The Strange Father

The Father speaks

(Sunday 25th March 2012, 11:00)

When Jesus Christ was here on earth, how did He go to heaven? He ascended. They knew He was dead, and they buried Him. They rolled a stone upon the grave and guarded it with soldiers because He said He would die and rise again. They were waiting how He would rise, that was why they rolled a stone upon the grave. How then did He disappear and go to heaven? He is a Spirit. The Angels that rolled away the stone, how did they come? They are Spirits. The Father comes here and speak, how does He come? He is a Spirit. Jesus Christ ascended to heaven and came back. Whenever He comes and speaks, how does He come? He is a Spirit. It’s through the Spirit the Father can connect to His children. It’s through the Spirit, Jesus Christ can come and speak. That is why They differentiate Themselves. Nowhere on this earth will somebody speaks and say I am Holy Spirit, I am Jesus, I am the Father. However, They could use anybody to speak, but nobody can distinguish it. It is through the Spirit the Father speaks. It’s through the same Spirit, Jesus Christ speaks. It is through the same Spirit Holy Spirit speaks and says He is the One speaking. The Spirit binds Three of Them together. None of Them works separately. The Father works through the Spirit. Jesus Christ Himself works through the Spirit and the Spirit Himself works through the Spirit. Who is the Spirit Himself? It is the Father. Nobody can know it. The Spirit Himself is the Father! It is He. My son, you have the privilege that the Father speaks, Jesus speaks, and the Holy Spirit speaks and They distinguish Themselves. They said the Spirit of the Father came upon them and they were speaking in different tongues. Who was He that came upon them? Was He not the Father! The Spirit of the Father inside them fired up and connected to the Father and Fire came upon them. It was like full current. That was what happened on the day of Pentecost. The full current came and took over all of them. It was through the Spirit. It was a mystery. If they were not human being, if the Spirit of the Father was not in them, they couldn’t have been connected. Because the Spirit of the Father was in all of them, that is why when you’re speaking, the Father could hear you because He Himself is inside you. That is why when somebody dies, the Spirit disconnects. Everything can happen through the Spirit. Through the Spirit, the Father can come. Because you’re alive, the Spirit of the Father is inside you even when you’re committing sin. When you are clean and holy, the Spirit is able to forgive you and connect you to the Father. Without holiness, you cannot get the Father. That is why all of them that serve the Father serve Him in their own way. Without Holy Spirit, without that holiness, you cannot connect to the Father. You are just working on your own. That is why the Father said, you couldn’t do two things together. It is either you go to the right one or to the wrong one. You cannot run two races together. Have you seen somebody that runs two tracks at a time before? You can never run two lanes at a time; you have to run one. Look at those who run physical race. If they put you on a track and you jump to another track, they will disqualify you immediately because you cause confusion. That track belongs to somebody else. Therefore, they will disqualify you immediately. You cannot run two races together. You must choose one! Through the one the Father chooses for you, maintain it; do not go on your own way. If you go on your own way, you’re on your own. That time, the Spirit of the Father cannot flow in you. When the Father is talking about sin every time, He knows and means what He’s saying. Praise Holy Spirit. It is the same Father that owns All of Them. The Father speaks; Jesus Christ speaks; Holy Spirit speaks. When They’re speaking, They mention Their name. Everything They speak base on the Spirit. When Holy Spirit speaks, He speaks about the Father and His Son. He speaks about what He can do. When Jesus Christ speaks, He speaks about the Father and Himself. He speaks about the life He lived here on earth or the life He lives there in heaven. When the Father speaks, He boasts of Himself that ‘I am the Almighty’. He says nothing He cannot do.

