The Latter Glory Of Nigeria

The Father speaks

(Monday 10th July 2017, 05:30)

Whenever I speak My word, no matter how long it is, I will never forget. When I surveyed the whole Earth, I found none that is worthy of My glory. As I looked further, I found the constant smoke of prayers coming out of a despised nation, a nation whose forefathers I sold as slaves, a nation tagged as evil, a nation where My name and the name of My Son is being mentioned every day, even infants never stop speaking of Me, this is the nation I chose to lead My children through the last stage of the Earth. When I started My journey with Abraham, he himself couldn’t believe that his name would spread throughout the whole Earth. I have used men to establish many churches across the whole Earth. When I asked My son Josiah to establish My church, he didn’t know what I was about to do. I only gave him little clue through the Covenant I made with the church. When I saw all the other churches had corrupted the Ordinance I gave to them, I purposely brought down this particular one from My Throne to this Earth so that I could take My children back to Heaven through it. Now that My son Josiah lives in My Throne, he could look down and see the church I established through his hand. He suffered a lot because of Me, but I crowned him. I always start My work in an obscure place, a place despised by many people. After many years might have passed, people would look and see My glory through the work I started with just one man. I Am The Almighty God. I Am The Originator. I Am The Oldman. I Am The Authority. I Am not feeble; I do not change, I remain the same.

When I led Moses back to Egypt, I told him what I would do, but he didn’t know how long it would take him to lead My children out of Egypt. If I send a man on an errand, he wouldn’t know how far his journey would be until he’s fully inside the journey, but he would never die in the journey because an actor doesn’t die in a film. I, the same God of Moses have come again. I want to prove Myself in the whole Earth once again. This time around, it would be more than what I did with Moses because the Earth has become a global village as some of you call it.

When I led the Israelites to the Wilderness, I knew they wouldn’t follow My Law willingly because of the demons they’ve acquired in Egypt. Before I took them out of Egypt, I knew what would happen by the end of the day. They all fall in the Wilderness but their children I took to the Promised Land. This is a word for all Nigerians. All of you have My knowledge. Even those of you who don’t go to church cannot deny My existence. However, none of you know what I can do. None of you know what it takes to serve Me. All of you are crying every day that you want to see Me. If I come, can you stand? I Am tired of your crying and weeping. Every day by day, you’re disturbing Me with your tears, and you fail to do My will. As you wish, so will I do to all of you. I will come down by Myself and teach you what you lack. Those of you who follow My Law and Ordinance willingly will live. But those of you who’re not willing to follow Me will die. As I did to the Israelites in the Wilderness, so will I do to all of you. I know you’re only crying for Me to come. You are crying because of the things of this Earth. None of you is crying because you want to come to Heaven. When My servant whom I have chosen to lead you appears, I know many of you would love to rebel against My word, and this is where My wrath will sweep all of you away. Many of you want to serve Me, but the demons you’ve acquired wouldn’t allow you. This is where you will meet your end. I did it before, and I Am not afraid to do it again. Because of your heart, Satan would gather all siblings against the only one whose heart is clean. How do you want that one to survive? Satan will use you to freeze his or her blessings. Yet, the same womb carried all of you. A mother would collaborate with her children spiritually to fight the only one that would have fed the entire family. Yet, all of you are inside the church crying and praying to Me. Am I a wicked Father? I Am not a wicked Father. All of you are wicked children. Because of all of you, I allowed My servant to pass through hell for him to suffer and experience what many of My children are suffering and experiencing throughout the whole Earth. I Am not a wicked Father. I Am a Righteous Judge who see and know all things. As I will do to those of you at home in Nigeria, so will I do to all your children I scattered all over the Earth.

