Wash Yourself Everyday

The Father speaks

(Sunday 2nd January 2022, 10:30)

I judge people on this Earth every day, but it doesn’t come to your dwelling because you don’t fall into the category. When I got angry and destroyed the Earth with water, I still left some people to populate it again. That’s how I will continue to judge the Earth everywhere until the final day I’ll roll it away. My son, tell all of them that I say this is how I will continue to judge the Earth every day. Those of you who have signed to do evil should continue. I will continue to judge the Earth every day. Anyone who calls himself My servant should not open his mouth and begin to speak that ‘God says’. Before you open your mouth, search yourself! My son, tell them to search themselves to know if the spirit is from Me or not. Yes, I may choose you to be My hero; however, because of what you don’t know, because of the spirit of sin that lives inside you and pressure from the people, because they want to hear what God says, therefore, a Prophet now turn to a liar, prophesying lies. You’re prophesying lies! My son, tell them! I can speak to you yesterday, today, and tomorrow; I may decide not to speak to you in the next five months. But human beings are coming to you to inquire of Me. If they trouble you too much, and your Spirit is troubled, the other spirit will speak through you. What you speak from your mouth is confusing people. Some people who want to be more serious in serving Me are confused because of what you speak from your mouth. Before you come out and speak, search yourself to know the kind of spirit that lives inside you. My son, tell them to search themselves before they speak. Don’t please men and displease God. Don’t please men and displease Me. Keep your mouth shut! You shouldn’t speak if I don’t ask you to speak. If you have nothing to say, begin to praise Me. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Creator of the universe. I Am the Authority. I Am the Originator. I Am Omnipotent God. I Am Omniscient God. I Am Unbeatable God. Jesus Christ is My Son. I sent Him to this Earth to die for all of you. He honours Me every day. Nobody can push Me aside. I Am All-In-All.

A branch is permanently attached to the tree. It cannot survive on its own. It draws water from the trunk. Whatever the root takes from the soil, it also transfers to the trunk and through it to the branch. If its supply of water is cut off, it will dry up. If it dries up, it will die. Anybody can take it and do whatever he wishes. If nobody takes it, the worms of the ground will eat it, and it’ll return to the ground from where it came. This is My Word. I Am the Almighty God.

My Son Jesus Christ used this to illustrate the relationship between Himself, human beings, and Me. As you see Jesus Christ, He has no life of His own. He cannot do anything on His own. When He was on this Earth as an infant, when He knew nothing, yet He knew He’s connected to Somebody. Everything He did in His adulthood was done based on My Spirit in Him. My Spirit motivated Him to do everything He did. That’s why people were amazed when they saw everything He did. When Mary saw Him grow, she encouraged Him to do more. Those who called her a prostitute were amazed when they saw what Jesus was doing. That alone was proof that nobody impregnated Mary. It also gave Mary hope after the death of her husband that I, the Almighty God, will be with the child. She knew that no matter what happens to Him on this Earth, I would take control of everything. That was her hope. Nobody preached to her. She heard a voice and believed. Even when they tormented her, she was encouraged through the voice she heard. Somebody spoke to her through her ears and dreams, yet she believed. The whole world called her mother; they called her blessed. Many people heard this voice, yet they lost hope because of their hearts and what they were looking for. Nobody will see Me until eternity. I know what I will do with the Earth. None of you can force Me to come down. Whatever anybody sows, shall he reap. All of you will reap whatever you sow on this Earth, either physically or spiritually.

You built a house with millions of money and equipped it with every good thing. When you were building it, you made sure you bought the most superior and expensive material. If you spent much money on that house, will you allow it to destroy? I want you to answer Me. If you put a cleaner and she doesn’t clean the house to the standard you wish, you will sack her. When you were building the house, did you take permission from the spirit of the ground? What will you say if the ground tells you to remove your house away from it? Take your nonsense away from my head; I’m not concerned with whatever money you spent. What will you do? The ground knows that without it (him), there’s nowhere for you to build your house. All the money you’ve spent would be a waste. That was the parable Jesus gave concerning the one who built his house on the sand. Some of you see it as a mere parable, but it goes beyond that. Have you seen a mad man before? Can he think of taking his bath? Even according to your physical law, if a mad man kills another man, they will not do anything to him because they know he’s not in his right senses. He has lost his mind. Another spirit has overpowered him. As human beings judge, I also judge. If your body is not okay, can you eat?

