This Generation Will Be Wiped Away

The Father speaks

(Saturday 19th February 2011, 22:10)

Father, who on man dost shower
Gifts of plenty from Thy dower,
To Thy people give the power
All Thy gifts to use aright.

Give pure happiness in leisure,
Temperance in every pleasure,
Holy use of earthly treasure,
Bodies clear and spirits bright.

Lift from this and every nation
All that brings us degradation;
Quell the forces of temptation;
Put Thine enemies to flight.

Be with us, Thy strength supplying,
That with energy undying,
Every foe of man defying,
We may rally to the fight.

Thou who art our Captain ever,
Lead us on to great endeavour;
May Thy Church the world deliver:
Give us wisdom, courage, might.

Father, who has sought and loved us,
Son of God, whose love has bound us,
Holy Ghost, within us, round us—
Hear us, Godhead infinite.

I own all songs. I own every song because I was the One that gave it; I was the One that composed it. I was the One that gave it to them. Every song I sing, there is a meaning to it. I don’t sing anyhow. I don’t sing anyhow. Every song My children sang, I was the One that gave it to them. Every song I sing have meaning. I don’t sing anyhow. What is happening today? What is happening in the world now? Do you understand the song you sang there? Go there and sing it again.

I am the One that own it; nobody else. I am the One that own the earth. The earth is Mine. It is My work. What is happening now? I am asking you again. Everyone is going their own way. Who was the Example I sent into this world? Jesus Christ. Where is He now? Everything I asked Him to do, did He do it? Then what happened to Him? He was glorified. Did they follow Him? If they had followed Him, will all these be happening now? It will not happen. If they had followed Him, if they had followed the way He asked them to follow, there will be peace. My son, I know what I’m saying. I told you I’m here twenty-four-seven. I know everything that is happening. I just want to come tonight to let you know I’m here with you. Though I may not speak, but I’m here with you. My sons of old, all those songs they published there, do you think they just published them on their own? Why was there peace before? As far as this generation say they will never leave evil, they will begin to fall on their own sword. Didn’t I tell you before? I just want to put more light on it for you tonight. There are many songs you don’t know; I will teach you. Do you know the songs? You don’t know any song My son; but I will teach you. There is a meaning to every song. They are jumping from one thing to another, yet they don’t know anything. What do they know? Those who listened attentively, those who humbled themselves that said, let me listen to my Father; they made it. You are jumping up. What do you know? They don’t want to know. Then what will happen? This is what is happening now. This is the beginning. They don’t want to know; they’ve lost. My son, I told you before that it will happen in this world. I said it would happen in different dimensions. Do you think you know more than Me? Did you invite Me tonight before I come?

My son, let your heart be in Me all the time. Don’t be carried away with anything. You said you would pray at 21:00 tonight. When I waited for you and I saw the time has passed, that was why I had to come. Be in Me all the time. Yes, it is good to be busy, but don’t let anything carry you away. When you’re in Me all the time, I will teach you everything. Because you know it, that is why I come here to teach you everyday. I’m telling you all the things that is happening because you know the truth, and you know where they missed it. You know where they’re doing it wrong. I have told you, they will begin to fall on their own sword. It’s happening now, isn’t it? You are up there in the position, you’re eating and clothing yourself, you forget about others. Is that how I said they should do it? You are there satisfying yourself. Everything belongs to you. But you forget about the next person to you. Is that what I said they should do? Love your neighbour as yourself! Even if he’s there for hundred years, as long as the people are eating and are satisfied, will they say he should leave? I’m talking to you My son. If I’m not saying it well, challenge Me. If he’s there for hundred years, if the people are eating well and everything is going on smoothly, will they say he should leave? The one that will happen in this land (Britain) will be more than what you’re seeing now. That is exactly where I’m going. I am the One that own it. It’s Mine! My son, when it will happen, you will see it. When you want to enter inside the sea, at the beginning it’s very shallow. But as you move forward, it becomes deeper and deeper. It will get to a stage when you can’t go forward or backward anymore. Then you’ll ask yourself, where are we going now; how are we going to do it now; look at it, we’ve come from a very long way; we don’t even know where we’re going. Yes, it’s good! When you are at the top, as you’re speaking and speaking and speaking, it’s very good. You don’t know the implication because those people you’re going to remove food away from their mouth, those who are crying are crying, and those who are dying are dying. You will see the repercussion. You are taking food away from their hands. You know what it means! I’m just telling you My son, so that you’ll know what’s about to happen. You are taking food away from them. The money, is it yours? Is it your money? You know how to do it. If Me, the I Am that I Am, Me, the Ancient of Days, the Authority, when I created everything and you misuse it, then I now hold it back; what will you call Me? Are they not misusing what I give them? Do I hold it back one day? I didn’t hold it back. They misuse a lot! Some of them will eat and throw away the rest while many are somewhere hungry.

