What Else Shall I Do

The Father speaks

(Saturday 26th June 2011, 09:00)

When He made the earth, He set the boundary. When He created everything, before He said it’s finished, He set the boundary. The boundary is there right from the beginning. He set the boundary that this is what is good and this is what is bad; that if you do what is good, it will be good for you; if you do what is bad, the bad (evil) will follow you. The boundary is there. He made everything and He set the boundary. The boundary is there and there is a Witness. There are Witnesses of Those who confessed They were there when everything was created. They were there when everything was created. Even Jesus Christ Himself was there; He hasn’t been on this earth then. When He was here on this earth, He said He was there when everything was created. There is Witness when everything was created. People bore witness! The Father was there, Jesus Christ was there, the Holy Spirit was there as well. When you did not listen to the voice of the Father, Jesus Christ came and confirmed it; Holy Spirit also came and confirmed it as well. He said I was there when everything was formed. Why won’t you listen to the voice of your Father? Why will you not hearken to the voice of your Father? Why will you give the glory of your Father to an idol? Why will you choose the handwork of men and neglect your Father? Why! Why will you love the work of men than the work of your Father? Why! Three People confirmed it and They will never lie. Three People confirmed it and They will never lie. Three People confirmed it; They did it together. They will never lie. They are not just ordinary people. They confirmed it that this earth is set in a delicate and dangerous ground. They formed it on holiness. If you do not follow this holiness, then you miss it. It’s a delicate ground. It’s not a ground you will just jump and put your leg wherever you want. No! It’s very dangerous. Once you miss it, that is all for you. It doesn’t matter how long. If you do not miss it in the beginning, you may miss it in the end. Everywhere on this ground is very dangerous. It’s very sensitive and very dangerous. That is why you have to always look properly before you put your leg on the ground. If I put my leg in a good place in the beginning, will I put my leg in a bad place in the end? You will miss it. That is why it’s very dangerous from the beginning to the end. It’s not how far, it’s how well. I did not do it well in the beginning; I did not put my leg in a good place in the beginning; somebody told me this is where I should put my leg so I can make it; I will follow the voice of that person so I can amend my ways, so I won’t miss it by the end of the day. I put my leg in a good place right from the beginning; because I put my leg in a good place from the beginning, I will then marsh the ground anyhow. You will miss it! Because you have the opportunity to put your leg in a good place in the beginning, you have to be wise and careful so that you will not miss it. This place I put my leg, let me look at where I’m going; does that place look like this place, so I won’t miss it. Yes, this place is flat and strong; it’s very strong and cannot collapse; even though I jump, it cannot collapse; let me put my leg again in the next place; yes, this one too is good and strong, it cannot collapse; then I move my leg again; oh, this place is not strong, let me move back and have a look; let me move back and reposition my leg; when I put my leg here, it’s strong, but this one is not strong; I will go back, else I will fail. Somebody was looking at me as I was looking everywhere. He told me to move back because I wanted to miss my leg. Oh, thank you, if not you, I could have missed it. Thank you because you directed me. I was about to miss it and you showed me the way; thank you. Somebody looked and said to me ‘go back, the place you’re about to put your leg is dangerous’. Then I said, shut up; who told you; right from the beginning I’ve been treading on this ground, I haven’t made any mistake; who told you to be my judge; who asked you to tell me; don’t I have eyes; I have my eyes and I can see; who asked you to judge; who asked you to tell me; I know the ground more than you; do you know more than me; look at the clothe you wear; look at the way you look like; do you know more than me; are you the one that will tell me where I’ll put my leg; don’t challenge me anymore; don’t challenge me again. Fine, I’ve heard you; I’ve told you where you’re about to put your leg will swallow you; it will swallow you; it’s not like the way you’ve been coming; you’ve made a mistake; you’ve crossed into the wrong lane. I do not make you to be my judge; have you finished your own; look at the way you look like, you that are talking to me; if you know more than me, why do you look like that; who asked you to be my judge. Yes, you can insult me; that is how my Father wants me to be; my Father that makes me to be like this knows why; I know more than you; my Father created me to be like that; He created me to instruct you, to be your mentor, to teach you the way you should go; He knows the reason why I’m like this; I know more than you; if the Father wants to change my clothes today, He will change it; nevertheless, I know who I am; you can condemn me; you can look at me anyhow; but I know more than you; if you don’t go back and reposition your leg, you will fall. When I look at him the way he insulted me, it didn’t pain me because that is the journey. Nothing they will tell me that will move me. That is how the Father created me, to show those who are lost the way. No matter how they insult me, it will not pain me. My Father that sends me on the errand knows more than me. It’s not an easy journey because many people will throw stones. But the stone they’re throwing is not for me because my Father has already cooked me. When they throw bullets, it will return back to them. I that am telling them know more than they. I am not the one that chose myself, but my Father chose me to be. That is why when they’re lamenting, my father will never answer them, He will not even look at their direction because when He sent His servant, they brutalised him. Nobody will rescue them from the hand of the tormentor. No one will rescue them because the time they’re showing them, they didn’t listen. They began to insult those that my Father sent to them. They even wanted to destroy those that were sent to them. They insulted them. Look at you, you look tattered; if you say you’re a messenger of God, why don’t you look like this, why don’t you look like that; look at where you’re living. They miss it!

