The Mystery Of Creation

The Father speaks

(Sunday 31st October 2010, 11:00)

He finished the race. He ran it all. In pains, He ran it. He did not look back. The Author and the Finisher. The Beginning and the Ending. Do you see Me looking up? He finished all for you. He finished all for you. That is why anything you do, you should always look upward. When you look up, who are you looking on to? You should focus on Him. Because He did everything. You will look at Him as they nailed Him to the cross. They nailed Him to the cross. Did He turn back? He didn’t look at anywhere. He focused and He finished all. So, that is what you will do. That is what you will do. In anything at all, don’t look anywhere, focus on Him. If my Jesus could focus; not just focus alone: If they could brutalise Him, tortured Him and nailed Him to the cross, then who are you. If He could suffer everything without looking back, then who are you? He swallowed everything. You can’t die the way He died. That is why you will look on to Him. I know why I’m saying this. I’ve told you before about the race. No turning back! Don’t look at your right, don’t look at your left. Look on to Him. I’m seeing you My son. Look at Jesus; He has done all for you. I am there in My throne, you are here on earth. Though Jesus is there with Me, but He has laid the foundation for you. You should just look on to Him. He ran the race and finished it. Anything that troubles you, just look on to Him. Look on to Him. The Author and the Finisher! I did it and I know why I did it. For you to follow Him. I know what I’m saying. Follow Him, no looking back. Do everything He did. He’s My Son. He’s My chosen Son. I sent Him on an errand and He finished it. He laid good example for all mankind.

When I created the heaven and the earth, especially when I created the earth, I created everything and I made man to be number one. I gave man that honour. I made him to have dominion over everything. Nothing would take it away from man because I created man in My own image and likeness. That was why I sent My Son to come and lay the foundation for man to follow. Whatever any other foundation they are following, they are on their own. They are on their own. They are on their own. When I created the earth, when I created My children Adam and Eve to enjoy it, I created everything for them to enjoy, for them to lack nothing. I had the purpose for it. However, they were wiser than their eyes. Instead of them to listen to My voice, they listened to the voice of what I created. They listened to the voice of My creature. They didn’t give the glory to Me. I was the One that created everything beautiful for them. Everything I laboured for, they spoilt it. They spoilt everything. The trouble began. You know what I’m saying. The trouble began. It began to spread and spread. I am there in My throne, I’m very bitter. Let Me tell you one thing: Sin is something that looks little, but it goes a long way. What you’ve laboured for, for so many years, sin can destroy it in a twinkling of an eye. And you know what I’m saying. Everything began to spoil. For Me to win their hearts back, that was why I brought My Son. I brought My Son for them to follow, to emulate Him, so I could get the heart of My children back. Because their hearts have already turned, they wouldn’t listen. You know what they did to My Son. It’s Me! He did not come by Himself; I was the One that brought Him. He did not come by Himself; I brought Him to rescue them again. Because they were lost, they were My children, I wanted to get them back. I am not a confusion Father. I know what I’m saying. What is the difference between Jesus and Adam? Do you know the Father of Adam? They are both Spirits. They are spirit beings. I was the One that created Adam. I put Him in the garden, He’s My son. For Me to gain the heart of My children back, that was why I sent Jesus Christ. I brought Him through womb, so they could see it real. I did it so they could emulate Him, so they could follow Him. They didn’t know the existence of Adam. I did it so they could emulate and follow Him. But everything is in vain. How did I create Adam? I’m asking you! The breath I breathed into Him, what was that? My Spirit. I said Adam and Jesus are the same. Did you see the Father of Adam? Did you see his mother? What happened in the case of Jesus Christ? Didn’t the devil tempt Him? Did He fail? I’m telling you this because the devil is there so you won’t fail. The same devil that tempted Adam and Eve was the same one that tempted Jesus Christ that He should bow down, he would give everything to Him. My Son didn’t come just because He wanted to come. It was a mission Adam failed to accomplish, He wouldn’t fail. Because the one Adam did, the consequence is still there. That was why I brought Jesus. I am the same God of the Beginning. I am the same God of old. I’ve not changed. Have you heard I died? Have you heard I changed? If there is anything you’ve heard, let Me know. Everything you are reading is My word, it’s My handmade. Don’t let anybody deceive you. That is why I told you, any word that somebody tells you, if it’s not in My word, it’s a lie. Any word anybody tells you, if you don’t understand, go into My word, if you search it and it’s not there, then it’s not true, it’s a lie.

