The Reason For Celebration

The Father speaks

(Sunday 1st January 2012, 00:05)

Christ is our cornerstone,
On Him alone we build;
With His true saints alone
The courts of Heaven are filled;
On His great love our hopes we place
Of present grace and joys above.

O then with hymns of praise
These hallowed courts shall ring;
Our voices we will raise
The Three in One to sing;
And thus proclaim in joyful song
Both loud and long, that glorious name.

Here, gracious God, do Thou
Forevermore draw nigh;
Accept each faithful vow,
And mark each suppliant sigh;
In copious shower on all who pray,
Each holy day, Thy blessings pour.

Here may we gain from Heav’n,
The grace which we implore;
And may that grace, once given,
Be with us evermore;
Until that day when all the blest
To endless rest are called away.

Why do you celebrate? Why are you celebrating? You celebrate twice? Why are you celebrating? You celebrated last week and you’re celebrating again today; why are you celebrating? Both celebrations are from the Father. Because the Father keeps you alive to see another year! If you are not alive, you will not celebrate the New Year. If you are not alive, you will not celebrate the Father. You also celebrated because the Father brought His Son into this earth for you; His Son that takes you to the Father. That means celebration jams celebration. That is why you’re celebrating. You are not celebrating as the worldly people because you know the Father. You are in the Father. You have accepted Jesus into your life. You are not celebrating it the way the world celebrates it. When you wake in the morning you thank the Father, thank the Son, and also thank the Holy Spirit because Three of Them are One. They never leave Each Other. They work together. That makes the difference between you and those in the world because many of them are celebrating, but they don’t know what they’re celebrating. People are celebrating, I want to celebrate also. They don’t know what they are celebrating! I know what I’m saying.

We have entered the New Year, because We entered the New Year together. If We are not alive, We cannot enter the New Year. We entered the New Year! Why Am I saying We? Because I am inside you, that is why I said We. Then when you wake up in the morning, what do you do? You will thank Me because I keep you alive. I am the One that owns you. You will now do My will. That makes the difference. That was why I asked you why you are celebrating. Are you celebrating like them? You are alive, that is why you are celebrating this one. You celebrated one first and you’re celebrating this one again because you are alive. We now celebrate it together because I am inside you. Now We’ve entered the New Year, what then should you do? You will continue to do the will of the Father. That is exactly what I want. When you wake up in the morning, you will say Father, thank You for You made me slept in peace. You will honour Me. When you honour Me, what then should I do? I will be happy that My daughter and My son remember Me. As you remember to thank Me, you will also know what your Father does not like, and you will not do them. One is to remember Me, and another is to do My will. What then should I do? I will be happy because My son remembers Me and he’s not doing what I asked him not to do. I will be happy. My son needs to eat, isn’t it? I will then feed My son. Look at that place up there, it is dark and My son is going there. I will draw you back because I want to protect you. You cannot see Me! Can you see Me? You want to go out, but you feel somehow, you will sit back. I don’t like the way I’m feeling and I want to go out; let me sit down; I will not go again. That is why you must be inside the Father, so that when the Father signals you, you will know because you cannot see the Father physically. You will sit down and sleep. A few minutes later, you will hear the news that something happened where you wanted to go. The Father protected you from going there.

