The Year Of Judgement

The Father speaks

(Monday 2nd January 2012, 11:16)

My son, a lot will happen. A lot will happen! I am the One speaking. In this journey, a lot will happen, but no evil will touch you. The mother will begin to run without her knowing where her children will be. A lot will happen. I am the One speaking My son! A lot will happen. Nobody knows it; I am the One that knows it. A lot will happen. I am not saying it for you to be afraid, I am saying it for you to prepare yourself. A lot will happen. But you are in a safe hand because you’re in the hand of your Father. All of them that open their mouth, let somebody shoot one bullet, they will close their mouth. A lot will happen. By the end of the day there will be peace. It will happen, but there will be peace by the end of the day. There will be peace for those who will remain because they will fear their Father. My son, a lot will happen. If I say it will not happen, I am lying. A lot will happen. All those big men will go. All those big men will go! I purposely allow it to happen. Be strong and hold yourself. A lot will happen. Nobody will be saved by anything. A lot will happen. I have been saying it every time, using it to sing. A lot will happen because there is no hope. There is no hope! That is why since the beginning I created this earth, I always show Myself. I am the Hope. I never left any of My children; that was why I appeared to Abraham. I am the Hope. If Abraham could listen to My voice and did everything I asked him to do, he is the example. All of them now go on their own way. They should have done like Abraham because he had hope. I was his Hope. If you don’t have Me, how can you have hope? I am the Father that makes a way where there is no way. If everything crash down, then who is your hope? You don’t know the Father. Who is your hope? The Father is your Hope. The Father that created this earth is your Hope. The Father that created food for you to eat is your Hope. The Father that planted trees to bring fruit for you to eat is your Hope. But you forget about Him. Who created the food you’re eating? It was the Father that planted everything for you to eat. He planted different food for you to eat. He is your Hope. Is there any problem the Father cannot solve? Now you don’t have any hope; everything crashed down because you don’t know the Father. Those that should have led you failed. They could not even lead themselves how much more leading you. Their entire plan is to rebel, to do evil. No hope! A lot will happen My son. There is a race a woman will run and hold her two breasts and there is a race she will run without holding her breasts, she will allow them to scatter. Let me hide myself; what is happening. Where do you put your Father? Where is the Creator? Where is the Creator of this earth? Where do you put Him? A lot will happen. A lot will happen My son. Bring out My word (the Bible) and read to Me where My children proclaimed My word. Read it and let Me hear. It’s the Father that entered them. It’s the Father that spoke through them. It’s the Father that engineered them to speak. Did everything come to pass? I am the One speaking. I told you that you will shed tears. I shouldn’t speak My word and repeat it. I know why I do it. I never spoke My word and change it. All the whole big men you’re seeing will go. All of them will go. No single one of them will remain. You will see it My son. Calm down and relax. A lot will happen My son. Who will bury who? You are dead and I am dead. Who will bury who? They think you are saying nonsense. They will not know where their wealth is. They will not know where their cars are. They will not know where their planes are. I will ask them; you are My servant, I don’t know you could die. Where is your wealth? I purposely raised you to raise My children. Where were you? You chose the things of this earth. Where is your wealth? You come alone, where is your wealth? They owe Me! All of them that call themselves My servants owe Me. My son, they will pay for it and they know where they’re going. They owe Me. They did not do My will. Most of them didn’t do it for Me, to lead My children to Me. They owe Me. You say you’re a pastor, they are giving you food and you’re eating well; it’s good. When they give you food and you’re satisfied, what are you supposed to do? You are to take care of the rest. Preach holiness to them so that you can lead them to the Father. Preach holiness to them, that will lead them to the Father. But you’re eating and eating, you leave them to continue to do evil. You are on your own. You now focus on the wealth you have. You forget the remaining people. As you are eating, some of them are hungry. If you give them money, they will not do what they shouldn’t do. But you say you are My servant! I chose you. Whenever they see you coming, they will roll on the floor for you. They owe Me My son. I will ask them, were you hungry? They will say no. Was it by your power they came to give you their money? He will say no. What did you do? You owe Me and you know what it is to owe the Almighty Father. You cannot pay. When you owe Me, you will use yourself to pay it. When I say you will use yourself to pay it, you know what I mean. You cannot do this kind of thing there (in heaven). You are selfish. You are a thief. You are more than a thief. You are more than a thief! You owe Me and when you owe the Almighty Father, can you pay? Can you pay? You cannot pay. You know where you are going. You think you are better than My children, that wear tattered cloth and preach My word everyday. You are more honourable than them. Are they not human being like you? Let me proclaim the word of my Father; let me walk with my legs; that is why He called me. Are you more than them? You have four eyes, isn’t it?

