The Father speaks

(Saturday 28th January 2012, 23:50)

Everything I say, I will bring it to pass. I am not a man. I am the Almighty. I am a Breeze. Any word I say, I mean it and I will bring all to pass. When human beings buy food, they will eat it and throw the package away. I am not like that. I am the Almighty. When I buy My food, I keep the package of the food as a record. That is Me. I keep it for a purpose. People will say that time, when something happened, this is the record. Whenever I do My things, the record must be there. That is the meaning of the adage I tell you. The record must be there. Whenever human beings do something, the record will not be there. That is why they are human beings. I am the Almighty. I am the Authority. I am the I am that I am. I am the Ancient of Days. I am the Deliverer. Who is that person when I say My word that will say it won’t come to pass? Either they like it or not, My word must surely come to pass. In hook and in crook, My word must come to pass. My son, all My words I speak in this house will come to pass. My son, fire will burn! Things will happen. I have sealed everything. This ground on which you’re standing will hot. It will hot. Tribulation is coming! It’s coming. A disaster is coming. I am the One speaking. It’s good not to ask the Father to do it because when He starts His work, He doesn’t look back and it will be very tough. The impact will be there. When rain falls, the ground will be wet. The impact will be there. All the money they saved will finish. People will not go to work; they will not go to the farm. All the money they save in their account will dry. A great famine is coming. A lot of things will happen. It is then they will remember their Father. Have you heard about the famine before? I have illustrated many things for you in this house. It will touch everywhere. Either you pass through up or down, it will touch everywhere. A lot will happen. The big one is coming because the ground is crying. Sin covers everywhere. Nobody loves anybody. There is no peace. Everywhere is hot. Who are you going to tell? When all these ones waste away, those who recognise Me as their Father will continue. They will continue. They will preach about the Almighty Father. Those who will go, can they come back and serve Him? If you go, where are you going? It is then you will know you have wealth, you have wife, you have children, and you have money. Where are you? You will find yourself in a strange place. Can you come back and take those things you love? But when they were telling you about your Father, you said you’re looking for money. Does your money save you now? It’s a question. My son, I am not speaking anyhow. I know what I’m telling you. What I’m telling you now means a lot. I told you I purposely seize the money. I will not rush anything. Let them still spend the little one they have. They will get to the stage where there is nothing anymore. They should go and look for money to do whatever they want to do because everywhere will hook. I am the One speaking. They still have little. Let them gather everything they have together. It will be like watching a movie. It’s not a movie. It’s a reality. When it happens, nobody will save anybody. Everybody will hide somewhere. Who are you going to save? Everybody will hide somewhere. This is a battle of the Almighty. It’s a battle of the Father. I told you I’ve concluded it. But I remind you again. There is sin everywhere. No forgiveness. Everywhere is destroyed. When the Father gives you freehand, you said you don’t want. You are causing problems to people. Is that how the Father created you? Are you the Owner of the earth? It’s My own. My son, I have told you before. The earth is My own. Everything I created for you to eat is Mine. How can you be there eating and somebody is there hungry? Do you think it’s easy? You begin to kill. Are you the one that created yourself? Even if you don’t know Me, but don’t kill My children. Those who know Me will come to Me. You don’t know Me. You are eating alone, yet you’re still destroying My children. There is evil everywhere. Nobody to save anybody. My son, I demonstrated many things for you. You will see it. It’s not a lie, it’s a reality.

It’s not good to do evil because wickedness does not pay. It is easy to destroy, but to repair is very hard. It’s very hard. When you eat, you will block it because you don’t want another person to enter. Are you the only one the Father created it for? You eat your own and stamp on the rest. Nobody else should come in except your family. What about the remaining people? You are the only one the Father gave birth to, isn’t it? A lot will happen My son. I have told you before. All the big men will go. If you are a big man and you run away, will you run with your family? Wherever you run to, if they touch your family, you will run back. You will surrender yourself. The fight is not an ordinary fight. Look at us, we are hungry; you’ve been ruling and eating for several years. We don’t want your money; it’s your life we need. You will be an example for the next person. You will run back because there will be no peace wherever you run to. The fire will burn everybody. Everybody has their own price to pay. Death is death. Whichever way it comes, it will touch everywhere. Nobody is ready to change. They are saying the Father is not alive. Nobody recognises the Father. Why then are you a Christian? You that supposed to tell people about the Father, you that supposed to tell people about the Father, you eat and rub yourself with the oil. Nobody to honour. You are the one they should have honoured because it’s the Father that’s ruling you. Can they come to you now? No, because you eat and use the oil to rub your face. How can they come to you when your name is the number one in the book of evil? Is that why the Father called you? If it’s because of wealth, He shouldn’t have called you. He called you so that the children could come to Him by the end of the day. He that called you knows you will eat. In the time of old, whenever I sent My children to deliver a message to somebody, that person would honour it. Every word they spoke was fire. It came to pass. What is going on now?

