The Root Of Idolatry

The Father speaks

(Tuesday 10th March 2015, 01:44)

Everything is like a story, like a tale. If the Father wants to act, it only takes few minutes. If a football arena is packed with spectators, after the match, it only takes few minutes for the stadium to empty. That is how the work of the Father is. If I want to do anything on this earth, all of you will hear about it just in a few minutes. If you gather a heap of sand, if strong wind comes, the sand will scatter. If you set a fire in a farm land, with a little wind, the whole farm will burn down. I Am the Owner of this earth and everything in it. All of you should not think I cannot act anymore because I have brought My Son Jesus Christ and take everything you read in the Bible as stories. All of you go on your own way. If I use only five people as an example, all of you will learn a big lesson. It is very easy for me to do this. I know why I Am quiet. Many of you don’t believe what I did before. Even the pastors that are teaching My children don’t believe. Some of them will say it’s the children of Israel. Are the Israelites not on this earth? Are they not human beings? Human beings started with Adam and Eve. All of you are the same. If evil befall one nation, I expect the rest of you to learn.

In the beginning, Adam and Eve didn’t know how I created them. Still, they knew Somebody always come to speak to them. If a woman adopts a baby, when that baby grows up, she only knows that woman as her mother, nobody else. She thinks she’s her biological mother. Some women would leave their home to another city, pretending to be pregnant. She would come back with a baby and everybody would believe her. I, The Almighty God alone know all mysteries. They would hide themselves that they’re pregnant. They would even lie to their husband. If nothing happens to that child that warrant blood transfusion, nobody will know she’s not the real mother. I Am the only One that knows the deep down of sin. If I tell you who I Am and you say no, the time I will change everything, you will see the other side of the coin. After I finished My work on this earth, you will ask yourselves question whom you offended. I will not allow the earth to destroy because of any of you. As you say you will not leave sin, I will also not leave to destroy you. Those who recognise Me as Father will live to tell the story. What is the difference between you and those I destroyed in the time of old? You think I don’t have power. You think you can do whatever you like because I have brought My Son Jesus Christ, so you can commit sin. All of you don’t know that as you’re committing sin, you’re closing the door of your blessing. Demons cannot affect Jesus Christ. Demons cannot affect Almighty God. Demons cannot affect Holy Spirit. Every fight I fight is because of you and your generation. Many of you claim there is no God. You cannot see Me! If I say your body is My temple and death kills you, will I die? When you commit sin, who do you do evil? Yourself! If you take good care of yourself, I will come and dwell in your body. If you commit sin, it will lead to sickness and death. Is your body then the temple of God? Who do you do evil? Yourself! If you live a holy life, you do yourself good. If you commit sin, you do yourself evil. If you have ears, you will open your ears and go back and amend your ways. Many of you, My servants, there are some things I will not tell you because I expect you to know. If you’re committing sin and you think I will tell you, you do yourself harm. That is why you have your Bible. Whatever I said you should not do and you’re doing it, don’t think I will come down and tell you again. Whenever you die, I will use it to judge you because you’re a disobedient child.

Many of you are thieves. Stealing is stealing. Either you take money from your wife’s purse or take money from the church, stealing is stealing. Some stealing are international stealing. Stealing is not only to carry a gun. Some are international. They are peaceful. You will do it in a very neat way and nobody will know. You will ask your secretary to transfer some money into your account. That money is not your money. A pastor thinks because he is the founder of the church that all the tithes belong to him. That money is My money and every member of the church contributed to it. It is not the money you should spend anyhow because it’s My money. If I bless you, I still want you to spend it judiciously. Orphans are there! You can open your own farm to provide food for the needy. You can open your own bakery. All is about caring for the needy. As you open your farm or bakery, you also create jobs for the jobless. Out of the money the members contributed, you will do all these. It’s My money. Some of you will borrow the money and never pay back. When the money is needed, the church will not see it to spend. No one should borrow My money! Widows are there, orphans are there, the youth is there to spend money upon. Nobody borrows money from the church. Instead of you to borrow money from the church, you should add to it. In the time of old, the members brought their money into My house, none borrowed. Some of you will borrow money from the church to buy a house. Some of you will borrow money to buy cars. Some of you will borrow money to start your business and never return it back. You jeopardise the lives of the needy. All of you are going to Hellfire. Because of the sin you’re committing, Satan is passing through your body to destroy everything.

