This Is The Beginning

The Father speaks

(Monday 12th December 2011, 23:00)

We will never bow down. We will never bow down for the image. We will never eat their food. I know the God of our fathers. I know the God that rescued my father from that land. I know the God that speaks His word. I will never bow down to this image. Whatever is going to happen, let it happen to me. I know my God, the God of our forefathers, the God of our ancestors that brought my fathers out of the land of Egypt that we heard about is the same God; He is still alive; He is the same God. For us to be in this land is not by our power. Somebody prophesied about it that we would come to this land as slaves and it came to pass. We will never bow down. We will never bow down. If you want to kill us, we’re ready; kill us. We will never bow down. We will never eat your food. We know the God of heaven. We do not see Him, but He’s protecting us. We have heard a lot about this God and our fathers honoured Him. We will never bow down. No matter what you do to us, we will never bow down. These are tender children, full of years. No wife, no child, they had nothing. Their life was very precious. They held their life in their hands. They did not talk of wife and children. They chose the Almighty Father, the Almighty Father they could not see. They were seeing the king and everybody around, but they said no, their Father they could not see will rescue them. My question is this; did the Father rescue them? That is My question. If the Father rescued them, I just want you to know tonight that things will happen on this earth. As you’ve chosen the Father and He is speaking to you everyday, no matter how rough things may become, don’t follow them. If it’s an apple you see, eat it; if it’s water, drink it. Things will happen My son. Things will happen. But those who endure till the end shall be saved. They will enjoy the fruit of the land. They will enjoy the fruit of the Father. They will enjoy the good things of the land because a lot will happen. Many of them don’t know the Father, but you know the Father. When all begin to happen, you should know it’s the handwork of the Father. You will endure and worship the Father because you will not die. No death will kill you. If you are hungry, the Father will make a way for you where there is no way. He will protect you because a lot will happen. A lot will happen. They will give it different names, but it’s the Father in action. When the Father begins His work, He never looks back. You are reading it there in the Bible. Those who passed through it before will not pray for it to happen the second time. If anything happens that kill people, you should know it’s not something easy. A lot will happen. It’s like a man that goes to the river to fish. He blocks the water; there is dry land on one side and water on the other side. The part that is dry, there are fishes there jumping up and he begins to pick them up. On the other side where there is water, yet there is a little hole. If he doesn’t block that hole, the water will begin to move until it covers the other side. As you see the water, it neither has legs nor hands, yet it can dig a hole. As big as this house is, it can destroy it. That is what is going on now. It’s not something little, it’s action. What you’re seeing happening like a joke, it’s not a joke. My son, I have told you before. A lot will happen and you will see it. When the Father wants to amend things, it will be rough before it’ll become normal again. When He destroyed the earth with water before, it wasn’t easy; everybody died. But this time around, He knows the way He will do it. Many people will follow it. My son, I am the One speaking. Many people will follow it. A lot will happen My son. A lot will happen. People will look for you My son for a solution. The problem has started. When there is no money to spend, there will be no love. There will be a fight; there will be trouble; there will be a war. Many people will die. Those who trust in their Father will begin to look for where they’ll hide themselves. The Father will say yes, I am the Hiding Place. If your hand is not clean, you’re going. I have told you that the Father has set His time. If your hand is not clean, you’re going. A lot will happen My son. A lot will happen. Where then will Satan be? He will run away. He will find where to hide himself. It will happen My son. It will happen. You have sent a lot of messages. What We’re looking at like a play, it’s going to be tough. My son, I am the One speaking. My son, the time will come, they will never have time to sit down and talk their nonsense again. Everybody will look for where they’ll hide themselves. The problem has come! Just wait and see. Whoever wants to go on his own way knows where he’s going.

My son, the Father has already set it. No evil will befall you. I’m saying it because nobody will open market and nobody will be able to buy anything. Everybody will run for their lives. A lot will happen. If it’s water you see, you’ll drink. I will protect you; I will shield everything that concerns you. My son, a lot will happen. A lot is going to happen! They are preparing for Christmas, isn’t it. They want to celebrate My Son. Where is My Son? Where is My Son they want to celebrate? My Son that shed tears when they were killing Him; they want to celebrate Him inside sin. Is that what they want to use to remember My Son? My Precious Son, My Dear Son! They want to use sin to remember My Son. They are serving My Son in atrocity, the worst atrocity. They are celebrating themselves. They are not remembering My Son. They are celebrating their death; they’re celebrating their sorrow. They are not celebrating My Son, they are celebrating their sorrow because My Son is happy. He is with Me. They are in sorrow! They destroyed My Son. He has done His own and He has peace. They cannot come to where He is. He is the One that has the authority. I give Him all the authority. He is the One that rules. I give Him the authority and nobody can challenge Him. They are celebrating their sorrow; they are eating their evil. They are not celebrating My Son because nobody knows Him. When He was crying because of them, nobody knows Him. They are still denying Him and don’t want to know Him. That is why evil will befall all of them. Evil will befall them! Everything they put their trust will dry up. It will dry up. Let them continue to save. I have told you before. The more they are saving, the more problem they’re creating. The one that’s about to happen now My son, they will not see money to take care of it because the Father has set everything. Let Me see where they’ll go. I’m listening to them. I want to see who they’re going to meet. They are strong isn’t it; they can do everything. Let Me see where they’ll go. If I want to do the worst to them, I will turn the heart of everybody away from them; nobody will listen to them or save them.