I just want to shed more light on it for you. When they killed Jesus Christ, what happened? What part of Him resurrected? His Spirit. This body is nothing. What I put inside this body is Mine. I communicate through it. If I want to do anything with you, it’s through your spirit. If your spirit is dead, I can’t do anything with you. You know what I’m saying. If your spirit is dead, I can’t touch you; the devil takes you away totally. Because if your spirit is active, anything that touches you touches Me too. If they’re doing anything to you, I can’t come. Let Me tell you something My son: If they afflict My children, those that love Me, I will quickly come to rescue them because it touches Me, their body is My body. But when sin kills that body, I will never feel it. It’s like they’ve separated themselves away from Me. You hear what I’m telling you now. It’s as if you’ve separated yourself, it’s like a boundary. However, if you remove that boundary, then you can flow again. When you drive a car, if there is nothing blocking your way, you can drive through; but if there is a blockage in your way, you can’t drive through. That is My children and Me. Sin makes Me not to have anything to do with them, because anything that touches them touches Me; because their body it’s My body. When you defile it with things of this world, with atrocity and so on, then I don’t want to have anything to do with you. I’m a Holy Father and you know it. Do you think I just enter this body and begin to speak? Left for this body, she couldn’t have committed sin physically. I purposely allowed it to happen. I told you the kind of house through which I brought her into this world. I wanted them to perform their work. Despite all they did to her, could they destroy her? They couldn’t because I want to prove Myself. There is a time for everything. If I open your eyes to see countless places they ran to, just to destroy this body, but it didn’t affect her. They too became tired. They spent their last penny. They spent their last penny so they could destroy this body, but they couldn’t. Anytime she committed a sin, she always cried to Me because I didn’t create this body for sin. That is why I can come and go at any time. I can use this body as anything. This is why I said you should count yourself as a happy man because you have your Father here with you. Your Father is eating with you, He’s laying in the same bed with you, He’s doing everything with you. It’s Me. It’s Me. I’m proud of Myself. It’s Me. Let everybody say whatever he or she wants to say. Let them come and challenge Me. I will come down and speak to them. Whoever sees Me will know I’m the One. No any question. Let them come. It’s Me. I’m the One that called you people. It’s Me. When they see Me, they will bow. It’s Me. They will know it’s Me. If I open My mouth, all of them will shut up. It’s Me. It’s Me. I did it all. I can put things together. I can work it together for good. It’s Me. Any name they like let them call you. Let them say, let them talk. At the end of the day, they will know it’s Me. Never move by what they will say. It’s Me. It’s Me My son. I’m still telling you again. Never feel bad. It’s Me. It’s neither a demon nor a witch. It’s Me and I let you know it’s Me. What day is today? Isn’t it today I joined you people together? I know everything. My son, I will bless you. I will bless you My son. It’s only your heart I need. I will bless you. I’m telling you all this one for you to guard your heart so that nothing will carry you away. I speak a lot My son. That is why I take you back to My creation, when I created everything. That is why I take you back to when I created Adam and Eve. I didn’t bring Jesus just because I wanted to bring Him. I brought Him to rescue My children. It’s not an easy journey My son. You are doing something, something that doesn’t benefit you; you see there is no gain in it and you carry on doing it. What is the benefit of it? You know there is no benefit in it and you continue to follow the way of destruction. Why? Am I not enough for you! Why are you going to the wrong way? My son, things will happen. Things will happen. I’m telling you again, things will happen on this earth. Things will happen. I’m saying it again My son, things will happen. Those who choose that wrong way will see it. I don’t want to talk concerning that side today. I don’t want to say anything concerning it. Mine is you should follow the righteous way because I’m righteous. Don’t let anybody deceive you. This is the way we are doing it. Whose word are you going to follow? I’ve been speaking to you now since a year. Can’t I do all I promised you?

Anytime I come, whenever I’m speaking, you know what you supposed to do. As they mention My name and mention the name of My Son, you know what you supposed to do. We deserve the honour. Don’t let Me always remind you what you should do. We deserve the respect. I’m your Father, I always tell you. I’m talking to you and you are sitting down. There are many things you need to learn My son. The way I’m coming here to come and speak to you, if I want to scare you in this room, you will run away. If I make this room to be horror, you will see strange things and you can’t stand it. You will run away from this house. Because I want to talk to you, I want you to have peace with Me, that is why I make the atmosphere conducive for you. This is why, whenever I come to you peacefully, I deserve the respect. If I do something now, you can’t look at My face. You will run away. Nobody can see My face. Nobody can stand and talk to Me. Nobody can exchange words with Me. It’s Me and you know it, and you’ve read about Me before. Nobody can see My face and live. Nevertheless, you have the privilege. You have the grace. Anytime I come, whenever I’m speaking to you, you should give Me My respect, you should give Me My honour. I deserve it. Apart from that, when you do it, you receive the power, you receive the anointing. If your earthly father is giving you something and you sit down; don’t you know as I’m speaking to you, you are receiving power. Don’t you know? Do you think it’s just something easy like that? Go and ask those who sought for it. Go and ask them and they will tell you. I’ve told you before. Those who are starving themselves for many months because they want to see My face, because they want to hear My voice, go and ask them. You have Me cheap! You take Me for granted. I will not talk too much. The day I will come when you are in the congregation, you will know it’s Me. When I speak and you see everybody begin to run, when they begin to summersault, you will know it’s Me. Be careful! It’s only Me you can reverence. It’s only Me you can bow down for. Be careful!

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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