All of you think you exist by chance. I created everything. This earth is My farm. I Am on this earth every day. I control everything. My Spirit controls everything. Satan only has control over human beings because of your sins. When you abandon the Father and begin to seek for favour where there is no favour. Human beings shouldn’t have a connection with the creatures in the sea. You shouldn’t have connection with the moon. Some of you are serving the moon, serving the sun. You are not supposed to have anything to do with them. As you’re serving all those things, they have the power to destroy you. The same thing that your forefathers did is what you’re doing. The same rope that connects your forefathers to evil also connects you. As you’re on this earth, I believe I alone should have control over your Spirit. All those spirits you give yourself to are powerful spirits and they’re for destruction. If you connect yourself to them, you automatically handover your life and your generation to them. Whenever something is going on, I will look down before I pass My judgement. As you see all those spirits, I put each one of them in their position. I alone have power to appease them. If you read your Bible, you will see how I instructed the Israelites to kill different animals to atone for their sins. Each spirit has his own food. This is why My children in the time of old thought they could do it by themselves. They ended up serving idols. I Am the only One who will tell you what to do and how to do it. If you bypass Me and carry out the assignment on your own, then you’re serving idol. This is where idolatry started from!

When Adam and Eve sinned, the spirit of sin entered them and their generation. I created priests and prophets right from the beginning. Anyone that has a higher Spirit, I would use him to speak. Whenever something was going wrong in the land, I would instruct him what to do and how to do it. Whoever saw him when he was performing those rituals would do the same. This was where idolatry started from. They didn’t know he wasn’t acting on his own, that Somebody was there who instructed him to do it. Because they saw him carrying out a particular ritual, they went and do the same also. They never knew I was the One who instructed him to carry out the ritual so there could be peace in the land. Everybody cannot be a priest. For example: A child was sick and I instructed the priest to take some water and sprinkle it on the child’s body and the child became healed. His neighbour saw him and told others what the priest did. They started serving water. In the time of old, many of them couldn’t differentiate between God and idols. Right from the beginning, there were prophets and priests. Adam himself was a prophet. He was like Jesus Christ. This was why they could hear from the serpent. When I appeared to Abraham, he could hear My voice but others couldn’t. He followed every instruction I gave to him. He did everything I asked him to do. Whoever didn’t hear from Me would say he wants to do the same. That is idolatry! The more they were committing sin and serving those things, it then became reality. The spirits behind those things started speaking to them. This was where idolatry came from. Each herb in the farm is there for a different purpose. My children in the time of old who lived many hundreds of years never suffer any illness. I also instructed them what to do and how to do it whenever something was wrong with them. They served nothing. A common person will not understand. In each family, there was a prophet. This was why I didn’t reveal Myself in time. Some of them, whenever a child was ill would only carry that child in his arms and looked unto Heaven, and the child would be healed immediately. He was a spiritual doctor. That was how I created him. Everybody cannot be a prophet. Today, many of My children hear different voices, the voices of demons. Since Satan was able to deceive Adam and Eve in the Garden, he has been deceiving My children until today. Many of My servants claim they hear My voice. I Am not the One speaking to them. They always hear the voice of demons. I have been rescuing My children right from when Adam and Eve sinned. As I Am rescuing them, Satan also disguises himself to destroy them. Since he caused confusion in the Garden, he still causes confusion today. The worst thing he does is luring you to serve him. When I brought out the Ordinance openly not to serve another god, he knew why. All of you that I gave the Ordinance to don’t value it, but he values it. He is using this to destroy all of you.

