The Will Of The Father

The Father speaks

(Monday 4th June 2012, 02:50)

The Almighty God is the Self-Existing Father. This earth was created by Him. He is the only One that can turn the stone of this earth. He knows what can make this earth last. He knows what can destroy it. He knows everything. The Almighty Father is the One that knows the secret of this earth. Every word He said will surely come to pass. He is the One that created this earth. Everything will go, but the Father will never go because He is the One that owns this earth. If anyone doubts about the Father, He will see it by the end of the day. He is the only One that will last and see the end of this earth. That is why He is the Almighty God. Let every men reverence the Almighty God. Let every human being reverence the Almighty God. He is the Beginning and the Ending. Everything comes from Him and everything returns back to Him. Every day, as men wake up in the morning, let the word of their mouth be ‘Father, I thank You; Jesus Christ, I thank You; Holy Spirit, I thank You; let Your will be done, it’s Your will not the will of any man; do not let me sin against You’. Everything comes from the Father and everything will return back to Him. Whatever He purposes you to be, if you deviate from it, it will not come to pass. Pray every day that Father, I don’t want to sin against You. When you sin against your Creator, you have missed it. If you sin against your Father, you sin against yourself because your Father lives inside you. Immediately you sin against your Father and yourself, what the Father purposes for your life can never come to pass. That means you’ve missed it. The rest is apology. It cannot be as the Father purposed it to be. When you sin against your Father, you sin against yourself. It’s like a man that takes cutlass (machete) and begins to cut himself. Will it not be painful? It will be painful! It’s not a lie, it’s a reality. When you sin against your Father, you sin against yourself. When the Father says ‘this is what I don’t want’, do not do it. What do you owe the Father? Prayers! When you pray to the Father, you pray to yourself. When you’re praying, you’re not doing the Father any good; you are doing yourself good. Any prayer you’re praying is not because of the Father. Can your prayer say the Father should not die? Can your prayer kill the Father? Can your prayer feed the Father? The Father never eats your food. He never dies. He remains the same. Who then are you praying to? Why are you praying? You are praying to yourself. The prayer you’re praying every day is for your own good. You are praying to yourself. When somebody asked you to be prayerful, you’re saying ‘why prayer everyday’. Will the Father eat your food? Are you going to cook for the Father? Is the Father looking for children? Is He barren that He needs children? Then why are you praying to your Father? You are praying to yourself. It’s not the Father you’re praying to. You are praying for your own good. When the Father created you, He did not create you with half body. He created you full. Why then does His purpose for your life not come to pass? The very day you came into this earth, you entered into problem. When a woman gave birth to you, she gave birth to you in trouble. The Father created you full. The Father is not a wicked Father. The very moment you entered this earth, you entered into problem. Oh, praise God, she has given birth to a baby boy; she has given birth to a baby girl. That is the very day the trouble begins. When they’re telling you to be prayerful everyday, you’re doing yourself good. You are not doing anybody good because the Father you’re praying to will never eat your food. If you cook your food, who will taste it for you? Is it the Father? You are the one. That is how you know if it’s sweet or not. You are the one that will eat it to your body. When you’re asked to be prayerful, you’re praying to your Father and the prayer you’re praying will come back to you by the end of the day. When they tell you to follow the holy road, you’re doing yourself good, not anybody. Do not commit sin; follow the instruction of the Father; be holy. They have started again; everyday holy, holy. You are doing yourself good, not anybody. Oh, everyday again fasting; I am tired; I am going to work. You are doing yourself harm! Because you’ve missed it, as you’re praying, the Father will look down on you with mercy. You use your mouth to sin; you use your eyes to sin; you use your heart to sin; you go where you shouldn’t go; you say what you shouldn’t say. The Father created this earth in holiness. As you’re praying, things begin to change. That is the only solution. Nobody is holy like the Father. I have not stolen somebody’s property; I have not fornicated; I have not killed anybody. But you’re committing sin. The word of your mouth is a sin. The food you eat is a sin. The cloth you wear is a sin. Sin is a sin, but there is sin that leads to death. There is a sin that can take something away from you immediately. Then how can I be free from sin? Be watchful! Be prayerful! Be sensitive whatever you want to do. People are looking, let me look. No, people are looking, let me go on my own way. If you turn aside to look, you will forget where you’re going. By the end of the day, you will run into trouble. Is that where you are going? As you turn aside to look, you will get there, open your mouth, and begin to speak. That is why you have to be prayerful. As you’re prayerful, the Father will begin to fill you. He will begin to teach you and give you signs. That is how it is on this earth until you will go back to Him. Nobody is above mistake. Hence, you’re a human being, if you’re not close to the Father, your mistake will be great. As you see some people on the street, their lives look miserable. Most of the things that happen to them, they used their own hands to cause it. They are the ones doing themselves. In the process of ‘making it’, they now went and acquired evil. They now tie themselves down. As you see them, they’re like useless people. Nothing they lay their hands upon that prospers. There is a time for everything. The time that was scheduled for you to make it, that is the time you will make it. What do you do? You run more than yourself.

