The Price Of Heaven Is Very High

The Father speaks

(Saturday 13th October 2012, 00:12)

Those who killed Jesus would never kill Him again. The enjoyment He enjoys, nobody can enjoy it. They that killed Him are in torment. The torment of Jesus Christ was just a moment, but theirs is everlasting. He overcame His own in a moment, but they could never overcome theirs forever. The torment of Jesus Christ lasted only hours compare it to those who killed Him. Those who killed Him are gone, but their generations still exist and they will suffer for it. They will pay for it. The Father released His own Son, they gave birth to Him as they gave birth to you, you were killing Him and the mother was there crying, weeping. He was a human being like you at the same time a Spirit. He was half Spirit, half human being. You could have thought about that alone that this Person is a human being like me. He was born like me. Having looked at the life of this Person, He wasn’t ordinary human being. The words He spoke, the way He lived, the works He did, all these proved Him not to be an ordinary human being; let us see what would come out of it. Though that was why the Father brought Him so that even you that killed Him, through Him, could come back to the Father. All the words He spoke, if you would do accordingly, you would be free. That word He spoke that itched your ears, if you wouldn’t do accordingly, you know where you’re going because you would die. You would die. Nothing moves the Father.

You first gave birth to a child, and then you gave birth to other children and put them in a garden. The one with you was your first son. When you gave birth to others, the eldest one helped you to take care of the rest because he’s the senior. You trained him and he knows everything. You prepared a place and you put those ones there hoping they would come back to you. As you put them there, something happened. In the house We live, somebody that knew the secret of everything went to those ones in the garden and deceived them. I now said My Son, abomination has happened and You knew everything. And He said yes. These children are not coming to Me anymore and He said yes Daddy, they could not come to You anymore. And I asked what are We going to do. And He said whatever You do Daddy is okay. Then I said My Son, do You remember what I asked Abraham to do and He obeyed Me and I stopped him, that’s what I would do with You. I have told you all this before My son. I would kill you here so you could appear there on earth. You would be the One to go there for Me because I still have the power to bring You back to Me. Do you think it’s easy! Do you think it’s easy My son! When I said I am a Human Being, I am a Human Being, nobody knows the Father. The Father could do anything He wants to do. He could bring Himself as a human being and prove Himself on this earth. He could do anything.

My son, you were watching that video, the video of His crucifixion and you were crying. The Person you’re crying for would never die anymore. You have to cry for yourself. He is enjoying. This earth you are is a delicate place; it’s a wicked place; it’s a dangerous ground. If you say you don’t want to live again and kill yourself, you’re going to hellfire. The only encouragement I will give to you is ‘stand and do the will of the Father’. Even though they’re persecuting you, do the will of the Father. If the Father says as they’re persecuting you, that is how you would come back to Him, so be it. As your hands and legs are clean while they’re persecuting you, do not trouble yourself. Nothing happens that the Father does not know. I am the One that’s speaking. If the Father says that’s the way you would come back to Him, so be it. Do not say ‘Father, don't You see me; hence You don’t see me, I will go on my own way’, then you have missed it because you can pass through various ways to come back to the Father. Three people died yesterday. One died in his sleep; another one died while drinking water; another one died in a car accident. As they died, they died differently. Yet, they all died. If the Father chooses that three of them would come back to Him, no matter which way they died, they would still go to the Father. If you want to narrate it, you would say ‘Mr Paul is dead; Mr Benjamin is dead; Mr Michael is dead’. Until somebody begins to ask you which kind of death killed them. Death is death. It is the Father’s choice. Have you not seen a sinner that committed sin to the point of death and did not die? Why didn’t he die? Was it in his power? Because the Father wants him to change. That was not the way He created him to be. The Father did not create any of His children to die and go to hellfire. He did not bear anyone with sin. The sin that Adam and Eve committed in the Garden of Eden couldn’t have made the children of the Father go to hellfire. I have told you before My son. But what did they do? They now committed sin with that sin because the trace of it was already there. Let your heart be like the heart of a baby.