My son, as the Father comes here everyday to speak, nobody believes Him. That is why He will never forgive them. When they die, they know where they are going. When He says He will do whatever He wants to do, He will do it. I have said it, if I want to get this land down in a twinkling of an eye, I will get it down. The Father is the One that owns it. This is what they built for several years. If I want to do it, I will do it in a twinkling of an eye because I Myself destroyed the whole earth before. This land is just like a room compared to the work of the Father on this earth. It’s not even up to a room. I have told you they’ve offended the Father. Let them go wherever they want to go. They are digging a hole to escape. As they’re digging the hole, the Father is blocking it. As they are digging the hole, I am blocking it because I am the One they want to fight. You are digging the hole to escape, I am blocking it. Anywhere they think they want to extract money from, they are lying. I will block all the holes until they know Me. Everything they think they’re saying, let them talk. I am here on My throne, I am seeing everything. Let them do everything they want to do. I will block all the holes. My son, as I’m speaking to you, I speak to others. I am everywhere. As they are going down, I will lift others up. This is why I said you should publish the message so that they too can purge themselves. When they see it happen here, they will know they are too small for the Father. Through this, as these ones are falling, they’re rising. If the Father can do this one here, let us purge ourselves because if the Father comes, we cannot bear it. You will see. I have told you I will move the glory away from here. They’ve failed! They abandon the Father that purposely brought His children to come and work for them. They go on their own way. They do not count the Father as anything. They say they’re the ones that own the earth. Where do you put the Father? Everything you claim you know; who gave you the knowledge? My son, some of them that built everything together with them are still alive. They behave as if they don’t have the knowledge of the Father. Just give two or three generations to come; will they know the Father again? Nobody will know Me! That is why I show Myself. Just wait and see. What is about to happen will be a turnaround for all of them to know the Father. Things will happen. My son, I am the One speaking.

My son, those who are eating money in the church will not see the money again because everyone will tight his belt. Everybody will tight his wallet. But pastor must pay his rent! They are still giving you money that is why you are saying nonsense. When nobody comes to your church again, you will know what to do. You that the Father chose as His servant to tell His children what’s about to happen, to teach them about holiness, you couldn’t do it. Those the Father spoke to and passed the message across to you, you insulted them. Now you should look for food to eat. You want to pay your rent, now pay it. Those who are coming to your church have no job; no peace in their home; no money to eat. Instead of you to tell them in case anything happens to them, they will prepare where they’re going. But you refuse to tell them. Then you insult the person that sent the message. You are saying the Father is not a wicked Father. Is the Father two? Is He different from the one you’re serving? The One that sent him the message is different from the one you’re serving because you said it’s not from the Father. That means you’re not doing the will of the Father. The Father is One! Who is lying now? Is it the Father or yourself? Wait and see. My son, I have told you some things will happen and people will talk, and some things will happen nobody will be able to say a word. They will look for whom to blame. How does this thing managed to happen! My son, I’ve told you before that when it happens, you yourself will cry. I close My eyes to do it. It’s not easy because they are wicked children. My son, it’s very painful that those who claim they’re serving Me don’t know Me. It’s very painful My son. Don’t ask Me which way it will happen. It will happen. It will happen in different dimensions. Death is death. As long as you’re dead, that’s all. When somebody is dead, will he come back to live again? Even Satan and the demons know something is about to happen. When the Father pronounces His word, it will come to pass. He is not afraid of anybody. Nobody feeds Him; nobody clothes Him. He knows what He used to build the earth and He knows how long it will last. It’s only the Father that can destroy the earth, nobody else. If the Father says He wants the earth to empty, it will empty. As you’re studying it as when you put your finger on top of an egg, you can trace it down to the other side. The Father can do it that they won’t even see those who die to bury them. He is the Almighty God. He has power. That is why He is All-Mighty. I have told you, a lot is going to happen.

My son, when it happens, those who believe in Me should gather themselves and begin to tell others to repent because the Father is annoyed. The Father is angry. Tell them what they’re doing that I don’t like! You know what they’re doing!!! As you see all of them, it’s cloth that covers all of them. They call themselves pastors. If the Father removes the cloth, you will see them. It’s through what’s about to happen now you will know all of them, those who say they’re working for the Father. I will remove cloth from their body. I will disgrace all of them. When it happens, the father will not know children and children will not know mother. Just wait and see. When the Father says He wants to do a new thing, do you think it’s something good? It’s an evil thing! The Father will carry out His assignment. Then peace will reign. You will see what will happen My son. The Father can use anything to destroy the earth. He can use anything. Nobody will believe you. They will say who told you that God wants to kill us; He loves us; He loves us. They don’t know the Father has wiped them away from His heart. He has turned His back against them. It’s a failure to them. My son, I have told you, people will move away from this land. Everywhere will empty. I was the One that led My children in and I will still lead them back. I will go to where they’re calling Me everyday. When they’re giving Me My alias, calling My name, I will move close to them. My son, I have set My judgement against those who call themselves “The West”. It will be difficult for them to readjust. Wait and see. Your Father is inside your house speaking to you everyday, yet nobody believes you. My son, it’s not far. It will happen. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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