My son, with all they’re doing, I’ve never said because I was the One that created it, let Me withdraw it back. No! Yes, the word I spoke will never return to Me empty, but shall surely accomplish the purpose for which I spoke it. I said go into the world and multiply, subdue the earth. If I now begin to withdraw it back, that means I am stupid; I don’t know what I’m doing. I know what I’m doing My son! Everything I do is perfect. What are you saying? What are you talking? Because I see you embezzled everything, then I will now withdraw it back. Because of one person that did wrong, I will now begin to punish everybody. That means I don’t know what I’m doing. That is exactly what is going on in the world. You want to spoil My handwork. You can never spoil My handwork. You will pay for it. What they asked you to do, you are not doing it. You fail to do it. The power is in your hand. My son, I just say I should tell you what’s going on. That is why I sang that song. Learn about that song. Those of you in the position of power, use it right. There is a Spirit that backs it up. Every position they put you, there is a Spirit that holds it and it’s Me. If that thing is not from Me, you cannot do anything. I told you before, I said the slave trade that happened, the authority was from Me because I knew it would benefit My children. I know what I’m saying. Every word I teach you, I do not teach you nonsense. Anyone that goes through it will know it’s from Me. I was the One that formed this earth. I was the One that moulded it. I was the One that beautified it. I was the One that created it. I was the One that made it to exist. There is nothing anybody will teach Me. What I’m doing with you here is not common. I know I speak through many of My children. But for Me to come out like this to speak, it’s not common. I know what I’m saying because everyone that goes to your website and read what is there, they’ll know it’s Me. Nobody will condemn Me. This word I’m telling you here, in many generations to come, it will be there. Many people will write about you. I know what I’m telling you. After you might have passed away, they would have forgotten about you, but because of what’s happening in the world now, many people will write about you because I’m the One speaking. Many people are going to the website reading what is there. It is Me. Nobody will teach Me, and nobody will condemn Me. It is Me. You have to fear Me. Fear your God. Fear Me. Don’t say because you have the opportunity. Fear Me. I’m watching you twenty-four-seven. I know what I’m saying. I watch you everyday. If you want to doubt Me, the day you’ll do any mistake, you’ll see what I’ll tell you. The word of your mouth, the thought of your heart, I’m watching you. I told you I’m taking you somewhere. I don’t want to hear tomorrow when people will begin to say, look at him; when he started he started well, is he not the one running after money now. No! I don’t want that. That is why I’m warning you, I am training you, I am doing everything for you because the time will come, when you’ll look at yourself and you’ll say, is it me. It’s not you, it’s Me. You are working for Me. When you do My work, you deserve to eat, you deserve to clothe yourself. You will say is it me. You will now think of what you’ve passed through. It’s Me! It’s My work you’re doing. When you do My work well, you will eat well. I said you should preach My word. Tell them about Me. It’s the truth I need. That is all. My mission and purpose for creating this earth right from the beginning, that is what I want you to preach to them. I created this earth, I brought these children here so that, at the end of the day, they will come back to Me. I didn’t bring them here for somebody to take them away from Me.

Yes, questions will arise. If He wants the children to come to Him, why did He create heaven and create hellfire? It’s a question, isn’t it? If there is something good, there is also something bad. You cannot ask Me why I created heaven and hell. If there is good, there is bad. That is the answer to the question. When I do My thing, no one will ask Me why I do it that way. No one will challenge Me. The bad ones go to where? Hellfire! The good ones, what happens to them? They will come to Me. It depends on the one you choose. You can’t say, oh, He created us; He didn’t create the food we will eat. No! I created everything. What else? What do you want that you can’t see? I made everything for you to enjoy. They misuse everything. Is that what I asked you to do? The food you eat, if you eat too much to the extent you’re vomiting, what do you call that? Abuse! That is no more food. Everything that is too much is a sin. You are swimming in sin. If you eat to the extent you’re not comfortable again, you’re committing sin. When you do it well, nobody will question you. Nobody will ask you why you do it like this because you do it well. When you don’t do it well, people will begin to ask so many questions. Can anybody ask Me why did my God create me like this? Ask yourself. I created you well. I did everything for you. Search yourself. Where did you miss it? Is there anything I do contrary to what my Father say I shouldn’t do? Is there anything I do out of the will of God in my life, the will of my Creator that is bouncing back on me? Have you asked yourself the question? You are there cutting and cutting. You are committing sin more and more, putting people into trouble. You don’t care because you say you know how to do it. What do you know? If I strike you as you sleep on your bed, when you can’t wake again, will you continue to put people into trouble? My son, I relax Myself. I want them to perform the ones they can perform. They know how to build. You will hear. Just stay and see what they are creating. They are creating another problem. The one they are creating is more than what they can imagine. I’m just telling you because there is a war. There is trouble! You are here and you don’t know what I’m saying. I know what I’m saying because I know the ending before the beginning. More problems are coming. Children are crying, women are crying, men are dying, the head of the house. Everything is touching Me My son. I’m feeling it. They are My children. There are many of them who said they don’t care what will happen because they’ve signed evil. Some of them are for peace, they don’t want problem. But problem came to capture them. Somebody created problem for them. All those people do not deserve it. All those ones that are dying, the innocent souls do not deserve it at all. Some don’t care what will happen because they’ve signed to go to that place. But there are innocent souls, My happy children, somebody gave them problems. As you are here now in this house, somebody will just break the door and shoot you, what will you say? I’m telling you this for you to understand what I’m saying. As you are here enjoying with My daughter, somebody will just break through the door and point gun on you. You will cry to Me and it will touch Me. It will touch Me. My son, I give you peace.