As they were killing Jesus, if the Father had wanted to stop it, He could enter inside one of the disciples and do something that would scare everybody. But what did He do? He allowed them because that was the purpose. Was it easy? While you were committing sin, you enjoyed it. You enjoyed it and you didn’t want to come back. You did not remember neither the Father nor the Son. But you were a Christian. You attended church. Why then were you weeping when you were watching the crucifixion of Jesus Christ? Until you realise that what you’re doing is not good, that is when you know you’re with the Father. When you are doing anything, no matter what anybody tells you, hence you find joy in it, you have not come to your senses. You are not with the Father. The very day you realise what you’re doing is not good and you quickly turn away from it, that is when you are with the Father. This is for you to know the spirit that controls human being. Whatever punishment you see here on this earth is nothing compared to the type of punishment they give them in hellfire. There are different types of punishment there every day. You will cry and cry and you will be tired. Nobody will console you. Do not allow anybody to lead you to sin. This earth is an open place. Nobody knows how the Father created it. I have told you before, the only thing you have on this earth is the food you eat. It’s not the children you have. The children you have are not yours. You only work for the Father. Because the Father put the children into your body, you now brought them to live. After you die, the children will continue their lives. They will continue with whatever assignment the Father gives to each one of them to do. That is how the Father designed it. You are not the one that owns the children you gave birth to. The Father is the Owner of the children. That is why those who go to demons to seek for children do themselves harm. The children are not your children. The Father is the Owner of the children. Because He is a Spirit and you cannot see Him, He now entrusted the children into your hands to take care of them. Yours is to teach the children the way of the Father. But you all will be saying ‘my children, my children, my children’. When He called Abraham (Abram), did he have any child? Abraham latter had children and died. When his descendants became a nation, where was he then? Are you working for the Father or you’re working for yourself? After Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and others, which name are they calling upon? The name of the Father! Nobody have children. Children belong to the Father. Any child the Father give to you is not your child. He gives you child because of His own work, not because of the work of anybody. He is not your child. He is the child of the Father. You are working for the Father. You are working for the Father! If you lie down on your bed, do you know where your spirit goes? If your spirit does not come back again, what will you do? But you’re saying nobody will touch that my son, nobody will touch that my daughter. If you die, won’t their lives continue? That is why heaven is very far from this earth. The Father does not reveal heaven anyhow. Heaven is not a market place you will go to buy onions and tomatoes. The Father designed it and gave it respect. It is not easy to enter heaven. The price of heaven! My son, send this message to My children, that the Father says the price of heaven is very high. It is very high. You must be blameless both physically and spiritually. Whatever you’re not doing physically, if you’re doing them spiritually, you will not enter heaven. Tell them! That is why is very hard. Whatever the Father says you should not do, that you shouldn’t eat unclean food, then don’t eat it. But you’re eating them spiritually. You are not going to heaven! You may be an usher, you may be a pastor, you must know that the price of heaven is very hard to pay. I have said the children belong to Me. You are a labourer. The Father hires you to work for Him. He will now pay you.

If you’re seeking for anything and you know you’re clean, if that thing is not coming forth, give glory to the Father. However, if you’re clean and the thing is still not coming forth, look back at your background and confess every sin you can remember. The Father will deal with the rest. The Father is not the cause of everything that happens. Most of the things that happen are because of your background. But if you say as it’s not coming forth, let me go on my own way; let me go and seek for children. What kind of children do you think you will bear? You will give birth to demons! When you’re praying oh Father kill my enemy, if the Father kills that person, what will you do? The person that makes you happy physically may be the one behind your predicament. Will you still serve the Father? But all of you are in Jesus. When Satan tempted Jesus, did He surrender to him? But you’re eating the food of Satan and you still claim you’re in Jesus. Everything you have is of the devil, but you claim you’re in Jesus. Are you really in Jesus? That is why the Father says you cannot enter heaven. Oh, everything this man preaches is about confession; his own is too much. That is about the Father! Everything about the Father is about holiness. Whoever does not teach about holiness cannot enter heaven. In the night, they will turn to another thing. In the afternoon, everybody is human being.

