. Nobody prays to fall into the trap of the Almighty. A woman sent me a message last year and Jehovah God Himself laid curse upon her because she thought she has mouth to speak. You cannot condemn the word of the Father and go free. If Satan hardens your heart to do what you’re not supposed to do, he will flee from you when the Father strikes you down.

If you dreamt and saw me, you can relate your dream with me, but I have no clue what kind of dream you had. That is truly and purely dream. However, if you dreamt and saw me, if you relate your dream with me and I know exactly what you dreamt and we can continue to discuss it exactly as you saw it in your dream, sincerely and truly, that is witchcraft! Many of you saw yourself grew up that way; you know no other life apart from that simply because your generation has been sold into witchcraft. Many of you are proud because you have power. Which power do you have? Where did you get the power from? Witchcraft! Lucifer that is sharing that spirit for all of you wished he never had it. It is a spirit of destroyer. All of you are destroying the handwork of the Father. Can you wait when He comes? Many of you are like Rebecca who destroyed the glory of Israel. You fail to emulate Mary who suffered so the Father could glorify Himself on this Earth through Jesus Christ. You alone will destroy the glory of entire generation. Satan will pass through your body to kill all your children. Yet you’re bragging you have power. You will donate the glory of your children in your coven. When they’re passing through hardship physically, you’re now praying to God to solve their problem. Tell everybody you’re the cause of their problem. Tell your children you donated them in your coven because you wanted promotion. You cannot tell them! You are trading on the glory of your children. Are they your children? They are the children of the Father! You are serving God rendering foolish service, giving foolish offering. Do you ever think of your place of rest? Do you ever think of Heaven? No matter how you pray, no matter the kind of service you render for Jehovah, He will not forgive you until you open your mouth and confess what you did. Open your mouth and let that bird fly away. Witchcraft is an abomination to the Father. That is why He said they should kill them in the time of old. That spirit is not yours, it belongs to the Father. Return the spirit to wherever you get it from so you and your generation can have peace. Do you sleep well on your bed? No! You don’t sleep well and you cannot sleep well because of that spirit. Whenever you close your eyes to sleep, the spirit will take you to the coven. That is how Jehovah God programmed the spirit to work. You have no power over it because it doesn’t belong to you. Unless you don’t sleep. Even if you don’t sleep, the spirit is also in action during your waken hours. You think people are not seeing you. They are seeing you! You are like someone swimming in the river with face downwards who forget her back is expose. With that spirit, you cannot do anything good. Look around you if the lives of your children are good. Look around you if the lives of your relatives are good. That spirit will ravage everything around you. Those who prosper physically are those who add marine witchcraft to their own. They will always take people’s glory from physical world into the marine world. Those ones there will reward them and it will manifest physically. This is why it looks they’re prosper physically. They are also deceived. They did not tell them that they exchange the glory of their children as a reward for them. As their children are alive, they’re empty already. They can never live a good life. Anyone that possesses the spirit of witchcraft is automatically an instrument for Satan to use either you like it or not. Because you have his property in your body, he can pass through you to do anything. What happened to the Disciples of Jesus Christ? How were they able to kill them? No matter how holy a man of God may be, there are some things that shouldn’t happen around him. Remember they weren’t in Jerusalem anymore; they were scattered around already. As a holy man, anyone that carries the spirit of sin around you is dangerous and an instrument for Satan to use. Those people were the ones cooking for them. They were the ones giving them water to drink. Satan passed through their body to pollute the Disciples until they were weakened spiritually. After they have weakened them spiritually, they were able to summon their Spirits. This was how they were able to kill them. If you love anybody as a sister or brother, as a man of God, you do yourself harm because you will also love every spirit that’s inside them. Hence you’re committing sin, Satan can pass through you unknowingly to harm anybody especially a servant of God. This is part of what has happened to Nigerian pastors that their name is ringing bell in Hellfire. Through the celebration of birthday alone, Satan can pass through anybody to give you ordinary birthday card to make you blind spiritually. If a man of God is spiritually blind, he is dead alive. Through the receipt of birthday card, many have unknowingly made covenant with demon of wealth. Physically you may be wealthy, but you’re a dead man spiritually. Satan has vowed that whatever Jesus Christ did not do, if you do it, he will use it against you. The only way you can survive on this Earth is to obey every Law of the Father.