My son, as you are here with My daughter, if I want to take both of you, you will know. If I say you will not know, I’m lying. Very soon! You will be very happy because you’re going to meet your Father. Then somebody will just come in unexpectedly, break through the door and point gun on you. How does that look like? It’s very painful. You didn’t prepare anything, you didn’t leave any word for your children, you didn’t tell them for them to know; this is what my father said I should do. They just cut you short. It’s very painful. My Son Jesus that I brought into this world, yes, they dragged Him, caged Him, nailed Him, and killed him. But that was the purpose for which I brought Him. He knew it! I knew that was what would happen by the end of the day. He Himself knew it. He knew it. When the hour was coming, He knew it. This is why I told you, here you are, if anything wants to happen, you will know. If I say you will not know, I’m lying. You will know because I will tell you. You will know. But somebody just eats with a full stomach and said, because he has signed evil, he will not go alone and has to take as many people as possible along with him. You know what that means. Every day, as day breaks, make sure you’re in Me. I’m still telling you again. This world is evil. In your place of work, at home, wherever you are, be in Me all the time. Let your spirit be inside Me. Be in Me because a lot is going to happen. The devil tied the heart of those on the top. He controls their heart. He commands them what they should do just to cause confusion. But human being voted you there. If after sometime they say they don’t want you again, what will you do? My Son Jesus that I brought, what did He get? No wife, no children, no house, no place to lay His head. Anywhere He got to, and the day is dark, there He laid His head. He slept outside with others most of the time, talking to them. He had no place to sleep. Where is He now? His name is number one! They crown you for evil. They know you for evil. They know you that in a certain year; you shed the blood of so many souls. They know you for evil because you have signed evil. My son, I’ve told you now. There are many people who have chosen evil that they are going to that place. They don’t care. But you that have chosen not to go to that place, run away from them because they want to force many people to go with them. They will force you to speak. They will force you to do what you don’t want to do. If they step on your toes, just leave them. Run away from them! If you’re outside and you’re hearing one kind noise, noise of disaster, don’t come out; stay inside. Oh, something is happening; you come. Tell them you’re coming, but run away because a lot is going to happen.

I am on the Lord’s side
I will never give up
I am overcomer
For the Lord God is on my side.

I have no power of my own
I have no power of my own
I confess to you Holy Spirit of the Lord
I have no power of my own.

Lifted, I am lifted
I am lifted by the Lord
Above sin and sorrow
Into the presence of the Lord.

What shall I say unto the Lord
All I have to say is than you Lord.