As you are on this earth, every time is scheduled. When it gets to a set time, you will marry. When it gets to a set time, you will have children. When it gets to a set time, you will have money. Everything is set as you’re coming to this earth. You don’t want to wait for your own time. You will then go somewhere and tie yourself down because you want to have money. Can anybody create magic? You can never create magic. If you don’t wait for your own time, if you go and seek for it elsewhere, they will give you counterfeit. That means you have destroyed everything. It’s like a little child. They operated his heart and gave him a heart of an adult, the heart of an old man. How can that child carry that heart? That is how it is. That is what most of them are doing. You will go and carry the one that is not your own because you’re greedy. Why can’t you wait for your Father? Father, You are the One that brought me into this earth, let Your will be done; Father, as I enter this school, I want to read Mathematics, let Your will be done. If it’s not your way, the Father will tell you. He knows what He will do to you because your heart is in the Father. He will put what He wants you to do in your heart. You abandon school and pursue an apprenticeship. Your father may look at you that you’re foolish. Go and do as your heart tells you. People will come to learn from you. No, you’re a very stupid child; how do you want my friends to look at me; they will think I don’t have money. Daddy, that is what I want to do; let me go and learn how to repair cars. Oh, upon all this money I have, you have disgraced me. If you force that child, you have sent him to an early grave. Some of you that go where you shouldn’t go, they know what will happen to you by the end of the day. That is why they will tell you to bring what you cannot see. But you will still go, find it and bring it to them. Oh, if this man has waited for his time; his time is almost ripe; anyway, let me do it for him. As you do that, you have destroyed your life. Do you know more than your Father?

Anything you want to do, seek your Father’s face. Do not go on your own way. That is why you see some women seeking for husband. The Father purposely delayed some of them. But they’re crying around for a husband. There is a time for everything. They go on their own way. Put your heart in your Father and He will give you your right partner. He will give you the best. Oh, I’ve been serving Him; since the husband is not coming, let me go on my own way. It’s not the will of the Father to destroy His children. As you go on your own way, they will give you counterfeit to nurse. Cleave your heart to the heart of the Father and He will teach you what to do. There is a time for everything. How old was Isaac before he married? My son, tell all of them, they should not go on their own way. Nobody knows anything. Oh, I am 50years, I am too old and I cannot pregnant again. Who told you? Are you the one that created yourself? I have told you before that it’s only the Father that can do something that is permanent. The devil cannot do anything that is permanent. Their own has expiry date. It will expire. After it has expired, it will then affect you again. When the Father tells you to wait, if you wait, you will see what will happen. But if you cannot wait, what happens? When they pressurise you into marriage, when you’re married to the devil, you’ll begin to produce the children of the devil. If the enemy sets trap for you and you take it to your Father in prayers, He will tell you what to do and you’ll be free from their trap. I am waiting for my Father; if my Father says I should go ahead, I will do it. The blessing of the Father never adds sorrow. It’s like when you’re cooking food in your pot. There are some food, they’re not cooked the same time. If one’s own is cooked and he’s eating it, yours may still be on the fire cooking. That is the mistake My children are making everywhere that makes the enemies give them counterfeit. By the time the real one will come, they cannot see it again because the counterfeit has covered everything. When the counterfeit begins to torment their lives, they’ll begin to say ‘Father why, Father why’. Is it the Father? It’s not the Father; it’s you because you refused to wait for your Father to give you the right one. How can the Father says I should marry this one; this is not my type; a whole me. Yes, that is what the Father designed for you. That is the one the Father says you should marry. That is the one that will take you to where you supposed to be on this earth. That one you put your eyes, you’re just wasting your time because he will destroy you. That is why people will begin to count; that pastor married one, he married two, he married three, he married four. The last one he married is the real wife. Why? Because he did not wait for the Father. He did not wait for the Father. Now they begin to count them. Yes, I heard a voice; the Father told me I should go ahead. The Father told you to marry her? When you marry her and the marriage scatters, is the Father a wicked Father? Which voice are you hearing? Is it the voice of the Father or the voice of the devil? It’s a question. The blessing of the Father never adds sorrow. Whatever happens, find out the cause. This is what people don’t want to hear. By the end of the day, you will come back to the truth you rejected. That word you rejected by saying the Father is not a wicked Father, you will come back to it again. That is when you will know that the Father is a good Father, not a wicked Father. Don’t let anybody set fire on your body! Go and marry; you are wasting time; I want to see my grandchildren; don’t let me die in sorrow. Tell them to give you time to wait on your Father. Your Father will give you the right one at the right time. I put my trust in my Father; He is the One that brought me into this earth. Shut the mouth of that person up with the word of your Father.

