Truth Is An Abomination

To The Wicked

The Father speaks

(Wednesday 8th June 2011, 15:00)

The truth is an abomination to the evil doers. The truth is an abomination to the evil doers. The truth is an abomination to the evil doers. The truth is an abomination to them because they’ve chosen that evil road. No matter how you talk, no matter how you show them, they will never listen to you because they’ve chosen that road. That is their own. That is their food. They are happy whenever they see that wrong thing because that’s what they’ve chosen. They’ve chosen darkness. However, you that know the truth, you that know who your Father is, you will hold on to that truth. You will not trouble yourself about what they’re doing. You will not trouble yourself because your mission is not their mission. Your mission is different from theirs. As you are telling them and they don’t want to listen to you, hold on to your truth. Give them a chance. By the end of the day, the truth shall come out. By the end of the day, the truth shall come out because I am listening to every of your conversation. I have told you that I may not speak for two weeks or more, yet, I am here. I just want to shed more light on what you people are discussing. Those who have chosen the evil way will never leave that evil. But there is something that will make them leave it one day. So there is something that is bigger than they. They are not the ones that created themselves; it was Somebody that created them. My son, keep calm and begin to do good. Keep calm and begin to follow the way you’re following. Keep in that lane. Don’t let anybody discourage you. Don’t let anybody distract you. Follow that road; the road of the truth. By the end of the day, We shall see it. Don’t destroy yourself. Keep on speaking the truth and keep on doing good. By the end of the day, you will see. The truth shall come out. Very soon, everybody will know where they belong to. Yes, you cover yourself and you think nobody sees you. You’re A but you say you’re B. You’re black, but you say you’re white. Is it not what you tell people they will believe? But I am inside you, I know who you are. By the end of the day, the truth shall come out. You can tell everybody the other side, but I know the opposite side. I know your weak point. I am the One that knows all hearts. You can tell people the kind of name you have. Everybody may respect you that you’re this one, you’re that one; but I know who you are. By the end of the day, the truth shall come out. Everybody is wearing the same garment. But I know you’re not wearing the same garment like others because your own is different. I see it! I see the garment you’re wearing. A mere man may see that all of you are wearing the same garment. But I see the kind of garment you’re wearing. I, I know that the one you’re wearing is not the same like others. It’s not the same thing! I see the maker of that garment. I know how they made it. Your own is fake! Your own is not the right one. But if an ordinary person sees it, he will think all of them are wearing the same garment, they are the same colour. Who told you! I know what I’m saying. Yes, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ, Jesus Christ. Who is calling Jesus deep down in his heart, they shall see very soon. Who is that person that is calling Jesus Christ with his heart? Are you calling Him just by mouth and you’re doing evil? A mere human being will not know. But I know who is calling Jesus Christ deep down in his heart.

My son, you’re testifying everyday in this house. Do you know how many of My children who could not wait to give the testimony? Many of them died just like that. They died like that because they saw the way they should have gone so that the testimony would come, but they said no. Because they were blind, they went deep down and they destroyed them. But you, you know your God you’re serving, you forsook the evil way; you said you want to serve your God; you said those who served their God and won, you want to follow their footsteps. Then when you followed their footsteps, the truth came out. Haven’t you seen the truth now? You’ve seen the truth. Those who are calling their God by mouth, you know them. Those who are calling Him deep down in their heart, you can differentiate them. So when you differentiate them, can any evil come and attack you? Nobody can come and attack you because you know the weak and the strong. But when you don’t know it, you just walk into it like a blind man. Then they destroy you. You know your left from your right. You know that if you eat with this person, he may harm you. Yes, everybody is Christian together. They are running the same race together. You know. You know that if you eat with this person, he may harm you. What do you do then? You have to withdraw yourself. Yes, Christians have classes. You and this person don’t belong to the same class. You now withdraw yourself, you now separate yourself. But everybody is the same? Yes, I know everybody is the same. But mine and yours are not the same. What happens by the end of the day? The truth shall come out. But the same Bible says love your neighbour as yourself. Yes, you do not hate the person. That person is your sister; he’s your blood brother. Yes, I do not put his matter in my heart. I love that person. I just want to be on my own. Simple! Truly, you don’t hate that person because I can see your heart. You are not the God that created that person. You are not the one that will care for that person. It’s your God that will care for that person, not you. But you love everybody the same way. You don’t put that person’s matter into your heart.

Many of My children turned everything upside down. They destroyed themselves by themselves. They destroyed themselves! When somebody has signed to do and die in evil, when you and that person are on the same lane, what do you suppose to do? You should stay clear from that person. God says we should eat every food together. When you know there is poison in that food, if you eat it, you just kill yourself. When you’re dead, will you say it’s your God that said you should eat it? You know you will pay for it if you eat it. When God says you should eat every food, does He say you should eat the one that will kill you? The same God put the instruction there that if you eat this kind of food, it will kill you. But God says we should eat every food together. Do you have the power to sustain that food not to kill you? When the instruction is there! You jump into conclusion. You leave the beginning and jump to the end. If you know you don’t have the power to sustain that food, don’t eat it. The instruction is there.