When somebody is asleep and he sees either animal or human being, or he eats something, as he wakes up, it is now reacting physically in his body, what do you call that? It is an evil spirit. Human being uses that spirit to do evil because they have their own power. They trust in their power to do evil. It is a spirit! The Spirit of the Father is inside them, they now borrowed another spirit to do evil. Yet, no matter what they do, without the Spirit of the Father, they cannot do it. They now borrowed another dangerous spirit to do evil. As a pastor, a sick person called you on phone to pray for her. You asked her name and you prayed for her. As you prayed, the sickness disappeared. Why was she healed as you prayed? It is a spirit. As you’re praying, you’re doing somebody good. Somebody is also there doing evil. The person may even dream and see you. She will say I saw my pastor in my dream; he gave me something. It was the Spirit of the Father in action. The same way somebody will use his own spirit to do evil because the Father can never do evil. That is why the Father condemns those who go to the spiritual realm to do evil. They are using their spirit to do evil. The Father condemns it! Because you’re alive; can a dead person do it? No! If you see somebody that is dead, it’s another person who is alive that invoked the dead man’s spirit to do you evil. Jesus Christ was dead, isn’t it? You are calling Him and He’s appearing, isn’t it? It is only His Spirit that appears. He has the power to appear because that is Their Nature. That is what Three of Them use to connect to all Their children. The Father knows all the children in this whole world, one by one. Why does He know all of them? He knows them because He is inside each of them. He put His Spirit in all of them so that He can know what they are doing, how they feel, where they are. That is how the Father did it. He did not give them His Spirit to destroy anybody. He gave them to do good. However, they are now using it to destroy the children of the Father. Can any power supersede the power of the Father? No matter how heavy the spirit is inside you, no matter how you know how to divert, can your spirit conquer the Spirit of the Father because the Father was the One that gave it to you? The Father’s own is full current and He will destroy your own. Whatever spirit wants to bypass the Father to do you evil, the Spirit of the Father will crush it. For example, two bottles of wine. One is already 5years old while the other one is new. If you taste the two, you will know the difference. If you add the new wine into the old one, the bottle may bust because the new one is with full current. The Father is the One that put the spirit inside you. Can you compare the Spirit of the Father with the One He put inside you? Never! If anybody thinks he can do you evil because of the spirit he has, can you compare that one with the Spirit of the Father? Never! While you’re sleeping, the enemies do many things. They can sow evil into your spirit while asleep. It will now manifest physically. As you’re sleeping, they will begin to struggle with your spirit. If you don’t have Jesus, that person will surely defeat you. If you have Jesus, even though that person defeats you because you’re weak, it will result in nothing. Jesus Christ that you accepted into your life, that you put your trust in will stand by you. Sometimes you may find yourself eating in the dream. Do you think it’s normal food? Any food you eat in your dream is poison. Why won’t it affect you physically? It won’t affect you because Jesus Christ is there for you. The power of the Father is there for you, protecting you because you are an ordinary person. That is why you see many of the Father’s children die everyday because they don’t have Jesus. Whatever the enemies do affect them and it manifest physically. As for the enemies, they don’t want anybody to live. Are they the ones that created the children? It’s the Father that created the children, not them. As they came into this earth, what the Father did not give to them, they went and acquired it and they call it power to defend themselves. They are using it to destroy the children of the Father. However, when you have the Father in your life, can anybody destroy you? They will be saying ‘upon everything we’re doing, it cannot enter him; let us continue to watch him maybe he will commit sin’. If the Father chooses you, no matter any sin you commit, the enemies cannot destroy you because the Father is inside you and able to pardon your sins. He knows the enemies are after your life. That is why you have to watch yourself everyday. When you know that it is a sin, don’t do it; unless you don’t know. This life is a very delicate life. Oh, it doesn’t matter. Why do Christians fall victim of evil? They say they’re in Jesus, therefore it doesn’t matter. Does Jesus Christ send you to commit sin? It doesn’t matter; Jesus Christ said we should do everything! Did Jesus Christ say you should go and commit sin? When you know that something will destroy you, why do you put your hand? Jesus Christ Himself is a Human Being and at the same time a Spirit. Did Jesus Christ carry chemical and drink it when He knows it’s not good? As it is with chemical, it’s the same thing with sin. Did He sleep with any woman? He did not because He knew it’s not good. He was not meant for that. He came to do the Father’s will and go. He was a single man. If He wanted to marry, He could have married and have children. However, that was not His purpose on this earth. His purpose was to come, look, and give. He did not come for the things of this earth. Though He was a man, He did not remember that part of His life. He came to do the will of the Father. He came to teach them about holiness, how to serve and do the will of the Father. All these ones you see (men of God), they are far away from the Father. They are far away from the Father, My son! Do not envy the kind of life anybody lives. All of them are far from the Father. They are not doing the will of the Father. They are destroyers! They are evil! They are evil. Do not envy their lives. You are sleeping on a mat while somebody else is sleeping on a bed; let it be. You are walking with your feet while somebody else is driving a car; let