In the days of Moses, I instructed the Israelites how the priest should perform cleansing. They dare not do otherwise, else they would die. They would kill the bull, kill the ram, kill the turtledove. Everything the priests did, they did it in My name. Because they were created as priests, they could hear My voice. Whenever a man sinned, because the life of every creature was in the blood, they would use the blood of the animal to redeem his life because the spirit of the sin he committed wanted to take his life. Apart from that, there were other rituals he had to perform before that man could be completely healed. He would do everything in My name. By the end of the day, they would pronounce the man clean. Whenever they pronounced the man clean, did I ask him anything in return? No! He and his generation would be well. If he committed the same sin again, the same illness would come upon him again. Many of them had no money to buy ordinary pigeon. Some of them, as they bought their goat and tied it somewhere, the demons would go there, kill it and eat it. Before they could gather money and buy another one, they too would die. The priests were always busy in those days. Before it was the turn of some of people, they would die. I looked at all these and brought My Son Jesus Christ. Just only the word of mouth, you’re healed. All of you take it for granted. This is what I did for all of you and you don’t value it. The people of old died because of their ignorance. They didn’t know how those spirits work. Every word that comes out of My mouth carries power. In the time of old, they didn’t joke with My word.

Everything the priests did, they did it in My name. When I called Abraham, that was when I threw everything open. I always spoke to people before Abraham. Some of them didn’t know who was speaking to them. Today, many of you have HIV. If I tell My servant to tell you to stop having sexual intercourse and always drink water from flowing river so that your body can turn to the body of a new born baby, you will count it as nothing. I created those spirits and I know how to appease them. In the time of old, there was a way I asked My priests to atone for the spirit of leprosy. Today, many of you, including new babies have leprosy. Can you atone for it? You may call it different names, that is your business. But I know what I created. I could tell a man to enter inside the bush and pluck a leaf. He would use that leaf to heal somebody. As many of you are emulating the priests or prophets, this is why idolatry full everywhere. When Moses appeared before Pharaoh, as he dropped his staff, Pharaoh also ordered his magicians to do the same. I can order any of My servants to do anything. Somebody will say I don’t need to go to church, let us do our own. This is why idolatry full everywhere. This was exactly what happened to the children of Israel. An ordinary mirror can turn to idol. An ordinary wood can turn to idol. An ordinary bucket can turn to idol. Whatever you put your trust in will turn to idol for you. In the time of old, there was no hospital. I would speak to their heart what they should do. Right from the beginning, Adam and Eve knew there was Somebody speaking to them. They knew there was God. I didn’t hide Myself from them. Satan lured them to sin so I could abandon them. Right from the time, Satan was the one who taught My children how to serve idols so they could abandon the Father. As they’re doing that, they didn’t know they’re committing sin. This was why I brought the Law that no one should serve any other God apart from Me. I also told them to gather together to worship Me. This was where temple came from. It is very easy for the devil to enter their heart if individual worship in his house. My children are far away from their Father. Now that I brought My Son and you’re still doing the same thing, all of you think you’re still serving the Father. If I say what you’re doing is not My way and you’re still doing it, you must know you’re far away from Me. You will decorate all your body with jewelleries and still think you’re serving Me. You must know you’re far away from Me. You add foreign body to your body, and you do yourself harm. When I spoke to Noah to build an ark, he obeyed Me and did according to My will. After I wiped everybody away, and the ark rested on Mount Ararat, he made a sacrifice to Me, the God of Heaven. I will never eat an animal. As he appreciated Me for sparing his life and his generation, I would give the animal to the spirit of the earth. I that created them know the kind of power they have. You shouldn’t bypass Me and go to them. This is what is tormenting all of you today. You use jewelleries to decorate yourself and leave the Father. You don’t know the spirit that controls those things is very powerful. This spirit is an obstacle to many women and they cannot marry. The spirit torments them every night. As you keep those things in your cupboard and you’re sleeping, the spirits in them will come out at night to torment you. But you will say Jesus Christ has come. Is Jesus Christ in your heart? If Jesus Christ is in your heart, you will not use all those things to decorate yourself. Is He in your heart? Why would those spirits bypass Jesus Christ to do you evil? As they mention the name of Jesus, every knee must bow! Why would they bypass Jesus Christ to do you evil? If Jesus Christ is in your heart, why don’t you have a husband; why are you barren? Because Jesus Christ has no place in you! He is far away from you. You are still doing the same things that made Me destroyed the earth in the time of old. You claim you gave your life to Jesus Christ, your Spirit still connects with the boyfriend you had many years ago. Is Jesus Christ in your heart? The kind of cloth you were wearing when you gave your life to Jesus Christ, you’re still wearing them. You harbour somebody in your heart and you claim you gave your life to Jesus Christ. There is a bad word in your mouth and you claim you gave your life to Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ has no place in you. You are only wasting your time. Whatever you sow, you shall reap.

