Who Can Fight Me

The Father speaks

(Sunday 3rd May 2020, 12:00)

Can anyone fight you because of your property? You know how you laboured to acquire it. You know what you did and how you did it. With your sweat and sleepless nights, you worked tirelessly to make sure everything was in place. Then somebody who knew neither the root nor foundation of your labour would come around to fight with you. You can take that man to any length. This is physical. Can you fight with someone you cannot see? The fact that he’s invisible gives him an edge above you. Even if he’s weaker than you, yet, you cannot see him. Therefore, your power is meaningless to him. He knows how, where and when he can attack you. You have no power at all. You’re like an empty barrel before him. I Am a Man like you, yet you cannot see Me. The fact that you cannot see Me gives Me an edge above you. Even if you can see Me, you cannot stand and fight Me because I know your root. You don’t know My root because I have none. I Am your Root. You came out of Me. I know the very day I gave birth to My Spirit inside you. This Spirit is part of Me in you. That is one. The body you carry belongs to Me. I formed and created it with My fingers. Therefore, you’re nothing without Me. Any nation that blames another nation because of this plague will find herself to blame. That nation is fighting Me. Instead of you to seek for the right solution, you’re still there bragging. My hand will touch you! I Am the solution to every problem. I Am the One. I Am the Almighty God. Jehovah is My name. I Am the Great I Am That I Am. I Am the Originator. I Am the Ancient of Days. I Am the Great Oldman. I Am the Great Deliverer. I Am the Mighty-Man-In-Battle. Who is My equal? Let him come out and challenge Me.

Those of you who know how to pray, carry on and pray fervently. Those of you who know how to preach, don’t stop preaching. Those of you who know how to cajole My children for money, do not stop doing what you love. Those of you who know how to acquire strange powers, I charge you to acquire as much as you can. Whatever you know how to do, don’t stop doing it. Whatever all of you do will not stop Me from doing what I Am doing. I Am the Owner of this Earth, and none of you can influence My decision. You can only speak what you see or know. Do you know how long I have made My decision? You see the effect of it now, and you’re crying. When I surveyed the whole Earth, no one is good. Everywhere is smelling! The only place I see a little light is Africa. I said it before! Because of the smoke of prayers that goes up to Heaven every day. However, with their prayers upon prayers, their heart is dirty. You will call somebody to dine with you, but you know what you hide in your heart. That person put his trust in you. He is happy because you give him free food to eat. He doesn’t know you’re a silent cobra that cannot spare her venom. I Am the Great Seer. I see and know everything. I repeat it again; your prayers will not stop what I’ve already started. If you pray, who will answer? Am I not the One? Yet, I will answer your prayers not in your own way, but in My own way only if you cleanse yourself.

All of you still think it’s a joke. Those who have died, can you bring them back to this Earth again? As they’re dying, I Am settling those I want to settle and destroy those I want to destroy because they’re useless to Me. I cannot recycle their Spirit anymore. I still repeat it again; every single Word I speak is because of Christians. I Am speaking to them because of the blood of My Precious Son. Mine is to speak; theirs is to listen and obey. Right from the beginning, I’ve been speaking. I never keep quiet. Whenever I speak, many of you will say it’s not the Almighty God. Have you seen Me before? You cannot see Me. My Word, your Bible you carry in your hand, how did it come to exist? I tormented the soul of Prophets so they could do My will. I killed some of them because they didn’t listen to Me. It’s not an easy task at all for any man I choose. But all of you count their words as nothing. Since the very day I picked My son and his wife, their life has never been the same. They have no life of their own. They cannot make their own decision. They cannot live like every other person. They must listen to Me like Abraham and Moses. Which word have they been telling you? I Am the One who told My son to publish My Word because I want to do something on this Earth. And if I say I want to do something, the impact will remain throughout generations. Some of you sent evil messages to My son. I know your name and where you live. Can you run away from Me? You cannot run away from Me. Anywhere you go after this Earth, you’re still within My reach.