All these songs I’ve been singing are your songs. Carry me on; lead me on; be with me Lord; beautify me; reign in me; move me forward; it’s only You I have; I don’t have the power of my own; no matter what people are saying, it’s only You I know Lord; lead me on; lead me on; fight this battle for me; go before me; go after me; do everything for me. Yes! It’s true. Do you have any power? You don’t have any power. When you say my Father is everything, then I will do it. What do you know? I know how to speak; I know how to do everything. Who told you! If the Father does not speak, you can’t hear. If He even speaks, if you fail to listen attentively, you can’t understand. As you’re in this house, I love what you’re doing. Anything you don’t know, you always ask Me and I will explain it to you. Don’t misinterpret. Look at them! The word I spoke for how many ages, those who first of all took it and spread it, they spread it well. This generation now misinterprets everything. All of them, they are going to hellfire. I am telling you My son! I know what I’m saying. They misinterpret the Word to suit their own purpose. They direct the word to themselves. They leave Me. Were you the one that spoke the word? I was the One that spoke the word through My children. I was the One. They are saying; if you do this and that, it shall be well with you. Who told you? When you’re swimming in sin! When you’re swimming in sin and you give alms, where does your alms go? It goes nowhere! They are saying you should do this, and when you do it, it will be okay. No; you’re going to hellfire. Do you think that alms that you give will save you? Yes, it will save you here. You will have blessing here. Your doors will open and you’ll see good things. But you’re going to hellfire! I know what I’m saying. You are going there. Yes, it’s good for you to give. However, do you know where the source of your money is coming from? Do you know where the source of your giving is coming from? You fail. You fail. After all, I’ve given to them; after all, I’ve sown a seed; after all, I’ve given them to eat; I don’t have a problem. When the foundation of where you’re bringing the money from is evil and you know it. Those people you give to don’t know anything. You that bring out the money know where it’s coming from. You will suffer for it. You will pay for it. It’s holiness We need. It’s holiness and happiness We need. When you’re holy, you’ll be happy. If it’s only water you drink, you don’t care because you have the Father. Preach holiness! That is all. Corruption has taken over the whole world. There is corruption everywhere. There is evil everywhere. I know what I’m saying. Corruption, bribes, so many things! I was the One that built the house. I was the One that set the foundation. It’s My house! This earth is a house. I was the One that built it. I set it and I built it for you to live in. Now, how do you do it! You spoil everything. If I didn’t build it well, it could have collapsed long ago. My son, you know how I built it. How did I build it? My son, it’s a secret. I know how it took Me. I know how long it took Me, and I know what I built it upon. I know what I built this earth upon. Did it collapse one day? You know what I’m saying. I am the Authority. I am the Originator. It’s Me. I’m proud of Myself. You now come, you’re jumping like a locust, jumping like a grasshopper. What do you know? You will fail. You will fail. You will never last. How many years are you going to stay? You want to spoil My handwork. I never die. I never grow old. I never change. I remain the same. Either they like it or not, My word will come to pass. My son, lots of things will happen on this earth. This generation will be wiped away. The next generation that is coming will learn in a hard way because a lot will happen. Through this one that will happen, the next ones that are coming will know Me. Because these ones! The next ones will fear Me. They will say, let us know our Father. If we know our Father, things will not be like it was before. This generation will be wiped away. I’m just telling you My son. I’m the One that is telling you. They will kill themselves. The remaining ones will say to themselves, let us fear God. It’s not something that will happen today or tomorrow that I’m telling you now. It will happen in stages. Because all these evil seeds will be wiped away. I know what I’m telling you. The story will be there, that they used their own hands to destroy themselves. I will never change. I remain the same. My word will never destroy. My word can never destroy. It’s Me. You are just suffering yourselves, but you think you’re suffering Me. No, it’s you! The time you supposed to have peace, the time you supposed to enjoy yourselves, you’re troubling your heart because you don’t do it well. You are the ones that will suffer, not Me. I know it’s painful a lot; but what can I do. I will never move. I’m feeling it, but it will never change Me. It can’t change Me.

I am happy because no matter how it is, by the end of the day, I will take the spirit. When I take the spirit, which determines where you’re going to. When you sleep, the spirit will depart from you. Then, the journey begins. If you sign that you’re doing evil, do it; there is a reward. My son, you mentioned that place (Nigeria). What did I tell you before? Haven’t I told you about that place before? What do you want to hear again? None of them know Me! None of them know Me. I’m just telling you now. None of them know Me in that Nigeria. They don’t know Me. Yes, churches are there. Churches are everywhere. They are there. Churches are there. Look at Me My son.

