The Right Solution

Britain, the nation which conquered the world through the Gospel of Jesus Christ, who knew the right solution for issues and whom to call upon whenever there’s a problem in the land, is now ravaged by a deadly virus. People are caged in the four walls of their houses without knowing the next course of action. Yet, the solution is right with an individual, but the land leaders failed to apply it.

The Almighty God chose Britain and America as peacemakers, but they disappointed the Father. Amid crises, instead of quenching the fire, they joyfully fuelled it to rise to another level. If a nation once controlled by Jehovah departs from Him, Satan will take over the land, and the result will be disastrous. That’s what we see now. The whole world is in trouble.

The nation of Israel was one example who enjoyed the utmost blessing and protection of the Almighty. That’s not all; they were favoured above every other nation on Earth. But when they failed to hold on to what they had, the Father declared it open to the whole world.

The Almighty God has given His children 2020 as a year of preparation to see and know their action. Unfortunately, Britain and America are meant to lead the world into calling upon the right solution, Almighty God; they turned their back on Him while their people die in numbers every day. Jehovah is a merciful Father. All He needs is for the people to recognise Him and call upon His name as the people of Nineveh. If a nation departs from its core value, what we see now will be the result. Everyone now believes that a vaccine is the right solution. They forget to ask themselves these questions. If the vaccine doesn’t work, what is the next course of action? If the vaccine works and another type of pandemic springs up suddenly, what will they do? Jehovah God Almighty spoke a lot concerning Britain and America how He’s disappointed in them. They embraced all manner of evil and threw away the real deal, which is the Law of the Father. They as a result of this hand over the control of their land and destiny to Lucifer.

In time past, history has it that no kingdom last forever. The Almighty God would lift a nation, and whenever He saw that the people departed from His Law, He’ll drop them and raise another kingdom. The Earth is the Lords and the fullness thereof! No nation, people or race can put the Father in His pocket because if His anger rises, who can stand. The people's action is proof to the Father that they’re capable of leading and protecting themselves. Any nation that forgets her root puts herself into a contest with the Almighty. The question is this: Who can battle with the Lord? The Earth was created for human beings to live and depart, not to live and destroy. If we destroy it, where will the next generation live? As long the people of God refused to call upon Him in time of trouble, let us wait and see who will win the battle because no man can put Himself in enmity with the Father and go scot-free. If the people repent and cry to the Father for help, this pandemic will depart just as it came.

As Christians, the Father has given Jesus Christ for us to call upon Him whenever we’re at a crossroad. The world is at a crossroad, and no people or nation is ready to call upon Jesus Christ the Great Healer for help because they believe they’re capable of healing themselves. Let us wait and see how everything unfolds each day. But those who have given their heart to Jesus Christ must be strong. They must hold on to their faith in Him because He will neither forsake them in a time as this.

Pastor Radiant Ayowole Jesudairo.
London, 1st January 2021.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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