There are two people, one gave his life to Jesus Christ, and the other didn’t. The Pastor also taught the one that gave his life to Jesus Christ what it takes to enter Heaven. Out of these two, who knows more? The law of death holds both of them, yet the one that gave his life to Jesus Christ is free from this law even if he dies. No matter what, if you give your life to Jesus Christ, you’re a king or queen. You cannot compare yourself with somebody else. That’s why Satan troubles himself every day to catch Christians because he knows My Law guides them. His hand cannot touch them. For his hand to touch them, he will use the things of this Earth to lure them to himself. If you’re okay, nothing happens to you, and you fail to take your bath for several days, what will happen to you? Your body will begin to smell! That’s how it is with sin. If you started well, and you fail to wash yourself with the word of the Father, what will happen to you? It’s like a man who fetches water into a bucket and fails to add more to it.

Nobody takes the position of Almighty God. When Jesus Christ was on this Earth, He saw Himself as a Son and a Servant as well. The Holy Spirit worked between Us. There is a reward for you even on this Earth if you work for Me. There are some Pastors; they neither prophesy nor see visions. They’re blessed based on what’s behind them. They’re already blessed before the work. The individual has his own allocation while coming to this Earth. That’s why it’s awful to envy somebody. If somebody prospers more than you and you envy him, you will enter where you’re not supposed to enter. My way is not your way, and My thought is not your thought. Your root determines your physical blessing. I blessed some people, but the caterpillars and cankerworms from their generation will not allow the blessing to materialise. They will continue to suffer, even My servants. I cannot revoke the Law I put in place right from the beginning. You will suffer for whatever sin your generation committed, even if you’re My servant. This is My Law, and I cannot revoke it because of anybody! But if you serve Me well, I know what to do. This is precisely what led many of My servants astray. Out of their ignorance, Satan took their heart away with the things of this Earth. Satan cannot take My word away from you, but you must pay the outstanding debt which your generation owed. Though you will not lack the food you and your wife and children will eat, but you will not have abundance to keep. I Am the Almighty God. That’s why I asked some people not to build a house or buy a car. Even if somebody buys a car for them, it will kill them. If you’re working with Almighty God, He will watch over you unless you don’t watch over yourself. He cannot send you a message to His children without equipping you because the Spirit of everybody attaches to you. As they hear from you and come close to you, they suck the anointing in you. If you’re not careful, you’ll become empty. That’s what motivated some of My servants to begin to prophesy lies. I Am the Almighty God. Let Me tell all of you; no matter how I use you, the spirit of sin remains in you. I Am the Almighty God. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I said it before that I cannot banish that spirit away from you unless you die. The spirit of any sin you committed remains in you until you die; though fainted, the moment you begin to trouble your heart because of My children or the things of this Earth, the Holy Spirit will give way, and you will revive the spirit of sin in you again. If you struggle to get what you cannot get by yourself, the other spirit will tell you that he can do it for you. He will connect you to get whatever you’re looking for. My Spirit is never a troublemaker. My Spirit gives peace. Whatever talent I gave to you will never trouble you. If you’re a Pastor, even if you fail to prepare what you’ll preach on Sunday, the Holy Spirit will come and preach to My children through your mouth.

If you cook your food and eat, your soul has the power to do whatever work you want to do. But if you’re hungry, then you’re weak. The food you eat is the connection between your body and Spirit. If you fail to eat for several days, your body will become weak, and your Spirit will depart from you. Before you know it, somebody will pronounce you dead. If I say you will live for two hundred years and fail to eat, you will die before your time. The food you eat sustain your body and soul. What kind of food are you eating? There are two types of food a human being eats for his body, physical and spiritual food. There is clean and unclean food inside a spiritual food. I created some food for you to eat, but if you eat it unlawfully, then you commit sin. I gave you Law to keep in everything I created on this Earth. There are some leaves in the forest; you mustn't speak if you want to pluck them. If you speak, the spirit in them will disappear, and they’ll not be effective. I Am the Almighty God, and I know what I created. I also created some people for such work. It’s not by power; it’s not by might, only by My Spirit. I created some people and gave them the power to do many things. Some of them will look at you and tell you the solution to your life. Whenever they die, they cannot transfer such power to their children. They will die with it. I engraved all the Spirits in their body. What happened to the people of this Earth? Today, Satan turns what I created into evil in my children's lives. You now use the power I gave to you in an evil way. If I gave you the power to do anything, you mustn’t take money from anybody. It’s not for sale! The people may give you anything from their heart. You mustn’t ask them for money. How much did you pay when I gave you the power? You may do some work, and people give you money, you must still reject it based on the kind of spirit involved. If you take the money, their sickness will come upon you. It’s like exchanging your power with that demon. If this could happen to an ordinary person, how much more My heroes. How can I use you to heal people in the church when all your preaching is about money, money, money? You have failed already! You cannot perform any miracle because you’ve already taken money from them. Your heart is inside the money.

