The Wicked Is Cursed

The Father speaks

(Tuesday 14th February 2012, 23:00)

He is the Owner of the earth. The Father is the Conclusion of the earth. Who is he that uses his hand to beat his chest when the Father is there? Who give that person the power? Who is that man to speak when the Father has not spoken? Who is he to command the Father? Who is he to speak when the Father keeps quiet? Who is that person that will challenge the Owner of this earth? Who will challenge the Old Man? Who will speak nonsense where the Owner, the Founder of this earth is? The Founder that knows the weakness, the strength, the frame, the One that knows everything concerning this earth. Who will dare talk nonsense where the Father is? The Owner of the secret, the secret of the secrets belongs to Him. Who is that person that boasts of evil where the Father is? Who is that person? Who give you wickedness? Do you know about wickedness? Can you define wickedness? Do you know where wickedness comes from? Can you tell the Father who owns wickedness? Do you know the father of wickedness? Can you tell who gave birth to wickedness? Go and ask the Father where wickedness comes from. Go and ask the Almighty God, what is wickedness. What is wickedness? Go and ask Him. He is the Creator. He created good and bad. Ask Him! What is the definition of wickedness? Where does wickedness come from? Who owns wickedness? Ask the Father who owns wickedness. It is the Father that owns wickedness! He is the One that created wickedness. He is the One that owns it. It is the Almighty God that created it. Ask Him what is wickedness and He will tell you. He will tell you who you are when you choose wickedness. He will tell you where anyone that chooses wickedness goes. You are not a child! Anyone that chooses it is not a child because the Father doesn’t like it, but He created it. Somebody (Satan) chose it! Anyone that falls into that category knows who he is. Even on this earth, if you choose wickedness, you will never see good. You will never see peace. Yes! If you choose wickedness on this earth, you will never see good. You will experience bitterness anywhere you enter. There will be sorrow anywhere you enter. There will be thorns anywhere you enter. You will never see peace. When others are going up, you will be falling down because you choose the wrong one. That is the repercussion of what you choose on this earth before you know where you’re going. Because you are foolish, you don’t know what you’re doing when your Father, the Almighty God stands right in front of you, you’re proud of your wickedness. You are proud of your nonsense because your Father keeps quiet. That is why I asked if you can define wickedness. Can you tell who is the father and mother of wickedness? Can you tell where wickedness comes from? You cannot tell where it comes from because it’s the Father that created it. If the Father did not create it, it couldn’t have been in existence. The Father created it because He knew somebody must choose the wrong one. When you choose it, then you’re proud. You don’t even know where you’re going. You don’t even know who you are. You are evil! You are a demon! You are more than evil because you choose the wrong one and you will see the repercussion. You will receive the punishment. Whatever you do, there is a reward for it. If you’re trading, you buy few mangoes and sell them, you will make some money out of it. You will then use both your capital and profit to buy more, and you'll sell them. As you’re doing that, you’re moving forward. That is what is good. What about the bad aspect of it? As you’re committing sin, you’re doing evil and you’re getting the reward in your coven. But you forget the repercussion by the end of the day. As you’re doing it, you want to move forward. You forget that you too will never see good as you’re doing somebody else evil. It’s like somebody that made poo (faeces) on the floor, you want to clean it and it rubs your hand. You too will smell. This is physical poo. What about the spiritual one? You are doing somebody evil, don’t you know that evil is inside you too? But you’re the evil carrier. Can you succeed in everything you do? You cannot succeed because you’re a carrier of evil. You smell everywhere you enter! You know yourself that you’re evil. You know it! You have already concluded where you are going. Tell all My children, they should hold Me tight. They should hold Me. They should not serve Me with their mouth so that when the evil comes, they will not see door to enter. Their evil will return back to them. When you carry your evil around and you find nowhere to deliver it, you will go back with your evil. You will continue to move around with it looking for whom to deliver it to. When you see nobody to deliver it to, you will die with your evil. Tell My children! When I say they should come to Me, I did not say they should come and feed Me. I did not say they should come and cook food for Me. I want them to come so their life could be better, so that they could live the life I give them to live. You can never see the Father face to face. Right from the beginning, nobody sees the Father. The Father always speaks through His children. Don’t kill yourself prematurely because your death does nothing in the Father’s life. You do yourself harm. You die and leave your children. You die and leave everything you have. The life the Father wants you to live, the encouragement He wants you to give somebody, as He created you, there is something He deposited in you that nobody else have. There is a talent He gave you to impart into others before you go back to Him. But because of your stubbornness, you will not go to the Father. The enemies know you’re not an ordinary person. What do they do to you? They destroy you. Do you impart the talent into somebody? No; you go with it. You’re wasted. You will not live the life the Father wants you to live because of your stubbornness. You are not the one that created yourself.