My son, everybody is calling your word nonsense. Very soon, the nonsense will disappear. Every word I said, I will bring it to pass. Do you know the first thing I did? I took the money away. No money to fight. If there is no money, you cannot buy any weapon. It’s My money; I take care of it. I will empty them first. It is that money that makes them do nonsense. It’s My money; I take care of it. You have not seen anything! Where is the money? You haven’t seen money to buy food how much more buying weapon to fight. Where is the money? Money is what unites them together. Through the money you can do nonsense. You forget about your Father. Where is the money? When there is no money, you will surrender to your enemy. There is no money. I told you I will push them to the wall. When I push them to the wall, they have no option again. Do you think you know more than Me? My son, a lot will happen. In this whole world, not just in one nation! Whatever touches one touches the other. They don’t have any option. In a faithful day, you will hear. I purposely allow it to happen. The remaining ones will reverence Me. They will know I am the Almighty. That is why I said you should send this word to them. They will reverence Me. They will reverence Me. Who are you going to defeat? Don’t you know I have armies? Don’t you know I have soldiers? Can you fight with My soldiers? If you get the news they’re killing people here, when you get here you cannot see them. If you get the news they are killing people there, when you get there you cannot see them. What are you going to do? I told you I will come in different ways. Can you defeat My children? They are My children. You cannot see them. I know what I’m saying. They are the Spirit soldiers. They will come and invade them. Can you fight them. My son, I know why I’m telling you this one because you are My son. I’m telling you the secret of what I want to do. You cannot fight whom you cannot see. I have told you before. It is Me My son! As you see all My children everywhere, My children you are not seeing are more than the ones you are seeing. My children I have spiritually are more than the ones you are seeing here. They are more than all of you. Wherever I am, they are always with Me. That is why in this house, there are many of them. Do you know how many soldiers guide this house? As I’m speaking to you here, do you know how many soldiers that guide this place, that you cannot see? Let the demon come. It is a spiritual battle. Can you fight it? You cannot fight it. You are a big man, you guide yourself with everything, they will still enter. How do they manage to enter? The battle that is coming is a battle of fire. It’s a war My son. I have told you before. A lot will happen. You are reading it how they went to fight in the time of old and they defeated their enemies. Who defeated them? How did they manage to fight it? It is Me! You are calling Me a Mighty Man in Battle, a Mighty Man in Battle, isn’t it? My son, they know how to fight. It’s My turn now. I have told you what’s about to happen. It’s My army that will fight. They think they know how to fight. You are My son. I cannot do anything without telling you. That is what will happen. Whoever wants to defeat Me, let them come. My son, it is Me! It is Me! You know how to fight. How do you know how to fight? I made you to be a peacemaker. My son, it will touch everywhere. It will touch everywhere. Many souls will go with it. Is it good to do wickedness? They rebelled against Me My son. All My children rebelled against Me. All My effort to save them, to care for them is wasted. Nobody knows Me. Nobody knows Me My son. It’s very painful. I am for peace My son. As I am for peace, so also I love My children to be for peace. It pains Me. I want them to know Me and do My will. What I did in the time of old, when My children went to war and I supported them, it was because they knew Me. They knew Me. I chose them, that was why I followed them to fight all their enemies because they were serving idols. I am the One that created them, but they chose to serve idols. Those who surrendered, those who followed them had peace. Those who said they don’t want to serve Me were wasted. That is what’s about to happen now. You cannot fight with your Father. I have told you; those who do My will, I will shelter them; I will sustain them. I will cover them. I will purposely seal that area. I know the way I will do it. It is Me. I am the One speaking My son! A lot will happen. Those who said they want their business will not have time for the business again. Those who remain, the remnant will reverence the Father. They will reverence the Father. How do you know how to fight? Do you know how to throw bombs? What do you know how to do? Because I will fail all of them! Those who say they want to fight, they want to throw bombs, I will fail them and the bomb will never explode. My son, you know what I can do. I will fail a lot of them. What you’ve been doing that is good will never work. It is Me! I will tie down their hands because I want to condemn a lot of people. I will kill them. I am the One speaking. Everything will fail you because you don’t know more than I. What do you know? What do you know? Who taught you? I will seize everywhere. It is good for you to offend human being. Do not offend the Father. Your Father is the One that owns the whole earth. When I hold the breeze, can plane fly? The plane cannot fly. It’s the plane you want to use to fight. It cannot fly. As you are turning around in the sky, you will see what will happen to you. Can you fight the Father? My son, you will see it. I told you that you will shed tears. A lot will happen My son because many of them don’t know Me. They don’t know Me.

My son, they are preaching blessing, blessing, blessing here, what about the one there in heaven. Who will enjoy it? My son, I have described that place for you. I told you about that place. When they make the children to settle down here, who will live in heaven? When they choose here as their home, who will live in that place? Then it is wasted! The Father created the children to enjoy there. But they go to hellfire everyday. Don’t you know you are the ones that waste? Nothing can change the Father. My son, all of them are the same thing. Do you know why all of them will go? Because they’re enjoying while people are suffering! The people in the time of old, God used them to meet the need of His children. But you, this generation are selfish. It shouldn’t be like that. You are a servant of God. You are to preach the word of the Father. Reach the children with what you have. My son, that is why all of them will die. They are hungry, but you refuse to give them food. If it’s ordinary orange, they will be thankful. If you go to their house, if it’s just the word of your mouth you speak, there will be peace in that home. You cannot reach them spiritually. They don’t even see you. You only go to those who will give you millions. Is that why the Father chose you? The Father chose you to go to those who are perishing, to sow life into their lives. That is why the Father chose you. Oh, you can never go to the man of God empty handed. What of the man of God? Can’t man of God go to the people’s house? You cannot go there to bless them. Do you even go there? Man of God is not supposed to be scared. He will walk everywhere on his feet and nothing will happen to him. He is a man of God; he does not walk alone, he walks with the Father. A lot will happen My son. The remaining ones will learn lessons. A lot will happen. A lot will happen and this one will be example again for the whole world because the record will be there. You will record it down, ‘the year the Father purposely came down to fight’. The Father purposely came down to destroy the whole world with war. The record will be there. The children will see it. You are fighting, but you don’t know who you’re fighting. The record will be there. The year of our Father; our Father came down in another way. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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