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The Father speaks

(Monday 14th January 2013, 01:41)

When the Father created this earth, when He created human being, He moulded the sand of the ground. You can do it too. You can take a digger, dig the sand, add some water to it and mould it as you like. You can look at somebody and mould his image. But one thing that makes the Father more powerful than everybody, you cannot create spirit. That is why, no matter how you know how to mould human being, it’s still artificial. You can create a dummy, but that dummy can never be like a human being. As the Father created the outer one (your body), he also has his own spirit. But the spirit that’s inside is the one that knocks everything away. He is the one that controls. He’s more powerful than the outward one. That is why the Father gives you the knowledge. If this food is not good for me (the outward one), why should I eat it? The flesh also has his own spirit. If the inner spirit says ‘go to the right’ and the outward one says ‘no, I don’t want to go’, he will override the inner one. Your three beings should always be in agreement as the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are. When the inner one says ‘don’t eat it, it’s not good for your body’ because he knows the beginning and the ending of you. He knows how you were formed, and he knows there shouldn’t be any dirtiness in him because he is holy. Three of you should be in agreement every time. If you know your inner spirit doesn’t like something, do not do it because that’s why the Father gives you knowledge, and he will be the one to pay for it tomorrow. But what do you do? Your inner one says ‘don’t do it’, but your outward one says ‘I will do it’. That means three of you (spirit, soul, and body) are not in agreement! The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are in agreement right from the beginning of this earth. If you read the Bible before the name of Jesus Christ appears, you would see how They were addressed – ‘We’. That means Somebody else is there, not only God. But God is the Head. He now gave birth to Those Ones. He said ‘come, let Us do it together’, but He is the One that controls. He is the One that owns all the powers. But Jesus Christ and Holy Spirit help Him. They may be His children, They may be anything, but They are together. He is the One that controls. If the Father says ‘don’t do it’ and the Son says ‘no, I will do it’, there will be a chaos. The Father knows if He does it, there would be a chaos and Their mission would not be accomplished. But when the Father says ‘don’t do it’, the Son would say, ‘ok Father’. That is why your body has to be in agreement with your spirit and soul. The spirit is willing but the flesh is weak! Why can’t your flesh be strong? Why is your flesh weak? The Father says ‘as you are, so I am’. You are a carbon copy of the Father. Oh, my father told me when I was a child that there was a particular food I normally eat, anytime I ate it, I would be sick. Because of that, my father never gave me the food again and he told me not to ever eat that kind of food again. When you grew up, now you went somewhere and they offered you the same food. Why? Your spirit and soul don’t like that food. That is how the Father created you. When I ate this food in the past, I knew how I suffered for it. My son, this food is not good for you; right from the very day you were born, whenever you ate this food, there was always a problem; when I gave other children, they would be okay with it, but yours is always a problem; therefore my son, don’t ever eat it again; it’s not good for you. That means your spirit and soul don’t like it. Look for another food to eat. Don’t eat that kind of food anymore. But what do you do? Whenever you’re invited to a party, if they serve you the same food, you would eat it because you think it was an old idea from your father. As it happened to you then, if it happens to you now, it would be worse because you know the truth. Your spirit says he doesn’t want it, but what do you do in your flesh. That is the problem many of the Father’s children have. Even those who don’t give their lives to Jesus Christ still have the same problem. If they should hearken to the voice of the Father, they will live and grow very old on this earth before they die. However, they will go to the dark planet when they die because they didn’t give their lives to Jesus Christ. But they mustn’t do evil. It was that evil they are doing! Evil transfers from one generation to another.