Satan also passed through many women to harm Jesus Christ. When His mother and the brother were looking for Him, He made the statement “Who are My mother and My brothers? Here are My mother and My brothers! Whoever does God’s will is My brother and sister and mother.” See Mark 3:31-35. Why did He say that? As He had many male followers, so also He had many female followers. However, He did not give Himself to the women because He knew what Satan could do. Instead, Mary His mother took care of them. Satan passed through them because he knew Jesus loved the mother. When the mother came asking for Him, He knew already what was going on because Satan has already passed through the women to the mother so he could get Him. This was why He made that statement. Towards the end of His ministry, it came to a point He wasn’t sleeping at home anymore because they laid in wait for Him several times to harm Him. He wept several times because it wasn’t’ easy. Satan knew how the Father created women and this is why it’s very easy for him to use them.

If you look into the world today, there are many things going on. These are the works of witchcraft. A full man must be a man both physically and spiritually and a full woman must be a woman both physically and spiritually. However, witchcraft can change the physical body but not the spiritual body. This is the reason why there are many homosexuals and lesbians in the world today. It is witchcraft manipulation. How can a man fall in love with a man? It is an abomination. If you look at two men who claim they’re in love, if you check their spiritual beings, you will see that one of them is a woman. Two men or two women can never fall in love. It is the work of Satan. If a woman says she can never be under a man, she’s speaking from spiritual perspective. She is a man! Somebody somewhere has manipulated with her spiritual being. The spiritual controls the physical. There are many people like this also in Africa. Some did it out of ignorance, while some did it because of wickedness. This is part of what the Father wants to wipe away from this Earth because it’s an abomination. He destroyed the Earth in the time of Noah mainly because of witchcraft. This time around, He is going to destroy it because of the same thing. He created that spirit for Himself alone and anyone among you that possess it should willingly surrender to Jesus so you can vomit that nonsense away from your body. It is nonsense. The world is polluted to the point of no remedy. In my life time, I have come across many people, especially women. More than 90% of them are Angels. They are to do the work of the Father. Sadly speaking, Satan has given all of them one thing or the other to nurse. Now they love the life they live, life of abomination of the Father.

All of you who are single mothers, Jehovah says I should tell you that you’re going to Hellfire because you’re among those who polluted this Earth. For a woman to give birth to children while she’s not married is abomination to the Earth. You should know the kind of spirit that live in those children. God hates divorce! If you’re divorced, it’s a different issue. Why are you divorced? Are you divorced because of selfishness or you married wrongly? If you choose it wrongly, you also eat it wrongly. If two people are married, their Spirits interwoven with each other. If you divorce, your Spirit still lives with each other. This is why only death can separate marriage. There are some exceptional cases, however, it is rare where God Himself will separate the marriage because He knows one is a danger to the other spiritually. In this case, before you enter into another marriage, you must wait solely upon the Father to give you the right person. Many marriages today are made up of incompatible people. If you’re incompatible, you also produce wrong children. This is why there is so much pollution in the land. As a widow, if They look and see your hand in the death of your husband, They will judge you. Some of you tormented the soul of your husband until he died. Today, you’re praying to God. Until you open your mouth and confess, peace is far away from you. If you destroy the life of your husband, what about your children? You have destroyed their lives automatically. No matter how much offering you give, no matter how much service you render, if dirtiness is found in you, you’re going to Hellfire. Your offering and your service will not take you to Heaven. Holiness alone will take you to Heaven.