As a servant of God, while you’re preaching, people are falling under your anointing, receiving their healing. Whatever they receive isn’t by your power. I Am the One doing it. Out of the measure of My Spirit in you, I will confirm it. In the time of old, Christians weren’t many like today. Those who challenged My servants fall under the anointing. Many came to destroy the Disciples of Jesus but later turned into Christians. After the departure of My Son, Satan wanted to eradicate Christianity, yet His Disciples didn’t give up. Because they saw what happened to Jesus Christ, how He ascended to Heaven right before their eyes, they wanted to go to where He went; therefore, they didn’t give up.

I have set judgement upon the Earth. I have decided what I will do about it. I’m only looking at some of My heroes because I want them to come to Heaven. Every day by day, the pure children I gave to women to bring to this Earth are declining. There is no clean child anymore. Most children are demons because they don’t come from pure father and mother anymore. Tell Me how the Earth will be!!! I don’t want to speak too much. I have judged the Earth, and I’m only waiting for the time. Ask yourself a question if you’re among those I will select or those I will destroy. Are you fighting for what will not profit you that will make you lose the glory of God? Are you fighting for the food that will turn to acid in your body? The work of God, the Kingdom of God, isn’t what any of you should be proud of. You only know what I tell you. My word is renewed every day. I update My Kingdom every day. As I update Heaven, so also, I update the Earth. Out of what I speak to My children, Satan hears and work upon it so that his hand can touch My children.

What is the purpose of a gun? If a woman is pregnant, she’ll give birth to a baby. It is a thing of joy, isn’t it? For her to give birth to a baby, nurture him to adulthood until the age of marriage, thinking of raising his own family, and suddenly, somebody drops him down with a gun like a chicken, how will she feel? As a father, the memory will remain with you until you die. All of you will begin to cry, ‘my son died, my son died’. I that created that child, do you know how I feel? You don’t see the kind of life I gave him to live because he’s your heir. He will take after you. You open your eyes and see the corpse of your son right in front of you. You don’t even know what led to his death. You cannot explain. The first person died through a gunshot; the second and the third followed. But all of you produce guns as water. What is the benefit of a gun? What is the food of a gun? Blood!!! The food of a gun is blood because spirits control it. Powerful spirits control any metal or iron-related object, and blood is their food. I created them, but I didn’t ask you to produce guns and kill yourself. If you have a gun in your house, you’ll not know when anger will come upon you and kill your wife. The spirit will ask you to take it. Whatever is controlled by spirits, either physically or spiritually, is powerful. You have no power over it. An ordinary knife in your kitchen can cause havoc. That’s why I want to hold the Spirit of everybody in My hand so that whenever the spirits are angry, they will not control your heart to use those instruments in your kitchen. A knife takes blood, yet, you use it to cut the food you eat. Do you use a gun to cut your food? As I created different human beings more powerful than each other, I also created different spirits more powerful than each other. Only one gun can kill thousands of people. If it runs out of bullets, you’ll load it again. As powerful as a gun is, its spirit can cause a quarrel between a husband, wife, and children at home. All of you know and understand little about everything you keep inside your house.

In a nutshell, My message to all of you this year is to wash yourself every day. What will happen to you if you go to the farm, work, and come back, and fail to wash yourself? If you’re a seer and fail to wash yourself, you’ll become blind. Though you still think your eyes are open, you’re blind because you fail to wash yourself spiritually. Your eyes are blind!!! Whatever you learnt, the holiness you learnt, don’t lose it. Learn more every day. Don’t allow your bucket of holiness to run dry. Fetch more water to it every day. Holiness is like fuel in your car. You shouldn’t think I will come down and kill everybody in a day because all of you are sinners. I still hold on to the same word My Son spoke from the beginning. If Radiant killed somebody, We would not judge another person other than Radiant. If Bernard killed somebody, We would not judge another person other than Bernard. What I Am telling you is to hold on to what is good. Hold on to what is good so that the very day the Spirit comes to judge; you will not be among those that will perish.