When you are serving the Father, serve Him in the Spirit. Don’t die in your body because you can never see the Father face to face. The Father is inside your body. When you are doing the will of the Father, He will begin to activate you because I have told you My son that many people will go with them this year, because a lot will happen. A lot will happen My son! But there is a difference between you and them because you are alive. Whoever knows the Father is alive. If you don’t know the Father you are dead. You are blind. You will enter inside the pit, and enter inside your grave. When you are serving the Father, serve Him in a spiritual way. He will communicate with you in different forms. When you lie down, He will communicate with you in a dream. When you wake up and you don’t understand whatever you dreamt, you’ll begin to pray. Dreams don’t come anyhow. The Father will protect you and watch over your ways. Because the Father wanted to communicate with you, that was why you dreamt; that is the Father in action because you can never see Him face to face and nobody will ever see Him. Anybody can die! Death can kill anybody. It is a respecter of nobody. It can kill the pastor! It has no respect for anybody and when you die, you know where you’re going. Is the Father a wicked Father? Why will you die premature death? Why will you die anyhow? We have entered the New Year. Before you move your leg, look at that place in case there is a pit there. Watch carefully before you move your leg. Watch again before you move the other leg. If anybody moves close to you, speak the word of your Father to that person. If he refuses, leave him alone. He will be judged. As you sit down beside him in the bus, both of you will head to your different destinations. Something may happen to him later. But when you were speaking to him, he chased you away that he was not interested. You wanted to share with him part of the blessing of the Father that you carry, but he said he doesn’t want it. Assuming, as you spoke to him, he listened, you could have saved him from the calamity that wanted to befall upon. That is why the Father said you should not eat the food alone. You can save a life through it. Somebody that has been designed to die, you can save him because he’s going to the wrong side and he’ll die. Are you born-again? If he says no, quickly pray with him, whichever way you can pray. Any English you know you can speak, speak it. Through it, you will save that person because the Father is not a wicked Father. The children are wicked children. Give me, give me, give me; but you don’t want to do the will of the Father. The Father has given a lot. How did they do it? They misused it. The worst the Father doesn’t want, that is what they’re doing. The worst one is that ‘the Father does not exist’. That is what they are saying! The punishment is for the whole world, not only one nation. It’s for the whole world. I have told you that a lot will happen in different places. Their hearts have turned against each other. Whatever you say, I will not love you; both of us are from the same womb; now if you speak to me, I don’t like you; I can kill you.

My son, I have told you that the whole world can perish in a day and it doesn’t move Me. It does not change the Father. I can use only a single person (a man and a woman) to bring back this earth again. Through that man and woman, this earth will be populated again. You are the ones that lose. You did not fulfil what the Father packaged for you and when you die, you know where you are going. Because when you die untimely death, horror death, and you know what you’ve put your hands, you know where you are going. You know where you are going! If you are serving the Father and the Spirit of the Father is inside you, if you walk anyhow, and do not listen to the Spirit that is inside you, you will enter their trap; sorry for you. When you do the will of the Father and you die, you are going to the place the Father prepared for you, but you cut short your life. You did not reach where you supposed to reach. That is why I told you that with what’s about to happen, many people will follow it. If you are serving the Father, serve the Father in Spirit! It’s the spiritual that controls the physical. Be on alert because the Spirit of the Father is inside you. You have to put it into action. Open your mouth every day and talk to the Father. He hears you, looking at you. But if you go on your own way! Can you annoy with the Father? Then you do yourself harm. That thing (Satan) will be happy. Yes, this is what I want! He has already chained you down not to listen to the voice of the Father. Through the prayer you’re praying, you’re getting out of the trap. Can you annoy with the Father? No matter how it is, your Father is your Father; He is the One that created you. The Father that looks into an empty pot and dips His finger into it and the pot become full, can you annoy with Him? You cannot! He will make empty to be full; He will bring something out of nothing. Can you annoy with that Person? Because the Father is the One that makes a way where there is no way. He is taking you somewhere. You have been suffering for many years, but when the Father changes you, you will forget about the suffering. That is what the Father can do. He is the One that makes a way where there is no way. If He promises a thing, He will fulfil it. He never fails. That is the Father! He will never be a wicked Father. He always does good and you know the person that drags the blessing with the children. Satan! Because he’s watching you everyday! He knows what you like. He will bring it to you. After all, you love it; take it now because this is your opportunity. Through that, you miss the Father’s throne. He knows if you refuse and go to the Father, the one the Father will give to you is original. He will use the counterfeit to cajole you. But he has done what he wants to do. He blocks you not to reach that place.

My son, I have not told you the budget for this year. I will release it for you later. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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