Somebody rushed into marriage. May be that is not the time the Father purposed for him to marry. Until the very day the Father purposed him to marry, maybe after 45 years, that is the time he’ll begin to produce children. Oh, he’s married for 45 years now, now he’s producing children. That is the time the Father purposed him to have children. Open your eyes and your ears; look at the environment you are so that you’ll not miss it. As you are looking for children, you die; as you are looking for a wife, you die; as you are looking for money, you die. Is it the will of the Father for you to die a premature death? No! No! What causes it? It is disobedience. What causes disobedience? Is it not sin? If you could clear a land and plant a seed in it, after it grows, it now brings out flowers. As it’s growing, you’re clearing the weed around it. If you refuse to clear the weed, it will not grow. If you can exercise patience with ordinary flower, how much more your own life. I will not mess myself; I know what my Father says concerning me; I will not rush to do what I shouldn’t do; I will not pluck my fruit when it’s not ripe; if I pluck it when it’s not ripe, I will not enjoy it. Many of them plucked their fruit when it was not ripe. It causes them to be barren. The fruit was not even strong; they went to pluck it. Are you the one that will make the fruit grow? Are you the one that knows how long it will take before it grows? The Owner tells you this is the amount of years it will take before the fruit is ripe to eat. If you plant coconut tree, how many years do you think it will take before you can eat coconut from it? Go and break it and you will see ordinary water inside. When you break some of them, you will see something like milk inside. Why? Because it’s not ripe when you plucked it. You just destroyed it. The fruit that could have been enough for three people to eat, if you pluck it when it’s not ripe, it will be a waste. That is the life of a human being you see. Wait for your time. As you wait for your time, somebody will benefit from you. Somebody will save somebody’s life. One good deserves another. This is what people don’t want to know. That is why you see crime everywhere. People are driving it, let me drive it. If somebody is driving a car and it’s not your destiny to drive a car, when you have the car, you will die. Is that your destiny? Is that what the Father says you should do? You now begin to look for money so you could drive. Is that the most important one? You have known your Father. Father, teach me what to do; is it wife you say I should marry; teach me what to do Father; go before me; go with me; let Your will be done in my life. But you’re serving the Father blindly. Later you will begin to blame the Father. All of them that are calling Father everyday are evil. Father, why; Father, why. Is it the fault of the Father? It’s because you go on your own way! You are calling Father in evil. Is it the Father? Ask yourself question! You are far away from your Father, but you say you’re a Christian. Why Father, why Father. You lean on your own understanding. When you wake up in the morning, you should ask your Father what to do. Your eye is blind. You are ignorant. The devil will begin to play you like a football.

