The Spiritual Garment

The Father speaks

(Saturday 18th June 2011, 10:00)

Our Father is a faithful Father. Our Father is very faithful; He’s more than faithful. Our Father is more than the way We talk about Him. Our Father is more than faithful. He is able to set those who are willing free. Our Father is faithful. Our Father is very kind. Our Father is very precious. Our Father is faithful and kind. He is faithful and more than faithful. He is willing to deliver all His children out of their mess only if they’re willing to come out. He is faithful. He is more than faithful. He is more than the way people describe Him. He is not a wicked Father. He doesn’t have any wickedness in His heart. If you ask Him for mercy today, He is willing to have mercy on you and take you to the other side. If you say ‘Father, I am tired of this mess; Father, this is my hand’; He will hold your hand and lead you to the other side. He is not as people describe Him. In Him there is no sin; there is no trace of wickedness in Him. However, are you willing to come out of that mess? Immediately you switch your heart, that you want to come out of the mess you are, the Father will take you over straight away. He will not say you should think over it, but He will take you immediately. If you say you will not continue to go on your own way again, the Father will grab you immediately and take you to the other side because He doesn’t want you to be destroyed. He is the One that created you. He wants the best for you. He doesn’t want you to be destroyed. He is waiting for you to switch over to the other side. If you say you want light, the light will come immediately. But if you say no, you like it the way you are, He will continue to look at you. He will continue to tell you that you still have the chance to switch over to the other side. If you say you want to change, He will take you; He will clothe you, He will feed you. He will not force you to come to Him because it is willingly. If somebody is wearing a dirty rag and you have pity on him and want to give him a new garment willingly from your heart; though he knows the garment you’re offering him is far better than the rag he’s wearing; if he says ‘thanks, I don’t need your garment’, what do you call that? Is it not foolishness? Oh, you want to prove to me that you have money more than me; did I tell you I need a new garment; did I tell you I’m hungry; I’m okay the way I am. He is arrogant! He that gives you new garment knows more than you. He knows the rag you’re wearing doesn’t fit you. However, you refuse. By the time you need the garment, somebody else might have taken it. That is your end. Willingly, I need the garment. Oh, My son, you need the garment, take; I have many of them. Which one do you want? If you want the first class, the second class or the third class, I have many of them. However, you do not come willingly; but you reject the garment. For you to know that somebody loves you; somebody is there who cares about you. He offers you, but you refuse. Don’t you know you’ve missed it? You’ve missed it. The time is coming when you’ll look for the garment, you won’t find it. Those who need it might have taken it because it’s not ordinary garment; it’s a spiritual garment. That garment is not ordinary garment. That is why it’s very painful when many of My children who say they want the garment and they’re still messing it. That is why We’re going to judge all of them. This is Our garment, you’ve messed it. Is this the way We gave it to you? This is Our garment; this is not the way We gave it to you; you’ve stained it. We gave it to you without stain, without wrinkles; you’ve spoilt it. Why didn’t you pull it off when you knew you don’t need it? You could have said you don’t need it when We gave it to you. Many people need this garment, but nobody could reach out to them to give them. This is Our garment, you can never buy it anywhere. Nobody can give it to you apart from Us. However, you say ‘no, my Father that gave it to me will help me wash it’. Who told you? Who told you I will wash it for you when you’ve stained it? The day you were given the garment, your name, your address and date were written on it and the record is there. We’re monitoring you the way you’re using the garment. We are watching you the way you’re using it until the day you will come to Us because the garment that was given to you is an everlasting garment. The way you come with it will determine where you’re going. Look at the garment We gave you, what do you see in it? Stains! A lot of stains! If it was like this when We gave it to you, will you take it? You say no. You know you’ve failed? You say yes. You’ve judged yourself. What kind of child are you? Give yourself a name. Go this way. Another person comes: We look at him, but Our garment is not on him. Nobody reached out to give him Our garment. Anyway, nobody reached out to give you Our garment; you don’t know anything about Us; go this way. You will be there. When the time comes, We will come and show you Our garment. That will determine where you’re going. Because nobody reached him; he was suffering, crying, hungry; nobody reached him. In that case, he’s not going that way; he doesn’t have Our knowledge. When the time comes, We will show him the garment. Assuming he was given Our garment, that’s when We could judge him. Another person comes. My son, nobody We give this garment that will return it the way We gave it. Any soul on this earth, no one will return it hundred percent the way We gave it in the first place; there must be a stain. That is why they’re flesh. Yes, We gave you the garment, there are some spots on it. Anyway, you’ve tried. We pardon you; go straight. It’s a straight lane. He is going to Us. We give you the garment, but there are some stains there. However, We pardon you; go straight. Nobody We give that will return it the way We give it. Nobody! Anybody you preach to, anybody you’re telling about Us, you’re giving him the garment of your Father. The very day he gives his life to Christ, that he hears about Us and accepts Us, you wear him another garment. Any dirty rag he’s wearing will be replaced with a befitting garment of your Father.