it be. You are paying rent while somebody else has his own house; let it be. I know where I am going; I have chosen the most sensitive part of it; I am begging my God everyday to take me through this journey so I can pass. That should be your confession, not the things of this earth. Oh, this morning, I don’t see anything to eat, Father I thank You. Praise the Father and He will bring food to you. Where you are going is the most important and everybody owes it. Everybody owes it. You cannot carry all these ones along with you. You hear the name of Moses. What did He do that make you hear His name? He lived a life of suffering and the Father called him. Can anybody tell his in-law now to watch over his flock for him? Which name will they call that person? He is foolish, isn’t it? He is a slave to his in-law; his in-law is using him as a slave. Isn’t that what they will say? Moses was tending his in-law’s flock, moving from one bush to the other. Can anybody do it now? But it meant nothing to him? The Father chose him. Those people you think are foolish are the people the Father chose. That is how the Father created them. What matters to other people does not matter to them. He was tending his in-law’s flock. The Father now said, My son, that is not your way; I brought you into this world to do My work, and he said yes, Father. He went back to where the Father sent him. The in-law even praised him. Can anybody do it? The in-law said yes indeed, you are a chosen one; what I saw in you proved to me that you’re indeed a chosen one. That was why he later looked for him. He said let me go and see my son. He was more than a son to him. He took him as his own son. He encouraged him. Can anybody do it nowadays? This is the background of Moses before the Father called him. Can anybody do it? Everybody exalts himself. Nobody wants to fall for anybody. Everybody wants to drive a limousine. Everybody wants to drive cars. Go and marry that girl; marry her because her father is wealthy. You want to marry a girl because of her father’s wealth. You don’t want to suffer with your in-law. What is the difference? You want to marry the girl because of her father’s wealth so that through her, you will have all the cars. You don’t want to suffer. Where the person is wretched and poor, you don’t want to go there. You will say who wants to marry this poor girl; am I going to suffer. Do you know what God wants to make out of you? But the name of Moses is reigning everywhere, isn’t it? Nobody wants to suffer. Oh, this our wealth; this one wants to bring this poverty family to destroy our wealth. The Father is not after wealth. The Father is after heart. He is after a heart of humility, a heart that is submissive. Oh, as we have this wealth, let us pick her so that through her, the name of that family can be known. If Moses did not marry Jethro’s daughter, would you have heard his name? If he didn’t go there, would Jethro’s name be heard? But nowadays, you are saying oh my son, you know our name; you have to marry the daughter of the president so that the whole world will hear about us; if you marry this poor one, who will hear our name. Are you the Almighty Father? The Father created all fingers, yet they’re not equal, but they work together. They support each other. What one finger can do, the other one cannot do it. Though what the biggest finger can do, the smallest one cannot do it. However, He makes sure they support each other. The Father knows why He created them like that. Through Moses, the name of Jethro was heard. The things that are very foolish in your sight mean a lot to the Father. The Father knows the heart of all His children. He watches all of them everyday. You, you cannot die now; I did not create you like this; I still want you to live and fulfil your destiny; I will wave this evil away from you. But you think it’s your power. The Father did it to still try you, maybe you will live the life He wants you to live. Many of the Father’s children did not live the life the Father gave to them. They lived anyhow life and they died like chicken. Many of them are not living the life of the Father. They are living the life of lying. They are experts in deceiving people because of what they want to eat. And the Father hates it. He hates deceiving lives. Wait for me there, I’m coming; when you get there, you will not meet them. When the Father says you should wait for Him, you will meet Him there. Yours is just to obey the Father. But human beings say they’re serving the Father. They are serving the Almighty God. They are living a borrowed life, a life of lie, a life of sin, a life of dirtiness. And they say they’re serving their Father. My son, everywhere is full today in the church. They are crying and weeping. Some of them are rolling on the floor. Is the Father a wicked Father? He is not a wicked Father. Search yourself! You are a wicked daughter! You are a wicked son! Your way is not the way of the Father. Your way is far away from the way of the Father. You are not eating; you’re crying because of the food you want to eat. You have to get up and search yourself what you have done. What am I doing that I should not do? What is the background of the family through which the Father brought me? How will I do to separate myself from this family so that their evil will not affect me? You are there, somebody told you to move away from your house. You went and told your parents that the pastor told you to move away from the family. And they said which pastor is that; it shall not be well with him. Your parents know he is telling you the truth because they know the kind of evil that is in their family. They know if the child goes away from the family, his life will be better. When the Father called Abraham to move away from his family, what happened? Move away from them so that their curse will not follow you. Hence, you’re living with them, eating and drinking with them, you too will begin to do their evil. However, you may not do it with them physically, but they will lure you to do it spiritually because you are part of them. If you go away from them, your life will be better. Your parents will begin to swear, who is that man that wants to destroy my child for me. The pastor that told you to go away knows what he’s saying.