Many of you think you can do whatever you want to do because I have brought Jesus Christ. If I could annoy with the children of Israel when they fashioned a golden calf and My anger burnt to the extent of wiping them away, why are you doing the same thing today and think you will have peace? All of you think Jesus Christ came so you can continue in sin. Read your Bible and tell Me where you see that. Each sin you commit carries different kinds of sickness and there is demon attach to each sickness. When Jesus Christ pronounced go and sin no more, He didn’t open it for you why the sickness came upon you. Ordinary headache is a sin! ‘Go and sin no more’ covers everything in the Old Testament. A monthly flow of a woman, if she doesn’t take good care of herself, she could fall into sickness. There is a place she could enter. You don’t just enter anywhere. This was why I gave them many Ordinances in the time of old because that thing is unclean. The reason why you could enter inside a church without being punished is because it’s part of nature, you were born with it and it’s My will. Jesus Christ covers you for that because you didn’t cause it by yourself. Nevertheless, it’s unclean! When I was giving each Ordinance, Jesus Christ was there. Jesus Christ didn’t dispute with Me because it’s about holiness.

Whatever I did not ask you to do and you’re doing it, who do you think you’re doing it for? You are serving idol! Those things have taken the lives of many of My children. It’s like in the church today where everybody is a prophet. If I did not create you to be a prophet, you don’t speak. This is part of idolatry. If Holy Spirit moves you, that doesn’t mean you should speak. A prophet doesn’t speak anyhow. The word of a prophet is the word of holiness. Many of you, generational curses are in your linage for ages. You open your mouth anyhow and pronounce curses. You borrow and refuse to pay. You do a lot of things and think you’re in Jesus Christ. You paint your head, paint your nose because you’re looking for a husband. The things you put on your body have taken away your husband. God is not in your heart and if God is not in your heart, Jesus Christ is not in your heart. If Jesus Christ is not in your heart, who will chase that thing away? The next thing for you to do is to buy a husband. You will collaborate with your pastor and buy a husband you’re incompatible with. As your outward is, so is your inward. Everything you put on your body have taken the position of your husband. You will use your profession to bribe pastor so he can connect you with a man in the church. Whenever a problem arises, you will blame your pastor. What you gave to your pastor, he also gave to you in return. Three of you don’t have God, both you, the pastor and the husband. Such a marriage cannot last because I did not sanction it. Many of you are in the church toady without a husband. You have children without father everywhere and you pollute the land. Such kind of people is not coming to Heaven. You are only happy whenever you’re in the church. When you go back to your house, you will begin to weep because you need a husband. Until you delete everything you carry inside you, that is when you can have peace. I Am not a wicked Father. It is your disobedience that causes a problem for you. Every human being on this earth is My child. All of you are disobedient children. Immediately you give your life to Jesus Christ, the Law holds you. You must obey My Law. If you fail to obey My Law and you follow your own way, you can never have peace. Every Law I give is a Law of Spirit. Everything I ask you not to do, you cannot see them physically. They are Spirits! If you empty yourself, Jesus Christ will occupy the empty space in you.

