The Things Of This World

Jesus speaks

(Sunday 17th October 2010, 10:30)

Mo ko’le Mi s’ori apata ayeraye
Eni ko tire s’ori ‘yarin a wo lu’le
Ori apata ni Mo ko t’emi si.

I built My house on the rock of ages.
If any man built his on the sand, it will collapse.
On the rock of ages I built Mine.

I built My house on the rock. Yes, I built it on the rock. It can never crash. It can never be destroyed forever. Let them say anything they like. What I know is that, I built it on the rock. I built it on the rock. It can never be destroyed. Do you know Me? Who is speaking? Jesus. Yes, it’s Me! I built it on the rock forever. I heard your voice and I come. I am happy. I just want you to know that I have built the foundation, you know it, and you have to follow it. I have set the foundation. Anything you do, remember there. In My Father’s house, there are many mansions. There are many mansions for you. Don’t let the things of this world carry you away. I am on the throne with My Daddy. I’m there with My Father. Enjoyment that has no end! You need to come and taste it. You need to come and have a look. Just have a look and see. It’s very painful for those that don’t know Me. They don’t know what My Father, My only Father has prepared there.

Let Me tell you, everything they did to Me here, it’s not up to a quarter of what I enjoy there. Sorry for them. Woe to them. Yes, they killed, they did everything. Could they destroy the soul? They could not. Look at Me, look at Me; it’s Me.

His faithfulness is forevermore. (2ce)

It can never be wiped away. How many generations now since I departed? That’s just a small thing. In many years to come, My name will still be there, because My Daddy did it for a purpose. The record will never wipe away. I’m telling you, don’t let anything carry you away. My Father and I are together, We are One. He asked Me to come. He said go and visit them today. Whatever touches Me touches My Father. Anything I say, My Father sent it. We are together, don’t be confused. Don’t be confused. This place is our home. Don’t let anything trouble you. While We are there (in heaven), We are looking at you. I just want to tell you one secret: Don’t argue, don’t quarrel. Everything you are doing, We are seeing you. If We want to come, then We come.

I am a Great Deliverer. Yes, many people said they saw Jesus. Yes, it’s Me. When I see that the situation want to get out of hand, I step in. When I step in, Satan has no right to bypass Me and strike. That is why I appear. Whenever I appear, anything I tell you to do, do it. Don’t doubt. I am the One that appear. Because those I love, I share Myself to them. Don’t use your own understanding. This is the way to heaven. You are just looking at it that this is the way to heaven, but there are many things that surround it that you have to do before you get there. You can’t learn everything in a day. You know My way, you know the way of My teaching. I teach with parable, I teach with proverbs, I teach with so many things. When I tell you something and you don’t understand, I will use parable to explain it to you, for you to understand what I’m saying.

What do you lack that I can’t give to you because powers have been given to Me. I own all powers. I hold the key. What are you lacking that I can’t give to you? Of course, My Father has given Me the key. Anything I do, My Father does the same. Anything I say, My Father says the same thing. He has given Me the permission. It’s only Me. Here and there, I am the First and nobody can take it away from Me and you know it. He can never do without Me and I can never do without Him. We are together. Anything My Father asked you to do, do it because He loves you. Don’t lean on your own understanding.

I came, I saw everything and I gave to them what I had. I did what My Father sent Me to do. Do you know what happened? They turned it upside down. My first Chosen went straight to the point. They acquired the power. I gave it to them and they took it, they used it mightily. Where now is the power? Where is the power? Where is the power? Where is the power? It’s gone! Because you want to go on your own way, because you want to follow your own way, you now deviate from My own way. That was why I sang that song before. My foundation will stand forever.