Everywhere is corrupt. There is no peace anywhere. I told you last time that money would go and that they would chew bone. They have not chewed it yet. The bone they’re going to chew, they will chew it with disaster. I am the Owner of the wealth. I am the One that own My money. It’s My money. Let them look for where the money is. Let Me ask you a question My son. Where is the money? Where did I take it to? Did you see Me physically? Did you see Me with a car to take it? Did you see Me flew in aeroplane? Why then did you say I’m the One that take it? That means I have power. But I am a Breeze. Nobody can see Me. It’s My money My son. I am the One that own it. It’s My wealth. They abuse it everywhere. Because of the money, they don’t know Me anymore. Now money can answer all their call. Who owns the money? That means the money is number one before Me. Some of them that have private companies could not account for their money. They don’t know how the money disappeared. They don’t know what to say. The next thing they do is to stop their workers from working. Nobody recorded that somebody stole the money. They didn’t steal the money, but the money is not there. That is My power! I told you before that if they keep it in a safe, I will take it. When you’re telling them they think you’re saying nonsense. A time is coming, all of them will cry. Then they will come in peace. Those I choose will spread the Good News to all of them. If they fail to listen, the disaster will continue. It doesn’t change Me. The time will come, they will look for where you’re living before they want to reconcile with their Father, so that if they die, they will not go to hellfire. They want to confess their sins. They will use their eyes to see their death. When people fall down beside you and die, what do you call that? You will think maybe you’re the next. That is why they will run to you. They don’t know their Father is with them everywhere. My son, all of them owe their Father.

My son, those ones they killed still had flesh in them. That was why they killed them. If not because of flesh, when they wanted to kill them, they could have vanished. They could have vanished because it’s the Father. What happened to Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego? They threw them into a furnace of fire and the fire didn’t consume them. What about the one they threw into the lion’s den? Why then did they cut some of them with cutlass and they died? Why did they throw some into a pot of hot oil and they were burnt? Because they still had flesh in them! Because they were still flesh!! Yes, they served Me, they did My work; because of My Son, that was why I covered that area. I am revealing the secret of secret to you. They died because flesh was still in them. Is it not the same Father that rescued His children, that divided the Red Sea? Is it not the same Father? I am speaking of the disciples of Jesus. Why did I allow them to kill them? Because they still had flesh in them. I am the One speaking! As they killed My Son Jesus, they were not supposed to die. They should have become very old before they died. They should have died naturally because My Son had carried all their deaths. Why did I prove Myself in the time of old? Because I have not brought My Son! They should have been a fire. Was it not one of them they locked in the prison and later escaped? Who opened the prison door? Was it not Me? Why then did they kill them? The flesh was still there! Let me surrender; let me give up. It’s not easy My son! The journey is not easy. Nobody you will tell that will believe you My son. When your heart fails, then your body fails. The only one that refused to give up died in his old age. The rest of them were killed because they still had flesh in them. Their lives shouldn’t have ended like that. If you are serving your Father, it will end in a glorious way, not in a way of tragedy. As I’m speaking to you now, let somebody come and try nonsense. You will never see Me but what I will do will surprise you, for you to know you’re serving the Father. Don’t let your heart fail you. If I give you authority, the authority works with your heart. I am telling you this for you to know that this generation is not serving Me. None of them is serving Me. In fact, they do not even smell Me. The more you call yourself a Christian and you’re not doing the will of the Father, you are doing yourself harm because you are a prey to the devil. You are a prey to the devil. The devil knows they’re not serving the Father. That is why he’s cajoling them with money and wives, because he knows they’re far from the Father. The closer you are to the Father, the more Satan will tackle you. The closer you are to the Father, the more he will find a way to destroy you. He knows they’re not serving the Father; that is why he only cajoles them. But when he knows you’re close to the Father, he will find every way to destroy you. The Father Himself will shield you. You know what happened to Job. The devil knew he was close to the Father and that the Father guarded him everywhere. What did he do? What did the Father say? The Father told him to go and try? That means the Father removed His hand. If the Father did not give him permission, he could not. Job loved the Father, and he was holy. All these ones are not serving the Father, and the Father knows where they are going.

As you’re not seeing Me, so also you’re not seeing the devil. He works with the air. He can do anything to get you. He can blow a breeze of anger on you. Immediately you breathe it in, you will be angry. May be you are happy before, you will now be angry. Why? Because he blows the breeze of anger on you! There are some blessings you receive that are not blessing, they are traps. The devil sets trap for them. If somebody gives you money, ask questions. Are you paying your Tithe? The money you pay for Tithe is for those who are suffering. You will not dip your hand into it; the committee will give it to you as a pastor. I have told you about eating money from the church pocket. You will pay for any money you take there because it will affect your generation. It’s like when you drink water. As you drink it, it enters your system. A lot of spirits follow that money. Tithe money is dangerous money. It is the money the Father honours. Anyone that eats Tithe money will not make it and will affect all his generations. It’s for the less privilege. When they give it to them and they are happy, the Father will now bless those who pay the Tithe. This is My second time I’m speaking about Tithe. It is very important to pay Tithe. If you eat it, and you fail to use it for what it’s meant for, you are in trouble. I give you peace.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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