My son, there is no any clean man of God again. As you see many of them, the Father brought them into this world as prophets. Because of the food they want to eat, their eye is dirty, they cannot see. They cannot receive the Fire of the Lord. As you see many babies born each day, the Father brings glorious children that will do the work of the Father. But as they grow up, they are far away from the Father. Whenever they see the one that speaks the truth, they will say is your own different; we have not seen this kind of message before; where does this one come from. But you can do it! You are pursuing the food you want to eat everyday. Whenever you see a woman, oh this one is beautiful, and you want to go inside. You cannot have all these in your mind and go on this journey. Even the wife the Father gave you to marry, though you love her, but the Father is in your heart. It’s not every time you want to take her to bed. Whenever she’s not at home, you will be panic. Oh, you went to the market since morning; where have you been. Yes, because you’re jealous. If the Father is inside your heart, you will know the wife He gave to you cannot do anything against you. She cannot fool herself. Once you keep trusting in the Father. But you say you’re a Christian, you’re a pastor. I saw you with that man; what were you discoursing. Are you really a man of God? You are a man of God, you see another woman of God and you love her. Are you really a man of God? You sleep with another woman of God. By the end of the day, you will say oh, I committed a sin but my Father has forgiven me. However, the stain is there because you destroy your reputation. The stain is there! Do you think it will go like that? You can hold a microphone and confess it to the whole world; but it’s there waiting for you. He has forgiven you, but it’s waiting for you. On the Record, how many places did you see that Moses slept with anybody? He had the time to do it. He even abandoned his own wife and children. Where did you see that Moses or anyone the Father chose after him began to sleep around with women? Nevertheless, the people were committing sin among themselves. Were there no beautiful women in the land at that time? Did you hear any story? When the Father said they would not go to the Promised Land, was it because of women? No! I am going to that church today; when that man of God sees me, he says he’s a fire, I will quench that fire; as I’m going there today with this my dress, when he sees me, his body will be hot. If you are in the Father, when you see her, you will rebuke her straight away. There is somebody here who has come to tempt the servant of God; if you do not come out, I will lay curse on you. She will come out and confess! Will somebody else do it again? Nobody will try it. However, when you’re preaching about merry-merry, the spirit that is inside you will die. Anything can take over your life. Even before she comes, you will see her in your dream. And when she comes to the church physically, you will know you’ve seen her before. May be both of you were kissing each other in your dream. Oh Father, this girl is beautiful; was it by mistake I married my wife; this was the face I saw; oh sister, I want to see you after the service. Yes, my net has caught him. Do you think you just dreamt about her? She has the power to charm you because you’re weak. Now you want to speak face to face. Before you know it, you’re in. She has her own power because you’re weak. You are weak! The Father never makes mistakes. In your dream, if you see that kind of person, you should rise up and begin to pray to your Father. Any strange face you see does not come anyhow. Something led to it. Either you just come or somebody uses your face to come, I rain the fire of God upon you. Pray with all the power you have. As you pray, you will dilute that power. She did not just come to you like that. Oh, it’s too late; yes pastor, I really thought about you yesterday. Before you know it, you’re in. Oh Father, what have I done? Because you are weak!