Those who want to see Me should emulate Me. They should do what I asked them to do. Everything you are looking for, you will have it. Not by doubt, not by this is how Mr A is doing it. I came and I paid. Yes, I paid. It wasn’t easy. I paid for it, for you to have it abundantly. What is happening now? They begin to do on their own. I don’t want to talk too much. If you read the Gospel of Luke and all the New Testament, you will see what I did there. You will do it. When you put your heart in Me, when you trust Me, you will do the same. When you stretch your hand, the water will depart. When you lay your hand on the lame, he will walk. You will do it. Focus on Me. Put your heart in Me. I will do as my Jesus taught Me. I will not go on my own way. I will not lean on my own understanding. When you do that, what else again? What people don’t know is that; they thought because it was thousands of years ago, they didn’t know that though I departed, but I’m still here all the time. I am here every time. All the words they are saying, I’m hearing everything. Any day you mention Jesus, I know. If you mention Jesus with your lips, I know. If you mention Jesus with your heart, I know. Besides, when you mention it in your heart, I will come to you. That is why I come this morning. I saw that you were praising Me. You remember your King, you recognise Me as your Father. That is why I come. You remember Me that I did it. I accomplished the mission. No any stain, no but. Was there any stain or any evil record about Me? If there is any one, let Me know. If there is any one, open it for Me My son and I will explain it to you. Yes, Jesus was close to this person, Jesus was close to that person. If you want to catch the monkey, what do you do? You behave like a monkey. But I know Myself. I did not commit any sin. I loved everybody. I did not commit any sin My son. If I do it, My Father will disown Me. That is not My mission. What He asked Me to come and do, I did it. I made it and He crowned Me, and I want Him to crown you too. My Father will look at Me and say, that is My Son. I tasted it all. I made it. It’s not easy. Have you seen anything? You have not tasted anything. I’m just telling you now because you are going to far places. You will see a lot of humiliation. You will see a lot of scandal. It’s coming! You have to make sure you tie your belt. Overall, My foundation, My truth is only what you’ll hold on to. Don’t mind what they will say, all the evil words they will spread about you, because I passed through it too. It’s not sweet, but you’ll have the sweetest part of it over there. Are you afraid? Don’t be afraid. I’m just telling you to guard your heart. It’s not an easy journey. It’s not milk and honey. It’s not an easy journey. You have not seen anything. My Father told you before. Isn’t it? He said they will give you all kinds of names. Nevertheless, know you didn’t do it. Don’t say because they are saying it and you too you want to enter inside. If you do, My Father will not forgive you.

My Daddy spoke about you a lot. He spoke about you a lot. Don’t fail. If it’s only two or three people you preach to, it’s okay for Us. If you convert one person, that person converts another, and that one converts another, it will go a long way. That is why you have to hold the truth. Don’t deviate from it. Don’t because of what you want to eat and change your mind. If you do that, then you fail. Speak the truth even if they’ll kill you. If they kill the body, nobody can kill the soul. That is why when you see Me, you can see My marks. See the hole. A tough moment! A tough moment I will never forget. They did their own to Me in a moment, but theirs is everlasting. They did it to Me because they didn’t know My mission. Their own is everlasting that has no end. Yes, it’s Moses’ law. Was it not the same God who sent Moses that sent Me? Was it not the same Father? Then why are they killing themselves? They turned everything upside down. My son, the problem has been there right from the beginning. Don’t let anything troubles you. Don’t let anything carry you away. Press towards it. Preach the Good News as My Father asked you. Preach the Good News. Don’t stop! Tell them about the truth, especially those who are going to the wrong side. They will not do anything. Tell them the truth. I’m just telling you because there is a price you will pay at the end of the day, because that is not the foundation that our Father laid down from the beginning. Don’t say I don’t tell you. Tell them! Don’t be afraid of anybody. No matter how big they are, no matter how wealthy they are, don’t be afraid of anybody. Tell them the truth, because the power is with you. As they mention the name of Jesus, every knee shall bow, every tongue shall confess, because that name is not an ordinary name. The name My Father has designed in heaven before I came to this earth. Before I came, prophets have already spoken about it. That name “Jesus” is not just an ordinary name. It’s a name My Father designed. There is power in that name. It’s a Light. When you mention Jesus, the darkness will disappear.

Have I come down and separately speak to you like this before? I know you don’t know the difference. Now you know. Do everything I told you to do. Follow My foundation and follow it correctly. Don’t imitate anybody. Don’t follow anybody. Any time you need Me, I will come. However, My Father comes most of the time. My Daddy comes a lot. I said Daddy you love this family. He said yes, it’s My family. No evil will befall you unless you cause it yourself. Don’t let your heart scatter. Don’t think too much of earthly things. When you do that, you’ll upset My Father. What do you want? Vanity upon vanity, all is vanity! The day My Daddy wants to take you away, He will only take your soul. Then all the things you were worrying about that makes you miss it will perish as well. The battle is over. My Daddy came to rescue you and you know it. Be careful! Where is My sister, where is My brother? When My Father brought Me into this world through that family (Joseph and Mary), when the time came for Me to fulfil My Father’s assignment, I separated Myself from them. Where were they? I did the will of My Father. Nobody chained Me down, nobody did Me anything because I separated Myself. I ran the race and I finished it all. You also should do the same thing. You have to be happy in your life. You have to be thankful to your Father. Nobody will take your blessing away from you, it’s from above. Nobody will take it.