When the Father asks you to do His work, don’t think you’re working for the Father. You are working for yourself. If you have the privilege to hear from the Father, you will do it accordingly. As you do it accordingly, you’re washing yourself clean. That is why you’re working for yourself. As you’re teaching people, you too are washing yourself. But if you say after all, I don’t even know if the Father is the One speaking to me, you say it because you haven’t gone there for Them to judge you. If you have been at the gate of judgement before, you will deliver whichever message the Father gives you accordingly. Do not take somebody’s property; do not eat the food that doesn’t belong to you; ask before you eat; do not tell lies; do not convert somebody’s property to your own; do not marry a free wife unless the parents testify they’re the one that gave her to you. The woman you didn’t pay her bride price, it’s like you’re into fornication or adultery. You are then producing children. What kind of children do you think you’re producing? My question now is, who will listen to this because all the people you’re preaching to have double hearts. The one that doesn’t have double hearts is tied so he wouldn’t make it. Anywhere he would go to commit sin, that’s where he would make it. Wherever he wants to do the will of the Father, he wouldn’t make it because they tied him down. Oh pastor, everything you said I should do, I could not do it; let me look for another alternative. You could not make it because the devil is looking at your heart. You are thinking if you don’t have it you will die. My son, when you watched the video of Abraham, you saw where they lived. But they were eating well. They were giving birth to children in his household like a pig. All the animals were increasing. Anywhere they got to, that was their home. They had peace. That is what the devil is using against the children of the Father nowadays. You know you must pay for this house, if you don’t do my will, you cannot pay; the customers that are coming to patronise your shop, I will seize them; they will not come; your Father you’re obeying cannot come down to rescue you. He is controlling you now to obey him. Did he create anything? The Father was the One that created everything. He is threatening you now to obey him before you can eat the food the Father created for you. He is not the one that created it, but he knows what he uses against you. If you surrender and do his will, he will hold you ransom by the end of the day because you put your heart into it as your everything. You didn’t have money to buy a car and you wanted to go out. Instead of you to walk, what did you do? You only had £5000 and you needed £6500. You are a treasurer of your church and they trusted you that the money is safe in your hand. Satan advised you to use the money and buy it, the money is in your hand and nobody will know. You took £1500 and added it to the one in your hand and bought a car. Those who saw you rejoiced with you. The devil now said to you, ‘you know I was the one that bought the car for you; the car needs fuel; and besides, you also need to replace one of the tires’. You knew the money was still there for you and you dipped your hand into it again. This house you’re living is too small for you, look at that your friend. You then changed your house again. You bought another house to fit the car you’re driving. All these ones you did, you didn’t have the money. What do you think you’re doing? Where is your Father? You are far away from Him! You are already in the net of the devil. Oh, Mr Solomon tomorrow is the meeting; please come in time because there are some things we have to iron out. You then said you would not be around. You are now lying. Why? Can we postpone the meeting? Because the money that was kept in your care is not complete. The devil advised you again to tell another lie. Why? Because you started from somewhere. In your heart, you know what you did. You will stand and preach to people, what about you that’s preaching to people? If the Father now sends you to deliver messages to His children, how can you deliver it because your heart will judge you. As you’re committing the same sin, how will you tell them?

This earth is like a movie. No matter how old you are, it’s like a movie. The day you die is more important than all the days you live. If you live up to hundred years, the day of your death is more important than all the hundred years you might have lived. All the years you’ve lived, you can count everywhere you’ve been, all the sins you’ve committed; the day of your death is more important than all other days. Why will the countenance of the people of this earth change whenever they hear about death? So they don’t want to die? You want to carry your death along. Are you the Creator of the earth? You cannot escape death. He has put death there right from the beginning and you can never escape it. What then are you supposed to do? Cleanse yourself every day. Wash yourself every day. After your meal, you’ll wash your hand. That is how it is as you wake up daily. You will die and go there one day. Oh Father, because they tormented me, that’s why I went my own way. Because you chose the things of this earth, when they were tormenting you, you then surrendered to them. That is not an excuse. It is never an excuse because you wanted it. Right from the day you came to this earth, it has never been your own. You are a visitor here. You are a stranger here. Why then do you want to die because of the things of this earth? If they choose to take it away from you, let them wait until you’ll come to beg for food in their hands. Why are you killing yourself because of the things of this earth? Whatever you see, say ‘Father, I thank You’. Whatever the Father gives never add sorrow. Whatever He gives is pure. Do not be carried away with whatever you see. Do not ask Father, why. I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you. The Father is the Creator of this earth. Hence, you choose to be holy, do not allow any stain in your heart. By the end of the day, They will see it in your heart. That is why you have to wash your hands clean. That is the journey of the Father. This is how they’re doing it, let me do it like that. No! Wash your hands clean. Those who are telling lies, let them tell lies. All the lies they tell are waiting for them at the gate. Nobody has gone there and come back. Hence, you find yourself on this earth and you fail to maintain the cloth the Father gave to you, you’ll cry at the end. Nobody wants to hear all these.