The power the Father gave to His children, He did not give them to do evil. Somebody is a doctor. What must he do before he could be a doctor? He will go to school, isn’t it? One plus one, four plus four, x plus y, chemical plus chemical; before you know it, he will be in the theatre performing surgery. Do you think it’s him? It is the Spirit of the Father! Do you think because of the school he went? It is the Spirit of the Father. He would put a whole human being to sleep and begin to cut him with a knife, before you know it, he will wake up again. It is the Spirit of the Father. That is what the Father created him to do. All these ones are the same witchcraft. But they’re doing good. It is a spiritual power; it’s not witchcraft to do evil. He may look at somebody whose whole body is damaged; oh, I can do it. Truly, he will do it and it’s perfect. What do you call that? It is good! It’s not the witchcraft to do evil. The Father imparts spiritual power into His children every day. You will see a mighty house (aeroplane), before you know it, it will rise up and begin to fly in the air. How does it manage to fly? Who give them that power? Is it not the Father? But what are you using your own power to do? You can be here, you will go and destroy somebody in a far place because you have evil power. Many things you people are enjoying on this earth have been set in the spiritual realm before it could manifest physically. Many things you see today were not built physically; they were built spiritually. That is the work of the Father and when you put your heart in the Father, whatever He will teach you are spiritual. Everything will begin to work physically. You may see some structure and admire them. You will be wondering how they managed to build it. It’s not their power. Those the Father used, they put their heart in the Father and He taught them how to do it. He, that taught them how to do it also stood by them until everything was accomplished. That is the reason why the Father is annoyed with them in this land because the people the Father used to do all these things they’re enjoying, they put their heart in the Father. It was a spiritual connection, not physical. That is why as you see all of them in that place (Nigeria), they fail. They fail! Every power they have is to do evil, to destroy. That is why you don’t see any good thing happen in that place. That is why you don’t see any good thing! Every power they have is to do evil My son. You are coming here to come and enjoy. Do you know how they built it? You are coming here to come and enjoy, but your own is to destroy, to destroy, and to destroy. In this place, somebody will look at you and what you did; are you sure you’re the one that did it by yourself; can you do another one for me; the white man will be watching you. As you do it, he will put you in a place you never imagine. He may open a company for you. You will be on top. He could pay a lot of money for you because he knows he cannot do it. It’s from the Father. He knows you’re not an ordinary person. But what will those ones in that place do? They will kill you. The person that buys you wants you to do it so that the whole world will see it and other people can also learn from you. But the other ones will kill you. They are coming here to come and enjoy what they did not work for. What of the ones the Father imparted to them? They are using it to destroy! My son, if the Father could come into your life to speak through you and they want to destroy you! This is just ordinary word you’re teaching them, the word the Father gave you. If they could come here to come and attack you, how much more. Is it aeroplane you’re manufacturing? Is it the car you’re manufacturing that made them want to kill you? For them to sanctify themselves, for them to be holy, they said you do bad.

My Son, you see many businesses they’re closing down. Why are they closing them down? They said there is no money. Where is the money? The money is with Me. They are beating around the bush. These are what the Father purposely stood by His children before they could build them. What is happening now? They are closing them down. They have not closed anything My son. They will abandon many things because the Current that is flowing there is dead. They go on their own way. When the Father uses you to do something, He will still be there watching it for you. When you are not where you should be in the Father again, the Father will be looking at you. What happens to that thing? It will destroy! They are talking nonsense, talking many stories. When you choose the things of this earth, what happens? When you choose the Father, the Father will begin to water it for you. But you abandon the Father. Do you think you can do anything by yourself? You only waste your time. Your time is wasted. Nobody wants to speak about the Father anymore. Those who are doing it, they’re destroying them, they’re condemning them. They say they’re speaking nonsense. They don’t want to hear about their Father. As you enter a street, you see the layout of the houses and the street. Who gave them the knowledge? Now they are gods to themselves. Oh, I’m working, let me give this money to them so they can give to those who need it. That is how you see this country go a long way. That is why all of them are coming here and most of them that come, it’s because of what they’re eating. All of them are coming because of the free food they’re eating. They even produce their own food and bring it in. They work like slaves and bring the food in for them to eat here. Yet they say they’re serving the Father. Those who want to die, let them die, it’s none of my business; as long my children and I survive; I cannot kill myself because of anybody. Somebody killed Himself because of you. You are coming here to come and eat the food you didn’t plant. They told you to save somebody, but you said no. Somebody is there dying, because of you. A married couple will decide not to have a child, though they’re working. They are working and collecting their salary. The money goes into somebody else’s life. Somebody is eating the money. Yet they say they don’t want to have a child, but they have a child because their money is feeding somebody. You, you have billions of children, you’re working and you don’t want to drop a penny from your hand. You give birth like chicken everyday. You don’t want your penny to fall. You don’t want anybody to taste your food. It’s only you and your children. But your children will one day leave you and go to another place to eat what they did not work for. Yet you don’t want a single one to fall from your own. Is that what the Father wants? Oh, because I don’t have children, I don’t have time for anybody; anybody can die, it doesn’t concern me; rain can fall, the sun can shine, it doesn’t concern me. You are wicked! You are a wicked somebody. That is not what the Father chose. The Father is a loving Father. He loves everybody both young and old, both high and lowly. He can do anything because of a little child to rescue that child. Do not look at anybody common. Everybody is special in the sight of the Father. Everybody is special.