When Joseph’s brothers sold him as a slave to the land of Egypt, how many people preached to him? But he did not do any evil. He did not commit any sin. When you were born in a home where both parents are pagan, they do not know God; you were brought up from there. That time sin reigns in you. But the time you can differentiate between good and evil, then you switch to the Father’s side. Right from the origin, the Father doesn’t want His children to misuse themselves. Even if your parents do not know God, you may choose not to defile yourself. The Father is watching you. If you choose not to defile yourself, even if you’re in the dungeon, the Father is there to protect you. He must make sure somebody provides for you. Instead, what do My children do? Since nobody is coming my way, let me open myself; when the child comes, then it comes. You now give the child to the wrong person. That precious seed that was in your womb that you should have delivered at the right time for the right person, you now deliver it to the wrong person because you think you’re suffering. That was why I asked who showed Joseph about God. He made his own decision not to defile himself. He could do it and run away. But he said no, I will not do it, let me wait for my Father. My son, I know it’s not easy. He was sorrowful, but he held himself. He knew nobody. He was in a strange land. He believed that the Father is there for him. Either they show you the way of God or not, what about yourself. Right from the beginning, the Father doesn’t want anybody to defile himself. He doesn’t like it. That thing that God gave to you, protect it either you’re a man or a woman because that is your life. That thing is your life and you must protect it. Immediately you remove that seal, you have sold yourself. Many things will happen in your life. That is the beginning of your downfall. You are hearing the name of Mary today. Supposing she misused herself, will you hear her name? No! That is what people don’t want to hear. Either you give your life to Jesus Christ or you’re pagan, you don’t know anything about God, keep yourself and wait for the right person. As you keep yourself, the Father will direct you to the right person. Either you give your life to Jesus Christ or not, the Father will direct you to your own husband. Wait for your time! Wait for your time. When the first one comes, I don’t like this one. Another one come, I don’t like this one. The right one will come. Oh, men have been going to her, but she rejected them. The Spirit of the Father that’s inside her is the One ruling her. Even her mother will say, oh, all the men in this village have come to seek your hand in marriage but you rejected them. Mummy, I don’t like them; my own will come. The day your own will come, she will say yes, this is the one I want. She didn’t give her life to Jesus Christ and both of them will marry each other till the end. They will have children. But they did not give their lives to Jesus Christ. Why? Because she followed the heart of the Father that’s inside her. Why is divorce everywhere? The Spirit of the Father is in the children right from the beginning. This is not a matter of giving your life to Jesus. Let the Spirit of the Father that’s inside you control you. Oh my son, the character of this girl is very good; you must marry her. No mummy; I know that her character is good, but I will not marry her. Because the Spirit of the Father inside you tells you she’s not your wife. Though she has good character, she’s not your wife; she’s another person’s wife. Let the mother hear your voice. Oh, if you don’t marry her, I will die my son; in this whole village, everybody like her. This girl is prepared for another man, not for you. His wife will come at the right time. The wife may not be as beautiful as this one, but the one the Father chooses for him will come. If he marries this one, the marriage will break because she’s not his wife. Oh Simon, everybody like this girl; mummy, I don’t like her character; don’t bring this one out my daughter, everyday quarrel upon quarrel. That is not his wife! That is not his wife. Oh, let us cover it up; everybody in the village like this girl; men line up to marry this girl; because her parents and we are friends, that is why they agreed for me to give her to you. She is not his wife! Let the son follow his own heart. Don’t force a woman to his head. This is why there are many problems everywhere. My son, I am the One speaking. This is not the matter of giving your life to Jesus now. When Abraham wants to marry for his son, what did he do? He gave a certain direction and it came to pass. Was Jesus Christ alive then? Why are they deceiving themselves? The Father created the children from His own body, both male and female. Follow the voice of the Father. Do not go on your own way. When you know something is not good, you want to do it.

Oh, people are talking about me everyday that I’m not married; I’m too old. The Father is watching you. If you wait for Him, He will direct your path. If you hold the Father tight that you want to be holy, He is always happy. He will be with you and fight every battle for you. But immediately you defile yourself, He will stay clear and begin to watch you. The Father hates sin. After you defile yourself, the remaining one is out of mercy, out of His grace. Let us see what will happen again, maybe We can still gather them, maybe the dried bones can rise again. Impatience! Just to produce children is not everything. Don’t say people are doing it and you too want to do it. You will put the innocent children to suffer. A woman that wants to marry is like someone who wants to enter inside river without knowing how deep the river is. The Father is the One that knows how deep the river is. You want to enter inside the river that will swallow you. A woman that wants to marry a man is just like that, she doesn’t know how deep the river is. But if the Father says go ahead, I am the One that says you should enter, the river will not swallow you. That is how it is. You just see a man and jump on him simply because you’re suffering. After you might have produced the children, you will carry their load alone because you did not wait for your Father. You now add another problem to your own problem. You see how My children cause problems for themselves because they did not wait for their time. They put innocent children to tears. They’ll begin to say Father, why, Father why. Is marriage the last thing? If you know you’re matured enough to take care of yourself, move away if you know your parents will be an obstacle for you. Seek the face of your Father. If the problem comes, even your parents that are swearing for you will run away. It’s then you will know the kind of problem you’ve put yourselves. The Father is inside His children’s lives even if you did not give your life to Jesus. He will begin to direct you. Immediately you enter that sinful life, He will stay clear from you. You are on your own. You are on your own. You are on your own. My son, how many of them will believe this? If you look in the time of old, children are above forty years and were still living with their parents. They knew nothing about man or woman. They were still living happily with their parents. And the Father was inside them. The Father controlled their lives, that was why they’ve not defiled themselves. Nowadays, as you see all these children, God is far away from them. Why? Because they’ve defiled themselves. As you see all these little children, God is far away from them. He is still taking care of them, but the holiness is not there again because they’ve taught them what they shouldn’t have taught them. They have spoilt them. Evil always befall them because of sin. The devil is now using them. The sin of fornication and adultery is very high! The dirty food you shouldn’t eat, you’ll begin to eat it in your early life. It’s a dirty food! In your education, you cannot make it. Why? Because what you supposed to eat last, you ate it early. You are useless. How many of them want to hear it? That is how the Father created it. That food must be the last food to eat.