My son, whoever looks at My servant anyhow, looks at Me anyhow. Whoever respects My servant respects Me. Whoever insults My servant insults Me. Whoever honours My servant honours Me. Whoever gives My servant food to eat gives Me food to eat, and I will bless him. Whoever talks to My servant anyhow does not respect Me, he doesn’t regard Me as anything. He does not regard Me as somebody. You are serving the God you cannot see; if the God appears, can you look at His eyes? From ages, nobody can see Me. That is why I manifest Myself in the lives of My children. No one can see Me! Nobody will see Me. No one can see Me. That is why I put Myself into the lives of My children. Whoever honours My children honours Me. Whoever loves My children, loves Me. Whoever insults My children insults Me, and the record is there (in the Bible). The record is there. The record is there. The record is there.

Which way will I follow again? Which method will I apply again for them to hear My voice, for them to know it’s Me? I manifested Myself physically. I manifested Myself spiritually. I brought My Son into this earth, they destroyed Him. When I was speaking to them in the time of old, they said they could not see Me. They were afraid of Me. Of a truth, they could not see Me. Even Moses himself could not see Me. I held his heart so he would not be afraid, so he would not run away from Me. I held his heart; I consecrated his heart so he would not be afraid of Me. He could not see Me. I gave Him the boldness, so I could have My children back. I did everything so I could have My children back. Every of their plan was rebellion. Every of their plan was to destroy. They saw good and they turned it bad. What else again can I do! When they were hungry I fed them. I poured down food for them to eat. The food they didn’t know how it was cooked. My Angels cooked the food on My throne. I released it for them to eat. That one alone supposed to make them have My fear. Food was coming down from up for them to eat. They ate it and no one died. That food alone supposed to make them to be afraid that this Father is really a Father; it’s only His voice alone I will hear; I will go nowhere again; whichever way He wants my life to be, so be it. The Father doesn’t want anything from you. He said you should not be dirty so you can see Him, so He can come to you. You will open your door and He’ll enter and play with you; He will say that is My son, that is My daughter. However, you say no. You say no! You want to perish. Every of your plan is evil everyday. It’s evil; to destroy; to destroy; to destroy. When I created you, I brought you out of My body. There was no trace of evil found in Me. No trace of evil in Me. It’s going, going, going. All My servants I chose to carry all My children along, I know what they suffered. I know what they passed through because of Me. All My prophets, I poured My Spirit on all of them to speak about Me. My innocent servants I brought into this earth, to eat and do well, they suffered because of Me. Yet My children don’t want to hear My voice! They don’t want to hear My voice! My son, it’s very painful. I am in grief My son. I am in pains My son. It pains Me. I am the One speaking to you My son! My son, everything you’re seeing here, it’s Me. Everything you’re seeing in this your house, it’s Me. I am the God that chose Moses. I am not two, I am not three. I am One. My son, everything you’re seeing, it’s Me. Those who spoke to this life, those who tasted this life and ran away, they ran away from Me. It is Me My son. The spiritual controls the physical. Many of them you see know about the spiritual. They know what they’ve put their hands. Whenever they see Me, they run away. That is why they don’t want to communicate with My daughter like that, because it’s Me. Whenever she speaks, I am the One. In this house, every of her character, it’s Me. I am the One. Even though I do not manifest Myself, it is Me. Anyone that hears My voice whenever My daughter speaks to them, they know it is Me. They will run away. It is Me My son. I know what I am saying. I am the One that own Holy Spirit. I am the One that own Jesus Christ. It is Me. Three of Us Are One. I am the One! Whoever does not believe what My daughter is saying has already missed it because it’s Me. There is a place you will go, when I begin to manifest Myself, all My servants that I speak to, when they see Me, they will bow down.

My son, I want to tell you something today. I used My hand to put food into your mouth (those who are coming to your house), you said you don’t want. You rejected that food. Which food are you going to eat again? That means you’ve missed it. I used My hand to put food into your mouth, so that affliction will go! I want to wash you clean. The food I’m giving you to eat is not ordinary food. Every food they’re eating is not ordinary food. That food enters their body and their soul, it purges every nonsense away from their lives. That is why the devil is angry with them. They don’t want them to step this place. Oh, they’re eating their food; he’s giving them food to eat. Every food they eat will remain in their body. When the enemies come, they will never see place to attack. Yet, they don’t know. Supposing they know, they could have held you tight. The food they eat here is not just ordinary food. I am the One that cooked it. Because they’ve fed them with failure; they’ve fed them with disappointment; they’ve fed them with all evil. As you see them, you just see them they’re walking; nothing is there. They’ve prepared the record of failure for them, not today; but a very long time. They think everything will be okay in a twinkling of an eye when they come here. No! Because what is inside them was done and sealed a long time ago. As they are coming here, everything will be fading away gradually. As you’re listening to the voice of the Father, doing His will; as you’re eating the food of the Father, before you look, you’re free. My son, do not trouble yourself. Wherever they go, it’s the same Me, but it will never be like this. Anyone that comes here and says he wants to leave, wherever he goes, he will still meet Me. I am the One that is speaking to you My son. I am the One! They see Me face to face, they say no; they reject Me. When you see the water from its source, you don’t want to drink from it. You are going to meet someone who fetched water with his bucket from the same source you rejected so he can pour into a cup for you to drink. Don’t you know the power from the source is different from the one in that bucket? There is a great difference! Where the water is coming from, from the source, you can take more and more and more. But when you take a cup or two from that bucket, the owner of the bucket will tell you it’s enough because he himself still need to drink from it. However, when you take it from the source, nobody will tell you it’s enough. My son, that is why you see Me when I’m speaking, I never tire. I will speak and speak and speak, I will never get tired.

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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