My son, if you go out and begin to preach this to them, they will ask you if the Father is not there when I was hungry, when I began to beg people before I could eat. They didn’t know the food they’re eating will lead them to everlasting torment. You are eating food from demons. What do you think will happen to you? You will vomit it! Even as you’re vomiting it, they will torment you the more. Even though they crown you as a queen, they give you all the whole names, but you’re happy because nobody is like you. My son, all these ones (the inhabitants of this land) you’re seeing around, where do you think they’re going? The Father is a respecter of nobody. Either you’re black or white, as your category is, that is where They will put you. If you’re a leader, you lead everybody astray. What do you think They will do to you? What did you do to Our Father? You made people to forsake the Father and followed your own law. They all respected you. What happened? You gave your life to Jesus Christ. All of them! The remaining enjoyment they have, that’s what they’re enjoying now. The rest of it is everlasting torment for them. They can carry you like an egg here. That is why they can bow down to you. You know where you’re going. Who knows you! They choose you as their god here and you think if you go there, They will honour you. Who will bow down for you there? The same Satan you serve here is whom you will continue to serve there. Satan behaved as a fool to catch them. Now they’re in his net. We keep quiet for you and you think we don’t know what we’re doing; we’re taking you to our kingdom; here you can enjoy yourself. My son, in this journey, do not let anything change your heart. If you open the Bible, you will see those who turned to mad person because of the Father. Many of them were not eating because of the Father. Many of them married wife that tormented them because of the Father. Their children tormented them because the Father purposely did it because of His own children. John the Baptist, what was his food? What was his cloth? The mansion that was built for him, where he bathed and changed his clothes, where was it? What happened to him by the end of the day? Either they cut off his head or he lay down and died, death is death. That was the way the Father chose for him to come back home. He is with Me. He did exactly what the Father asked him to do. When Jesus began His ministry, he diminished. That was the purpose. His own time has finished. That is why I told you that in this journey, nobody will love you; no brother, no sister, no mother, no father, no friend, no children. You are on your own. As each day comes, live it and move on to the next.

In the church, they taught them that Jesus Christ came for them to enjoy life and go back to Him. If that is how easy it is, why is evil befalling all of them? They think they’re serving Jesus Christ, but the demon is inside their body. Jesus Christ did not enjoy, therefore we must enjoy; His grace covers our sins; His blood will forgive us. Enjoy yourselves! That is why Christianity differs from Christianity. If one is seeking for heavenly things, another one will be seeking for the things of hellfire. That is how this earth is. No one knows the things of the Spirit except the Father. The coming of Jesus Christ was not physical, but spiritual. That is why nobody can erase His blood. That is why if you give your life to Jesus Christ, you’re going to heaven. Hence, you pour that blood of Jesus Christ into your mouth, you have to maintain it. They think that is how easy it is when they’re serving God. You are a pastor; your bed is wider, more than a whole room. A pastor! Because you’re extracting money from people. You will sleep and sleep and you will snore on your wide bed because you’ve got money. You will eat and eat. Why? Because you have peace. If you’re a servant of the Father, you don’t have peace. If you’re preaching the truth, you don’t have peace. You cannot say you’re inside the Father and continue to eat the food of demon and think demons will keep quiet for you. They will come and torment you because you’re tormenting them. That is why whenever you die, whatever of their particle that’s inside you, they will ask for it. They will make sure they collect everything from your hand. That is why whatever you do, you should be watchful because you choose to go to heaven. If you choose to go to hellfire, they will give you whatever you want. If you don’t even ask for it, they will give it to you free of charge. However, if you make up your mind to serve the Father wholeheartedly, the demons will remember you all the sins you’ve committed before and they will use them against you. Everything you take from them, you must pay back no matter how little. Those who are alive, those who don’t want to die because they want to carry the whole earth along with them. If you serve the Father wholeheartedly, you will not fear death. If your hands are clean, the Father will let you know when He wants to take you home. You are not the one that will tell Him you still want to remain alive. All you will say is ‘Father, let Your will be done’. But if you say you want to force yourself to still remain alive, then you know where you’re going. If the Father says this is the time He wants to take you home, do not say no and go and take another power because you’ve sold your soul to evil. And you think the Father will pardon you so that when you get to heaven, you can rule the Father. No matter who you are on this earth, hence your heart drops, the remaining one is for the Father to judge you. Once your heart drops, the remaining power is with the Father and His kingdom. They will now judge you and show you where you’re going. Everything you’ve done on earth, everything you’ve taught the children of the Father, they will play back everything for you. That now determines where you’re going to. My son, many of them (My servants) have chosen where they’re going. They have chosen where they’re going because the sins they committed are unpardonable. Many people are looking unto them. You cannot commit that kind of sin and think you’re still coming to Me. Hence, you’ve sold your soul to demons, you cannot come to Me. My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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