The Perishable Body

The Father speaks

(Saturday 1st May 2010, 10:30)

When My hand is upon you, the devil will run away. If you turn away from Me, I will turn away from you. Those who love Me, they seek Me every hour and they find Me. I drive away every fly for them.

I want you to use your body as an example. The worms in your stomach are the ones that digest your food. Can they live when you are dead? When the body dies, the worms die as well. Your body is the image. When the body dies, because your soul doesn't die, your body, which is your image will come back to live automatically, no matter where you go afterwards, either heaven or hellfire. The spirit is your life that holds everything together. The spirit holds the soul. When the spirit leaves the body, the body dies. The spirit and the soul live together. You see this body, it will die. But there in heaven, there is another life. The spirit and the soul will live for eternity. My son, you suppose to understand all these by now. There are two things that happen when somebody dies. When somebody dies and go to heaven, the body will come to live again automatically, but it will change to a glorious body. When somebody dies and go to hellfire, the body will also come to live again automatically. In hell, the worms never die so is the fire. When you go to heaven, there is a renewal, there is a total change. It's a spiritual thing My son. Heaven and hell are the same. They are the same in the sense that in both, you will live for eternity. Hell is a place of everlasting torment. In heaven, there is no sin. As it is on earth, so it is in heaven. You have everything there to enjoy. It is another life entirely. There is no death, no sorrow, no pain. Those who live in Me, there is an abundance of joy. My Spirit is in them.

My son, do you know this country; though they don't know Me, their forefathers knew Me, but they are truthful. Many of My children are lying to Me even as they sleep in the church. My son, there is nothing wrong to collect any benefit if you're qualified for it. If you don't qualify for it and you claim it, what do you call that? Stealing! Many of My children use rope to tie themselves because of worldly things. Marriage is spiritual. Don't you know there is spirit of divorce in this nation. When you lie to marry, a prophet, a servant of God blesses that marriage and I'm there, that marriage is sealed.

Jesus speaks

I am the Great Deliverer. I am the Mighty Man in battle. Who can battle with Me? Who will contest with Me? I see everything. Even beneath the sea, I see it. Powers belong to Me. In heaven and on earth, powers belong to Me. As they mention My name, every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess. I fought it all and I won, nobody else. Christ is all and He is all. Do you know why My daughter is shedding tears, because she remembers what I passed through. Christ is all. He is the Commander and He's still commanding. Though I was dead, forever, I'm still alive. Some think I'm dead and it's finished. They forget about Me. If I'm dead and I'm finished, why are they calling and I'm answering. They said He raised from the dead and went to heaven. Why Am I still answering when they pray. Ignorant people.

The Father speaks

Do you think Jesus Christ just came to this world by Himself? He took the authority from Me. We are together. I dwell in Him and He recognises Me I'm the Father. He knows everything about Me. What did He say? He said no one comes to the Father except through Him. He did not come by Himself. I planned it, I designed it, I said it and it came to pass. He can stand in gap for Me. Because all the powers, all the authorities, I have given to Him. He is the Number 1 and nobody can change it. My son, sometimes when I mention Jesus, you suppose to know the difference. Where there is a need for it, I mention His name. God the Father, God the Son, God the Holy Spirit, they are One. I reach you through the Holy Spirit. He is the Messenger. I reveal powerful things to you because you want to know so you will not be ignorant of many things again.

When I created man in My image, My Spirit was in that man. There is My Spirit in every man. Why do you think I am against sin? Buy two new pure white clothes, give them to two people. One lives in a clean house while the other lives in a dirty house. After a month what will happen? If you want to go to an occasion, which one will you choose. Definitely the one who lives in a clean house. The one who lives in a dirty house can decide to clean his house as well as his cloth.

The ten virgins, the parable of Jesus; what happened to them? Is it not the same thing? Prepare your heart; let your heart be pure. No! I choose to do this and I choose to do that. I can do what I want to do; nobody will choose this for me. I do what I want to do by myself. Everyone will give account of himself. I don't dwell in a dirty house, I dwell in a clean heart. Who was the mother of Jesus? Who was Mary? Did you hear she had a husband before? Did she ever sleep with any man before? I want to make another example for you again. When I instructed Moses to prepare My children because I wanted to come down, what happened? Because I don't dwell in a dirty place.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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