Diagram A

My son, on your right is the Father and a Christian is close to Him praying. At the far left is wealth. You, a Christian, you’re praying to your Father, crying and sleeping in the church. People know you from ages that you’re in your Father. They now ask you to choose between wealth and your Father. This is wealth and this is your Father, choose one out of the two. My son, most of them will choose wealth and leave the Father. These are the people, crying, praying, and sleeping in the church every day. Ask Me why they are going to the church. Because of this one – wealth. Their flesh is not done. Are they serving their Father because they’re going there? No! They are serving Him because of wealth. You understand what I’m saying now. I’m just telling you and I know what I’m telling you. That is why those who say they’re in Me are not done. Do you know what it means for somebody to be done? All of them lust after wealth. Ask Me! Ask Me. My son, you’re talking as if you don’t know what you’re saying. I know what I’m saying. This land, those men of God who were here before served Me peacefully with all their heart. Do you know those who corrupted them? That so called Nigeria you mentioned. Many pastors that came here corrupted the ones that were here. Was it not Nigeria they came from? Why? If you come here to spread the Good News of your Father, what will you do? They came here, they committed lots of atrocities and you know it. Somebody sent you here to come and spread the Good News. You now carved out yourself. You followed money. Was it not Nigeria he came from? Then when he boarded the plane, what was in his heart? What was in his heart? That means I was not in the heart. That is what I’m saying now. If I was in your heart, when they sent you to come here and preach the Good News, no matter what happens, you would preach the Good News. But you came here; you loved money more than the Father. If somebody is doing something wrong, you will encourage him, you will turn the Bible around. Evil will continue to expand. What are you telling me? Is it not Nigeria they come from? That is those who come from Nigeria. What about those who are there? Do you know lots of things they do for them to capture people? You’re mentioning this name and mentioning that name. My son, I don’t want to condemn anybody. I don’t want to mention anybody’s name. As you’re mentioning their names, the seed they sowed on the ground, are you not seeing the fruit now? Is it the seed of holiness? Seed of corruption everywhere! Money, money, money! Then where is the Father? Where is the Father! Where is holiness? My son, I’ve told you; don’t misuse Me and don’t misuse yourself. If you do, that’s the last day you will see Me. I’ve told you before. I don’t dwell in a dirty place. I dwell in a holy place. The day I see that you begin to do anyhow, if I warn you and warn you but fail to listen to Me, I will leave you alone. The privilege you have is not common. By the end of the day, don’t tell Me you don’t know about this. I taught you about this, I taught you about that. I taught you everything. I know what I’m saying. Those who see evil and call it good because of the food they want to eat. Are you doing the work for yourself? Why can’t you call a spade a spade? Why can’t you say this is not how the Father says it should be done? Why can’t you let people know what you’re doing? You begin to walk in darkness and you claim you’re inside the Father. The Father is not darkness; He is light. He is not darkness; He is light. As I’m hammering this one with you here, if I have ten people like you, many people will leave their evil way. Many of them will leave the church. As you see those churches, they are covens of witches and wizards. Because when the pastor flogs them with the cane of holiness, those who don’t want to surrender will leave. Then people will know this person is evil. She used to go to church before and she stopped. Why did she stop? Because they’re preaching holiness and she chooses to do evil. As you’re preaching holiness, she can’t stay because she will be tormented. She will run away. That means she’s ready to go to hellfire. If you’re preaching holiness, this one is preaching it, that one is preaching it; won’t the world be a better place? You will open down your door and sleep. You will not be afraid and you will have peace. You see the so called churches; they’re covens of witches and wizards. I’m just telling you. That is why you see evil pile up everywhere. They paint them in the church. They give them a position in the church. They ask them to begin to lay hands on people in the church. That is why you see them transfer evil to so many people. If anyone comes here with her foolish leg, I will disgrace that person for you. I will disgrace her in this place, for you to know I am God. I will allow the person to come, but will disgrace her. You will hear what I will tell that person and she will never come here again. For you to know I’m not dealing with you anyhow. I am proud of Myself and I know who I am. The day somebody will come here to come and do nonsense, you will see what I’ll do. I will disgrace her. They say they’re doing church, let me go and try them. Let them come; I will tell you. Don’t play with Me. Don’t joke with Me. Don’t mess around with Me. I know what I am saying.

The doctrine they used to feed all of them in their so called churches. It’s Me they’re serving, not their pastor. It’s Me they’re serving. It’s holiness I need. They pay homage to their pastor and forget about their God. That is the problem all of them have. Whenever they mention pastor, whenever they mention man of God, everyone will begin to shake. But they don’t know their Father. They don’t know their Father is with them twenty-four hours. They honour pastors; they run after pastors. They forget about their Father. That is why you see all of them fall into trouble. You are doing evil, you’re fornicating, you’re stealing, and you don’t want your pastor to know. You fear your pastor. Your pastor is serving God and you’re serving your pastor. Between the pastor and your God, who do you suppose to fear? Because you’re not seeing your Father! When you see your pastor, you’ll hide yourself. Many of them! They fear their pastor more than their Father because that is what their pastor taught them. The pastor will drink in the morning before coming to the altar. Does that pastor fear God? He will drink so that the Holy Spirit can move. If he’s preaching, he will be jumping and shouting. They don’t see it, but I see it. If you’re in the Father, He will give you drink to drink. It can never stop. It will always come every time. But when you take a physical drink, it will clear away from your eyes. There are some words he will say and they’re all nonsense. He will later say it’s a slip of tongue. Who told you? Because you’ve drunk with worldly drink. Why can’t you allow the Holy Spirit to fill you and begin to speak from above, begin to speak from the throne of grace? There are many of them! They will begin to command. All of them will perish on this earth. They will perish. The time is coming, you will give account how you did it! Yes, this is how I did it; I wanted to have names; I wanted people to respect me. What of your Father? Where did you put your Father? Where was the place of your Father in your heart? If you do it for people to respect you, for people to honour you so they can say you’re a fire; then where is your Father? Where do you put your Father? Whom are you serving? Because nobody knows, but I know. The people you’re talking to, I know it. If you fear Me, you will not go to that length. You man of God, you don’t have My fear. You want people to respect you. You want people to fear you. What of the Father you’re serving? Are you doing it for yourself? Do you fear Me? If you fear Me, you will not do it because you’re not the one that started it. Those who were in Me right from the beginning, I soaked them with fire, unquenchable fire. Wherever they went, people testified to it. It’s not worldly fire that could quench. It’s everlasting fire. When Holy Ghost is in you, it’s an everlasting fire. It doesn’t quench. You do extraordinary exploit with it. And the glory returns to Me. If you’re in Me, you will never lack. If you’re in Me, I will fill you. If you’re in Me, you will never regret. Because you want a name; worldly name. You want people to respect you. Have you read that Word (the Bible) deeply? Have you read about those who were in Me right from the beginning and acquired the power? Have you read the Word? Because of the things of this world, because of the things of this earth, all of them go astray. They go to the wrong way because of the things of this earth.