For example, you see a little boy messing himself around. He cannot just begin to do it on his own. Somebody might have shown him or tell him about it. The devil cannot just quickly sow that one into your heart. Something must lead to it. That spirit now enters the body of that child and begins to think of it. It’s like somebody that’s eating a certain food. The day you see somebody else eating another kind of food, you’ll say oh, I’ve not eaten this kind of food before. You too want to have a taste of it. That kind of thing is not food. The devil knows, that is why he’s using it to destroy the children of the Father. He knows the consequence of it. He knows the high risk of it. He knows that’s what can quickly fall man. That is why when a child is growing inside the house, you must protect that child with everything. There are things you can open up to the child. You will say some words in the presence of that child and it will destroy him. Little child is very easy to destroy. If you tell them anything, you must also let them know the consequence. Some of them, the devil knows that is how they will fall. Let us plant this in his memory, if he begins to do it early, it will destroy his life. Yes, because they know who that child is. That will ruin his memory because they know who he is. It’s like a little child that saw his mother stole meat from the pot. What that child saw has destroyed his life. Anywhere he enters, he’ll begin to steal. That is how my mother used to do it. When the mother did it, she didn’t count it as anything. She didn’t know the enemy has used it to sow evil seed into that child’s life. Anywhere you enter, no matter how brilliant you are, no matter how beautiful you are, you’ll begin to steal people’s property. That is how my mother used to do it. That one now becomes the career of that child. That is why the Word of the Father says teach a child the way he should go so that when he’s grown, he will not depart from it. Do not teach the child the way that will make him regret his life. Teach him the way of God. Everything is in the Word. Set a fire and carry the child close to it. When the fire burns him, will he go near the fire again? He knows if he goes there, it will burn him. As it is to bad that is how it is for good because he knows the consequence of it. There is something that is more than fire that will take the destiny of the child away. It’s more than fire. All the films they’re watching around have destroyed these innocent children. They have spoilt the lives of all the children the Father brought to this earth. They have spoilt their career. They cannot become what the Father wants them to become because of all the movies they’re watching. Oh, I want to be a singer! Did the Father tell you to be a singer? You want to be a singer because you’re watching what you shouldn’t watch. You deviate away from the vision the Father gave to you. You are on your own. Oh, my son finished university for many years and he couldn’t get a job. Yes, because he studied what he shouldn’t have studied. That is not his career. He is far away from the vision of the Father in his life. You now begin to pray, you begin to bind and loose. He is far from the vision of the Father in his life. Because people were doing it, he too went to do it. As you’re coming to this earth, your vision is to make people’s hair. That is where you will feed. But you abandoned this one and went to the university to study something else. Now that you’re finished, you’re crying. Anywhere you go, they will tell you there is no vacancy. But you see yourself decorating people’s hair whenever you dream. How can I be decorating people’s hair when I’m a graduate; God forbid; I cannot do that. That is the work the Father gave to you! Taking care of people’s hair, taking care of people’s face, that is the work the Father gave to you. At a higher and a lower level, that is what the Father gave to you. But you abandoned it to go and study. Now that you’re qualified, they’re telling you there is no vacancy. May be you now listen to the Spirit of the Father inside you and decide to go to your friend’s salon. As you get there, you now take ground from her. Everybody come there because of you. Any hair you put your hand is good. From there, your friend advises you to open your own salon. Oh, as you see her, she’s a graduate; she’s making hair because she doesn’t get a job. Which graduate? That is what the Father asked her to do! Because you have gone far away from the vision of the Father in your life, you spent donkey wasted years in the university. Now that you finally obey your Father, people queue up to learn from you. From there, you become international. That is what the Father said you would be. People are there doing people’s hair in your neighbourhood, why is your own different? Because that is what the Father said you would be! Through it, you will feed the whole family. People queue up waiting for you. Don’t worry, I will wait for you. My son, I am telling you the reality. If it doesn’t get to my turn today, I will come back tomorrow. Is it only you? If anybody does any charm to destroy her, she cannot be destroyed because that is what the Father said she should do. But you abandoned this one and went to the university to study. Examinations upon examinations, all results in nothing. Now that you obey your Father, those of your mates that you finished at the university together, whenever they see you, they will wonder how you could make it quickly. Oh, she’s doing people’s hair. Yes, she came back to do what the Father asked her to do. When they told her at the initial stage, her parents said she wanted to disgrace them. After she graduated and couldn’t get a job, they told her she could go and do whatever she wants to do because their eye is clear. As she begins to send money to her parents, they begin to say, supposing we had known; this is what she could have done since all these days. In the initial stage, as wealthy as I am; I am a pastor; I am a deaconess in the church; how could my daughter say she’s going to be making people’s hair when everybody is going to school. When she finished and nothing came out of it, she went back to the basics. She went back to the first thing she didn’t want to do. My son, they don’t know anything.