Let Me tell all of you something. The rituals that go on in different places on this Earth, do you think they just do it? The demons use the people. If the spirit pushes you to use somebody for ritual because of money, what do you think will happen to you and your generation? Everlasting torment will be the portion of your generation and you! All of you that spend out of the blood money will suffer for it. Your unborn generation will pay for it. That’s why I said earlier that all of you owe. Now, out of this generation, if somebody comes out as a Pastor or Prophet, what do you think will happen to him? Nothing good will happen to him! I Am the Almighty God and will not revoke My word. I will not take the mark of Pastor or Prophet away from you. But your generation has sinned, and you must also pay for it. The spirits will come and torment you. They will take whatever they want to take from you. You must choose one out of the two. Do you want to serve the Father, or do you want to go your own way? No matter how you offend Me, I will never take the talent I gave to you away. You’re the one that will use it in an evil way. If you’re a Prophet of God, you’ll then become a Prophet of doom doing evil because the spirit of evil will overpower you. You will pay for the debt of your generation. How do you pay them? The dirtiness inside you cannot produce holiness. The spirit will come and begin to tell you that, you know, you cannot make anything. Because you don’t understand how the spirit works, they’ll begin to teach you how to kill people to make money. Many people you see today are My heroes. However, they’ve sold their glory to demons. Why? Because their generation has sown the seed of evil!

In a nutshell, I have sown a good seed for all of you through Jesus Christ. If you hold on to Jesus Christ, you’ll see peace. If you hold on to Jesus Christ, you will possess your possession. Every debt you owe shall be paid if you hold on to Jesus Christ. No matter what, I will not take Him away from you. If you see Him, then you see Me. Why are you crying? Why do you still lack children? Why do you still lack good things? If you have Me, you have everything. Satan will make you feel useless. He will never remind you the day of your death that after this life, you’re going somewhere else to live. And if you fail to live well here, they will torment your soul wherever you go. That’s why you must give yourself peace here. My son, tell them that I Am the same God yesterday, today, and forever. The same word I spoke, I still speak now. Renew yourself every day. Don’t lose what you’ve got; instead, continue to add to it. Refresh yourself every day. Draw near to God every day. Don’t be like a blind man that needs assistance to walk. All of you should leave the work for Me. Don’t take the law into your hands. Do the one I asked you to do. The Apostles worked with Jesus Christ. Did they die or fly away? What kind of death killed them? If We’re speaking of Christianity, it’s not by word of mouth. It’s more than what all of you think it is. It’s better for you to suffer here and enjoy eternally. Don’t enjoy here and suffer there.

If you’re serving Almighty God, then you’re serving wisdom, knowledge and understanding; you’re serving peace. All these are the packages I gave to everybody. When I said what shall it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul, it’s more than that. What shall it profit you from gaining the whole world and not sleeping on your bed? You don’t sleep!!! When the Holy Spirit is waiting for you to sleep so He can deliver a new message to you; you don’t sleep because your heart is troubled because of what you’ve put your hands on. How can you come out and confess all the nonsense you’ve put your hands on? You did it because of what made you do it. Why don’t you sleep? You cannot sleep because the spirit of evil has taken over your body. Where will the Spirit of God enter to give you a message for His children? Nowhere!!! You continue to repeat the same message every day. You begin to quote Hebrews, quote Malachi, quote Zephaniah. What are you quoting? Is that what I asked you to tell My children? What are you quoting? All these people you’re mentioning their names were different Prophets at different times, on different days, in different seasons. Why are you mentioning their names? You’ll use Malachi to join Zephaniah. You’ll use Zephaniah to join Joel. You’ll use Joel to join another one like a childish play. Whenever you lay on your bed, you’ll begin to count all your estates. Can’t you think of where you’re going? Can’t you think of where you’re coming from and where you’re going? Can’t you think about My children who I connected to you? You’re worried about the things of this Earth. You’re worried about My children. You’re worried about My work. All these are the things of this Earth. I only chose you for holiness. Hmm, my Lord; I know my son is with you; I remember when I gave birth to that my son; I say he’ll pour sand on my head whenever I go down; hmm, I don’t even know what happened; God, what happened; You’ve not even told me anything. What happened? You should ask yourself what happened!!! Ask yourself the question. I Am a Spirit while you’re flesh. Begin to open your heart and think about the journey of your life since I called you until today, all the vows you’ve made. Think about every journey you’ve made. I Am the Almighty God. Am I a wicked Father? The answer lies in your hand. I Am the most endured Father. I know you’ll be disgraced if I reveal certain things; instead, I will keep quiet. I will calm down because it’s a disgrace. By the end of the day, you’re coming to Me, and you’ll see it. You will see it. If I say I should reveal some things, the church will turn to zero. Thank God for His mercy and endurance. That’s why all of you can go to any length you want to go. But you will pay for it by the end of the day. You will pay for it, and your soul will suffer. Even while you’re on this Earth, you will never see peace. If you serve Me well, you will see peace. You will open down your doors, and nothing will enter. If anybody throws any arrow, it will never touch you. When you went to where you shouldn’t have gone, what happened? I have entered a covenant with you. You will not die unless I want you to die the very day I scheduled for you to die. Nobody can kill you; however, it will touch you and your family if anybody throws any arrow. Why? Because you serve two people together. Almighty God never eats your children. They are your heroes. They are your blessing. If you look at them, you’ll say ‘Father, thank You’. Thank You! If I look at how you blessed me, even women named their children after me, thank You. Are you not satisfied? Is that not enough for you? You secured this one, secured that one, secured another one. When I called you, didn’t I know you’ll expand across the whole Earth, that your name will be everywhere? I that called you didn’t know that your name will be everywhere, that I would care for you?