Demons are spirits, yet, they use the body of human being to live on the ground. Sometimes you’re speaking to somebody as if you’re speaking to human being, but little do you know you’re speaking to demon. Every human being you see in your dreams are demons! Most of the Angels that do good are invisible because they don’t live on this Earth. Some of them live inside you, but you cannot see them. Sometimes they help you to fight. Those ones you see are demons because they live with us on this Earth. If you see any human being in your dream, it is demon. That is the spirit that lives in that person. Demons don’t appear with their true image. They appear with the image of their host, human being. In Africa, because almost everybody believes in their existence, they will not appear to you. They use human beings to represent themselves. You cannot see Almighty God. If you see a holy servant of God in your dream, the word he speaks will make you to know it’s God. If He doesn’t appear to you in that way, He may appear to you in the image of an old man. It is only in Western world that demons appear with their true image. This is why you hear things like alien invasion. It is true! They are demons. Some of them are like animals. Some of them are like human beings. They are different creatures and different sizes. Remember that the Father created everything to multiply, to bear children. Some of you may see yourself pregnant in your dream. You are carrying the baby of the spirit of sin that lives inside you. Some of you give birth every month. You are giving birth to demons. Demons don’t have miscarriage. Some of you experience sexual intercourse in your dreams. How do you feel whenever you wake up? It looks real! If a man has sexual intercourse with a woman, what will happen? She will pregnant! She may not pregnant physically, but spiritually, demons don’t make mistake. She will pregnant and give birth spiritually. The demon that lives inside her is the one getting pregnant and giving birth. Yet, this demon carries your image. For you to see yourself in that way, there must be a particular sin you’re committing physically. Sin is the food of demons. This is why it is very dangerous for a servant of God to commit sin. None of you know how Jehovah God created this Earth. Any sin you commit, the controller of that sin will come to you. This is how the Father set it from the beginning. It is very easy to invite them (demons). To drive them away is a hard work. If a servant of God sins, Satan will be very happy because this is what he’s looking for. Some women gave birth to children and gave testimony that God has blessed them. If you ask those women what happened in their dream prior to their pregnancy, what you’ll hear from their mouth will shock you, if only they can tell you the truth. You cannot see your pastor having sexual intercourse with you and think it’s God. Never! It’s an abomination! That is the work of Satan because that pastor has committed sin. Such child is not a real child. I told you what happened to Ishmael! Jehovah God is not a wicked God. Every Law the Father gave must be followed if we want peace on this Earth. Many of you don’t know why the Father gave Ordinance of segregation. It was because of the sin of sexual immorality! You don’t know the enemy you’re fighting with. He knows every weakness of human being because when the Father was programming your body, He explained to those Angels who were there the abomination that can destroy the body and Lucifer was among Them.

Some of you love to keep pet. If you as a man or a woman could have sexual hunger, what about the animal you keep in your house? As the Father created you male and female, so also He created the animals male and female. If somebody lock you up and deprives you of what is part of your being, how will you feel? Some of you keep giant dogs as pet. You will naked in the present of that dog; have your bathe in the present of that dog. But you know how to quench your own sexual hunger whenever it comes. What do you expect that dog to do? This is why some of the dogs request such thing from you women whenever they have sexual hunger and you can’t say no. Jehovah God knows what many of you are passing through in your closet that you can’t speak out. Those animals were created to produce children. You cannot cage them for the sake of keeping pet. If you want to do them good, keep both male and female. If they produce children, you can sell them. Jehovah God will be pleased seeing you do that. Instead of you to do that, you prefer to keep a single animal. Some of you even love that animal, your dog more than human being. Few months ago, I read in one of the newspapers about a hotel in Wales, Britain, where men go to have sexual intercourse with animals. After a man slept with an animal (sheep, pig, dog, goat), he will go back again to sleep with a woman. If fornication (man and woman) is a sin, how much more such abomination? This is why you see many incurable sicknesses develop everyday. The Almighty God has billions of reasons to wipe this Earth away, even today.