The way of holiness; how to be holy. The achievement of holiness. The understanding of holiness. The power of holiness. The corruption of holiness. Who is the corruption of holiness? Satan. He will plant evil in your heart. He will tell you to do it because it doesn’t mean anything. Then you corrupt your holiness. Determination of holiness. I must be holy because of my Father, because I know where I’m going; nothing will change me not to be holy. Yes! You say it and it will come to pass. That is what We want. Nobody will corrupt you. Nobody will speak anything into your ears. And it shall be well with you. When you choose that one, nobody will tell you anything because the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit will be with you. They will begin to tell and teach you everything. If you’re a king, if you’re a ruler, you will have pity; you will have compassion. You will have pity on people. You will not have the mind to do evil. Whatever any word you say will be the truth. Whenever you judge, you’ll judge correctly. People will know you for who you are. Then what happens to the land? It will flourish! When you put the Father, the Son, and Holy Spirit aside, then what happens? Evil will befall the land. That is all! Even the children at home will obey you. I want to be like Solomon. I want to rule like David. I want to be like Abraham. I want to be like Moses. Obedience! Listen to the word of your father; listen to the word of your mother. What is happening now? Do they want to be like Solomon? Do they want to rule like David? They want to be like Jeroboam. They want to be like Manasseh. They want to be on their own. I want to be on my own; it’s only me; I don’t have to listen to anybody. Then what happens? No peace! They are all going on their own way. When the leaders are not ruling well, who are you going to call? No any child will respect you because you yourself don’t respect yourself. If you face any child, he will insult you because the devil is in them. Do you respect your Father? When you don’t respect your Father, no any child will respect you because you don’t know the Father. You think all these children are just talking anyhow. It’s the devil that speaks through them. That is why I told you, when you see anything happening, take off your shoe and run. You see all these children; you will know is the devil speaking in them. The devil is the one that is ruling them. Do you know your Father? Who make you to be ruler over us? It’s the devil that speaks and they think it’s that child. Don’t talk to me. Don’t push me around. Because you don’t know your Father. If you have the fear of your Father, when you speak, that child will obey you. It’s the devil that is ruling them. They’ve signed the way of destruction. These nowadays children, don’t they have parents? The devil is their parent because that is what they used to feed them right from the beginning. They can destroy you. They can cut you into pieces and they won’t care. You that give yourself to them will be wasted. If you give yourself to them, sorry for you. I’ve been telling you, if you want to go out, listen very well. Don’t face anything because anything can happen at any time. They don’t have the fear of anybody. If you give yourself to them, sorry for you. Because the devil is the one who stand in them. I’m telling you My son because you know, but ordinary people out there will think it’s the children. No, the devil is the one ruling them. The devil has taken over the lives of millions of children. Sometimes while you are out there, you see Me release power on you because I’ve told you before that everywhere is polluted. The devil enters the mind of many children to destroy. I’m talking about physical destruction now. He controls their mind to destroy and promises to reward them. Which reward! Which reward! What happened to Jesus Christ? What did the devil do to Him? He tempted Him. Did He fall? He didn’t fall because He’s inside Me. You that don’t know Me, you don’t know anything about Me, you will enter inside the devil’s net because it’s only him you know. You don’t know anything about your Father. If the devil could tempt Jesus, who else? You see many things going on now. Nobody understands. Yet, they still run after miracle. If you do it right, inside your house, the miracle will come to you. It will come and meet you. They are still running after miracle. What did we do wrong? Who did we offend? Have you asked yourself the question? The food you don’t want to eat, you’re eating it. Have you asked yourself the question? Your house has become the meeting place for the devil. Have you asked yourself the question? Your Father is somewhere and you don’t even know where your Father is. Have you asked yourself the question? My son, all the years the devil has been trying you, since I came out clearly in your life, does He succeed? People can see My hand in your life now. When a man is not clean, the devil enters him and uses him as an instrument of destruction. Many of them who claim they’re in Me, the devil is the one using them. They don’t listen to My instructions. They have ears, but their ears are blocked because of the things of this earth. I’m still speaking to their hearts. They know! They are saying; if we do this now, we will not have anything again. If you have Me, is it not enough for you? You’re talking about your bill. You want to pay your rent. Because you don’t put your trust in Me, you put your trust in human beings. And you know what happens with human beings. Most of them will come to church today and not come tomorrow. Are you enjoying Me My son? Yes! Then what happens? Because you put your trust in them, you’ve lost your Father. They will call you they’re not coming to church tomorrow. Some may even tell you they’re going to the club; they’re going to a party. What will you do? Then you’ll say okay; anytime you come, no problem; the church is there for you. Is that the word of your Father? You fail! You fail because you show them the way to hellfire. You show them, you open the door of hellfire for them and you call yourself a man of God. Can’t you speak! Can’t you talk to them? Can’t you show them the word of your Father? Sit them down and speak to them. Show them the way they should go. Did you tell them! Did you preach! You are afraid. She’s feeding you. She’s clothing you. She’s buying you suite. He’s giving you money. You fail. If you come there, it’s happening! Yes. Is it the pastor that has the power? It’s not the pastor. The pastor doesn’t have any power to do anything. No!