If you are serving your Father and you’re serving Him right, if you know your Father’s worth and you know what you’re doing, you don’t suppose to go and meet another person that is serving your Father like you for help because both of you are serving the same Father. Both of you are reading the same Bible together. If you understand and do what is inside, you don’t suppose to go and meet another person because you claim you’re inside Me for so long. You are inside Me for how many years? If you’re in Me for many years and you’re not doing according to the word, why does problem come? That means your ears are just open, but could not hear; your eyes are open but you can’t see. Your service unto your Father is in vain. Because the Spirit of the Father is inside you, if you allow the word to enter your brain, as you read it, the Spirit of the Father inside you will begin to teach you one by one. He will tell you the meaning of each word as you read it. What does the word of my Father say concerning my mouth? What does the word of my Father say concerning my tongue? What does the word of my Father say concerning my ears? What does the word of my Father say concerning my feet? He says I shouldn’t use my mouth to curse somebody. He says I shouldn’t use my mouth to destroy somebody. That is what my Father says. After reading it, you now begin to put it into practise. When the matter comes, what does the word of my Father say concerning wisdom? It is a daily routine. Issue will surely arise, either through yourself or your wife, either through your children or anybody, issue will arise. When it arises, what do you do? You have to take it to your Father in prayers. I’m saying this because you claim you’re inside your Father since thy kingdom come, for you to know those who miss it. You are inside your Father for ages; you cannot take care of just a little matter. What you could have settled amicably, it will escalate in your very eyes. But you claim you’re inside your Father. That means you’re serving your Father without wisdom. I am not talking about those who are doing evil now. I have already told you where those who signed evil are going. Many of them that go to that place (the church), who claim they’re serving their Father are just serving Him for serving sake. It is true that when you were not in your Father somebody led you to somewhere. You now found yourself in a strange place. You later met somebody who clued you about your Father. You now know that whoever is in your Father must not commit sin; whoever is in your Father must not have any other spirit. Father, I don’t want this spirit again, take it away from me. When you cry to your Father every day, what happens? The Father will come to your rescue. When the Spirit of the Father is inside you, you will never harbour anybody into your heart. You will never do any evil, no matter how little. If the Spirit of the Father is inside you, you have to forsake any other spirit. Tell the spirit I don’t want you. When evil comes, tell him you’re inside your Father, that you don’t want him. My Father, wash me clean; take this spirit away from me; this is not the way You created me. You now go to the Father, you now accept Jesus into your heart, but you still hide the other spirit in one corner of your heart. In the morning you will do good; in the night you will do evil. You now operate with two spirits. You have two spirits and two tongues. You have two bodies. Everything about you is double. Yet you claim you’re inside your Father; you claim you’re in Jesus. You carry your Bible and begin to preach to people. Ordinary man sees you as a saint. That sister is a saint. That woman, if she prays with you, she’s a fire. They now begin to tell you their problem. Sister, I want to see you; I want you to pray for me. Do you know that person you’re talking to? Oh, if this person knows who she’s talking to, she couldn’t have come to me; anyway, I know what to do; I will pray with her, but on the other hand, I know what to do. She will not pray with you for nothing because she has double spirits. Are you God! Lead these children to Me; I didn’t say you should lead them to yourself. When a problem comes, take it to your Father in prayers. You now begin to use part of the problem to promote yourself because you’re evil. You are inside your Father. He is a Christian. He is a man of God. She is a woman of God. He is a fire. If he looks at you, he could see everything. Yes, she’s a woman of God. My son, it is now you will know who is who. When I come down, when I begin to speak what I see, nobody will challenge Me. A lot will happen because many people will run away because they know I will expose them. Whenever you’re preaching, I will come out. I will speak to them. Those who are willing to hear from Me, I will pour My Spirit on them. Those who want to change that day, you will see what will happen. That is the mission. That is the mission.

Evil is everywhere. You have to let go. You have to leave one. You have to deal with one. It’s either they deal with Me or deal with that one. They have to choose one. Choose one! If you don’t choose one, that means your service is in vain. Choose one! All those things you’ve tied begin to untie them. All those things you’ve spoilt let them begin to be good again. All those vows you’ve made that it can never happen let them begin to happen. My son, many of them have vowed that over their dead body, this one will never progress; over their dead body, this one will never happen. And they are there inside their Father. You dance and dance, praise God and go home, but the major problem is still there. You tie somebody down. Do you think you will progress? You tie somebody down; you too will never make it. That person you tie down, go and release him so that you too can make it in your life. You will suffer here and suffer there. You tie somebody down and you’re saying ‘Father have mercy on me’. The father should have mercy on you! What about the person you tie down? What about the things you’ve spoilt? Many souls have gone. Father, please have mercy on me; it’s ignorance; forgive me. Where did you see this one from? Your Father is not like that. Why can’t you tell the Father to remove you from the mess? You carry the whole house you’ve built to give as an offering; you carry all your life to pay Tithe so you can go to heaven when you die. You lie! You will not go to heaven, you will burn in fire! Hence, you don’t allow that your spirit to destroy, you are lying; you will go to hellfire. Your good you did will not save you from going there. Hence, you have that spirit; you harbour evil in your heart. It’s a dark mission. Your heart is dark. A witchcraft is a dark heart. Light never enters. It’s a dark heart. Any witchcraft is a dark heart. Either you use your soul to give an offering, you’re lying. You are in another spiritual realm. They never do good in that place. It’s only evil they do there. Whenever they go there, they only do evil. It’s a forum of darkness. Yet you claim you’re in the light. Can you be in the light and be in darkness at the same time?

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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