Adam was an Angel in Heaven. The Almighty God moulded a sand of the ground to form a physical body for him. He then put that Angel inside that body to reduce the power. Remember that Angels are powerful because they’re Spirits. For Adam to be able to live on this Earth, he needed a body like this Earth itself. It’s like putting one bag into another bag. The outer bag is what everybody will see. If a woman is carrying two bags, nobody will know because they only see her with one bag. Therefore, you’re an Angel. The Father put you inside your physical body to reduce your current, your power. This was why the Father didn’t destroy Adam and Eve when they sinned because He knew they were two, Spirit and body. The Spirit He put inside human being is very important to Him and that Spirit cannot die. He believes that, the way He created them, before anything could touch the one inside, it’s very hard. But Lucifer, who knew the secret how the Father created them went and unlocked it. The Father even separated Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden. He put Adam in charge of the male animals and Eve in charge of the female animals so that whenever the animals mate together, they will not see them and have the memory of it. But somebody who knew the secret and what could destroy them unlocked it. It’s like the egg in a woman’s womb. No bacteria can penetrate into it because it’s made up of several layers. Yet, demons can penetrate into it because they’re spirits. Sin is what can make them penetrate into it. A woman who used fornication to open her womb has destroyed her entire generation already. Many of you don’t ask why there is so much poverty and hardship on this Earth. Fornication, polygamy, sexual immorality! Any sexual related sin is the cause of poverty and hardship on this Earth because that thing is the source of life. This is the reason why Jehovah God wants to wipe those things off so the Earth can enjoy a time of peace until He finally roll it away.

The Father has already put that Spirit inside each person – Spirit of sex. This was the reason He did not allow Adam and Eve to do it before He gave them the go ahead. Once you use sin to feed that Spirit, the remaining of your life is apology. This was exactly what happened to Adam and Eve. They used sin to open their womb. Whenever a man or a woman have sexual intercourse before marriage, you have automatically fed that Spirit with sin and another spirit has entered already. This is why that spirit is now demanding it wrongly whenever it’s hungry. This is why you see things like rape, incest, father having sex with daughter, mother having sex with son or marrying him everywhere. Once you use sin to feed that Spirit, watch your life and what goes on around you. A young lady was bragging she would have sex with fifty men before she gets married. Such woman will later become somebody’s wife one day. You should know how many demons she carries. With her destroyed womb, full of demons, she will only give birth to satanic armies, not children anymore. Abomination of the first order!

If Satan succeed in killing anyone, if that person is unclean, the Father cannot take him to Heaven. Satan that killed him doesn’t know how to settle his Spirit, only the Father can settle the Spirit. Yet, he has power to use him to fight on this Earth again. When a man is killed unlawfully, his blood will request for another blood. This is why killing never stops on this Earth. Because most Africans believe in God, this is why their Spirit don’t trouble their loved ones. In Western world, they have so much trouble with Ghost. Why? Because they don’t believe in God. They believe that when you die, you die. Where then are you going whenever you die when you don’t believe there is life after death? This is why they have no destination. Many of them are still wandering around after they’ve died several years. In the evening, if you listen carefully, you will hear some voices coming out from on top of trees. They are the ones! These are not birds; they are spirits of the dead because they have no destination. They are calling their loved ones hoping they could hear them. When Satan sees they have no destination, wandering around, he will use them. How? As they’re wandering around, they want to come back to this Earth but don’t have the power to do so. He will ask them to enter him but on one condition. Whenever they come to this Earth, they have to work for him. He will then look for a woman who is unclean, even Christians, to have sexual intercourse with her spiritually and he will release the spirit of that man into her and she will be pregnant. What do you think such child will do on this Earth? These are his armies and you can see them everywhere. While they’re on Earth, he has power to use them whenever he wants. Now you will know the kind of children the single mothers are giving birth to everyday, everywhere. Even if you haven’t given your life to Jesus Christ, the Father wants your soul to settle in the Dark-Planet so that you can come back to this Earth again at His own command, not of Satan. This is the reason you see women giving birth to disabled children everywhere. If you give birth to a disabled child, your entire life is shattered already because you have to care for that child twenty-four-seven. Does the blessing of the Almighty adds sorrow? Not at all! The evil that all of us are doing is what brings us sorrow day by day. Christianity has become valueless in society. No one is proud to be a Christian. Every nation has gone their own way. Lies, cheating, greed, jealousy, hatred, everything is in the hands of Christians. Everyone believes when you serve God, He will always put money in your pocket. If you just give your life to Jesus Christ, you’re on your way to Heaven. Heaven indeed! Just like that!!! What happens to all the lives of sin you’ve lived? Until you open your mouth and confess! You must disgrace yourself and if you disgrace yourself, you will see what those demons you’ve carried around for several years will do to you. They will torment you until you refuse to give up. What happened to Jesus Christ? He was humiliated, disgraced, beaten and all sort. You must suffer for all the sins you committed on this Earth; else, Heaven is far from you. Who told you is that easy? The same Heaven that prophets of old could not enter just like that. Many of them were confined in the Dark-Planet until the Father picked a handful of them to Heaven after the ascension of Jesus Christ. All of you think it’s just easy like that to enter Heaven. If the Father could reject His own son – Lucifer, you think He will not reject you with everything you carry around and one is telling you to vomit them and let them go, you’re bragging. The reason why the Father comes down to re-teach everybody again is because all those who died were giving the same excuse – my pastor did not teach me. It’s an excuse! You’re educated; you can read and write. No excuse! You’re going to Hellfire. Why are you blaming your pastor? Blame yourself! You’re going to Hellfire. The Spirit of the Father is inside you. At least you can dream if you can’t hear from the Father. You’re going to Hellfire. And for you, servant of God who ravaged the sheep of Jehovah, you cannot stand the kind of judgement that is awaiting you. The Almighty God now looked at the whole Earth to know what He would do and no one is good. The only area where smoke of prayers goes up to Heaven everyday is Africa. Yet they’re committing sin. This is why the Father has made up His mind what He will do.

