The Way To Heaven

The Father speaks

(Saturday 1st December 2012, 04:23)

Since the very first day He created Adam, that was when sin came into the world. The same man that sinned, made sin came into your life. That means Adam is your father. Through the sin of Adam, sin came into your life. If Adam did not sin, sin wouldn’t have come into your life. Who then is Adam to you? Adam is your father. Now count that generation until today. You only hear about Adam. There are some generations; their sin is not what you can talk about. Yet, that is where you come from. The sin of some is unbearable; you cannot say it out. Yet, that is where you come from. Jesus Christ existed in the Spirit before coming to this earth. When the tough was going tougher, the Father brought Him into this earth so that the mission would be accomplished. My question to you now is; did your grandfathers know Jesus Christ? How many years now since Jesus Christ departed? Now count all the sins! They are piling up. If the father that gave birth to you even gave his life to Jesus, it’s only by mouth. If you think of all the sins they committed in that house, including the ones you yourself know about, that one alone defeated you. It’s like somebody who has been eating a particular food for many years, suddenly you were told that the food you’ve been eating would not take you to your destination. Then you changed that food. Even though you changed that food, what happened to the one you’ve eaten before? It’s inside your body! When you dream, which food would you see? The same food! Everything that food gave to you are still inside your body. You now have to eat your new food in the morning, afternoon and evening so it could cover the one you’ve eaten before. But if you say you would rest after you’ve eaten it in the morning, what do you think would happen to you? The one you ate before is still fighting against you so it could conquer. Two things are fighting together inside you now. It’s like two streams that flow and meet each other. Their current is different. The one with stronger current would overpower the other one. The colour of that one is what you’ll begin to see. The one that’s clean, you would want its current to be stronger so it could flow more and supersede the dirty one. If the current of the dirty one is stronger than the clean one, that is what you will see. That is why all the children of the Father failed. They failed because the old food they ate covers the new one. Even if they eat the new one, it could not be seen because the old one covers it. As they’ve stopped eating the old one, they should have stopped thinking about it and focus on the new one. Even though they’re not hungry, they should eat it so it could quickly cover the old one so it could show in your body. Oh, you’re lean; what happened to you; the food I was eating before made me fat, now I’ve changed my diet; though I’m lean, it will take me to where I’m going. But the body loves to be fat, it’s still requesting for the old food. The spirit behind it would not go. What then are you supposed to do? You would put more effort. Whichever food you’re eating now, do not care; you would be okay by the end of the day. Have you ever seen someone who hasn’t eaten pounded-yam before and starts dreaming about it? Especially the children that were born here in Europe, they would never dream of such food because they don’t eat it. Anytime they dream, they would dream of burger, chicken and chips, they would never dream of pounded-yam and egusi-soup. They don’t eat it. That is how idol is. The spirits behind all those things are very powerful. But they’re not more powerful than the Father. Anytime you dream, that’s what your spirit would see. That was what happened to the Israelites. Why? Because they acquired idols in the land of Egypt. When they woke in the morning, they saw idol. The food they bought in the market was idolized. Everything they saw was idolized. It entered their souls and their system. Why? Because they were born and lived there. They gave birth to children there and lived there. They were used to it. The word you’re reading in that book (the Bible), it was the Father Himself that came to rescue them. It wasn’t easy! It was with a strong hand. That was why you saw their first generation that came out of Egypt all perished. Even though they perished, the thing was still inside their children because of their parents. The food they ate and the water they drank was still in their body. It’s like a pregnant woman who has an infection, unless they flush it out, the baby would be infected. If she has AIDs, the baby would have it too. A particular food that’s not good for your body, as you continually eat it, you know what would happen to you. It is very easy for you to stop eating good food and begin eating bad food. It’s very easy! As you’re eating that bad one, you would not remember the good one again. Why? Because it’s strong. That is why the children that were born in the Lord Jesus Christ abandoned the good one and begin to do evil because they don’t care. That is why evil is very powerful and Satan knows that’s where they would go and not return.

All of them that love money, that’s why there is no congregation in their church. Because there is no congregation, they’re now preaching prosperity. As they’re preaching prosperity, sinners would come. If I preach holiness now, everybody would run away. I am the One that’s speaking! And if you’re a man of God and you refuse to preach holiness, you’re going to hellfire. My mouth is not smelling! I am the One that’s speaking! As you refuse to preach holiness, you’re preaching favour, preaching about the food you want to eat, you will not see the food to eat. The one you’re eating here that’s your own. I am the One that’s speaking! If you don’t want to bring My children to Me, you carry them to yourself. You will manage whatever you see. My son, anyone that hears this message will say you’re talking nonsense. Is he God; how could he say that. The Father will show you where you’re going before you get there. He is not a wicked Father. He will show you where you’re going before you get there so that you could rectify yourself here. He is not a native doctor; He is not a wicked person that wants to do money ritual for you without telling you the implication. He would tell you the implication before you do it. He would tell you either there is no remedy or there is a remedy. My son, that is why I told you to tell all those who want to give their lives to Jesus the implication. You cannot give your life to Jesus Christ and go back to sin. Tell them the implication! Whenever you want to make an altar call, tell them the implication. In the school, if you want to study law, you would not do physics or biology. You would do what would bear witness to what you want to study so that the word would flow in your mouth. If you want to go to heaven, what would you do? You have to live a holy life. If you want to go to hellfire, what would you do? You have to commit sin. That is the message! Heaven and hellfire, if you want to teach this, it can take you five years. Word and opposite.