When you were in the womb, you neither fall nor turned to water to be flushed away; the Father protected you. When you were a child, after you were born, all the hands that touched you were hands of evil. But the Father still protected you so that you could live the life He wants you to live when you grow up. After you became an adult, what did you do? You now hold the Father to ransom. While you were young, all the sins you’ve committed will be forgiven when you later come to the Father and begin living a holy life. When the enemies attack you, they will see nowhere to enter. Why? Because you’ve chosen the Father! It’s like a little child who owns a farm. Can a little child cultivate a farm? No; you will cultivate it for him. Oh, this is my child’s farm. You will do the work for that child. Everybody knows the farm belongs to Francis, but they always see the father working on it. When Francis becomes an adult, he will cultivate it by himself. Oh, my father has been doing the work for me, now that I’m grown enough to hold cutlass by myself, I will not allow weeds to take over the farm from me. The Father has been cultivating the farm for you. Now you’re able to do it by yourself. The Father will now leave you alone to carry on. As you still carry on, you will always ask the Father how you should do it and He will instruct you. Those who are too stubborn will be eliminated because you submit your heart into the hands of the Father. But instead of you doing this, you said to the Father to leave you alone that you’re capable of doing your work alone. What do you think will happen to you? Weeds will take over the farm from you. Somebody will look at the farm and say ‘Oh, this farm was good before, what happened to it now; when your Father was doing it for you, it was much better’. Leave me alone; who is the Father; I don’t have a Father; let me do it by myself; I can do it. Okay, he says he doesn’t have a Father; we know it’s the Father that has been taking care of the farm for him; now he doesn’t recognise Him; let us take the farm away from him. He will begin to struggle, rising and falling. As you’re struggling, you’ll begin to curse the day you were born. The Father will look at you and say ‘Oh, look at My beautiful son, I cultivated the farm for him so he could take over when he grows; now that he became an adult, he doesn’t recognise Me anymore’. When the enemies useless your life, who are you to blame? You will blame yourself.

My son, I have narrated many stories for you about My children and I. How many should I narrate to you? I am a Story My son. The one I’m doing with you here is a reality. If I’ve been fighting battle for you, I will lead you to somebody who will lead you to the Father so that you can fight by yourself. As you’re fighting, you will still give your heart to the Father. Oh, look at Your son You’ve been taken care of, he even diverted from his own farm into another man’s farm; we will kill him. You, go back to your Father to tell you where your own farm ends. What do you do? You will go back to your Father and ask Him for forgiveness. However, you said no, you can take care of yourself. The enemies will destroy you. No matter how the Father uses you, when you begin committing sin, they will get you down. They will use it against you. I have illustrated it for you before. When there is no hole in an egg, an ant cannot enter. I know why I am telling you this. The Father has laid a curse upon the wicked ones and He does not revoke it back. He laid a curse upon the wicked right from the beginning and all His children He’s been using, they too continually lay the curse upon them the more, for you to know how deep evil is. All His children He chooses, He always put His word in their mouth to lay curses upon the wicked. Have you seen any prophet that prayed for the wicked before? If you have seen one, let Me know. Who chose the prophets? Is it not the Father? If it’s good, the Father could have said ‘Oh, you wicked ones, you’re blessed’. Instead of that, what happened? He cursed them! When you know the wicked are cursed, why will you cross your boundary? As the wicked carry curse around, the curse will extend to anyone that moves close to them. They have signed evil. What will you do with someone that carries curse? You should move far away from them. The Father has laid a curse upon them and nothing good will come out of them. After all, I have signed evil and there is no turning back; anyone that comes across my way, I will crush him down; I don’t care. You, that live a clean life will stay clear from them. When those kinds of people take what belongs to you, you don’t fight with them physically. But if you report them to your Father, He will deal with them. If you boast and fight with them physically, the Father will stay clear and the wicked will crush you. But you make the wicked as the umbrella to cover yourself. They are the ones that give you food to eat. They are all in your territory. You are not doing the will of the Father. You are far away from your Father. What do you think will happen to you? You know where you’re going. You are finished. You don’t even know the word of your Father. As they surround you, giving you food to eat, the food they’re giving you is poison. They will poison the water you drink. Everywhere you go, you will always commit a sin so they could destroy you completely. Oh, it doesn’t mean anything; do it; after all, the Father will forgive you. You too will say yes. You will go ahead and defile yourself the more. When they’re chanting your name, you too will continue to commit sin because there is no single holiness inside you. They know the Almighty Father has spoken about sin and they always use that against the children.