Fire will consume some people. Look at fire My son. Very soon, fire will consume them. Look at everlasting fire. No any doubt. They have chosen the wrong way. They have gone too far. They have chosen it. They forgot that power is more than power. There are some, you can do it and get away with it. Some you can’t get away with it because they are Chosen. My Father chose them. This is why My Father always talks about sin. Because you are His chosen one, follow that foundation. My Father sent Me to build it. Follow it. It’s a reality. You can touch it. Everything I did is there. That was why My Father sent Me. Don’t follow any road. Don’t allow anybody to deceive you with the things of this world. Let your heart be in Me always. Don’t doubt. My Jesus did it, I will do it. You can do it. Sometimes you will touch somebody and miracle takes place. You will be shocked. It’s not you, it’s Me. Because you put your heart in Me. It’s the work of My Father. Go outside there and tell them about Jesus. Jesus is the way, He is everything. Immediately they believe, you’ve made it. Anywhere you know you can stand, preach it, they will give their lives to Me. During My own time, what did I do? I moved around from place to place. I did not remain in one place. There were some people, if I didn’t go to them, they wouldn’t hear about Me. That was how I did it. I didn’t go to them so they could give Me what they had. Have you heard they gave Me something? I didn’t go to that rich man to give Me from his wealth. I told him what to do to enter the kingdom of My Father. He asked Me what he should do. I didn’t hide it from him, I told him to sell all he had, give it to the poor and follow Me.

Give them what you have, don’t give what you don’t have. What do you have? The word of My Father. Give them what you have; you have the word of My Father. It’s not just an ordinary word. It is Jesus. Because I am the water of life, whoever drinks Me will thirst no more. Because I am food, whoever eats Me will hungry no more. It’s not just an ordinary word you are telling them. Your word carries power, because it’s Jesus. It’s not your own word. You know the word, yes. It’s a Spirit. When you came into this world, the blessing came with you. It’s only sin that separates you from your blessing. But when you turn back from the way of sin to Jesus, the blessing is there for you again.

I want you to follow the way so that you can become what My Father wants you to be. If you handle it properly, your name will reign in My Father. Preach the word. Preach the Good News. Tell them; preach it, the way they should follow. That is all. Tell every duke and harry about My Father’s Kingdom. Even those who say they are born again, tell them. If you are doing what My Father tells you not to do, count yourself you are going to hellfire. Tell them. But My Father is a merciful Father. Yes, He is a merciful Father. If He is a merciful Father, why do people die and go to hellfire everyday? Every day, as they die, they go there. Judgement is set. The Father will never break His word. Tell them. Preach the word to them. Don’t hide anything from them.

What was the work of the Levites? What was tithe for them? It’s their wages. What did I say about the widows and the orphans? That tithe, as the Levites were using it to eat, they prayed to God to replenish the pocket it came from. The tithe is not what you pay and eat by yourself. The tithe that people pay is not for you to consume, because it’s for many purposes. If you, a pastor is paid, you need to pay your tithe. As you pay it, more blessing will come to you. The devil uses tithe to destroy the heart of My children. He hardens their heart and they won’t pay tithe. They will eat the money and eat the tithe as well. If you pay your tithe, you touch the hem of My garment. Because that orphan and that widow, when you give them to eat, they will be happy. That’s what I want. Pay your tithe and you will reach your goal. Give it to My children. Nobody forces anybody to pay his tithe. When you know the truth, the truth shall set you free. Millions of them have not tasted anything; they are looking for where the manna will come from. If My Father, My Glorious Father could rain down food to feed so many people, how much more you. Do good. If you do it, you will see what will happen. The devil is very crafty. When they receive their salary, they capitalise on the ten percent, because the devil hardens their heart so they won’t be blessed. Tithe and offering are very important. You meet the need of those who need it. You are the next person to them. As you give it to them, they are happy. Apart from that; when you plant a yam, there are ants trying to eat it up. When you pay your tithe, My Father will watch over everything about you. No ant can eat it up. Tithe and offering do the same work. It’s very important. Because My servants over do things, they forget about the needy and use it to meet their own need. It doesn’t suppose to be so. If My Father, the Great Provider could provide for you, what about you? It’s not only prayers. When somebody is hungry and you are talking about prayer. Give him food. You need to provide for the needy. If it takes you to sell your clothes, do it. In addition, My Father will give you back in million fold. Teach My children about tithe.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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