When We give you garment, you say no, you don’t want; you love the one you’re wearing. We will leave you and go away with Our garment. The one you’re wearing was given to you by that one (Satan). No problem! When the judgement comes! The day We give you this garment, your name, address and the date are engraved on it; We are monitoring you. No evil will come. Even if you’re in the midst of evil, We will wave it away. When evil comes, because you’re wearing Our garment, We recognise you and We’ll shield you. You are Our own. No evil will befall you. That is why I said when you’re inside your Father, always study about Him. Always do everything it takes for you to know Him more. Hence, you wear the garment, your Father too will not relax; He will shield you. Begin to do everything it takes to know your Father the more. That is why I always tell you, it’s very dangerous for you to say you’re a Christian; you are a Christian, you’re not hot and you’re not cold; you’re still in the world; you’re not a Christian. Immediately We give you the garment, your record is with Us. We are watching you. Begin to do everything it takes to know your Father the more. Your Father says you should not steal. He says you should not speak anyhow. He says you should not use your tongue to cause problems. He says you should not use your tongue to destroy people. You should stop backbiting. You should not fornicate; you should not commit adultery. You should always do good. When you’re doing that, no evil will come because your record is with Us. My son, tell all of them who say they’re born-again. The very day they give their lives to Christ, their record is automatically there (in heaven). The very day they surrender all, everything about them will switch on immediately. Every old thing they’ve done is gone. That is the beginning of new life. We will begin to record what they do from that day onward. We will begin to monitor them from that day. Everything they do will appear on the screen. We will begin to watch them. Anybody that says he give his life to Jesus, his record is there from that very day. It’s very dangerous! When you give your life to Jesus, you begin to promote yourself. The more you’re doing it, it’s like you’re climbing the ladder. The more you’re studying the word of God, the more you’re holy, you’re climbing higher. That will determine the level you want to be. When We see that you keep going, We will promote you. You will be where you don’t expect to be because you pass. We know you’re worthy. That is why you see some people, they find themselves where they think they will never be. We are the Ones that promote them. This world is a mystery. This physical you’re seeing is nothing; the spiritual is greater and that thing (Satan) knows.

My son, let Me tell you today; the creation of this world was not physical. If it’s physical, where were those who moulded blocks? Where were those who moved sand to level the earth? It’s not physical. Tell them! Who do you see that say he was there when the Father was creating the earth? Don’t they know they’re very foolish? The earth you’re living was created spiritually. Therefore, they must live a spiritual life. All of them! Even those who call themselves men of God, let them live a spiritual life. The earth that the Father created, it’s there in the book of Genesis, was it physical? Where were the Angels that moulded blocks? Where were the people that carried water? Where were those who made the ceiling? All this thing is not what you speak with mouth; it’s a spiritual thing. They should learn how to do everything in a spiritual way so they can meet the needs of the Father. The creation of this world was spiritual. All of them that travel to space and think they’re studying are just wasting their time. It’s not something physical. Any name they want to give anything, let them give it. However, the day the Father says He wants to draw down the cotton; that is the day the life ends. Everything on this earth is not something physical; it’s a spiritual thing. What are you reading? What do you know? What are you studying? He created everything in a spiritual way. Even you yourself was created spiritually. He manufactured everything and it appears on this earth. You have brain and you say you want to do something. Who give you that thought? I want to do this one; I can do that one; I will do this one; who give you that memory? Who give it to you? If I want to prove Myself today, somebody that doesn’t know anything will magnetise two materials together and it’ll turn to vehicle and begin to move. But somebody else cannot do it. What do you know? What did you study? Do you know anything more than your Father? Everything is spiritual! It’s a spiritual. What do you know? When they’re telling you ‘know your Father, know your Father, know your Father’ so that the work He did in your life will not spoil, you think you know more than yourself. You love worldly things. You love the physical things; and immediately you lose spiritual things, you lose here. If you chose that spiritual, then you make it here. Know your Father, you say no. You love darkness. Okay, remain there. Even the earth you’re living is not something physical. I created it spiritually. You yourself are not physical, you’re spiritual. Let your spiritual control your physical so that you can make it, so that you can meet the needs of the Father. That is why, if somebody is telling you to do this or that, know that he loves you. It is the Spirit of the Father in that man that tells him to come and meet you. As you reject that man, you reject your Father. Anything you see, you have to manage it. Immediately that man gives you the garment of the Father to wear, you have to maintain it. I used to do this one before, now I’m wearing the garment of the Father, I will not do it again. I used to go to this place before, no, let me obey the word of the Father. We are watching you! We are watching you. This is the place I used to go before; I don’t want to dirty the garment the Father gave to me; I will not go there again because I’m wearing my Father’s garment. This is exactly what We’re saying. Oh, let me go there. You miss it! If you go there, you miss it. That garment you’re wearing, if you’re still going to where you don’t suppose to go, you condemn yourself. You miss it.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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