Many of you call yourselves My servants, and you don’t know the Person you’re working for. You don’t know Me. You’re preaching My Word, yet, you don’t know Me. You don’t know Me because your Spirit is dead. I Am waiting for all My servants! My son, tell them that I Am waiting for all of them. If I look at your congregation and the quality of the messages you preach to them, I will judge you. I will judge you because you’re a bad influence on all My children. Those who have died, did they go with their houses and estates? Did they go with their chains of cars and limousines? All of you should go back into My Word and see the kind of life My servants in the time of old lived. They suffered for Me, and I crowned them. All of you are working for your belly. You’re building your Heaven on Earth. You’re enjoying your Heaven on Earth. You’re like a man who ate the whole meat in the morning and ate bones in the evening because Heaven will reject all of you. Heaven will reject all of you because your messages don’t add a single soul to My Kingdom. Many of you were born in the way of sin because your parents failed to know Me. Yet, I have destined you to come out of their loins. I created you to be My servant. The sins of your parents affected your life, and you also committed your own sins until you met My Son Jesus. My Son washed you and forgave you all your sins. But what did you do? You’re a dog who went back to its vomit! You surround yourself with the things of this Earth and Satan activated all your past sins again, and now, your name is written boldly in Hellfire. Many of you are preaching My Word, yet, you don’t believe in Hellfire. Many of My servants are there, male and female, and there’s nothing I can do. I will not change My Word because of any of you. All of you are disobedient servants. Your own judgement is awaiting you. Of what purpose is your multitude of congregations if you cannot preach holiness to them? If I look at all of them, they’re smelling everywhere because of sin. You have your reward already. Who was Eli? He was My Priest. He and his children were Priests. Why did I reject them and chose little Samuel instead? I hate evil! I hate sin. All of you are treading in the same path as Eli. You’re like Balaam who sold the glory of Israel to Balak. Your children are nowhere to be found in Me. All of you are serving Me because of money. Your children are like dogs that cannot carry a piece of bone because they know nothing about Me. Yet, you call yourself a Pastor. You’re pastoring yourself! I will do to you the same thing I did to Eli and his children. If I allow this plague to continue like this for six months, many of you will begin to walk on the street with ordinary slippers like a madman because no congregation to give you money anymore. I have said it before that I will reduce many of you to zero. If I reduce you to zero and you choose to serve Me, you’ll remain like that until you die. After all, you’ve enjoyed your life already.

All of you found yourself on this Earth. You don’t know how come you’re here. Whichever life you live here will follow you to wherever you go afterwards. If you fall to the category of those who will come back here again, you’ll also come back with the same pattern of life you once lived. That’s why you see the chains of sins, chains of hardship everywhere. Many of you are living the life of your generation with yours. Which life are they coming to live? You know everything you’ve done. I Am not a wicked Father. I Am never in haste in My work. If I bless you, I bless you and your entire generation. Your sin can take away your blessing from you. Then if your blessing is not coming forth because of your sin, you’ll seek for an alternative. What do you think that means? You’ll live your life with that of your unborn generation together. When they come to this Earth, they’ll live an empty life. Some of you are passing through this kind of problem right now. And some of you are the architect of the problem. You don’t know, but I know because I know the kind of life you lived in your previous life.

Can you compare your own children to the fish, cat, and dog you buy in the market? No matter how valuable those animals may be to you, you can never compare your children to them because they came out of you. Many of you, the children you call children are fishes, cats, and dogs because you know what you did. Oh, the servant of God spoke that there is a woman here who is praying for a child, then I was pregnant afterwards. Yes, the servant of God could speak. What kind of life are you living? What is the state of your heart? I created the night for spirits to do their work and for human beings to sleep peacefully on their bed. How many nights do you sleep well on your bed? Where does your Spirit always go at night? But you claim a man of God spoke and you’re pregnant. Some of you are harlots in your husband’s house. Your heart deceives you all the time. And some of you, you’re not married, but different kinds of men climb your head every time. Many of you are inside the church, and you call yourselves Christians. This is how Satan pollute the Earth through your body every day. All of you are breeding evil children everywhere. Yet, you say the Earth should have peace. How can the Earth have peace? All of you call yourselves Christians, yet, you copy and emulate every stupid and foolish lifestyle you see.