  • Love your neighbour as yourself
  • Holiness
  • You, a married man should stick to your wife, love your wife
  • If you still have some money in your account after you’ve settled your bills, your children’s school fees, feeding and etc., look at some people in your neighbourhood and withdraw some money and give to them
  • Don’t take anything from your place of work
  • Don't tell lies
  • Don't drink
  • As a woman, cover your head in honour of your Father and don't wear trousers

  • Hate your neighbour
  • Commit sin
  • Take girlfriend and nobody would chase you, don’t trouble yourself because you’ve signed where you’re going
  • After you’ve settled all your bills, if you still have enough money in your account, leave it, don’t touch it, don’t give those who need it
  • Take anything from your place of work and also pay tithe from it
  • Tell lies as much as you can
  • Drink as much as you like
  • As a woman, don't cover your head and wear trousers

This is a simple message. My son, this is how you would send it to them. As you send it, you would touch all of them. The Father is the One that owns both heaven and hellfire. The government of heaven is different from the government of hellfire. In heaven there is peace; in hellfire there is fire. Search your heart and settle yourself. Is it a foolish word? It’s a foolish word. But this foolish word is what will take you to heaven. If you want to go to heaven, if anybody do you wrong, tell him. If somebody does you evil and you cover it in your heart, you’re going to hellfire. All these are just the physical ones. If you go to hellfire because of the sins you commit physically, what about the ones you commit in your heart, the ones you commit spiritually? Those ones are more powerful. If you’re a pastor, you know the truth and you refuse to tell them, and the ways of many people in your church are not right, the blood of those people will be on your head. No matter how you preach, no matter how you jump up, you’re going to hellfire because you’re a teacher to those people and if you don’t teach them, they would not know. As a teacher, if you refuse to teach your students, they will not pass. My son, the Father is teaching you some things to tell them now, but they don’t know. That is why I’m telling you by Myself to tell them so that the so-called shepherds would know how to teach the children. He who has an ear, let him hear. If you know the truth, the truth will set you free. You know that something is not right and you refuse to say it out. Because you refuse to say it out, you’re going to hellfire. They will look at the record of every work you’ve done. If you tell that person the truth and he too tell another person the truth, don’t you know how many souls you would loose from bondage? But what do you do? You refuse to say it out. You are working for your Father; you’re not working for yourself. Therefore, whatever penalty They give to you, you have to accept it either good or bad.