If a woman gives birth to a child without limbs, let that child be special in your hand. The Father knows why that child is like that, because He wants to make something out of him. Have you heard about a woman that gave birth to a child without limb before? There is a head but no limb. Have you heard it before? The Father knows why He did it because He wants to glorify Himself. That is what the Father can do. One of them is preaching around and if he truly knows the Father, he will save millions of souls. He uses his mouth to speak. He will save many souls. People will gather to watch him. He can feed a city. Who are you to condemn? You will throw the child into the river to die. Oh, I heard you gave birth yesterday; yes, he has passed away. Who killed him? You are the one that killed him by yourself. You don’t want people to see that you gave birth to a child without limb because you’re ashamed. You now killed the child. The Father planted this child in your womb, which you carried for nine good months. You now drowned the child. A child is a child. Can you create a human being? Can you create life? You cannot create life. Whatever gift the Father gives to you, take it; except you’re not inside the Father. If you are fully inside the Father, nobody will give you evil gift. Unless you are not inside the Father, when you’re going on your own way, that is when the enemies can give you evil gift. But when you’re fully inside the Father, nobody can give you evil gift. The life that doesn’t know Jesus Christ, anything can happen to that life. The enemy can do you anything. They can kill you; they can replace your child with anything. But the life that has Jesus Christ, and you know you’re inside God, whatever comes your way, take it. Nothing happens that the Father doesn’t know because you’re inside the Father. He will never give you bad thing. Whatever happens, He will glorify Himself. You might have had many children before that child, when the child comes, people may look at him as a cripple, but through him, your name will be known in the whole world. The record will be there. Nobody will hear about the other children. If the Father wants to do His thing, there is a way He does it because He wants to glorify Himself. You may look at it that it’s very foolish. What do you do? You will carry him and throw him into the river to die. Oh, he’s dead; sorry; thank you. Are you the Creator? My son, I know what I’m telling you is not easy. They should take it the way they see it because they cannot know more than the Father. You will not know more than the Father. The Father created everything in different categories. Boast of him; this is my son, this is my daughter. That is what the Father can do. He did not create everything equally. Not all fingers are equal. The Father is a Strange Father. He can do anything if He wants to glorify Himself. Through this one, you will make it; through this one, you will feed; through this one, your name will be heard in the whole world. But you will kill him and bury him. Do you think the remaining ones will make it? They will not make it and the consequence of your sin is awaiting you. This earth is a mystery. Whatever life you want to live, do not live the life of your own; live the life of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Let Them be the Controller of your heart. Let Them be the Ruler of your heart so that whatever any hand the enemies carry, no one will enter you, because you’re living the life of Jesus Christ. If you live the life of Jesus Christ, you will not be sorrowful because Jesus Christ has carried all your sorrow. Because you have accepted Jesus Christ into your life, you have to be happy everyday. The things of this earth mean nothing to you. It’s only my Father I need; Father, don’t let my hand pain me so I can use it to clap and praise You; Father, don’t let my leg pain me so I can use it to dance for You; whatever the enemy wants to do will not come to pass in my life because I will praise you every day. You don’t own anything on this earth. It’s only the food you eat that you own. The food you eat, so that your soul can be happy. Today you’re fasting, tomorrow you’re fasting, and there is no food in your house, then you’re digging your grave. If you fast today and fast tomorrow, if there is food in your house, your mind will be at rest that when you break your fast tomorrow, you have something to eat. But if there is nothing for you to eat and you continue to fast, you’re digging your grave. It’s only the food you eat you have on this earth. The rest of it is nothing. Whatever evil anybody does each day, the torment is there awaiting them. Be happy! Do not be bitter because the reward is there. Say Father, I thank You; somebody is doing evil because of me; Father, I thank You because You will pay him back; somebody is digging his own grave because of me; and the person will pay for it. My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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