If you came to this Earth and you didn’t commit any sin until you died, that alone warranted you to go to Heaven. However, because you didn’t give your life to My Son, you’d go to the Dark-Planet. I would look and send you through a Christian family so you could give your life to Jesus. After you’ve given your life to Him, you’ll not live long before you die so you could come to Heaven. But every word that would come out of your mouth would tell people where you’re going. If I allow you to live for too long, you’ll commit sin and miss Heaven. I Am not a wicked Father. I cherish holiness a lot because that’s the food I eat. No matter how good you are, you cannot go to Heaven unless you pass through My Son. The best I can do for you is to send you to the Dark-Planet so you could come back through a Christian family for you to have the opportunity to go to Heaven.

All of you think you’re wise. Your wisdom is like that of a fish in the ocean. With its wisdom, a fisherman will catch it and kill it to eat. That’s how all of you are. All of you found yourself on this Earth. You don’t know where you came from. As a family, you’re only one family on this Earth. Each of you came from different Planet. Whenever you die, you’ll return to whichever Planet you came from. Only those who die in holiness will go to Heaven. You don’t go back to that Planet anymore. That’s why you shouldn’t marry anyhow because not all of you are compatible to marry each other. Though you see yourself with the same skin colour, yet, I know what I did. There is a mark on each generation throughout the whole Earth. I differentiate each family with this mark. In the time of old, many of My children didn’t have My knowledge, yet, I dealt with them in their ignorance. They didn’t marry amiss. They married their right partner and produced legitimate children. I have revealed a lot to My son concerning this Earth. Today, all of you marry amiss. You marry the wrong wife or wrong husband. However, if I bring you to this Earth, no matter from which Planet, even though you’re incompatible, if you give your life to My Son and shape your life according to My Word, your marriage will still work. However, there are some things you cannot do. I will never change what I programmed a long time ago.

Those in the position of power is making the Earth unliveable for My children every day. Day after day, month after month, year after year, they put up the price of everything to the extent a common man will find it hard to feed himself. I destroyed many Israelites in the time of old for this same reason. They only cared about themselves and not about My children. If a leader doesn’t care about the people of the land, they will seek for another alternative, but in the way of sin. If all of you have common sense, you should know that everything will crash one day the way things are going. Nobody has the power to do it. I Am the only One who can do it. If you push a donkey to run, can he stop by himself? You must also push him to stop before he can stop. I said it before that I could have done again what I did in the time of Noah. But I don’t want to do it based on a reason best known to Me. But the way I will do it now, all of you will learn a lesson. This is why all of you should know that the Earth doesn’t belong to you. Many of you spend money on useless things. You will plan for ten years to come as if you’re the creator of the Earth. All of you bypass Me to take a decision that will affect generations. Here I Am! I Am the Creator. The whole Earth is Mine. Either you like it or not, all of you will dance to My music.

The only way human beings should have physical contact is by marriage. All of you have turned the Earth upside down. Don’t you know that whenever you hug somebody, you exchange something spiritually either good or bad? Even to shake an ordinary hand, you exchange something spiritually. Many of you don’t understand why I destroyed many people around the nation of Israel in the time of old. I chose them for Myself, and I didn’t want any other evil race to mingle or associate with them. On this Earth now, a woman will hug her fellow woman, and her body would move towards her sexually. A man will hug his fellow man, and his body would move towards him sexually. What do you think you’re doing? The way all of you women dress yourself, can’t you see that Satan is the one leading all of you? In hot weather, a man will dress in a suit while the woman will dress half naked because of heat. Is she the only one feeling the heat? What about the man? I told you I Am a Man. I Am just as you are. I see everything all of you are doing. You’ve even imported it into the church and those who see you cannot tell if you’re a Christian or not. Right now, all of you see what physical contact can cause. I sit down on My throne and laugh at all of you. All of you think you’re wise. You’re not wise at all but foolish. I Am wiser than all of you. I told you before that I can use anything to fight all of you. What have you seen? You’ve seen nothing yet. That’s why I said earlier that whatever you know how to do, carry on with it. All of you will tell Me if you’re the owner of this Earth or I Am the Owner. As each day passes by, a different chapter will be opened, and whichever category you fall into, you’ll see it. If you fall to the category of those that will die, so be it, and if you fall to the category of those that will be alive, you will also see it. I Am the Almighty God and the Great Judge. My judgement is final. 

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"Seek the Lord while He may be found, call upon Him while He is near. Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts; let him return to the Lord, and He will have mercy on him; and to our God, for He will abundantly pardon." Isaiah 55:6-7

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