Africa is the last born of the Almighty. As parents, if you give birth to many children, you will show more love to your last born than the rest. In fact, the last born enjoys more than the rest of the children. Africa, Jehovah God brought you to enjoy what you didn’t labour for. He brought you to eat and have peace, but Satan swapped it around and gave you chaff because your fathers thought they’re clever. The glory that my Father bestowed on black race is more than others and Lucifer knows. This was why he tormented them with idolatry. That is the precious gift he gave to Africa. Hence you’re serving idol, you become the enemy of Jehovah God automatically. Idolatry works hand in hand with witchcraft. Those things are powerful. The whole world was worshipping idols before the Father turned to Abram (Abraham). He chose him because of Heaven. It’s for the same reason He tormented the soul of Moses to lead the children out of slavery. It’s for the same reason He brought Jesus Christ. He brought many churches because of Heaven but Satan destroyed all the Ordinances my Father gave to them. What the Father is doing with me now is for the sake of Heaven. He wants His children to come to Heaven, not because of the comfort of this Earth. Holiness is the food of the Almighty. He always starts His work with one man at a time, and through that man to the whole world. After the day of Pentecost, when they were persecuting the Disciples of Jesus Christ and they scattered, they travelled as far as Egypt down to Ethiopia. However, they didn’t get to West Africa. It was the same time Christianity came to Europe. Remember that every nation has their own religion already. They had what they worship. Africa continued in their idolatry. Many years later, Jehovah God put it in the heart of the Europeans to travel to Africa and take them as slaves. Why? When they cross the sea, after some time, they will forget their idols because idols claim everything you have. Nothing good can come from any land where idols are worshipped. He knew some people would die, but those who survived would give birth to glorious generation. But what happened? Many of them took their idols along with them. The American and Europeans also hated them. What the Father wanted them to teach the Africans, they couldn’t teach them. It was because of idolatry He scattered everybody. Today, Africans travel everywhere as what? As slaves! Nobody takes them as slaves but they sell themselves everyday as slaves. So many atrocities go on in Africa everyday. They turn the blood of human being to water to bathe. Secret killings, open killings. They use human beings as sacrifice because of money. All these are in the hands of my people. Yet, they go to church and mosque everyday. As they worship God in the church, so also they have shrine in their homes. At night they also go to their coven. All of them have double spirits. Ah Africa! How then can the land prosper? The land cannot prosper! Everything you see in Africa day by day is from idols. You can see it clearly on the pulpit. When Jehovah God send you to bring His children back to Him, you’re using their blood to make sacrifice to do the work of the Father. The Father killed His Own Son Jesus Christ. He doesn’t send you to use human being as sacrifice. Your hands are full of blood but you claim you’re servants of God. You are not servants of God but servants of demons! Turn back now, open your mouth and confess before it’s too late.