Salvation is personal. Heaven and Hellfire are real. Nobody goes there and live for awhile and come back again. It is dark to your eyes. This is why all of you don’t believe the testimonies of those who went there and came back. Every one of you will die one day. It is better for you to believe because you’re going there one day. Those who give their lives to Jesus Christ will either go to Heaven or Hellfire. They cannot go to the Dark-Planet anymore. Those who believe in God and don’t give their lives to Jesus Christ, and those who don’t believe in God are going to Hellfire. Those who gave their lives to Jesus Christ and have tattoo marks on their body, until We see how sober they are, and how they preach to others that tattoo marks is not good, that is the only way We will forgive them. If you think you put tattoo marks on your body and think you’re going to Heaven because you’ve given your life to Jesus Christ, you’re wasting your time. Heaven is not where you make a caricature of. You don’t know anything and We are telling you. In the time of old, people went for slavery because of their sin. They planted and their farm yielded nothing. Yet, they had children. For them and their children not to die, they sold their children as slaves in exchange for money. To differentiate those slaves from the children at home, they had to pierce the ears of the slaves. You have given your life to Jesus Christ and you still pierce your ears. Do people still buy slaves today? Why do you pierce your ears? Because of fashion! That means Jesus Christ doesn’t have a place in you. There is a reason I give gap from coming down. Now is the time for Me to cleanse the earth. Whatever you’ve done before you come to Jesus Christ is past. Once you give your life to Jesus Christ, you become a new creature. All those old things will become the things of the past. You don’t do them anymore. As you pierce your ears, there is a life that leaves you and there is a life that enters you because your life is in the blood. You exchange something! This is why Jesus Christ came to destroy those foreign things away from you. If you take a balloon and fill it with air, take a needle and pierce it. The air will escape slowly until that balloon is partly flat. As the air goes out, little air also comes in. This is how the life of a human being is. The blood you shed every day is your life. This is the reason why demons always take blood because your life is in the blood. Every accident you see every day is demonic. They are the ones, because they need blood. If your father used to serve an idol and he stopped, you will be the one to pay with your blood. You may be in your kitchen and hurt your finger with a knife. As long you shed blood, they will be happy. It may be through miscarriage. It may be through major or minor accident. As long you shed your blood, they’re satisfied. All of you should not take everything for granted. I know what I created and I know how they act. Some of you gush out blood like water every month. It’s from demons! Until all of you obey My Law, that is when you can have peace on this earth.

In the time of old, I gave My children Ordinance to sacrifice animals to make atonement for their sins. Who was eating the animals? Human beings, the priests. What happened to the spirits of the animals? The demons ate them! This is the lives We’re talking about and this is why I brought My Son Jesus Christ. There are some generations on this earth now, if they want to atone for their sins, a bull is not enough. This is why the demons now use your lives as an exchange. Until you use the blood of Jesus Christ to atone for your sins, that is the only way, and it will take some time, not instantly. All of you don’t understand the things of the Spirit. Whatever you do, the Father will forgive you. But will the demons forgive you? Pastors are having problems in their family; their children are dying. They don’t know they’re on the war front. Because they’re looking for money, they fall into many troubles. You don’t lure every duke and harry to come to your church because of money. You lured president, governors, and senators to come. To tell them the truth now become a problem. Do you gather them to yourself or you gather them to go to Heaven. If you lure a banker to come into your church, you must be ready to preach the word of holiness to him. As They will judge the rich, so They will judge the poor also. Whatever everybody sows, that he shall reap. As you’re alive, nobody condemns you. The end will tell. Whatever occupies your heart, get rid of them before it’s too late. When you know the truth, the truth will set you free. As you’re alive, condemn those things in your body, those foreign spirits. If you don’t condemn them, The judges will condemn those things in your body. If They condemn them, you will be condemned. They are spirits.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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