When you gossip, why would the spirit come and attack you? Because it’s a sin. The spirit of gossip would come and attack you. Anything could happen to you because you commit sin. Sin is sin. Gossip is a sin. If you fornicate, the spirit of fornication would come and attack you. It would spoil everything around you and nothing good would come your way. If you’re a young boy or a young girl, it would touch every area of your life. Nothing you do would prosper. Why? Because you commit sin. You count your eggs before you lay them. It will touch everything. You will live a life of rise and fall because you commit sin. Because the Father gives you long rope so you could change, that is why mercy comes in. You that commit the sin, you would face the music. May be you would have died; the Father would have mercy on you so you could remain alive whether you would change. Because you defile yourself, you would not marry the woman you would have married. If you’re a married woman and you’re sleeping with another man outside, it would touch your entire family. It could cause any form of sickness, it could cause an accident in the house because it’s a curse. Why does demon enter anyone that commits harlotry? Have you seen a little girl that grew up in her parents’ house that is born with demons? Never! The demon can only come in if the parents serve idols. But if a woman walks in the way of harlotry, different demons would enter her life. If you commit one, you would commit another. That is why the Father says if He should come today, no one would be saved. Even those who think they’re doing good, even those who think they know everything, all of them would waste. Out of five, they would take three and give two to the Father or take two and give three to the Father. Why can’t they give all to the Father? As long as you claim you’re a Christian, you have to live a life without spot so that anywhere you enter, they would see Christ in you. Many people want to pull away from Christianity because it’s a fire, it’s a battlefield. Does the Father make it to be a battlefield? No! Because they’re doing a competition of money, competition of position. You have gotten your own position here; you have gotten your own chair here. If you go there (heaven), on which chair are you going to sit down? You claim you’re a servant. Here, I don’t want to have any chair, I want to work for my Father. Let the Father give you a chair here not the one you choose for yourself. Even though I don’t have any chair here, my Father will give me a chair there. And the Father will say since you don’t want any chair here, I will still give you one here before you come to me because you need something to rest upon. You alone want to sit on two chairs together! The Father wants you to work without you thinking about the reward people would give to you. If you’re doing the work and use your heart to calculate what people would give to you, if they don’t give it to you by the end of the day, you’ll be sorrowful. Just do the work and forget about praise and reward. Let Jesus Christ you’re working for praise you. If you praise yourself, you’re a failure. How do you know you’re doing it right when you’re praising yourself? You wouldn’t allow the Person that sent you to praise you, to commend you, to congratulate you. But you’re praising yourself, you’re thanking yourself, you’re congratulating yourself because you’re full of yourself. In heaven, as They judge your case, that’s how it will remain. They never do partiality. If you want to live the life of the Father, you have to be foolish like a child. You can never adjourn death, you can never abandon death, it’s waiting for you. But you’re building a mansion and you forget about death. That is the real one We’re saying. Is the Father a wicked Father? All human beings on this earth are foolish! They should have learnt from their father Adam that put them into problems. They are not learning. Do you think you can put the Father in your pocket? Even the coming of His Son, you don’t know what the Father did. Do you think you can put the Father under your armpit? Those who worked for the Father and died, were they not worthy of enjoyment? Do you think they didn’t want to inherit anything? My son, that was why I told you that those who bought private jets are going to hellfire but you think I’m lying. Either somebody bought it for them or they bought it themselves, they’re going to hellfire. They now turn the house of the Father to business. They are using the children of the Father to do business. All is about money. Whatever you’re selling, bring it, I have a large congregation. That is what they’re doing in the church. They are not teaching them to purge their soul, not to go to hellfire! The people you’re teaching about business are evil. They use their husband as a basket. They don’t know their right from their left. They don’t even know the word of the Father. They don’t even know the law of marriage. They don’t know what to do with their husband at home. They don’t even know where their children are. But they go to the church to promote them. You carry them like a queen. You put them on a big chair. They don’t even know how to respect their husband how much more God Almighty. They come to the church because of business. The Father led them to you to break them down, to put them in the position they belong. But what do you do? You are introducing them inside the church and they too would swell, like bread deep into the water. My son, they are enjoying their heaven here on earth! They have brought their heaven to earth to enjoy. What then are they going to enjoy in heaven? That is why all of them are going to hellfire. My son, your mouth is smelling because you’re talking nonsense. If anybody says he’s a servant of God, he should be careful. I always emphasise on the men of God because they are the people the children of the Father are looking onto. If the teacher does not teach the children well, they will never pass. The Father is a Father and nothing you will open your mouth and say the Father did not do. The Father is a real Father. He did not create the house and not maintain it. He maintains the house every day so it wouldn’t destroy. Anywhere that’s leaking, He would repair it immediately. If you don’t know what the Father did, I know what I did. You enter the house and you’re spoiling everything the Father put inside. You even open your mouth and say you don’t know who built the house. So you are the one that flew to live in the house by yourself. That is why the judgement of the Father is coming upon you and nobody would stop it. I know what I’m saying. It may sound like nonsense for you. He has settled His judgement. It’s not what anybody can change.

If you have a child and that child is screaming at you whenever you send him message, when he goes out, what do you think he would bring to you? He would bring shame and disgrace. You would begin to weep. But you’re the one that gave birth to that child, you nurtured him. As he’s misbehaving outside, they would mention your name. If they mention your name, would you say no? You would say he’s your son. That is why the Father says the bad ones are going to hellfire. Why? Because He taught you. He taught you, He gave you food to eat, He did everything for you, He sent His prophets to speak to you, that were not enough, He brought His Son to die for you so your sins could be forgiven. What then do you do? You bring your own idea, ‘He is a merciful Father’. It’s your own idea! If He is a merciful Father, that would pardon you whenever you commit sin, why did He bring His Son? Why did He bring His Son? His Son is the End of everything. He is the Landmark. He is the boundary. Are you the owner of the earth? Whoever likes should believe.

If you take a basket to fetch water, which one will you drink? Nothing! That is all the children of the Father. They use the basket to fetch water and as they’re fetching it, it’s leaking away. Take a proper bowl to fetch water so you could see water to drink by the end of the day. What is the difference between you and those ones in the time of old? The thing the Father says you should not do is what you’re doing. What is the difference between you and them? If the Father could destroy them, what about you? Why wouldn’t you ask yourself question? Where He said you shouldn’t marry a wife, that’s where you went and marry a wife. You knew that woman was evil. You knew she’s not a Christian, but a worldly woman, her background is not good. You said you like her, you would change her. What do you think you’ve done to yourself? The Father says you should look at a woman carefully before you marry her. A woman that’s a harlot, what kind of children do you think she would produce for you? She would not be satisfied with whatever you do for her. That was why the Father gave the children law in the time of old to look at where they marry wife. Their heart is at the back. You don’t have the fear of the Father. You know that a harlot would produce harlotry children for you. When the children put on nonsense cloth and you correct them, their mother would say you should leave them alone because they are children. But you say you’re a pastor. Leave them alone. My son, I have told you what I want to do. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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