You cannot fight with those who have signed evil. It’s not a physical battle. A little child can challenge you on the way. She may curse you. As she curses you, you will say thank you. Are you okay? Don’t touch me! Do you think she’s the one speaking? It’s the demon that lives inside her that is speaking. What then should you do? You will go on your own way. If you want to stand and challenge her, you will know where to find yourself. This word is deeper than what We’re saying now. The demons that are operating know why they’re operating because they know a lot. They know more than any human being. Nothing is common. If you’re saved today, it’s not because you’re righteous, it’s by His grace. If you look at everything, you don’t worth living because of sin. It is only the grace of the Father and His Son that can take you there. The demons know. They know the implication and they know the root of sin. When the Father looked that all the children have sinned, He made another way of escape for them. Most of the time, I struggle to save you. When you’re sick, I will still heal you even though you don’t know Me. It’s the things you’re doing that the demons use against you. I will heal you may be you will change. My son, every sickness you see, it’s not that the sickness just come like that. When the Father brought them into this world, there was no sickness there. All of them were clean. You see the air you’re breathing, they blow sickness into it everyday. The sickness you cannot mention its name is in this air everyday. You should have asked yourself where all these sicknesses are coming from every time. Did the Father create you and planted sickness in your body? Where is sickness coming from? All of them know what they have done in the spiritual realm. Because all of you are fools! If you know your Father you’re serving, you will declare with your mouth that you’re a stone. Can anything penetrate into a stone? Father, I am a stone; I am a stone because I am in You. No sickness can enter inside stone no matter how they do it. I am a stone; my Father can make me become a stone by the blood of Jesus Christ no matter how they pollute it. As you’re saying it with your mouth, you will stay clear from sin. But as you’re saying it, if you go and steal somebody’s property or you convert another man’s property to your own, if you fornicate, the sickness will enter you because you commit sin. They will use it against you. That is why you see My children in the church, whatever any name they call themselves, either a servant or a pastor, before you know it, they will have four sicknesses in their body. All those sicknesses are spirits that move in the air. They can enter through your mouth. They can enter through your body. They are spirits. Each sickness you see is a spirit in the spiritual realm. They are being released into the air. They are demons. When they release it, it enters your body. Why? It is because you don’t know your Father; because you disobey your Father; because you don’t follow the rule of your Father. Hence, they don’t know their Father, we will deal with them. And they can never know their Father because they’re looking for what they want to eat. When somebody is abusing you, just ignore him and leave. Go on your way and hold your Father tight. Father, it’s me and You; whatever I will do that will not make me commit sin, please teach me; turn me to fire everyday. That is your prayer. You cannot fight them physically. It’s only the Father that will fight them. Do not use your hands to commit and do not use your mouth to commit. They are watching you everyday because that is what they want. Do you know how many of My children that die everyday? Demons are everywhere. They are doctors, they are lawyers, they are everywhere. They plant them in key places. If you escape one, you cannot escape the other. But if they know you’re a fire, they will never employ you. If you mistakenly go to their territory, they will never employ you. Oh my Father, as I was going to the interview this morning, my wife looked at me somehow; the way she looked at me, I didn’t like it; that was why they didn’t employ me. Look at you, you are a fool! You don’t know what you have escaped. This one is a fire; if we employ him, he will destroy us. They will even tell you openly that you’re not qualified. You will wonder why they tell you that because you're highly qualified. You don’t know what the Father did for you. If you go to your school and finish, now it’s the time for you to work and enjoy; if the Father sees that the place you’re looking for work will destroy you, they will not employ you. They will reject you. When they reject you, what happens? That is why the Father hates bribes. He hates bribes.