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit are always together. They never quarrel. They are One. If your soul and spirit do not want something, why should your body request for it? Whatever you know is not good for your spirit and soul, don’t do it. Whatever you give to your spirit, your soul will also take from it. Your spirit and soul are the ones that control your inner being. Your flesh is created to work along with two of them. For example, when you’re fasting, if you don’t tell anybody could they know? They cannot know! But your spirit and soul know you’re fasting. It’s a secret between three of you; nobody else should know. How could somebody else know? They could only know through your physical appearance. Oh, what happened to you; I’m fasting. Do you know what you’ve done to yourself? Do they see the ones inside? No! Why can’t your body work together with your inner being? Even though you’re weak and you still want to go out, you have to cheer up. Oh, I am weak; I am waiting upon the Lord. What do you think you’re doing to yourself? Your body is separated from your inner being. You are on your own. This is what you shouldn’t tell anybody. Why? You are not working along with your spirit and soul. You are on your own. You have failed. If you’re waiting upon your Father, it’s not what you will broadcast to anybody. In as much you mention it to somebody, you’ve destroyed everything. Why? Because they see your outward part. That is why the inner one is the one that will go to either heaven or hellfire. You are to protect your inner one. You shouldn’t allow your body to lead you where you shouldn’t go. Many people that died didn’t want to die. Their spirit and soul didn’t want to die, but their body led them to where death took their lives. Let your spirit, soul, and body be in agreement. Let them always work together. Hence, your body refuses to work together with your inner being, then all your service is in vain. There are some people, their flesh is working well twenty-four-seven. Wherever their pastors send them, they would go. Everybody sees them in the church working in every department. Everybody honours them because of the amount of service they render. But their soul is in darkness. How can your soul be in darkness? Whenever you lie down to sleep, your soul goes where you shouldn’t go, doing evil. Your soul, spirit, and body are not in agreement. Hence three of you are not together, no matter how well you serve the Father, you are in trouble, because They will judge you. That is why you’ll be saying, I served You; I cast out demons; I fasted. But what happened to you! Because your spirit, soul, and body did not work together. It is very easy to change the outward one than the inner one because he’s a spirit. You can use the outside one to change the inner one by crying out. Oh, as you see me now, if you see me in the next few minutes, you’ll think it’s not me because there is something that always happen to me. Those who are spiritually minded will tell you that what’s happening to you is not ordinary. Something caused it. Because your spirit, soul, and body are not in agreement. Unless three of them work together, the journey of your life will never sweet. You should not be selfish. Most things that make people lost is an outside world, it’s your flesh. Let your spirit and soul be the ones to control you. Follow the word they’re telling you. As long as you claim you’re a Christian, let your inner being be the one to control you. Do not let your body control you. If your body controls you, you will lose. Oh, why can’t you do this, people are doing it. Does your inner being sign it? Because somebody gave you advice, was that what your Father asked you to do? Until your Father that’s inside you give you permission to do it, you’ll not be okay, because the spirit inside you is a part of your Father. It is through him the will of the Father comes out. Through the inner one, the will of the Father comes out, but the outward one does not do the will of the Father. Unless whoever gives you advice is controlled by the Father, that is when his advice wouldn’t be a snare to you. He may be a pastor, man or woman, or a visionary, as long the Father is the One that controls that person, any word he or she says will be from the Father and the spirit of the Father inside you will confirm it. Then you can follow whatever that person tells you. If you say you want to listen to the outward one and abandon the spirit of the Father that’s inside, then you fail. The Father put His Spirit inside both male and female. For example: You are going somewhere and the address was given to you. As you get to that area, you see another street that looks like the one you’re going, then you’re confused and don’t know where to go. You even think may be the person that gave you the address made a mistake. As you stand there stranded, the spirit of the Father that’s inside you will tell you which way to go. But if the Father tells you which way to go and you ignore it, what do you think will happen to you? That was why I said earlier on that either you give your life to Jesus Christ or not, the Spirit of the Father is inside you. The Father Himself is the One that’s inside you. He is a Breeze. He is in action right inside you and without him you cannot live. That is why you’re breathing! Everything you see in a human being is spiritual. When I asked Ezekiel about the dried bones, He said I alone knows. Through Ezekiel, the bones could do nothing. They could neither rise nor move. But through God, they can move because I am All-In-All. As the dried bones are there, He would use the sand to cover it and breathe on the bones. It is written in your Bible. As the breath enters the bones, they will live. What is the difference from that and when I created Adam and Eve? It’s the same thing. That means something that is dead can come to live again. There is no situation that is so horrible, so useless for the Father because He is the Beginning and the Ending. Only what He wants from you is obedience because His Spirit is inside you. Always listen to the spirit of the Father that’s inside you. Sometimes you dream; your dream is not from the Father but from what you discussed with people during the day. Always be in the spirit because the Spirit of the Father is inside you. When He put them in the Garden of Eden, in a cool and quiet time, He would visit them. In a cool and quiet time! That means I don’t walk in a noisy environment. As you cool down, while you’re sleeping, the Father will come. Whenever He comes, He will give you instruction what to do. But if you drink and drunk, can you hear from the Father? If you gossip and gossiped, can you hear the Father? If you go to different places to seek for money, can you hear the Father? Every word He tells you, where do you put them? Many of them don’t know what they’re doing. My son, all these ones I’m telling you is all about human being. Always listen to the inner one. That inner one is the real thing. If you go to take counsel from the wrong person, you are doomed for destruction. Whatever he tells you will be from his flesh. You will then take it. Is that what your Father asked you to do? Is that the counsel of your Father in your heart? You might have invested a lot into the counsel he gave to you. Everything will crash down.

When I met Abram (Abraham), I told him to leave where he was. It wasn’t once, it wasn’t twice. It wasn’t easy! How could I tell somebody about it, what nobody has done before; won’t they say I’m running mad; Father, I cannot say it out. Even as he loved Sarah, he could not tell her. He was moving up and down. He was troubled until the wife began to speak to him. She even thought he was worried because she couldn’t bear him a child. Until I tormented him to speak, not to keep quiet! There is no way I will speak to you and you keep quiet. I will torment you! When I visit you, you should know that change has come into your life. I cannot speak to you and you keep quiet. You have to do what I asked you to do. He now turned into a mad person. Until he ran away from that place, that was when he had peace. Because the Father was inside him, that was why He could speak to him. It was like a magnet. It is very dangerous to tread on the path of the Father and allow somebody to drag you away simply because of what you’re passing through. One is to serve the Father, another one is to do the will of the Father with your spirit, soul, and body so that the outward one (your body) will not pull you away. That is the most important thing. Many of them, their flesh pulled them away. Their flesh pulled them away and put them into trouble.

The Father created body, spirit, and soul. The body, the flesh is the one that carries the others. The body carries your spirit and soul. But the ones inside give you the ability to speak. Everyone gives his own contribution. If the soul and spirit tells the body to stand up and the body refuses, they too cannot stand up because their carrier refuses to stand up. In as much the spirit tells the body what to do and the body refuses, the spirit of evil will now come in, giving instruction to the body what to do. Whatever the body does, either good or bad, will also affect the spirit and soul. In as much the body refuses to listen to the Spirit of the Father that’s inside him; there will be a problem by the end of the day. The demons will take over fully. The body has a beginning and an ending, but the spirit and soul have no beginning and ending because that is the part of the Father in every human being. They will live for eternity. Once the body plays his own part here, he will die. That is the end of him. Whatever sin the body commits, both the spirit and soul will receive the punishment when they’re judged. Because they have no ending, this is why when a man dies and goes to hellfire; he will be there through all eternity. Always let your body be in agreement with your spirit and soul.

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