Is your own work farming? You abandoned it and went to study accounting. How can I be a farmer? Because you are far from the vision of the Father! Oh, what did you study; can you take care of my poultry. Now you come back to the basics. Immediately you enter the poultry, everything changed. Why? Because that is what the Father asked you to do! As you mixed two things together, the chickens begin to produce well. The owner now asks you what you do with his farm. How manage; I could not do it like this before. Yes, that is your profession. That is the hand the Father gave to you. But you said you want to go and study marketing, you want to study accounting. That is not your vision. As you’re working on that farm, before you know it, your name begins to explode everywhere. Every chicken, every egg is branded with your name. How manage; this is the same boy we finished the university together; but he’s accountant. Who told you? He did not get a job; he then began working in one poultry. No, it’s a lie. What is a lie; I can escort you to his farm; you can even go and work under him. He went to the university to study accounting and could not get a job. He later went back to work on the farm. That is the vision of the Father for his life. He wasted a lot of years. Oh, let me go and manage in that man’s farm. As you go there to manage, you now open your own farm, which is bigger than that man’s own. Farming is different from farming; farming in an international way.

My son, how many should I count? Is it a teacher? You were created to be a teacher, but you say you want to be a doctor. After you might have studied for many years, you will go back to the teaching again. How many should I count My son. There are many of them. Do you know more than the Father? Everything on this earth is about the Father. Do not go on your own way. Every work assigned for you to do, be truthful. If you’re truthful in it, you will make it. As I’m speaking of making hair, do it exactly as that person wants it. Do not do it so that she would quickly come back to you again. If you do that, you have added another thing to it. That person cannot see her head. Everybody will begin to ask of the person that decorated it for her. She paid you, but you cheated her. You cheated her! Are you sure it was that woman that decorated this kind of hair for you; don’t go there again. What do you think you have done for your business? You have spoilt it! Though the Father gave you a magic hand, if you begin to cheat people on it, you have spoilt your business. When your customers are not coming again, what will happen to your business? You will close it. Whatever you do, do it well so that your Father can be happy with you. Do not cheat anybody. Do not add to your selling price. Sell it as you supposed to sell it so that the Father can be happy. Do not use unjust balance to sell to people. My son, why do you think many of them are hungry everywhere? You have your two hands, but you say you’re collecting benefits. The benefit is not meant for you. You have hands to work, but you say you’re a disabled. Are you a disabled? My son, somebody is eating well, have his two hands to work and he’s collecting benefits. Is it meant for you? You have your two legs, because you want to build a house, you’re cheating. As you’re doing that, you are hungry. Don’t you know that money is not meant for you? The things that shouldn’t have happened to you will begin to happen to you. Is it your money? But you go to church to pray. You are crying to the Father. Don’t you know you’re committing sin? You have used that money to bring a curse into your life because you are eating other people’s sweat. People are working everyday, they’re collecting money from them, and they’re giving it to you. Is it your money? You will hungry the more. But on Sunday you will go to the church to clap your hands. Thank God, I did not commit any sin. You did not commit any sin? The money you collected, is it your money? Is it your money? Can you deep your hand into your pocket and give somebody money to buy something to eat? But you’re collecting the money that is not yours. Sin is sin! You will give an account of everything the day you die. Is it your money? You are claiming benefit, is it your money? You are lying to collect money. Sin is a sin! It’s not only those who carry guns and shoot people. If you collect money that you’re not entitle to, you’re stealing. You lie! You commit sin. All these ones are what is done for My children. That is why the devil flog them everyday with a cane. Which cane are we going to use to flog them today; let us flog them with canes of epilepsy. Yes, because you lie. Let him now begin to fall sick real. Because you’ve been collecting benefits for many years, you have to pay for it. He said he’s sick and he’s not sick; let us tie him down with sickness; let us cane him with the cane of cough; let him begin to cough. That is what the devil is doing to them. You have lied to your soul; you have lied to your body. You have eaten cursed money. It’s not your money. Then when the devil slaps you, it will affect you. You carry lie of disability upon your children so that you can collect money. When the devil begins to slap your children with sickness, you’ll begin to complain. Oh, pastor pray for me. Which pastor