For example, in a big company, those who are there are demonic and your eye is there, you want to work there. Among those people working there is one of your relatives. Put your heart in the Father’s heart. Father, as I’m going there, if it’s your will, let them employ me. If the Father sees that you’re a fire, and that you will change the lives of those who are there, He will allow them to employ you. But if He sees that your life will go backward, He will not allow them to employ you. They will send you away. What then do you do? You did not go there for an interview, you pass through the backyard, and you bribe somebody so they could employ you. For only that one alone, you have sinned. Firstly, you did not seek the face of the Father. Secondly, you give bribe; it’s a fraud. No matter how hot you are in the Father, with only that one alone, you fall. In the first instance they will ask you questions. You, how did you manage to enter here? Now you are here, no problem. In this place, you must abide by our laws. You cannot mention anything about Christianity here. You will say yes. Then where is your Father? All your fire, everything the Father gave to you, you lost it. You that you’re a fire, whenever you wake up before, you would wake up your wife and children to thank your Father. Now you’re drinking their water, eating their food. First of all, their spirit will enter you and overpower the Spirit of the Father that is inside you. Your body will now become heavy. You cannot do anything again. You cannot operate two spirits together. The one you love most will overpower the other one. If it’s the Spirit of the Father you love, the other one will give way. If it’s the other one you love, the Spirit of the Father will give way. Oh my wife, I am very tired; please go ahead and pray alone. Your wife will go ahead and pray alone. When you get back to work, they will tell you that you’re disturbing them because they’re feeling the impact of your wife’s prayer. My friend, you have to choose one. But you cannot tell your wife what you have put yourself. Grace, anytime you’re praying, let it be fast because you’re disturbing me. Oh honey, it’s God that gave you the job. It’s okay; it’s God! But you know what you have done and the wife doesn’t know anything. After you’ve left for work, the wife will be praying. Because of your discouragement, gradually she will get weak. The money they pay you, you’re using it to feed your wife and children. The heaviness now enters the wife too. Oh honey, I need a car; oh my darling, I will buy it for you. Things begin to happen at home. It’s not even far, it’s happening in the church. Oh, you have made it; how did you make it; come let me show you; it’s between me and you; I will take you somewhere. Everybody pray! But you know yourself; you know what you have done. After they finish praying, you will say amen. But you know your heart. Those who are praying are praying, but you are not praying because you know what you’ve done. Who are you deceiving? When the evil comes, it’s not only you; it will also befall the members. Why? Because the pastor committed the sin on their head! Only those who are on fire can pray not to share from it. They don’t know anything; their heart is in the Father, they will not share from it. But those who are weak, the demons will rule their lives. Because of what the pastor has done, demons are hovering inside the church. They will carry demon from the church to their house. Sister Grace, you have to take heart; it has happened; there is nothing anybody can do. Pastor, Benjamin died yesterday! Pastor, Samuel is in problem! Pastor…! It is well; it’s okay; I told you to be prayerful. Yes, because you know what you’ve done. Is the Father a wicked Father? This is the house where the sick come to receive healing. Why are they dying in the house of the Father? Because you are not clean and the demons are waiting for you in the church you attend. What happens then? Is He not the same Father in the time of old when one or two gathered and the Father came down with fire? Why is it that all these are happening? Right there in the church, they send witchcraft to their neighbours because there is no fire. Somebody will bring food of witchcraft into the church to pollute everybody there. But this is the same Father of the old! The Father is looking. Only those who wash their hands clean will escape.

My son, do not be weak. Once you’re weak, they will take over. If demons that the Father drove away could not be weak, how much more you. Somebody that doesn’t have a home, that everybody is chasing around. But you have home; you’re the owner of the soil. Somebody that doesn’t have a home, that eats in the dungeon. He doesn’t have home My son. He eats in the dungeon. Nobody knows him. They chase him around. He has no destination. Demons don’t have homes. Wherever they enter, if that person is weak, they will remain there. But if that person drives them away, they will scream out and look for another place to stay. My son, have you heard that somebody gave birth to a baby and named him ‘demon’? In the whole world, have you heard somebody who named his child ‘demon’? That means it’s not good. Somebody named her son Jesus, Emmanuel, Holy. Have you heard ‘demon’? You can never hear it My son because it’s not good. If anybody cannot name his son demon, that means it’s not good. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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