If you look at Mid-West Nigeria, if God opens your eyes, you will see all the youth in chains. Why won’t they be in chains? Parents were worshipping idols. They gave birth to all their children in the way of idolatry. The spirit the Almighty God created to live in the forest, somebody went and brought it to live with him in his house. Fish was created to live in the sea. Somebody would go and bring fish to live with her in the house. Can you drive them back to the sea? You cannot because your body and the body of your generation is a manure for them. Idols claim all your children. Many of your children there in Europe are agents of marine because you sold them into it. When there was nobody to look after the girls, all of them turned to prostitution and drugs. Why won’t they be in chains? Imagine a land where all the young girls were into prostitution. They will be a wife of somebody one day and also give birth to children. Which kind of children do you think they’ll give birth to? Demons of course!!! All of them built houses around the land with money from prostitution and drugs. Anyone that lives in such house can never see anything good. Tell me now if anything good can come out of the land. For something good to come out of the land, Jehovah God must wipe those things away from the land because the land is polluted already.

All of you don’t know how the Father created this Earth. All the spirits He put in charge of the key area of this Earth, forest, mountain, sea, air, Lucifer polluted all of them because of human beings. They weren’t evil, but he polluted them because of you and I. The family I passed through to this Earth are warriors, warriors of Jehovah God. The Father created them to be warriors in case if anything goes wrong on this Earth, He would use them to fight physically. Somebody went and sold the entire generation to demon until today. Jehovah God has given you power already, you went to the extent whenever the enemy cut of your head, with your headless body, you would cut somebody’s head and put it back to your headless body. You could appear and disappear. What do you think you are? You’re a demon! This was exactly what went on throughout Africa. All the idols they were worshipping were powerful people, warriors turned demons. If you bring idols into your house, they will be there thousands of years and will possess every member of that generation. This is what is wrong with the whole Africa. The Almighty God has put those spirits there for His own use. What happened in Osun? In the time of war, the water rose to rescue the people of the land and until today, they’re worshipping the river. When Jehovah God asked the spirit of that river, he said Your children are the ones worshipping me and I did not ask them to worship me. In a village where there is no church, nobody believes in Jesus Christ and there is problem, women are dying while giving birth. Will the Father keep quiet and let everybody perish? Yet, He created all of them. Out of ten people He created, one of them must be a prophet. If something is going wrong, He will pass through that person to bring solution to the land. Then everybody will now gather together and begin to worship that person. This is where idolatry started. All the voodoo priests, herbalist, witchdoctors, who do you think they are? They are prophets of God! But they turned themselves to prophet of demons. All of you haven’t ask yourself why nobody could rule the land well. It’s because of idolatry! As you see all your politicians, they have good heart better than many of you. But they cannot do good because of their background and the background of every citizen of the land. The night of their inauguration, the spirit will appear to them. He may appear through the image of their father or mother, grandfather or grandmother, or any of their ancestors telling them we’re the ones that put you in this position and you must obey us. Leave them alone; we’re the ones ruling all of them; don’t give them light because we love darkness; look, your grandfather’s house is there, you’ve not built it; you need more children; marry more wives; when is your birthday; call all your friends and celebrate your birthday; you need more cars; what about private jet, it’s good for you; you’re only in this position for four years, save money in case they don’t vote for you again; send your children abroad to continue their education. The demons will tell him what to do. How can he resist them when they’re tormenting his soul? When they tell you we’re going to kill your wife and children if you don’t do what we ask you to do. What do you expect that man to do? All of you sit in your house speaking what you don’t know! This is why before you enter into any position of leadership, you must first of all surrender your heart to God, if not, you cannot rule well. The same thing happened to servants of God as well. This is exactly what is wrong with the whole Earth, not only Africa. All the kings of Israel, what happened to them? The only one that was good was David. But look at what happened to him! He loved God and Satan knew. The wife upon wife he married was the strategy Satan used in destroying him. Once he can get hold of your weakness, you’re doom already. He always uses the Law of the Father against the children of the Father. Anyone who is to survive this Earth must keep the Law of the Father. For Africa to be good, idolatry and witchcraft must be eradicated.