will pray for you? You have done what you shouldn’t have done. You have collected the money you shouldn’t have collected. Is it your money? You said your children are sick. Which one of them? Is it all sickness is sickness, because you want to collect money? Then when the devil begins to slap them with sickness, you’re saying pastor should pray for you. My son, when you wash your hand clean, the devil will not see anywhere to enter you. The devil is wiser than My children. He will look at you as an ant looks at an egg; there is nowhere to enter. Since there is no crack in it, let me find my own way. But if he sees just a little crack, he’ll begin to dig hole to enter. Immediately he enters, that egg is in trouble. But my children don’t want to know. They are saying it does not mean anything. It means a lot because you cannot see the devil. He can pass through anywhere to strike you because you collect the money that is not yours. It’s not your money; it’s a cursed money. They are collecting it from the pocket of those who are working. It’s not your money! They are paying it to you and you’re happy. When the devil strikes you, you will say oh, we don’t have this type of sickness in our family. Those who are sick, do they have it in their family? Sickness does not just come; it’s the devil that planted it there. God did not create any family with any sickness. It is the devil’s handwork. When he knows you’re guilty of what you’re doing, he will strike you. You might have done something many years ago and think it’s forgotten, he will remind you.

If you are waiting for God to perfect your life, do not be in haste. Do not go on your own way. Do not seek for any opinion or advice. A young woman who hasn’t known any man since she was born, waiting for the Father to give her husband, what is she supposed to do? She should surrender everything to the Father, so that the Father should perfect everything. Do not even think about it. If you are still under your parents, do not think about it. Always pray to the Father that His will should be done. The Father will give you your own husband. Instead of waiting upon the Father, because your heart is in it already, you’re now dreaming and seeing yourself with a man. You are troubling yourself. Oh Father, give me husband now; if You don’t give me, I will go and meet a man. Are you giving the Father a condition or you’re giving yourself a condition? If I wait for some time, and no man comes to me, I will go and meet one. The devil will say alright, because you’re giving the Father a condition, you will not see the husband. Because you want to defile yourself, go ahead and do it. She will now go and defile herself. As she defiled herself, did the husband come? You will regret yourself. You now add more problems to yourself. That one you just did, do you know how many prayers you’re going to pray to avert it? You don’t even know what you have put yourself. Because you’re seeking for a husband, you’ve now incurred another problem into your life. Are you the Father that created you? It’s like somebody that wants to do fasting. You cook a pot of soup and you’re fasting. Anytime you enter the kitchen, when you look at the pot of soup, you will say ‘oh, I’m doing fasting; what says the time; it’s six O’clock’. But you say you’re doing fasting. Are you fasting? You are not fasting because your throat is in the food you’ve just cooked. You are not fasting to the Father, you’re fasting to yourself. The father will not hear that kind of prayer because your mind is inside the pot of soup you just cooked. You have already eaten the food because your mind did not settle. You should just go and eat the food and rest so that everybody will know you’re not fasting. You have to choose one out of the food and fasting. Choose one out of the two! If you want to fast, surrender your heart to the Father. Clear your table from every food. Let your heart be in the Father and be focused so that God will do whatever He wants to do in your life either physically or through dreams. If your heart is in the food, that is what you will dream about. Whenever you are fasting, let your heart be in the Father. Be calm and begin to do good. If you’re not at home, maybe you’re outside, if somebody needs help, help that person. Keep your mouth shut. Oh, I’m doing fasting; look at the time for me, I want to go and break my fast. Is that fasting? It’s not fasting! Keep it to yourself; it’s between you and your Father. Father, wash me clean; help me to be holy; let Your will be done; Father, give me everything I need; glorify Yourself in my life; even though I do not eat, when I have You it’s okay for me; You are more than food to me. The devil will run away because your heart is in your Father. Father, reveal Yourself to me; let Your Spirit be upon me; Father I need You. Oh, I want to eat; this my soup is calling me; I’m even tired, let me go and eat. You are wasting your time. The devil is laughing at you. Break and eat. Your fasting and prayers don’t go anywhere. This is what people don’t want to hear. The Father is a Spirit. When you are dealing with Him, you have to be spiritual. Let the Father give you spiritual food to eat, not a physical food. Physical food will take you to nowhere. It will only make your body grow. There is a time for everything.