He is the All-In-All. He’s the only One you’ll report to. Is there any other one to report to? He is the only One. All of them, it’s only Him they report to. No other person. You speak your language, you speak different languages, you serve anything you want to serve, it’s only Him you report to. It’s only Him. Don’t you see how they confuse themselves? He alone is God. There is no other God. Why won’t they surrender? You see as they’re confusing themselves. They don’t know what they’re doing. All of them forget there is only One. There is only One God. He is not two, not three, not four. He is only One. It’s only Him alone, no other person. They’re just wasting their time. They’re just troubling themselves. If there is any other God elsewhere, they should tell Me. They run faster than themselves. If the Almighty Father could come from heaven and created this earth, and put His children here on earth. The children now think the Father is in heaven and leaves them alone here on this earth. As long as the children are on this earth, the Father is with them too. The Father is with them! They don’t know and they don’t believe. They do anyhow; they say whatever they want to say because they think the Father is not with them. Whenever they hurt themselves, they hurt the Father too. My question is that who created this earth? The Father! If the Father was the One that created the earth, do they believe the Father was the One that created them? That is what I want to know. My question is why is it that the heart of human being is very strong and wicked? I did not create it that way. Why is it they will never rub each other’s hands? Why is it they will never submit to each other? That is the problem. That is the major problem. Why? As long as their heart is hidden to each other, there will be no peace. If you can’t forgive me and I can’t forgive you, then what happens? That is the problem. If I surrender now, I’ve been coming from a long way; that means I fail if I surrender. Where is forgiveness? Where does forgiveness go? Love! That means there is no love. If love is there, nobody will force you. If love is there, you know what you supposed to do.