If you want to serve Me, serve Me with your empty hands. Serve Me with your clean hands. Open your hands; clean your hands; don’t allow anything to attach to them; clean your hands and your heart. Let your yes be yes and no be no. Don’t attach anything to yourself. Don’t hide anything behind. Empty yourself because if We’re speaking of the Spirit of God and the spirit of evil, it’s something powerful. It’s not flesh. The spirit of evil is a powerful spirit that I created. They take pounds of blood every day. Whether the person dies through fire or accident, death is death, either through water or through another person. A father will use his own hands to kill his wife and children. Satan and the demons make sure they take pounds of blood every day. But I only took blood once and for all. Who is the blood? Jesus Christ! Every word I speak is the truth. As You brought Your Son, that’s where You’re more powerful than me; do I care; you brought Your Son once and for all; You took Him back, and He’s there with You; I know I don’t have such power; however, Your disobedient children will pay the price; I will destroy them; I will kill them every day, and it will pain You; I will draw the heart of the Pastors You chose to teach them with the things of this Earth; when they begin to feed Your children with the things of this Earth, their soul will never clean, and they’ll commit sin; if they commit sin, my hands will touch them; I will kill them, and it will pain You. That is the voice of Lucifer – Satan.

When Jesus Christ was feeding them, preaching My word, they followed Him everywhere, Master, Master, Master. What happened on the day of the crucifixion? Even when Pilate wanted to set Him free, what did they do? They shouted, ‘crucify Him, crucify Him, we don’t know Him’. But this was the same Person that fed them. He favoured many of them to the extent they never lacked money. They prospered in their business. Jesus Christ did many things that the Bible didn’t record. But when He died, their eyes were cleared. They went back to their old life. Many of them died of sickness. Poverty and hardship killed some of them. After the death of Jesus, His Disciples had more followers than when He was alive because of what they saw. Today, if any Pastor rises to preach holiness, they will say, ‘well, shall we eat our head; when will God come down; can we see God’. My son, you can see the word of their mouth. Then, if you say, ‘shall we eat our head’ and the problem now comes, who shall you call upon? Satan lured you with the things of this Earth so you can insult Me. Is there any problem I cannot solve? Are you suffering from anything that I have no solution to? When I brought My children from the land of Egypt, and they had nothing, I saved and fed them. The story is there in your Bible.

The members of the church made Pastors fail. Pastor, don’t worry; we will care for you and your family. Your church members are fraudsters, money ritualists, killing people in their offices to take their position. What will you preach to these members who are giving you money? Can you speak to them even when you know that their hands are not clean? You cannot speak to them because they’re the ones feeding you and your family. My son, as I said before, renew your Spirit, renew your soul, renew your mind so that whatever happens anywhere will not affect you and your household. If demons see you, they’ll salute you like a soldier because you’re a soldier of Jesus Christ. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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