Many of your children are suffering in foreign lands, yet, I buried gold in your land for you to enjoy. Many of them are suffering because of the sins of their fathers. Many of them are suffering because of their own sins. I have decreed My word, and I cannot revoke it. I have made up My mind to settle the land. Therefore, I will visit all your children I scattered all over the Earth. Those whose hands are clean will return home alive and in peace to rebuild the land. Those whose hands are dirty will meet their end in a foreign land. I will not allow them to come back to Nigeria to pollute the land once again. Many of them have acquired strange cultures, cultures of demons. If I allow them to come home, they will bring all those abominable cultures along with them. All of them will meet their end in a strange land. What many of them could not do at home because of the heat of prayers everywhere, this they do freely because the land is cold and dirty. Nobody has My fear! Many of them were vibrant when they were home. Now, they commit abominable sins that mouth could not speak of. I will destroy all of them. As I did to the family of Naomi who did not return to Israel, so will I do to all of them because they’re wicked.

Those I chose to lead My children are bloodsuckers. They kill My children every day.They are robbers both physically and spiritually. They constantly rob My children of their blessings. All they know how to do is to embezzle My money, the money I gave them to care for My children. My servants have shut the door of Heaven against themselves and will not allow My children to go in. I will visit all churches and mosques. I will visit all shrines. I will visit all government offices. I will visit all families. I have done it before, and I will do it again. I will rid the land of all idolatry and witchcraft. There will be an outcry throughout the whole land. Those who leave their houses to seek shelter in the church will meet their death right there in the church. Once the time of grace is over, I will spare nobody. I Am The Mighty Man in Battle. I Am Man of War. I Am Unbeatable God. Nobody can fight Me and win. I Am always a Winner. As I want the Earth to be, so it shall be. The death of My Son Jesus would never go in vain. All of you may call Me a wicked Father. If you check your heart carefully, you will know you’re the ones who are wicked. You cannot tell Me how I should run My Kingdom. Heaven is Mine; the Earth is Mine. Can any of you take it away from Me? Where were you when I created the Earth? Where were you when I laid the pillars? Where were you when I set it in motion? None of you can answer Me. Hence you cannot answer Me, My wrath will sweep all of you away. Those of you who desire to follow My Law and My Ordinance will rebuild the land and live in peace. If I speak of Nigeria, I speak of Africa because Nigeria is the flagship of Africa.

As for the whole Earth, they should wait patiently to drink the cup of My wrath. I have decreed what I will do to Britain and America because they despised Me. I will bring them down to the ground, and they will never rise again until I roll the Earth away. Their children will go and seek shelter in Africa which they despised. The whole Africa will full of mixed children because all of you will intermarry each other. As I want it to be, so it shall be. I Am not a wicked Father. I hate wickedness; I hate injustice, I hate oppression. Holiness is My food. No matter how much I bless a nation, if that nation departs from the path of holiness, I will bring that nation down. So will I bring down Europe and America. Those of you who have eyes to see could see that My work has started already. Time is coming when people will begin to die in masses. Instead of the population of the Earth to increase, it will decrease drastically until I get rid of all abominations I hate. I will give some of you the chance to come back to this Earth and start again, but some of you will not have that opportunity. I will recycle you as I always do. Those of you I could not recycle, I will pile you up for eternal destruction. As I own Heaven, Earth, and the Dark-Planet, so also I own Hellfire. Whatever I like I will do to all of you. If you obey My Law and follow all My Ordinance, you will enjoy Me here and in Heaven. However, if you disobey My Law and despise My Ordinance, eternal destruction will be your lot. Many nations will seize to exist because I will wipe them off completely. Asians will experience what they’ve not experienced before. I will deal with each nation as My heart desires.

After I must have swept the Earth clean of all abominations, I will establish My Covenant once again through My church. My servant will teach My children My heart, and they will obey My Law and follow My Ordinance. The Earth will again enjoy a time of peace until I finally roll it away.

Arise, O you heavenly warriors! Purge the Earth of her abominations. Let the tears of sorrow flow from the eyes of the children of the disobedience. Let their generation seize to exist. Arise, O you heavenly Angels! Establish My peace on Earth. Let the tears of joy flow from the eyes of the righteous. Let their heart burst for joy because Jehovah their God, their Creator has settled their case. Let the Earth arise and praise her King who rid her of all abominations.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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