Everything starts from the heart. The entire problem is from the heart. I’m saying it as if I’m saying it to you here. This thing you’re just looking at like a play, it will go a long way. Lots of things will damage because they think they’re doing the right thing. They know how to do it. Unless all of them come down, change their heart and submit to each other, there will be no peace. Before they will know, it will be too late. After they might have killed so many people, the remaining ones will learn. I told you before. They will learn in fear. I don’t want to die; I don’t want to be destroyed; I don’t want to go the way those people went. But it will be too late. Have you ever seen somebody who is in peace, living well and begins to look for trouble? When the trouble comes, what happens? Nobody prays to see war. When it comes, it’s not what We’re saying now, because parents will not know children; husband will not know his wife; wife will not know her husband. Everybody will hide themselves. Everywhere will scatter. You will begin to run helter-skelter. You will not remember to take anything. When you people fail to forgive each other, to settle everything amicably, then there will be trouble. The Ruler that came, that showed you people how to rule, what did you people do to Him? Everybody begins to do what they like. Everybody begins to serve what they like. Everybody begins to go their own way. I always tell My own, those who know Me, those who choose Me; I always advise them; I always talk to them. Those who have ears, let them hear. Those you speak to, let them listen to you. Those who want to call you names, let them call you any name. Whatever name they want to call you, don’t care. Those who want to hear you let them hear and use it to walk as they walk on the street. In their place of work, they should always remember this is what my Father says it will happen. Even if it happens, they will go to the right place. This is why I always say everybody should guide his heart because it will happen. It will happen in different dimensions. It will happen. If you don’t take your time and you fall into their hands, have you prepared the way because a lot will happen? I say it again! Those who are running up and down, you’re a human being like them. Yours is not to shout. Those who are close to you, speak clearly into their ears. Tell them about your Father. Let your way be clean. Forgive each other. Forgiveness is very important. Yes, I opened business for you; you spoilt it, you did it the way you wanted to do it; you destroyed everything. You used lots of money to open the business. Then he squandered the money. He didn’t use it wisely. If you’re the one, what will you do? I’m just telling you what is going on now. You trusted somebody; you put lots of money in his care. By the end of the day, he misused the money. Then what will you do? You will forgive each other. Everybody has to settle together; then a way forward. That is the next step! You will reason together how to move forward so that nothing will affect anybody; so there can be peace and happiness. That is what We call love. That is what We call forgiveness. Without forgiveness, there can never be love. If you do me evil, I forgive you. Now that I forgive you, I draw you to myself to reason together how to move forward. Instead of you to reason together, you want to dwell on your own opinion. You don’t think what will happen to others. You didn’t think of your heavenly Father, upon everything you were doing, He didn’t withdraw back his blessing even though you misused it. Because this place is not our own. Even we too didn’t listen to the Father; we offended Him. We didn’t do His will. We did our own will. We don’t even know where this problem is coming from. Is it by us? We don’t even know, because things shouldn’t be like this. Let all of us come down. Let us call upon our Father. Let Him do it before us. Our Father, if there is any area we’ve offended You, please forgive us. Tell us so we can know what we supposed to do. We cannot help ourselves because we don’t know where this problem is coming from. If we say we should do it our own way, it may collapse again. That is the way forward. Without forgiving that person, all of you cannot come down and reason together, and seek opinion from your Father. You now begin to act and do everything on your own. You begin to follow your own way. You are creating more problems because you don’t know where the problem is coming from. You’re just doing it on your own. Everybody’s heart is like fire, it’s like pepper. You yourself that you’re doing it, you close your ears. You don’t want to learn. I told you before My son. Let them continue to cut costs and they’ll see what will happen. Don’t mind them! Somebody will just eat and say God is speaking through him. Don’t mind them! My son, don’t trouble yourself. Don’t listen to whatever they may say. Because when I called Abraham, they called him lots of names. They rejected him in his family. They gave him names. However, those who loved him, followed him. Those who were close to him in the family followed him. Others despised him. By the end of the day, what happened? Is it not Abraham’s name you’re hearing everywhere? Abraham, Abraham! If he didn’t take that decision, will you hear the name today? But a lot happened. It wasn’t an easy journey. I know what I’m saying. Those who choose to follow you, let them follow you. Those who will follow you to half way and return, don’t trouble yourself. They will follow you to half way and turn back because they could not see what they expect. They will run away. I am God. If I want to do My work, I do not hurry to do it. Those who follow you because of what they want, that thing that they want, I will give it to them, but I will take My time, I will not rush it because that’s what they want. When I give it to them, they will run away. I need their heart. You are in the evil day. Evil is reigning everywhere. It’s your heart I need so that if it happens, you can be on My side. Don’t mind them! Don’t mind them! They don’t know what they’re saying! By the end of the day, everybody will know. If it’s on track A or B or C you stand, you will know where you are. Nobody will tell you because this earth is going. It’s going!

Nothing is better than taking the right decision. There are two tied bags and you must choose one out of them. One is good and one is bad. Somebody clued you which one is good and he encouraged you to choose the good one. Nothing is better than that. When you chose it and it was as that person said. Nothing is better than taking the right decision. It’s like when you wanted to take a journey, there are two ways. One is shorter while the other one is longer. Somebody encouraged you to take the shorter one so you could get to your destination in time. When you took that route, it’s exactly as he told you. Then you were happy. Nothing is better than taking the right decision. You will have peace. If somebody even troubles you on the way, you will not mind him because you trust the person that advised you to take that route, that he will never deceive you. Nothing is better than that. It’s like sitting down to eat a meal. You trust the food because you are the one that prepared it by yourself. You know how you cooked it, you know how it tastes. My son, you are on that journey right now. Don’t let anybody deceive you. The journey I wanted you to take, you’re on it right now. Don’t let anybody deceive you. Don’t let anybody make you run than yourself; to make you go where you don’t suppose to go. Those who are close to you, share with them how it takes to be on this journey. This journey doesn’t take any nonsense. This journey doesn’t carry any overload - sin. Things you don’t suppose to do, that is overload. Things you’re not supposed to take along, that is overload. Cleanse yourself and enter the journey. Those who want to follow you, if they follow you, they will be happy. If it’s water they drink in their house, they’ll be happy. If somebody says he, it’s happening out there. Use your two hands to close your ears and do as if you don’t hear what’s happening. This is the place I just passed and they said something is happening. You will just go on your own way. Don’t drag anything with anybody. The more you do that, the more you give yourself problem. This era you are, don’t drag anything with anybody. Preach My word to whoever you want to preach it to. This is what my Father says I should tell you. Where are you hearing from your Father; you’re talking nonsense. They will challenge you. Don’t mind him! Don’t drag anything with them. Tell them the truth. This is what the Bible says. Then go your own way. If you tell them this is what my Father says, they will never believe you. They will even insult you. What I’m telling you here is not different from what is in My word that I spoke to My children in the time of old. Those who have ears, let them hear.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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