When you’re close to your Father, He will begin to reveal secrets to you. Many of them are far away from their Father. They don’t know anything. They have gone far away from their Father and there are problems everywhere. Nobody wants to see the Father and evil is befalling them everywhere. I am the One speaking! The Father is the One that owns the spiritual. Without the spiritual, you cannot meet the need of the Father. Many of My children are far away from Me and they don’t want to hear all these ones I’m saying. Evil is befalling them and evil will continue to befall them because they are far away from their Father. They are seeking for earthly food, then where is the heavenly food? Where is the spiritual food? They are seeking for physical food everyday, then where is the spiritual food? It is the spiritual that controls the physical. You use your leg to enter inside the trap. A plane has just crashed now, isn’t it? Somebody piloted the plane and many were Christians inside it. If you are close to your Father, He will reveal to you what’s about to happen. All of them are deaf and dumb! Does the Father have hands in the killing of His children? If He doesn’t love them, why did He bring them to this earth? They are far away from their Father. They are far away from their Father and they destroyed their lives. They destroyed themselves. Nothing will happen on this earth that the Father will not know. My son, those who died are My children. Nothing will happen that I don’t know. The children are far away from the Father because they choose their own. They choose their own! My son, it was the devil that crashed that plane. Why? Because their hands are not clean! Their hands are not clean! The devil has won and nothing concerns the Father. I told you before that a lot will happen. They are far away from their Father. But they told you they know more than you. My son, if you were there and told them that the plane would crash, that they shouldn’t enter, they will tell you your mouth is smelling. They think they know more than you do. The devil knows more than they do. My son, I have told you; just wait and see. It is now they will know that the Father is the Almighty God that created this earth and that every word the Father speaks must come to pass. The Father has been dealing with His children right from ages. He does not die, He still remains the same. All of them will die, but the Father will remain the same. My son, to the extent pastors will begin to ask themselves question what is going on. The Father will say I am the Almighty God. Do you think you know more than Me? My son, tomorrow, you will hear the news of those who died. Pastors were among them! You will see it. Just wait and see. You will hear the story of those who died. They are far away from their Father. They are very far away from their Father. I told you that you would see. A lot will happen. The Father is looking at them because they are committing sin upon sin. They are committing sin. They think they know more than their Father. Whom are you going to call? Whom are you going to tell? But you say you’re serving your Father. All of them have sinned and fall short of the glory of the Father. All of them, none remains. My son, since the Father has been dealing with you, what is He telling you? About sin! If you don’t stay clear away from sin, the enemies will get you down. They know the weak part of human beings. When somebody tells you that this is what the Father says, you’ll begin to argue with that person. My son, all of them that argue with you and send you bad report, they will see. Their file is open. They will look for you. Every word I say will come to pass. A lot will happen in that place (Nigeria). A lot will happen. I am the One speaking. A lot will happen by fire. A lot will happen. Some will use their hands to kill themselves. Father, what did we do? Because you have sinned!!! You turned the word of the Father upside down. What the Father said you shouldn’t do, you’re doing it. What is the way out? Reconcile with the Father. Confess your sins openly. That is the way out. The Father is the same Father that operated in the time of old. He is still the same Father until today. You will hear the news. What date is today? Today is 4th of June. You will hear the news.

My son, how many churches are there in Nigeria? How many are there serving their Father? No man of God could discern what’s about to happen. Since over a month now, no man of God could discern that something wants to happen. But they say they’re serving Me. Those who died are more than enough to form a city. Before you know it, the city will expand. But they are dead and gone; innocent children that didn’t know anything. They are gone! They begin to say Father, why, Father why. These are the people that go on their own way. When it happens, they’ll begin to say Father why. But the Father has been speaking since these days. They close their ears and they’re looking for money. Somebody needed them. After death, what happens? Judgment takes place. Are you the one to judge them? Are you the one to tell them? They have lived their lives and They are judging them now. Everything They are telling them now is a revision before They will send them to their final destination. But when you’re preaching to them, somebody will send messages to you that you’re saying nonsense. My son, I said a lot will happen. I said it before that death is death. It may be a car accident. My son, I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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