Sometimes ago, I was speaking to a lady from Tanzania. She is in her late forties. Looking at her, she’s a big woman. God created her as a big woman. I told her God created you to feed your entire family and she confirmed it. Now can you feed yourself? I asked her. If you cannot feed yourself, how can you feed others? I told her what she should do but she counted it as nothing. I once worked in a company and almost all the workers are from different part of Africa. Many of them are not ordinary people, both men and women are head of their household. Satan has taken away what Jehovah God gave to them and replace it with peanut. All of them are struggling. What my Father told me concerning some of them is shocking. Some of them have built houses in Africa already. Some of them have just started theirs. If you live and die in a foreign land, what will happen to the house you’ve built? What will happen to the house you’re building? Let me tell all of you! Many of you were desperate to travel to Europe or America and you prayed earnestly to God before you could travel. If your life was good in Africa, would you leave? I tell you the truth, unless you’re also desperate to go back as you were desperate to travel to Europe or America, you can never go back because the same demon that tormented your life not to see good while you were in Africa will also chain you down there as a slave not to go back. You don’t know the enemy you’re fighting with.

What about the Europeans? They too suffered! They were not into idolatry like Africans, but were into witchcraft. When my Father saw those He could use in the land to carry out His assignment, He used their heart so the land could prosper. Many of you will wonder why Europe is so prosper. Everything started from one land, Britain. But how? Any land that practices idolatry or witchcraft cannot prosper. If they were into witchcraft, how then did they still prosper? A foolish Nigerian man came to London some years ago and said, whenever he gets back to Nigeria, he will not go to church anymore because an average European doesn’t go to church, yet they prosper. He spoke foolishly. He spoke what he didn’t know. If a father worked hard for his children to enjoy, the work he did will not ruin in a day if his children fail to continue in his footstep but will ruing gradually. It’s like a bucket of water that some people fetched so the people of the land could see water to drink. If those people die out and nobody among their children bother to fetch water so the water their fathers fetched will not run out, the water will dry and the people of the land will go thirsty. This is what is happening to Europe and America now. Everybody knows how tiny that island, Britain is. Yet, they conquered the whole world. How did they do it? Because my Father was with them! They were into witchcraft but my Father gave Ordinance to kill whoever have that spirit. But yet, the land could still not prosper with that! Where is the father and mother of witchcraft!!! It was when Jehovah God banished the father and mother of witchcraft away from the land to another place, this was when Europe began to prosper. I am telling you mystery now! But they’re coming back gradually because they’ve forsaken the Law of the Father. This is why the Europeans are eating their last meal now. Until the Almighty God banishes the father and mother of witchcraft away from Africa, Africa cannot and will never prosper. At Murtala Muhammed Airport in Lagos alone, many set of demons watch the airspace twenty-four-seven and vowed nothing good will enter the land. In September 2014, my Father sent me on assignment to Nigeria and asked me to do something when I got to the airport which I did before travelling home. I have not been there for the past 16 years. When I got there, I saw poverty smelling everywhere. Yet, this is far from what my Father told me He would do in the land. But how will He do it? He alone knows and I believe wholeheartedly He will do it.

The Almighty God used some people to repair that land, Britain. They didn’t enjoy anything, they suffered. The Father now send some of them back to this Earth so they could enjoy what they laboured for. These are the children you now keyed into their brain there is no God. How could they return back to Heaven when you teach them there is no God? But these are the children, your forefathers that Jehovah God used to build the land for you to enjoy. This is why the Father is very angry. Before they will realise what they’ve done to their children, the lives of many would have wasted. This is the same land where the Law of the Father was visible in every public institution and household. Today, to mention the name of God openly is a taboo. If you speak about Jesus Christ, they will look at you as a mad man. What a lost generation! They know how to drink and fornicate. Whenever they’re angry, they turn to knife. Nobody teaches them that getting angry is a sin how much more killing. The Europeans like Americans have not known what they’ve done to their children and their generation. Before they will realise it, time has passed. Satan is drinking their blood everyday and they don’t realise it.

If you’re looking for the best doctor, go to India because this is what Jehovah God has given them to do. Yet, Satan has turned everything upside down. The kind of evil that is going on there everyday is not what one can speak about. Evil has taken over the entire region. If Satan could take over Europe and America that the Father is looking up to, which one remains. This is why disaster is looming. Satan has scattered his army around Europe waiting for the day of battle. You shouldn’t blame anybody for it. You should blame yourself. If you don’t commit sin, Satan will not come to you. Unless the Law of Jehovah is instituted in every nation, the Earth will not have peace. People may call it anything, global warming or epidemic, it is grammar. Evil is at work. Unless every nation turns back to God, peace is very far away. Jehovah God did not create the Earth for human beings to go their own way. Though He didn’t impose it on anybody to serve Him, but don’t do evil. What He hates is what we’re doing. Therefore, peace is far away. Before people will realise what I’m saying now, it will be too late. Millions of people might have died.

The Almighty God wants to use Nigeria to repair this Earth for the last time before He finally roll it away. All His children He scattered around the world because of idolatry – Africans, He wants to bring them back to Africa. Jehovah God wants to repair the land. For that to happen, a lot will happen in the land. Unless idolatry is eradicated from the land, nothing can prosper. Idolatry has ravaged the whole land, not only Nigeria, the whole continent of Africa. Poverty is smelling everywhere! They are praying to God everyday, yet, they’re committing sin. Jehovah God is going there to teach them what they don’t know so they could serve Him better. Whoever stand in His way, He will wipe their generation away. How will that happen? It is a spiritual war because Satan will not let go. Since the Father has declared this to me, Satan has not given me peace. He has not rest because he doesn’t want truth on this Earth. As for the servants of God that full Africa, Thus says Jehovah God Almighty, the Sovereign One, whose name is Holy, “I sent you to kill fish for Me, but you killed all the fish and eat it by yourself. Which one will I eat? As My children die everyday, none of them come to Me. But you’re killing fish everyday. As tree fall upon tree, so will all My servants fall one after the other. I will uproot them from my land and wipe off their memory from the face of the Earth because they taught My children wrong doctrine. I Myself will come and teach My children by Myself so they could live the life I want them to live.”

My dear Friend, Jehovah God is coming to judge the Earth. This is why you see so many things happening now because Satan is angry. He wants to waste as many children of the Father as possible before the Father wipes the wicked ones away. No matter any denomination you belong to, if the church you attend is an old church, go back to the foundation and see the Ordinance Jehovah God gave to the founder. He will judge each individual upon this Ordinance when He comes. Open your mouth and confess your sin to a servant of God and never return back to it. If you’re a servant of God, look for another servant of God and confess your sin. Holiness is what the Father needs. This is what will take you to Heaven and this is what will give you peace on this Earth. This is not a matter of praying in a corner that God should have mercy. God will not have mercy unless you open your mouth and confess. Jehovah God works on principle. As a servant of God, I will advise you to carry microphone and confess to your congregation. This is the only way Jehovah God will spare you.

May the Lord have mercy upon your soul and protect you from disaster in Jesus name.

Remain blessed in Him.
Pastor Radiant Ayowole Jesudairo
London, 1st January 2016.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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If a man breathes his last breath, his Spirit departs and continues his life elsewhere. Whatever life he lives here will determine his destination and how his next life will be.


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